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Click pic to view comments - Confirmed sighting: Mars Galaxy Orange and Shortcake Confirmed sighting: Mars Galaxy Orange and Shortcake
Posted: 18:11 Sun 12-Dec-2010. Price: 1.00/120g (on offer). Location: Sainsbury's, Cardiff. Nutritional unusualness: Contains concentrated apple puree, fructose-glucose syrup.
"Haylee" reports: There was a promotion on Galaxy bars and my sharp-eyed boyfriend spotted this new flavour amongst the many boxes of Galaxy bars. I thought it might be like a chocolate orange but yummier as it's Galaxy chocolate, I had high hopes after how nice the cookie crumble flavour was. However, I was mistaken - the orange is a little too subtle, I could barley taste it on the first piece I had and the flavour got less and less the more I ate of it. Nothing special here, I proceeded to eat the rest whilst I had a cold so it tasted of nothing with crunchy bits. Would not buy again.

...Yeah, my friends were a bit underwhelmed by this one - although, in other chocolatey oddities: Foodstuff Finds has a head-to-head comparison between Paul A Young's Marmite Truffles and Unilever's official Marmite Very Peculiar Milk Chocolate bar (which I've seen costing upwards of 2.79 in Selfridges, BHS and even that noted high-street chocolatier, Robert Dyas). McVitie's will be taking on Burton's Maryland with January's launch of Hobnobs Cookies (in Milk Chocolate Chip or Milk Choc Chip and Hazelnut, 1.25); and "Easter already!" I cheered on finding this Aero Bubbly Lamb in my local Costcutter (65p), hopefully soon to be joined by Smarties Spring Friends - a "hollow milk chocolate chick, bunny and bee character filled with mini Smarties".

Click pic to view comments - International sighting: Godiva Gems Peppermint Truffles International sighting: Godiva Gems Peppermint Truffles
Posted: 10:00 Sun 28-Nov-2010. Price: $4.99 for 99g (around 10 truffles). Location: Shoreline, Washington, USA. Sub-flavours: Caramel Apple, apparently.
"Targaff" reports: I'd normally stay away from brands that aren't generally available in the UK (well, outside Covent Garden), but I have to make an exception for these. Godiva - essentially an American Hotel Chocolat with higher prices - have been branching out into the supermarket with their Gems range, most of which are of the tasty but unspectacular solid/caramel derivation, but with winter a-coming they've put out these limited edition peppermint truffles. "White chocolate with a creamy candy cane filling" is about as simple a description as there is, and with the chocolate taking a back seat to the filling, a perfectly judged minty flavour, I may have to stock up. Especially since they cost a fortune if you get them from the brand store instead. Haven't tried the Caramel Apple, on account of apples being nasty.

...And ta for this to our regular West Coast correspondent - just in passing, I'd always wondered if Hotel Chocolat are called that because it's supposed to be the kind of chocolate you got for free in fancy hotels? Anyway, in other semi-seasonal fillings: Ginsters are offering inadvertent tribute to the late Bernard Matthews with their Christmas Cracker sandwich and Turkey, Bacon and Cranberry Pasty; Cadbury Cocoa House are "hoping to create a festive atmosphere" down in the lower mall of Bluewater Shopping Centre with a Christmas menu that includes Hot Chocolate Nog, Chestnut Hot Chocolate, or White Hot Chocolate and Orange; and "Greg Lowe" ignored 2007's health-and safety-gone-mad controversy to argue that: "If like me you are a fan of Mistletoe Kisses you will love Galaxy Mistletoe Kisses Cake Bars (Morrisons Byker, 1.49 for pack of 5). They are the usual Galaxy Caramel cake bar with an added layer of the chocolate cream from the Mistletoe Kisses chocolate bar."

Click pic to view comments - Unidentified sighting: Unknown Twix product wrapper Unidentified sighting: Unknown Twix product wrapper
Posted: 11:03 Sun 14-Nov-2010. Location: Cardiff.
"Gareth Huish and Owen J Batstone" report: So my friend Owen is walking down the street and sees this packet on the floor. It's a Twix packet but it's unlike any we have seen before. He takes it home and shows me and asks me what product it's from. I have no idea! It looks like there was some sort of Wagon Wheel in it, or some sort of Twix Kit Kats. We have done numerous searches online but as yet we have not managed to identify it. So we are giving it to the experts here at Snackspot. Any ideas?

