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Click pic to view comments Fortnightly face-off: Sainsbury vs Tesco
Posted: 17:40 Fri 26-09-2003.
Snackspot reports: And I was as surprised as anyone when our last debate Who has the best snack foods - the UK, or the USA? turned out to be so overwhelmingly one-sided - in favour of the US! - with the former colony receiving plaudits for its "far greater variety of Skittles and Jolly Ranchers", while some even forgave Hershey's chocolate for its "acquired taste". Anyway, with the breaking news Morrisons gets green light (to purchase Safeway), it seems like as good a time as any to discuss supermarket preferences (hey, will Morrisons be purchasing all the US Safeway stores as well?) with this fortnight's question: If you had the choice, would you rather shop at Sainsbury's or Tesco?

...I myself have long been a Sainsbury's fan, but that's partly because there's one just up the road where I live. I did once live near a Tesco which sold "Value" Swiss Rolls for about 18p each, while some of the Sainsbury's own-brand products are a bit deranged (eg: the "Be good to yourself" range - does that mean everything else they sell is actively detrimental to your health?) And of course they've tested all their customers' loyalty with their ongoing endorsements from Jamie Oliver (900k Quicktime), who even appears on the back of a packet of mint I bought recently, proclaiming that he is "absolutely doolally about herbs". Well, to import ordinary garden mint from Colombia and charge about 90p for it, I guess you'd have to be.


Posted: 20:09 Fri 26-09-2003 by "Alex" # permalink comment
Comment: Tesco's definitely. Sainsburys only stock foods which you can find anywhere else.

Tescos seem to have items like the relaunch of Tropical jelly Babies, Haribo Cookie and an unconfirmed sighting of Pepsi blue.


Shame there isn't one near me

Posted: 21:24 Fri 26-09-2003 by "choccieman"
(apparently posting from 81-86-154-129.dsl.pipex.com) # permalink comment
Comment: Being someone who shops at a 24hour tesco's you might be surprised that I actually prefer Sainsburys. Purely from a variety/quality point of view though. I find our local 'big' sainsburys has far better variety of snack food and the in-store bakery is far better than tesco's despite being smaller. Yeah Tesco's is cheaper for everyday stuff but I find they're often very slow on the uptake of new products (took them at least 2 weeks longer to get the new B+J's flavour), and if you're in the mood for spoiling yourself food wise you'll always find something tempting hidden away on sainsburys crampt shelves.

I'd say that people will probably find bigger stores to be better no matter which chain they are, although in my case sainsburys is smaller than tesco's yet still has better food. Perhaps there is a mathematical 'middle-size' store that results in the best of both worlds?

Posted: 23:34 Fri 26-09-2003 by "Jamie " # permalink comment
Comment: We haven't got a local Sainsbury's...So I'm quite gutted that Morrison's have the 'go ahead' to take over Safeway...I guess our local Safeway will close as we already have a Morrison's within a couple of miles...on another note our new 'Tesco Express' opens in a few weeks, lets hope it's an improvement on the 'One Stop' store that superseeded it!!!
Posted: 15:59 Sat 27-09-2003 by "Kaptain Korolev" # permalink comment
Comment: Definitely prefer Sainsbury's, Tesco simply doesn't give the level of choice that Sainsbury's has. Worse still Tesco never seem to give out free samples, no shopping trip is complete without some free snacking around the store.

Posted: 23:20 Sun 28-09-2003 by "charl" # permalink comment
Comment: tesco's. sainsbury's are trying too hard and don't do 24hr. morrisons is great for ice cream variety. and the fact you can fill the salad bar tubs with just bacon bits. bargain.
Posted: 02:24 Mon 29-09-2003 by "Peter" # permalink comment
Comment: I tried Sainsbury's a couple of times and the range they had on offer was very limited and ended up going to Asda to fill in the blanks.

Now I just shop at Asda, very good range and open 24hrs when you need a couple of items.

Posted: 12:24 Mon 29-09-2003 by "alleycat" # permalink comment
Comment: Only 2 days ago was my Tesco giving out free samples!

I have a big Sainsburys and a big Tescos near me and have extensivly shopped at both.

Sainsburys definatly has better quality food. No doubt about that but in my experience Tesco has the wider range.

Put that with Tescos much cheaper prices and you forgive it for having 80% of Sainsburys quality. And Tescos ready made stuff is exactly on par with Sainsburys ready made stuff. But Tescos own brand crisps and biscuits etc is slightly better than Sainsburys.

And its open 24 hours!

Posted: 22:05 Tue 30-09-2003 by "cokeco" # permalink comment
Comment: Well personally I think that UK supermarkets are just not up to scratch! There certainly is not enough variety and there are far too many crisps and sweets. However, if I have to choose I would say Tesco because why pay more when you don't have to? The only good Sainsbury's are the huge ones, and they are few and far between.
Posted: 19:29 Fri 03-10-2003 by "Bel" # permalink comment
Comment: Definitely Sainsbury's!

Tesco does a naughty, which is to really hype a branded item, then suddenly stop carrying the name brand and replace it with store brand at the same price.

And Tesco often charges a higher price for value packs--just compare the price per 100g and you'll see they often go up the bigger the pack!

Plus our local Tesco has a big problem with their freezer cabinets. They break every week or two. Instead of discarding the thawed food, they transfer it to another cabinet and refreeze it. YUCK! I picked up "liquid" ice cream on more than one occasion until we switched to Sainsbury's.

Posted: 19:34 Fri 03-10-2003 by "Alex" # permalink comment
Comment: Actually, I prefer newsagents to supermarkets.

There's one near me, which has all the latest things first. Wild Berry skittles(when they came out), T+T, which is virtually non-existant in supermarkets, Cadbury's Swirl, Flake Dipped(yet to see it anywhere else), Cherry Airwaves, Ham Sensations, Leicester Cheese and Chives crisps( seeing I live near Leeds), Spicy Space Raiders.

Not bad. It also has bargains, and rarely seen items.

However, saying that, I picked up Banoffeeade from Morrisons today.

I'll submit it later.

Posted: 15:31 Sat 04-10-2003 by "Dave" # permalink comment
Comment: From my experience, Sainsbury's has better quality bread compared with Tesco's but my local Tesco's has a better (and cheaper) range of frozen foods so it's really horses for courses.
Posted: 21:36 Mon 06-10-2003 by "cokeco" # permalink comment
Comment: Supermarkets are not allowed to refreeze food if it thaws out. They are required to throw it out. Also the Tescos store brand as far as I have ever noted it has always been cheaper and they always carry the name brand and thier own. Anyways who buys the supermarket store brands blech!
Posted: 16:14 Wed 08-10-2003 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: Alex has a point (a couple of comments up) - when I eventually get round to doing an FAQ for the site, I'm going to pass on some advice I once heard from that NiceCupofTea guy: supermarkets aren't that great at picking up new products, as presumably they have an entire bureaucracy that needs to be persuaded that they're a good thing, whereas often it takes just one bold indepependent CTN (confectioner/ tobacconist/ newsagent) owner to unleash a revolution!
Posted: 16:34 Sun 14-03-2004 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: quite a funny article from the Guardian on Friday about "What your supermarket says about you" - when clearly one of the major factors in deciding which chain to visit is: "Which one is closest to you?"


