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Confirmed sighting: Scampi and Lemon "Stinky" Nik Naks
Posted: 16:23 Fri 25-04-2003. Location: Abbey Services, Winchcombe, Gloucestershire.
Andrew Oakley reports: Nik Naks have started being available in Scampi And Lemon flavour again, although only on what the manufacturers claim is a "trial basis" and only, to my expert knowledge, in one Spa shop in the whole of the greater metropolitan district of the Cotswolds. Sadly Nik Naks have chosen to ignore ISO1045 and have stuck with an orangey-yellow bag, whereas every fule kno that fish flavoured snacks should be in a pink wrapper. This originally formed part of a sighting of Chicken And Mushroom flavour Golden Wonder Wheat Crunchies, which Andrew described as having "a strong parfum of Walkers Chicken flavour crisps and more than a hint of Heinz Cream of Mushroom soup. Thoroughly recommended." Even more pioneeringly, the back of the Nik Naks packet (120k jpg, reproduced here) uses the word "stink" (or "stinky") in relation to the product no less than 6 times and, in a bid to avoid the snack becoming associated with poor personal hygiene, advises you to now "wash your hands" after handling.


Posted: 17:20 Fri 25-04-2003 by "Lloyd Wood"
Comment: ISO/R 1045 (1969) has been withdrawn and was replaced by ISO 5184:1979. Which is, of course, on straight resistance spot welding electrodes.

I smell something fishy.

All hail Technical Committee 44!

Posted: 18:21 Fri 25-04-2003 by "Ed"
Comment: Scampi And Lemon flavour Nik Naks are also available at kiosk at Wimbledon Station.
Posted: 08:18 Sat 26-04-2003 by "Alex"
Comment: Very nice. Spotted them, only in singular packets alongside Vanilla Monster Munch
Posted: 16:09 Sat 26-04-2003 by "Taras"
Comment: ISO 1045 doesn't seem to exist (seehttp://www.iso.ch)...
Posted: 16:14 Sat 26-04-2003 by "Taras"
Comment: ...as I would have noticed, had I read the comments before posting...
Posted: 22:33 Sat 26-04-2003 by "James"
Comment: Even Walkers get the colours wrong. Salt & Vinegar should obviously be blue and Cheese & Onion green, not the other way round.
Posted: 13:23 Sun 27-04-2003 by "Bill Godfrey"
Comment: Walker's at least get the colours right for S&V square crisps. (Blue)
Posted: 16:35 Sun 27-04-2003 by "Aber"
Comment: They sell them in Aberystwyth Uni, they're not as good as they used to be
Posted: 13:18 Mon 28-04-2003 by "Andrew Oakley"
Comment: It seems Scampi & Lemon Nik Naks are actually in a Green bag, which further adds to their offences under the Savoury Snacks Colour (Containers) Act 1876, and not an orangey-yellow bag as I had first reported.

Damn my colour-blindness. At least it lessens the impact of the Walkers Cheese & Onion / Salt & Vinegar controversy.

Posted: 14:27 Mon 28-04-2003 by "CArrie"
Comment: The lemon and scampi nik naks are available at student union stores up and down the country, and in most spar shops now too. rather sadly they have yet to be included in the multipacks..I think if people were forced to buy them this way they might try them and like them, and then golden wonder might maybe bring them back for good! I think they should include a piece of chewing gum in a blue packet to help stifle the stink. And maybe a wet wipe. Ok, now I'm taking it too far...
Posted: 17:00 Tue 29-04-2003 by "lmv"
Comment: I think that the Cheesy flavour should definitely get voted out of the multipacks and replaced with these. Whatever they taste like...
Posted: 15:38 Wed 30-04-2003 by "Fishface"
Comment: I remember these from my university days, a while back now. We used to call them "little girl flavour". Yuk. Haven't been able to bring myself to eat them since.
Posted: 13:24 Sat 03-05-2003 by "The Big Man"
Comment: I object to the postulate that "fish flavoured snacks should be in a pink wrapper" - if you take Scampi Fries, for instance, they come in a green and yellow bag.
Posted: 15:57 Fri 16-05-2003 by "me"
Comment: Me and my mate are both 25. We were talking the other night about the snacks we used to love as kids, and scampi and lemon nik nacks came up. We were saying how much we enjoyed them and wished we could still buy them. Then low and behold the very next day i went into a shop and they were there. So please keep us happy and stinking of fish and dont bin them, keep them
Posted: 20:42 Mon 02-06-2003 by "Em"
Comment: Erm... i hadn't even noticed they'd gone!
Posted: 21:33 Fri 20-06-2003 by "Daz" # permalink comment
Comment: Well come on, they want feedback. E-mail kickupastink@nik-naks.co.uk demanding a permemant return.
Posted: 20:24 Wed 25-06-2003 by "Daz" # permalink comment
Comment: Just got this back from Golden Wonder:

Thank you for your e-mail.

