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Confirmed sighting: Danone Activ Blackcurrant Flavour
Posted: 17:49 Wed 30-04-2003. Price: 99p/1 litre. Location: Sainsbury's, Bath. Nutritional unusualness: Calcium-packed, apparently.
"Stuart Campbell" reports: After all these snacks, your teeth need all the help they can get, and what could be better than mineral water specially enriched with calcium? Well, drinking petrol for one thing, because when Activ was released a couple of years ago it tasted revolting. In an attempt to circumvent this unfortunate consumer drawback, Danone have now come up with two new versions, in which the foul taste of calcium is masked by fruity extracts. There's a Tropical Orange flavour available, but the version I tested was the blackcurrant which, to some surprise, turned out to be very good indeed. Like a less sickly-sweet version of Ribena, you can glug this stuff by the litre, ready for another dental assault course. Another slightly belated sighting from Stuart (did you know, by the way, that the brand is known in the US as Dannon?) which does, however, provide an topical excuse to mention the imminent launch of two other soft drinks: Coca-Cola's Matrix Reloaded Powerade (to tie in with the end-of-May release of the film of the same name), plus Fruit Fling Tango, "a blend of orange, passion fruit and pineapple". Stuart, tantalisingly, says he's already seen the latter at his local cash & carry, but it appeared to be "more or less Lilt", so he "didn't bother".


Posted: 04:43 Sat 03-05-2003 by "Dave"
Comment: Let's hope they drop the slogan from the original adverts, the truly awful "It's Got Calcium, But It's Still Water." Bad on so many levels, made me want to chuck milk bottles at the telly every time it came on.

(Exhibit A - This Guy agrees with me: http://www.geocities.com/oliver-hunter/top5.html#w1)

Posted: 19:36 Mon 05-05-2003 by Snackspot
Comment: Yup, the advert-hating guy (http://www.geocities.com/oliver-hunter/top5.html#w1) has a point, but we are dealing here with someone who lists the "I Will Survive" driving instructor ad for Weetabix as his second-favourite of all time, and even provides a link to the lyrics: http://www.jard.co.uk/james/adverts/advweet.html
Posted: 22:21 Wed 07-05-2003 by "Ned"
Comment: Also, he criticises the Riesen chocolate chew ad, even though it's one of the few ads I can remember where I actually thought, 'I like the look of that product. Next time I am in an appropriate shop, I will try to buy said product. And what a catchy jingle too.'
Posted: 00:14 Sat 10-05-2003 by "Neil"
Comment: Matrix Reloaded Powerade has been available for ages, at least in Blockbuster. It may be exclusive to them, as they had a promotional tie-in whereby you could buy two of them for the chance to win a trip to the Reloaded premiere (which I think has happened now?). They're even showing the promotional clip (featuring an agent telling you to drink it to provide fuel for the Matrix) on the televisions in store that show trailers and stuff. Specific sighting was in the Mile End Blockbuster a few weeks ago.
Posted: 15:44 Tue 27-Sep-2005 by "Oliver Hunter"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: I am the "advert-hating" guy! I am amazed that anyone has visited my advert page, let alone read it and talked about it on another site. Anyway, I don't hate all adverts, just crap ones. The page is waaaay out of date, maybe I'll update it someday. Thanks for visiting! :) 9932 3 35
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