Posted: 21:58 Sun 14-03-2004 by "charl" # permalink comment
Comment: since when is chicken tikka masala the recognised comestible price indicator? totally with you on the location thing though, snackspot, unless you're a wanker like the guy in the article at waitrose...
Posted: 22:13 Sun 14-03-2004 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: yeah, though the weird thing is: the Finchley Road Waitrose and Sainsbury's mentioned in the article "just happen" to be the two closest to where I live!
Posted: 23:26 Sun 14-03-2004 by "charl" # permalink comment
Comment: coincidence, journalistic nepotism, or something more sinister? :)
Posted: 12:21 Mon 15-03-2004 by "Mike Gray" # permalink comment
Comment: Having visited my friend in London last week (who also happens to have both Waitrose and Sainsbury's as the nearest) I was astounded by the cost of Waitrose! So despite the longer walk, Sainsbury's won out.
Posted: 12:24 Mon 15-03-2004 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: It's not the o2 centre Sainsbury's is it? To be honest, I often end up walking the extra distance to go there because the range of products is so huge (the biggest Sainsbury's in central London, I believe...)
Posted: 14:40 Mon 15-03-2004 by "Mike Gray" # permalink comment
Comment: The Waitrose at Gloucester Road is the one in question.
Posted: 21:46 Wed 17-03-2004 by "cokeco" # permalink comment
Comment: Plus, more celebs shop at the o2 center Sainsbury's.
Posted: 23:59 Wed 17-03-2004 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: no kidding, I saw Johnny Vegas there once - who've you seen?
Posted: 11:53 Thu 18-03-2004 by "KKusum "
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: i preffer asda better than any of these. this is due to asda being nearer to my house. tesco is far away and i cant be bothered to go to sainsbury's which i have heard is too expensive.
Posted: 14:13 Thu 18-03-2004 by "not into waitrose" # permalink comment
Comment: I am an O2 centre shopper too - I just love the turtle and find it amusing that they play cicada noises so you feel like you are outside somewhere hot on a summer evening instead of heading down to do your boring grocery shopping in Sainsburys. I just wanted to say that my experience of the Finchley road Waitrose was not of well-dressed people politely manouvering - it was of well-dressed people rudely manouvering, one even got cross with me for going by after she stood back to let me by - most confusing, silly posh tart that she was!!
Posted: 23:22 Sun 21-03-2004 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: the turtle's great, isn't it? I think they should consider opening up an entire aquarium attraction, possibly in place of the (regularly refurbished?) Smolensky's?
Posted: 15:23 Mon 05-04-2004 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: don't really want to open up this can of worms again, but one real advantage Waitrose has over Sainsbury's is that they still use wire baskets. These seem to stay cleaner than Sainsbury's plastic ones, which are like a game of Russian Roulette - but with a slightly higher chance of ending up clutching the side of your head going "What's that? Urrrgghhhh..."
Posted: 00:07 Mon 19-04-2004 by "checkoutwench" # permalink comment
Comment: OMG Ive just read all of these comments and no1 has mentioned the difference in level of customer service at Sainsbury's! As a Sainsbury's employee I am paid much less than a Tesco employee and am expected to 'scan and pack', smile, make polite conversation, and ask every customer if they have a nectar card. This week I know of 5people on my department who had disciplinary hearing because they did not adhear to our 'cashier guidelines'. Come on ppl, we know it doesnt make that much difference 2 u in the grand scheme of things, but wen u think how many times we have 2 do it in an 8hour shift, and how many times we have 2 fake laugh at the same joke atleast 10times a day a little gratitude wudnt go a miss! Or maybe u do prefer tesco where the maximum interaction with customers is a grunt!
Posted: 09:57 Mon 19-04-2004 by "Flameproof" # permalink comment
Comment: Wench, what sort of jokes do you have to put up with? As a former bank cashier, my favourite was always "only just, though!" when you'd counted out their cash for them...
Posted: 10:02 Mon 19-04-2004 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: you have my sympathies, especially cos most of the time i don't actually want sainsbury's staff to have to indulge in forced banter with me - or indeed take ages to pack my groceries (is it just me, or has the TV ad now subtly changed this claim to "pack your first few groceries" or something along those lines...?)

also, isn't trying to make up interesting places where you might be going on holiday this year often by far the most traumatic part of going for a haircut?

Posted: 00:50 Tue 20-04-2004 by "Checkoutwench" # permalink comment
Comment: Yeah they changed the wording of the ads cos sum1 sued wen a cashier didnt pack three of their items! Which is y if we r caught not scanning and packing we face a disciplinary hearing! I have to admit that wen scan and pack was introduced we did used 2 ask the customer if they wanted 'a hand with their packing', knowing that most would say no, and either take ages or pack really badly if they said yes; but now we're not allowed 2 ask, and we have to scan and pack automatically so we all just get on with it and try and do it as quickly and as efficiently as possible cos god knows that at the end of the day we wanna get the customer away from us as quickly as possible! (Not that ud guess with our fake smiles and polite small talk!)

And as for the most common joke, its probably wen u ask a customer if they r saving their rewards on their nectar card, and they respond with 'yes, not that i know wat 4' followed by a silly little laugh. Now i have resorted to giving the customer a leaflet outlining wat they can spend their rewards on, just so that i will not have 2 do the same fake laugh wen they say the same thing the next week!

Posted: 10:55 Tue 20-04-2004 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: wow, this is alarming stuff Checkoutwench - and explains a lot of the bizarre "I don't know why we're having this conversation either" chats I've had with cashiers recently. Are the "cashier guidelines" written down? - if you send me a copy (via the submit sightings page, you don't even have to give an email address, though I'd advise not doing it from a work PC) then maybe I could take it up with Sainsbury's?

Also, in defence of the bemused customer, it's hard to come up with really original material when you unexpectedly find yourself having a checkout chat (well, not without falling back on classic standbys like "why do trolleys always have one wobbly wheel?" and - less common nowadays - "why do parents bring their kids to supermarkets to spank them instead of doing it at home?")

Posted: 18:16 Tue 20-04-2004 by "college project" # permalink comment
Comment: i must admit this is the funniest conversation on customer service i have ever seen, im doing a project on tesco customer service, and all my friends who work there seem to enjoy it, do they have a similar guideline policy at tesco?
Posted: 23:06 Thu 06-05-2004 by "Mark" # permalink comment
Comment: In regards to the Sainsbury employee guy... I am a Tesco employee and I'm a cusomter assistant. Our customer service is good too... We're expected to 'pack the first bag' and do this like 'ECOH' which is Every Customer Offered Help and SOS which is "say hello, offer help, and say goodbye" if not you're discaplinary (so they say!) we also have 'ecoh heathchecks' where a person watches you like every week, without you knowing.

But I love working at Tesco, and the pay is good. Most of the customers are really nice and we just got TescoTV in our store... which is 42 Widescreen Plasma screens hanging down from the ceilings! with the news, weather, tips, recipies and stuff on them. These are going into 300 stores. I hope this helps you with your project!

