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Confirmed sighting: Vanilla Coke
Posted: 15:35 Thu 27-02-2003. Price: 50p. Location: New York/ a newsagent, London's Edgware Road. Nutritional unusualness: None noted.
Originally spotted by Jenny Colgan while on holiday in the US: "It tastes as if you were drinking some normal coke on Hallowe'en, and some kid who'd eaten too many sweeties walked past and, without warning, threw up in your mouth." Undaunted, Barry McCauley said they'd been selling it in a newsagents near his work (Colindale, NW9) for quite a few weeks now. "Unforunately," he continued, "it was only after opening the can and taking a swig that I remembered the 'kid throwing up in your mouth' bit. Huurrrrrrkk!!" What's more: "The can seems to be French ('Cola saveur de vanille')", he muses. "Could this be a grey-import?" Sources confirm that "grey imports" of what appears to be the Canadian version have started arriving here in advance of the official UK launch at the end of March. And, to be honest, it doesn't taste that bad - kind of like drinking Coke flavoured with white chocolate Milky Bars - and overall a somewhat "smoother" alternative to the "delightful, battery-acid kick" which this Seattle-based reviewer seems to prefer.


Posted: 17:03 Thu 27-03-2003 by "Branden Frederick"
Comment: I did not realize that Vanilla Coke was such a local phenomenon. Here in Santa Clara Valley, California we've had the stuff for several months now. It's invaded every facet of our lives, with our otherwise benign soda machines now offering Vanilla Coke in large quantities,aided with large stickers exclaiming: "TRY VANILLA COKE" and a big arrow pointed right to the button. As for the taste, well, it's vanilla in coke. It's almost a bit too much vanilla, but that's because these flavors don't really mix at all. You can taste the coke, and you can taste the vanilla. It's an odd sensation, and I use it to spice up an otherwise boring day, even though I know many people who won't touch the stuff. However, compared to other recent soda "innovations" (like that blue Pepsi crap, or Pibb XTRA [which has completely surplanted our supplies of Pibb normal]), Vanilla Coke stands head and feet above them.
Posted: 20:19 Fri 28-03-2003 by "Brad Brooks"
Comment: Calamity Comics in Harrow have been selling the grey import cans for a while - well, until my mate James and I cleaned them out of the lovely stuff. Roll on the official launch!
Posted: 12:42 Sat 29-03-2003 by "Stuart Campbell"
Comment: Just found some in my local newsagents in Bath, and it's lovely. Tastes, not illogically, a lot like an ice-cream Coke float. Certainly, compared to the crime against humanity that was Lemon Diet Coke, it's a triumph of Science.
Posted: 13:23 Sat 29-03-2003 by Snackspot
Comment: Speaking of which, has anyone tried the new Pizza Hut Pepsi Float (previously quite a hit in Poland: http://www.pizzahut.com.pl/menu_desery.asp - "szklanka Pepsi z kulka lodowa Hut o smaku wanilii"). Wow, just looking at the picture on the menu really hurts my fillings!
Posted: 16:18 Sat 29-03-2003 by Snackspot
Comment: I don't have one of those fancy "trackback" blogging things on here yet, but here's my favourite link to the site so far: http://intonation.blogspot.com/2003_03_01_intonation_archive.html#91554753 . And I quote: "We are shocked to learn that Mr. Pibb walks upon England's mountains green, especially in light of the fact that it's seemingly unavailable [in] New York. (Not that we've put a lot of effort into looking for it, mind you.) We apologize to our British cousins for any gustatory discomfort induced by Dr. Pepper's pallid doppelganger."
Posted: 15:17 Sun 30-03-2003 by "Yvonne"
Comment: Edinburgh, Scotland, UK now has Vanilla Coke and Diet Vanilla Coke. It's excellent, just like a coke float but without the mess!! I thought Lemon DC was the best thing ever but now Vanilla DC is surely the nectar of the gods!!
Posted: 13:11 Mon 31-03-2003 by "Kaptain_korolev"
Comment: Vanilla Coke has hit N.Ireland. I picked up a collection of bottles at Sainsbury's Forestside.
Posted: 13:15 Mon 31-03-2003 by Snackspot
Comment: According to Independent Retail News: http://www.irn-talkingshop.co.uk/irn/news.html , Spar are launching their own 500ml own-brand Vanilla Cola which retails at 49p. Let the taste-comparisons begin!

