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Confirmed sighting: Vanilla Ice Cream Flavour Monster Munch
Posted: 16:08 Mon 28-04-2003. Price: 35p. Location: Seaside News, off West Street, Brighton. Nutritional unusualness: Flavourings include palm oil, lactose.
"Quin" reports: They're not disgusting at all, like I thought they would be. They taste more like ice-cream wafers than anything else; quite palatable for what is essentially maize and great big airspace sprinkled with the contents of a flavour test tube. One bonus is it doesn't leave that clammy residue on your hands that Monster Munch usually does. A good serving suggestion might be to actually put them in real vanilla ice-cream, or to scare your little sister with them. Finally, as you may know, all flavours of Monster Munch have their own special monster. With Vanilla Ice Cream Monster Munch, "Fabrizio" is the man in question. Among other things, his favourite food is "himself." Is this a example we want to be setting our children? Thanks for all your many sightings of this genre-defying product, which now appear in the "comments" section for this story, because no-one seemed able to supply an photo or scan of the packet (the "sightings" form has now been updated to re-emphasise this point). Personally, I was similarly surprised by just how edible these turned out to be, espcially if you closed your eyes and imagined you were eating breakfast cereal rather than "baked corn snacks". Has anyone actually tried eating them in a bowl, with milk?


Posted: 16:19 Mon 28-04-2003 by "lm"
Comment: who thought of this they are quite simply hideous
Posted: 16:20 Mon 28-04-2003 by "Alex"
Comment: A 10 bag (with Roast Beef) for £1.60 isn't worth it, as you'll only eat the Roast Beef ones. It has the foulest smel, but the crisps have no taste at all. The monster is a melted ice cream blob called Fabrizio. They are only out for 16 weeks.
Posted: 16:21 Mon 28-04-2003 by "Frank Syntax"
Comment: In my job at a catering company a number of 'unusual' products pass over my desk (i can confirm the existance and upcoming availability of old-school beef monster munch) and i had a packet of these icecream beauties last week. The flavour is very good and the contrast of the sweetness with the crunchy texture one normally gets with a savoury is very good, think brussel sprout ice cream but in a good way. Some of the old people here didnt like them but hey, they'll die soon...
Posted: 16:22 Mon 28-04-2003 by "Stuart Campbell"
Comment: Approached these with some trepidation for the obvious reasons, but hot diggity, they're really good. Sweet taste, more biscuity than crisp-y, and very reminiscent of some very short-lived candy-coated corn snacks that I remember buying from - ironically - the ice-cream van about 20 years ago.

WARNING: Eating in combination with Vanilla Coke creates a sort of nullification effect, like that thing on Tomorrow's World where they made motorbikes into silent "stealth motorbikes" by attaching a thing to them that generated noise waves at the exact same frequency as the engine and hence exactly cancelled them out or something. Anyway, it makes the Vanilla Coke taste like ordinary Coke, so don't waste your special Coke.

Posted: 16:23 Mon 28-04-2003 by "Dave"
Comment: I was too shocked to purchase this item, and assumed it would have already been well reported on these pages, seeing as Vanilla stuff has been around for a while now. It's quite possible that this is the only bag in existence, and was placed here for 2 strategic reasons: 1) Leysdown is full of tacky townies with too much gold jewellery, quite possibly the only people who would conciously consume such a product. 2) Leysdown is about as far from humanity as it is possible to get.
Posted: 16:23 Mon 28-04-2003 by "Moikle"
Comment: This product was sold to my boss by the office sandwich man on Weds 23rd April 2003. She bought them just because of their extreme unusualness, but with no intention of eating them. She opened the packet and left it at the end of my desk. The smell of the crisps was not unpleasant, but this was not the case when they were tasted. Yeeeee-uck. One redeeming feature of the snack was that it reminded me of the Two Ronnies 'Cheese and Onion ice cream' skit, and brought a gentle smile to my otherwise contorted features. The next day, we told our sandwich guy about our experience, and how they were quite foul. He told us that everyone else he had sold them to had said that, too. You probably have to be pretty stoned to eat a packet of these, or have had your taste buds ripped out.
Posted: 16:24 Mon 28-04-2003 by "James"
Comment: I'm eating a bag of these right now. The flavour is nice, really tastes like ice cream, and not too sweet. The monster is Fabrizio ("Occupation: Chillin'out", "Favourite food: Himself!"). Lots of people I've talked to don't like them though. By chance, I'm also drinking Vanilla Coca Cola. The flavour isn't as strong, but I think I actually prefer it to normal coke.
Posted: 21:19 Mon 28-04-2003 by "Matthew"
Comment: Well, I liked them... Bought at Sainsburys Norwich today, in the aforementioned multipack with roast beef. And they taste like Corn Pops, the Kelloggs cereal of old.
Posted: 12:56 Tue 29-04-2003 by "Jafar Kinwansum"
Comment: Whatever happened to Banana Bubbles, the cereal that thinks it's a milkshake?