I am pleased to tell you that Scampi n Lemon flavour Nik Naks are back! We have received a lot of interest from consumers regarding the discontinuation of this flavour and it is now back by popular demand.

You may also be pleased to know that we will be producing a 6 Pack of this flavour and these will be available from Asda stores towards the end of June.

Thank you for taking the time to contact us and I hope you will continue to enjoy our snacks.



Posted: 16:53 Tue 29-07-2003 by "Hazel Blackman" # permalink comment
Comment: I thought I had died and gone to heaven when I found Scampi'n'lemon Nick-Naks in Superdrug (Waterlooville, Hants).Yum, yum, yum, yum, yum!!! I have to eat them in the cupboard because my husband has banned them from the car.My cats love them, my dentist doesn't for obvious reasons. Stinky is the new black.
Posted: 17:00 Tue 29-07-2003 by "Hazel B. again." # permalink comment
Comment: Ref; James' mail dated Sat 26/4/03 22.33. Cheese and onion used to be in green packets and s. vinegar in blue but I think it was Smith's crisps. Walker's changed over and for weeks I was buying the wrong flavours. Mega-panic. None of us like S/vinegar. Come on Walker's get your colours right.
Posted: 17:13 Tue 29-07-2003 by "JT" # permalink comment
Comment: well take them back were you brought them, they will refund you or change them
Posted: 18:01 Tue 29-07-2003 by "Alex" # permalink comment
Comment: They should swap Scampi and lemon with Cream and Cheesy
Posted: 13:54 Wed 06-08-2003 by "ANNIE OAKLEY (no relation)" # permalink comment
Comment: Hurrah they're back! But not available at enough outlets. Ate some at work recently before visit by maintenance engineers. Thought I ought to explain about the smell?Couldn't think of convincing explanation.
Posted: 18:26 Fri 08-08-2003 by ""The Drummer"" # permalink comment
Comment: I've only just found them and used to like them as a kid and got them in superdrugs 2 pks for 50P! Good Eh? :o)
Posted: 16:40 Thu 14-08-2003 by "amy cooper" # permalink comment
Comment: I was overjoyed to discover a packet of Scampi n' Lemon on a visit to my home town, I have spent years harrassing newsagents for their whereabouts.......please do not take these wonderful snacks away from me again.
Posted: 12:19 Sat 23-08-2003 by "kerrie finlay" # permalink comment
Comment: i love the stink, and would be sad for it to go. so keep it, and make more new stinks for us all to smell!
Posted: 14:40 Thu 28-08-2003 by "Stinkylickers" # permalink comment
Comment: THANK YOU Mr Nik-nak, myself and collegue have now been released back into the community. We now fit back into society becuse of the discovery of Scampi'N'Lemon nik-naks. Nik-naks Rule, we stink u stink we all stink!!!!yum-yum
Posted: 17:01 Tue 02-09-2003 by "Friend of stinkylickers" # permalink comment
Comment: Would like to add my thanks to mr Nik Nak!! I stink too now but do I care - No they are the treat of the day. yumyum indeed!!
Posted: 00:57 Sat 06-09-2003 by "SnackWatcher" # permalink comment
Comment: What's with all the opposition to Cream n Cheesy? OK, so there's a faint whiff of smelly feet when you open the packet, but man they go down well. If anything, GW ought to drop the nasty orange packet flavour whose name escapes me at this time ("Nice n Spicy"?). That one gets you at the back of your throat, and every six months I have to clear the cupboard of them to make some room again.

I visited http://www.nik-naks.co.uk (working off the e-mail given above) to try and cover my lack of basic Nik-Nak knowledge, yet I get a site for Mosaic Consulting Ltd, who are "an ICT Management Consultancy successfully operating in both private and public sectors" - what the hell is going on here? I suppose I could go downstairs and look in the back of the cupboard, but I really can't be bothered.