Posted: 02:28 Tue 29-Jun-2004 by "tescocashier" # permalink comment
Comment: i read all the comments and i agree with half of you. ive works with tescos for a few years now on the checkouts, maybe any of you that work on the checkout will probally think this too. all the lazy customers that say yes to packing don't lift thier fingers, even if there are people with them they will just stare. i get pissed off when i pack for customers pass the bag down and then they put it into a bag with something else, i think why should i pack for you when your just gonna rearrange it when the way i did it was fine. also whats the point of the signatures on the back of cards when all you do is ask a customer to sign it and they dont match up, then you call a supervisor and they say its fine. in tescos we have to ask if customers like any help packing, but we have to scan and pack which slows us down, if the customers pack while we scan we can get rid of them alot faster. i also like it when you ask an ignorant customer if they like help packing about 100 times and they still dont answer. i get a customer that moans if you want to socialise with the cashier behind/infront of you when working, wot are we surposed to do, die of bordom while surving horrible people like them. also i dont think cashiers should pack, if they wont us to pack then they should pay us the same rate as a tescos packer as well as a cashiers rate. sainsburys workers i feel sorry for all of you. by the way how much do you get paid, we get about £6.13 an hour in a weeks time before £5.96. customers moan about having to pack one lot of shopping, come on people us cashiers have to pack at least 15 an hour, which in one week for me is about 510+ as well as my own shopping and them lazy sods have to pack about 1 or 2 shops a week.
Posted: 20:02 Tue 20-Jul-2004 by "sainsburyscashier" # permalink comment
Comment: hey tesco, THANKYOU! I couldnt agree more with you! we have that whole scan and pack thing, its rediculos, we now have to scan 268 items per hour and have no more than 5customers in a line - and some customers r SO rude and ignornat it makes me wanna shoot em! oh and i only get 4,92ph ROCK ON ALL CASHIERS XXlol
Posted: 11:17 Mon 02-Aug-2004 by "lilly" # permalink comment
Comment: used to work for sainsbury's- woz okay becoz no one does anything properly and no one gets any blame put on them at any time during the job- in my store people were nicking money and being rude to customers and no one did anything!! shocking- however if u do your job well it grinds you down coz its so repetitive!!
Posted: 23:11 Sun 17-Oct-2004 by "Ni/\/j (at!) " # permalink comment
Comment: Tesco, sainsburys are all crap! Asda is d best has lots of range of products in sotre and are ranged at great prices and r gr88 quality and closest 2 my house.
Posted: 15:28 Mon 18-Oct-2004 by "holyhoses" # permalink comment
Comment: I prefer Sainsbury's, but found that my weekly shop in tesco was typically, not £10, not £20, but around £40 per week cheaper. Which is like "buy two, get one free" in terms of your monthly budget. Secretly, I prefer Waitrose, if only for their ability to directly target middle-class (i.e. same thing but slightly more expensive) tastes. For example, olive and walnut wood barbecue briquettes. Or fresh custard flavoured with madagascar vanilla. And all their eggs are free range and/or specialist.
Posted: 19:47 Mon 18-Oct-2004 by "Sandy" # permalink comment
Comment: Tescos are rubbish cos whenever any good offers are on they have no stock!
Posted: 15:16 Thu 04-Nov-2004 by "peter" # permalink comment
Comment: your all pathetic
Posted: 18:08 Sat 06-Nov-2004 by "hah" # permalink comment
Comment: we may be pathetic but we all know that...

your means "belonging to you"


you're means "you are"

Posted: 22:48 Sat 06-Nov-2004 by "Mark" # permalink comment
Comment: If tesco are out of stock on a special offer, go to the customer service desk and they'll give you a promise voucher. Which lets you get the product on the special offer price... even if the offer has finished.
Posted: 01:05 Sun 14-Nov-2004 by "zvi" # permalink comment
Comment: sainsburys do that too!!
Posted: 02:06 Sun 14-Nov-2004 by "clownfarmer" # permalink comment
Comment: Tesco's have recently started stocking a range of crisps called "Great British flavours". These are Roast Beef & Horseradish (not bad - sadly nothing like the Brannigans rip-off the name implies), Cumberland Sausage in Onion Gravy (excellent, very sausagey!) and Roast Pork & Apple Sauce (taste somewhere between Christmas Dinner and bile.) The texture on the sausage crisps makes them particularly tasty.
Posted: 02:19 Fri 19-Nov-2004 by "mr_steve100" # permalink comment
Comment: Firstly, thanks goes to Snackpot for the info/link to The Gaurdian - very useful as I'm doing some work on Professional Social Groups and management stuff. Which then lead to all types of interesting, yet irrelevant, information. http://www.upmystreet.com - info about your town/postcode.

As for Tesco vs. Sainsbury's - as much as the latter seems 'better', Tesco is much more accessible in a way. In, out, shopping sorted. And they sell non-food products and lots of them too (except I haven't been to a Sainbury's in ages so don't shoot me if I'm wrong).

Oh, and Sainsbury's has that *ggggnnnnnn* fool of a Jamie Oliver. Pukka?!... "Just wizz it about."?!... I'll bloody pukking wizz you about, matey...

Posted: 09:12 Wed 03-Aug-2005 by "The Riddle" # permalink comment
Comment: Tesco's ROCKS!
Posted: 09:37 Wed 03-Aug-2005 by "Ofski Von Owsovic" # permalink comment
Comment: Tesco is clearly superior. I ate a maggot infestation (eggs and all) in some Sainsburys vegetable and they offered me £5 as compensation. Pathetic. Sainsburys hire rubbish staff - kids who can't even dribble right. Tesco hire bored housewives who live to please! AND... Tesco have the mightiest of mighty BOGOFs. I don't even bother going down the aisles - just straight down the middle and load up on the offers! Asda's allround low prices just don't cut it with me - I WANT SPECIAL OFFERS!!
Posted: 12:22 Wed 03-Aug-2005 by "A Sainsbury's Cashier" # permalink comment
Comment: I can assure the last poster that Sainsbury's don't hire "rubbish staff". Almost everyone who works as a cashier in my local Sainsbury's is at University and are significantly more educated than the average customer. We just finish Uni and be on our way; the staff turnover is massive. It is on this note that I come to the worst aspect of the job; the customer superiority complex. So many retarded customers believe they are somehow superior to everyone working in the store simply because they are shopping there. These are the same people who can't count their own money, moan about literally anything and think they own the store. Here a few examples of idiotic customers:

- One customer came back with a metal screw-cap bottle of wine with a corkscrew hole mangled into the top. The idiot thought it was a cork even though it couldn't have been more obvious that is wasn't.

- One customer fell over on a completely flat surface and claimed there was "a crack" that was to blame and was keen to bring compensation into the equation. The shoes this stupid woman was wearing were like 2 pieces of card with a string wrapped around them.

- Several customers believe it to be "disgusting" that we won't accept out-of-date money-off vouchers.

- A shocking number of customers believe that the coin-release trolleys actually keep the pound coin you put into it. WHERE DOES IT GO THEN? There isn't a large box on it to keep all the coins in as I'm sure you're all aware. They must think it is somehow magically transported to a secret money box in a parallel dimension or something. Also, being a trolley worker, it is surprising how many customers you see who can't accept basic laws of physics and even basic colour matching skills are regularly absent. There are two types of trolley, small orange-handled ones and large blue-handled ones. Despite the juvenile level of intelligence required to successfully return a trolley to the bay, many customers simply cannot comprehend why a large trolley won't push into a small one. I've seen some of them standing there for FIVE minutes attempting to push a large trolley into a small hole. Then you'll get some ignorant gits who refuse to put the smaller trolleys into the row of other smaller trolleys (colour matching skills) thus causing mayhem when other customers can't put their trolleys back because they're inexplicably all over the place.


