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Click pic to view comments - Semi-international sightings: Hershey's Reese's NutRageous/ Taste of Nature Muddy Bears, Cookie Dough Bites/ Marich Mint Chip Maltballs Semi-international sightings: Hershey's Reese's NutRageous/ Taste of Nature Muddy Bears, Cookie Dough Bites/ Marich Mint Chip Maltballs
Posted: 21:10 Sat 08-Oct-2011. Price: (NutRageous) 0.62. Location: (ditto) Sainsbury's, Orpington.
Snackspot reports: Yes, there have been occasional UK NutRageous sightings over the past few years, although I'm still not organised enough to have a photo of one. So first off, a quick rundown of some Cybercandy imports that were generously bought for me by colleagues. The Muddy Bears are Gummi Bears coated with not-very-nice milk chocolate - not bad if you get a fruit flavour like orange, though not as good as these Marich Mint Chip Maltballs and other Malteser-alikes. Taste of Nature's Mint Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites however, resemble a saltier, soapier version of After Eights, and cannot be recommended even if you think that sounds like a good idea.

...Anyway, over to "Melanie Attwell", who says she: "Spotted [a] little NutRageous bar on the weekly shop. Reese's is a branch of US choco giant Hershey's. Now, Hershey chocolate is usually nothing to write home about in my opinion. But they do tend to get peanut butter right. So a bar with peanuts, peanut butter, caramel and Hershey chocolate should be a happy compromise. The taste... when you first bite in you get a great crunch because the peanuts are on the outside (but still covered in chocolate). Genius. The caramel was slightly hard and chewy but had a nice treacle flavour. Peanut butter was very sickly but delicious. Overall, I rate this as 7/10 as nut and chocolate bars go, but personally, I'd stick with the Snickers."

Click pic to view comments - Confirmed sighting: Doritos Jalapeno Fire Confirmed sighting: Doritos Jalapeno Fire
Posted: 22:06 Sun 02-Oct-2011. Price: 55p. Location: Local shop on Main Street, Winchburgh.
As if we needed reminding that Walkers is owned by PepsiCo, here they are apparently "integrating flavour-matching with huge through-the-line support to drive penetration and trial in a normally quiet period" - ie, advertising hot Doritos in conjunction with cooling lime Citrus Freeze Pepsi Max, plus a competition to visit either Las Vegas or Iceland. Or, as possible first-time spotter "Phill Donaldson" puts it: Saw these advertised on a bottle of Diet Pepsi the night before I found them. Although they're OK, they have a slight beefy taste to them, and the Chilli Heatwave ones seem spicier.

...Elsewhere in savouries: sadly I don't yet have photographic confirmation of the Pringles Teatime Favourites (in Macaroni Cheese, Spaghetti Bolognese, or Steak and Onion Pie) that "Allan" says he saw in Morrisons, Hounslow ("Yet more special flavours from Pringles. Still no pickled onion though,"), while Foodstuff Finds reports that Pret A Manger's Curry Lime Pickle Crisps "taste predominantly of curry powder, but there is a tangy citrus hit which appears as an aftertaste". KP have followed up 2001's ill-fated Hula Hoops XL with three flavours of Big Hoops (160g/1.93, in Original, Sweet Chilli, or Sour Cream and Chive), and Kettle Chips have recalled four of their varieties carrying a best-before date of 29 October 2011 for containing "pieces of plastic that appear similar to the crisps" - presumably identifiable by the fact that they're not as savagely tough to eat as their crisps usually are, ahahaha.

Click pic to view comments - Confirmed sighting: Barr Fiery Irn Bru Confirmed sighting: Barr Fiery Irn Bru
Posted: 21:03 Wed 28-Sep-2011. Price: 49p. Location: Local bakers, East Kilbride, Scotland. Nutritional unusualness: All the Sunset Yellow and Ponceau 4R you and your kids will ever need.
Zeddy reports: I had heard this was coming out but was still surprised to find it so soon. It is Irn Bru with "a secret fiery ingredient". Now, if you are like me and a bit averse to a "fiery surprise" you may perhaps approach this with some trepidation. It is indeed fiery! I would probably describe it as Irn Bru laced with hot ginger to follow. As they do not say what the ingredient is (that's the secret bit if you haven't been following), I can only assume it is ginger or perhaps some chilli. Worth a taste if you like some after-heat but perhaps not to quench the fire of your weekly "Ruby Murray".

