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Confirmed Sighting: Hot Shot canned hot drinks
Posted: 17:02 Sat 03-05-2003. Price: 1.10. Location: Newsagent opposite Belsize Park tube. Sub-flavours: Tea, Coffee, Chocolate (with or without sugar). Nutritional unusualness: Not very coffee-like.
"Ragged" reports: Not sure if this is new, but it's new to me. Selection of hot(ish) drinks in little silver 240ml can in a heated cabinet [official site here - caution, contains Flash]. Temperature is actually luke warm - appears to be carefully tuned so that the metal can is *just* hot enough to hold without too much discomfort, although it cools rapidly once taken out of the cabinet. Has a shelf life of at least 2 years! God knows what they must be putting in it to make it safe to keep at hot temperatures for that long. Overall, not very strong coffee. Tastes like milky Nescafe, and gets cold quickly. Not enough to make me miss Starbucks. In other "liquid news" (clever wording, I know): today's issue of The Grocer sees Lucozade getting into the "flavoured water" game with its launch of new Hydro Active (in Summer Fruits or Citrus Fruits variants), an ad for Tropicana Pure Premium Fibre (containing the pure pressed juices of 4 fruits and carrots), plus new flavours from the makers of Qibla Cola, in the form of Qibla Spring Water, orange or mango flavoured Qibla Fantasy, or lemon and lime flavoured Qibla 5.


Posted: 23:28 Sun 11-05-2003 by "Lloyd Wood"
Comment: It's about time that heated coffee cans started turning up in the UK. Vending machines for these are a mainstay of Japanese street furniture, where the coffee is available in hot (red), cold (blue), and a variety of blends and flavours except black and sugarless. Well, black and sugarless are occasionally available in the selection, but they always seem to be sold out.

Hmmm... sugar is a preservative. Jam has such a long shelf life thanks to its high sugar content. That might have something to do with it.

Has anyone attempted the microwave heating of steel coffee cans as described by Gibson in _Idoru_? How badly did it turn out?

(Ch. 18 'The Otaku' p. 123, Putnam's hardback edition - 'His computer there, a featureless black cube. A shallower shelf of the juice-carton board supported a pale blue microwave, unopened ramen bowls, and half a dozen tiny steel cans of coffee. / One of these, freshly microwaved, was hot in Chia's hand. The coffee was strong, sugary, thickly creamed.')

It's entirely possible that that microwave oven was custom-designed to pierce each steel can and inject microwaves inside it, using the can itself as a shield -- but I'd like to see the waveguide design for that.

What was Gibson thinking at the time? Here's the obligatory link to Gibson's blog for you to follow: http://www.williamgibsonbooks.com/archive/archive.asp

because you just know bloggers read their referer logs, and because the world needs an answer.

I'm about to push a 'Publish' button the colour of television, tuned to a dead channel.

Posted: 11:41 Tue 13-05-2003 by "simon mmm"
Comment: although the brand is new,it's not a new concept to the UK - Broke Bond tried a similar deal throughout the North West (maybe nationwide) a couple of years back - red mountain coffee, pG tips tea and some sort of choclate flavoured drink. My local newsagent still has the promo stuff on the door.

It never took off, because - I'd imagine - if shops really wanted to sell heated, ready to drink coffee and tea, they'd buy a kettle, a jar of nescafe, a box of teabags and a pack of polystyrene cups. It'd certainly be more pleasant.

But whatever happened to the self-heating Nescafe that was going to save us all last year?

Posted: 01:02 Tue 27-05-2003 by "Hot Beverage Fancier"
Comment: The standard way to heat up cans of coffee in Japan is to place it in a small saucepan full of water and stick it on a stove-top. The best thing about the ones out of vending machines is you can warm up your hands while you wait for the bus to arrive on a frosty winter morning. Or stick it down your pants to stop your nuts falling off.

It should also be noted that the can of coffee doesn't really taste like coffee, but if you can get beyond that initial "hey that isn't coffee!" disappointment, you will find hot ersatz coffee in a can to be quite a tasty beverage.

Posted: 18:00 Fri 19-12-2003 by "Rashad Hussain"
(apparently posting from host81-134-5-93.in-addr.btopenworld.com) # permalink comment
Comment: Came across the site earlier today, Thank you for your input and feedback to the new drink,

With great quality, and more flavours still to come, Hot Shot will soon be available everywhere.

For further information on our product range visit our website athttp://www.thehotshot.co.uk


Rashad Hussain, Marketing Manager, Hot Shot

Posted: 21:58 Sun 21-12-2003 by "Flameproof" # permalink comment
Comment: Wow, look at that, a potentially real employee input! I tried the chocco flavour at a newsagents by Notting Hill Gate Tube (a theme developing here)- wasn't bad, but wasn't chocolate. Wonder what their other flavours will be, though?
Posted: 00:41 Sun 18-Jun-2006 by "polarbear" # permalink comment
Comment: These canned hot drinks have got to be the daftest, dumbest, most idiotic idea ever to have ever been marketed 36794
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