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Confirmed sighting: Jaffa Cakes Mini Roll XL
Posted: 21:58 Sat 15-03-2003. Price: about 40p. Location: Top-floor canteen, BBC Broadcasting House. Sub-flavours: See below. Nutritional unusualness: None noted.
Snackspot reports: as ever, amused to see this supposedly "Xtra Large" version of the Jaffa Cake Mini Roll promoted by a poster (presumably aimed at catering customers) trumpeting its "Massive Consumer Appeal". That said, it is very orangey indeed, though you do have to wonder about the logic of creating an "XL" version of a "Mini" product - technically, shouldn't it just be a "Jaffa Cakes Roll"? Today's issue of The Grocer magazine has the news that McVities will also be launching a tub of 15 Mini Roll Bites (RSP 1.99), plus new Penguin variants Chukkas and Splatz over the next few weeks. Nestle, however, has "no plans" to bring Australia's caramel or Japan's banana Kit Kats to the UK, and ditto for the Masterfoods coffee-flavoured Twix from South Korea.


Posted: 19:17 Fri 28-03-2003 by "Fishface"
Comment: Too soft and overly sweet. Not a patch on the original packet-of-three Jaffa Cake which is unsurpassed as a provider of instant afternoon calories to keep me awake at work. Not to mention cheaper.
Posted: 23:13 Fri 28-03-2003 by Snackspot
Comment: I was once semi-reliably informed (by a mountain-biking enthusiast) that Jaffa Cakes were a good food for stamina as the sponge and jelly released their moisture gradually over an extended period of time. Maybe that's what's helping you through those long days at work?
Posted: 10:44 Wed 02-04-2003 by "MoominTroll"
Comment: Saw 'Splatz' in ASDA last night. Didn't buy any though.
Posted: 10:13 Fri 04-04-2003 by "Tsiolkovsky's Demon"
Comment: C- Must Try Harder!

Tried one yesterday - thing fell apart on me quicker than a badly glued airfix kit. Not a patch on the original cakes.

Posted: 13:20 Fri 04-04-2003 by "Caffeine frenzy"
Comment: No coffee flavoured Twix? I'm still mourning the loss of the coffee flavoured Aero that was the staple of my sixth form common room days. Ah the times you bit into one said "That's foul..." then proceeded to eat the lot and buy another.

More cofee flavoured chocolate, that's what we need.

Posted: 22:18 Fri 18-04-2003 by "Wifey"
Comment: Those nice people at McVities sent us some penguin chukkas and very nice they are too. http://www.nicecupofteaandasitdown.com/news/
Posted: 16:50 Wed 30-07-2003 by "David Allen" # permalink comment
Comment: "XTRA LARGE moist sponge mini roll with loads of the smashing orangey bit fully covered in plain chocolate"

Really awesome - the orange bit is superb and the chocolate is tops. Just like eating a huge Jaffa Cake. The best!

Posted: 06:38 Fri 12-03-2004 by ".." # permalink comment
Comment: what's the energy for 100g and the average serving size, and the energy for an average serving size?
Posted: 09:49 Fri 12-03-2004 by "Neil" # permalink comment
Comment: You wouldn't be trying to get us to do your GCSE Biology homework for you, now, would you?
Posted: 17:45 Tue 06-04-2004 by "HotPhil" # permalink comment
Comment: Geez, love this site! Didn't realise these had been out that long.....

If anyone's interested, here's a little review I wrote for my site:

Product: Jaffa Cakes Mini Roll XL Manufacturer: McVitie's Manufacturer's Description: "XTRA LARGE moist sponge mini roll with loads of the smashing orangey bit fully covered in plain chocolate" Calories per cake: 169 Fat per cake: 5.0g

Sensations of excitement when finding this new product at position E5 in work's vending machine were almost immediately dampened when I actually got my hands on the product (the delay was because I had to wait 5-6 seconds for the spirally metal thing to work it's twisty magic and watch helplessly as my product gracefully slammed into the "tray" at the bottom that has seen so many broken Twix's). I was expecting this cake to set new standards and cross the boundary that seems to have existed between standard confectionery bars and the numerous "cake-bars" that have only existed in "weekly shop" six-packs.