I'm off to try these vanilla delights at Lunchtime. I'll get back to you...

Posted: 13:05 Tue 29-04-2003 by "Matthew"
Comment: I was more worried by it being a 'cereal that thinks', personally..
Posted: 13:10 Tue 29-04-2003 by "NC"
Comment: just saw them and thought i would try them. uuugggh they are the worst tasting thing ever. tried it on 10 others and only 1 liked them
Posted: 18:34 Tue 29-04-2003 by "Jilly"
Comment: Hmm definite hints of tahitian vanilla with bicycle saddle... nice texture too. Mmmmmmm.
Posted: 14:01 Wed 30-04-2003 by "Jafar Kinwansum"
Comment: Ok, tried them now. Not as bad as I thought they'd be. I imagined them a lot more synthetic tasting. I agree with the Corn Pops comment. Have Kelloggs stopped making them now or something?
Posted: 20:15 Wed 30-04-2003 by "Hotdog"
Comment: Without doubt the most disgusting flavour crisp on the planet.
Posted: 23:10 Wed 30-04-2003 by "suzzb"
(apparently posting from 81-5-142-126.dsl.eclipse.net.uk)
Comment: where can i buy them in london e17? my bro got some in alldays in dedworth, windsor-i hate it when he trys something new before me-but then i had vanilla coke before him, so nah!
Posted: 09:58 Thu 01-05-2003 by "Johnny Rose"
Comment: Very tasty, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Has an aphrodisiac effect.
Posted: 10:19 Fri 02-05-2003 by "suzzb"
(apparently posting from 81-5-142-126.dsl.eclipse.net.uk)
Comment: Found them! Alldays in Wood Street (off Forest Rd) Taste like custard creams, wonder if my 6yr old will like them or if they are a more aquired adult taste?
Posted: 16:44 Fri 09-05-2003 by "Diarmuid"
Comment: woolies in Reading have them by the till for that impluse purchase. Opened pack; 1st one - okay, 2nd - I'm going to be sick, 3rd onwards got much better and I even enjoyed them. Did think they work best with my eyes closed
Posted: 18:12 Fri 09-05-2003 by "Chihiro"
Comment: Those who enjoy these might want to keep an eye open for "Caramel Corn" A japanese snack, sometimes available in Japanese supermarkets. They are basically sweet wotsits with a caramelly/buttery flavour. I've also seen strawberry milkshake flavour ones as well but only in Japan.
Posted: 20:35 Fri 09-05-2003 by "Alex"
Comment: I recently had Sausage and Tomato Golden Wonders.

Very nice surprisingly.

Posted: 20:55 Fri 09-05-2003 by "Jon"
Comment: IMHO really rather vile: imagine synthetic vanilla with, underpinning it, that unmistakeable acrid Monster Munch tang: it's fine with Pickled Onion top notes, but not this!
Posted: 13:26 Tue 13-05-2003 by "pigpogm"
Comment: Definitely tastes of wafer, dipped in vanilla ice cream. The biggest problem is the picture on the back, which looks a bit obscene to me. Not sure what he's doing with that hand, or where that dollop of 'ice cream' came from.

It gives his weight in litres, too.

Posted: 13:36 Tue 13-05-2003 by "Barn."
Comment: Bleurggh. Proustian recall of afternoons drinking Cream Soda at grandparents as a small kid on opening the packet.

Almost Lunch recall on actually tasting them. Nasty.

Posted: 12:03 Thu 15-05-2003 by "norfolk and way"
Comment: Now usually I'm a fan of disorientated tastes, or "disorientastes" if you will. Savoury 'Jelly Belly' beans, green ketchup, those Chocolate Walkers crisps they released a while back: bring 'em on. But these vanilla puppies are just wrong: tepid, bland at first followed by an aftertaste straight out of a chemistry set, a scent you can't even breathe without wincing...