...Zeddy reassures me here that people are still interested in drinks-related sightings (oh and apologies for the belated nature of this post, which is only partly due to my discovery of Molson Coors' Animee women's beer, the Fruli-flavoured "perfect drink for whenever and wherever you like" - along similar lines to Mommy Juice).

Anyway, Zeddy was first with the pic for this, though "sharon amos" found a can for 49p in Winchburgh, West Lothian, acknowledging "It still tastes of normal Irn Bru but then has a slight after-kick, very nice and would definitely drink it again,", while the impressively-named "Robert Funland" paid 2.50 for 6 in Morrisons, reckoning it's: "Not as sweet as regular Irn Bru. They're not wrong about it being fiery, the taste certainly gets you in the back of the throat. I've seen one website recommending it would be a good mixer for Jack Daniels, I would suggest trying it with Benylin - especially for anyone who catches a cold this winter."

Click pic to view comments - Confirmed sighting: Mentos Rainbow Fruits Confirmed sighting: Mentos Rainbow Fruits
Posted: 20:07 Sun 18-Sep-2011. Price: 35p. Location: Asda. Nutritional unusualness: None noted.
"yorkhouse" reports: Have any Mentos Rainbow Fruits come your way yet? Usual Mentos but in seven fruit flavours - blackberry, strawberry, orange, watermelon, pineapple, raspberry and apple. (Finally a set of mixed fruit flavours which isn't more than 50% citrus.) The really unusual thing - there are precisely two of each flavour, together, in the same order that the packaging suggests they come in (rather than getting half a pack of lime and a couple of red and purple ones like most tubes of fruit pastilles etc...). So efficient that presumably these will turn out to be a German sweet.

...Thanks "yorkhouse" - I keep seeing ads for Mentos' 3 Layer Gum around, but no sign of the actual product, so perhaps this impressive efficiency doesn't extend to ruthlessly co-ordinating their distribution and marketing. Anyway, if you'd prefer a similarly mild-ish but 100% citrus fruit effect, I think it's Poundland that's currently stocking Tango Orange Chewy Bonbons (pictured here with some boiled sweets based on Robinsons fruit squash somehow). "Delicious" is Gobble Monkey's ever-entertaining verdict on Marks and Spencer's Newfangled sweet range (including Chineapple Punks and Fluke Pastilles), and I'm stretching today's fruit theme a little to include Foodstuff Finds' Sep 13 sighting of Nestle's Aero Christmas Tree, although I also spotted these Mince Pies in Sainsbury's on what was probably the last day of Aug. Happy Holidays, everybody!

Click pic to view comments - Confirmed sighting: McCoy's Pickled Scrumion Confirmed sighting: McCoy's Pickled Scrumion
Posted: 09:56 Sun 11-Sep-2011. Price: 79p or 2 for 1. Location: RS McColl, Carluke, Scotland. Sub-flavours: Ruck of Ribs. Nutritional unusualness: 261 kcal per pack (50g).
Zeddy reports: Wow! Where did these come from? Pickled onion crisps seem to have a bit of a student-like (KP Space Raiders?) association. They don't have the sophistication of Balsamic vinegar and sea salt for example. Well bollocks to that! They are a taste sensation that is rarely bettered by any other flavour. McCoy's have now joined the party, albeit in Ltd Edition fashion but they sure pack a tartish punch. My only (delusional) hope is that Pringles will one day realise the gap in their range.

...And top marks to Zeddy for not mentioning whatever rugby-related tie-in prompted the "scrumion" pun in the first place. In other dodgy tackles: KP have also combined honey-roasted peanuts, chocolate and mini McVitie's Hobnobs to create Nutty Nibbles; Mostly This contrasts McDonald's "back to the future" 1955 burger with Byron's 7.50 Limited Edition Uncle Sam; while "NevRev" claims to have located both Golden Wonder Ringos (4.39/box, plus VAT) and American Cheeseburger flavour Golden Wonder Quarterbacks (20p or 3.95/box of 36) in Makro Reading and Southampton, describing them as "Great and taste exactly the same as they used to!" and "The original cheeseburger flavour crisps!", respectively.