Posted: 13:57 Wed 10-09-2003 by "funky janey"
(apparently posting from cache2-nott.server.ntli.net) # permalink comment
Comment: i love scampi n lemon nik naks they are fab who cares about the smell?? not me!
Posted: 20:12 Sun 14-09-2003 by "loopy loo" # permalink comment
Comment: there back yipyyyyyyyy i love them i just wish they would bring back bacon crunchy fries
Posted: 17:54 Tue 16-09-2003 by "alan jones" # permalink comment
Comment: about bloody time these are the most tastiest crisps in the world. they should never have been taken away from the bad breathed public. we want fishy breath not no stupid plain or chicken smells. give us what we want. SCAMPI AND LEMON. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Posted: 14:26 Fri 26-09-2003 by "Gilli" # permalink comment
Comment: Good to see you Scampi & Lemon - BUT WHAT ABOUT CHEESE NIK NAKS?!!! THE WORLD'S NOT THE SAME WITHOUT THEM.....!
Posted: 14:32 Fri 26-09-2003 by "Gilli" # permalink comment
Comment: They really are the BEST ever cheesy snack.....
Posted: 16:20 Thu 16-10-2003 by "sara"
(apparently posting from cache5-nrth.server.ntli.net) # permalink comment
Comment: so glad scampi and lemon are back have missed the smelly flavour so much well done golden wonder
Posted: 18:19 Fri 24-10-2003 by "SIMON " # permalink comment
Comment: Glad to see them back DONT take that fishy smell away from us AGAIN. THEY R THE NUTS!
Posted: 21:53 Fri 24-10-2003 by "tom" # permalink comment
Comment: What happened?They taste nothing like they used to,even the smell is not as good.
Posted: 22:32 Mon 10-11-2003 by "mich" # permalink comment
Comment: Could not believe my eyes at safeways petrol station.Almost bought the shop out.BANG goes the diet.
Posted: 13:16 Tue 25-11-2003 by "DrJohn" # permalink comment
Comment: The new Nik Naks aren't as nice as the traditional Scampi Fries, which not only have the same great flavour, also have good texture, and still make your fingers smell terrible :/
Posted: 02:20 Fri 28-11-2003 by "Philip Thompson" # permalink comment
Comment: Golden Wonder annoy me (Aside from the fact I still can't find Bacon Crunchy Fries), they only sell Cream'N'Cheesey Nik Naks in multipacks with two other mingin' flavours... and the same goes for Buggles... I only like the cheese ones... I don't want any 'saucy' crisps or salt & vinegar... just bring on the cheese.
Posted: 17:41 Sun 07-12-2003 by "Izzysmu"
(apparently posting from acbed193.ipt.aol.com) # permalink comment
Comment: At last! I discovered a 6 pack in Asda the other week and its wonderful to see them back! I buy a 6 pack every week - thank you! Who cares about the stink, they are the best!
Posted: 22:57 Sun 07-12-2003 by "Flameproof" # permalink comment
Comment: You can get Cream'N'Cheesey ones at the shop in Marylebone Station in London, are they not to be found elsewhere?
Posted: 09:38 Sun 14-12-2003 by "Philip Thompson" # permalink comment
Comment: You can get cream'n'cheesey in singles in 'some' shops... but what annoys me is every multipack of crisps thinks that the world prefers salt + vinegar, it's the most horrible flavour going.

Wish List:

Cheese Bikers (Made by Tayto, haven't seen them anywhere).

Cheese & Onion PomBars (Only to be found in Poundstretcher and Superdrug?).

Bacon Crunchy Fries (Golden Wonder claim these can still be found on garage forecourts).

Beef Monster Munch (Why? Why? Why? Monster Munch had such nice flavours in the 80's... and they were 'monster' in size too).

Tubes (What ever happened to tubes?).

Cheese&Chive Roysters (Speaking of which... T-Bone steak ones used to be much nicer, more bubbly and less greasy).

Tudor Specials (They were special... so why withdraw them?).

Cheese Buggles (When they first came out you could get big bags of these... and multipacks of just cheese... most shops don't even sell singles... buying multipacks annoys me because I pay for six packets and only eat two).

Anyone who can find me boxes of any of these crisps will be well compensated :-) My PayPal account wants emptied.

Posted: 14:10 Sun 14-12-2003 by "Alex" # permalink comment
Comment: I still see Cheese Buggles, T-Bone Roysters, Beef Monster Munch, and Bacon fries
Posted: 14:33 Sun 14-12-2003 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: Crikey, there's a twist in this thread I wasn't expecting: Alex can see dead snacks, everybody!
Posted: 17:26 Sun 14-12-2003 by "Alex" # permalink comment
Comment: Haha, there was always an aura about me.

Seriously, they had them in my school vending machine before they were recently removed, but I see them all except Bacon Fries in my local shop.

But hey, at least they're not sold at school now because they were removed.

Space Raiders have stopped being sold on the basis they made people 'hyper'


Posted: 01:13 Tue 16-12-2003 by "Philip Thompson" # permalink comment
Comment: Nah,

That's not 'hyper', well... actually it is. Hypertensive... the salt in them raises the blood pressure a fair bit. But, hey, you only live for 30 years (if you eat lots of crisps) so you might as well enjoy those years.

Do Red Mill still make Cheese & Onion Twirls? Marks & Spencer do a nice crisp in big bags... it's Cheese & Jalapeno flavour I think. Lots of different shapes in the bags... stars, wheels, tubes, crinkles etc... they go down a treat... but if you eat the whole bag your shits burn for a day or two.