Posted: 14:26 Wed 03-Aug-2005 by "Blondy" # permalink comment
Comment: I really like the new look Sainsburys in Clapham, London. I am sure I will get used to the fact that I can't find anything and the staff never seem to know where anything is. I love Vogley's Soya and Linseed bread but they always run out, perhaps they should order more.
Posted: 01:47 Sat 20-Aug-2005 by "A Tesco express worker" # permalink comment
Comment: Tescos is far superior to Sainsbury's in almost every way... NOT. Sainsbury's and tescos sell the same rubbish just in different packageing. i agree with the Sainsbury's worker about how the customers are total idiots, especially old women as they stand there counting there change and smile when they found something.... only for me to point out that they are so old they can no longer count, COMPUTERS DONT MAKE MISTAKES.

if you want to compare the two you must look at the workers, since i work at tescos and my mates work at Sainsbury's i see both sides, we shake up cans, they do, we make fun of customers, they do, we sell alcohol to friends who are under age, they do. we steal everything not nailed down, they do! it is the same in every store in the world. p.s. if you ever go to a tesco express i would be carefull not to buy doughnuts, if only you saw how we sugared them!, also, it is a lie that we constantly keep stuff that is supposed to be chilled/frozen cold, when we get an order it is left in the yard until it is finished even if its sunny, count in fag/talking/toilet breaks it can take up to 4 hours... yum yum.

Posted: 17:55 Sat 20-Aug-2005 by "jb" # permalink comment
Comment: I feel that I should recount the story that my kother told me. Yesterday evening she went to our local Sainsbury's and saw a woman eating straight from the salad bar. Beware of self-sevice in a supermarket, that is all I can say
Posted: 12:12 Wed 07-Dec-2005 by "SainsburysSvr" # permalink comment
Comment: Late comment, but "A tesco express worker", in response to selling alcohol to friends who are underage, and stealing things, you just need to grow up. That doesn't happen at every supermarket, it certainly doesn't happen at mine, I watch like an eagle for it. We've had one thief in a year, and even that was only stealing customer's nectar points, not stealing cash or products. With the new Think 21 scheme all of our staff, young and old, have embraced it. All of the 16/17/18 year olds ID people that look 18.

The crap that goes on out the back is just incompetenece of staff, and it really is appalling behaviour. To everyone, if you find broken eggs in the aisles, it's because out the back the staff kick the massive boxes the eggs come in and walk off laughing. They do it every time they walk past. That's why some are broken.

There are those of us who don't want this behaviour to continue, but due to the appalling way we are treated by management, we shant bother to go to the trouble/effort of telling on people, we shant be thanked or thought of any differently, except as a tell-tale by other staff.

Posted: 18:36 Sun 05-Feb-2006 by "ebeth" # permalink comment
Comment: This is HILARIOUS! I don't shop at Tescos of any kind, unless I am forced because they are the EVIL EMPIRE (I actually saw Darth Vadar unloading a truck) but I do like Sainsbury's. I like the Nectar card... It's cute. I, too, don't have any idea how to redeem the points, but I keep saving them up. I even use it for my energy bill. I am one of those FRIENDLY customers... I like to have a mini-chat with cashier because they look BORED! Why not? I don't think it hurts to require cashiers to be friendly ... I do think most big stores (like the 02 Centre) could use full-time packers. Most of the cashiers look miserable. And they AREN'T housewives... In London, most of the time they are Asian men. Same at the Tesco. I always smile and say hi. Why not? We are all human. And I pack my own groceries in a flash.

I do like the Ocado delivery service the best. Tesco and Sainsbury's are definitely lagging there.

Posted: 10:47 Mon 06-Feb-2006 by "Sandy" # permalink comment
Comment: Well I was in Sainsburys in Bath yesterday with the queues so bad they were going up the aisles and there was the checkout captain just stood there chatting with two other members of staff doing nothing when there were empty tills they could have got on!

Makes my blood boil...

Posted: 11:38 Mon 06-Feb-2006 by "Dan" # permalink comment
Comment: I agree, the Sainsbury's in Bath is shocking. They have about 5 members of staff 'manning' the self service checkouts, and no-one on the 'normal' tills!
Posted: 16:50 Tue 07-Feb-2006 by "bob" # permalink comment
Comment: Only thing i like about sainsburys is that its cheaper than most stores (apart from morrisions) and it is nearly always the first to get new products, i being they had diet cherry coke before any over supermarket
Posted: 13:17 Wed 08-Feb-2006 by "jo" # permalink comment
Comment: sainsburys is not cheaper than other supermarkets!! asda and tesco are much cheaper for most things.
Posted: 16:44 Wed 08-Feb-2006 by "jb" # permalink comment
Comment: and lidl's cheaper still if you don't mind cheap german food that you can't pronounce
Posted: 19:29 Thu 09-Feb-2006 by "bob" # permalink comment
Comment: sainsburys always have more products cheaper on on offer than tesco!!!!! -.-
Posted: 21:01 Thu 09-Feb-2006 by "Marc" # permalink comment
Comment: Hey Lidl actually does have branded stuff. Some of it is good stuff like Lucozade etc.

Some of it is cheap Lidl's own like Power Generation energy drink or a Energy Drink called "Energy Drink.

Some of it a German eqivilents. They sell some nice chocolate that you can get in Milk Chocolate, Milk and White Chocolate, Caramel and Cream, Strawberry yogurt, Cream....

Read the back of the packet If it says Made for Lidl Stutfing & Co don't buy it!

http://www.hipernet24.pl/ [URL display truncated] That sells the chocolate im on about!

I used to go tO Lidl to regually laugh at foreign people.