Also, to clarify some previous comments: Mr Pibb has, as far as I know, never been widely available in the UK, except from "specialist" suppliers like http://www.cybercandy.co.uk (currently offering both "Dr Pepper Red Fusion" and the caffeinated 7up remix "7up dnL").

Posted: 17:08 Mon 31-03-2003 by "Edward"
Comment: You can get Vannila coke at the little stall at East Putney Tube station. You can really feel your teeth starting to decay after you drink this.
Posted: 18:27 Mon 31-03-2003 by "Brad Brooks"
Comment: Further to my last post, my local newsagent in Hanwell, W7 has cans of the official Vanilla Coke, i.e. not the Canadian grey import. The can design is different from the Canadian/US version, and although I haven't done a proper taste test yet, isn't actually as nice as the grey import...
Posted: 19:29 Mon 31-03-2003 by "charl"
Comment: being a diet coke purist, i believe firmly that lemon and vanilla flavours [both now available in the mighty sheffield] should be kept for rare moods, bank holidays and family occasions. they are not up to replacing my usual four bottles a day of the standard diet coke. now diet cherry coke on the other hand is a wonder. come on coca-cola, we're practically the 51st state now: give us a really great flavour...
Posted: 08:28 Tue 01-04-2003 by "Peter"
Comment: I can only hope that Europe is subjected to a nicer version of Vanilla Coke than what is available in Canada. A friend and I each suffered through a can when it made its local debut; we both managed to finish, but I can only liken the experience to drinking carbonated cake icing, with just enough of the old familiar Coke battery-acid kick to make the whole affair vaguely illness-inducing.

A real shame; I had high hopes when I first heard of the idea.

Posted: 13:10 Tue 01-04-2003 by "nick"
Comment: Posters in Amsterdam's Centraal station say that the Dutch will be "treated" to Vanilla Coke on April 8th. Lucky them.
Posted: 13:53 Tue 01-04-2003 by "kbla"
Comment: Well, I suppose it's time to put Leicester on the map.

I spotted some in a local newsagent, and now that I find it's such a global phenomenon, I shall spend some of my hard earned wages on a can and give you my thoughts soon

Posted: 15:59 Tue 01-04-2003 by "Tin Foil Hat"
Comment: Also available in Parkside Police Station Canteen, Cambridge. Yummy.
Posted: 16:22 Tue 01-04-2003 by "David Stewart"
Comment: The Spar shop in Glasnevin, Dublin, Ireland, just around the corner from the ComputerScope/PCLive! offices often stocks imported American soft drinks including Vanilla Coke. The imported stuff is much more expensive than the locally produced product. I tried VC last year and I wasn't impressed. The smell when you opened the can was pleasant enough to begin with but really turned out to be sickening.
Posted: 19:02 Tue 01-04-2003 by "Jack The Ripper"
Comment: Hopefully they will tone down the vanilla like they did with "Diet Coke with Lemon" I have have the american Vanilla Coke & Diet Coke Vanilla imported and they both have a subtle taste of Vanilla rather than tasting like cream soda!
Posted: 13:25 Wed 02-04-2003 by "3B22"
Comment: Vanilla coke has now arrived at Sussex Uni (75p for a bottle). Essentially its a coke float without the bother of nasty melting ice cream in it. Personally I'm hooked. Still to spot it at Sainsbury though ...
Posted: 18:32 Wed 02-04-2003 by "Wayne Goode"
Comment: In Huntsville, Alabama, US, its been everywhere for months now. I guess that might be becuase we are just 200 miles from the Coke HQ in Atlanta. To me it tastes like a mixture of cream soda and Coke. After the "new" wore off, I decided I did not really care for it. I have a friend who works for the local Coke bottler and he said that has been the general reaction of people he has talked to.

It generally is not available in vending machines or restaraunts now--just mostly in stores. I think this is because there is not enought demand for it.