Posted: 12:39 Tue 16-12-2003 by "Neil" # permalink comment
Comment: Cheese Bugles, surely. Although Buggles do sound intriguing.
Posted: 13:12 Tue 16-12-2003 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: Thanks for clearing that up Neil - I was genuinely wondering if they were the official snack tie-in of Trevor Horn's early synth-pop project who had a such a hit with "Video Killed The Radio Star".

Speaking of which, I've made some progress on an advertising jingle for "Mars Christmas" (to the tune of "Last Christmas", by Wham). The first line is clearly "Mars Christmas - you weakened my heart..." - but where do you go after that?

Posted: 13:47 Tue 16-12-2003 by "charl" # permalink comment
Comment: but the very next bite you offered rich fruit... this bar to save me from tears i'll eat you alone in the bathroom {*bathroom*)
Posted: 14:31 Wed 07-01-2004 by "Sarah Huckstep- Fagg" # permalink comment
Comment: You've gotta keep the 'old ladies knickers' Nik Naks!
Posted: 14:27 Thu 12-02-2004 by "Dj Neu-Trix"
(apparently posting from host81-153-25-117.range81-153.btcentralplus.com) # permalink comment
Comment: please!!! i beg dont rid the scampi!!!there back!!! dont rid them again!!!!
Posted: 18:07 Sun 22-02-2004 by "steve hutchins" # permalink comment
Comment: oh what joy my youth came flooding back smelly fingers and all !!!! and if the big wigs at GOLDEN WONDER read this PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can you start putting them into multi packs...
Posted: 11:06 Mon 23-02-2004 by "Kat" # permalink comment
Comment: I type this with stinky fingers as I'm half-way through a multi-pack of S & L Nik-Naks bought from Asda - hurrah! Golden Wonder, please say they're here to stay!! (Must go & wash hands now as work colleagues are complaining.)
Posted: 17:33 Mon 23-02-2004 by "bob" # permalink comment
Comment: golden wonder ar replacing the green pot noddle (chicken and mushroom) with donor kebab flavour!
Posted: 12:10 Wed 25-02-2004 by "sue" # permalink comment
Comment: glad to c the scampi and lemon nik naks bac, dont get rid of them they r yum yum the best flavour you av ever done.
Posted: 15:46 Wed 25-02-2004 by "Alex" # permalink comment
Comment: There are Donor Kebab Wheat Crunchies (purple pack), replacing Chicken and Mushroom as well.
Posted: 19:02 Wed 25-02-2004 by "Neil" # permalink comment
Comment: I hope all these donors know what's being done with their parts!
Posted: 13:42 Sat 13-03-2004 by "Jack Herron" # permalink comment
Comment: NICE!!
Posted: 20:17 Sat 13-03-2004 by "Red Hot Russ" # permalink comment
Comment: I have a bet on with someone, so can anyone help :

What came first, Scampi and Lemon Nik Naks, or some cheese variety.

£20 depends on the outcome...

Posted: 00:23 Thu 25-03-2004 by "elmsyrup" # permalink comment
Comment: These, and those scampi snacks you can get in pubs, smell like unwashed cock. And my boyfriend loves them. Oh dear...
Posted: 09:30 Thu 25-03-2004 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: *slightly* too much information there, elm...
Posted: 12:17 Thu 25-03-2004 by "Ian D" # permalink comment
Comment: I certainly remember Cheese and Onion Pom-Bears (see "Philip Thompson", above) being sold in my local Holland & Barrett when I worked there a couple of years back. In fact, they were extremely popular, which I remember finding quite odd in a retailer renowned for being "healthy". Suits buying them on the way home from work "for their kids" and then eating them on the bus used to amuse me rather a lot...
Posted: 05:42 Fri 26-03-2004 by "elmsyrup" # permalink comment
Comment: But he washes very regularly. I promise!
Posted: 18:13 Sun 04-04-2004 by "i love scampi+lemon nik naks" # permalink comment
Comment: have they gone 4ever now coz i went to 5 supermarkets just to find them and they have dissappeared off the shelves!! where are they!
Posted: 13:01 Tue 06-04-2004 by "senga" # permalink comment
Comment: at last lemon & scampi nik naks are back they,re available at the co-op at cessnock, ibrox.But what ever happened to spicy nik naks? Can someone let me know if they are still available because i cant seem to get them anywhere.
Posted: 11:54 Wed 07-04-2004 by "Kit-Cat" # permalink comment
Comment: They are definitely still available down here (Lahndahn) - in vending machines everywhere, including the Family Records Centre, though I would have thought they were a little feisty for the geriatric clientele there...
Posted: 17:47 Fri 09-04-2004 by "MaTtLaMb" # permalink comment
Comment: I bought a couple of bags for 10p each the other day. I used to love these babies when I was younger and its great to see them back.

