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Penguin vs Tim Tam for Biscuit Of The Week
Posted: 22:14 Wed 15-01-2003.
NiceCupOfTeaAndASitDown consider that age-old philosophical conundrum: which is better, the British Penguin biscuit, or the (somewhat similar) Australian Tim Tam? Without wanting to give too much away, the Aussie Tim Tam is promisingly described as "unfamiliar", "warm bronze" in colour and as possessing a "buttery richness", though ultimately the Penguin remains "more of a satisfying mouthful". Now they just have to review the Tim Tam's other 7 varieties (Chewy Caramel, Mocha, Double Coat and Classic Dark Chocolate, Special Edition Tim Tam Hazelnut, Limited Edition White Chocolate and new Special Edition Chewy Choc Fudge) - the lightweights. The first time I ever heard Penguins compared to Tim Tams, I was primarily entertained by the fact that it seemed the perfect name for an Australian biscuit, from the people who abbreviated "relatives" to "rellies" and "afternoon" to "arvo". "That's nothing, mate," my antipodean acquaintance informed me. "Wait till I tell you about Iced Vo-Vos."


Posted: 00:35 Wed 02-04-2003 by "awful"
Comment: One day I would like to see some research from Arnotts providing a breakdown of where their customers buy Tim Tams, what time of day/night they do so, and the age demographics. I suspect there would be a massive spike in the "from a Service Station/7-11, after 11pm, 17-30 yrs old, and really really really stoned" category.
Posted: 13:19 Mon 02-06-2003 by "Flameproof"
Comment: I tried the Chewy Caramel and Double Coat varieties; they're strangely moreish! One fellow tester said that the flavour was familiar to a older British biscuit/chocolate bar, but couldn't think what; does anyone have any ideas?
Posted: 22:51 Thu 08-01-2004 by "Kelly" # permalink comment
Comment: All I can say is the Arnotts tag line of "never has 2 inches been so satisfying" is spot on.

it is an enigma that lives on in all ex-patriot aussie females psyche, the TRUE reason we all eventually return home. Unlimited access to tim tams.

BTW. Have you tried the Tim Tam Bomb? you bite diagonal ends (small bite) and use it like a straw in your coffee, and quickly shove it in your mouth before it disintegrates - the closest thing you can have to an orgasm in public!

Posted: 14:01 Thu 14-Apr-2005 by "Toby B" # permalink comment
Comment: I prefer Tim Tams to Penguins which is similar to the fact I prefer Men to Women!!
Posted: 14:06 Sun 18-Sep-2005 by "jb" # permalink comment
Comment: Is it just me or do the Iced Vo-Vos sound exactly the same as the Jacob's Mikado (what a wonderful biscuit)?
Posted: 16:49 Mon 19-Sep-2005 by "orangey" # permalink comment
Comment: and why aren't Mikados or Kimberleys or Coconut Creams available in the UK??
Posted: 16:59 Mon 19-Sep-2005 by "orangey" # permalink comment
Comment: ..Iced Vo Vos definitely sound identical to Mikados, I forgot to say that in my posting above...
Posted: 18:39 Mon 19-Sep-2005 by "jb" # permalink comment
Comment: dear orangery, you can get a hold of Mikados, Kimberlies and Coconut Creams in the UK, most shops in Northern Ireland seem to stock them. Alas you cannot get a hold of them in Great Britain. Just like you can't get Tayto Crisps or CDM Tiffin (albeit that these are slightly unofficial, the Tiffins that is).
Posted: 17:50 Mon 14-Nov-2005 by "Esti" # permalink comment
Comment: The Penguin is a feeble and unrefined biscuit compared to the magnificence of a Tim Tam. Gritty and coarse, a Penguin tastes like chocolate coated sand. I suppose you could feed them to the pigs to fatten them up a bit. But if you love your children, give them Tim Tams.
Posted: 04:30 Sun 05-Mar-2006 by "Bob"
(apparently posting from ip70-170-62-237.lv.lv.cox.net) # permalink comment
Comment: Now, now--there is a place for both Tim Tams and Penguins. They're both very good (and equally hard to get here in the USA). For the record, Iced Vo Vos rule (again, hard to get here)
Posted: 22:56 Sun 05-Mar-2006 by "English Biscuit Eater" # permalink comment
Comment: I was brought up on Penguins, but I have to say that I'd rate Tim Tams higher on the scale of general biscuity goodness. Penguins were always what we had when Club biscuits weren't on special offer, but a Tim Tam is a "first choice" biscuit for the chocoholic. Try the chilli ones ! 98747 6
Posted: 18:58 Sun 26-Nov-2006 by "Cookie Guy" # permalink comment
Comment: Mikado, Kimberley & Coconut Creams available in Weigh & Save shop in Northwich, Cheshire and by mail order via Ebay! All 99p a pack + £1.50 p&p 10
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