...Something of a departure from our usual updates today - personally, I think it's probably some sort of mini-Twix promotional pack that's been handed out at a shopping centre, but you've got to admire the Turin-shroud-like analysis applied by these two first-time spotters (the photo is actually a screengrab from the videoconference where Owen is showing Gareth the baffling artefact).

Meanwhile, in other wintery mysteries: Christmas continues to be an unexpectedly popular time to launch new ice creams, with Foodstuff Finds identifying "layers of a substance similar to a solid hazelnut praline" within Walls' Choco Nut Viennetta Selection, and Nestle's Potz mini tubs (around 1.29 per 220ml) turning out to be unashamedly fluffy homages to McDonald's McFlurries, right down to the (hedgehog-friendly?) plastic lid, and being available in Aero, Smarties, Rolo and Toffee Crisp varieties.

Click pic to view comments - Confirmed sighting: Nestle Aero Limited Edition Dark Confirmed sighting: Nestle Aero Limited Edition Dark
Posted: 12:06 Sun 07-Nov-2010. Price: 53p. Location: Tesco (eg, Hoover Building, Perivale). Nutritional unusualness: 185cals.
"Gourmet" got in first with this 50% cocoa solids UK version of Japan's Aero M Bitter, making the remarkable claim that it's: "Very good, the best out of all the limited editions of your everyday confectionery," - though "izzy" begged to differ, adding that it seems to be: "Exclusively sold in Tesco, found this sitting innocently alongside all the other chocolate bars on the shelf... tasted like pretty cheap dark chocolate, nothing special, disappointed :("

...which tallies with my thoughts that the chocolate tastes a lot like 2005/6's various Dark Kit Kats. Nestle are also planning an Aero Luvabubble Lamb for next Easter, along with a Smarties-branded "chocolate moulded chicken with a chocolate egg inside" - part of a menagerie of upcoming animal tie-ins that include Mr Kipling's Big Frosty Fancy with a sugar bear, and Scooby-Doo versions of some of Swizzels Matlow's best-selling lines "scheduled to hit retail in first quarter 2011".

Click pic to view comments - Confirmed sighting: Cadbury Screme Egg/ Dead Heads Confirmed sighting: Cadbury Screme Egg/ Dead Heads
Posted: 12:08 Sun 24-Oct-2010. Price: 50p/1. Location: Asda, Linwood, Renfrewshire.
I wouldn't normally run two confectionery items in consecutive weeks, but hey it's Halloween soon and "Lynne Galloway" has gone to the trouble of establishing that the Screme Eggs are "apparently exclusive to Asda which is a bit rubbish, but anyway they are exactly the same as their Easter cousins apart from the yellow goo being replaced with pale green goo." And, regarding the Dead Heads, "Lynne" largely agrees with Jim's Chocolate Mission that they're "more Easter eggs rehashed as Halloween variants by Cadbury. These are basically mini caramel eggs but the caramel is red. They come in a little bag with about 12 of them in it."

...In slightly less terrifying brand extensions: "6 chunks of Cadbury's chocolate with spaces containing blandness. What was the point?" demanded "Gourmet" of Cadbury Dairy Milk Bliss (about 64p, Co-Op Church Road, Northolt); "An altogether pleasant and slightly (worryingly) feminine experience" was Foodstuff Finds' verdict on Kit Kat Senses Caramel Cream; and Asda were asking people to pay more than a pound for this exactly-as-you'd-expect Thorntons Double Toffee and Vanilla Mousse, part of Thorntons' massive new range of cakes and puddings that also includes a selection of Triple Chocolate Chunk, Ginger and Dark Chocolate, Praline and Milk Chocolate, or Sicilian Lemon Meringue cookies.

