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Click pic to view comments Confirmed sighting: Burton's Fish 'n' Chips Flavour Snack Biscuits
Posted: 09:55 Tue 26-08-2003. Price: 35p. Location: Local newsagent, Norwich. Nutritional unusualness: None noted.
"David Allen" reports: Another blast from the past!! The fish and chip biscuits are back!! They don't seem quite as vinegary as they used to but still have a much stronger taste than the fish and chip flavour French Fries. I've had an even amount of fish and chips in each pack so far. Get in!!!

...Obviously some dilemma here whether to categorise these under "snack" or "biscuit" - a debate ultimately settled for me by their savoury nature. Incindentally, I finally managed to get through two packets of Ryvita Tondo's ("Salsa" and "Eastern Spice" flavours, still no sign in Sainsbury's of "Lightly Salted" or "Barbecue"), which are basically boxes of foil-wrapped Jacob's Thai Bites with stronger flavours and an extra greengrocer's apostrophe in their name. (Or maybe they're supposed to belong to someone called "Tondo"? Who knows?) Either way, here's hoping they revive the catchphrase from the old "Condor" TV ads, and show someone biting into a rice cracker, then sighing "Ah... Tondo" appreciatively.


Posted: 11:00 Tue 26-08-2003 by "Stuart Campbell" # permalink comment
Comment: Back? These have never ever been away. I've been buying them without interruption since about 1982. (Well, there may have been a blip during the 80s.) You can still get the Chicken'n'Chips variety too, though I'm not sure if the Burger one has survived.
Posted: 11:24 Tue 26-08-2003 by "Snackspot" # permalink comment
Comment: In Mr Allen's defence, the pack does say "The original returns!", so perhaps it's a Godzilla-style reawakening of a "sleeping giant brand" (which is how they described Walker's resurrection of Salt 'n' Shake crisps).

btw, full story on Tondo's from Yahoo Finance (page not archived but via Google cache):

Wednesday July 16, 07:09 PM The Ryvita Company: snack attack Ryvita is launching a new healthy snacking variant called Tondo's.

Ryvita is squaring up to Snack-a-Jacks in the growing low fat rice snack sector. Intense competition from Quaker's strong market leader and uncertainty concerning consumers' overall willingness to sacrifice taste for health will prove difficult obstacles to overcome. Success will ultimately revolve around the brand's well-established reputation in health-orientated food.

Next week will herald the launch of Ryvita's latest offering - Tondo's. The low fat rice snack will come in four variants and is the first Ryvita product positioned to be eaten alone rather than used as a base for toppings. All four varieties contain less than 3% fat and come in 35g and 100g foil bags. A national TV campaign is scheduled for later in the year along with product sampling.

The first objective for Tondo's will surely be to establish a place as a credible alternative to Snack-a-Jacks. But Snack-a-Jacks is the clear market leader and has already forced one competitor out of the market this year. The Snack-a-Jacks brand is widely regarded to have revolutionized healthy snacking, not least through an interesting and innovative product range that combines both savory and sweet flavors.

Masterfoods admitted defeat last March when it scrapped its low-fat snack brand Rispinos. Like Ryvita, Masterfoods had hoped to capitalize on a growing interest in low fat snacks that results from consumers' desire to continue to eat a balanced diet while on the move. In spite of this trend, Rispinos was well beaten in the battle for category leadership and Masterfoods' eventual exit, after two years of marketing investment, suggests there may well only be room for one major player.

Furthermore, the jury is still out on whether consumers are willing to forego a tasty snack in favor of a healthier one. Consumers still feel the need to indulge, and current evidence suggests health remains secondary.

However, Ryvita must avoid positioning Tondo's as a snack that caters for both health and indulgence since that is likely to transmit conflicting messages to consumers. Instead, given Ryvita's strong brand reputation for health-orientated food, the company should seek to position Tondo's as positive part of daily nutrition.

Posted: 12:25 Tue 26-08-2003 by "Stuart Campbell" # permalink comment
Comment: >> the pack does say "The original returns!"

True, but it's said that ever since they moved to the current "livery", which was about 1997. But anyway.

Posted: 15:04 Tue 26-08-2003 by "bob" # permalink comment
Comment: these have never been gone and they have been out years
Posted: 14:40 Wed 27-08-2003 by "BigD"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: According to my figures Burtons last sold Chicken n Chips in August 2002, whereas >100 tonnes of Fish n Chips have been sold in the last 12 months.

I actually preferred the corn snack Fish and Chips Burtons made for M&S along with Burger and Chips/Chicken and Chips, but they were never popular and died off.

Posted: 08:32 Fri 05-09-2003 by "Alflavor" # permalink comment
Comment: There's also a Salt and Vinegar flavour now on the Fish n Chips snack, err biscuit.
Posted: 18:55 Fri 05-09-2003 by "Jamie" # permalink comment
Comment: The last time I had a bag of fish'n'chips they hardly had any flavour on them...don't know if it was a one-off dodgy bag or not
Posted: 21:48 Tue 20-01-2004 by "dave" # permalink comment
Comment: can anyone tell me where to get these in hampshire? perferably near southampton : please msg me at thetruefunkychef (at!) hotmail.com, cheers
Posted: 12:59 Mon 26-Jul-2004 by "lewis" # permalink comment
Comment: Where can i find these Burtons Fish & Chips Biscuits in the HULL area. I went throught hell on Saturday just gone as my girlfriend is expecting and she is craving these!! Went to about 10-15 shops in hull to no avail and then 120 miles later in Darwen,Lancashire still could not find any (Her parents live there went for a visit) so please please help me before i need to buy some pain relievers as well. email lewisc (at!) matgroup.co.uk
Posted: 14:09 Mon 26-Jul-2004 by "Lee Maguire" # permalink comment
Comment: Regarding the "Tondo's" apostrophe mystery:

from http://www.biskitz4cheez.com/blog.htm

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for taking the time to contact us with your comments.

The name `Tondo's' is just a marketing name. Taken from the Latin for round `Rotondo', the apostrophe was added because of the way we wanted the product to be pronouced. During the development of this product, several names were researched and this was the name that was most popular. We are sorry this is not to your liking.

Thank you for taking the time to contact us with you comments, a copy has been passed to our Marketing Department for future product development.