A bit off topic, but what happened to those mini cheesey Hula Hoops that came in the foil box? They were awesome too.

Posted: 17:52 Fri 09-04-2004 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but opinion seems to be that they were axed for being "quite hard work to get through": http://www.snackspot.org.uk/thread.php?story=0401241330cas#upcoming
Posted: 21:16 Tue 27-04-2004 by "Janine" # permalink comment
Comment: I want to know where I can find Chicken and mushroom wheat crunchies, they taste really good, I spotted them at work in the snack machine, but I haven't seen them anywhere else. somebody help me
Posted: 21:15 Thu 29-04-2004 by "Trac" # permalink comment
Comment: WHO CARES ABOUT THE PACKAGE FOR GOD SAKE! Scampi n lemon nik naks are the bestest flavour ever. BRING THEM BACK FOR GOOD!
Posted: 19:41 Thu 20-05-2004 by "Emily"
(apparently posting from webcacheh13a.cache.pol.co.uk) # permalink comment
Comment: Scampi and lemon nik naks are the best crisps in the world! i wrote to you years ago demanding you bring them back, and, at last., my wish has come true!! Thank u, thank u! Sell them eveywhere please! im not a student!
Posted: 20:19 Sat 22-05-2004 by "elmsyrup" # permalink comment
Comment: Why do people keep mistaking Snackspot for manufacturer's sites?
Posted: 17:11 Fri 18-06-2004 by "dinger of devon" # permalink comment
Comment: YUMMY! I've just discovered scampi and lemon nik naks here in a little shop in the back woods of Devon. They are scrummy so keep them going
Posted: 20:14 Fri 18-06-2004 by "Phil C" # permalink comment
Comment: They are yummy, but the last time I had some my hands smellt like a fish mongers. I could sense people edging away from me as I was sat on the train.
Posted: 19:31 Sun 20-06-2004 by "linz" # permalink comment
Comment: bring back the hard cheese nick naks ,there lovely. bacon fries bring them back the way they used to taste
Posted: 19:34 Wed 12-Jan-2005 by "emsbird" # permalink comment
Comment: i adore nik naks scampi and lemon crispies. I buy multi-packs and savour the flavour on a regular basis fan dabby dozie more...............- ......
Posted: 21:32 Wed 12-Jan-2005 by "luke"
(apparently posting from brhm-cache-1.server.ntli.net) # permalink comment
Comment: we love them please bring lemon and scampe fries back big time so i can get them any where.
Posted: 21:13 Wed 06-Apr-2005 by "Fiestyfox" # permalink comment
Comment: okay well when can we see the sighting of the new chocolate nik naks i would appreciateit if we could have a huge bath 2 witchurch coz i love chocky nik naks
Posted: 21:17 Wed 06-Apr-2005 by "me!!"
(apparently posting from 81-178-254-97.dsl.pipex.com) # permalink comment
Comment: I soooooo agree!! we need chocolate nik naks coz theyre amazin!!!! and all these nik nak talk of crips has made me happy therefore bring on the choccie!
Posted: 21:20 Wed 06-Apr-2005 by "Sexiness!!" # permalink comment
Comment: OMG freaks of nature, choccie nik naks ma backside blimeys
Posted: 15:59 Thu 07-Apr-2005 by "Angi" # permalink comment
Comment: I love them, I try to eat at least one packet a day, sometimes I even manage 2 or 3, they're irresistable! I only find them in Superdrug, more shops need to sell them!! Don't get rid of them, who cares about the smell as long as they taste good!
Posted: 16:04 Thu 07-Apr-2005 by "Angi" # permalink comment
Comment: Whats this about chocolate nik naks?? Sounds disgusting but I'll try anything once!
Posted: 11:02 Fri 08-Apr-2005 by "Rob W " # permalink comment
Comment: I really hate when they bring back my old childhood favourites, because discontinuing them gave me the will power and the perfect excuse to lay of crisps and fatty food and to eat healthy... (gym freak here)

But now I'm tempted once again... Ok I'll probably try one packet. But I'm not gonna get hooked!