Click pic to view comments - Confirmed sighting: Storck Nimm2 Soft Sour Confirmed sighting: Storck Nimm2 Soft Sour
Posted: 13:03 Sun 17-Oct-2010. Price: 99p/165g. Location: Aldi, Carluke, Scotland. Sub-flavours: Soft (but not sour), plus (presumably) a sort-of boiled-sweet one. Nutritional unusualness: 2% concentrated fruit juices, plus vitamins per 100g (RDA) - Vit C 206%, Niacin 173%, Vit E 206%, Pantothenic acid 247%, Vit B6 150%, Folic acid 200%, Vit B12 220%.
Zeddy reports: Storck, the makers of Toffifee and owners of Bendicks (oh, that it has come to this) are the makers of these new chewy sweets which in my humble opinion are ripping off Tongue Tangles. They are little round balls rather than the lozenge shape of the Starburst and they do burst nicely upon chewing. Apple, lime, cherry and blackcurrant flavours in this pack which are actually pretty sour. I prefer these to the Starburst version, though whether they are a permanent line or just an Aldi special remains to be seen.

My favourite ingredient has to be the emulsifier - polyoxyethylene-sorbitan-monostearate (E435). They are marketed as "The multi-vitamin sweet for the whole family". 35 of these and I am sorted for my fruit and veg for the week then? The pack also states "The quality of nimm2 soft is regularly checked" - by Dr E. Kirchhoff, no less. What's regularly? Hourly? Daily? Weekly? Monthly? When the inspector calls? Still a 165g bag for 99p is reasonably good value and I can see me buying them again.

...A slightly more upmarket bargain-store discovery here than Zeddy has previously specialised in - I'm no expert, but do these also have the right dimensions and burstability to be used as substitute paintball ammo? Anyway, in other fruity mouthfuls: Gu seem to have chosen Asda to launch their slightly-light-on-cherry-pieces Chocolate and Sour Cherry Cookies (something like 1.09/2, also available in Chocolate And Caramel); but I haven't yet had a chance to try Chewits' Halloween Freaky Face (50p in Asda, pictured here with Cadbury Screme Eggs) or, looking further ahead, Cadbury's Sweet Cranberry and Vanilla Merry Mini Rolls (currently 1.34 BOGOF in Tesco, Finchley).

Click pic to view comments - Confirmed sighting: Terry's Chocolate Orange White Chocolate Smasher! Confirmed sighting: Terry's Chocolate Orange White Chocolate Smasher!
Posted: 18:39 Sat 25-Sep-2010. Price: 1.23 (half-price at the moment). Location: Morrisons, Byker.
You know how it is - sometimes you don't hear from someone for about 7 years, but "Greg Lowe" is making up for lost time with his latest report that the Terry's Chocolate Orange Smasher is a: "Normal-size chocolate orange with coloured shards almost like small bits of boiled sweets." Sadly, you'll just have to take his word for it that Cadbury Caramel Mallows comprise: "Light fluffy marshmallow with a caramel centre and chocolate biscuit base, covered in chocolate" (1.39, Morrisons, Byker, also available in Turkish Delight, plus I think I've seen Jaffa-orange-ish ones in the past).

...And, in case you're curious, this year's 2 new Segsations are Toffee and Popping Candy. In other major manufacturers: Foodstuff Finds and Jim's Chocolate Mission have been trying Cadbury Dairy Milk Bliss and Galaxy Smooth Truffle, respectively - and "Ed Singleton" has revisited this couple of Nestle US favourites now marketed as containing "4g of protein", the Baby Ruth tasting "like an extra peanutty Snickers, but with much more insipid nougat. Very large nuts. Not unpleasant, but easily forgettable," while the Butterfinger "also has 4g protein like the Baby Ruth, but doesn't advertise the fact on the front, instead choosing to describe itself as 'crispety, crunchety, peanut-buttery'. Tastes like a peanut-flavoured Crunchie with bits of wafer mixed in. Memorable, but not entirely pleasant. Coats your teeth like nothing I've eaten before."

Click pic to view comments - Confirmed sighting: Nestle Kit Kat Christmas/ Burton's Maryland Big and Chunky Confirmed sighting: Nestle Kit Kat Christmas/ Burton's Maryland Big and Chunky
Posted: 11:37 Sat 11-Sep-2010. Price: (Maryland) 1/200g. Location: Morrisons, Anniesland, Glasgow; Morrisons, Byker. Sub-flavours: (Maryland) Double Chocolate; White Choc Brownie. Nutritional unusualness: (Maryland) "Yumminess just got chunkier".
This first one is also officially known as Kit Kat Claus (to be accompanied by a Milkybar Polar Bear) - it looks like it's a Father Christmas version of the Kit Kat Easter Bunny, though all "Lucy" could comment was: "It's started already! Christmas is coming! God..." Which leaves it to "Greg Lowe" to back up my surprising conclusion (from around 19:30 in this free podcast) that the Big and Chunky Marylands are more than a match for Cadbury's ones - or, as "Greg" puts it: "Very nice large cookies that are neither chewy or crisp, but part-way between the two. They contain large chunks of chocolate and are very moreish."

