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Confirmed sighting: Fanta Zesty Berry
Posted: 16:26 Mon 17-03-2003. Price: 55p. Location: newsagent, Finchley Road. Nutritional unusualness: None noted.
Snackspot reports: They did it. They finally did it. In their remorseless quest for "progress", Fanta/Coca-Cola have created their "Zesty Berry" flavour, which is supposed to taste of blackcurrant and lemon, but follows the tradition of Fanta Fruit Twist by not tasting of any real fruit known to man. They've created a drink that tastes... of blackcurrant Chewits. Damn them. Damn them all to hell. On a blackcurrant-flavoured note, I was in a Jewish diner the other week, and astonished to see "hot ribena" on the drinks menu (along with cans of lemonade shandy, which you rarely see consumed so enthusiastically in public nowadays). A quick websearch reveals: is this some sort of kosher delicacy?


Posted: 20:39 Mon 31-03-2003 by "CeeBee"
Comment: They have Zesty Berry in Tesco's in Rugby - my sister likes it but I think it tastes (and looks) like something you'd clean the toilet with... I find Fruit Twist quite agreeable though.
Posted: 09:22 Wed 02-04-2003 by "pedro mithez"
Comment: The papaer shop next to bargin booze in Bury sells Fanta Zesty Berry. Tastes like medicine, the horrible proper medicine you got given as a child instead of the nice strawberry stuff. If you do like it buy cheap co-op's own fizzy cherry drink for 56p, same s**t different shovel.

1/10 avoid

Posted: 17:22 Wed 02-04-2003 by "Stuart Campbell"
Comment: Actually, it tastes exactly like what you get if you order blackcurrant and lemonade in a pub. Therefore it reminds me of drinking said drink in the bar of the Fernley Hotel in Southport on some very fondly-remembered family holidays in the early 80s, hence I love it. Your mileage may vary.
Posted: 00:19 Thu 03-04-2003 by "Keith B"
Comment: I bought some in a newsagents in Gloucester today. Take a big handful of those Starburst Joosters, put them in your mouth and mash them all up - the taste is remarkably similar.
Posted: 18:37 Mon 14-04-2003 by "fred"
Comment: when i went to south africa last summer, they had a purple fanta can. unlike the purplefanta over here it was not zesty berry but fanta grape. and it was the mightiest drink i have ever tasted. it rocked! so much so that i took about 30 cans backwith me, but drank all of them in a week or so. why cant fanta release it over here?
Posted: 22:05 Mon 14-04-2003 by Snackspot
Comment: Well Fred, you could always purchase your Grape Fanta from a specialist importer of South African delicacies such as: http://www.bokkefoods.com/ (and maybe ask them what "Biltong & Droewors" are while you're at it).

Alternatively, I have seen it being sold in the Kosher sections of some London supermarkets (eg the Waitrose next to Finchley Road tube). Regarding the "Hot Ribena" sightings mentioned above, just what is it with Judaism and its purple-coloured tipples?

Posted: 22:36 Wed 16-04-2003 by "fred"
Comment: i do actually happen to no what biltong an droewors are. biltong it dried spiced raw meat, an aquired taste. an droewors is dried sausage.
Posted: 01:02 Sat 19-04-2003 by "Segue"
Comment: Hot Ribena: don't know about Jewish foods, but in Eastern Europe (Russia and the like) they make a drink that is basically home-made Ribena. They seem to have it hot, but when I was over there I insisted it was ice cold. I mean, who drinks hot ribena??
Posted: 21:30 Tue 11-05-2004 by "lis-o" # permalink comment
Comment: fanta zesty berry kicks butt.... no doubt about it
Posted: 01:21 Wed 19-05-2004 by "frothy" # permalink comment
Comment: hot ribena? Good drinking on cold winter days. has to be full strength and non of this tooth kind stuff. Fanta Zesty Berry = refreshing on hot summer days.
Posted: 01:48 Fri 09-Jul-2004 by "cresta" # permalink comment
Comment: Fanta zesty berry - great taste, and Woolies have it on buy 1 get 1 free. I bought 10 today to keep me going for a few days. And on the South Africa connection, I recently found Fanta Pineapple which was just wonderful - and although not frothy, the taste was exactly like the original pineapple Cresta from the late 60s / early 70s (when it was made with milk protein to make it frothy, not the standard water-based travesty it came back as a few years ago).
Posted: 10:43 Fri 09-Jul-2004 by "Stuart Campbell" # permalink comment
Comment: The only thing that rocks more than hot Ribena is hot Vimto. Especially the Christmas-only Spiced version.
Posted: 15:49 Thu 22-Jul-2004 by "Sean Wilkinson" # permalink comment
Comment: Where the fucking hell did this stuff go. I have not seen it for ages. I would lick the balls of a rampant goat and even shag a donkey to get some.
Posted: 15:59 Thu 22-Jul-2004 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: language, "Sean" - though since you might be the same person who was so informative about New Zealand's Coke Floats, I'll let you off with a "first offence" warning: http://www.snackspot.org.uk/thread.php?story=0404121302daa#upcoming
Posted: 22:55 Wed 25-Aug-2004 by "Kaybest" # permalink comment
Comment: Hi, I just came back from holidays and wanted to buy Fanta grape. Thanks for the tip, I will try and find it in Finchley Road. I also saw Fanta pineapple and Fanta strawberry, but did not taste it. And I agree Fanta grape rocks!!
Posted: 23:12 Wed 25-Aug-2004 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: good luck - it tends to be a seasonal thing (around the time of Passover?), though you may also be able to get it online?
Posted: 23:59 Wed 25-Aug-2004 by "Kaybest" # permalink comment
Comment: Oh well, if I have to wait until Passover at least it will be a birthday present for myself. A few years ago my birthday was on the 1st night of Sedar!!