By all means give them a try, but I'd recommend you buy some pickled onion originals at the same time, as these Vanilla abominations will leave you gagging for REAL Monster Munch. Or just gagging.

Posted: 15:19 Thu 15-05-2003 by "Ricky the Dentist Allen"
Comment: Civic Co-op Manchetsre: Disgusting, what on earth will they come up with next! I can only think that these were devised by some sick gaylord marketing man with too much time on his hands. SORT IT OUT!
Posted: 16:36 Fri 16-05-2003 by "Will"
Comment: I freaked out an entire pub with just one bag of these things. They were quite tasty in an odd, brain-breaking way.
Posted: 19:44 Fri 16-05-2003 by "Alex"
Comment: I found some Mint Roasted Lamb Sensations today in Morrisons. For once, they actually taste like their claimed flavour!

Quite nice, but can be a bit sickly

Posted: 20:34 Fri 16-05-2003 by Snackspot
Comment: That's no good Alex, we need a picture!
Posted: 07:42 Sat 17-05-2003 by "Alex"
Comment: I'm getting my digital camera fixed today. I'll get one today, provided someone hasn't thrown the two packets away, or reported it!
Posted: 18:34 Sun 18-05-2003 by Snackspot
Comment: no worries Alex I managed to get a picture from somewhere else, so if you just stick your comments in the 'Sightings' form I'll get them up on the site...
Posted: 18:47 Sun 18-05-2003 by "Alex"
Comment: Submitted...just when I was about to take a pic!
Posted: 16:40 Wed 28-05-2003 by "Tomaldo"
Comment: After a month-long search, I finally found these in a Tufnell Park newsagent. Were they worth the wait? Well, in as much as they were as disgusting as I'd anticipated, I suppose they were. What on earth were the Big Cheeses at Monster Munch thinking of? MM are traditionally the saltiest of all possible snacks, so the addition of a sickly vanilla flavouring is bizarre. An ill advised experiment. We won't be seeing their like round here again...
Posted: 18:32 Wed 28-05-2003 by "James"
Comment: It's a shame the Vanilla MM don't have the free spinners inside. I have to force myself to eat Roast Beef flavour. Only 21 more to find!
Posted: 16:17 Mon 02-06-2003 by "newbie"
Comment: desperately wondering where I can get my hands on a packet of these curious little fellas - anyone know of anywhere in north west London??
Posted: 16:24 Mon 02-06-2003 by "Alex"
Comment: Try looking in your local supermarket under bags(not singles) of crisps-they are with Roast beef
Posted: 17:03 Mon 02-06-2003 by "Marks n Sparks"
Comment: They were vile. Even when drunk. (i.e. when i was in a state of drunkeness. But the idea of drinking the crisps is an interesting one too). Anyway, steer clear!
Posted: 16:24 Tue 03-06-2003 by "newbie"
Comment: Thanks Alex! Found them in single bags yesterday in a little newsagent/corner shop near East Acton tube. I liked them and they reminded me of the sweet flavours of "Rispinos". I think that the fact that they are called "Monster Munch", thereby calling up previous gustatory expectations of the aforementioned snack food, may contribute to people finding them vile!
Posted: 23:18 Tue 03-06-2003 by "giles"
Comment: they're just butterkist (butterkist ra ra ra) with a hole in and four toes - what's the big deal?
Posted: 17:21 Sat 07-06-2003 by "bob"
Comment: they taste like ice cream waffles
Posted: 22:50 Wed 11-06-2003 by "pat smith" # permalink comment
Comment: Spotted in sainsburys keighley, west yorkshire, as part of a multi-pack pack of monster munch last week. Confirmed via walkers web site these will be available as a limted edition for 16 weeks only this summer.
Posted: 11:11 Mon 16-06-2003 by "Pallex" # permalink comment
Comment: If you think they`re horrible, perhaps it would help to imagine them as a breakfast cereal. They remind me of Golden Nuggets.
Posted: 13:21 Mon 16-06-2003 by "michael" # permalink comment
Comment: about a year ago, a shop round the corner from my house starting selling mayonaise flavour golden wonder crisps. I got quite addicted to em, but once they ran out he never bought any more!
Posted: 11:14 Wed 25-06-2003 by "Crispin (!)" # permalink comment
Comment: Lovely stuff! Available here is West Wales for 31p a pack from my local Spar. Although the first taste (especially when not expecting it!) is a bit of a surprise they do grow on you.