If we can be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the undersigned,

Yours sincerely,


Posted: 14:44 Mon 26-Jul-2004 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: haha well spotted Lee - here's the google cache of the word document (and ongoing discussion):

- though they could *conceivably* claim that they need the apostrophe here to clarify that it's a plural of a made up word, and arguably within the "special cases" the Oxford Dictionary describes:


An apostrophe is used in plurals in the following very special cases:

1.in the plurals of single letters: There are only three s's in `Christmases'. Mind your p's and q's. (Even here, the capital letter would not need the apostrophe.)

2.in the plurals of abbreviations: We have several pg's [paying guests]. We have received four cheques and two IOU's. (But IOUs is common and accepted, and the usual plural of CD is CDs).

Most symbols for units such as lb (pounds) and cm (centimetres) do not strictly have plural forms.

3.in the plurals of numerals: This house was built in the 1930's. (But 1930s is preferable).

4.As an alternative spelling, for clarity, of the plurals of a very few short words: We went to several society do's last year. While out with his third wife he met both of his ex's. I've had yes's for coffee from four people. But in each case, dos, exes, yesses would be acceptable. The usual plural of no is noes.

Posted: 15:02 Mon 26-Jul-2004 by "biskitz4cheez" # permalink comment
Comment: nice to see the Tondo discussion pursued here... regards to all. I've had a further, short response, along the lines of 'we'll pass on your comments to our marketing department...'
Posted: 15:10 Mon 26-Jul-2004 by "biskitz4cheez" # permalink comment
Comment: further 'Tondo' apostrophe discussion here: http://books.grammarlady.com/index.php?act=ST&f=8&t=196
Posted: 15:44 Mon 26-Jul-2004 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: that "Eats Shoots And Leaves" woman has a lot to answer for. Personally I think the use of apostrophes in plurals is defensible in the "special cases" described above - and of course in the pronunciation of Klingon words like "Q'Plah!"
Posted: 20:44 Mon 26-Jul-2004 by "biskitz4cheez" # permalink comment
Comment: Some of us were grammatically pedantic BEFORE it was popularised in the 'Eats, Shoots and Leaves' book! However, to get back to apostrophes - if Doritos ( http://www.doritos.com/images/product/product_411_top_rollitos_03.jpg ) and Weetos ( http://www.weetabix.co.uk/weetos/images/banner.jpg ) can manage without an apostrophe, so can Tondos.
Posted: 17:41 Tue 27-Jul-2004 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: Richard Herring's dad famously used to pronounce "Doritos" as "Dori-toss", so I think they've got a reasonable case for putting in the apostrophe if they want to prevent such heinous misrepresentations in future.

Also, all the "greengrocer's apostrophe" merriment aside, it's not as if putting it in causes any genuine confusion or ambiguity, unlike (say) the disppearing apostrophe in "Rowntree's"?: http://www.snackspot.org.uk/thread.php?story=0407071415sbc#20040707154000

The Oxford Dictionary suggests you have the *option* of using apostrophes to highlight plurals of unusual words (so "Weetos" don't have to use it, though it might help) - a bit like using apostrophes in place names like Earl's Court or St Johns Wood (both are correct, amazingly!)

Posted: 19:58 Wed 01-Sep-2004 by "biskitz4cheez" # permalink comment
Comment: er... excuse my ignorance, but who is Richard Herring?
Posted: 20:07 Wed 01-Sep-2004 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: http://www.richardherring.com/ - whom I hereby declare to be the patron saint of this site, for a fascinating interview he once granted me on the subject of his Kinder Egg "Crazy Crocos" collection.

I hope that answers your inquiry.

Posted: 18:32 Fri 03-Sep-2004 by "biskitz4cheez" # permalink comment
Comment: thanks for that - he seems a funny guy!
Posted: 12:16 Thu 14-Oct-2004 by "GYPSY" # permalink comment
Posted: 13:45 Tue 16-Nov-2004 by "zara" # permalink comment
Comment: can anyone tell me where exactly in the UK these crisps can be found. Are they available in London?
Posted: 18:58 Wed 17-Nov-2004 by "Sleepyboy" # permalink comment
Comment: Go on here and suggest they start doing themhttp://www.britishcornershop.co.uk If we all do it they'll stock em no doubt..
Posted: 02:55 Wed 09-Mar-2005 by "Maz" # permalink comment
Comment: Hi, i tried these bucuits the other day and thought they were foul. Dave, You dont wanna buy them or get them imported specially to southampton, You should give me the cash instead. Maz x
Posted: 15:14 Wed 09-Mar-2005 by "Rob W " # permalink comment
Comment: I used to get these at my local swimming baths in Thornton Heath, Surrey when I was a kid. They were my all time favourite snack. But that was back in the 80s and I've not seen them since. I loved them then and if they're the same as before, I'm sure I'll love 'em now too.
Posted: 01:14 Tue 26-Apr-2005 by "Rachel Best" # permalink comment
Comment: I need some of these Burton's Fish & Chip's people say they still sell them but whereeeee is the question!!! I like have the biggest craven for them!!! email me rachelbestuk (at!) hotmail.com
Posted: 10:52 Sun 14-Aug-2005 by "kara"
(apparently posting from manc-cache-10.server.ntli.net) # permalink comment
Comment: will someone please tell me were i can order Burton's fish n chip flavour crisps pleazzzzzz! im expecting my first child n have the biggest craving for them!!!!! pleaz help!!!!!!!! email me on xxkaraxx (at!) hotmail.com
Posted: 16:03 Wed 17-Aug-2005 by "stacey"
(apparently posting from no-dns-yet.demon.co.uk) # permalink comment
Comment: could someone please tell me where i can get burtons fish and chips from!!!!! could u please email savage3012 (at!) hotmail.com. help!!!1
Posted: 13:51 Tue 30-Aug-2005 by "Jennifer" # permalink comment
Comment: Can anyone tell me where in Scotland if at all you can buy the old style Fish 'n' Chips snack???
Posted: 16:09 Tue 30-Aug-2005 by "Biscuit Insider" # permalink comment
Comment: Sadly, Fish'n'Chips are no longer in production.
Posted: 16:23 Thu 01-Sep-2005 by "Philip Thompson" # permalink comment
Comment: What is it with Burtons and stopping making nice things?!?!?

Couldn't they at least SELL the rights/recipes or something?

Do you remember 'puffs'? They were little 10p packets of tiny crisp shell things... maybe the profits weren't high enough... I'd have paid £1 per packet... they were lovely.