Posted: 22:14 Mon 16-May-2005 by "deb" # permalink comment
Comment: love scampi n lemon nick-naks.even the smell.i am totally addicted.
Posted: 19:06 Sat 28-May-2005 by "jb" # permalink comment
Comment: I am in the middle of eating my first bag. They taste so wrong and yet so right. If anything I am more disturbed by the authentic lemon flavour than the scampi. Jumping jellyfish these are good
Posted: 16:26 Sun 29-May-2005 by "Violet C_andi_y" # permalink comment
Comment: oh yum yum yum couldn't beleive what i was looking at on the shelf... Are my eyes playing tricks on me??? what the hell i picked up the packet and payed for them, ran out the shop and hurried down towards the path that leads to home, checking behind me first to make sure i was on my own, i dared to open the packet, my nose was engolfed by that wonderfull smell that brought me back to the days of school and my favorite all time bag of nic naks, and my friends turning there nose up at that wonerfull stinky smell.... my old friend SCAMPI N LEMON Nik Naks....
Posted: 17:12 Mon 19-Sep-2005 by "momo" # permalink comment
Comment: so they have withdrawn tudor specials?? i was still hopeful there...why?? they are so delicious! ur right i only ever see pombears in superdrug and poundstretcher, but u can get the cheese and onion ones everywhere. and u can buy them in many supermarkets around europe hehe ps anyone remember farmer browns l'oops??
Posted: 17:01 Tue 27-Sep-2005 by "texas pete" # permalink comment
Comment: did there used to be a variety of scampi fries in orange flavour?????
Posted: 17:07 Tue 27-Sep-2005 by "texas pete" # permalink comment
Comment: did there used to be a variety of scampi fries in orange flavour?????
Posted: 22:19 Sun 06-Nov-2005 by "Elle" # permalink comment
Comment: Do Golden Wonder Bacon Crunchy Fries still exist...and if so where? I haven't seen a pack in years
Posted: 16:01 Mon 07-Nov-2005 by "RosieH" # permalink comment
Comment: Hey does anyone know where I can get Seabrooks crisps in London? I'm a northern lass lost in the big city without my regular supply - their crinkle cut are the best ever. I've had to order cases online before now, but I feel like such a loser when I go to the post office to pick up an entire box of crisps, i make comments out loud to no one in particular about running the tuck shop...
Posted: 16:55 Wed 16-Nov-2005 by "thehillchild" # permalink comment
Comment: Just consumed my first pack of Scampi'N'Lemon Nick Naks for what must be years. They dont seem as powerfull as I remember, but the Lambert and Butler's may be to blame for that. I was desturbed to hear that "Scum Raiders" are of school menu's now. Well..things move on.
Posted: 15:56 Wed 07-Dec-2005 by "Philip Thompson" # permalink comment
Comment: You can buy Seabrook crisps via there website. The service is good as you can make up your own box (unlike Tayto) and the postage is cheap (unlike Tayto). The crisps are also lovely (unlike Tayto). The biggest problem is that they don't accept online payment/orders so you have to do it by post (unlike Tayto).

Now... where are my Bugles?


Posted: 16:30 Wed 07-Dec-2005 by "be" # permalink comment
Comment: come on, tayto cheese and onion are the only crisps to put in a sandwich!
Posted: 11:14 Mon 26-Dec-2005 by "Chris Merrett" # permalink comment
Comment: Check out the link above... I'll try dig out the letter that Golden Wonder sent me about my petition.

Helping bring back Scampi 'N' Lemon Nik-Naks is probably the best thing I've ever done in my entire life.

Next stop... Real Cheese Nik-Naks. They are way way way better than Cream Cheese flavour. Real Cheese Nik-Naks kinda resemble how Cheetos used to be before they make them into a Wotsits ripoff.