Posted: 15:52 Thu 03-04-2003 by "laurie"
Comment: Woolies (soon to disappear) in Cambridge UK have lots of it, and it must be racing off the shelves, as the checkout ladies were making disparaging comments to everyone who bought one. They may also have had a book running on how many they'd sell, as each one sold was waved at the other checkouts with cries of "Vanilla!". Not bad, I thought, like a 50:50 cream soda/Coke mix in taste. Would get sickly if you drank much more than 1/2 a litre though. Much prefer the idea of lemon flavour in Coke but yet to find a ready mixed variant of this without fake-sugar-aftertaste.
Posted: 15:54 Thu 03-04-2003 by "Barry McCauley "
Comment: When you smell the drink, you can't help but feel it smells nice. Only, you realise that it "smells nice" in the same kind of way that your sisters little pencil rubbers used to smell in the 80s. And that is fundamentally where the problem lies.
Posted: 17:44 Thu 03-04-2003 by "I've never drunk Coke. Ever."
Comment: Available now at Safeway in Leicester in a POS thing which says "Reward your curiosity" or something similar. Still not enough to make me want to try it.
Posted: 22:38 Thu 03-04-2003 by Snackspot
Comment: Apparently Virgin were due to launch their own Vanilla Cola as long ago as last December: http://www.commentwire.com/commwire_story.asp?commentwire_ID=4015 - which seems to have gone the way of Virgin's other weird beverage diversifications...
Posted: 06:10 Fri 04-04-2003 by "PaulW"
Comment: In Singapore, they're in the process of launching Vanilla Coke. Over the weekend on Orchard Road (the main drag) they were giving out free samples. Less than 100 yards away the garbage cans were overflowing with Vanilla Coke cans. This either means that the masses find the stuff insatiable and woof it down in seconds or undrinkable. Depending on the day, I flip flop between the two.
Posted: 11:50 Mon 07-04-2003 by "ImoChocckiemonster"
Comment: It has arrived in ASDA, Brighton!.... and to be honest, it can go back from where it came......... Initially, I thought "Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" A few slurps on.......I was thinking "Yeuch.....sicky!" I think it proves that "Coke" is mean't to be just "Coke" not cherry/ vanilla etc etc just the original.......
Posted: 12:13 Mon 07-04-2003 by "BAZZA"
Comment: YUK!!
Posted: 13:11 Tue 08-04-2003 by "Barry McCauley"
Comment: They've now started doing 500ml bottles of Vanilla Coke in my newsagent in Colindale (London NW7)
Posted: 13:28 Tue 08-04-2003 by "Lloyd Wood"
Comment: Just got subjected to an animated ad for Absolut Vanilia on wired news. Like Coke Vanilla, only rots your liver, not your teeth?
Posted: 13:49 Tue 08-04-2003 by "Barry McCauley"
Comment: Hang on. Did I say Colindale (London NW7)? I did. Of course, I meant NW9. The newsagents is called "R.S. News" and is right next to "Cleary's Clock" on the Edgware Road, if anyone is desperate for a bottle.
Posted: 12:15 Wed 09-04-2003 by "Ben Francis"
Comment: I've encountered 500ml bottles of this stuff in Wolverhampton railway station. Must try it. Adverts say so.
Posted: 12:26 Wed 09-04-2003 by "Matthew Graham"
Comment: I purchased a 500ml bottle from the Beyond Petroloeum petrol station in Heaton Mersey, Stockport. I very much enjoyed it as it reminded me of a the coke float that I used to have at Pizzaland when I was younger.
Posted: 12:26 Wed 09-04-2003 by "Ian"
Comment: Purchased at some hick service station in Arizona, July 2002.

"It's not bad that Vanilla Coke."

Posted: 12:27 Wed 09-04-2003 by "Garth"
Comment: Re: Ian's post : I was driving the Canyonero at the time.

Vanilla Coke - it's like Coke but with an undercurrent of vanilla.

Posted: 10:07 Thu 10-04-2003 by "Imochockiemonster"
Comment: I thought that was a pretty cool observation Garth!
Posted: 10:16 Fri 11-04-2003 by "kbla"
Comment: okay, my trip to london proved to be useful, as I spotted Vanilla Coke on sale in Leicester train station... Still had half the bottle left when I got to london. I could only manage sipping at it every once in a while and chucked half of it away.