Posted: 17:59 Wed 14-Sep-2005 by "Leanne" # permalink comment
Comment: Oh my god!! i been searching for fish n chips for ages... anyone know a website where i can get some from?? Getting desperate now! ha ha ha!!
Posted: 15:11 Fri 16-Sep-2005 by "Jaimie" # permalink comment
Comment: I also have been searching for fish n Chips for ages, please tell me where i can buy in bulk. URGENT
Posted: 15:08 Fri 23-Sep-2005 by "Lee" # permalink comment
Comment: I am searching for them too. Any joy for anyone anywhere yet? Surely they can't have just stopped been produced. Any news at all would be helpful.
Posted: 15:24 Thu 13-Oct-2005 by "bobbylove" # permalink comment
Comment: Do you remember getting to the bottom of the bag, licking your finger and dipping the 'pure flavour' at the bottom? Made your eyes water!
Posted: 15:43 Thu 13-Oct-2005 by "GTO" # permalink comment
Comment: Lol, I remember doing that. It was a very concentrated powder wasn't it? The essence.
Posted: 16:19 Thu 13-Oct-2005 by "Dawn Sloan" # permalink comment
Comment: Burton's Fish and Chips were GORGEOUS! I used to buy them when I was at school, lovely, just lovely and I don't usually like salt and vinegar crisps! But I loved these. Haven't seen them in the shops for ages, but when I do will be buying.
Posted: 10:38 Wed 09-Nov-2005 by "Trude"
(apparently posting from user-4066.l6.c3.dsl.pol.co.uk) # permalink comment
Comment: I emailed Burtons and asked where I could get the fish n chips snacks and they said they had been discontinued due to poor sales!
Posted: 22:17 Sat 26-Nov-2005 by "snack fancier" # permalink comment
Posted: 10:32 Thu 22-Dec-2005 by "Rob" # permalink comment
Comment: I really liked these crisps and am upset that they have been discontinued. Does anyone know of any shops that possibly still sell them?
Posted: 22:42 Thu 22-Dec-2005 by "Marc" # permalink comment
Comment: Very strange stuff these. They are like a type of sweer cracker like Ritz?

I'm delited that Burtons still make Toffypops! Legendary biscuits!

Posted: 19:31 Tue 03-Jan-2006 by "emma" # permalink comment
Comment: if anyone no's were they sell them or if they still do please tel me!!!!! i really want some
Posted: 12:19 Mon 16-Jan-2006 by "liz" # permalink comment
Comment: i so must get some fish n chips, or chicken n chips, preferably both!!! Does anyone have the web site, or email address for Burtons?? Ive been lookin for years!!! Who ever wanted puffs, in a local nes agents, Baileys i think, i saw them, theyre still 10p and space invaders as well!!! Chik n chips n fish n chips definatley rock, anyone wana put or comments to Burtons??!!! MUST HAVE THESE SNACKS BACK!!!
Posted: 12:35 Mon 16-Jan-2006 by "liz" # permalink comment
Comment: yes me again, ive emailed burtons at, consumer.services (at!) burtonsfoods.com, enquiring about fish n chips and chicken n chips, email them!!! Get your friends to email them!!! Maybe we can get them back, ive told them to look on this site, keep your comments coming!!!
Posted: 22:52 Sat 21-Jan-2006 by "hayley" # permalink comment
Comment: i aint had any of these fish n chips thingys for ages and they are sooooooooo lush, will someone send me a bag please lol
Posted: 17:51 Thu 26-Jan-2006 by "clare" # permalink comment
Comment: i personally think we should set up a partition (spelling) and get those yummy fish and chips back!

i would pay a fortune for a packet right now

also anyone know where sells salt and vinegar puffs?

Posted: 08:28 Wed 08-Feb-2006 by "Calveji" # permalink comment
Comment: Is anyone else addicted to cheese jumbo snackajacks to the point of lunacy? I'm talking AA here. Help!
Posted: 22:31 Fri 10-Feb-2006 by "Vik" # permalink comment
Comment: ooooooh man! I really want some fish 'n' chips!
Posted: 20:11 Sun 12-Feb-2006 by "Jenny"
(apparently posting from user-6579.l1.c2.dsl.pol.co.uk) # permalink comment
Comment: Yes, a national campaign ought to be started to revive the fish n chip biscuits! There are so many people who would give their right arm for a packet....
Posted: 23:47 Sun 12-Feb-2006 by "Keith" # permalink comment
Comment: Hi the burtons factory is on my street in Blackpool Lancashire ... the address is Burton Road Blackpool Lancashire FY4
Posted: 03:35 Tue 21-Feb-2006 by "clare" # permalink comment
Comment: oooh come on people someone make a petition!
Posted: 15:29 Tue 21-Feb-2006 by "donna" # permalink comment
Comment: oh my god i just googled fish and chips and got sent here only to be told they r discontinued. very disappointed!!!!!!
Posted: 21:56 Tue 21-Feb-2006 by "Phil the real snack fancier" # permalink comment
Comment: FishnChips always used to be found at Iceland the frozen food store when I couldn't find them anywhere else.
Posted: 03:33 Wed 22-Feb-2006 by "clare" # permalink comment
Comment: i have hunted high and low for them, if anyine knows where i ca find a pack let me know
Posted: 22:40 Sat 29-Apr-2006 by "Stephen" # permalink comment
Comment: i want fish and chips, i cannot believe they have discontinued them, what is their email address i will hassle them
Posted: 09:20 Mon 08-May-2006 by "J112" # permalink comment
Comment: Ive spent months and months trying to get hold of these only to realise like everyone else they dont make them. I contacted Burtons and they said there was no demand for them!!!!!

this is their email add if anyone would like to contact them! consumer.services (at!) burtonsfoods.com The at is the usual at thats in a web add for some reason I cant type one on here

Posted: 18:10 Mon 05-Jun-2006 by "tracie mcloughlin" # permalink comment
Comment: please can you tell me if you can still buy potato puffs or have burtons stopped making them?
Posted: 12:46 Tue 13-Jun-2006 by "Kate" # permalink comment
Comment: can anyone please tell us if there is anywhere in Leeds that sells fish and chips or chicken and chips?
Posted: 13:09 Tue 13-Jun-2006 by "polarbear" # permalink comment
Comment: It's just Leeds folk who use this website I swear

What is the silly demand for these all about? they are yucky, grab a bag of Penn State Pretzels in sour cream and chive flavour, now that's a far better choice

