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Confirmed sighting: Skittles Crazy Cores
of years ago (though who knows how long we'll have to wait for other Canadian varieties like Fruit and Creme, Tangy Tropical, Berry Explosion, Double Sours, Skittles Bubblegum and the ever-appetising Chocolatey Eruption). I automatically assumed these might have gone the route of the Jelly Belly ...

Confirmed sighting: Storck Nimm2 Soft Sour
:13 Thu 28-Oct-2010 by "Ms Fish "(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment Comment: On the basis of this we got some of the Nimm Sours for train journey down to London; they were a lot of fun, especially the Popping sensation. The Standard ones sound worth a look, especially if they ...

International sighting: Lay's Natural and Warm Mango Flavour crisps
to return for the Blueberry flavour... ...While, in other foreign finds: "Chocolate, Fruits and Creme, Tangy Tropical, Berry Explosion, Double Sours, Skittles Bubblegum, and Crazy Cores (two flavours in one)," were among the many different types of Skittles tracked down by "Jamie Campbell" in ...

Confirmed sighting: Nestle Rowntrees Beetles And Butterflies # permalink comment Comment: we have had those butterflies and beetles in our shop for ages! there are scary sours wiggly worms too and the small bags are 20 and big ones at 99 at mccolls in kings lynn norfolk so any martins mccolls and forbouys will have em ...

Confirmed sighting: Barr Simply Citrus
what must surely soon become known as "The Starburst Effect". This is the tastiest new drink since raspberry-and-lemon Fruit Spring and cherry Virgin Sours. Which almost certainly means it'll suffer the same tragic fate, so snap some up while you've got the chance. Praise here from "Stuart" for this ...

Semi-international sighting: Olympus Sport Active Gum/ Cinnamon Altoids Strips
adventure that promotes them, went on to complain: Discovered these whilst on an Altoids quest with my partner, who is obsessed with the Altoids Sours. These "breath strips" (and note the total absence of the word "fresh") were on sale next to the more common Listerine ones. The strips are very hot ...

Semi-international sighting: Bassett's Sour Wine Gums
the world's finest winegums, streets ahead of the Maynards version which dominates the UK. Even the sour coating is nicer than the one on Maynards Sours (though if your branch has the non-sour version which the same freezer chain also used to sell, get those instead). Once again, Farmfoods proves ...

Confirmed sighting: Morrisons Crispy Thins
: Less than half the fat of normal crisps. "Stuart Campbell" reports: Stopping off on the way home from the seaside to buy some Cherry Virgin Sours and Morrison's excellent own-brand "steak and ale" crisps, these new potato-based snacks seemed worth a mention in the wake of all the recent "low- ...

Confirmed sighting: Virgin Sours
Confirmed sighting: Virgin Sours Posted: 13:50 Sat 24-04-2004. Price: 79p/ 500ml. Location: Corner shop, Willesden. Sub-flavours: Apple, Cherry, So Raspin' Blue Raspberry (tested). ...

Confirmed sighting: Tizer "ItzRed" Colourz
quite nice. A bit sickly, and there's still part of the old Tizer taste in there (the flavours are more hints, really), but nice. Better than Virgin Sours, anyways... "Matthew" has so far been unable to provide a pic of the elusive Virgin Sours, but redeems himself by spotting these well in advance of ...

Confirmed sighting: Muller McVities Corners
Comment: Hey, Snackspot! Just to annoy you further, I just submitted the Bounty Mango Ice Cream for your consideration. Add that to the Virgin Sours, Tizer 'ItzRed But..' and Sunny Delight Summer Fruits in my stockpile of potential 'where are my sightings?' moans.. :) Posted: 14:14 Wed 07-04- ...

Confirmed sighting: Robinsons Fruit Spring
apology required, "Voucher" - at least you can see what the product is (and speaking of which, we're still awaiting photographic evidence of Virgin Sours and the even more appealing-sounding Robinsons Squash For Milk). In other fruity flavourings - this week's The Grocer magazine reports that: 500ml ...

Confirmed sighting: Cadbury Freddo Dairy Milk With Caramel
comment Comment: Taz-Freddo are great. Posted: 16:08 Sat 14-02-2004 by "bob" # permalink comment Comment: FINALLY THERE OUT: You can buy virgin sours at morrisions, they are on offer at 65p per 500ml bottle buy one get 1 free. They stock 2 flavours, 'so cheek chillin cherry fizz' - sparkling sour ...

Confirmed sighting: Nestle Double Cream Egg
Tizer 'ItzRed but..' sighting isn't here yet. Out of protest I will therefore not be submitting my sightings of the Muller/McVities Corners, Virgin Sours or Sunny Delight Summer Fruits. (well, maybe later...) Posted: 17:34 Sat 03-04-2004 by "bob" # permalink comment Comment: those ne kelloggs ...

Annual farewell: The Lingering Aftertastes of 2003
: Sadly, so have I Alex. Posted: 21:17 Thu 08-01-2004 by "Alex" # permalink comment Comment: However, I'm yet to see Jila Mints or Virgin Sours. I've seen the Jila Mints price tag on the shelf, so they were sold out. Posted: 17:14 Tue 04-Jul-2006 by "polarbear" # permalink comment ...