Posted: 16:09 Sun 12-Feb-2006 by "bob" # permalink comment
Comment: i used to work for sainsbury and i can agree 100% that they treat there staff like shit,i also worked for tesco and found them more friendly to there staff
Posted: 20:39 Wed 15-Feb-2006 by "gwyn" # permalink comment
Comment: i work at head office for tesco, make no mistake they are wolves in sheeps clothing, they will be nice to your face while moving your job to india. stores are run like concerntration camps where free thought and frienship are treated with fear and suspision.
Posted: 23:25 Wed 15-Feb-2006 by "Sandy" # permalink comment
Comment: Morrisons treat their customers like shit. If it weren't for the fact I only go in there to buy the BOGOFs I want, I wouldn't go back.
Posted: 20:43 Sun 16-Apr-2006 by "Russ" # permalink comment
Comment: I work for Tesco, and it is bollocks! they always go on about how they care for thier staff ,but if you are part-time (like me) then you are screwed before you even make a mistake. The part-timers are scapegoats. Why should Tesco care? they get applications all the time, so its not like they will find it hard to replace you if you are fired. Just wondering if any other tesco employees know how the disciplinary procudeure works? I have had a final written warning, and face another one for the same thing. Is it '2 strikes and ur out?' Thanks.
Posted: 01:36 Mon 17-Apr-2006 by "polarbear" # permalink comment
Comment: this is a good thread, Sainsburys V Tescos, well i like them both, tesco is better value but sainsburys is a lovely supermarket, great choice, good quality food, always enjoy my shopping experience in sainsburys
Posted: 16:43 Fri 05-May-2006 by "M" # permalink comment
Posted: 11:43 Thu 25-May-2006 by "J. C." # permalink comment
Comment: Listen, I am a "Checkout Captain" for Sainsbury's. And I can assure you it is not as easy as it looks. We are more than aware about the problems of ques. We get our feedback and performace reviews based on ques and our Mystery Shopper Measure, so we are focused on ques. For that matter, we also have other things to do as well, cash up the tills, empty the bins, collect security devices, ensure people's tills get closed in time for them to go home, etc. All the while we have customers asking for tills to be opened. Don't you think we would if we could. The fact is, not every one is till trained, and we do the best we can. Next time you are in a supermarket, please spare a thought for the checkout captain who is trying so hard just to get it thrown back in their face!
Posted: 22:08 Thu 25-May-2006 by "sainsbury's worker" # permalink comment
Comment: i have worked at sainsbury's for 5 years. checkout captains just talk about wot they r doing at weekends. managers r rude about customers when they get of the shop floor. free samples r out of date on the counters. no one scans and packs on the tills were i work. sainsbury's does not care about the staff. SHOP AT SAINSBURY'S 2 YOU AS ITS BETTER THEN SHOPPING INSTORE.
Posted: 20:31 Fri 26-May-2006 by "sainsbury's worker" # permalink comment
Comment: DO NOT EAT THE FREE SAMPLES ON THE COUNTERS AS THEY R OUT OF DATE. i worked for the bread & cake dep. i found loads of cakes out of date and the manager sead he will give them away as free samples so sainsbury's does not lose money. sainsbury's thinks only about the money. THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE STAFF OR THE CUSTOMERS but as long as managers r ok that is the only thing they care about. sainsbury's to you staff get asked y there is so many blue trolleys on the shop floor for. they have to do the online shopping some how. if customers do not like it they can shop online too. CHECK THE DATES ON THE ITEMS BEFORE YOU BUY if they r out of date the shop can be FIND £1000 EACH ITEM FOUND OUT OF DATE. i find loads of items out of date in the sainsbury's i work for. a manager is rude and sick at my work he was talking to someone and he SPAT in there face. now he is spended.
Posted: 01:45 Thu 06-Jul-2006 by "sainsbury's worker" # permalink comment
Comment: sainsbury's needs better managers. i like to leave sainsury's because they dont care about the staff. if it was not 4 people like me (non managers)there will be no job for the managers
Posted: 01:50 Thu 06-Jul-2006 by "sainsbury's worker" # permalink comment
Comment: sainsbury's is bad. tesco's is not bad. ASDA IS THE DOGS BOLLICKS THE BEST shop
Posted: 14:14 Thu 06-Jul-2006 by "polarbear" # permalink comment
Comment: Yes, the last time i shopped at sainsburys i bought some linguine, and days later when i was about to cook some, i saw that they were out of date, dried pasta has a very long shelf life and this linguine must have been sat at the back of the shelf for years then placed at the front of the shelf, i was not happy, i haven't shopped at sainsburys since, can i claim compensation from sainsburys? i'm not bothered about getting them fined because how do i profit from that?
Posted: 14:16 Thu 06-Jul-2006 by "Phillerena" # permalink comment
Comment: You wont be able to get compensation, but if you write to them complaining they may give you some vouchers to use at their store. Or you could phone them or speak to the manager of the store.
Posted: 14:42 Thu 06-Jul-2006 by "polarbear" # permalink comment
Comment: yeah, i'll just email them i think, and just out of interest "sainsbury's worker" why is sainsbury's to you better than instore?
Posted: 16:26 Thu 06-Jul-2006 by "sainsbury's worker" # permalink comment
Comment: "polarbear" y sainsbury's 2 you is better than instore is because i work 4 the best sainsbury's 2 u in the uk. we r the no 1 online store. u get a great shopper to shop 4 you. we pick the longer date 4 you. the managers r not in your way. there is no waiting at the tills like in the hot summer.
Posted: 16:55 Thu 06-Jul-2006 by "polarbear" # permalink comment
Comment: The No 1 online store? I'm sure Tesco.com is, What do you mean "we pick the longer date 4 you" What you seem to be saying is that sainsbury's to you is better for the workers ie: no managers, no waiting at tills etc, but is it better for the customer? Being a consumer, and not a sainsbury's employee, I don't really give a monkeys whether you prefer working at sainsbury's to you than instore, quite frankly.

The last time i ordered shopping from sainsbury's to you, it came roughly on time, most of the products were delivered but a few weren't available and the delivery itself cost about a fiver, The delivery man was very friendly and i would say I was quite satisfied overall, however, since i have to order one to two days in advance for a delivery slot, i now use tesco.com where i enjoy same day deliveries, and big discount vouchers, and for me, those are the deciding factors

Posted: 09:52 Fri 07-Jul-2006 by "sainsbury's worker" # permalink comment
Comment: sainsbury's to you has over taken tesco.com and r no 1 online store. tesco.com r later they dont pick long dated items. customers r sighing up more and more to sainsbury's 2 you and coming over from the crap tesco.com. "polarbear" tesco.com DO NOT have same day deliverys. sainsbury's 2 you is better 4 the costomer thats y its the no 1 online store.
Posted: 22:00 Tue 11-Jul-2006 by "sainsburys worker" # permalink comment
Comment: i hate it when customers come in 2 mins before closing and spend ages looking round the shop,are sainsburys customers illiterate? if the opening hours say we close at ten it means 10 not ten past.
Posted: 12:32 Wed 12-Jul-2006 by "polarbear" # permalink comment
Comment: "sainsbury's worker" Tesco.com DO HAVE same day deliverys in my area matey ;-) It's the primary reason i use them, could you point me to anywhere that proves sainsburystoyou.com are the No 1 store? if they have overtaken Tesco i may give them another go
Posted: 13:03 Wed 12-Jul-2006 by "AuntyBigBug" # permalink comment
Comment: Last year my local Sainsbury's was extended and overhauled – and it's proved very disappointing. The older, smaller version seemed to make an effort to cram loads of variety into a smallish space. Now that it's much bigger, it seems to be a case of "offer fewer products but stack ’em high". As an illustration, I used to buy Toast Toppers in various flavours. The new store offered only Cheese & Ham flavour, and even that seems to have disappeared now, seemingly replaced by an extra shelf of Marmite!
Posted: 17:35 Fri 01-Sep-2006 by "whatever" # permalink comment
Comment: Sainsbury's all the way. not only because there's simply no big tesco around, I find Sainsbury's are usually cleaner ....
Posted: 12:44 Tue 05-Sep-2006 by "Abo" # permalink comment
Comment: My local Sainsburys sucks. The isles are too narrow and filled with clutter; it makes the place feel a bit claustrophobic and annoying when people go round the 'wrong' way. It's also more expensive than my nearest Tesco. I have two Tescos near me; an Extra which stocks everything (and has just added an upstairs for more product lines; groceries and toys etc. downstairs, electricals, computers, DVD's etc. etc upstairs. It's a bit of a pain for a general shop though so we use a regular Tesco nearby.
Posted: 16:44 Sat 16-Sep-2006 by "C Mayer" # permalink comment
Comment: I work at sainsbury's and i obviously think they're miles better than tesco. Better quality, better staff, better supermarket!!!
Posted: 12:13 Thu 02-Nov-2006 by "tescos worker" # permalink comment
Comment: wtf is all this about..... sainsbury's worker and polar bear are arguing about internet sites.... weiirrrrd xx
Posted: 12:24 Thu 02-Nov-2006 by "tescos worker" # permalink comment
Comment: wtf is all this about..... sainsbury's worker and polar bear are arguing about internet sites.... weiirrrrd xx 27878
Posted: 15:24 Tue 21-Nov-2006 by "nancy" # permalink comment
Comment: i think that sainsbury is a better quality compare to tesco.i normally go to sainsbury cos i think tesco to local than sainsbury. sainsbury looks poshhhhhhhhhhhhhhh- h!
Posted: 12:35 Wed 22-Nov-2006 by "juankerr"
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Comment: I'd shop at Sainsburys a lot more if they could be bothered filling the shelves and employing a full staff to man the tills, rather than a few poor underage kiddies who can't sell me booze without trying to catch the eye of a grownup. 69
Posted: 00:27 Tue 20-Feb-2007 by "ellisjohnstonelondonwholesale"
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Comment: I used to work at a wholesalers in London and Tesco bought our largest client resulting in my job loss. I hate this firm with a vengence and I hate all those actors & broadcasters who do VOs for their ads too.
Posted: 00:42 Tue 20-Feb-2007 by "wandsworthisshit"
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Comment: My local Sainsbury is having yet another refit & it's not even 20 YO. The store is a mess and the poor staff could do with shotguns to deal with the local clientele, they're either aloof yuppies or no brains with gold chains types. Memo to Sainsburys if it ain't broke don't fix it.
Posted: 23:30 Wed 21-Feb-2007 by "thebigsnowman" # permalink comment
Comment: does anyone else think the tank in the 02 centre is a bit small for that turtle?
Posted: 18:04 Thu 22-Feb-2007 by "Petro" # permalink comment
Comment: Why must Sainsburys put all those stupid cards around..'we check our prices with Tesco' showing their's and Tesco's to be the same. Yes, but they don't show you their price when Tesco's are cheaper. Not all customers are stupid.
Posted: 21:12 Tue 27-Feb-2007 by "Alves" # permalink comment
Comment: Here is a good one involving the "no complaints please" department of Tesco. Its the verbatim copy of my attempt to raise a complaint with them. I was just asking them for an apology, not for any financial compensation!!

