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Click pic to view comments Fortnightly face-off: McDonald's vs Burger King
Posted: 15:42 Fri 10-10-2003.
Snackspot reports: Tesco may be the market leader, but our last debate again proved surprisingly even-handed regarding the merits of Sainsbury vs Tesco, with Sainsbury usually considered to have "better quality" products (especially bread), and Tesco generally praised for its cheaper, "wider range" (though obviously this depends on the size of the store). Anyway, with the latest mad Burger King product being advertised on the TV, it's time to consider yet another "clash of the titans": Which do you most prefer - McDonald's or Burger King?

...I don't want to influence anyone, but I've always thought Burger King burgers are better (and more expensive as a result), but I don't buy them as much as I might because I just can't stand their fries. Also, McDonald's breakfast options rock. Alternatively, do you believe that both companies are just as bad as each other, and that a new law should be brought in, like for pubs, where the person behind the counter would have to refuse to serve you if they felt you'd over-indulged, saying something like: I'm afraid it looks like you've had enough already, Sir - let's you call a cab and get you home.


Posted: 20:57 Fri 10-10-2003 by "cokeco" # permalink comment
Comment: I couldn't agree more about BK's fries!! Yuck. However, I do like their onion rings and the chunky fries. But when it comes down to the hard line I like McDs better. Nothing beats a Big Mac or Chix Nuggets or a Happy Meal. Also, I have had numerous friends recieve food poisoning from BK's when I lived in Canada. Also I think McD's is a much more innovative company.
Posted: 12:46 Sat 11-10-2003 by "Kim" # permalink comment
Comment: Burger King's chips are furry. I really don't like them. I'm not a huge burger fan so I tend to judge these places on chips and desserts, in which case McDonald's wins hands down, if only because it has McFlurries. The Chocolate Orange and Starwberries & Dream ones were utterly gorgeous.
Posted: 14:38 Sat 11-10-2003 by "Adrian" # permalink comment
Comment: Burger King (aka Hungry Jacks in Australia) have the best burgers. Maccas have the best shakes and fries. If you go to a fast food joint to eat salad you're mad.
Posted: 15:58 Sat 11-10-2003 by "ChoccieMan"
(apparently posting from 81-86-154-129.dsl.pipex.com) # permalink comment
Comment: I agree with Snackspot BK are better burgers. I've gone off burgers for a while so tend to stick with McD's coz nuggets are both nice and reasonable value (BK's equivalent whilst nice, with a really good barbecue sauce are a total rip-off), also McD's used to do quite nice hotdogs (please don't tell me what was in them ;-) What I thought was strange was when I went to America where the BK I went to was appaling (gross food, bad service etc.), where as McD's was much like here (average all round) only their nuggets were much nicer (different coating?). As for this stupid obesity law thingy given that everything is toxic if you eat enough of it will supermarkets stop you from stocking up on cereal or mineral water ("sorry sir I can't sell you that as you may consume it in one go and kill yourself").
Posted: 18:07 Sun 12-10-2003 by "BigD" # permalink comment
Comment: It looks like I'm alone in finding BK's burgers an unpalatable sloppy, slimy mess...
Posted: 20:58 Sun 12-10-2003 by "Commander Zorg"
(apparently posting from host81-128-53-104.in-addr.btopenworld.com) # permalink comment
Comment: McDonalds burgers have no flavour!

Plus I sat in a McDs last week. It was like a drop-in centre for the homeless, disabled and unemployed. I felt dirty and cheap. And this was at prime time 7:30pm.

I'd also like to stand up for BK fries, which I find crispier and tastier than the soggier McDs variety.

Oh, and BK's shakes are better too, and you don't feel like you're somehow subsidising the existence of Justin Timberlake either.

Posted: 21:08 Sun 12-10-2003 by "Kaptain Korolev" # permalink comment
Comment: Haven't eaten a McDonald's or BK in years, I now prefer my food to have texture and flavour so I hop along to my nearest Subway.

What I do remember about eating a Big Mac at McDs was not so much the taste of the burger while eating it but the horrible cheese, gerkin and lettuce burp I produced an hour later. I don't remember the burger tasting of much at all.

Posted: 22:21 Sun 12-10-2003 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: My brother told me that one US burger chain once ran a negative ad campaign against (American) branches of Burger King for "being British", and therefore "knowing nothing" (I'm paraphrasing here) about burger-making

also: Wow, are you the real "Commander Zorg"? http://www.ukresistance.co.uk/emp6.html

Posted: 09:42 Mon 13-10-2003 by "Lee Maguire" # permalink comment
Comment: And when Guiness merged with Grand Met they suddenly knew half as much about making Guiness?

Diago sold BK to a consortium of investment bankers in 2002 - those guys *know* how to flame grill.

Since the adverts ran at the height of the "Mad Cow" histeria, I imagine the commercial was attemting to associate BK with disease rather than buger-making ignorance.

Posted: 11:55 Mon 13-10-2003 by "Nebbish" # permalink comment
Comment: Are you all mad? It doesn't matter how much better Burger King's burgers are, because they never have any of the bloody things. When was the last time you went to burger king and didn't have to wait for your order? Have you ever tried ordering a spicy beanburger - you'll be waiting for a few minutes at least, and it will be frozen in the middle. What about a milkshake? I can't remember the last time I went into a burger king and the milkshake machine wasn't "broken". Busy branches - Charing Cross in London comes to mind, but there are more - seriously water down the soft drinks. The food might be better, but the franchises are disorganised, the staff badly trained, and half the menu unavailable without a long wait.
Posted: 12:31 Mon 13-10-2003 by "Daveybaby" # permalink comment
Comment: And thats doubly damning when you bear in mind how limited the BK menu is these days. The only reason i used to go in there was for the "mushroom double swiss" burger... i havent seen a BK that sells them for ages now.

McD arent exactly the best food in the world - but they beat BK hands down in every department.

Posted: 12:37 Mon 13-10-2003 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: Well surely you know how to get served quickly in a fast food place - just see what burgers they've got waiting in the little metal chutes behind the counter (this sometimes adds to the fun when they've put a different product in the wrong box - "Oh, I don't care what it is, just give me one of those orange ones")

Otherwise - especially in BK - I think they microwave the meat part to heat it up again. Or, if you're in their flagship Piccadilly Cirucs branch, hold it up to one of the ultra-bright fluorescent lighting tubes, which probably has a similar effect (all the better to see the magnificent cartoon sci-fi wall mural by...)

Posted: 19:09 Mon 13-10-2003 by "gizzard" # permalink comment
Comment: McDonalds cheeseburger rocks in comparison to the BK cheeseburger. There is something very disturbingly addictive about the first bite, complete with warm tomato sauce. ". BK on the other hand tastes like slightly off mince, sprayed with old earth.
Posted: 07:19 Tue 14-10-2003 by "SnackaSam" # permalink comment
Comment: the burger king variety of burgers and fries in my opinion is second to none, but nothing beats a goood old Mcd pancake and suasage meal.
Posted: 07:25 Tue 14-10-2003 by "WalnutWhip" # permalink comment
Comment: ...who likes the yummy 'chicken selects' with BBQ dipping sauce from McDs....not if they've been hanging around waiting for a while on the little metal shutes though..Yuck!! Get them freshly cooked, 99p for two.
Posted: 22:07 Tue 14-10-2003 by "Chopper3" # permalink comment
Comment: BK - Foul chips, plasticky cheese, tasty burgers, lovely beanburger, terrible puddings & toys, basic cheeseburger is dry, I tend to order more than I can eat (fat sod!), onion rings are nice, surly staff.

McD - WIDE STRAWS!!! quarter-pounder is very nice, fillet of fish just disappears, Big Mac too dry, chips fine (not as nice as KFCs'), good deserts, very good kids toys and choice, generally good guest items, most importantly - the best breakfast menu.

Winner: McD by a nose.

