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Confirmed sighting: Unilever Posh Noodle
Posted: 13:50 Tue 25-02-2003. Price: 99p. Location: Sainsburys, North London. Sub-flavours: Oriental Sweet & Sour, Spicy Chinese Chicken, Spicy Chilli. Nutritional unusualness: None noted.
Snackspot reports: at around 25p more than "standard" Pot Noodles (Sainsbury's prices), this appears to be Unilever's response to the increasing availability of products like Nissin UFO Ramen - unlike Pot Noodle Classic, it's got a fancy printed cover and contains noodles authentically produced in Thailand. I've only tried the Sweet & Sour one so far, which wasn't bad at all, and included a small sachet of "Sesame Oil" to boot. Unilever aren't the abandoning the old Pot Noodle range, however, as next month also sees the launch of "The Sizzler" (no further flavour information available), no doubt supported by its own semiotically analysed TV ad campaign.


Posted: 17:30 Thu 27-02-2003 by "Harry Harris"
Comment: I can't believe you haven't reviewed Hot Noodle - Bombay Bad Boy flavour. So herewith... :-) PACKAGING is designed to appeal to gormless fifth formers - and possibly goths in general. The warning logo "Not suitable for Aunty Audrey" serves no useful purpose, although I guess it spares about 0.01% of the population. CONTENTS are the usual dried noodle, veg, and (rather a lot of) powder. The sauce sachet is labelled with further ghastly warnings - this time completely justified. THE PREPARED SNACK is a fairly innocuous sweet curry pot noodle, until you add the virulent red liquid from the sauce sachet. Then it's pretty hideous - sort of like the first curry you ever made, with far too much uncooked chilli powder in it. VERDICT use your own chilli sauce; use the supplied sachet to unblock a drain, or something.
Posted: 15:22 Wed 02-04-2003 by Snackspot
Comment: As Steve Bowbrick points out: http://www.bowblog.com/archives/000332.html , quite a bizarre April Fool in the Financial Times yesterday (Posh Noodle flavours to include "Caviar", "Kobe Beef", and "Truffles and Smoked Salmon"), apparently written from the point of view of someone who doesn't know that Posh Noodles actually already exist?

Anyway, finally got round to trying the other two flavours: Spicy Chill (not bad, comes with sachet of Chilli Oil) and Spicy Chinese Chicken (not particularly spicy or chicken-flavoured, comes with sachet of Soy Sauce). Both, as is traditional with even the meat-flavoured Pot Normals, are amazingly "Suitable for Vegetarians".

Posted: 21:08 Thu 24-04-2003 by "Barrel of Laughs"
Comment: I found the posh noodle a delightfull snack it ceratinly cures wot ails ya!
Posted: 21:08 Thu 24-04-2003 by "Louise"
Comment: I think posh noodles suck
Posted: 21:09 Thu 24-04-2003 by "Peter"
Comment: I think it was very interesting although it doesnt beat the taste of cheese!
Posted: 21:10 Thu 24-04-2003 by "Barrel of Laughs"
Comment: yes i agree with Steve Bowbrick that april fools was very bizzare HOHOHO! Well g2g Posh Noodle awaits! ;)
Posted: 21:12 Thu 24-04-2003 by "Peter"
Comment: i think pot noodles have an unique taste especially the Spicy Chill flavour (not bad, comes with sachet of Chilli Oil) and Spicy Chinese Chicken (not particularly spicy or chicken-flavoured, comes with sachet of Soy Sauce). Both, as is traditional with even the meat-flavoured Pot Normals, are amazingly "Suitable for Vegetarians".

if only they had a chees flavour it would b a wonderful discovery in science.


Posted: 22:07 Thu 24-04-2003 by "claroom"
Comment: i think posh noodles have a wonderful blend of aromatic spices and are absolutely scrumptious. as barrel of laughs said it definately does cures wot ails ya! and i also agree with peter that there needs to be a cheese flavour. YUM. BTW LOUISE IT DOESN'T SUCK. yOU OBVIOUSLY NEED NEW TASTE BUDS. mhuhahahaha
Posted: 10:24 Sat 26-04-2003 by "gizzard"
Comment: Dug into a Spicy Chilli posh noodle last night. I was overcome with an overriding suspicion that this is just a "Nissin Cup noodle" in Pot Noodle packaging.

Filled with suspicion, I visited our local 24 hour shop and purchased said Cup Noodle and made the comparison.

Noodles are identical. Floaty vegetable bits are identical. The Posh Noodle has a nicer chilli oil, and seems less MSG-y.