Posted: 15:42 Tue 13-Jun-2006 by "kate" # permalink comment
Comment: it's not just leeds folk there is someone from hull too and how can you say they are yucky...they are the foods of the gods!
Posted: 22:10 Sat 24-Jun-2006 by "sonia" # permalink comment
Comment: i luuuuuuuuuv fish and chips and the little packets of pigglets and im an essex girl bring them back
Posted: 09:03 Wed 06-Sep-2006 by "Em" # permalink comment
Comment: bring them back mr burton ....c'mon you know you want to
Posted: 12:53 Tue 12-Sep-2006 by "Samantha"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: I am on the hunt for fish and chips and ended up here i am from Basingstoke now but began my love of fish and chips when i lived in Harrogate up north when i was a little girl so please bring them back. I was also hunting for scampi fries but have found them.
Posted: 23:38 Sun 17-Sep-2006 by "slider" # permalink comment
Comment: im glad to see its not just me thats missing these.. been hunting for them for ages now........ bring em back please.......
Posted: 15:58 Mon 25-Sep-2006 by "Jade" # permalink comment
Comment: Man i can't believe they have stopped making them. Its not fair! Been looking everywhere for them. I think i will just have to bug them to bring them back! :-)
Posted: 12:12 Tue 03-Oct-2006 by "Carol & Katie" # permalink comment
Comment: Anyone know how many people it would take to bug them before we get the delicious little snacks back? We're soooooo craving them too!!
Posted: 14:00 Wed 04-Oct-2006 by "Fasting!" # permalink comment
Comment: I'm fasting and started craving for those Fish and Chips Snacks! I came across this site in the hope that someone may be able to help - "WHERE CAN I BUY THE FISH AND CHIPS SNACKS FROM?!" Someone out there knows but doesn't want to pass the info on! Please, put us out of our misery and tell us where we can get them from!!!! PLEASE!!!!
Posted: 20:58 Thu 19-Oct-2006 by "susie" # permalink comment
Comment: I love burtons fish and chips and chicken and chips. bring them back i e mailed burtons. i love them yum yum xxxxxxxxxx
Posted: 21:03 Thu 19-Oct-2006 by "emma"
(apparently posting from renf-cache-6.server.ntli.net) # permalink comment
Comment: please please please someone tell me where to get fish and chips and chicken and chips i love them. someone knows. please tell me. i miss them.xxxxx emma xxxxx
Posted: 18:51 Fri 20-Oct-2006 by "MarkH" # permalink comment
Comment: I'm sure that Lidl sell something similar, and do Burger and Chip fries as well? Will check it out next time I pass and will post back
Posted: 19:17 Sat 28-Oct-2006 by "Stevie" # permalink comment
Comment: Just emailed Burtons, did the same to Walkers before about beef monster munch and they came back out!!! Tempted to do it for the great bacon flavoured monster munch too :)

Posted: 16:48 Wed 01-Nov-2006 by "diane"
(apparently posting from kin131-47771-rtr-adsl-179.altohiway.com) # permalink comment
Comment: WHere can we buy fish n chips from,,, im glad im not the only one who loved them,,, bring them back or if anyone knows where to get them please please let me know
Posted: 08:24 Wed 08-Nov-2006 by "jade" # permalink comment
Comment: I am amazed to see im not the only one searching high and low for these. I used to buy them from the tuck shop at school up until about 1998. Im going to email them straight away!! I had many a packet confiscated from me in lessons at school. Chicken and chips are my fave. Everyone email Burtons!!!
Posted: 12:23 Thu 09-Nov-2006 by "jade" # permalink comment
Comment: Nope... no luck. They have just emailed me back saying they were discontinued due to poor sales. Come on everyone, get them emailed. I could just eat some right now.
Posted: 13:56 Sat 11-Nov-2006 by "lucy "
(apparently posting from host81-158-57-171.range81-158.btcentralplus.com) # permalink comment
Comment: oh yes i am glad i am not the only 1 missing these ppl in my family are 2 were can u buy these i am missing these sooooo much i love them bring the fish and chips bak plz plz plz
Posted: 14:30 Sat 11-Nov-2006 by "Marquez" # permalink comment
Comment: What on earth was so good about these? go buy some sour cream & chive pretzels - far better 11172
Posted: 21:00 Sat 18-Nov-2006 by "zeen" # permalink comment
Comment: please sign the petition!!

http://www.petitiononline.com/bbbfac/petition.html 9 76

Posted: 20:59 Sun 17-Dec-2006 by "amarjit" # permalink comment
Posted: 20:42 Tue 19-Dec-2006 by "john" # permalink comment
Comment: please please please burtons or someone, bring back fish n chips asap! i am craving them badly.
Posted: 13:24 Wed 10-Jan-2007 by "Emma G" # permalink comment
Comment: There is an offical petition to bring back fish and chips. If enough people sign it, they will come back. Check out the link attached and sign sign sign....