Posted: 02:55 Wed 15-10-2003 by "Mr Whippy" # permalink comment
Comment: It's difficult to beat a Double Whopper with Cheese and Bacon (aka XL Whopper these days I believe), and you actually get some decent lettuce and tomato on a Whopper, which is nice. I always found the Big Mac too dry (Quarter Pounders for me in McDonalds). On the other hand I prefer MaccyD's shakes and fries, and the service and quality control is much much better - it's well known that Burger King hires the people rejected by McDonalds (and that's saying something).
Posted: 08:20 Wed 15-10-2003 by "bob" # permalink comment
Comment: i love Mcd's
Posted: 00:29 Sat 18-10-2003 by "Tom" # permalink comment
Comment: I wish to stand up for Burger King's King Fries - I really like them, but they're only nice when they've just been fresly cooked. If you get some which have been hanging around for ages on the side then they'll taste dodgy. But fresh they're crisp and tasty!
Posted: 17:55 Sat 18-10-2003 by "John" # permalink comment
Comment: Nearly all burgers from mcds and bk r in my opion not so great but i like the whopper (because of the sauce) and big macs (because of the sauce) by the way big mac sauce is thousand island dressin if any 1s intersted now u can havebig macs at home mmmmmmm
Posted: 19:57 Sun 19-10-2003 by "Saramond" # permalink comment
Comment: Don't waste your time with thousand island dressing, make the proper stuff, tastes million times better and well easy to make too:


Posted: 23:33 Sun 19-10-2003 by "John" # permalink comment
Comment: Yea hes right but a million times better a bit of an exageration lol just buy sum from sainsburys cus i dont think hes ever made any do u
Posted: 20:33 Mon 20-10-2003 by "Saramond" # permalink comment
Comment: Yeah SHE has actually, used to make it all the time, tastes better if you leave it overnight in the fridge, you really should try it lol
Posted: 11:54 Wed 22-10-2003 by "John" # permalink comment
Comment: Ok i will try it lol
Posted: 18:58 Thu 23-10-2003 by "Kon" # permalink comment
Comment: Both suck big time!!!
Posted: 20:02 Wed 29-10-2003 by "Demonica" # permalink comment
Comment: Always thought the burgers from ANY Mickey-D's or BK tasted better in the USA. All the British places I've been were absolutely rank.
Posted: 12:34 Sun 02-11-2003 by "Col" # permalink comment
Comment: Apparently theres a new macdonalds burger out next week called... "The "Mac-Tastee!" other than it will be succulent and fat - I cant tell you much else till you see it in stores next week.
Posted: 12:56 Tue 04-11-2003 by "Matthew" # permalink comment
Comment: http://www.mcdonalds.co.uk/ourfood/asp/OF_bigtasty.asp
Posted: 13:42 Tue 04-11-2003 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: They had a poster in the window of my local McD's - but it was before 10.30am! Hey, is this their special Atkins-friendly burger, given the higher meat-&-cheese-to-bun ratio?
Posted: 08:08 Wed 05-11-2003 by "Saramond" # permalink comment
Comment: Wouldn't eat this burger on any diet, has a wopping 804 calories and 20g of saturted fat according to mcdonalds nutrition guide! That's without fries and drink
Posted: 09:12 Wed 05-11-2003 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: dude, to your average Atkins fanatic, that's like a red rag to a bull!: http://www.snackspot.org.uk/thread.php?story=0310031049fah#20031004104000
Posted: 12:37 Wed 05-11-2003 by "andy29uk" # permalink comment
Comment: The difference in service

last sunday morning in peterborough,

me: one breakfast meal with orange juice please.

doughnut/trainee/hellspawn/ do you mean the the big breakfast meal?

me: (thinking to myself)oh thats confused him i missed out the word big

d/t/h: are you eating in/take out

me: eat in

the d/t/h begins to put the order together

d/t/h: take out?

me:no eat in please

d/t/h goes to get hash brown etc, then begins to make a coffe and puts it on my tray.

me: no i ordered orange juice

d/t/h looks very confused

d/t/h: my till tells me you wanted a coffee (i NEVER drink the stuff)

me: know definetly a orange juice

d/t/h: take out?

me: NO eat in

d/t/h: thats £2.68 (or what ever it was), is it ok that you pay me now?

(well as long as he dosent run off with my brekkie)

me: err yes

I pay

d/t/h: You taking out

me: no eat in

d/t/h gets orange juice, staff behind drinks machine pissing themselves laughing, i also ordered an extra hash brown which i never got, the breakfast was cold, no salt and pepper sachets in sight.

Tuesday afternoon Burger King in peterborough

Me: Can i have a supersize xl double whopper cheese meal with a sprite and large onion rings?

Nice intelligent clean person:yes sir, are you eating inside due to the rain?

Me: Yes thank you

order put together in half the time pay

Nice person: Enjoy your meal sir

I noticed these days the quality of staff in bk seems to be stronger, any opinion?

Posted: 07:50 Thu 06-11-2003 by "Saramond" # permalink comment
Comment: Am on diet similar to atkins, but still wouldn't order anything but chicken selects/nuggets as you look a real pratt removing burgers from the bun and eating them. Anyway floppy bits of cardboard with yellow plastic cheese stuck to them just don't do it for me!
Posted: 13:33 Thu 06-11-2003 by "Tondo Man" # permalink comment
Comment: That's uncanny, as I have also heard that McDonalds are bringing out a new burger. Apparently it's called the 'McMeat-Curtain", and as a special introductory promotion, you have to open up the meat curtains to see if there's a surprise waiting for you inside... Can't wait for this one.
Posted: 17:26 Thu 06-11-2003 by "bob" # permalink comment
Comment: d and w open tomorrow and it says snackspot said 'storys have been told on snackspot.org that pepsi blue will be out in the uk' dandw.0catch.com email them!!! thecandyshop2003 (at!) yahoo.com
Posted: 20:14 Thu 06-11-2003 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: is it just me, or is that the dodgiest looking website ever?

every time I go there, the images are broken, it uses microsoft's comic sans font, and it's reassuringly hosted by free web space provider http://www.web-hosting.company-web-site-hosting-domain-hosting.com/

- obviously I have no actual info on its reliability or otherwise, it's just those aren't the signs I usually look for in a reputable e-commerce supplier

Posted: 23:14 Thu 06-11-2003 by "bob" # permalink comment
Comment: i agree
Posted: 12:20 Fri 07-11-2003 by "D&W inc" # permalink comment
Comment: the site is not even open yet give us a chance!!! d&w inc any comments/questions e-mail us thecandyshop2003 (at!) yahoo.com
Posted: 13:09 Fri 07-11-2003 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: sure, just passing on some suggestions in case you were planning a big launch but potential customers turned out to be inexplicably reluctant to send money to a free webmail account ;)
Posted: 17:31 Fri 07-11-2003 by "bob" # permalink comment
Comment: i just ordered a 200gram bar of cadbury from d&w there only 69p
Posted: 17:48 Fri 07-11-2003 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: let us know how you get on Bob (how do you send them the money?)

coincidentally, there's one regular Snackspotter which D&W's creative spelling kind of reminds me of, if only I could remember who on earth that might possibly be...

Posted: 21:12 Fri 07-11-2003 by "bob" # permalink comment
Comment: i got an email from them that read 'sorry that the product that you have ordered is not in stock' and that is all they say and no i do not own d and w -- email them to see what payments they do other than postal order and why they dont exsept cards--
Posted: 04:50 Tue 25-11-2003 by "Philip Thompson" # permalink comment
Comment: McDonalds is way better than Burger King.

People moan that the burgers are 'dry'... yes, that's because what makes Burger Kings burgers 'moist' is grease. If it's a bit dry then get a bit of extra cheese. Personally, I like it when the burger is slightly crispy round the edges. As for the fries, McDonalds win that one as well... and Diet Coke over Pepsi Max any day of the week. McNuggets are better than Chicken Bites... Chicken Premier is better than a Chicken Royal etc etc. Burger King have virtually no desert selection now whilst McDonalds continue to expand.