Click pic to view comments - Confirmed sighting: Cadbury Twirl Bites Confirmed sighting: Cadbury Twirl Bites
Posted: 18:39 Sun 04-Sep-2011. Price: Currently around 2/bag. Location: Tesco, Southampton.
"choccieman" reports: So yet again Cadbury and Nestle attempt to usurp the dominant position of Maltesers and Minstrels. Here we have Twirl Bites (Nestle have brought out Milkybar Giant Buttons and Kit Kat Pop Chocs). They are about 1cm cubed in size, they're effectively miniaturised versions of regular Twirl sticks. As for taste they're much like the regular bar, which for me is where they fall down. Whilst I quite like the bar it is at the limits of being 'sickly'. These mini cubes exaggerate that effect so anything more than a small handful is too much in my opinion. An interesting attempt but these won't replace Minstrels as my cinema snack of choice.

...Not too many surprises there from "choccieman", though in other shareable solutions: I enjoyed Nestle's Quality Street My Purple Bar much more than Jim's Chocolate Mission did; Cadbury Boost are Foodstuff Finds' "current favourite variety of cake bar"; and Zeddy largely agreed with Gobble Monkey regarding Mars Triple Chocolate (59p, RS McColl, Carluke, Scotland), declaring: The thin end of the wedge. That's how I see this bar. It does not add anything to the Mars Bar portfolio. It has a sweet chocolatey taste. Nothing more. In saying this, the original Mars Bar is terrible too. Buy a Milky Way from the USA and do a taste comparison. Mars have lost their "Way" in the UK as far as I am concerned.

Click pic to view comments - Confirmed sighting: Golden Wonder Transform-A-Snack Spicy Confirmed sighting: Golden Wonder Transform-A-Snack Spicy
Posted: 22:34 Sat 27-Aug-2011. Price: 99p for 6. Location: Waitrose, Fulham. Nutritional unusualness: 0.5g fibre, 5.2g fat, 12.3g carbohydrate, 0.17g sodium (per 20g pack).
"Simon Rugg" reports: Having spotted a bargain 6 packets for 1, this variant tastes like lightly spiced cheap crisps, with a hint of tommy k. Also answers once and for all the question of what would happen if you mixed Chipsticks with Space Raiders. Each pack contains [a?] crisp-shaped man as well as rings for wheels so you can, if you want to, create your own Sterling Moss-style racing car, resulting in minutes of fun.

...Cheers "Simon" - I've had a slight hitch with picture uploads recently so McCoy's Pickled Scrumion will have to wait for another sighting, but you could probably get stronger Scoville-scale scores from KP's Sweet Chilli Hula Hoops, Walkers' Mexican Fiery Sweet Chipotle Sensations, Subway's possibly on-limited-trial Sag Paneer Indian Sub, or the Spicy BBQ version of Blue Diamond Almonds which Zeddy paid 1.99 for in Lanark Tesco, quipping: Do you like your nuts? Do you like them spicy? Then you will love Blue Diamond's almond range. I first discovered them in the USA on holiday and now they have come to our shores. Almonds are a far more refined nut than your common peanut and the different flavours added to this range compliments them perfectly. The BBQ ones have habanero in them, whilst the Wasabi version has soy sauce to add a bit of saltiness. Perfect and good for you too! All that vitamin E (12.5 mg per 50g) helps the skin. Try telling that to your partner when they refuse your nuts.

Click pic to view comments - Confirmed sighting: Turbo Tango Confirmed sighting: Turbo Tango
Posted: 09:33 Mon 22-Aug-2011. Price: 2.99/ 375ml. Location: Odeon, Dudley. Nutritional unusualness: "Nitro fuelled (tm) [...] Hold upright and squirt into your gob (and nowhere else!)".
"pj" reports: Weird but good! It's basically like a squirty cream nozzle that you fire into your mouth, it comes out as a foam then turns to liquid in your mouth and tastes like Tango. It's quite a big bottle, we got it on Tuesday and me and my girlfriend are still taking shots from it (I guess you could do it all in one but it seems more of a quick hit thing!)