Posted: 15:34 Tue 16-Jan-2007 by "Claire " # permalink comment
Comment: Please someone bring them back, I do nothing but crave them!
Posted: 13:48 Mon 26-Feb-2007 by "ms emanuel" # permalink comment
Comment: i have a cravin for these fish and chip flavour biscuits, where can i get them from
Posted: 14:22 Sun 04-Mar-2007 by "jane"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: can someone tell me where i can buy burton potato puffs
Posted: 12:21 Tue 06-Mar-2007 by "Mark in Liverpool" # permalink comment
Comment: Hey if your willing to pay then british stores in america are selling them in boxes of 48 for $11.10 the delivery cost to the uk is another 8 dollars a box though, but hey surely its worth it. They have both chicken and fish and chips.
Posted: 11:41 Wed 07-Mar-2007 by "Lee in Scarborough" # permalink comment
Comment: Can't believe they say there is no demand for these, they are awesome and if they made them as strong as they used to, we would be laughing!
Posted: 10:31 Fri 09-Mar-2007 by "Uphill Gardener" # permalink comment
Comment: Where can we find these "british stores in america"? At current exchange rates, a tenner a box is pretty reasonable.
Posted: 17:53 Sat 10-Mar-2007 by "Andrea" # permalink comment
Comment: Does anyone know if Burtons are still making there puffs selection, if i remember correctly there were beef, cheese and tomato, salt and vinegar and plain flavours...these were my fave crisps when I was a child...can't find them anywhere.....?
Posted: 12:56 Sun 11-Mar-2007 by "KAMAKAZE" # permalink comment
Comment: dont believe the guy who says you can get these in America! I personally emailed Burtons and asked them if they would be making these snacks and there reply was unfortanatley NO due to lack of demand! So unless Burtons are secretly making them and sending them off to America only, i wouldnt believe Mark in liverpool, hes plainly just fantasising!
Posted: 16:36 Sun 11-Mar-2007 by "Marquez" # permalink comment
Comment: I doubt he's lying, he'll have seen them somewhere
Posted: 14:18 Fri 13-Apr-2007 by "Ian R"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: Can anyone please advise me where I can buy fish & chips from? I am desperate to obtain some of these
Posted: 19:05 Fri 13-Apr-2007 by "elmsyrup" # permalink comment
Comment: Wow, I didn't realise everybody liked them so much. Well, me too, and my housemate is always going on about how much she used to love them. We'd both buy them given half a chance. I can't imagine why Burton's say there is no demand.
Posted: 22:26 Sun 29-Apr-2007 by "sarahjayne" # permalink comment
Comment: oh my god other people are craving fish n chips too! was my one and only craving when i was pregnant and still to this day i would do anything just for a taste!!!!! plz bring them back to meeeeeeee
Posted: 18:25 Tue 08-May-2007 by "tanV " # permalink comment
Comment: if anyone has any idea were the undergound dealing of fish n chips are please leave a message!!
Posted: 15:20 Tue 15-May-2007 by "Craig of Stoke" # permalink comment
Comment: I craved a bag of these suddenly out of the blue one night in a club, can't believe they are no longer about
Posted: 15:43 Tue 15-May-2007 by "Craig from Stoke" # permalink comment
Comment: Bring back the fish n chips you swines
Posted: 16:12 Thu 17-May-2007 by "Mystery" # permalink comment
Comment: Heard a rumour that a Russian mafia are planning an import of fish 'n' chips. Could have trouble getting through customs though...
Posted: 00:30 Mon 21-May-2007 by "Jaxter" # permalink comment
Comment: Where can I get old style potato puffs, You know, the ones in the cellophane packet. Loads of oil still the packet that you licked off cos they tasted so good. Oh God I dream of those!
Posted: 12:04 Mon 21-May-2007 by "snackie" # permalink comment
Comment: i cant beleive they are bringing out all the "healthy" crisps.....bring back the good ol favs- we want fish n chips!!!
Posted: 16:08 Sat 26-May-2007 by "Rachel" # permalink comment
Comment: Is there anyway we can get Burton's email address so i can contact them demanding Fish n Chips be returned oh and Chicken n Chips.
Posted: 10:13 Thu 14-Jun-2007 by "Alfredo" # permalink comment
Comment: Very interesting site. Hope it will always be alive!
Posted: 13:59 Thu 14-Jun-2007 by "Charlotte"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: Can anyone tell me where to get these gorgeous crisps around Cambridge/Huntingdon and or Kettering...They are my favs and my mouth is watering at the thought! Is there a site where I can buy these. Email me at charlotte.lovell (at!) rrd.com
Posted: 13:20 Mon 02-Jul-2007 by "Steve Mc" # permalink comment
Comment: I emailed Burton Foods not so long ago and they told me Booker Cash and Carry sell them - though i think you need a trade card to buy from there.
Posted: 21:04 Tue 10-Jul-2007 by "fish'n'chip lover"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: where can i buy some fish'n'chip crisps? please send an email to beccalulu (at!) hotmail.co.uk
Posted: 17:19 Wed 11-Jul-2007 by "jemma d" # permalink comment
Comment: i love them loads i hope they put them back on the shelf they are the best food ever
Posted: 14:41 Thu 12-Jul-2007 by "Jayne Lewis" # permalink comment
Comment: Please could someone tell me where to buy Burtons Fish & chips snacks
Posted: 15:21 Fri 13-Jul-2007 by "Matt" # permalink comment
Comment: i use to love thease does anyone know where i can get them from? also the chicken and chips there so awsome if any one knows plz let me know!!! Shibz2002 (at!) hotmail.com !!!
Posted: 16:09 Thu 26-Jul-2007 by "simone"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: please tell me where i can buy Burtons Fish and Chips from West Yorkshire. dazzler.2 (at!) tiscali.co.uk
Posted: 08:55 Mon 30-Jul-2007 by "Kelly Duburguet" # permalink comment
Comment: Could anyone tell me where i could buy fish 'n' chips crisps. i live in bournemouth any where near there, would be great email me if you know somewhere:- kelx_18 (at!) yahoo.co.uk. many thanks
Posted: 00:47 Mon 13-Aug-2007 by "julie"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: hi booker cash and carry do not sell fish and chip crisps was in there the other day. they dont make them any more i emailed burtons foods.
Posted: 21:04 Fri 17-Aug-2007 by "stace" # permalink comment
Comment: im looking for cheese and tomato puffs really got a craving for them, can anyone help?
Posted: 17:52 Thu 23-Aug-2007 by "maggie " # permalink comment
Comment: where can we get them ? please tell me i have been looking for them for about 2 years now ?
Posted: 12:46 Tue 28-Aug-2007 by "matt palmer" # permalink comment
Comment: can somebody tell me were i can get fish & chips crisps from as we all at my work want some now