Best way to have a Big Mac is plain with Extra Cheese... what ever happened to the Mega Mac? Just a Big Mac... but four burgers instead of two. Also, my local McDonalds don't Supersize anymore... and what's this salad nonsense? I want to consume at least 5000 calories whilst just ordering 'one' meal... don't want to look greedy :-)

Posted: 13:28 Tue 25-11-2003 by "DrJohn" # permalink comment
Comment: Double Sausage and Egg McMuffin, or Big Breakfast bun. 'Nuff said.
Posted: 14:54 Tue 25-11-2003 by "Dr John again" # permalink comment
Comment: BK Upsets me, you pay a fiver for the meal, then they charge you 15p for the bloody BBQ sauce
Posted: 12:49 Mon 19-04-2004 by "kate 'n' haze" # permalink comment
Comment: Mcdonalds are the best even thou their chicken meals are full of grissle and horrid stuff! Its much better than burger king!
Posted: 17:30 Wed 21-04-2004 by "Blow Pop" # permalink comment
Comment: Burger King In my opinion is wsy better because they fill you up to the very top. and dont get sued for it!
Posted: 15:40 Thu 22-04-2004 by "elmsyrup" # permalink comment
Comment: Buy some mincemeat. Squash it into a burger shape, maybe adding some black pepper or tomato puree. Fry it or put it in one of those George Formans. Why is this so difficult? BK/McD don't even taste like meat.
Posted: 21:14 Mon 03-05-2004 by ""Chris"" # permalink comment
Comment: I think BK by far taste better.

Just eating a chicken club will make you go back wanting more. And for the person who agree that too much mayo is simply pure junk, thats cool, for it is only a McD that you can find all that much.

The fact remains that BK is way better than McDs and theres nothing wrong wid that. And get it clear that McD may be more popular, but not better k.

Posted: 14:37 Mon 14-06-2004 by "you are loser" # permalink comment
Comment: your are all losers.you will die from burgers and commenting o them....jesus give a break
Posted: 13:58 Sun 27-06-2004 by " Mike" # permalink comment
Comment: BK Food is much better than Mcd !

I enjoy the food at both Burger King and Mcdonalds but if I had to make a choice of a better tasting Burger or Chicken product it would have to be BK. Next time you go to Mcd and get a Big mac see if you can find the beef. Then taste the patty - you will be shocked to see how small and tasteless it is.

Posted: 03:48 Wed 15-Sep-2004 by "Devon" # permalink comment
Comment: Maybe things are different in the UK, but here in America, McDonalds beats Burger King. Polls tend to show BK in the lead by far, but sales (the way to poll honestly without social/psychological interferences) show McD in the lead, and rising almost 30 percent above BK in the past 16 years (Mcd up 20%, BK down 8-9%, or so says MSNBC). Let's be honest with ourselves. The media makes fast food look bad. Mcd is at the head of it all, and so it is the symbol for fast food. Thus all bad things heard of fast food are immediately related to McD. Then we search for them. We find bad things (which we would find many at BK if we looked as hard for them there too) and say "Yuck!", and finish our meal. Then we order the same thing again in a bit, say yuck, and finish our meal (there's bad things in all food; ex: soad has rat droppings, hot dogs have god knows what, burger meat has cartilage, ect). This way, we satisfy our media-oriented hate for fast food by insulting McD, and satisfy our better tastes by eating it again and again. We then look to the second best (though not for long: Wendys is about to get BK knocked down to third), as the media shows, and say, "that must be better" because it is the second most prominent burger shop in our minds. McD stays on top by ding the best they can, and BK stays second by copying McD (if you look through the past a bit you will see that this is true; professoinals say so anyway).

And on a side note, would the rest of you morons who keep telling us to "jesus give a break" at least take the time to make a coherent sentence before calling us stupid?

Anyway, a little long winded, but that last one should make it all worth it.

Posted: 13:34 Wed 15-Sep-2004 by "charl" # permalink comment
Comment: thanks devon, that was a very thoughtful post. but which chips do you prefer: bk or mcd's? ;)
Posted: 18:29 Wed 15-Sep-2004 by "Jack" # permalink comment
Comment: There are plenty of good burger recipes available on the 'information super highway', go make your own and taste the difference you lazy gits.
Posted: 16:50 Thu 30-Sep-2004 by "Jim" # permalink comment
Comment: Maccy D's and BK are two different beasts. You go to Mcdonalds to deck a few cheap arse cheeseburgers, and you go to burger king when you get one of those tickets out of a pay-and-display machine that gives you a BOGOF deal on any type of whopper.

I saw a massive poster in BK Colchester saying that they stopped salting their chips cos people don't like it, but then they started stocking sachets of salt, pepper, even lo-salt.

I was in burger king the other day, and ordered 2 cheeseburger kids meals (one for me, one for a friend, we were poor that day), however, I got charged £7.04 for 2 cheeseburger meals, and for the priveledge I got more fries (which really AREN'T great) and possibly the worst tasting water i've ever had (it was dark brown, god know's what they put in their water these days..)

My Verdict: Get 2 Mc'd Double Cheeseburgers or a BK whopper meal at night time, when they have to specially cook them for you. Otherwise, the things sit there for hours. Once, my cheeseburgers had set to the paper with the sheer huge amount of grease, and I had to go swap them.

We should campaign for Wendy's in the UK, they rule by FAR.

Oh, and never eat in KFC... a friend of mine had a bad experience with a battered cist one time...

Posted: 17:19 Thu 30-Sep-2004 by "Dave da geeza" # permalink comment
Comment: Jim- u r a loser! KFC beats any other fast food restaurant hands down.
Posted: 17:30 Thu 30-Sep-2004 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: sorry to hear that Jim - was it a "friend" who found that in their batter - or A FRIEND OF A FRIEND?

(in most versions of the popular urban myth it turns out to be a Kentucky Fried Rat or something...) http://www.snopes.com/horrors/food/friedrat.htm

Posted: 18:48 Thu 30-Sep-2004 by "Jim" # permalink comment
Comment: It was a friend, who did have the same opinion as 'Dave da Geeza'. But he's never touched a variety meal ever since, so i'm pretty convinced he's not shittin me.
Posted: 01:48 Sat 02-Oct-2004 by "Jonah" # permalink comment
Comment: No competition, McDonalds wins. The McGriddles are from heaven and I wish they would release them in the UK.
Posted: 13:32 Mon 04-Oct-2004 by "David" # permalink comment
Comment: McDonalds have a more consistant product. I think this is down to their system of restaurant management.

Personally I prefer BK Burgers and Fries. However, McD seem to have more restaurants & better locations. Add to that a wider menu range and a more competitve pricing structure and McD's has to be the winner in my book.

I just wish they would put the sausage biscuit on the breakfast menu over here.

Posted: 19:21 Mon 04-Oct-2004 by "DeepFactorOne" # permalink comment
Comment: BK kills McDs before 11 am. You can buy their flagship Whopper. Simple.

Unfortunately after 11 am McDs wins hands down in the side orders. Forget salad cups and silly pitta things. The fries are McDs tour de force. I dunno what they made of but they kill BKs dry attempt at warm Chip Sticks.

Posted: 10:05 Wed 13-Oct-2004 by "1boredmofo" # permalink comment
Comment: maccie dees kicks burger kings ass the only thing burger kings got going for it is them miny donoughts
Posted: 11:00 Thu 14-Oct-2004 by "Damon1210" # permalink comment
Comment: upon working for burger king i know that our products are the best for the following reasons

1. It is impossible to water down any drinks as coca cola make the syrup bags tamper proof

2. The milkshake machine always breaks down because they are crap

3. You are always waiting for a spicy beanburger because no one buys them so there is no reason to hold one and they take 3.45 to cook plus it is impossible for it to be frozen in the middle in 185c cooking oil

4. We always run out of stock because burger king uk ltd tell us to order in a stupid way

5. Burger king have just spent millions of pounds on updating kitchens to the phase 1 platform to improve product quality and speedy service.