Confirmed sighting: Cadbury's Heroes Tub
' they will sell products such as hershey bars, kissies, hugs and reeces cups! and what happend to the launch of snickers mad mix! & virgin sours???' I want to know, how he knows these product launches, and his last point about Virgin Sours is interesting Posted: 21:24 Wed 31-12-2003 by ...

Fortnightly face-off: Easter vs Christmas
a isle full of easter eggs - i dont care about easter, its just been bloody xmas! and what happend to the launch of snickers mad mix! & virgin sours??? Posted: 20:50 Wed 31-12-2003 by "Alex" # permalink comment Comment: Mr. do you know this? Posted: 21:18 Wed 31-12-2003 by "MR ...

Confirmed sighting: Vodka Mudshake
in stock soon...Coconut Flavour & Choc Orange Flavour. Plus new Vodka Twistee Sours - yummie. And we are still giving away free drinks to all new forum members. Posted: 23:54 Sun 19-Dec-2004 by "Stevie Nicks" # permalink ...

Confirmed sighting: T and T Jazz Berry Alternative Fruit Mix Drink
?) Had Enough Of Pop? campaign. It's all frothing up elsewhere in the drinks market, however, with the October launch of three flavours of Virgin Sours (in Cheek Chillin' Cherry, Raspin' Blue Raspberry, and Eye Squeezin' Apple flavours, 500ml bottle for 59p). Cadbury is reported to have launched a ...

International sighting: Wrigleys Eclipse Flash Strips
looks like she's been using your computer too... Posted: 21:32 Thu 04-09-2003 by "Alex" # permalink comment Comment: I have just bought Crazy Sours skittles. Just the same, but a bit harder Posted: 22:30 Thu 04-09-2003 by "bob" # permalink comment Comment: yes i know she is my friend!!!! ...

Confirmed sighting: Nestle Mini Smarties and Yogurt
afternoon? Posted: 19:09 Thu 07-08-2003 by "Alex" # permalink comment Comment: Some more Skittlese news. the UK skittles are now renamed -----Sours (the ---- meaning place correct word here, as I only caught a glimpse of the advert) and now have the US packaging, except the writing of Sours, ...

Confirmed sighting: Topps Juicy Drop Chews
comment Comment: Doh, sorry. It must be the small bags of Refreshers Gums that are new, and Haribo are doing some trade ads for the Mega Roulette Sours. Posted: 18:49 Fri 07-11-2003 by "miss tot" # permalink comment Comment: You can buy the Refresher Gums in Tesco's (this is the only place I've ...

Confirmed sighting: Banana and Peach Lilt
. Lilt, Starburst, Cherry Cola(now apparently part of the Coca Cola family officialy, instead of being called Coke), Wine Gums(to match with sours?) Posted: 22:48 Sat 19-07-2003 by "barchetta" # permalink comment Comment: New label designs? Noticed today that (Euro-)Pringles Cheese & ...

Confirmed sighting: Wild Berry Skittles
Confirmed sighting: Wild Berry Skittles Posted: 20:41 Sat 28-06-2003. Price: 45p. Location: The Editor, Bath. Sub-flavours: Sours? (see below). Nutritional unusualness: Invitation to "Taste The Rainbow", as typical of this range. "Stuart Campbell" reports: Formerly ...

Confirmed sighting: Campino Summerfruits and Cream
around, though I'm less sure if they're technically the "Sunshine Fruits" we're currently waiting for.) Plus, now there's even talk of Fruitella Sours. Hooray for summer! Posted: 09:32 Mon 28-07-2003 by "Alex" # permalink comment Comment: The Fruitella's are out, but only in a multipack, I ...

Confirmed sighting: Maynards Sours, Burton's Frooty Frogs
Confirmed sighting: Maynards Sours, Burton's Frooty Frogs Posted: 19:52 Tue 13-05-2003. Price: 35p, 99p for 180g bag (respectively). Location: Woolworths, Bath; Booker Cash and Carry, ...

Confirmed sighting: Tom's Sweet'n'Sour Jelly Babies
here (and I've never even met his sister). He may, however, be interested in the news that Cadbury Trebor Bassett will be launching Maynards Wine Sours gums sometime in May, or in the possibility of sampling Topps' Juicy Drop Pop ("a unique candy product which allows children to re-flavor their pop ...

Confirmed sighting: Liquorice Skittles
sell berry skittles in ASDA and cheap shops for some reason...I dont get that, as I think Berry flavoured are better than the ordinaryand even the sours. As for Tropical, I would love to try some but they dont sell them in the UK. Posted: 15:41 Mon 24-05-2004 by "Alex" # permalink comment ...

Partial sighting: Mecca Cola
Indians. Opted not to buy, but it has new/rare products. mars Midnight, sour skittles(seemingly decreasing), pepsi Twist, Vanilla Coke, Wine Gums sours, Sausage and Tomato crisps Posted: 16:47 Tue 07-10-2003 by "Arab-cola" # permalink comment Comment: Arab-cola is Hallal Posted: 11:40 Sun ...

Awaiting sightings: submit a sighting)'; ?>

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Minara Micro Meals in a jar

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