email me at palmer306 (at!) btinternet.com

Posted: 12:18 Thu 30-Aug-2007 by "mummy chris"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: 'consumer.services (at!) burtonsfoods.com' if everyone emailed the above with their comments as well as leaving them here, then perhaps burtons would re-consider bringing them back. if cadbury's can bring back the whisper bar, then burtons should not be outdone by them. demand for fish & chips is massive, so come on burtons, do the nation a favour, please, pretty pretty please x
Posted: 18:18 Thu 30-Aug-2007 by "zeddy" # permalink comment
Comment: Pedant's corner: "mummy chris" you are not alone in this mistake, but it is WISPA. It took Cadbury a while to bring it back because they couldn't understand what people were asking for! ;)
Posted: 22:29 Sun 02-Sep-2007 by "dawn" # permalink comment
Comment: went swimming today and just like the old days i so wanted a bag of fish and chips after.i was craving them.bring them back!
Posted: 23:48 Tue 04-Sep-2007 by "emma price" # permalink comment
Comment: please bring back fish and chips, and the chicken and chips, i would pay anything for a pack.
Posted: 23:54 Tue 04-Sep-2007 by "emma price" # permalink comment
Comment: does anyone know where i can buy them from, does anyone remember puffs that they did, i dont know why they stopped them, they' re better than any crisps now. im going to email burtons right away. i will keep you all updated.if anyone does know of somewhere i can buy them, please let me know. my email is emmazrulez80 (at!) msn.com thanks xx
Posted: 00:07 Thu 06-Sep-2007 by "karen wilson"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: hello, i can not belive that this many people are craving 'fish n chips' from burtons, they have to be serious there are to many people out there to say there is not enough demand, I am going to email them also Emma lets all email and see if they say there is not enough demand, you never know, there is a petition on line and there is 1211 signitures so far sign up every1 emma let me know your out come - karen30 (at!) hotmail.co.uk cheers Kx
Posted: 10:27 Tue 11-Sep-2007 by "josie-leigh" # permalink comment
Comment: Omg!! They have to bring them back!! I havent seen them in about 10 years!! Does anyone know where i could get some in Scotland (possibly the Fife area)???
Posted: 23:43 Tue 11-Sep-2007 by "Alison" # permalink comment
Comment: Did the petition go or is it still ongoing? I want Fish and Chips too. It's an absolute tragedy that they've stopped making them - don't kids these days know what's good for them..???
Posted: 11:58 Wed 12-Sep-2007 by "josie-leigh" # permalink comment
Comment: Don't have a clue if they are still going to use the petition but you can still put your vote on it coz I did it yesterday.
Posted: 17:03 Fri 14-Sep-2007 by "Alicia Beere" # permalink comment
Comment: Please bring the fish n chip flavour crisps back!!!
Posted: 17:05 Sun 16-Sep-2007 by "shadyboo" # permalink comment
Comment: hello everyone do you remember hedgehog crisps they were very nice yum yum.
Posted: 11:14 Mon 17-Sep-2007 by "josie-leigh" # permalink comment
Comment: Apparently you can buy the fish 'n' chip crisps at cash and carry's (I assume that's places like Cosco etc).
Posted: 14:03 Wed 19-Sep-2007 by "sarah cowan"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: oh how i would love to these on the shelves again,i remember the fish n chips,n chicken n chips,and im sure they did burger n chips.oh im dribbling now ,lol
Posted: 16:59 Sun 23-Sep-2007 by "Spider Gill"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: Be great to have them back - There's too many 'healthy' crisps - whats the fun in eating something healthy when its not meant to be! Crisps by definition arent healthy and it ruins them to make them so! Im 40 and in excellent health (apart from a hiatus hernia caused by cider!) and Ive been eating crisps all my life - my cholesterol level is ultra low and im under weight for my height! So its about time manufacturers stopped ruining the taste of crisps by leaving stuff out and cooking them in crap healthy oils! Kids these days are in worse health than my generation were and we grew up with MSGs and allsorts of crap. Kids arent 'hyperactive' theyre just spoilt! Give us the option to eat proper crisps and leave the 'healthy' stuff for people who want it - Bring back Fish and Chips and proper crisps full of MSG and all the other stuff and we'd be no worse for it!
Posted: 14:39 Mon 24-Sep-2007 by "lynsey" # permalink comment
Comment: Fish n
Posted: 09:05 Tue 25-Sep-2007 by "If you read this, I hate this" # permalink comment
Comment: OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!! IT'S YOU!!!!! IT'S YOU!!!!!- http://www.dond.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?t=6086&start=140 (Scroll to 3rd from bottom message down)... IT'S YOU. LYNSEY THE DORKUS MOLORKUS!!!! NERD!!!
Posted: 12:55 Wed 26-Sep-2007 by "Sarah" # permalink comment
Comment: My parents had a shop in Boston, Lincs from about 1978 until 1987, they sold Burton's 'Fish and Chips' (amongst other things). I didn't see them for years and then spotted some in a shop in Derbys. I had a bag for old times sake, but they weren't as nice as I remembered - I wonder if they were old stock (!).
Posted: 08:50 Thu 11-Oct-2007 by "Simon" # permalink comment
Comment: Last time i emailed Burton's (2 years back now) they told me they were out of production and had no immediate plans to bring them back due to low demand and sales. Now they brought the Wispa back due to high internet demand they may just decide to if enough ppl email and hound the guys at Burton's
Posted: 15:20 Fri 12-Oct-2007 by "danielle" # permalink comment
Comment: i realy loved those fish & chips snacks!! does any1 no where to get them from!! in north wales !!!!
Posted: 08:54 Sun 14-Oct-2007 by "Danny"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: Just bring them back, ive just sat and read all th above comments, plenty of people want them, including me!!!!!!!

Whats the email address for burtons?

Posted: 20:44 Sun 14-Oct-2007 by "Lila" # permalink comment
Comment: I have been craving them for years... bring back fish n chips!!!!
Posted: 16:26 Fri 26-Oct-2007 by "Nick" # permalink comment
Comment: I have been craving these for years. Why did they stop them!!! Im gonna creat a facebook group and get more people on the case!!!!
Posted: 14:38 Tue 27-Nov-2007 by "GIBSON" # permalink comment
Posted: 02:28 Wed 12-Dec-2007 by "Georgia" # permalink comment
Comment: noooo! they are like IMMENSE they were out snack of choice going to the cinema...they should so be brought back
Posted: 08:40 Wed 19-Dec-2007 by "Lou" # permalink comment
Comment: When I was pregnant with my second child that was my craving and just assumed you cant buy them anyone know where I can buy some? Alton Hampshire area?
Posted: 21:24 Sat 22-Dec-2007 by "lisa calvert" # permalink comment
Comment: anyone know where you can buy these crisps pudsey leeds west yorkshire
Posted: 12:01 Thu 27-Dec-2007 by "Millzy" # permalink comment
Comment: They are the tit's!
Posted: 08:36 Sat 29-Dec-2007 by "MARSETER CEEF" # permalink comment
Posted: 18:54 Mon 31-Dec-2007 by "stephanie" # permalink comment
Comment: great idea about the petition and the face book site! COME ON BURTONS.. WE WANT FISH AND CHIPS! WE WANT FISH AND CHIPS! come on, cave in to public demand!!!
Posted: 12:28 Tue 08-Jan-2008 by "asdasd" # permalink comment
Comment: aa
Posted: 19:12 Thu 17-Jan-2008 by "Terrum" # permalink comment
Comment: Why does everyone have to keep begging for these to come back or where to buy them. They're not going to get to you any faster. Just ask nicely.
Posted: 21:41 Sun 20-Jan-2008 by "Clare O'Callaghan" # permalink comment
Comment: These Snacks were delicious are they still around as I have not seen them in any shop for years. Can anyone tell me where I can buy them from please
Posted: 16:52 Thu 31-Jan-2008 by "Paul" # permalink comment
Comment: PLease bring them back, they were the best :-)
Posted: 19:52 Mon 11-Feb-2008 by "kerry" # permalink comment
Comment: anyone know if you can still get hold of "sainsburys burger bite crisps????
Posted: 04:05 Sun 24-Feb-2008 by "Flameo" # permalink comment
Comment: Oh my god.