6. Are fries are always hot as they are discarded every 10 minutes and we do not salt them

7. Flame grilled is more healthier than fried burgers

8. We may not have a massive range of breakfasts but they taste 100% better than Mc Ds

9. All our orders are givent out in 3 mins or less


Posted: 15:23 Thu 14-Oct-2004 by "DigitalAngel"
(apparently posting from webaccess.englishpartnerships.co.uk) # permalink comment
Comment: Well seems like Damon put a few people to rights!!!!!!!! Anyways gotta go with BK on this one, bearing in mind I'm a simple man who eats more or less the same thing every time a whopper or bacon double cheese burger (sometimes XL) and a diet coke, dont bother with desserts or milkshakes. BK's chips have been far better since they changed them about 1998ish IMO, although they do loose their taste appeal if not fresh, BK's burgers taste LIKE BURGERS! McD's fall short here, I do like McD's burgers (1/4 £er) but they don't taste like Beef, theyfall into their own food classification. Maccies prices are fairer than Bk's which I think nets them an awful lot of customers, especialy students, thier drive through service is shite in my area, orders always wrong. Read an article in a tabloid yesterday about McD's dropping the golden arch logo and their attempt to appeal to the starbucks generation, sure enough in my local rag this morniing theres coupon for fruit toast and bagals!! I think rupert Spurlocks documenrty really delt them a damaging blow, not before time aswell
Posted: 15:01 Wed 03-Nov-2004 by "claire" # permalink comment
Comment: im trying to find out 4 a skool project bout mcdonaldsprices v burger king - - -wot do u think is betta like betta value 4 money sorta thig thx!!!!
Posted: 21:53 Wed 03-Nov-2004 by "Mark Hanson" # permalink comment
Comment: McDonalds are cheaper than BK (and also taste better). Also note the prices of BurgerKing in the service stations, you hardly get change of £10 after purchasing a meal.
Posted: 14:44 Wed 25-May-2005 by "jon hargus" # permalink comment
Comment: i h8 bk they need 2 b sued by u mama. oo yea and who killed kenny? i dont get that show..... u killed kenny u bastard
Posted: 14:54 Wed 25-May-2005 by "joe shmow" # permalink comment
Comment: i hate the domb bastard who killed kenny he was a real good fcking freind. i'm going to find the domb bastard who killed kenny and fck him up and then go have a burger from mcdonalds to calm me doun. that domb bastard
Posted: 19:36 Thu 26-May-2005 by "Gunny_Bunny"
(apparently posting from midd-cache-6.server.ntli.net) # permalink comment
Comment: Where is wendys in leeds? is it still there or has it closed down? if it has damn! its shan as we get no good things like mountain dew and cherry pepsi!
Posted: 23:55 Thu 26-May-2005 by "Wendys Lover" # permalink comment
Comment: Sorry dude Wendys withdrew from the UK market about 4 years ago. They all closed down, to add insult to injury the one on Shaftbury Avenue in London turned into a McDonalds :-<
Posted: 11:02 Tue 05-Jul-2005 by "Andrew Proffitt" # permalink comment
Comment: I think Mcd is well nicer, the big macs are so tasty. but the new bagettes are just as nice.
Posted: 00:08 Sun 17-Jul-2005 by "HAMISH McTAVISH" # permalink comment
Posted: 20:02 Tue 23-Aug-2005 by "BobbyDazzler" # permalink comment
Comment: Come on people, McDonalds fries better than BK fries? What have you been smoking?

McDonalds Fries = soggy, tasteless, cold (usually) and over-salted.

BK Fries = hot (usually), cripsy, tasty, salt to own taste and supplied with real Heinz ketchup as opposed to McD's stuff.

Lots of my mates said they prefered McDs fries a while back but I have converted everyone of them to BK fries afer insisting they gave them another try.

Burgers at BK taste like real burgers. Nice falme-grilled, almost done on the barbeque taste.

Burgers at McDonalds taste of literally nothing. Don't get me wrong, they are delicious once you add the sauce, cheese, bun etc, but if you were to ask for a plain McDs burger in a bun with no sauce I promise no one would eat it.

To give them their due though, McDonalds have fantastic Milkshakes and deserts (although i never buy their deserts as the meal is unhealthy enough).

Overall, I really like my fast food and both mcDonalds and Burger Kind are great (and KFC). However, although Burger King are slightly dearer you are getting a quality product in my opinion. At McDonalds you get crap quality products which are covered up with tasty sauces full of sugar. Burger King, when all is said and done, make tastier, higher quality food, but sales are lower because it is dearer, has poorer advertising, has crap toys to attract kids etc. For food alone, BK wins hands down.

Posted: 22:57 Thu 20-Oct-2005 by "Danielle"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: McDonalds is THE best fast food restaurant I've been to in North America (not including Quebec). They have delicious fries and the cheese burgers are so amazing and the service is fast and friendly. I eat there at least once a week. Burger King on the other is slow and the only thing thats even worth eating there are their burgers. Everything else is NASTY!..McDonalds wins this battle HANNDS DOWN!
Posted: 19:47 Tue 15-Nov-2005 by "Alisha Louvier"
(apparently posting from 207-170-226-130.gen.twtelecom.net) # permalink comment
Comment: Burger King is disgusting! Their burgers are way to overcooked and they taste burnt all the time and Mcdonalds has way more variety and tastes waaaaay better.
Posted: 23:40 Tue 15-Nov-2005 by "okay" # permalink comment
Comment: burnt burgers?
Posted: 04:49 Wed 16-Nov-2005 by "Alisha Louvier"
(apparently posting from coeur_dalene_cuda1_id-eacb02-00-crdlid-69-172-195-81.losaca.adelphia.net) # permalink comment
Comment: Yeah burnt burgers!! They cook them with a Blow torch. I swear who ever thought of Burger King Must have been retarded cuz if anyone likes burger king their crazy. Mcdonalds is just better. What can i say... I'm lovin it!
Posted: 11:06 Wed 16-Nov-2005 by "A McDonalds Worker " # permalink comment
Comment: MmM McDonalds, hate Burger King had it twice in my life (their strawberry milkshake is the worst). McDonalds rule, not being bias as they pay my wages (seriously i'm not). I love their ice cream but their coffee is funking horrible.
Posted: 16:47 Wed 16-Nov-2005 by "RosieH" # permalink comment
Comment: whatever happened to Wendy's? I LOVED her square burgers and miss them sometimes (wistful faraway look). reckon she was the Switzerland of the burger wars
Posted: 19:46 Wed 16-Nov-2005 by "Charley Propst"
(apparently posting from 207-170-226-130.gen.twtelecom.net) # permalink comment
Comment: I could really care less about burger king or mcdonalds, they're both jus greasy cheap meals. im not complainin,well yeh i am, they always got these like 74 year old witches an they freak me out evrytime i go in there. maybe if they got sum decent lookin ppl, i'd want to go there. i love you all, an dont hate me cause im beautiful.
Posted: 00:39 Thu 17-Nov-2005 by "Bob" # permalink comment
Comment: i prefer subway or jack in the box......burger king is very gross the fries are soggy and cold.....McD's is pretty good i guess but everything tastes the same. SUBWAY ALL THE WAY!
Posted: 04:21 Thu 17-Nov-2005 by "Tammy"
(apparently posting from adsl-68-122-70-20.dsl.pltn13.pacbell.net) # permalink comment
Comment: I vote for McDonald's,mostly because i like the fish burger.The part I don't like about Burger King is that there is things that I don't like as in the food.
Posted: 20:19 Sun 27-Nov-2005 by "Star Wars food Dude" # permalink comment
Comment: Sup i have to do a esay on compare & contrast on McDonalds and Burger King so all of you helped me a lot!:) I for one think that McDonald has better Chick Nuggs while Burger King has better Burgers. McDonald Burgers are just too flat... Anyway, i dont think that their service is very "pleasing" Well, ty!
Posted: 20:51 Sun 27-Nov-2005 by "Chewbacca" # permalink comment

(I like Burgerking's fries better. They're crispier then McDonald's soggy fries. Also, Their whopper is also a bit better)

