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Click pic to view comments - Confirmed sighting: Kellogg's Chocolate Wheats Confirmed sighting: Kellogg's Chocolate Wheats
Posted: 18:23 Fri 16-Feb-2007. Price: 2.19/ 500g. Location: Tesco, Cogan (South Wales). Sub-flavours: Frosted; Raisin. Nutritional unusualness: 207 kcal (14g sugar) per 40g serving (with 125ml of semi-skimmed milk).
"Rhoslyn" reports: I searched for this on the website but only found they were mentioned in passing along with another cereal. These really deserve a review of their own! I first discovered Frosted Wheats in my local Waitrose and was obsessed with them, but then on going to Tesco's one day and finding that they weren't there, I tried the chocolate version. I would strongly advise everyone to go out and buy these, I can't stop eating them! Not only do they fill you up like Shredded Wheat, but the wheat is flavoured with chocolate as well as mini chocolate chips inside! These are the reason I manage to drag myself out of bed in the morning! The only downside being, they don't come in a very big box, and I always finish them off within 3 go's instead of the recommended 12, oops...

...A wildly enthusiastic sighting here from first-time spotter "Rhoslyn" - and "Chocolate flavoured wheats with dark chocolate chips in the middle. Worth a try," "Robert" agreed. I thought I was getting as much fibre (and avoiding 40+ kcal a day) by sticking with Kellogg's Chocolate Bran Flakes, but then I noticed that the suggested serving on their box is only 30g (vs 40g for Chocolate Wheats), presumably on the grounds that no-one wants to eat more Bran Flakes than they have to, chocolate or otherwise?

Click pic to view comments - Confirmed sighting: Kellogg's Coco Pops Mega Munchers Confirmed sighting: Kellogg's Coco Pops Mega Munchers
Posted: 17:38 Sat 23-Dec-2006. Price: 2.09/ 375g. Location: Asda, Wembley Park. Nutritional unusualness: Slightly less sugar, calories and fat than Coco Pops classic, for what that's worth.
Snackspot reports: If you want a picture of future Christmasses, imagine the Coco Pops monkey singing a different version of the same advertising jingle - for ever. Yes, this year ends much like the last, with the arrival of Kellogg's "munchiest crunchiest brekkie yet" - they still taste like Coco Pops, but oddly resemble an eat-with-milk miniature version of the recently-relaunched Cadbury Snaps.

...Anyway, I'm already excited to see which of this year's seasonal tie-ins receive the most radical reductions after Boxing Day, though let's hope we won't have to wait as long as I did for the (intriguingly textured) Jane Asher Christmas Pudding Muffin Mix that I snapped up for just 47p in an Edinburgh Somerfield in August of this year. If you don't fancy baking your own, Sainsbury's were recently doing a 2-for-1 deal on Muffilicious Muffins -almost as appetising as Warburtons' 4 Oven Bottom Muffins which, on closer examination, turned out to be 4x muffin-like bread rolls cooked in the bottom of an oven, rather than an unspecified number of "Bottom Muffins" which required 4 ovens in their preparation, somehow. Have a good one!

Click pic to view comments - Confirmed sighting: Walls Magnum Chilled Desserts Confirmed sighting: Walls Magnum Chilled Desserts
Posted: 20:24 Thu 14-Dec-2006. Price: 2.49 for box of 2 x 85g. Location: Sainsbury's, North London. Sub-flavours: Caramel Encounter; Orange and Passionfruit Affair; Chocolate Desire; Strawberry Secret; Raspberry Tease. Nutritional unusualness: Nearly 300kcal, 30g "carbohydrate" per dessert.
Snackspot reports: Birds Eye Walls goes characteristically overboard on the adjectives again - the two of these that I've tried so far claim to be "Velvety caramel desserts with a silky caramel centre" or "Tangy orange desserts with a delicious passionfruit centre", both covered in "decadent" Magnum milk chocolate, which is one way of describing it, I suppose. Apart from the ridiculous price and ditching of the thing people like about Magnum (the ice-cream) in favour of its (frankly dubious) chocolate, all credit to them for coming up with flavours like "Caramel Encounter", which sounds more like a politically incorrect Mills and Boon novel - "I notice Sir has requested the... 'Caramel Encounter' again this evening". It's the most bizarre product name I've seen since spotting that Primark UK have a range of underwear called "Secret Possessions", disappointingly not further sub-divided into "Lady's Delicates" and "Gentleman's Unmentionables". Oh, and they're a bit like eating a giant Quality Street, themselves now available as Richmond "The Purple One", "The Green One" or "The Orange One" ice creams [search page for "Quality"] along with a Truly Lovin' Toffee variant of Skinny Cow.