These snacks owned big time! Not had any of them in years though...

I want some again. :( *drools*

Posted: 19:17 Sun 24-Feb-2008 by "ruth" # permalink comment
Comment: all sign the bring back burtons fish and chips petition online now
Posted: 19:23 Wed 27-Feb-2008 by "leah london"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: Somerfield used to sell these i was highly addictive when i was pregnant, 5yrs laer i get a craving i was telling my boyfriend about them we searched every store but none he never knew the fish and chips now i keep going on about them he wants to try, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bing them back ill buy enough to keep the business going lol
Posted: 23:56 Fri 29-Feb-2008 by "mags" # permalink comment
Comment: I have been craving for a while puff candy which I have just found and it was lovely now its burtons fish and chips have tried everywhere to get them
Posted: 10:54 Wed 26-Mar-2008 by "nic" # permalink comment
Comment: I was craving fish and chips whilst I was pregnant........and still am!!!!! Bring back the fish and chips pleeeeaaaaaassssssseeeeeeeeee!!

they used to sell them at Morrisons but I aint seen them for years! BRING THEM BACK PLEASE!

Posted: 12:07 Wed 02-Apr-2008 by "Charlie" # permalink comment
Comment: My husband is craving these old time crisps and don't know of anywhere we can buy them. If anyone knows of anywhere in Kent you can buy them please let us know...mmmmm
Posted: 15:44 Fri 04-Apr-2008 by "laurahanson27 (at!) yahoo.co.uk"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: Do you know where i can buy Walkers cheese snaps from or Burtons Chicken & Chips crisps? a fastr esponse would be greatly appreciated
Posted: 23:27 Fri 04-Apr-2008 by "AUNTYV" # permalink comment
Comment: Having a beach party and need to know where i can get fish n chips to put on the table. Cant go to the beach and not get fish n chips FALKIRK area please help.
Posted: 20:26 Fri 25-Apr-2008 by "leanne" # permalink comment
Comment: im pregnant and really craving a bag of fish n chips and chicken n chips, please tell me where i can get em from!!! leanne, wigan
Posted: 12:40 Fri 02-May-2008 by "Georgie" # permalink comment
Comment: I found a petition to bring back Fish n Chips, they need 1,000 signatures...get signing people!


Posted: 14:00 Thu 22-May-2008 by "Sarah Hope"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: Plezzzzzz bring back Fish and Chip snacks back burtons i used to buy bags of them cause they were so good its upsetting you cant find them nowhere.
Posted: 18:33 Mon 02-Jun-2008 by "Suet" # permalink comment
Comment: I am really cheesed off that Burtons stopped making Fish & Chips :( I used to buy the multi-packs in £Stretcher, but this was a while back. Maybe Burtons have an anniversary coming up, they could re release them like Opal Fruits for a while, then we can stock pile them!!!!!!!!!!
Posted: 19:02 Mon 02-Jun-2008 by "Tim" # permalink comment
Comment: Bring back Fish 'n' Chips THANK GOD I'm not the only one who wants them back Chicken 'n' Chips aswell. Burton's are crazy to have not made them again by now.
Posted: 17:34 Sat 14-Jun-2008 by "Nick" # permalink comment
Comment: nooooooooooooooo- ooooooooooooooo- ooooooooooooooo- ooooooooooooooo- ooooooooooooooo- ooooooooooooooo- i need these me and my girlfriend have some serious craving's for these little beauties.. i need some i need them right now,
Posted: 09:33 Sun 15-Jun-2008 by "carl" # permalink comment
Comment: yeah they were great sign this petition to bring em back http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/766332249
Posted: 14:29 Thu 10-Jul-2008 by "bethy" # permalink comment
Comment: Please please please bring these back, EVERYONE SIGN THE PETITION n make me smile again lol!! ;) seriously though this cravin will not go away.
Posted: 22:00 Thu 10-Jul-2008 by "carolann hall"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: please please please bring back fish and chip crisps and the chicken and chips they r a childhood fav and i want my children to try them
Posted: 02:13 Sun 13-Jul-2008 by "Dayzee" # permalink comment
Comment: NEEDS FISH AND CHIPS!! Used to be sold in Trago Mills in the south west..but unsure now...
Posted: 11:50 Mon 14-Jul-2008 by "Helen Sutherland" # permalink comment
Comment: I loved Burtons Fish & Chips crisps. Bring them back. They were great.
Posted: 15:28 Tue 15-Jul-2008 by "chris lownds"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: pleeeeeease bring back fish and chips, i can't stop thinking about them!!!!
Posted: 11:29 Thu 17-Jul-2008 by "Kat" # permalink comment
Comment: Please please please please please bring back fish n chips and chicken n chips. I absolutely LOVE them and would make my year. pleeeeeeeeeeease!!!!!
Posted: 18:14 Sun 27-Jul-2008 by "Fraggle" # permalink comment
Comment: Fish & Chips I started thinking about these last night.... Strange eh... So I go on the web to find out how to get some and I'm throughly saddened to here they are no longer... Please bring them back...
Posted: 01:11 Mon 28-Jul-2008 by "jimmy s" # permalink comment
Comment: fantastic snacks. i remember having two multipacks when playing double dragon on my spectrum and eating them all and then feeling quite ill but it was worth every second. i wish there was some way to make them at home because burtons say no :(
Posted: 11:56 Tue 05-Aug-2008 by "john ongley" # permalink comment
Comment: yeah they were one of the best snacks, do you remember the chicken 'n' chips they did as well??