Posted: 06:31 Sat 17-Dec-2005 by "Orlando Bloom" # permalink comment
Comment: Burger King is so much better than Mcdonalds.
Posted: 10:23 Sat 17-Dec-2005 by "Max" # permalink comment
Comment: Never eat both. Too bad for you. Click on my name to find out more or click on 'Ban Trans Fats (Hydrogenated Vegetable Oils)' on the left hand side of this page.
Posted: 20:57 Sat 17-Dec-2005 by "Chunk" # permalink comment
Comment: Trans Fats aren't that bad at all in the scheme of things. Prions, shifting magnetic poles, gamma bursts..... And I thought the latest report showed the data was incorrect as It wasn't just transfats but a combination. Then again I don't really care as I'm happy scoffing down the transfats while you worry yourself to death.
Posted: 19:45 Tue 20-Dec-2005 by "Belle" # permalink comment
Comment: MCDONALDS is the best restaurant in the world! BIG MAC's are the best! and id eat there any day over burger king.. BK makes me sick! but MCDo's makes me happy adn not sick
Posted: 09:43 Wed 21-Dec-2005 by "RosieH" # permalink comment
Comment: Whopper good - mmm - real tomato and lettuce lulling you with the thought that what you're eating isn't really that bad, it's like a proper meal really, meat and two veg. You just don't get that with the icky sticky sauce on a big mac
Posted: 17:26 Thu 05-Jan-2006 by "emskina" # permalink comment
Comment: chicken whoppers? where are they? i cna't find them. that makes me sad. i thought they were very yummy and juicy and it all ran down your chin and fingers and was delish.
Posted: 18:18 Thu 05-Jan-2006 by "gc" # permalink comment
Comment: You guys are fat losers with nothing better in your life besides junk food, get a life and stop dreaming about food.
Posted: 21:37 Thu 12-Jan-2006 by "mr king" # permalink comment
Comment: I hate mcdonalds its gay
Posted: 12:56 Tue 17-Jan-2006 by "Mr.DD" # permalink comment
Comment: I Love BK
Posted: 09:31 Thu 26-Jan-2006 by "B-Kizzle" # permalink comment
Comment: one word - w-h-o-p-p-e-r
Posted: 16:11 Thu 26-Jan-2006 by "jb" # permalink comment
Comment: Two words: heart attack.
Posted: 17:59 Thu 26-Jan-2006 by "clare" # permalink comment
Comment: i am an ex employee at bk. if anyone wants to know how they are made or what goes into them please just ask.
Posted: 21:25 Thu 26-Jan-2006 by "jo"
(apparently posting from bramhall-matthias-nat.salford.ac.uk) # permalink comment
Comment: i wanna know how they are made and what goes in them!!
Posted: 09:40 Fri 27-Jan-2006 by "layla" # permalink comment
Comment: Same - tell us..All fast food places are scum of the Earth really, because they're so bloody addicive, which is a shame, as some people look very attractive when they're not overweight. That said, Burger King fries are ok, yet McD's chicken nuggets are good if you are really wasted and think about other things.
Posted: 14:21 Fri 27-Jan-2006 by "clare" # permalink comment
Comment: right we get everything from our suppliers at 3663 that includes meat too. we put the meat through the broiler which flame grills it then we put the meat on hold on a timer. we then assemble the burger and put it in the microwave for a quick zap of life. the holding times and cleanliness of the kitchen was always a strong point. and going back to what was said early about us being polite. we get special training for that but god help those that piss us off!
Posted: 13:41 Wed 15-Feb-2006 by "Kyrzti" # permalink comment
Comment: I wonder if any of the people commenting or reading this actually knows how the animals are treated or what's in the meat and how its produced.http://www.kentuckyfriedcruelty.com has some very disturbing videos and I know its based on KFC but its the same prinicple seeing as there are chicken products at McD and BK which will be treated the same. This book (Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All-American Meal) has loads of information on fast food and should definately be considered to read even if it is American. This is just one part of the book -

"In order to bulk up the cattle, these companies, feed their cows, cats, dogs, other cows, newspapers, chicken by-products, and a variety of other things. By doing this, the cows quickly bulk up, to be turned over much faster. The cats, dogs, and cows that are ground up and fed to the cattle, are generally ones that are mutated, have growth issues, retardation, and genetic disorders. They are generally ground up, fur on, bones and all, and fed to the cattle in a grain, newspaper, and meat mixture that is extremely low cost to the cattle farm as it's almost all product they picked up from recycling plants, leftovers from chicken farms, and from their own horrible breeding programs."

It's all true and it's no joke. Think about this the next time you walk into a McDonalds or Burger King.

Posted: 17:26 Thu 23-Feb-2006 by "flugal" # permalink comment
Comment: Burger King rule man !!!!!
Posted: 04:35 Thu 02-Mar-2006 by "you guys are all nuts burger king win hands down" # permalink comment
Posted: 22:27 Sun 05-Mar-2006 by "some one who thinks you guys sholud get some lives" # permalink comment
Posted: 00:12 Mon 06-Mar-2006 by "clerk" # permalink comment
Comment: "Fase" is now my favourite new word.
Posted: 09:55 Mon 06-Mar-2006 by "Sandy" # permalink comment
Comment: "Face" full of vits eh? Isn't that what moisturiser companies are trying to do all the time? Who'd have known all you needed was a trip to McDonalds to get your face glowing full of vitamins and health.
Posted: 23:23 Tue 21-Mar-2006 by "Stasha" # permalink comment
Comment: AHHHHHH! my teacher is doing this stupid debate thing and i HAVE TO argue that Burger King's Fries are better than McDonalds --- which everyone knows their not.

i don't know what i am going to do.... any one that see's this and can offer any ideas please PLEASE! do so

my email is: konfusedfreek666 (at!) gmail.com



Posted: 11:11 Fri 24-Mar-2006 by "bob jim junior" # permalink comment
Comment: u suck buger king suck on that
Posted: 13:50 Mon 27-Mar-2006 by "bob jim senior" # permalink comment
Comment: sorry about my son's swearing
Posted: 13:56 Mon 27-Mar-2006 by "zackarie" # permalink comment
Comment: i hav 2 do a review on difrnt prices in some food joints [DELETED] i hate my teacher
Posted: 05:24 Wed 05-Apr-2006 by "wtf" # permalink comment
Comment: how is sucks a bad word fuck and shit are bad words any way macdonlas sucks shit i ageey with "YOU GUYS ARE ALL NUTS" it win hands down
Posted: 14:27 Wed 05-Apr-2006 by "< kelly3" # permalink comment
Comment: im gonna have to say form livign in america bk takes it all! except mcds has better fries yap yap!


Posted: 03:36 Sat 08-Apr-2006 by "jessica(burgerking worker)" # permalink comment
Comment: hey i work at burger king and i think its a lot better the fries are great(if you get them first made) they are thrown out every 10 mins and mcdonalds cheese burgers are awesome but taste like crap without cheese!! burger kings burgers are better because they taste like something !!! the chichen is awesome!!! and I make the best shakes ever so if you come to MY burger king ask for jessica to make your shake!! also i have to do a debate on which burger joint is better if you have any comments for me contact me by msn kandie_kane001 (at!) hotmail.com
Posted: 12:44 Sun 09-Apr-2006 by "Roo" # permalink comment
Comment: McD's Fries, BK burger - perfect combination !
Posted: 04:49 Sun 16-Apr-2006 by "fuck you all go to hell" # permalink comment
Comment: you all need to stop thing about food for 5 mins so you guys/girls/both can get some lives
Posted: 19:20 Sat 29-Apr-2006 by "bring back the real burger!" # permalink comment
Comment: McDonalds are better IMO. Their fries are the best, nice shakes and ice-cream, good breakfast muffins and you can't beat a Big Mac! I don't like the way they target young children and try to hook them for life with toys in happy meals. I prefer to eat 'real' burgers though. You guys should all try them , even posh restaurants serve them these days. Once you've tried the real thing, you won't want the fast food version!
Posted: 08:11 Mon 22-May-2006 by "Joey" # permalink comment
Comment: you got problems if you think Big Mac are good yuk...Whoopers is flame boiled and taste yummy!
Posted: 11:15 Wed 14-Jun-2006 by "Bendy" # permalink comment
Comment: Man, you are all going to die young. You know this.

I ate a BK last night, first time in over 2 months, no fries, no drink - and still felt bloated as hell afterwards. But that's it, I quit, forever (it was pretty crap anyway, and tasted burnt and greasy) It just was not worth it.

