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Click pic to view comments Friday face-off: Mars vs Cadbury
Posted: 09:19 Fri 05-09-2003.
Snackspot reports: Results of last week's debate were far more unanimous than usual, with nearly everyone saying that they had favourite products that they didn't seem to make any more, or that had become impossible to find in the shops, and that crisp giants Walkers were somehow ultimately to blame. And I think Adrian hit the nail on the head when he noted: "The treats of the now seem more and more to be variations of currently existing treats... It's a bit like Hollywood remaking proven hits."

...Anyway, on to this week's tasty topic: in the wake of extensive rebranding exercises from both companies, do you prefer the chocolate of Mars' Galaxy or Cadbury's Dairy Milk? Do you agree that, for instance, Creme Eggs should only be made from Cadbury's chocolate, but occasionally crave the slightly smokier taste of a Galaxy Ripple or a Minstrel? Are you one of those connoisseurs taken in by the exotic claims of premium brands like Green and Black? Were you one of the many apparently unimpressed by innovations like Nestle Double Cream (now widely available at knock-down prices across the nation)? And do you also use Snackspot's ultimate criterion when trying a new kind of chocolate: how faintly does it taste of sick?


Posted: 14:09 Fri 05-09-2003 by "lmv" # permalink comment
Comment: Dont forget the chocolate egg marvel that is the Galaxy Truffle egg. A different idea to the classic Creme Egg but excellent none the less.

If you want to judge CDM and Galaxy then ask the simple question; "How sick did you feel after eating all of the Supersize 1Kg bars they used to do a while back".

Galaxy; Choppy ferry crossing.

CDM; Heavy Turbulence over the Alps.

Oh, and Nestle double cream is revolting. Tastes like choclote invented by someone who read about it in a book once but never ate it themselves...

Posted: 14:51 Fri 05-09-2003 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: I always thought that Nestle Double Cream was an attempt to reposition what was basically a Yorkie bar for women (after they'd discouraged female Yorkie purchasers with their "It's not for girls" campaign, of course)

Never had the chance to do blind taste-tests on the two brands to prove it, though...

Posted: 16:36 Fri 05-09-2003 by "pcg" # permalink comment
Comment: Gotta be Cadbury's every time. That said at least Galaxy is something resembling chocolate, unlike the evil that is a Hershey bar.
Posted: 17:37 Fri 05-09-2003 by "bob" # permalink comment
Comment: Cadbury every time, thers no chocolate like it in my order it goes (out of 10): Cadbury 10/10 harrods 9/10 thortons 9/10 nestle 4/10 Hersheys 3/10
Posted: 18:01 Fri 05-09-2003 by "Stuart Campbell" # permalink comment
Comment: Under a little-known clause of the Mental Health Act, expressing a preference for the heavy, oversweetened Dairy Milk rather than smooth, delicious Galaxy actually legally classifies you as "a freak". Just a warning, there.
Posted: 04:07 Sat 06-09-2003 by "Adrian" # permalink comment
Comment: The quality of the chocolate is not really something I consider when buying a chocolate bar - it's more to do with the whole bar experience ie. biscuit, filling, etc. If you want to buy quality chocolate, then go for something like Haigh's - http://www.haighschocolates.com/dir29/ws.nsf/Publish/23672
Posted: 08:41 Sat 06-09-2003 by "charl" # permalink comment
Comment: it's a mood thing. would be more likely to go for a dm variety than a galaxy because there is more choice. but galaxy is great when required. caramac is the best however. when i was a kid i had a dairy milk badge with the end of the plastic bar peeping out from the foil wrapper. nestle's vile attempt at chocolate (and i'm under no illusions about the quality of dm or galaxy here) tasted like the corner of that badge.
Posted: 15:31 Sat 06-09-2003 by "steve" # permalink comment
Comment: Galaxy every time - smoother and much less cloying than Dairy Milk. Of course, if it's a case of true choc quality then the only real option is to get out to France and stock up on 1848 dark chocolate.
Posted: 10:30 Sun 07-09-2003 by "Phil" # permalink comment
Comment: Although Ripples are the greatest chocolate bar ever, I'm more likely to buy Cadburys because of the wider variety. Galaxy doesn't make anything comparable with a Double Decker or Mint Wispa.
Posted: 13:56 Sun 07-09-2003 by "bob" # permalink comment
Comment: sorry phil but there are no more mint wispas its now just dairy milk bubble
Posted: 17:50 Sun 07-09-2003 by "Choccieman"
(apparently posting from 81-86-154-129.dsl.pipex.com) # permalink comment
Comment: I've always been a fan of galaxy's smoothness over cadbury sweetness. As previously stated 'proper' chocolate is obtainable from the continent and is far better than either (Lindt is about as close as you can usually get in the supermarket). Nestle is really sickly but works well in many of their products (I quite like double cream, but maybe I'm in a minority).
Posted: 17:38 Mon 08-09-2003 by "Daveybaby" # permalink comment
Comment: I like both... but i feel sick after too much galaxy, whereas i can eat several kilos of cadburys fruit & nut without any problem.