Definitely not a bad thing - finding Cup Noodles was becoming close to impossible. If Unilever can distribute the Posh to more places, I am a happy junk food user!

Posted: 18:11 Mon 28-04-2003 by "a-m"
Comment: I have not yet been tempted to try posh noodles yet as I think anything dried and put in a cup is about as posh as the spice girls dressed in shell suits licking dogs bottoms, and to be honest the normal pot noodles don't taste far different from the said dogs posterior.

But I would like to point you all in the direction of Koka noodles which,unfortunatly, aren't sold by the yet unenlightened giants such as Tescos but can be found in corner (yellow) shops (well, in north london anyway). These are far superior in the fact that they are proper noodles and have a nice soup which isn't the texture of the contents of a babies nappy. Also they taste ruddeh loveleh and don't leave you feeling like you need to scrub your tongue with a brillo pad and drink boiling water to get rid of the smell.

Posted: 18:26 Mon 28-04-2003 by "benholio"
Comment: I concurr; Koka Noodles are teh way forward. All your noodles are belong to Koka, etc. FOR GREAT NOODLES! (KOKA!)
Posted: 22:34 Mon 28-04-2003 by "Posh Muncher Pete"
Comment: POSH NOODLE are the ultimate in high class snacks,plus they taste excellenty!!!
Posted: 11:09 Sat 03-05-2003 by "Lydia"
Comment: not tried a posh noodle, but the advert is erm...mega-ace!!! 'Imported from THE Tailand!!!!!!!' and i know somebody who actually says that!
Posted: 22:15 Sun 04-05-2003 by "Chip Butty Bwoy"
Comment: Chips eh? what about em?
Posted: 18:14 Tue 06-05-2003 by "Lee Maguire"
Comment: In case it's not obvious: the advert is a skewed take on a scene from the movie "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" (based on "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory").
Posted: 12:37 Fri 28-05-2004 by "MisterA" # permalink comment
Comment: Been eating instant noodles for over 20 years and Koka remain the best (from my local Chinese supermarket)with Nong Shim a good second and Blue Dragon Crab & Green Ginger third. They now have MSG free and low fat noodles as if anyone on this site cares;) The Unilever Posh noodles are an improvement but still miles off IMO. If you don't like a thin soup with your noodles though try the Tiger Tiger. Same thick Brit-Sauce consistency as your original PN but with better flavour
Posted: 00:03 Wed 23-06-2004 by "crgn" # permalink comment
Comment: I've tried evangelising before with no success, but there is no WAY those nasty Golden Wonder things even compare to the Nong Shim Shin Cup. Auuuuuggghh. So good. especially with a couple of chopped kabanos thrown in.
Posted: 21:54 Wed 23-06-2004 by "bob" # permalink comment
Comment: Posh noddles! yuk! these are in my local farmfoods At a price you could not refuse........... FIVE for £1 a bargin as i thought corner shop owners were buying them in bulk to re sell them at 99p each.......... it makes you mad how they take them all and then sell them full price!
Posted: 13:28 Mon 16-Aug-2004 by "MisterA" # permalink comment
Comment: Cheap Noodle Snack Tip: If you like Tom Yam flavour buy 1 bottle of Tiger Tiger tom yam paste, add a tbsp to a block of Blue Dragon express instant noodles and pour over boiling water. The paste has enough body and flavour to carry it off. Giant French breakfast coffee cups make an ideal noodle bowl as they are large enough to hold a whole block of noodles and you can drink the soup at the end using the handle.
Posted: 11:01 Tue 08-Nov-2005 by "michael de botte" # permalink comment
Comment: you are a nob noodle
Posted: 00:37 Thu 11-May-2006 by "Jess" # permalink comment
Comment: searched google for koka noodles in the hope of finding some sorta stockist of them and found this page. Came to uni in high wycombe in september, stumbled across them in the costcutter up the road from halls and have loved em ever since. only really tried the chicken ones but sometimes they run out and don't have any for a while. bought 4 today because of that lol but woulda bought like 10 if i had the money/could carry em all. Pot noodle chicken & mushroom are alright but a bit 'pot' luck whether they will be nice or get all thick and horrible. Koka noodles are great everytime and what's more you can actually drink the leftover stock and it's NICE... whereas the thought of drinking pot noodle leftovers makes me gag. Koka noodles actually have good taste not just something that tastes like it's just got something in it to make you addicted.
Posted: 13:21 Tue 13-Jun-2006 by "cuong" # permalink comment
Comment: KOKA Rules! I recommend their version of pot noodles, yummy! For all you Koka freaks like me out there here is their homepage.

http://www.tathui.com/index.html 12010 8

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