Last month I stopped by a Tesco store in Hatfield, and spent about £40 on a kettle and a couple of other bits and pieces.As there were practically no checkout staff in attendance at 8.30 p.m. I decided to to use the self-scan till. All worked fine - except the scanner ignored my 3 attempts to swipe my clubcard. As I left the store, the alarm sounded and a security guard apprehended me. We went back in the store, he checked the purchases and found that a security device was packed inside the carton containing the kettle. He removed it and all was well. Except that in the melee of my being apprehended, my glasses (cost £265) fell from my shirt pocket and were irreperably damaged. I only discovered this when I got back home and tried to put them on. The guard was doing his job, but why was there nobody competent at the checkout to identify the fact that a security tag needed to be removed from one of my purchases? A female member of staff was sitting by the checkouts -presumably for that purpose?

I finally located an email address at Tesco to direct my complaint to and made it clear that I did not want any financial compensation, just an apology. After 2 unanswered emails to them here is their reply to my 3rd attempt:

Thank you for your email.

May I apologise for the delay in responding to your email. In order to progress your claim we would ask that you return to the store where the incident took place, the relevant details may then be taken. Should the store be unable to resolve your issue, it will be passed on and you will receive written confirmation of our response.

If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us at customer.service (at!) tesco.co.uk quoting TES3019136X.

And my reply.... Thank you, but as I live approximately 30 miles from the store in question, your suggestion is not a practical one. The relevant details have already been provided to Tesco on two occasions now. Regards

And their reply......

Thank you for your email.

Unfortunately we cannot help you any further unless you go back to store were the incident took place.

If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us at customer.service (at!) tesco.co.uk quoting TES3021639X.

Kind Regards

Lynne Devlin Tesco Customer Service

No wonder they can spend so much money advertising how wonderful they are, its easy when you dont accept any complaints in the first place!!!

Posted: 21:32 Tue 27-Feb-2007 by "Frankie" # permalink comment
Comment: I think "sainsbury's worker" means that Asda sells the 'dogs bollicks' (sic). They are usually to be found under the extra special brand, and labelled with an exotic and non-existant name which must clearly impress the sub-humans who shop there.
Posted: 20:50 Wed 28-Feb-2007 by "Roger in the OC" # permalink comment
Comment: I was in London last year and going back in 2 months time. I live in Tustin Ranch California (the OC) and no Tesco or Sainsbury here. Although ASDA is a child of WalMart and SamsClub here in the US. Here the stores would be Ralphs and Albertsons (Ralphs being more expensive). Also Walmart and Target both sell groceries among their normal gear (auto,home,toys,seasonal,electronics). I prefer Target and Albertons even though Ralphs is across the street. Because I have an Albertsons cards and they have a better selection. Target because I can pick up a CD, DVD, clothes, books and get groceries at the same time. Sams Club because it is waaaay cheaper but sold in Bulk. I actually know someone that drives the 2.5 hours down into T.J. Mexico and buys stuff there because it is cheaper (I would buy and drink the Cornona Beer but Mexico Milk I just could not trust). But drive to the midwest or east coast and all your stores (and banks) change names.
Posted: 23:22 Wed 28-Feb-2007 by "Roger in the OC" # permalink comment
Comment: I was in London last year and going back in 2 months time. I live in Tustin Ranch California (the OC) and no Tesco or Sainsbury here. Although ASDA is a child of WalMart and SamsClub here in the US. Here the stores would be Ralphs and Albertsons (Ralphs being more expensive). Also Walmart and Target both sell groceries among their normal gear (auto,home,toys,seasonal,electronics). I prefer Target and Albertons even though Ralphs is across the street. Because I have an Albertsons cards and they have a better selection. Target because I can pick up a CD, DVD, clothes, books and get groceries at the same time. Sams Club because it is waaaay cheaper but sold in Bulk. I actually know someone that drives the 2.5 hours down into T.J. Mexico and buys stuff there because it is cheaper (I would buy and drink the Cornona Beer but Mexico Milk I just could not trust). But drive to the midwest or east coast and all your stores (and banks) change names.
Posted: 14:36 Mon 06-Aug-2007 by "Sainsburys" # permalink comment
Comment: I had a similar experience with security Sainsburys at the weekend they really do run a Nazi Nightclub policy for customers.

I got my shopping, I was with my partner who is pregnant and not currently in the habit of lifting heavy things, so I left her sitting behind checkout near the freephone cab phone, while I replaced the trolley to get the pound back.

However, little know to me, the shop was closing about that time...

The security only wouldn't let me back in the store to collect my own bags (not to mention my pregnant girlfriend). I pleaded with him and explained I only came out to return the trolley and that I needed to get the bags I've paid for.

Then I asked if he was insane, but no, he just carried on shaking his head and locked the door on me.

WHAT IS THIS ABOUT! Are Sainsbury's finally in a position where the customer needs them more than they need the customer?

Anyway, so I went around the back of store to the exit, and waited for sopmeone to leave, so I sneaked in feeling like a fugitive to collect what was rightfully mine. Immediately, some guy with an ear piece started charging towards me, he only gave up when he saw me picking up my backs behind the check in!


Why did I get put through the mill like that, all I was doing was weekly shopping.

It's official, I'm never going back there, EVER. And I advise everyone else not to either.

They'll get you eventually in some way.

Ben Glancy Software Developer, 28yrs old

Posted: 16:11 Sat 11-Aug-2007 by "Nick T" # permalink comment
Comment: I once tested Tesco's policy of having "no more than two in a queue" by standing in line as number 3.

The cashier asked me to queue somewhere else.

Perfect answer.