Cool, about ordering online, but would that be from London or abroad, as I don't want to pay for shipping from USA for example.


Posted: 09:35 Thu 26-Aug-2004 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: yeah, http://www.jroller.com/ [URL display truncated] has a couple of likely-looking UK leads neither of which seem to stock it any more. I seriously reckon your best bet would be to scour the supermarkets (+ kohser delis) of the more Jewish areas of North London - eg Hendon and Golders Green?
Posted: 12:03 Thu 26-Aug-2004 by "Kaybest" # permalink comment
Comment: Toda arba!! I live in Golders Green and will check it out.
Posted: 18:29 Thu 26-Aug-2004 by "Jason Kanub"
(apparently posting from pcp08539324pcs.plsntv01.nj.comcast.net) # permalink comment
Comment: Check this out http://www.sodafavorites.com

ANyone looking for soda can find it here! I never had that flavor of Fanta but I would sure love to try it. Anyone interested in trading with an American?

Posted: 18:50 Thu 26-Aug-2004 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: haha great site - the link from the Coca-Cola page seemed to be broken but here's the Fanta Grape: http://www.sodafavorites.com/Catalog/COKEfantagrape.html

and is this actual 1992 vintage Crystal Pepsi retailing at $119.99 per 2 litre bottle? http://www.sodafavorites.com/Catalog/rarecrystalpepsi.html

Posted: 21:11 Thu 26-Aug-2004 by "Chester Copperpot" # permalink comment
Comment: Those prices are silly - $25 for a single can of Pepsi Boom! I recommend http://www.sodaking.com they even sell the rare moxie soda.
Posted: 23:54 Thu 26-Aug-2004 by "Jason kanub" # permalink comment
Comment: I hate the taste of Moxie But its available on Soda Favorites too- What is Pepsi Boom Anyway?
Posted: 18:59 Fri 27-Aug-2004 by "JAson K" # permalink comment
Comment: Anyone interested in trading Fanta Zeisty Berry for some American Soda? info (at!) offbeatnewsonline.com
Posted: 16:18 Sun 17-Oct-2004 by "chad R" # permalink comment
Comment: Im an x south african and go to a south african shop in milton keynes very often, and the guy that works there informed me that his coke-cola supplier believes that they r bringing fanta grape to the UK!!!! Brilliant
Posted: 10:51 Thu 05-Jan-2006 by "GC" # permalink comment
Comment: You people need to get a life, youre all fat porkers whos life revolves around food and snacks. GET A LIFE GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- !!!!
Posted: 15:21 Mon 26-Jun-2006 by "Fanta Guy" # permalink comment
Comment: In brasil there is a drink called Fanta Uva(fanta grape),its Fanta-stic, someone please tell me why a drink which would clearly make a big impact here in the uk not be released.
Posted: 15:49 Mon 26-Jun-2006 by "Neil" # permalink comment
Comment: "Uva" sounds too much like something you'd find inside a lady.
Posted: 16:09 Mon 26-Jun-2006 by "polarbear" # permalink comment
Comment: lol
Posted: 19:36 Mon 26-Jun-2006 by "Fanta Guy" # permalink comment
Comment: You can get this drink if you go to a little stall in london near seven sisters. once you've Uva-ed it you never go back. 3275 2 11
Posted: 13:26 Tue 06-Nov-2007 by "Jack" # permalink comment
Comment: where can i buy zesty berry??? i miss it so much!
Posted: 15:55 Fri 30-Nov-2007 by "Blaze" # permalink comment
Comment: Me & my brother love Zesty Berry But its disapeared of the shop shelves & we cant find it anywhere!!!
Posted: 05:03 Tue 22-Apr-2008 by "Tyler" # permalink comment
Comment: Canada has Grape Fanta, omg its orgasmic!
Posted: 01:31 Wed 14-May-2008 by "PickledPig"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: Fanta Grape for sale in cans and 2l bottles at Mr B's shops. Check out http://www.mrbbiltong.co.uk for contact details. They currently sell Biltong & Boerewors online but I know they stock all South African groceries and will send if you email them...and will have other products visible online soon.
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