It's grim! But my america-loving friend tells me the USA version is much smoother.

Posted: 17:41 Sun 13-04-2003 by "Steve"
Comment: Selling in most small newsagents in North London (in my experience) but seems anathema to the supermarkets... Vanilla Coke is great stuff, but Diet Vanilla is a travesty that should have been strangled at birth.
Posted: 12:58 Mon 14-04-2003 by "Ben"
Comment: Further to my earlier comment, I have now spotted the 500 ml bottles in the Jodrell Bank Visitor Centre in Cheshire.
Posted: 08:36 Fri 18-04-2003 by "i"
Comment: As good as synthetic vanilla could be... It tastes best slurped thru a barely cracked can; something i can't quite explain happens to the flavour for the better when it's foamed up a bit.....
Posted: 09:20 Sat 19-04-2003 by "Adam"
Comment: Spotted in "Big" Tesco, Blackburn. For some reason it's only available in 500ml bottles in the sandwich fridge. It tastes revolting, but in a good way.
Posted: 11:12 Sun 20-04-2003 by "Tim Bannister"
Comment: For some reason I'd assumed this wouldn't contain caffeine. I'm pleased to learn that I was wrong.
Posted: 15:44 Sun 20-04-2003 by "Alex"
Comment: This is awesome, and in both normal and diet for once.

Now, when will we get Pepsi Blue and Mountain Dew....

