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Click pic to view comments Confirmed sighting: Cadbury Dairy Milk Bubbly and Crispies
Posted: 11:20 Mon 11-08-2003. Price: 45p. Location: Old Street, London. Sub-flavours: Turkish, Caramel, Mint Chips.
"Lee Maguire" reports: Can't really judge the Bubbly, since by the time I got it home, it had been reduced to its primordial liquid state. Curse this non-chocolate-eating weather! The Crispy is a bit too subtle. On a scale of crispiness (1 being regular Dairy Milk, 10 being a Rice Krispie "Cake") this would maybe rate a 3.

...An intriguingly mistimed launch from Cadbury here, as chocolate conveniently melts at around body temperature (37 degrees C), with the result that most non-air-conditioned shops were selling foil sachets of liquid Dairy Milk Bubbles last week, which presumably reverted into plain old "Dairy Milk" if you put them in the fridge. Also, clearly they haven't rebranded their entire range of countline bars - "Cadbury's Flake", for instance, hasn't suddenly turned into "Dairy Milk Flaky". In other chocolate-coated news, last week's hinted-at new Kit Kat offshoot appears to be Kit Kat Kubes (37p/ 50g bag, from Sep 15), though clearly not a patch on the Strawberry, Banana, Pineapple, and "Double Berry" Kit Kats, Hersheys 'n' Fruit Lemon and Lime and tooth-remineralising Recaldent dental gum (sweetened with non-cariogenic xylitol) currently enjoyed by the Japanese.


Posted: 11:55 Mon 11-08-2003 by "Lee Maguire" # permalink comment
Comment: "range of countline bars"? I can understand the meaning from the context, but for me this is new jargon. Thanks, snackspot!

Perhaps a glossary would be an idea?

Posted: 12:03 Mon 11-08-2003 by "SM" # permalink comment
Comment: 'Cadbury's Dairy Milk with Caramel' is out already. The difference between this and a normal Caramel bar seems to be just the packet. Coming soon, so I'm told, is the same Dairy Milk bar but 'bubbly' - a rebadged Whispa and 'chrunchie' - with flakes of Crunchie in it. Why you would pay 10p more than to have your usual Caramel/Whispa/Crunchie is beyond me as I doubt they will taste any different - the Caramel version was identical to the usual Caramel when the two were compared. There will be a BIG marketing thing about this soon.
Posted: 12:27 Mon 11-08-2003 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: good idea Lee, though I'll have to clarify some definitions for my own benefit first. I *think* "countline" is short for "a line of products sold on a counter", but some sources - eg: http://www.thetimes100.co.uk/files/7/Nestle_Ed7.pdf

(caution, PDF) reckon it's any kind of "chocolate based bar".

Posted: 13:41 Mon 11-08-2003 by "JT" # permalink comment
Comment: there is also turksih (turkish delight) and mint chips and cadbury with caramel is all ready out (have you seen the tv add)
Posted: 14:11 Mon 11-08-2003 by "Alex" # permalink comment
Comment: JT

Posted: 11:20 Mon 11-08-2003. Price: 45p. Location: Old Street, London. Sub-flavours: Turkish, Caramel, Mint Chips.

Posted: 14:26 Mon 11-08-2003 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: What's that Alex? You've "spotted" JT?
Posted: 17:17 Tue 12-08-2003 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: What I want to know is: what's going to happen to all the Wispa spinoffs, like my Ant-and-Dec-endorsed favourite, the Wispa Bite? Will it become "Dairy Milk B ubbly Bite" instead?
Posted: 17:46 Tue 12-08-2003 by "cokeoc" # permalink comment
Comment: Try getting a hold of Cadbury's After dinner Sorbets! They are heavenly but apparently only available on British Airways flights.
Posted: 12:58 Thu 14-08-2003 by "Lee Maguire" # permalink comment
Comment: Why does George Michael have chocolate all over his face?

Because he was careless with his Wispa!