Posted: 14:19 Thu 05-Jan-2006 by "Jay" # permalink comment
Comment: Whatever happened to spring onion flavour crisps?
Posted: 11:19 Sun 23-Apr-2006 by "karen vick"
(apparently posting from user-7138.l2.c5.dsl.pol.co.uk) # permalink comment
Comment: The big stinkies,Scampi and lemon nik-naks. i have been trying to find the stinkies for ages and am limited on where i can buy them from, even then this is limited to if and when they get them in. where can we by boxes of stinkies from, as having a family of six it's a bi fight n first come first served. help slve the skinkie problem please.
Posted: 18:50 Tue 30-May-2006 by "jim" # permalink comment
Comment: if you like these, you are a shitface
Posted: 16:58 Wed 31-May-2006 by "RosieH" # permalink comment
Comment: I had taytos at an Irish centre in Manchester recently. i don't get it - everyone raves about them but they're rubbish. Seabrooks on the other hand, mmm, happiness in a mixed case. but stinky niknaks - superb - not in the least shitface (although perhaps shitfaced enough to eat them...)
Posted: 21:23 Wed 31-May-2006 by "polarbear" # permalink comment
Comment: yuck, i agree, anyone who eats these is a shitface
Posted: 23:47 Wed 31-May-2006 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: that's another swearing warning for you "polarbear" - you don't have to comment on everything, you know...
Posted: 01:14 Thu 01-Jun-2006 by "polarbear" # permalink comment
Comment: Eat my shorts
Posted: 09:16 Thu 01-Jun-2006 by "be" # permalink comment
Comment: It depends which taytos you got!!!!! The ones from the south of ireland (blue and red bag) or from northern ireland (yellow bag) - the cheese and onion flavour of these are the best thing ever (especially when made into a crisp sandwich with plain loaf bread)
Posted: 12:54 Tue 05-Sep-2006 by "Amy" # permalink comment
Comment: You can buy the king of all crisps Scampi n Lemon nik naks in the newsagent on the corner of chapel market and penton st in N1. I always buy 2 packets because they don't sell them in enough places (either that or I'm just a pie-eater)x
Posted: 14:02 Sun 15-Oct-2006 by "Nicci" # permalink comment
Comment: Im pregnant and have been craving scampi n lemon nik naks...they are all i can think about!!! ive just been on a mission to tesco, the co-op, sainsburys and iceland and couldnt find them. i cried (pregnancy mood swings are great) and came online to see if i could find them...so happy to find out they are in asda...im off to buy enough of them to fill what will now be my scampi n lemon nik naks cupboard! yay!!! 66290 7
Posted: 20:04 Thu 26-Apr-2007 by "Magnetic Ham Sandwich" # permalink comment
Comment: Only just noticed but it seems that the Scampi N Lemon flavour Nik Naks have been promoted to the 10 bag multipacks - sadly at the expense of my favourite flavour Cream N Cheesy. Also the multipack bags are smaller now at 25g instead of 29g - and the actual Nik Naks inside are also much smaller. It's so ropey it's close to being a national outrage !!!
Posted: 16:26 Wed 09-May-2007 by "Snacker" # permalink comment
Comment: So are the Scampi N Lemon available again?
Posted: 18:38 Wed 09-May-2007 by "Magnetic Ham Sandwich" # permalink comment
Comment: They've always been available singly in the larger 34g bags, but were not in the multipacks. Well now with the revamp of the Nik Naks packaging and new lower fat recipe, Scampi N Lemon flavour has been added to the multipacks - where the bags are the new smaller 25g size of course. But it's a sad day if you used to like the Cream N Cheesy flavour as they seem to have vanished.
Posted: 15:27 Fri 22-Jun-2007 by "sean "
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: were can i get hould of a box of Nik Naks ?
Posted: 16:30 Wed 04-Jul-2007 by "Nat" # permalink comment
Comment: Oh my god. These taste awful now that there is anew recipe. Scampi n Lemon were my favourite favour in the whole world... now they have no flavour... just like Flamin hot monster munch!
Posted: 20:29 Sun 19-Aug-2007 by "Janet Richardson" # permalink comment
Comment: Ito love scampi nik naks but can anybody remember bacon flavour nik naks they were scrummy so why dont they bring them back.
Posted: 20:48 Sun 26-Aug-2007 by "Magnetic Ham Sandwich" # permalink comment
Comment: I'm pleased to say that I finally found a lovely yellow bag of Cream N Cheesy Nik Naks the other day in a newsagents in Tavistock, so they do still exist - just not in the multipacks anymore. Sadly the new '50% less saturated fat' recipe had left the Nik Naks tasting much blander than they used to.
Posted: 10:48 Wed 29-Aug-2007 by "Lucylastica2" # permalink comment
Comment: Never mind Nik Naks - I've just rediscovered 'Scampi Fries' Ah the ecstacy of it all - still tasting as good as ever!
Posted: 11:54 Mon 03-Sep-2007 by "Papa Nikos" # permalink comment
Comment: Don't replace CREAM 'N' CHEESY with SCAMPI 'N' LEMON, merely banish those awful RIB 'N' SAUCY wotnots. In fact - make the multipacks bigger, and add the ol' CHICKEN 'N' MUSHROOM flavours from Wheat Crunchies.

Also consider: CHILLI, CURRY, and BACON flavours please (for both Crunchies and Nik Naks.)

Posted: 17:52 Sun 23-Sep-2007 by "Spider Gill"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: I heartily agree, curry nik naks would be amazing and i wish theyd do a sausage and tomato wheat crunchie! Golden Wonder have the sausage and tomato flavouring to a fine art in their crisps - but you can hardly find them - even in Scotland which was the Golden Wonder stronghold - it seems the hated Walkers have infiltrated even to the nether reaches of the Highland! I even found Walkers in Iona - the holy isle where you could get amazing crisps at the Spar shop ( Im not religious - I just go there for the Spar shop!)
Posted: 22:32 Sat 17-Nov-2007 by "Magnetic Ham Sandwich" # permalink comment
Comment: I recently had a fifth flavour of Nik Naks. Discounting the revived Scampi n Lemon - and the various limited Valentine's Day flavours - it's the first 'new' flavour of Nik Naks launched for almost 10 years. Nothing too exciting though - it's just Pickle n Onion flavour in red bags. They don't even taste like strong pickled onion - in the bag I had the flavour was quite tame.
Posted: 21:08 Fri 30-Nov-2007 by "Chubworth" # permalink comment
Comment: Got a bag of Scampi and Lemon at Deepak's on Hammersmith Grove (also purveyors of the mighty Tayto Cheese and Onion) and it was not a disappointment I can tell you. There is nothing on earth like a Scampi Nik Nak.
Posted: 16:11 Sat 01-Dec-2007 by "Zeddy" # permalink comment
Comment: "There is nothing on earth like a Scampi Nik Nak."

