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Click pic to view comments Confirmed sighting: Snack-a-Jacks Crispy Creamy Lemon flavour
Posted: 15:27 Fri 01-08-2003. Price: 55p. Location: Sainsbury's, Bath. Sub-flavours: Many. Nutritional unusualness: Maize "with germ removed". Phew!.
"Stuart Campbell" reports: A "limited edition" special version of the apparently popular rice/corn snack which has been out for a few weeks now, but it took me this long to finish the bag and scan it in. Strong popcorny taste, quite creamy, rather sweet, lemon pretty much nowhere to be seen. Actually quite pleasant, but like vanilla ice-cream Monster Munch, hard to eat more than about three at a time without starting to hallucinate colours not found in nature.

...Fascinatingly, this week's issue of The Grocer magazine reports that Snack-a-Jack makers Quaker Foods Europe are battling Dutch company Haust (makers of Rizzles) for allegedly "copying [Snack-a-Jacks'] unique production method". In other rice cake news: I've seen (but not tried) Ryvita Tondo's as a buy-one-get-one-free at Sainsbury's - but only the Salsa and Eastern Spice varieties. Anyone seen Lightly Salted or even Barbecue?


Posted: 15:58 Fri 01-08-2003 by "JT" # permalink comment
Comment: and at asda they have the new snack -a- jacks ''spudz'', they are small balls of corn and potato, they are quite nice but i cant see them being out long
Posted: 16:47 Fri 01-08-2003 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: Blimey, are they really Snack-a-Jack style crackers or just another kind of own-brand crisps? And did you work out how to send in photos?
Posted: 17:05 Fri 01-08-2003 by "JT" # permalink comment
Comment: yer they are snack -a- jacks , i will get you a picture
Posted: 12:11 Tue 26-08-2003 by "richard" # permalink comment
Comment: Stuart,

I have seen lightly salted and barbecue Snack a Jacks in supermarkets. You can definately get them in the UK, if you live there that is, but I think that the barbecue flavour tastes very foul. It tastes like Jacobs sweet herb thai bites, so if you like them then you will like these.

Posted: 12:51 Tue 26-08-2003 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: Sorry, not sure if this should have been clearer - my quest is to find the Lightly Salted and Barbecue *Ryvita Tondo's*, not Snack-a-Jacks (in the vain hope that they're more palatable than the other ones): http://www.snackspot.org.uk/thread.php?story=0308260955cas#upcoming

- then again, your description sounds more like Ryvita Tondos anway...

Posted: 15:38 Tue 26-08-2003 by "bob" # permalink comment
Comment: here you go, here is a link to prove that snack -a- jack spudz are now out http://walkers.corpex.com/cr15p5/trade/corporate.asp?sectionid=0&promoid=117&tour=
Posted: 13:09 Tue 28-10-2003 by "Ian McC" # permalink comment
Comment: Tondos - I fookin love em! They piss all over Spudz and other similar cheap wannabe's!
Posted: 13:51 Tue 28-10-2003 by "Andy F" # permalink comment
Comment: Ian McC, you bloody fruitcake! Spudz - cheap wannabe's? I don't think so. My Spudz will take your Tondo's any day. More tactile texture and less 'cheapo-Puff-crisps-flavor' that your beloved Tondo's so obviously favour. Now fuck off and let me suck my Spudz in peace!
Posted: 14:07 Tue 28-10-2003 by "Ian McC" # permalink comment
Comment: Andy F, You don't know what you're talking about. Ryvita are areputable and well known diet snack distributor and I don't know who manufacturers 'Spudz' probably bloody Asda or Lidle shit. Everyone knows Tondos are a far superior product and I wouldn't piss on a Spudz if it was on fire! So go and rattle yer spudz up some other dirt box!
Posted: 14:12 Tue 28-10-2003 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: Steady on lads, there's enough room on our supermarket shelves for *two* brands of bizarre low-fat snack crackers, at least.

(also, you appear to both be posting from the same IP address, so clearly have quite a lot in common outside the Spudz vs Tondos arena...)