Click pic to view comments - Confirmed sighting: McDonald's Orange Matchmakers McFlurry Confirmed sighting: McDonald's Orange Matchmakers McFlurry
Posted: 22:38 Thu 07-Dec-2006. Price: 99p. Location: McDonald's, Goodge St, London. Nutritional unusualness: See below.
Snackspot reports: Thank goodness I'm not too strict a vegetarian, as I've had to plough through both the (largely predictable) Big Tasty with Bacon and "Created with Nachos and Salsa" Mexican Chicken Premiere to find the real gems of Mickey D's Xmas lineup - the impressively minty Mint Chocolate Milkshake and this genuinely "zingy" followup to Christmas 2004's Mint Matchmakers McFlurry. I can't imagine there's much good news in their nutritional info, though I seem to be slightly too impatient/ attention deficit-afflicted to be able to extract that data from the company's baffling new website - there's an irony in there somewhere, I'm sure. "Ordinary" Matchmakers are also now available in Honeycomb flavour (as I think "Phillerena" previously pointed out?), while there's talk that former McFlurry stalwart the Cadbury Creme Egg will be imminently on sale in 900ml Ice Cream Tub form.

Click pic to view comments - Confirmed sighting: Kellogg's Special K Bliss Strawberry And Chocolate Confirmed sighting: Kellogg's Special K Bliss Strawberry And Chocolate
Posted: 17:35 Tue 21-Nov-2006. Price: 2.69/ 375g. Location: Sainsbury's, North London. Sub-flavours: Bliss Creamy Berry Crunch. Nutritional unusualness: Similar calories, only 2g sugar more ("per 30g serving") than ordinary Special K.
Snackspot reports: Have you, like me, always had a soft spot for Special K (and its numerous variants) but secretly wondered why they don't do a chocolate version? Well you need ponder no longer, thanks to this pioneering crossover between "healthy" and "indulgent" marketing - the freeze-dried strawberries and dark chocolate flakes are a huge improvement over the raspberries and cranberries in the so-so Creamy Berry Crunch alternative, while inexplicably not taking the nutritional tally much higher than the All-Bran Bran Flakes Chocolate, Coco Pops Mega Munchers or (to a lesser extent) Kellogg's Chocolate Wheats which "Abigael" recently alerted me to. While, in other surreal cereals, "These are quite expensive but taste very nice," pronounced "Grace" regarding Kellogg's All Bran Honey And Oat High Fibre Bars (2.13/ box, Somerfield, Sheffield, 3g of fibre, 98 calories per bar), deeming them: "Quite filling for only 98 calories. They are a mix of All Bran sticks, oats and puffed rice covered with honey. The honey is very prominent and combines well with the bran and oat taste. They are also fortified with vitamins, so quite a healthy snack too. I would definitely recommend, only downsight being the price!"

Click pic to view comments - Confirmed sighting: Carte D'Or Ice Cream Desserts Confirmed sighting: Carte D'Or Ice Cream Desserts
Posted: 18:17 Tue 14-Nov-2006. Price: 1.50. Location: ASDA, Slough. Sub-flavours: Creme Brulee; Panna Cotta Amaretti; Tiramisu. Nutritional unusualness: Creme Brulee contains 19g carbohydrate per 100ml, sugar content not specified.
"Damien" reports: Just seen the new ones from Carte D'Or... they look good and taste even better! It's ice cream but they taste just like they're supposed to... Creme Brulee is perfect: crunchy caramel pieces and a burnt caramel sauce with gorgeous custardy ice cream... I asked in Tesco where I usually shop and they're coming in next week!!!!! An oddly enthusiatic sighting here from (what I can only assume is the same) "Damien" - the product's been subsequently spotted by both me and "Phillerena" (though I paid 2.99 for a 750ml tub in the Costcutter on the way to Kentish Town). I've also found pics of what I promise are the last of the unusual ice-creams I saw in Cyprus: Nestle's really-not-bad Sveltesse Batonnet Glace Framboise avec morceaux de framboise sucres, and the magnificently-titled Lipetsky Khladokombinat (from Russia) Merry Winnie - good to see they're still referring to the bear as "Winnie" even for "unofficial" food tie-ins, so as to avoid the possible confusion surrounding My Interactive Pooh.

Click pic to view comments - Confirmed sighting: Mullerlight Sticky Toffee Pudding flavoured Confirmed sighting: Mullerlight Sticky Toffee Pudding flavoured
Posted: 13:23 Tue 26-Sep-2006. Price: 42p each, 5 for 2. Location: Sainsbury's, Warrington. Nutritional unusualness: 65kcal, 0.2g fat, 10.9g carb, 4.8g protein per 100g (175g pot).
"Robert H" reports: Yet another "with cake pieces" Mullerlight variety! And perhaps there's not much more to be said than that, though "Jerry Daykin" may be angling for the role of official Muller correspondent with this charming still-life of what he describes as New MullerRice (49p, Morissons Cambourne, in Custard, Apple, Strawberry, Raspberry, Original, Blackcurrant, or Blueberry), gurgling: Mullerice have completely relaunched their range with new packaging and now all at less than 3% fat, plus they've introduced new Blackcurrant and Blueberry flavours which taste pretty standard, and a full sized version of the original flavour pot previously only available in multipacks! While, in other yoghurty hilarity: Kraft are extending the Dairylea brand to "strawberry flavour with mini digestive biscuits" Dairylea Dunkers Fromage Frais (55p), and I enjoyed the Strawberry or Raspberry Lassi from Emmi almost as much as what appear to be new Mediterranean Peach and Strawberry And French Vanilla flavours of Muller Amore, a product which I think they should advertise using Justin Edwards' alternative lyrics to the Dean Martin song of the same name.