Oh yes there is! Though technically it isn't a food group!

Posted: 19:34 Sat 01-Dec-2007 by "Chubworth" # permalink comment
Comment: Very true...but the Nik Nak is easier to get hold of for 40p in Hammersmith Grove
Posted: 09:22 Sun 02-Dec-2007 by "Zeddy" # permalink comment
Comment: 40p will get you lots in Hammersmith, allegedly.
Posted: 20:52 Wed 09-Jan-2008 by "i used to gorge on nak" # permalink comment
Comment: scampi nik naks taste like smelly cock,
Posted: 11:38 Thu 10-Jan-2008 by "Uphill Gardener" # permalink comment
Comment: Ham Sandwich: I disagree - pickled onion Nik Naks is a VERY exciting prospect.
Posted: 11:43 Thu 10-Jan-2008 by "Ronnie DiMarco" # permalink comment
Comment: I also look forwards to trying Pickled Onion, but it would be nice for them to be strong
Posted: 17:12 Sun 27-Jan-2008 by "Me" # permalink comment
Comment: I want cheesy nik naks back!!
Posted: 12:28 Tue 05-Feb-2008 by "Mark" # permalink comment
Comment: Bought multipack in Tescos and scampi 'n' lemon are now in them instead of stinky cheese flavour. I'm SO happy! I was actually banned from eating scampi niks in the office at my last job because of the smell.
Posted: 13:25 Sat 01-Mar-2008 by "martynonline" # permalink comment
Comment: RE: Mark


Posted: 21:20 Wed 02-Apr-2008 by "julie" # permalink comment
Comment: what about grilled steak wheat crunchies back in the 90's. are they ever returning.
Posted: 23:27 Sat 05-Apr-2008 by "rik parry"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: scampi and lemon are bk,its like being back at the seaside,,,,lol, thank u kp.
Posted: 16:23 Wed 21-May-2008 by "Fred" # permalink comment
Comment: scampi 'n' lemon nik naks taste like poo and dried up scrotum please replace them with something tasty
Posted: 17:09 Wed 21-May-2008 by Zeddy # permalink comment
Comment: Can't say I know what dried up scrotum tastes like! Still, you seem like you know what you are talking about..
Posted: 19:05 Wed 21-May-2008 by Zeddy # permalink comment
Comment: Actually, I've never tried poo either for that matter.
Posted: 21:31 Sat 31-May-2008 by "mike"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: does anybody know what wheat crunchies used to be called. Its annoying me so much!
Posted: 12:17 Sun 01-Jun-2008 by "sarah"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: bring back the standard cheese flavour nick nakssssssss plzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Posted: 13:43 Mon 02-Jun-2008 by "shell" # permalink comment
Comment: i purchased a multi pack of nik naks today which includes scampi and lemon rib n sauce and nice n spicy.. got them in asda west yorks
Posted: 22:06 Tue 03-Jun-2008 by "carly" # permalink comment
Comment: love the fact that they are back!! when i'd eaten a packet as a kid my mum used to ask where my hands had been!!! didnt know what she was on about till now!lol
Posted: 18:13 Wed 04-Jun-2008 by Zeddy # permalink comment
Comment: I commend the Pickled onion Nik Naks to the House. They are smashing.
Posted: 11:01 Wed 18-Jun-2008 by "Tucker" # permalink comment
Comment: What happened to the really cheesy nik naks, not the cream n cheesy ones. cant remmeber what colour packet they were in but they were so cheesy!!!

Scampi and lemom nik naks rule!!

Posted: 21:28 Tue 23-Sep-2008 by "Chubworth" # permalink comment
Comment: would like to share with a waiting world that I have just had the most appalling headache and, staggering home from work, found bag of the Scampi n'Lemon Nik Naks in the cupboard which I ate and which have miraculously cured the headache. Must have been a physiological craving for MSG or something but I now declare Scampi n'Lemon Nik Naks should be available over the counter at Boots next to the ibuprofen.
Posted: 13:41 Mon 24-Nov-2008 by "desperate -eli"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: where can I get 6 pack of scampi and lemon nik naks I live in Cheltenham and cannot find them in any supermarket unless they are with another flavour that I cant stand!!!!
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