...Thanks for splashing out on this "pj" - it's increasingly available in newsagents for less than 2 quid but here's how it looks on the inside if you're curious how the Propellant Gas (Nitrogen) fits into the equation. In other novelty beverages: "Lee Maguire" spotted a whole new range of Frijjs in Covent Garden Tesco, but has yet to confirm if they taste similar to their previously Simpsons-branded equivalents, while older drinkers now face a baffling choice between Foster's Gold (apparently "Young men strive to create the right impression at social occasions and Foster's standard can format isn't meeting these needs"), female-oriented Amina or Carling Prime ("the first credible range of beers for women"), or 6% ABV Crabbie's Black, "targeted at a slightly older more demanding male audience the newly identified 'Ginger Connoisseur'".

Click pic to view comments - Confirmed sighting: Nestle Rolo Biscuits Confirmed sighting: Nestle Rolo Biscuits
Posted: 20:04 Sun 07-Aug-2011. Price: 1.50ish/ pack of 6. Location: Sainsbury's. Nutritional unusualness: 95 calories per biscuit.
As I recall, Little Britain's Matt Lucas was a fan of these when they were previously wheeled out in July 2000, but "gobble monkey" proved tougher to convince, reporting: Hang on, Rolo "BISCUITS"? Are you sure? [...] They are small, and they are round, but to call these 'biscuits' is a downright lie. Yes, they do contain six tiny biscuit balls, lost in amongst a sea of caramel [...] You could make a more accurate Rolo Biscuit by getting a Rolo and putting it on top of a biscuit and then eating it. In reality, 'Rolo Biscuits' are merely large, individually wrapped, flat Munchies. Which is fine. BUT WHY ARE NESTLE TRYING TO CLAIM THEY ARE BISCUITS?

...And if you're wondering, gobble monkey's full review doesn't really answer that question, but does provide some extensive dunk-testing of the product and a couple of Cadbury's competitors. Speaking of which, Foodstuff Finds hasn't picked an obvious favourite from out of Cadbury's Caramel Nibbles Dessert or Nestle's Aero Caramel and Choc Bubbly Dessert - be careful not to shake the Aero ones around or they turn into a lumpy brown sludge, though they were only about 60p/4 in Camden Morrisons. That's also where I ran into these Cadbury Chocolate Olympic Mascots (about 60p/2), which offer a few bites of their "bubbly" 20%-cocoa-solids non-Dairy-Milk recipe for anyone who thinks the Jelly Mascots are too much like those things that you throw against windows and which slowly "climb" down them.

Click pic to view comments - Confirmed sighting: Skittles Crazy Cores Confirmed sighting: Skittles Crazy Cores
Posted: 20:43 Mon 01-Aug-2011. Price: 55p/55g. Location: Co-Op, Kentish Town. Nutritional unusualness: "Surprising flavour combos [then, in smaller print] Product may contain an uneven mix of flavours".
Snackspot reports: Regular readers may remember that "Jamie Campbell" previously spotted these in Toronto a couple of years ago (though who knows how long we'll have to wait for other Canadian varieties like Fruit and Creme, Tangy Tropical, Berry Explosion, Double Sours, Skittles Bubblegum and the ever-appetising Chocolatey Eruption).

I automatically assumed these might have gone the route of the Jelly Belly BeanBoozled range and taste like things eaten by the mentally ill (including "vomit", "baby wipes" and "dog food" in Jelly Belly's case), but Foodstuff Finds reckons they're Mango Peach, Melon Berry, and Strawberry Watermelon, plus nature's own Blue Raspberry Lemon, and Cherry Lemonade. As it turns out, the flavours are more potent than Guzzle Puzzle's infinite customisation can offer, but still weird enough that, if you're eating them in a darkened cinema for instance, you can still convince yourself that there's also a banana combo in there somewhere.

...In other exotic cocktails: Foodstuff Finds won the race to review the "good strong flavours" of Cadbury-Trebor-Bassetts' Olympic Jelly Mascots (currently 1, exclusive to Sainsbury's?); and Gobble Monkey has braved the horrors of Morrisons No Added Sugar Marshmallow Squash, a possible binge-drinking alternative if you're not old enough to sample Bulmers' Crushed Red Berries and Lime No. 17 Cider or 3 new "curious" kinds of Magners (in Pear and Ginger, Spiced Apple and Honey, or Spiced Apple and Rhubarb, all around 2.25).

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