Green & Blacks is in a different league though. Their 'Maya Gold' is fantastic, and their 'darker' milk choccy is just... dirty. I feel sick after about 1 square of that. But in a good way.

Nestle's chocolate has always tasted of plastic, double cream just tastes of extra creamy plastic. As for hersheys... i never knew it was actually possible to make chocolate taste unpleasant, but obviously after several million $ in R&D they somehow managed to do so.

Posted: 14:25 Wed 10-09-2003 by "machiavellian" # permalink comment
Comment: British 'chocolate' is absolutely diabolical these days! I used to love Dairy Milks, about six years ago; now they have no substance to them whatsoever. I hate the VEGELATE ('chocolate') crap in this septic isle. My local 'Mr Patel's', has some scruptious chocolate, imported from Spain- distributed by 'Bobby's'. It has smartie-like, crispy shelled discs, encased in REAL milk CHOCOLATE!! No British NWO muck for me!!! Has anyone tried a Yorkie lately?? They're NOTHING like they used to be. British vegelate just disintegrates in the mouth, virtually straight away. Vegetable fat and sugar!! YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted: 14:28 Wed 10-09-2003 by "machiavellian" # permalink comment
Comment: Oh yeah, Mars Bars are revolting too these days! Stick to imported chocolate from Europe! American chocolate is even worse than ours.
Posted: 10:48 Thu 11-09-2003 by "Tez and kel"
(apparently posting from cached.tctrust.net) # permalink comment
Comment: we love The creamyness of galaxy, it so desireable. Its sweet and yummy taste make's us never want to stop eating it.yummy yummy yummy we've got love in our tummy's. (perhaps galaxy should bring out some different products)
Posted: 22:07 Thu 11-09-2003 by "cokeco" # permalink comment
Comment: Or we should all face facts plain choccie is soooo boring! We all want cripy things, caramel, malted, nutty etc. Thats why I stick to the pick and mix bin at woolies.(When I have those albiet rare chocolate cravings) Except at Christmas when for some reason you can buy nicer chocolates as if our tastebuds somehow improve with the holidays.
Posted: 12:50 Fri 03-10-2003 by "Elaine" # permalink comment
Comment: it was a really good site but there could have been more pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Posted: 09:52 Thu 09-10-2003 by "eamonn" # permalink comment
Comment: i love sucking it really hard
Posted: 13:36 Mon 22-03-2004 by "ChoccaholicVegan" # permalink comment
Comment: did some one say (not Cadburys) vegan chocolate creme egg in four flavours - coffee, mint, blackcurrant and orange?

Too early for april fool's day.

I'm in the queue.

Please post details tohttp://www.worldveganday.org

Posted: 11:34 Thu 15-Dec-2005 by "Robbie Mcwilliams"
(apparently posting from hide.essex.e2bn.org) # permalink comment
Comment: Galaxy, theres so much more to it. i couldnt eat a hole bar of cadbury but i could eat a hole bar of galaxy. Yummy
Posted: 09:16 Fri 16-Dec-2005 by "b" # permalink comment
Comment: The nicest chocolate in th world is the Irish Cadburys. It rules over any other version, and i have to buy it in bulk to keep me and all my friends happy!
Posted: 20:19 Wed 22-Feb-2006 by "jahjah"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: what is irish cadburys? cadburys is for ppl with unrefined tastebuds. it is rough and sugary, whereas galaxy is so smooth. but as for cadbury doing a wide range, in fact galaxy is only a products in the mars range. maltesars are from mars after all and lots of other yum ones, though admittedly the range is somewhat limited. it would only be fair to make comparisons between cadburys and mars, or dairy milk and galaxy chocolate, not cadburys and galaxy chocolate. anyhow, the best chocolate is actually lindt. its so delicate, whereas both galaxy and dairymilk have an sort of stodginess about them. u need only check out the ingredients to know which is higher quality and hence tastier!
Posted: 23:46 Thu 23-Feb-2006 by "Marc" # permalink comment
Comment: Irish Cadburys? What is it it? Green chocolate and Leprechauns instead of Freddos?
Posted: 10:44 Fri 24-Feb-2006 by ""the laxative effect""
(apparently posting from hide.beds.e2bn.org) # permalink comment
Comment: i personally prefer carrots as i feel that have superior qualities in helping me see in the dark, and they r so yummy...xxx
Posted: 22:20 Sun 05-Mar-2006 by "Jane" # permalink comment
Comment: get a grip - cadburys, nestle, mars - all their chocolate is nasty vegetable fatted rubbish. both Tescos and Waitrose come up with cheaper but far superior chocolate bars - and the Tescos one is only 50p for 200g. try them!
Posted: 15:35 Wed 14-Jun-2006 by "Padraic" # permalink comment
Comment: Who does this Marc think he is? If he bothered to take his presumably English blinkers off her might take a trip to Ireland and taste Irish Dairy Milk for himself. It knocks socks off the nasty brown candy that Cadbury UK pass off as Chocolate. 26703 8 28
Posted: 08:29 Sat 29-Dec-2007 by "NUB" # permalink comment
Comment: go onhttp://www.goggle.com 4 phr33 st00f
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