As I said, if you eat these things on a regular basis you ARE going to die young. Burgers today are like cigarettes of the 1950's. Food like this will be banned within 20-30 years, when we see the long term effects. So, enjoy it while you can ;o)

Posted: 23:36 Wed 14-Jun-2006 by "polarbear" # permalink comment
Comment: I ate a few Big Tastys just before I became a vegetarian in 2003, I really quite liked them, They certainly were Big and Tasty
Posted: 23:03 Fri 15-Sep-2006 by "Dustan Layng"
(apparently posting from cache-dtc-aa02.proxy.aol.com) # permalink comment
Comment: First off on overall i got to go with burger king, sandwhiches are hands down better, fries are equal to me as long as they are fresh, Mcd's has more breakfast items, however i go with burger king for the fact that in the morning, I do not have time for 50 items.. a limited menu is good for me and let me tell you, burger king never runs out of biscuits... and think about this logically... mcdonalds last year has a slogan that read "chicken mcnuggets NOW 100% real chicken" which begs the question... what were they before? its always wise to think about whats in the food you eat!!!
Posted: 18:58 Sat 16-Sep-2006 by "Chris" # permalink comment
Comment: Hello.

For me it's BK all the way. Tottaly fresh tasting ingrediants, juicy tomatoes, amazing flame tasting chicken/beef and dispite what many think..THE FRIES ARE FKIN ACE!


Posted: 17:54 Sat 23-Sep-2006 by "???"
(apparently posting from d141-90-67.home.cgocable.net) # permalink comment
Comment: I agree with a few people... Bk's onion rings and spicy fries are great but when it comes down to the real stuff, MCD rules... good food and such and have never heard of food poisoning.. i mean health is bad at both... forget supersize me...
Posted: 03:49 Mon 25-Sep-2006 by "just4fun" # permalink comment
Comment: i can see that no one has thought to mention the one thing inportant here & thats money!!! family of 5 can walk in mcd spend £20 then go home & as soon as they get in the first place they go is the snack cubard while going in the freezer for box of micro chips when you can goto kfc spend the same go home first thing everyone does is sits down saying ffs i am bloated!! :( http://chat-webcam.ifrance.com/en.html
Posted: 10:05 Tue 10-Oct-2006 by "bOB tHe BuILdEr" # permalink comment
Comment: I thInK thAt eVeryoNE SmelLs!!!!!!

(AnD I cAn Fix It bY tHe Way!)

Posted: 10:15 Tue 10-Oct-2006 by "bOB tHe BuILdEr" # permalink comment
Comment: POo

pOo pOo PoO poO pOo pOo pOo

Posted: 17:05 Mon 23-Oct-2006 by "aarondsmogjnn" # permalink comment
Comment: burgerking is the shyt
Posted: 18:19 Tue 14-Nov-2006 by "slim sladie" # permalink comment
Comment: you are all stupid why why in the world would you want to eat burgers with plastic in them!
Posted: 22:03 Tue 14-Nov-2006 by "ex worker" # permalink comment
Comment: i used to work at McDonalds HO, and actually all that goes into the burgers is beef, just 100%. Seriously. But yeah homemade burgers are the best
Posted: 04:05 Thu 16-Nov-2006 by "Empoyee of burger chain" # permalink comment
Comment: Hi Yes it is 100% meat and it is slapped between the buns and there is added salt content supplied by myself if you wish.I hope you come though my drive by again as i have done many times,please enjoy your burger and visit again soon. 69554 5 30
Posted: 18:16 Mon 18-Dec-2006 by "tim" # permalink comment
Comment: wow i like burger kings burgers like whoppers but their fries are alright but mcdonalds fries are just perfect nothard and not too much salt
Posted: 23:56 Tue 19-Dec-2006 by "Ryan" # permalink comment
Comment: now MD has the big tastey there's no point in going to BK as it tastes like (if not better) than a whopper. Actually i take it back, i might drop into BK for a vanilla milkshake (tastes like milkybars!) but the bastards only have milkshake machine in every other store, plus it only works one in a million times because it seems to clean itself every five minutes, screw it Maccy D's for ever! where every meal is dessert!
Posted: 02:23 Thu 21-Dec-2006 by "poop" # permalink comment
Comment: mcdonalds fries=delicious/burger kings fries= ok/burger kings burgers and shakes =ummmmmmm/mcdonalds shakes and burgers=plain overall burger king is alot better!they also have delicious icees -
Posted: 17:25 Thu 21-Dec-2006 by "taylor" # permalink comment
Comment: i honestly believe that mc donalads is my favriote out of the two because of its milkshakes are gourges but i have to say that the quality of the food from both restraunts are quite low marked
Posted: 12:15 Sat 27-Jan-2007 by "Dan" # permalink comment
Comment: I tend to avoid McDonalds because it's a magnet for the dregs of society. You're almost guaranteed to be put off your food by some fat disgusting excuse for a human being and her 5 screaming kids. Burger King make better burgers anyway.
Posted: 23:13 Tue 06-Feb-2007 by "moomoo fron spfld" # permalink comment
Comment: McDonalds is poppin but Burguer king got you beat. definitly wit wopper jr.s'.
Posted: 13:52 Tue 13-Feb-2007 by "coltonio" # permalink comment
Comment: McDonalds only has one thing that is better than burger king and thats the shakes. and they only win that because BK doesnt have shakes. but yea i would much rather have a whopper than a big mac. mcdonalds fries suck. i dont get why everyone likes them. and as far as dessert i would rather have a chocolate pie than a freakin' mcflurrie
Posted: 15:17 Tue 13-Feb-2007 by "chris bowker"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: i love food and i love big macs am not retard stop calling me it :(
Posted: 15:20 Tue 13-Feb-2007 by "Nash"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: u people are fuckin loser! Go Lose some punds fatty
Posted: 22:20 Sat 17-Feb-2007 by "sam" # permalink comment
Comment: to say i work at bk i still would av to say that mcds is way beta. Mcds burgers are made straight into burgers ie cheese burger, hamburger (i no i wrked there 2!) where as bk burgers are stored for an hr in uhc trays. bk fries are the best tho!
Posted: 12:09 Sat 24-Feb-2007 by "Sophie" # permalink comment
Comment: The Wendy's in Leeds is apparently at 93, Briggate..... it looks like there is also one in Picadilly Circus as well as a few other London locations (anyone?). Wendy's did not pull out of the UK entirely, just the "company run" restaurants...the franchised restaurants remained. Do they still have taco salad over here? :-)
Posted: 12:54 Sat 24-Feb-2007 by "Sophie" # permalink comment
Comment: ooops....now I've read that the one at Picadilly Circus became a McDonald's? Is the one in Leeds still there??
Posted: 15:15 Sat 24-Feb-2007 by "charl" # permalink comment
Comment: i am pretty sure that the wendy's at leeds became a muji several years ago. but i am not a resident...
Posted: 17:14 Sun 11-Mar-2007 by "Tripper" # permalink comment
Comment: Sorry the Wendy's in Leeds is now a McDs. Used to love triple(thats 3 quarter pounders)burger. So its a good job it closed, for hearts sake.
Posted: 17:19 Tue 24-Apr-2007 by "Beartrude" # permalink comment
Posted: 10:13 Wed 25-Apr-2007 by "Electric Apple (was Soulman)" # permalink comment
Comment: I don't like any of these, but if I was on gunpoint I'd go for Burger King.
Posted: 22:15 Wed 25-Apr-2007 by "bob d jnr" # permalink comment
Comment: geewwoon da MACCIE D'S u no day kick ass hate dat burger 'shit hole' king!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted: 15:26 Thu 26-Apr-2007 by "Electric Apple" # permalink comment
Comment: We won't have SPAM here, Bob D Jnr. I've already warned another member. Anyway, I've already said Burger King on GUNPOINT! I don't actually like any.
Posted: 19:28 Mon 07-May-2007 by "dragon rider" # permalink comment
Comment: MCDONALDS ROCKS OUT LOUD WITH THIER CHEESE BURGERI'M EATING ONE RIGHT NOW!!!!!! and some chicken nuggets from burger king thier chicken nuggets ROCK especialy with my secret dipping sauce!!!!!!!
Posted: 01:45 Tue 08-May-2007 by "Fabiola Cabrera" # permalink comment
Comment: Burger king is way healthier!!!!!!!!!!
Posted: 13:07 Wed 09-May-2007 by "Electric Apple" # permalink comment
Comment: Don't think so. The chips are greasy with fat and the burgers are also the same, but they do taste a TINY bit better than Maccy'Don's.
Posted: 22:04 Sat 12-May-2007 by "Adrian" # permalink comment
Comment: Tried the new bacon burger with chunky chips and topped off with the deluxe caramel flurry. Top marks to McDonalds on this limited edition range.
Posted: 09:03 Thu 07-Jun-2007 by "sean" # permalink comment
Comment: bk is much better, the taste of burgers is better, mcd's fries are soggy, if you want a burger without e.g relish you have to wait 10 mins, staff are stupid, all mcd's workers failed bk exam, mcd's is cheaper but how many times have you picked up a double cheese burger in mcd's and have had grease running down your fingers? .............well it never happened to me in bk.
Posted: 22:58 Thu 07-Jun-2007 by "mat" # permalink comment
Comment: Erm...XL BK burgers put macdonalds to shame....there is no argument here i am almost 6 and a half foot and i can only just eat an XL burger. There has NEVER been anything that tasty and filling from macdonalds especially here in the UK.
Posted: 15:09 Fri 08-Jun-2007 by "Electric Apple" # permalink comment
Comment: The reason I stopped eating McDonald's was in September 2005.