Posted: 14:13 Tue 28-10-2003 by "Andy F" # permalink comment
Comment: Right you fuckin Tondo-tossin, crab-scratchin, knob-jockey of a snack eater... If my Spudz were to take on your Tondo's in a Promotional Sale at any Supermarket (name the store, the time and the place...) they'd fly off the shelves 2 packs to your every 1... Even if you had a B-rate celebrity such as Dale Winton (your hero, I know) mine would still win... Bring it on Tondo-Man
Posted: 14:25 Tue 28-10-2003 by "Tondo Man" # permalink comment
Comment: Andy F, trust you to lower the tone, your foul mouth comes from eating that rubbish you have the audacity to call a light snack. I wouldn't wonder that your breath absolutely stinks from the stench of spudz! Tondo's will 'ave spudz 'u foowking don't like' in any arena, any time, any day!
Posted: 14:54 Tue 28-10-2003 by "Andy F" # permalink comment
Comment: This is too much. All I'm doing is stating facts, and in return I get abusive responses from Tondo-Man/Ian McC. Snackspot administrator, can this/these 2 users be banned from making further comment? In the immortal words of Big Daddy Kane vs. Dolomite "Oh fuck it I give up..."
Posted: 15:09 Tue 28-10-2003 by "Ian McC" # permalink comment
Comment: Hey, don't tar me with the same brush as Tondo Man, you ugly northern oik. Quoting from the same BDK vs.D "...and the crabs around your ass start singing the Yankee Doodle Doo!!"
Posted: 13:40 Wed 29-10-2003 by "Ian McC" # permalink comment
Comment: I take it all back... I've just sampled Spudz, and I am suitably impressed. As Andy F says, they possess that melt-in-the-mouth texture which is regrettably missing from my former favorites, Tondos. I've only tasted the Oriental BBQ flavor, but I will take a small detour on the way to the Park tonight, to Sainsburys for the other flavors. I'll let you know how they taste soon...
Posted: 00:12 Mon 23-02-2004 by "Alan Thompson" # permalink comment
Comment: We have the current add on TV for Snack a Jacks and whoever wrote it or designed it should be taken out at dawn and shot, the other more guilty partner in crime should be the loon who paid for it to appear so many times on the TV, for the result is that I will never purchase this product for the rest of my natural life as I am sick and tired of seeing the damn thing so many times. ( bet this does not make it on the forum) Anyone else feel the same ?
Posted: 11:19 Mon 23-02-2004 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: Do you mean the one where the woman's "snacking hand" goes amok in the newsagent? Surely it's an improvement on the one where the boss discovers her employee keeps a secret stash of Snack a Jacks in her desk?
Posted: 17:31 Mon 23-02-2004 by "bob" # permalink comment
Comment: You can buy vanilla snack 'a' jacks at boots there new and they at the lowest fat snack a jacks at only 3% fat! My local shop was it done up and in the skip was 1 box of blue wrigleys p.k. gum and wrigleys big red and 24 cand of tizer ice!
Posted: 17:40 Mon 23-02-2004 by "Neil" # permalink comment
Comment: Please tell us they're still in the skip...
Posted: 22:35 Tue 24-02-2004 by "bob" # permalink comment
Comment: yer they are
Posted: 12:20 Thu 15-04-2004 by "jop" # permalink comment
Comment: well all i want are apple danish snack a jacks and can i find them any more? NO. even my local supermarket who i asked to get some in said they can't find a supplier of them. I mean please who wants to eat cheese, bbq puffed rice anyway?
Posted: 14:32 Fri 16-04-2004 by "sandworm" # permalink comment
Comment: just spotted chiang mai chicken flavour thai bites, apparently a flavour exclusive to asda, or at least thats what it says. they taste much the same as all the other flavours, just with a hint of chicken lingering in the background. dont know if this is a new thing or if i'm repeating someone, sorry if i am! also, in unrelated snack hunting, i was delighted to spot a cadburys fuse bar today, havent had one in years, i thought theyd stopped making em, yum!
Posted: 19:02 Wed 21-04-2004 by "cokeco" # permalink comment
Comment: I finally got some Tondo's the other day as my Tesco does not carry them. I have beenc craving these since the austrialian company that does rice crackers stopped making lightly salted. But the jacobs thai bites are revolting! My teeth actually clench shut when I am in the vicinity of thai bites.
Posted: 14:57 Tue 26-Oct-2004 by "Tondo Man" # permalink comment
Comment: Tondo, Tondo, TondoMan...... is back.

I've spent the last year pretty much eating nothing other than Tondos, and I'm now a full stone heavier. Explain that one Mssrs. Rye and Vita...

Posted: 15:05 Tue 26-Oct-2004 by "Phillerena" # permalink comment
Comment: Too many carbs.
Posted: 09:42 Wed 27-Oct-2004 by "Tondo Man" # permalink comment
Comment: Carbs? Don't they give you wind?
Posted: 23:27 Mon 05-Jun-2006 by "toni"
(apparently posting from host86-136-245-40.range86-136.btcentralplus.com) # permalink comment
Comment: been trying to get apple danish jumbos everywhere are they phasing them out my favs 31693 7
Posted: 15:00 Sat 16-Dec-2006 by "fiona"
(apparently posting from host81-153-18-239.range81-153.btcentralplus.com) # permalink comment
Comment: hi there i love jacobs thai bites but my local tesco extra has stopped selling them does anyone know if they have stopped making them os has tesco just stopping stocking them? cheers :)
Posted: 04:05 Sat 23-Dec-2006 by "Far" # permalink comment
Comment: Same here with my local Tesco Extra in York and they say they have no plans to stock any more either - just the Oriental Spice in now :(
Posted: 20:53 Wed 27-Dec-2006 by "charl" # permalink comment
Comment: thai bites are often in the 99p shop with a decent 'best before' date, so they should still be making them...
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