(sorry, thought that joke could do with one last outing, before Cadbury retires the brand)

Posted: 16:31 Sun 17-08-2003 by "Diarmuid Mallon" # permalink comment
Comment: Safeway in Reading has the large slab version of the Bubbly, mint and biscuit. I picked up a small bubbly, and disappointingly it is just a squashed whispa. It does seem to melt a a much lower temperature that normal chocolate and it almost melted before by eyes on a not very hot day.
Posted: 19:05 Wed 20-08-2003 by "bob: Is back" # permalink comment
Comment: I've missed so much since i've been away, but now im back fron new york i can catch up on the english snacks, in New york, the had pepsi vanilla, its not as good as the uk vanilla coke, That new mountain dew orange or somthing it was called, (i only brought a couple of cans back), and i brought a ton of gum, big red, Juicy Fruit Grapermelon, safeway in New York was a sanck heven, i would of thought pepsi blue & root beer would of been out now i'm back. I were going to bring back some hersheys bars but who wants that crap when you can have a bar of cadbury crispies and a wispa bar
Posted: 15:17 Fri 12-09-2003 by "laticsmon" # permalink comment
Comment: They're not fooling us - the much-vaunted Dairy Milk Bubbly is an Aero by any other name. Note to Cadbury's: have some ideas of your own.
Posted: 18:48 Fri 12-09-2003 by "Alex" # permalink comment
Comment: I've just had milky Bar with Cookies.

Nice, but no different really- you won't taste the cookies

Posted: 13:55 Wed 15-10-2003 by "Sam" # permalink comment
Comment: I had a Cadburys Dairy Milk with Crispies the morning after my stag night. I proptly threw up into the toilet (not from the chocolate you understand) but the crispies wouldn't flush away! No matter how much paper I cucked down the toilet they wouldn't go. Eventually I had to scoop the film of chocolate, crispies & bile up and throw it out of the window as the smell of chocolate was continuing to make me queesy. I'd still eat another though.
Posted: 18:57 Sun 19-10-2003 by "Britishcandy.com" # permalink comment
Comment: You guys might be interested to know that we are offering the new range of Cadbury's 200g chocolate bars at 99p and also offer worldwide delivery and secure ordering.http://www.britishcandy.com
Posted: 20:57 Fri 27-Aug-2004 by "Hannah" # permalink comment
Comment: Britishcandy.com have got Star bars!!
Posted: 14:01 Tue 26-Apr-2005 by "Ted" # permalink comment
Comment: Not sure if they sell the bars of chocolate above but http://www.peggycharltons.co.uk sell old fashioned sweets
Posted: 16:21 Fri 17-Jun-2005 by "sweets" # permalink comment
Comment: just had a look at http://www.peggycharltons.co.uk and found the site useful although some pages showing the sweets need updating.
Posted: 18:48 Fri 17-Jun-2005 by "Melissa" # permalink comment
Comment: I just noticed on the Big Brother 6 website that Britishcandy.com provided the sweets used on the show lol
Posted: 21:19 Tue 06-Sep-2005 by "Bill Greenwood" # permalink comment
Comment: Just visited a site http://www.sweetsforu.co.uk a great range of sweets, although does not help my dieting
Posted: 14:35 Sat 10-Dec-2005 by "kerry" # permalink comment
Comment: Hi, I found the site to be very useful. I am considering starting up a small business selling confectionary, to run alongside my packaging business http://www.abbeypackagingsupplies.com thanks for the useful info.
Posted: 12:32 Thu 12-Jan-2006 by "rachel" # permalink comment
Comment: omg i bloody well ahte cadburys i cant find any info on the sze sectoer and scale. u all suck sorry but u do.
Posted: 09:37 Fri 27-Jan-2006 by "Hanz" # permalink comment
Comment: hey! i was wondering, anyone know of a site which says any information on the re-branding of the cadbury products, in perticular the cadburys caramel to dairy milk with caramel. Need info for my coursework so anything would be fantastic! thankie!!
Posted: 09:50 Fri 27-Jan-2006 by "Phillerena" # permalink comment
Comment: Try cadbury.co.uk. Or google cadburys rebranding.
Posted: 11:44 Sun 23-Apr-2006 by "Azlan" # permalink comment
Comment: Many of the Cadburys chocolates are now manuactured in France or Poland and sold in the UK. This includes Dairy Milk, Bournville and many of the new flavours of Dairy Milk. I will not be buying any of these in future. I can understand the move to Poland (cheap labour costs), but France has much higher employment cost so I am puzzled by this move. 20449 9
Posted: 13:13 Thu 04-Oct-2007 by " s pppppp oooooooo nnnnnnnn " # permalink comment
Comment: - iiiiiiiiiiittt sss iiiiii ssssss ggggg oooooooo ddd
Posted: 23:28 Tue 05-Aug-2008 by "Sydmond Hurrybike" # permalink comment
Comment: Dairy Milk Horrible exists now; it is very unpleasant. I suggest you avoid it.
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