Posted: 23:22 Sun 20-04-2003 by "HopperUK"
Comment: Stand spotted in a One-Stop in London Colney, Hertfordshire. Yesterday, but when I asked the assistant if they had any of the actual drink, I was told no. My American friends have been yammering about this stuff for months, dammit.
Posted: 13:05 Mon 21-04-2003 by "Texas Gal"
(apparently posting from
Comment: I like Vanilla Coke, not as much as "Original Dr. Pepper" still available in Dublin and Waco, TX or a Sonic Fountain Dr. Pepper with extra vanilla added but it's not bad
Posted: 01:57 Tue 22-04-2003 by "Brolaski"
Comment: I think that Vanilla Coke is great! I remember when I was a little boy going into a soda fountain and asking for one. They mixed up coca cola syrup and vanilla syrup and added sparkling water. This one tastes as good as the one in my youth. I like the lemon one , too.
Posted: 16:01 Tue 22-04-2003 by "...I Feel Like A Millionaire"
Comment: due to Coke having enough chemical induced stomach-lining-eating properties on its own, i decided to try normal Coke with vanilla extract in it (as Vanilla Coke has vanilla flavouring, totally artificial and nothing to do with vanilla at all). it tasted like vomit. it was the most awful taste in the world, it didn't taste like vanilla. i tried it adding a little more at a time, but it simply didn't work. so i'll stick to the Vanilla Coke. i like the way it masks the normal Coke 'taste', which i've always been worried about - Sprite tells you it is "lemon and lime favoured", Dr Pepper tells you it's "fruit flavoured", and Coca-Cola is a drink with "vegetable extracts". is it supposed to taste of vegetables?? and if so- why is the taste of vegetables and vanilla so much more pleasing?
Posted: 18:28 Tue 22-04-2003 by "Greg Short"
Comment: I was excited when I saw the first commercials for Vanilla Coke. I love vanilla, so I immediately went looking for the thing. It wasn't until a week or two later that I actually found it. At first, I wasn't especially impressed; it tasted like someone spiked the coke with cream soda. But I quickly grew to enjoy it. Now, it's my Coke of choice. (But then, I'm actually a Dr. Pepper fanatic, so maybe my opinion doesn't count.) I wanted my girlfriend to enjoy it, but had to wait for the Diet version, which came weeks later. Being a hardcore Diet Coke drinker, she thought it was a nice change but is sticking to her tried-and-true first love. Yes, she loved Diet Coke before she loved me.... :)
Posted: 02:38 Wed 23-04-2003 by "roxy"
Comment: Vanilla Coke now in the Philippines - Southeast Asia. Regular,. no diet though and Im waiitng for that
Posted: 17:57 Thu 24-04-2003 by "CokeCat"
Comment: Diet Vanilla Coke is the best thing ever and I won't hear a word said against it. So there!
Posted: 23:13 Fri 25-04-2003 by "HopperUK"
Comment: Finally arrived! I like it. Just tastes like cream soda to me, if I'm honest, but I'm all in favour of cream soda.
Posted: 18:06 Sun 27-04-2003 by "Craig Phillips"
(apparently posting from cache-loh-ae02.proxy.aol.com)
Comment: I think it tasted quite creamy
Posted: 04:58 Mon 28-04-2003 by "Arlene F"
Comment: Try the diet version. I found it much better than the sugared one, which tasted mostly WAY too sticky sweet. Not the same drink that a local restaurant in Cincinnati has offered for ages (at least from the 1950's as far as I know), but I find the diet vanilla Coke pretty drinkable.
Posted: 17:01 Tue 29-04-2003 by "lmv"
Comment: Major push on these in Calcot Savacentre in Reading. Not only are there impulse buy bins of Vanilla Coke near all the 60 odd tills (wether they're in use or not) they're definitely pumping vanilla air freshner through the air conditioning system!
Posted: 19:39 Wed 30-04-2003 by Snackspot
Comment: Found the Virgin Vanilla Cola in Camden Safeway for £1.15 for 2 litres. Not that different, to be honest, though you can still taste that it's not "real" Coke underneath. Also, after drinking 2 litres, the overwhelming sweetness left me wondering: how long before they devise the ultimate tie-in - *chocolate* flavoured Coke?
Posted: 10:28 Fri 02-05-2003 by "suzzb"
(apparently posting from 81-5-142-126.dsl.eclipse.net.uk)
Comment: Diet is better than full fat, which is too gacky. When will they do 2l bottles of diet vanilla coke? (where's diet cherry coke come to that?) Try it as a mixer with bison grass vodka-mmm heaven! Vanilla coke is everywhere now-common as muck!
Posted: 15:45 Fri 02-05-2003 by "Alex"
Comment: Just got a 2l bottle of Vanilla Coke-Virgin and Coca Cola
Posted: 03:49 Wed 21-05-2003 by "Vomo Lakeland FLA USA"
Comment: Well I think Vanillia Coke is NASTY! But it tasted pretty o.k. a little while back when my self and children were standed on the side of the road waiting out a rain storm with nothing else to drink after munching out on salty pretzels. I'm a Pepsi person my self. But My 5 year old son loves Vanillia Coke.
Posted: 09:51 Fri 23-05-2003 by "Matthew"
Comment: Somerfield are selling two litre bottles of diet Vanilla Coke right now. Or at least, they are in Norwich.
Posted: 14:38 Sun 25-05-2003 by "darren"
Comment: Most supermarkets are doing vanilla coke or diet in 2 litre bottles 3 for £3. must be a special promo from Coca Cola. Spar have launched their own brand american cola in a vanilla flavour, I have only seen it in 500ml bottles. tastes less sugary than the Coke version. The diet coke vanilla is foul.
Posted: 10:45 Mon 26-05-2003 by "Alex"
Comment: having had all sizes- except the small cans, I can safely say that diet vanilla in a bottle is the nicest- 750 ml one
Posted: 10:37 Thu 29-05-2003 by "Flubba"
Comment: this stuff tastes like the excretions of a yak, who has diarrhea (Fairly watery i'm afraid).
Posted: 17:31 Fri 30-05-2003 by "Angela"
Comment: Fantastic!! Vanilla Coke is gorgeous. The good thing is that Coke released a diet version at the same time. Now we just need diet Cherry Coke and then I would be completely satisfied!!
Posted: 22:30 Fri 13-06-2003 by "Adrian Furby" # permalink comment
Comment: After enjoying Vanilla Coke, we were extremely excited by the news from our source at the 7-11 that "Diet Coke with Vanilla" was about to be released onto the market. Unfortunately Emma could not be involved in the taste test as she has gone back to Adelaide.