...In other terms you maybe shouldn't type into Google images without SafeSearch turned on: Whoopie Pies are currently 1.25/4 in Tesco if you'd like to see how they compare with Marks and Spencer's similar bandwagon-jumping; and the Aero Double Chocolate Swirl has been much improved upon by the Aero Swirlie, which were on introductory offer in Morrisons Camden for 1/4. Or, back with Kit Kats, Nestle are replacing the current Hazelnut Senses with a Caramel Cream version, no doubt targeting that same female market as "smooth vanilla mousse centre covered in creamy milk chocolate" bar Cadbury Dairy Milk Bliss, due in shops from this time next month.

Click pic to view comments - Confirmed sighting: Cadbury's Wishes star Confirmed sighting: Cadbury's Wishes star
Posted: 20:09 Mon 30-Aug-2010. Price: 69p. Location: The Co-op (eg the Somerfield near Paddington Station on Edgware Rd). Nutritional unusualness: 165 Calories per Star, 10% of profits go to Make-A-Wish Foundation.
Unfortunately, whenever I hear about the Make-A-Wish Foundation I think of news stories like these - anyway, Snackspot doesn't often locate new products ahead of Foodstuff Finds and Jim's Chocolate Mission, but today first-time spotter "Fay Brady" has made that dream come true, reporting: "I found this in the Co-op today on my way for lunch. It is in a gold and purple wrapper. It is a GIANT solid bubbly chocolate star. I recommend."

...That said, Jim and Cinabar do have the low-down on Cadbury's slightly less charitable bid to divide the nation "into two teams - the Spots and the Stripes" (a bit like the Belgian segregation of Hutus and Tutsis in Rwanda?), though it sounds like they could have just as effectively split the population into people who think that Cadbury's white chocolate is either "sweet and creamy" or "low quality sugary rubbish".

Apparently there are some new Segsations and green goo-filled Cadbury Screme Eggs to look forward to at Christmas and Halloween, respectively - but, just for now, Zeddy also found this Twix Fino, detecting that: "The product itself has a slightly different flavour than a Twix due to the missing shortcake, replaced by 'crispy wafer (22%)'. It is essentially bits from Mars Planets cobbled together. Not unpleasant but I wouldn't go out of my way to buy one again. The pack proclaims 94kcal per 'one piece'. We all eat one half of a chocolate bar, don't we?"

Click pic to view comments - Confirmed sighting: Cadbury Bar Of Plenty Honey Flakes and Caramelised Pecans Confirmed sighting: Cadbury Bar Of Plenty Honey Flakes and Caramelised Pecans
Posted: 12:10 Sun 08-Aug-2010. Price: 1 (introductory price?)/140g. Location: Morrisons.
"Jim" reports: Overall this proved itself to be a welcome, yet unspectacular addition to the Cadbury Bar of Plenty range. With Cadbury you can always feel safe in the knowledge that you are going to get decent-tasting milk chocolate, but one thing you aren't always assured of is the quality of the filling that goes along with it. [The] cereal element of this bar was implemented pretty superbly, with the honey-coated cornflakes having a very favourable impact on the overall taste. The pecan element on the other hand was not done quite so well, as they lacked presence in both flavour and texture due to their small-sized nature.

..."Jim" pinpoints the problem with this Morrisons-exclusive Kellogg's Crunchy Nut-alike in an excerpt (with permission) from his site - generally, he (and Foodstuff Finds) were more impressed with the possibilities of Chocolate Weetabix. Anyway, in other upcoming lumpiness: ad agency Fallon are credited with inventing with Cadbury's new Spots v Stripes Challenge Bar (due September, and "designed so that consumers can form a team of spots versus stripes and play a game with the pieces"); and Snickers Ice Cream Dark Crunch (2.99/5 bars, Morrisons) don't seem much different to normal Snickers choc bars - though the summer's not over yet, as Nestle are also plotting "Potz" mini tubs of Aero, Smarties, Rolo and Toffee Crisp ice creams (1.29 per 220ml).

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