they were still nice but not as moreish

bring them all back even the 5p bags of meanie crisps lol

Posted: 12:41 Tue 12-Aug-2008 by "mee" # permalink comment
Comment: hawww my nights are not the same without em :'(

id give up walkers to have em back

plz brin em bakkkkkkkkkk

Posted: 21:34 Sat 23-Aug-2008 by "ceej" # permalink comment
Comment: pleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssseeeeee somebody find a way to get them back i'm about dying. I NEEED some Burton's Fish n Chips. Might ask Walkers to make em :(
Posted: 16:23 Tue 26-Aug-2008 by "ian huxstep" # permalink comment
Comment: if you can still buy fish and chips crisps can you please email me on ian (at!) huxstep.fslife.co.uk thanx so i can buy some i have missed them!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted: 20:07 Fri 29-Aug-2008 by "alan hart " # permalink comment
Comment: lol how meny years has this forum been goin on you think that they would of got the hint by now, BRING THEM BACK YOU BULLYS!!!
Posted: 20:15 Fri 29-Aug-2008 by "alan hart" # permalink comment
Comment: type in google "Bring Back Burtons' Fish and Chips!" it comes up with a Petition that you can sign!!
Posted: 18:24 Mon 01-Sep-2008 by "Louise kenneally" # permalink comment
Comment: They're part of our childhood, iv thought about them atleast once a month since last having them! need them now!

Posted: 10:41 Sat 13-Sep-2008 by "Kirsty" # permalink comment
Comment: Please bring them back, they were the best crisps ever!!!
Posted: 16:24 Sun 14-Sep-2008 by "ben from norwich" # permalink comment
Comment: please someone tell me where to get these in norwich iv been looking 4 them 4 years!!!
Posted: 18:41 Mon 15-Sep-2008 by "Jodee Spamalot" # permalink comment
Comment: plz tell us if u find em in the hertfordshire area! jo.dilley (at!) ntlworld.com :o) plz reply soon! (at!)
Posted: 19:26 Mon 15-Sep-2008 by Zeddy # permalink comment
Comment: All Somerfields are now stocking these with a BOGOF offer.
Posted: 12:24 Mon 22-Sep-2008 by "Claire Jackson" # permalink comment
Comment: I cannot find these fish 'n chips anywhere!! Please can anyone help me locate them?!! I live in East London. Many thanks, Claire (claire_471 (at!) hotmail.com)
Posted: 22:33 Mon 22-Sep-2008 by "Vanessa" # permalink comment
Comment: Can someone please tell me where to buy the Fish n Chips from! I live in Southport near Liverpool and I always talk about the yummy snack. I've tried to find them but no such luck as yet :(
Posted: 11:20 Thu 25-Sep-2008 by "Rob McKay"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: I recently emailed Burtons about Fish n chips and this is the response I got:

Thank you for your e.mail. A few years ago Fish'n'chips were considered for re-launch as part of a retro revival but this was never taken forward. Burton's Foods have now moved away from the production of savoury snacks to concentrate on sweet biscuit production.

Sorry we cannot be of more help to you on this occasion but thank you for showing an interest in one of our products.

Kind regards

Jean Huddlestone Consumer Services Department Burton's Foods Ltd

What else can we do to try and get these fab crisps back on the market!!! Any suggestions??

Posted: 15:44 Thu 25-Sep-2008 by "Claire millar"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: Oh my god, I cant take this anymore, i really NEED these crisps. I have been looking for years. I am now going to start a group on facebook to bring these back. Please look on facebook for the group and join. I gonna get so many names and send it off to Burton's Foods Ltd as a apetition to bring em back Please help me.
Posted: 21:39 Sat 27-Sep-2008 by "sparky & vixx" # permalink comment
Comment: we NEED to get these crisps back on the shelves off britian ASAP
Posted: 10:35 Fri 03-Oct-2008 by "Lia " # permalink comment
Comment: These biscuits should come back! i really miss them, they were amazing! im going to e-mail them and ask how to make them myself
Posted: 16:17 Mon 06-Oct-2008 by "Nikki" # permalink comment
Comment: OMG finally i found ppl who share my love of these amazing snacks!!! i love em so much entered the walkers do me a flavour comp just to try and get something at least in the same league as them..... bet i dont win hehe xx
Posted: 12:34 Tue 07-Oct-2008 by "Gemma"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: I live in wolverhampton and cannot find theses crisps any where, i love them, last time i had them must have been 10 years ago...where can i get them from
Posted: 11:59 Thu 09-Oct-2008 by "Steph" # permalink comment
Comment: I have just been searching the net for Potato Puffs and Fish n Chips!! Totally gutted you can't get them anymore!! I LOVED them!! :(
Posted: 13:21 Thu 09-Oct-2008 by "Louise" # permalink comment
Comment: I am so gutted i have been craving fish and chips for weeks and start to look for them in shops and now i am being told they are no more bring them back please
Posted: 19:30 Fri 10-Oct-2008 by "Samantha - PETITION to bring back fish n chips crisp" # permalink comment
Comment: Hey every1 Ive started a petition 2 bring back Burton's Fish and Chips Crisp on my facebook (samantha whetton,manchester network) PLEASE COME AND JOIN IT....ALL WELCOME
Posted: 14:19 Sat 01-Nov-2008 by "stacey" # permalink comment
Comment: i really want these crisps again, its been so long!!!we need to contact another company to make them if Burtons are no longer interested in these delightful products, then they can weep when they realise how much profit they have lost!!!
Posted: 16:47 Fri 07-Nov-2008 by "Scoobyjane"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: bring back FISH 'N' CHIPS.....my sanity depends on it!!!!!!
Posted: 20:44 Sat 15-Nov-2008 by "marie" # permalink comment
Comment: bring back fish n chips cant buy them anywhere round here marie s,yorkshire
Posted: 20:53 Sat 15-Nov-2008 by "kim davis" # permalink comment
Comment: hello my names is kim davis and i need some fish and chips so please bring them back i need to eat some now
Posted: 13:17 Mon 17-Nov-2008 by "JENNY ROACH"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Posted: 00:45 Thu 20-Nov-2008 by "joan" # permalink comment
Comment: how can i buy these crisps
Posted: 00:37 Tue 25-Nov-2008 by "darren" # permalink comment
Comment: if they dont want to make them anymore why dont we find someone willing to buy reciepe from them like walkers or something
Posted: 20:05 Mon 01-Dec-2008 by "simon" # permalink comment
Comment: i live on the isle of wight an use to love them when i was lil cantget them here now
Posted: 11:27 Wed 14-Jan-2009 by "michelle tideswell" # permalink comment
Comment: hi i loved fish and chips can u still get them? and im on a mission to find potato puffs they did them in beef,gorgeous!!!!!!!! if anyone knows where they r tell me.
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