As stated above, not to sweet but still they manage to have that lovely Ice-Cream Van ice-cream taste of yesteryear!

How about a nice new flavour to top these Walkers? I suggest possibly hedgehog or how about even nettle!

Posted: 14:03 Sun 29-06-2003 by "bob" # permalink comment
Comment: i thought so they are selling them off at big w 5 bags for 30p
Posted: 11:49 Thu 31-07-2003 by "Babaduck" # permalink comment
Comment: I found them in a supermarket in Majorca last week... they are very weird but taste like icecream cones - not to be partnered with beer though!
Posted: 01:33 Fri 15-08-2003 by "elmsyrup" # permalink comment
Comment: I thought V.M.M. were disgusting. Anyway they're gone now. Mere weeks after they first went on sale they were 5p at my local One-Stop, and then *poof*. The worst thing was the incredible greasiness of them.
Posted: 15:07 Mon 16-Aug-2004 by "SixQuid" # permalink comment
Comment: Can someone please confirm the existance (past or present) of Smokey Bacon Monster Munch? There has been talk but I'm not convinced.
Posted: 09:47 Sun 28-Nov-2004 by "Lesley" # permalink comment
Comment: Whatever happened to Banana Bubbles? Am I the only persone to ever have eaten them? Were they real? Did they ever exist? Was it all a delicious dream?
Posted: 17:39 Sun 25-Sep-2005 by "cassie" # permalink comment
Comment: as people have said before, when i first saw them advertised, i thought theyd be disgusting; however when i by chance, was bought a packet of them to try, i thought they were great! i think it makes a change to have an unusual flavour like that for crisps. I like other flavours, but it does get a bit boring seeing, roast chicken, pickled onion, salt and vinegar, cheese and onion etc everywhere you go. I'd but those crisps anytime.
Posted: 20:28 Sun 25-Sep-2005 by "GTO" # permalink comment
Comment: Agreed. When I tried these, I loved them for the fact that they made me think

"This is so wrong...I'm eating crisps that taste like ice-cream, but I love it."

Posted: 10:26 Mon 26-Sep-2005 by "Sandy" # permalink comment
Comment: Yes smokey bacon monster munch did exist, they were very strong flavoured, looked almost orange in fact and I think they were in a purple packet.
Posted: 01:21 Wed 12-Apr-2006 by "helen" # permalink comment
Comment: oh dear what next?
Posted: 16:09 Wed 12-Apr-2006 by "polarbear" # permalink comment
Comment: i haven't tried these so this isn't a review but......what a stupid flavour for a savoury snack, are these people sane who make this monstrosity? they may as well call it "monstrosity munch" i suspect it's a psychological trick to grab kids attention and natural curiosity
Posted: 15:52 Fri 01-Sep-2006 by "Kier Lymn" # permalink comment
Comment: does anybody else apart from myself remember the limited edition cadburys cola taz, which was availiable in 1997 as a limited edition? I also remember a daffy duck bar which was also a 10p one which had a raspberry center. Nobody will believe me. And i couldn't get them to remember kellogs banana bubbles, they all think im mad....
Posted: 16:02 Fri 01-Sep-2006 by "KatieP" # permalink comment
Comment: I remember Kelloggs Banana Bubbles! "Banana Bubbles! the cereal that thinks it's a milkshake" :oP 24180 8 86
Posted: 14:43 Thu 29-Mar-2007 by "Steve" # permalink comment
Comment: I too remember Banana Bubbles, they were the best cereal ever, then they suddenly dissapeared. I e-mailed kelloggs who said "Unfortunately, the item you are inquiring about is not one of our products" WTF?
Posted: 22:09 Thu 29-Mar-2007 by "grotbag" # permalink comment
Comment: Kelloggs appear to have selective amnesia - http://mattl.co.uk/blog/2003/01/page/2/
Posted: 14:56 Fri 30-Mar-2007 by "Soulman" # permalink comment
Comment: Found these in one of my fine newsagents... YESTERDAY! They tasted quite nice actually considering they were 3 years old...
Posted: 02:30 Sat 07-Apr-2007 by "Steve" # permalink comment
Comment: 3 year old banana bubbles would still taste better than shredded wheat (cardboard)
Posted: 11:06 Wed 01-Oct-2008 by "Wayne" # permalink comment
Comment: Think Banana Bubbles should come back, its different and wasn't used long? Bring back the Cereal that thinks it's a milkshake!!
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