I was disappointed to find that in the same way crisp manufactures ensure their bags are big enough to allow for any "settling of product in transit", McVitie's have ensured that this product looks much bigger on the shelf than when you actually pick it up; the wrapper is some 17cm long when the cake is only 11cm. I am a fan of McVitie's (let us not forget the "baked by McVitie's" Snickers flapjack and their stance in the "cake or biscuit" lawsuit) but felt cheated by this. I bought another to make sure it wasn't a one-off.

On to the tasting: once unwrapped there is no great surprise, this product after all is simply a longer Jaffa Cake Mini Roll. Unlike KitKat Chunky, or other brands where "spin-off" bar's differing surface-area-to-volume ratio seems to dramatically change the taste experience, this cake tastes like it's normally-packaged cousin. And therein lies the problem; to my mind Jaffa Cake Mini Rolls never really cut the mustard. Sure, it's great cross-branding (who would buy it if it didn't have the words "Jaffa Cakes" on it?) but there was something missing. In the transition from cake to cake-bar several elements have not been faithfully reproduced. For instance, there's the issue of the layer of chocolate - it is only just a layer, not nearly enough to satisfy the "Jaffa Cakes" branding in my opinion. Then there's the orangey bit - again, so thinly spread you'd think that the only way it could be manufactured is by asking mermaids to wring it out of kryptonite during a solar eclipse. Disappointing. I shall not even mention the foamy cakey stuff.

Overall, an average experience. If you are familiar with a Jaffa Cakes Mini Roll you'll know exactly what you're getting here. Whether or not singly available cake-bars are able to leave their six-pack market and carve their own niche in the hyper-competitive mainstream confectionery bar market reTOO LONG!

Posted: 17:53 Tue 06-04-2004 by "HotPhil" # permalink comment
Comment: ...darn, didn't realise was too long - won't post so much again I promise, but for the sake of "finishing what I started" (isn't that a Van Halen track?) here's the end bit.....

remains to be seen. I do hope so, for although this particular offering is not a winner, I'd be keen to see what the other well-established cake-bar brands can come up with - I'm looking at you Cadbury's Mini-Roll!!

Score = 6/10 (though most of those points are for innovation)

Posted: 10:11 Sat 14-Aug-2004 by "Serafina" # permalink comment
Comment: I got one of these from my works canteen a couple of weeks back. Then I got another. I've not bought any more since though.

In my opinion it was way too sweet ad not nearly orangey enough. The nutritional values are rather skimpy, there's no weight given for the bar on the wrapper (I worked it out to be about 44g using the cals per bar and per 100g given on the wrapper). It would be no good for people that are egg, wheat/gluten, soya and lactose intolerent, as they're all there in the ingredients. And there's so much sugar (mentioned three times in the ingredients!) that it could do someone with diabetes some serious damage!

I was disappointed to say the least and although I bought two at the time I've not bought one again since and I'm not in a hurry to do so. Give me the traditional Jaffa Cakes any day thanks!

Posted: 11:22 Sat 14-Aug-2004 by "bob" # permalink comment
Comment: i dont no how to upload a picture when i do it nothing appers!
Posted: 14:15 Sat 14-Aug-2004 by "elmsyrup" # permalink comment
Comment: Bob, you aren't supposed to see the picture. You should get a grey box saying 'picture uploaded OK' and if you're seeing that you've done it right.
Posted: 12:48 Fri 24-Sep-2004 by "Phillerena" # permalink comment
Comment: Nestle has no plans to bring out caramel KK in the UK? Hmm I wonder if the Editions one actually counts.
Posted: 17:27 Fri 07-Apr-2006 by "Talkshowhost" # permalink comment
Comment: The classic flavour of Jaffa Cakes has been replicated in yoghurts recently by Muller, but now we have the actual desert cake varieties. The two variants are: rolls and bars. The rolls are basically Swiss rolls with orangy bit flavoured jam and covered in dark chocolate (well it tastes like dark chocolate anyway). The sponge is surprisingly moist considering it is cased in chocolate. The bars are slightly larger in size but have two parts to the filling. The bottom half is sponge and the top is the orangy bit jam,laid on thicker than in the rolls. Again the whole thing is covered in chocolate, although here it is thicker on either end. Overall, there is little to choose between the two, although the rolls melt much easier. Both should be stored in a fridge for extra tasty orangy bit (as in original Jaffa Cakes, the orangy bit seems to taste 100% nicer when it is cold). 95090 6
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