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Confirmed sighting: Listerine Actives Oral Care Strips
Posted: 21:53 Sun 06-04-2003. Price: 1.29 pack of 24. Location: Bond St, London. Nutritional unusualness: Perfectly normal (by the standards of self-dissolving transparent blue gel squares).
Snackspot reports: what looks like a "me-too" UK launch for (possibly the original?) soluble breath strip, following the arrival of Wrigley's Extra Thin Ice earlier this year. As you might expect from a product describing itself as a "germ-killing [...] oral care strip", it does taste more medicinal than the Wrigley's version, though could well find favour with those who consider Extra Thin Ice a bit too "Extra Hot". Listerine Actives do address one obvious shortfall of Wrigley's Thin Ice, by coming with a bigger cardboard backing card so they're less likely to get lost among the other sweets. But they also seem more expensive (Thin Ice has been going for as little as 75p for 24 sheets), and Wrigley's are launching a Spearmint version of their product any day now, so Listerine could well have a fight on their pristine, germ-free hands.


Posted: 22:52 Sun 06-04-2003 by "Old news"
Comment: Friend of mine brought some of these back for me from the US well over 12 months ago, and they were handed out at a computer trade show over here too (but I forget which) - they've been over here for at least a month - I first found them in a newsagent on London Road, Leicester.

Very mouth-washy (as is to be expected) and far nicer than the green variety of the Wrigley's Extra - they're just a pale imitation of the Listerine ones anyway.

Try putting a couple of these under your tongue...

Posted: 10:14 Mon 07-04-2003 by "Quin"
Comment: if you eat any more than three of these, you will die.
Posted: 11:07 Mon 07-04-2003 by Snackspot
Comment: According to their trade ad, "EVEN Wrigley's Extra gum users would rather buy Listerine Actives than Wrigley's Extra Thin Ice strips" (attributed to "UK Taste Test Research, Fieldwork Oct 2002"). That said, some of the online Wrigley's coverage is quite interesting - these guys compare the experience to "taking communion": http://www.lowculture.co.uk/archive/2003_02_16_index.shtml#90353856 , while another fearless individual consumed 46 in one go "and threw up sticky Thin-Ice goo (although he'll probably never have to brush his teeth again)": http://www.livejournal.com/users/geek86/24717.html
Posted: 01:15 Thu 10-04-2003 by "spookyjon"
Comment: These things are utterly dreadful. They're so excruciating that I went through a whole pack to to experience it over and over.
Posted: 12:32 Sat 12-04-2003 by "Adrian Moulder"
Comment: Is calling them "Oral Care Strips" an attempt to cash in on some of that rumoured Altoids aphrodisiac action?: http://onastick.net/qtda/altoidsupdate.html (caution, adult themes, some strong language)
Posted: 20:00 Tue 22-04-2003 by "Nicx"
Comment: Ick, I tried these a month or so ago and they are utterly hideous. Minty petrol.
Posted: 18:51 Thu 24-04-2003 by "max"
Comment: wat r they talking about i had a pack of these waaaaaaaaay be4 wrigleys came out in november 2002!!! from england!!!
Posted: 18:05 Tue 29-04-2003 by "Razor"
(apparently posting from chrn.uk.wmmercer.com)
Comment: You can buy these now in Sainsburys (in the oral health section) for under £1
Posted: 17:48 Fri 23-05-2003 by "Tom "
Comment: I tried these and they are EVIL, i much prefer Wrigleys Thin Ice. They are all way to expensive tho. They can't cost that much to produce?? There is a cool site about Thin Ice here: http://www.latest-thing.com/html/wrigley_s_thin_ice.html
Posted: 20:08 Wed 16-07-2003 by "Mark Hewitt" # permalink comment
Comment: A friend of mine acquired a pack of Wrigleys Extra Thin about eight months ago from a tiny newsstand on Harpenden railway station, although he did pay £1.50 for them (those wily minty-confectionary-smugglers really take a cut, don't they?) and after searching all my local shops for them I concluded that I had dreamed the whole unsettling stinging minty sellotape experience. Thankyou for restoring my grasp of reality, such as it is.
Posted: 17:08 Thu 17-07-2003 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: In the US, the Wrigley's product is called "Eclipse Flash Strips", and promises Fresh Breath at the Speed of Life!" - http://www.confectioncanada.com/CMAC/newsmay.html#Wrigley . It's even available in Cinnamon, plus Winterfresh, Spearmint, Peppermint, and Polar Ice flavours "for your other immediate breath control needs".
Posted: 17:10 Fri 18-07-2003 by "bob" # permalink comment
Comment: i hope they bring the cinnamon ones out here
Posted: 15:47 Mon 25-08-2003 by "bob" # permalink comment
Comment: snackspot: so if i submit a sighting od them you will get the pic
Posted: 16:13 Mon 25-08-2003 by "Reece" # permalink comment
Comment: If you would like to buy a back of cinnamon eclipse for 1.30p (28p p&p) please e-mail me at reeces1471 (at!) yahoo.com thanks
Posted: 16:23 Mon 25-08-2003 by "Reece" # permalink comment
Comment: postage orders only
Posted: 15:47 Tue 26-08-2003 by "Alex" # permalink comment
Comment: My naMe iS alex and i am a huge fAn of EltOn jOhn i LOve him wiTh aLl my Heart, i love hIM tO bITs""""!!!!!1
Posted: 15:53 Tue 26-08-2003 by "Alex" # permalink comment
Comment: Amusing.
Posted: 16:10 Tue 26-08-2003 by "cokeco" # permalink comment
Comment: I was just wondering why we are bothering to compare taste as the wrigleys strips don't kill germs just freshen breath. The listerine ones kill germs there for fresh bresh lasts longer. Also these are available in bulk at costco and way cheaper. 57337 7
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