Posted: 12:45 Fri 07-Sep-2007 by "mememe" # permalink comment
Comment: I am absolutely disgusted with the attitude of some customers that come through our store I work for Sainsburys and I dont know who some of these customers think they are but just because we work in a supermarket that gives these people no right to speak to the staff the way they do.For the money they get paid by this crap company who prefer for all the staff to be performing monkeys I am suprised that we have any customers at all.The management staff are expected to work 16 hour shifts without adequete breaks and with having a young family make you feel less of a person because you have kids and threaten you with the old well if you cant be flexible and have the commitment then you know were the door is!I have just worked until 11.15pm and have still got to be back in the morning to open up the store at 6am!SAINSBURYS needs to start looking after its staff!!!!!
Posted: 14:17 Mon 10-Sep-2007 by "If you read this, you're a gay" # permalink comment
Comment: Sainsburys is the BEST. DO NOT INSULT SAINSBURYS! EVER!!!
Posted: 18:36 Wed 12-Sep-2007 by ""artic red"" # permalink comment
Comment: Sainsbury's need to treat their staff better, they expect too much for a very small wage....
Posted: 08:53 Thu 13-Sep-2007 by "If you read this, there will be light..." # permalink comment
Comment: SHUT UP!!! SAINSBURYS ROCKS!!! CHILDHOOD!!! Childhood days spent in Rhyl. SAINSBURYS!
Posted: 15:01 Wed 26-Sep-2007 by "If you read this, My name is Dave Alfred... seriously." # permalink comment
Comment: Asda sell out- of- date food reguarly, including 3 month old chocolate bars. But Sainsburys NEVER do, EVER!!! THAT'S WHY IT'S SO GREAT!
Posted: 21:45 Thu 27-Sep-2007 by "Nikki" # permalink comment
Comment: Sainsbury's do have out of date stock on their shelves. I work there and found Yazoo uht milk shakes dated March 07 today !!!!!
Posted: 21:54 Thu 27-Sep-2007 by "Nikki" # permalink comment
Comment: Sainsbury's do have out of date stock on their shelves. I work there and found Yazoo uht milk shakes dated March 07 today !!!!!
Posted: 02:53 Mon 01-Oct-2007 by "Tesco employee" # permalink comment
Comment: I currently work for Tesco and I hate working there, since joining nearly three years ago i have seen many changes for the worst. I have had a disciplinary for having one day off sick can you believe, and was told "I HAD" to have a flu jab. Utterly ridiculous. Your holidays are refused, you get pressured to achieve good 'Throughput' 'Scan rate' 'Idle time' 'Tender Time' and all this crap. i.e. shove everything down the till as fast as possible so the company can cash up quick. It's a joke and NO we are NOT treated fairly like the good friendly PR image that is projected to customers. Management speak to staff and customers very rudely and do not do their jobs sufficiently. They couldn't care less about helping the customer. It is utter SHITE to work for TESCO. Every penny helps!
Posted: 22:40 Tue 02-Oct-2007 by "Ex sainsbury's employee" # permalink comment
Comment: Yes I have left !!!! The managers are rude & ignorant, make stupid comments & decisions and have cut staffing levels down by a half in my old store. They expect women to carry heavy loads 15kg plus and to fill the bottom shelves you end up laying on the floor. Bad knees Bad backs beware !!!! SAINSBURY'S IS BAD FOR YOUR HEALTH.
Posted: 10:06 Wed 03-Oct-2007 by "If you read this, the matches are behind the CLOUD!" # permalink comment
Comment: Ok, Nikki, out of date... HOLY SHIT, I'VE BEEN LET DOWN, OH SOB, OH CRY, OH WAIL!!!
Posted: 10:04 Mon 10-Dec-2007 by "Ronnie DiMarco" # permalink comment
Comment: Sainsbury's is on my doorstep but is far less affordable when I can help it. There is a Sainsbury's central in town which does sell more things that I find to be excellent in comparison to other brands, mainly their BGTY Pizzas.

My "Local" (by that I mean closest proper one) tesco was built inside a building that make it very crowded and appear like someone redressed a Somerfeild or "old Morissons" with Tesco price tags.

I have been to the massive ones, however and quite enjoy them (as much as you can a supermarket) and I wouldn't have been able to have half of the "expensive" things I have had on an off the last few years (half price one a day yoghurt drinks, BOGOF innocent smoothies, the list goes on) without their offers.

I don't tend to stick to a supermarket and I tend to flit between them depending on my needs so I'm going to say Tesco is better because of it's offers, but I'm really a Waitrose/Morrisons/Tesco/Sainsbury/Somerfield shopper.

Waitrose would win if I had to stop shopping around though.