The university collage's cooker had died and it was up to me to save all the hungry, sad (in the literal term) and decaying students from certain insanity.

I ran to Manchesters' nearest Maccy Don's, with a measly £250 in my right pocket and a tube of Smarties, a whistle and a 5 year old train ticket (answers on a postcard please). I ordered some 100- odd Big Macs and after what seemed like 7 minutes, I was given them and, hero like, I rushed out and back into Mancs' grandest university.

While the students snacked on the burgers, I discovered mine still had some frost on it. (Leftover frost from when they were thawing them out).

So that explains quite a lot. Luckily, I never became ill!

Posted: 16:03 Fri 08-Jun-2007 by "Marquez" # permalink comment
Comment: Are you saying there is something wrong with freezing burgers or buns? or are you just not happy about the residual frost?
Posted: 04:01 Sat 09-Jun-2007 by "sean" # permalink comment
Comment: no doubt, mcd's is really nice but bk for me is the nicer, even though more expensive. i much prefer the fries, i think mcd's salt the fries too much, bk's menu is more limited but mcd's food is always a struggle if you want the option of something without a certain addition e.g lettuce or something. although i have to give mcd's for not being tight with the sauces, i hate it in bk when i have to ask for ketchup and stuff, at least in mcd's sauce is on tap. both chains have pro's and con's but when it comes to my personal preference..........bk everytime!
Posted: 13:18 Mon 11-Jun-2007 by "Electric Apple" # permalink comment
Comment: Marquez, I'm unhappy with the residual frost. You can get very ill off it1
Posted: 13:18 Sat 16-Jun-2007 by "Jane" # permalink comment
Comment: I ate at Burger King last night. It was utterly foul. The chips tasted like they had been dipped in industrial effluent. The bun was soggy with mayo, limp and squashed flat in several places. The 'lettuce' was the consistency of green pus. I nearly vomited. Threw it all away. Gross, gross, gross. And that 'meal deal' cost me over a fiver at a service station outlet.

MacDonalds is not only better-tasting, but far cheaper too.

Posted: 11:59 Sun 17-Jun-2007 by "Spanky" # permalink comment
Comment: I am a BK Restaurant Manager and I belive Burger King food is much higher quality and, without doubt, more filling. The problem with us is consistency: a big mac always tastes the same - always "ok", never great, rarely bad. A whopper made well is second to none - unfortunately, 1 in every 4 probably isn't to standard which is a big issue. Also, in response to those complaining of there never being any sandwiches ready in a BK restaurant, the reason is this: we will always get complaints for one of 2 reasons; (1) slow service, (2) crap products. We prefer the slow service as at least you should receive decent food. Burger King is currently moving towards "Made To Order" - eventually everything will be freshly prepared to order - currently this applies to all Whopper products and Angus (don't be put off by the price of this - it is a great tasting product) products - eventually all BK sandwiches/burgers (whatever) will be MTO. And fianally, if I was a paying customer, I would eat at BK over McDonalds but I would get pissed at the waiting times that sometimes occur!
Posted: 09:30 Thu 21-Jun-2007 by "SteveG" # permalink comment
Comment: Definitely BK all the way for me - too many inedible meals from McD over the years. Gotta admit McD wins on the sauces, but then they need good sauces to hide the taste of the rest.
Posted: 10:15 Mon 25-Jun-2007 by "jimmybob gay boy jr"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: i fucking h8 burger king and mcdonalds there fucking gay cunts
Posted: 15:01 Mon 25-Jun-2007 by "Electric Apple" # permalink comment
Comment: For fans of McDonalds, try this game http://freestuff.co.uk/mcdonalds_game.php
Posted: 15:16 Mon 25-Jun-2007 by "Electric Apple" # permalink comment
Comment: SORRY! The proper address is here http://free-stuff.co.uk/mcdonalds_game.php
Posted: 18:34 Mon 25-Jun-2007 by "homer simpson" # permalink comment
Comment: bk is better
Posted: 04:17 Sat 30-Jun-2007 by "ola doboszynska" # permalink comment
Comment: very disappointed with mcdonalds fries yesterday...........very poor
Posted: 04:56 Wed 04-Jul-2007 by "BK LOVER!!" # permalink comment
Posted: 14:07 Thu 05-Jul-2007 by "Jay Jay Okocha" # permalink comment
Comment: KFC 4 LIFE
Posted: 13:04 Wed 11-Jul-2007 by "Electric Apple" # permalink comment
Comment: Before I leave, can I just get my clothes... and my Walkers Crinkles... and my contacts... I'm a student you know! Well that's it... Arrivederci! Sayanora! Ciao! Goodbye! :(
Posted: 17:43 Fri 13-Jul-2007 by "Julia" # permalink comment
Comment: I love McDonalds. Hate Burger King, it always tastes burnt!!!
Posted: 23:02 Fri 13-Jul-2007 by "jojo" # permalink comment
Comment: not to be rude but are u guys that like BK fat? because every one i know that likes BK is fat. they say that they like the taste and the size. thats the only thing that i see that BK has over Mcdonald is the size of the burger
Posted: 19:37 Thu 19-Jul-2007 by "Efrain M" # permalink comment
Comment: As a savy life-long consumer for both of these notable Fast Food Restaurants I must objectively say that Burger King burgers are more delightable soley because they are flame grilled. Nonetheless, I believe that is the only upper hand they have against McDonalds. McDonalds french fries are known world-wide and thier chicken products, be it thier Premium Sandwiches, Salads, Selects, or Nuggets are phenominal. Burger has changed thier recipe and preparation for thier french fried numerous amounts of times and yet still are inferior to McDonald's. Furthermore, McDonlads customer service and overall food quality overrides that of Burger King. McDonalds also offers a wider range of food products including more healthier chocies than that of it's competitor and a more delightable breakfast menu. McDonalds also prizes itself on giving back to the community [Ronald McDonald Charities] and paying special close attention to our youth, hence the infamous 'Happy Meal Experience'. In conclusion, one may deem evident that McDonalds is truly better than Burger King.
Posted: 20:22 Sat 21-Jul-2007 by "ymmit" # permalink comment
Comment: WTH do BK dip their fries in - it's like having a mouthful of powder afterwards.

And the only decent sandwich there is the Angus - I'm fed up of the "flame grilled 20 mins ago then microwaved to seem fresh" taste of the once-all-conquering-but-now-just-crap Bacon Double Cheese.