We all agreed that it smells good, like Vanilla Coke. Amanda felt that it "tasted much better than regular Diet Coke", with a "strong vanilla flavour", and Justin noted that "eventually the vanilla taste wore off, leaving the typical metallic Diet Coke aftertaste".

After much discussion we all decided that it was basically Diet Coke with vanilla in it. We could have saved so much time if we just read the label. Good thing we didn't pay for it, as we certainly wouldn't want to spend money on such rubbish (except for Amanda who didn't mind it - but then again, she drinks Pepsi).

Posted: 11:10 Mon 16-06-2003 by "Pallex" # permalink comment
Comment: Nice, but no-where near strongly flavoured enough. And it makes me pine for Root Beer, which is everywhere in the States, but only apparantly available in a few health food stores in the UK (unless *you* know otherwise...)
Posted: 16:47 Mon 21-07-2003 by "bob" # permalink comment
Comment: next month pepsi cola usa will launch a new soft drink pepsi vanilla and i cant wait till i go so i can bring some back, it will take months for they launch it here in the uk link below http://www.pepsivanilla.com
Posted: 10:50 Tue 22-07-2003 by "Neil" # permalink comment
Comment: I wonder where they got that idea from...
Posted: 13:06 Tue 22-07-2003 by "Alex" # permalink comment
Comment: ppesi twist didn't, in my opinion, taste of lemon, so I don't have high hopes.


Posted: 15:51 Tue 22-07-2003 by "JY" # permalink comment
Comment: pepsi blue should be out in the uk the end of this year
Posted: 15:58 Tue 22-07-2003 by "bob" # permalink comment
Comment: are you looking for pepsi blue in the uk cant wait untill they launch it in the uk so why not have a look at http://www.yankeedoodleiow.com or http://www.skyco.uk.com or http://www.cybercandy.co.uk or http://www.pepsiblue.com
Posted: 15:48 Wed 30-07-2003 by "JT" # permalink comment
Comment: ''bob'' you say that Yankee Doodle's sells pepsi blue and they don't, skyco are out of stock and cybercandy are out of stock, does any one know when they are going to bring pepsi blue out in the uk, i cant find this drink any were, is there any americains that know where i can buy it?
Posted: 21:37 Fri 08-08-2003 by "roger"
(apparently posting from 0-1pool184-52.nas3.columbus1.oh.us.da.qwest.net) # permalink comment
Posted: 21:49 Fri 08-08-2003 by "JT" # permalink comment
Comment: ''roger'' where do you buy cherry pepsi from?
Posted: 21:50 Fri 08-08-2003 by "Alex" # permalink comment
Comment: Cherry Pepsi is American, but I'm not sure about England
Posted: 19:01 Fri 19-03-2004 by "Ava" # permalink comment
Comment: I like all kinds of Coke..but i much rather prefer Diet Coke or Cherry Coke!
Posted: 11:07 Wed 05-05-2004 by "MOHAN KUMAR B.S" # permalink comment
Comment: iam so happy when i saw this add first time since vivek oberoy gave this add and moreover i like this soft drink very much
Posted: 17:44 Wed 05-05-2004 by "Neil" # permalink comment
Comment: I assume Mohan refers to this:


Posted: 21:55 Fri 25-06-2004 by "complete addict" # permalink comment
Comment: ever since vanilla coke came out i have absolutely loved the stuff, i can not stop drinking it and refuse to try, i can not go for atleast 4 days without drinking it and when i think abount it i drool and wish i had a 2litre bottle in my hand. vanilla coke is a real hit with me, i just wish that that was the case with everyone else.

