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Awaiting sightings: Private Energy/ other "adult" energy drinks
Posted: 13:40 Sat 29-03-2003.
"Lee Maguire" spotted Red Bull Sugar Free (90p, a newsagents in London), commenting that it "tastes exactly like regular Red Bull - I assume it's for people who want energy, but not *too much* energy". Disappointingly, he failed to provide a picture, so loses out to the slightly more photogenic prospect of Private Energy, a "premium-priced ginseng-enhanced energy drink" from the (Netherlands-based?) adult entertainment company. The drink's imminent UK launch will presumably incorporate the same "attractive collector-style cans featuring some of Private's most popular stars", while the ginseng content is intended to enhance "adult activities" (ie, voting? driving a minibus with less than 17 seats and weighing no more than 3.5 metric tonnes?) This shouldn't be confused with the (also imminent) UK arrival of alcoholic "Viagra Pops", like Roxxoff, which have been criticised on the grounds that alcoholic drinks "should not suggest any association with sexual success". Nonetheless, feel free to get in touch with any sightings/ trial results you have of those - or performance enhancements you've noticed with other energy drinks, like Lucozade Solstis or RAC 124.


Posted: 19:42 Sat 29-03-2003 by "Kaptain_korolev"
Comment: Tesco have been doing a diet version of their Redbull-copy 'Kick' for a while now. Obviously aimed at the weight conscious caffeine fiend who likes to stay up all night but doesn't like the effect the sugar has on his/her/it's waist line. They even sell it in 1 litre bottles for those who find they never tired of being Kicked.
Posted: 21:04 Sat 29-03-2003 by "Ed Singleton"
Comment: Tesco's used to sell a "Sex Fruit and Seed Bar" which claimed that it "may balance hormones and ... support the flow of blood to the extremities". Luckily it's not THAT sort of seed, as apparently it contains "rye, pumpkin and hemp seed with banana, figs, mango and ginkgo bilboba". I made my girlfriend eat one and she reported that it tastes okay but it didn't have any noticable effect on her "extremities". However, it didn't come with instructions on the timescale involved (are you supposed to eat it just before, or several hours before?), so it may have been that she got the benefits the next day at work.
Posted: 19:00 Mon 31-03-2003 by "Kenno"
Comment: Safeway sell and adult drink called simply "Love" (http://www.electrifyinglove.com). I seem to recall it had all the usual energy stuff in it (no caffeine) plus ginseng and some other natural stimulants and definately served its purpose.
Posted: 19:34 Tue 01-04-2003 by "Jack The Ripper"
Comment: Red Bull Sugar Free Energy Drink: Info@:http://www.beveragesdirect.com/browse/detail/product-813.asp Picture@:http://www.beveragesdirect.com/images/productpix/large/1200813.jpg
Posted: 19:52 Tue 01-04-2003 by Snackspot
Comment: Yay - they also do a drink called "Whoop Ass": http://www.beveragesdirect.com/browse/detail/product-491.asp (though not sure whether that technically constitutes an "adult" activity)
Posted: 10:25 Wed 02-04-2003 by "Spannered"
Comment: Sainsburys in Kimberley (some god awful mining town just outside of Nottingham) have had sugar-free redbull for about a month. Tastes just like normal from what I can tell. Whoop Ass - this is the greatest tasting energy drink ever! Had some at a Microsoft conference a couple of years ago and loved it so much they sent me a crate over. Unfortunatley it's illegal over here so places in America that sell it (thinkgeek.com is one I believe) aren't allowed to ship it.
Posted: 21:15 Wed 02-04-2003 by "Claire 44"
Comment: I found Red Bull sugar free in my corner shop about a month ago too. It doesn't quite taste like normal though, but being a Red-Bull addict it was probably easier for me to tell the difference...
Posted: 12:21 Tue 08-04-2003 by "Josephine"
Comment: Doesn't anyone out there think its just a little wierd to have a sugar-free version? I mean, if you're gonna be chugging this particular brand down ya throat, are you truly gonna care whether there's sugar in it? Cornering the diabetic market or the weight conscious isnt really a Red-Bull gig, is it?? The sugar-free edition has made it over to the Tescos, here on the Isle of Man in the last month or so. Bih-zarr
Posted: 13:48 Fri 25-04-2003 by "Farakh Z.A. Malik"
Comment: I would like to try the energy drinks and also represent the manufacturing companies
Posted: 10:35 Tue 03-06-2003 by "Archie"
Comment: Purdeys "Elixir Vitae" is one of the best tasting energy drinks on the market, even if it does smell faintly like a doctor's waiting room. Unfortunately I have only ever seen the Active Life (silver) version, and would be happy to hear of anywhere that sells the other versions!!
Posted: 10:52 Sat 19-07-2003 by "chris" # permalink comment
Comment: Purdeys gold is available mainly in health food shops. TRy holland and barratt
Posted: 20:07 Tue 05-08-2003 by "Moo" # permalink comment
Comment: I'm trying to figure out if there are any shops selling 'Burn' energy drink. I've only ever seen it in 1 pub and think it's lovely. Anyone know where I can get it?
Posted: 04:45 Thu 14-08-2003 by "elmsyrup" # permalink comment
Comment: The gold Purdeys is sold in our local BIG Sainsbury's, and I also think Tesco Extra. It's nicer than the silver one in my opinion. Also, Purdeys bottles are quite well insulated I've found and you can use them afterwards to keep hot chocolate in- they really maintain the temperature. Or even chunky vegetable soup, or an ice cube-laden beverage, considering the wide neck. I like Purdeys, it doesn't feel carcinogenic and tooth-rotting like Red Bull, whose fans are surely susceptible to cough-syrup addiction.
Posted: 19:29 Wed 29-10-2003 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: At the risk of provoking more comments by the likes of "Tondo Man": http://www.snackspot.org.uk/thread.php?story=0308011527cas#20031028141300

- BevNet has the latest on the none-too-subtly titled low-carb aphrodisiac "Sex Kola": http://www.bevnet.com/reviews/sexkola/

Posted: 22:00 Wed 29-10-2003 by "bob" # permalink comment
Comment: bassel bursh range out at iceland, brought one product 2 boxes for 5 pounds, they were like big chicken nuggeuts on a stick
Posted: 22:34 Wed 29-10-2003 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: Bob, this is a thread for the discussion of aphrodisiac energy products - a description which, one hopes, does not apply to your Basil Brush Boom Boom "big chicken nuggeuts on a stick"
Posted: 14:12 Thu 30-10-2003 by "Tondo Man" # permalink comment
Comment: Bollocks, the Company firewall won't let me view that link (presumably because of the word sex)

However, the product sounds similar to a drink I recently sampled on Hampstead Heath, called "Newcastle Brown Wings". Can't recommend it highly enough.

Posted: 19:01 Mon 30-Aug-2004 by "BigNick" # permalink comment
Comment: Gold Purdeys has a heck of a lot more sugar in it than Silver. 77169 3 17
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