Click pic to view comments - Confirmed sighting: Ben and Jerry's Vanilla Toffee Crunch Confirmed sighting: Ben and Jerry's Vanilla Toffee Crunch
Posted: 16:56 Thu 14-Sep-2006. Price: 3.99. Location: Liquor Store, Totton (Southampton).
"choccieman" reports: This is odd, a new B+J's flavour that still hasn't been mentioned on their web site (I ate the tub a couple of weeks ago), normally I'm trying to hunt these things down after they've been announced (the new vanilla mentioned there is also "in the wild"). Anyway, quality as always from the B+J brand - according to the tub, until they were able to purchase broken toffee they used to chuck crates of the stuff off of ladders, maybe that was in the day before we had health and safety officers. The toffee pieces are very tasty indeed (and coated in chocolate) although there is a feeling that perhaps there aren't as many of these chunks as normal although this may be because the vanilla ice cream is rather ordinary compared to other B+J flavours. Cheers as ever to "choccieman", though it still seems to be taking ages for B+J to get June's Glastonberry into the shops, let alone any newer ones. Maybe parent company Unilever have been focusing on their ever-expanding Carte D'Or range instead, with 750ml tubs of Creme Brulee, Tiramisu and Panna Cotta Amaretti flavour expected to be available "from September 2006, priced 2.99".

Click pic to view comments - Confirmed sighting: Weetabix Oatibix/ Weetabix Gold Confirmed sighting: Weetabix Oatibix/ Weetabix Gold
Posted: 18:47 Thu 31-Aug-2006. Price: About 2 for box of 24. Location: Co-op, Silsden, West Yorks; Sainbury's, London Finchley Road. Nutritional unusualness: See below.
"Pat Smith" reports: Weetabix - but made from oats (and barley). These look and taste very similar to the regular wheat biscuits but with a finer texture. The nutritional info is very similar also, with the oat variety having a higher calorie value probably due to the higher fat content - up from 2g to 8g per 100g... but what I really want to know is: is this the same "Pat Smith" who wrote in about Fish And Chips Flavour French Fries all those years ago? Anyway, Snackspot is back from its (extended) summer break, during which time I sampled the indigenous cuisines of both Cyprus and Scotland. Full reports on those to follow, but I didn't have to venture far to find the ostensibly-upmarket Weetabix Gold, also launched at the same time as that TV campaign implying that "Ordinary Weetabix really aren't too horrible - if you remember to eat them with something either more tasty and/or less healthy". In other cereal celebrations: Kellogg's haven't been slacking either, launching both "cholesterol-lowering" Optivita, and "indulgent-tasting" Special K Bliss, plus Shatner-endorsed All-Bran Crunchy Oatbakes, as well as Crunchy Nut Nuts About snack bars.

Click pic to view comments - Confirmed sighting: Ben and Jerry's Glastonberry Confirmed sighting: Ben and Jerry's Glastonberry
Posted: 14:00 Thu 29-Jun-2006. Price: 4.19. Location: Blockbuster, Peterborough. Nutritional unusualness: 995kJ/ 240kcal, 3.5g Protein, 28g Carbohydrate, 12.5g Fat, all per 100g (411g tub).
"John Coxon" reports: This is an ice cream which has been released as a limited edition by our favourite manufacturer, Ben and Jerry's. It's described as "Vanilla... with Fudge Brownies and Raspberry Swirls" - this is perfectly accurate, but I found the brownies were mostly at the top and the swirls mostly at the bottom - I don't know how widespread that will be. "Chris" said that this was the same flavour as an older US one, and the brownies were quite small - however, this must be a new, albeit similar, flavour, since the brownies are reasonably big (definitely overlapping the edges of a teaspoon, for instance) and although they are thin, it takes a definite couple of seconds to chew your way through one, which gives it some substance. Another criticism, however - the raspberry could be less sweet, as the aftertaste isn't a huge plus. This ice cream is only available in Blockbuster stores and you can go to benjerry.co.uk to find your nearest store selling the product. Congrats to first-time spotter "John Coxon" for this impressively comprehensive sighting - though "caveat emptor" regarding the online Blockbuster finder, as there wasn't any sign of it in the London Forest Hill branch when I checked the other week. Plus, if this is a UK rebrand of the US Dave Matthews Band Magic Brownies, that kind of contradicts B+J's claim that it was suggested by "Geoffrey Taylor, winner of our competition to find a new flavour" - they even have the same packaging!

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