Posted: 20:27 Sat 26-06-2004 by "clare" # permalink comment
Comment: hooked on diet vanilla coke, smooth and almost alcohol tasting!!! wheres the diet cherry coke PLEEEEEEESE!!!!
Posted: 21:13 Sat 26-06-2004 by "Saramond" # permalink comment
Comment: Make your own cherry coke, use 3/4 diet coke or pepsi max and 1/4 sugar free cherryade. Tastes pretty good!
Posted: 15:06 Mon 27-Sep-2004 by "Rebecca"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: vanilla coke is the best aswell as diet with lemon i could live of it
Posted: 16:27 Thu 11-Nov-2004 by "YaMe" # permalink comment
Comment: Well I don't agree with what alot of you say. Your makeing fun of my favorite drink! How dare you. I love it and no one and I mean no one can change my mind about it! oh and about the kid vomiting in your mouth your a pease of shight.
Posted: 02:16 Tue 18-Apr-2006 by "polarbear" # permalink comment
Comment: vanilla coke = best soft drink innovation ever
Posted: 01:17 Thu 13-Jul-2006 by "richard" # permalink comment
Comment: i just heard vanilla coke and diet coke vanilla have been discontinued in the uk, i can't believe it i love vanilla coke, does anyone know where i can still get hold of some??
Posted: 01:53 Thu 13-Jul-2006 by "polarbear" # permalink comment
Comment: Nowhere mate, it's all gone unfortunately, i loved it too, what a bunch of silly mot*erf*c*ers coca-cola are
Posted: 08:59 Thu 13-Jul-2006 by "Phillerena" # permalink comment
Comment: Stock up on it while you can. I'm sure Asda or somewhere used to make their own brand of vanilla coke at one point, but it was nowhere near as nice as propper coke with vanilla.
Posted: 13:39 Thu 13-Jul-2006 by "polarbear" # permalink comment
Comment: It was proper bo i tell thee wan tit kes? 5303 1 53
Posted: 17:41 Sun 08-Jul-2007 by "sasha..x" # permalink comment
Comment: i love vanilla coke!! its the best drink ever!! where is it now :(?!?!
Posted: 15:23 Mon 09-Jul-2007 by "Electric Apple" # permalink comment
Comment: It's whearoubts of where it has been has been long confirmed with the basis that the Vanilla Coke has gone. It was last reported about in the opening seasons of 2006. My dear sasha..x, the Vanilla Coke has been vanished off our dear planet for a confirmed 2 years. The sheer regret of having a heart to heart explanation of the wherabouts of this confectionary is ravenous and I fell up the creak breaking it to you...

In short- They're discontinued.

Posted: 05:04 Tue 10-Jul-2007 by "Marquez" # permalink comment
Comment: Can you remember how good it was Apple? Straight from the chiller, that creamy vanillary sweetness...so satisfying.
Posted: 10:08 Tue 10-Jul-2007 by "Electric Apple" # permalink comment
Comment: That's Mr. Doctor Professor Apple to you Marquez. Anyway, I only ever had 1 bottle of this---------------- ---------------- ---------------- ---------------- ---------------- ------ HEY!
Posted: 21:44 Tue 10-Jul-2007 by "big G"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: I was converted to Vanilla coke at first taste , i stopped buying regular coke whilst coke vanilla was around.
Posted: 19:44 Sun 20-Jan-2008 by "No." # permalink comment
Comment: Vanilla Coke is amazing. Purely amazing. It's pretty much the only kind of pop I buy now. I definitely don't think of it as "throwing up in your mouth".

It's amazing. Never shall I run out of Vanilla Coke while it's around.

Posted: 20:08 Sun 23-Nov-2008 by "Joe" # permalink comment
Comment: I see Coca-Cola Vanille in France yesterday, Hope its coming back to the U.K too
Posted: 17:46 Tue 25-Nov-2008 by "Sandy" # permalink comment
Comment: Bring back Diet Coke with vanilla! Better than rubbish citrus one which needs to go back to lemon.
Posted: 21:19 Tue 25-Nov-2008 by "j westgard" # permalink comment
Comment: nice
Posted: 18:34 Thu 27-Nov-2008 by "Poptastic" # permalink comment
Comment: I bought some vanilla coke by accident once and I couldn't think what it smelt like, then after a few months when I was oiling my car I suddenly realised... it smells just like WD40 and probably tastes like it too!
Posted: 18:39 Thu 27-Nov-2008 by "Poptastic" # permalink comment
Comment: And theres another thing I've just thought of... theres a new label design on ordinary curvy coke bottles and the coke in them tastes different to the older bottles with the more classical label, the change isn't good in my opinion; I hope it reverts to the normal taste soon.
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