Posted: 18:12 Sun 15-Jun-2008 by "Sainsbury's Cashier" # permalink comment
Comment: I do not agree that Sainsbury's do not treat their staff properly. I do feel valued at my store and have been there for over 6 months and havent thought about leaving once. We're not a massive store and everyone gets on really well. The problem is customers view of staff in supermarkets, most of them look down on supermarket staff like they are scum and worthless which i think is totally wrong. The view of working in a supermarket is bad and people somehow think its 'easy', its funny that the people who say this have never worked in a supermarket or similar role themselves ever in their lives. This stereotypical view of us therefore lowers staff morale. Its simply not 'easy' and there is so much more to the job than meets the eye, you really have to try it to know what its like before people judge. Spare a thought next time you are ging through a checkout in Sainsbury's or similar supermarket and acutally notice there is a human being sat behind it who is probably bored stiff of customers barely noticing their existance and being treated like a machine. Or when you see shelf stackers dont think they are scum of the earth like some people do, you wouldnt have all the products in your trolley if it wasnt for them, say 'Hello' to them, bighten up their day. I once had a customer clicking her fingers and shouting "Sainsburys!!, Sainsburys!!!" at me as i was walking through the shop floor, I walked up to her and said "Madam my name isnt Sainsbury's as you can clearly see here" as i pointed to my namebadge. Thats the kind of thing we have to put up with from customers and its simply not fair. We are human beings too not born just to serve you. It's just plain rudeness and there is no need for it.
Posted: 21:57 Sun 27-Jul-2008 by "Annoyed sainsburys worker." # permalink comment
Comment: I happen to work at a branch of sainsburys that has changed hands a number of times... in the past under the same roof I've worked for Safeway, Morrisons and Sommerfield; I have to say that out of all the shops Sainsburys are by far the worst to work for. As well as being the worst to work for Sainsburys also seems to attract the snootiest customers its ever been my misfortune to see. They really are so argumentative thinking that there's nothing I can say back to them... sometimes when I reply by saying something sarcastic they are stunned into silence that someone behind a till could think faster than them or be able to speak their mind, then theres the grumpy 60+ year old men who think they know better than everyone when they are quite clearly going slowly mental. There's other customers who bring back a slice of bread because it's got a hole in it and demand to speak to a manager who obviously isn't in the least bit bothered about it, and people who think that whatever offer they've seen on a shelf applies to the product they've picked up, even if it's called something completly different. I honestly think that rude shoppers should collect points in the same way as speeding motorists and once they get to 3 offences they are barred from all supermarkets... then at least we would all be spared their pathetic moaning.
Posted: 22:27 Sun 27-Jul-2008 by "Annoyed sainsburys worker" # permalink comment
Comment: Ohh yeah I almost forgot to mention how annoying the Checkout supervisors are at sainsburys... not only do they change my timetable round without asking/telling me or even bothering to alter the time sheet that is on the wall near the canteen, but in the last year they have had me in working on 3 of the weeks I booked off. They treat me like I'm stupid even though I know more about their job than they do, because they've been promoted past me by a 'management team' who are basically a bunch of idiots. I work on the customer service desk and I used to have a supervisor number for the tills that allowed me to do refunds, add points onto the stupid nectar card thingys and put the till into training mode so that I could check the prices of magazines and papers before the shop opened etc. however that has been taken away from me for no reason by some stupid self promoted woman who changes department without even having to apply for a different job like anyone else. I really want to give sainsburys such a kicking for being so badly run and organised... before Sainsburys took over my old job working in the same building then owned by sommerfield I used to answer the phone and do tannoy announcements but as soon as I got a sainsburys contract I was told not to even touch the phones and just let them ring for someone upstairs to pickup, even though quite a lot of the time the people from upstairs have their feet up in the canteen or have gone outside for an unofficial smoke, even though quite often I get my brakes and dinner times totally forgotten or shortened. Last Saturday I was supposed to finish at 4 pm but at 4.01 when I was leaving I was told to get on a till by a supervisor who knew full well that I had finished and that I would not be paid extra for staying longer just because the checkouts were quite busy at that time... I eventually got away when one of the summer workers noticed that I wasnt supposed to be there and kindly replaced me on the till without the knowledge of the supervisor.
Posted: 14:50 Wed 13-Aug-2008 by "Annoyed sainsburys worker" # permalink comment
Comment: I noticed today whilst working in sainsburys that there is a poster up about not letting food go to waste, and under it, it says something along the lines of 'unwanted food from this store goes to chartiy'... I happen to know it gets spoiled out and chucked in a bin.
Posted: 17:09 Sun 17-Aug-2008 by "J Dean" # permalink comment
Comment: How does Sainsburys justify charging £14-00.for 100, co- codamol, disolvable, tablets, when the RRT, price is £9-99.??
Posted: 21:00 Thu 28-Aug-2008 by "Annoyed sainsburys worker" # permalink comment
Comment: Probably scumsburys they can make a larger profit, due to people not realising the price difference between scumsburys and other shops. can I also point out to people that the gift cards which are going to start appearing in sainsburys stores to replace paper gift vouchers will lose their entire value if they are not used for 14 months. The paper vouchers never go out of date... the change is coming about because it will generate more money due to people putting say £20 on a card and losing it, without ever spending anything.
Posted: 14:11 Sat 25-Oct-2008 by "scam" # permalink comment
Comment: Both tesco and sainsburys are equally horrible and treat their staff badly. The managers are arrogant rude and brainless. They openly promote their favourites and people who suck up to them. They lie and lie and lie during disciplinary hearings with HR and dismiss people at will. Their bonuses should be stopped
Posted: 00:34 Sun 02-Nov-2008 by "Sainsbury's Checkout Cashier" # permalink comment
Comment: Some of the things in this thread about Sainsbury's treating their colleagues badly i completely agree with, but others i don't. In the year that I have been there i have had good managers and bad managers, some that will give you the time of day and some that wont. I do find that my efforts are noticed through the schemes such as Shining Stars. But, i know that they do put alot of pressure on cashiers to do certain things and say certain things when serving every single customer, which becomes extremely repatitive and makes you feel somewhat robotic in the job. I find the MCM (Mystery Customer Measure) to be completely unfair, I dont see why if one person dosent give the required service which could be due to them having an off day (come on we all have them) or them just caught at a bad moment, the whole store suffers and could loose its yearly colleague bonus if the percentage falls beneath a certain level, which is high enough as it is. All in all, i think it is an ok place to work, but they do have un-necessary rules and regulations which if they wernt there would make everyones lives a lot easier, including the customer for which of course pays our wages.
Posted: 14:15 Wed 19-Nov-2008 by "Annoyed sainsburys worker." # permalink comment
Comment: Mystery customers are a bunch of nobs; just bugger off you stupid idiots. I bet you wouldn't like it if someone from a supermarket came round to your office and cancelled your yearly bonus because one of your colleagues was seen spinning on their chair or talking to someone. Also what's all this rubbish about customers always being right... in my experience they are wrong 90% of the time, in fact I go out of my way to demonstrate it to them when they are wrong... one of our lottery cashiers spent about five minutes yesterday (Tuesday) trying to put a customer straight, because they wanted to buy a lottery ticket for the previous Saturday. She told him that you can't buy tickets for draws that have already happened, but the customer just wouldn't accept it. Customers are always right my ass!
Posted: 17:59 Wed 19-Nov-2008 by Zeddy # permalink comment
Comment: That customer wasn't wrong, he was stupid. "in fact I go out of my way to demonstrate it to them when they are wrong..." It's Sainsbury's or J Sainsbury plc incidentally.
Posted: 17:11 Thu 20-Nov-2008 by "Annoyed sainsburys worker." # permalink comment
Comment: Yes he was stupid... and also wrong! Haha To be honest I hate sainsburys so much I can't even be bothered to put a capital letter, let alone a 'J' at the start. Slavesbury's would be a better name. I don't know if it's the time of the year or something but there's been loads of nutters out shopping lately... one man who informed me that he was 75 today said he was still able to run, and for some reason known only to himself said "watch this" and then proceeded to show me how quickly he could run from the shop, across town and back again! Ha Another thing that puzzles me is why there are so many old people who come to queue up outside before the shop opens in the morning, only to buy a paper... it's not like they have anything else to do during the day; why don't they just stay in bed for a bit, they usually say something along the lines of "Eww, it's horrible and cold outside this morning"... I have to bite my lip to prevent myself saying "if you don't like it outside, why bother to come out each morning, just stay at home". Idiots.
Posted: 00:46 Sat 27-Dec-2008 by "Sainsbury counter man" # permalink comment
Comment: Totally agree The other day I nearly got a disciplinary as I work on the Bakery I was doing my jobs a customer came along with his 10 year old son and asked where some descaling tablets for the kettle.I could of been arrogant and told him it wasnt my department but no .I hesitated for a moment and went to the right isle i went up and down the isle and couldnt see it then the customer startes making reemarkes to his son such as "I guess we will have to leave the trolley and go somewhere else"Which is pathetic in my opinion nobody cares So I go to the nearest collegue and asked which was the late evening manager which was on that night and he told me it would be definetly down that isle so I look again still cant see it so I apologise to him and say We cant have any and kind of joked about going to asda across the road mistake LOL he walks off next thing I know i see my manager findung the item on the shelf for him The customer walks to me and says "your realy THICK m8 if you cant find that"I ignore his comment and ask if he could show me where he was shown it He shows me and he keeps saying to me "you msut be really thick m8 if you cant find that" at which point it starts getting abusive i tell him there no need for that HE replys' THERE is" at which point i was really pissed off he walks off saying "yeah m8 youre going to lose your job" my manager then wants a word with me about mentioning asda I replyed well he was being abusive the manager then replys in simple terms "if they spend alot of money in store they can talk to you like a piece of shit" which is WRONG you think management would back you up NOPE!!. DOnt work for this company!! get treated like shit not just by customers but by mangement
Posted: 13:40 Thu 01-Jan-2009 by "Annoyed sainsburys worker." # permalink comment
Comment: I think Sainsburys need to sort out their working hours... On the Monday before Christams I did a shift from 2pm - 10pm, then on Tuesday I had to start work at 7am and finish at 4pm. Than gave me just 9 hours between shifts. There must be some kind of law against working those hours, but Sainsburys being as they are refused to let me change the timing of my shifts. Is there anywhere that you can complain officially if it was against the law?
Posted: 13:41 Thu 01-Jan-2009 by "Annoyed sainsburys worker." # permalink comment
Comment: I think Sainsburys need to sort out their working hours... On the Monday before Christams I did a shift from 2pm - 10pm, then on Tuesday I had to start work at 7am and finish at 4pm. This gave me just 9 hours between shifts. There must be some kind of law against working those hours, but Sainsburys being as they are refused to let me change the timing of my shifts. Is there anywhere that you can complain officially if it was against the law?
Posted: 13:44 Thu 01-Jan-2009 by Zeddy # permalink comment
Comment: Annoyed, try this for reference. Then speak to your local Environmental Health dept at the council.

http://www.berr.gov.uk/ [URL display truncated]

Posted: 21:49 Mon 12-Jan-2009 by "Jim" # permalink comment
Comment: "Annoyed" there should be a gap of 11hrs between shifts. You can complain to your Area HR about this.
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