Posted: 14:54 Sun 22-Jul-2007 by "Davey C" # permalink comment
Comment: I prefered BK a few ago, there were always more expsensive but you got a serious burger they seem to have got smaller and cheaper to compete with McD's where as if you wanted summet smaller then McD's was a good choice, But i gotta say im a big build lad(not fat) an i prefer a great big flamed grilled double whopper, and the fries are much better at BK's.Besides ive worked (at!) McD's and seen what goes on. im sure BK is the same but i havent seen it or done it.
Posted: 20:45 Mon 23-Jul-2007 by "Mickey" # permalink comment
Comment: burger king is so much nicer
Posted: 12:35 Thu 16-Aug-2007 by "sean" # permalink comment
Comment: bk needs to invest more money, mediocre doesn't reward, if bk spent more money and expanded the menu, cut waiting time and just generally opened up in more places it would beat mcd's hands down.............maybe a price decrease is in order but still...............- .... i live in hungary and there is a mcd's on every corner but there is only 2 bk's in the entire country ...............- .i think i made my point!!!!
Posted: 08:36 Thu 23-Aug-2007 by "jayden" # permalink comment
Comment: i love hungry jacks (bk) im from aussie so ya. i love hungry jacks chips so much oh and the whopper jeez thats good but one thing MCD is yack i have not ate MCD for so long i just eat hungry jacks and kfc and subway. by the way if u think im worng then beep u and kfc chips are the best by the way MCD spit in ya food
Posted: 10:34 Tue 18-Sep-2007 by "peter" # permalink comment
Comment: mcdonalds and burger king r both lovely
Posted: 20:12 Tue 25-Sep-2007 by "john"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: also these days is not about the money sometimes is the quality
Posted: 21:21 Fri 28-Sep-2007 by "megcsokolhatlak" # permalink comment
Comment: maybe we should all just go to kfc.........
Posted: 14:53 Sat 29-Sep-2007 by "rob" # permalink comment
Comment: "the burgers are better at hungry jacks"
Posted: 11:27 Wed 21-Nov-2007 by "all your mums are gay" # permalink comment
Comment: www.google.com
Posted: 03:36 Mon 10-Dec-2007 by "saw" # permalink comment
Comment: bk`s fries are actually delicious, so crunchy!! mickeyd`s fries are like to salty and soft, dont get me wrong i lov`em!!!

also, your wrong, once, i got a mcd`s salad and there were actually MAGGOTS in there, so i left in disgust!!!

Posted: 09:48 Mon 10-Dec-2007 by "Ronnie DiMarco" # permalink comment
Comment: I actually like most things about BK, I always preferred their fries and found their burgers to have more taste of actual meat... weird to think about such things I know.

My main gripe with McDonald's is that their bread, to me, isn't as much bread as a derivative of those packing foam shapes.

So with inferior fries and bread that ruins most meals, (which I for some reason remember as being measily in comarion to BK fillings as well, probably just opinion affecting that bit though.) It's BK all the way for me.

But if, and when I do, have the choice, I always go KFC - best fries of the three and love chicken.

To throw an extra spanner in there, I've been to McDonalds at least twice as much as I have BK in recent times (since I more or less stopped getting fast food anyway)

Posted: 09:53 Mon 10-Dec-2007 by "Ronnie DiMarco" # permalink comment
Comment: Oh and when I did go (was taken to) McD's the weekend before last, I asked for Salad with my Chicken Legend meal and she "typed in" fries.

And then the guy putting the orders together on the trays (it was a busy evening in Meadowhall) obviously got me fries, so I told him I wanted salad, and he said I would have to queue to buy one, and then chuffed off to go and get some more orders.

Yes, I did eat the fries :(

Posted: 18:34 Tue 11-Dec-2007 by "eddy" # permalink comment
Comment: bring back the big tasty in the uk, and re-open burber king in scunthorpe, uk.
Posted: 17:46 Mon 17-Dec-2007 by "Tino" # permalink comment
Comment: i think they are both rubbish
Posted: 08:46 Wed 19-Dec-2007 by "Lou" # permalink comment
Comment: Shame they dont look like the pictures! Real disappointment when they come out!
Posted: 21:55 Sun 30-Dec-2007 by "Charli" # permalink comment
Comment: Macdonalds fries are awesome but onion rings from Burger king are great i dont like meat though because its bought cheaply and cartalige is often found! Its really annoying!
Posted: 16:27 Fri 11-Jan-2008 by "Armando Flores" # permalink comment
Comment: you are so gay
Posted: 16:37 Fri 11-Jan-2008 by "Norbeto martines" # permalink comment
Comment: u suck
Posted: 01:10 Sat 12-Jan-2008 by "P Hilton" # permalink comment
Comment: I think Bugger King is so HOT! Plus I can sit on the chairs without my panties and fantasise about the other customers enjoying the view of me more than the cheeseburgers!
Posted: 03:58 Wed 23-Jan-2008 by "sean" # permalink comment
Comment: hey, this might sound silly to most, but in england they just advertised a burger ( mcdonalds) called double quarter pounder with cheese. it is the same as a normal quarter pounder with cheese, just 2 1/8 pounder burgers and an extra slice of cheese. this is more expensive also. now, i'm not fat idiot, but i think this is nothing more than a marketing gimmet, and a piss take!!!
Posted: 20:16 Thu 24-Jan-2008 by "mr a burger" # permalink comment
Comment: You are all fat bastards
Posted: 04:10 Fri 25-Jan-2008 by "fugly fuck" # permalink comment
Posted: 15:37 Wed 30-Jan-2008 by "Charlieboy"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: You guy really should stop eating the junk food. No wonder your all chubby. I passed this website looking for the health implications of eating this crap. Hey i know its addictive ive been there in fact i worked for both burger king and mcdonalds as a child. Mcdonalds being by far the better employer. None of the staff were idiots a few were foreign but they just worked in the kitchen. I never ever saw anyone spit in a burger but BK had a lot that went on that im sure the health borad would be interested in. Always due to the franchising. The 2 idiots above i doubt would ven get a job their. Anyway back to the start. This shit will kill you!!!!. Dont eat it. Except maybe when your wasted and its the only thing open except for a rancid kebab. xxxx love guys
Posted: 17:31 Thu 31-Jan-2008 by "wally" # permalink comment
Comment: junk food is fine in moderation, but i'm sick of all these wombles telling me i shouldn't eat junk food, smoke or drive a car...........these idiots are complete f****** prats. i'm sick of these campaigns lauched by governments about this, they say they're trying to save money on the nhs, when smoking, driving cars (tax, congestion charge, alcohol pays for this. just a fucking political joke. we all pay tax, even tax on the tax you already pay, then national insurance, but if i smoke and get cancer, i won't get treatment because of it...........what a load of shit. i'm sorry but the uk is a load of shit. but we can send benefits to polish families living in poland. but if i eat 2 mcdonalds meals i'm labelled as obese, and cannot get treatment for a cold coz i ate mcdonalds and smoked a cigarette, so my tax and national insurance goes to poland and drug addicts and i get fuck all.
Posted: 12:21 Fri 01-Feb-2008 by "fried chicken" # permalink comment
Comment: oi wally why dont u swear huh?
Posted: 12:24 Fri 01-Feb-2008 by ""chode"" # permalink comment
Comment: u fucking pussy puting stars when u can swear u fucking idiot
Posted: 12:25 Fri 01-Feb-2008 by "fried chicken" # permalink comment
Comment: oi wally why dont u swear huh?
Posted: 12:28 Fri 01-Feb-2008 by "goat" # permalink comment
Comment: i just like hay non of this junk food crap there killing my friends in the field across the road like cow
Posted: 12:28 Fri 01-Feb-2008 by "fried chicken" # permalink comment
Comment: i enjoy burger king chips, can i join your chip munching community
Posted: 12:30 Fri 01-Feb-2008 by "pea" # permalink comment
Comment: the only thing i like is mushy peas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
Posted: 19:38 Sun 03-Feb-2008 by "smily"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: sounds a bit muddeld up (lol)
Posted: 01:08 Sat 20-Sep-2008 by "Summer" # permalink comment
Comment: Free yourselves of fast-food addiction, These restauraunt carry products containing genetically modified derivatives and enzymes; very harmful to your body! Morons need to pay the most attention: DON'T FEED YOUR INFANTS THIS GARBAGE DUMBASS
Posted: 19:54 Sat 20-Sep-2008 by Zeddy # permalink comment
Comment: Have you been paying attention Summer?
Posted: 12:44 Sun 21-Sep-2008 by "jeremylee" # permalink comment

Recently I made a valid complaint to McDonalds customer services dept. about McDonalds poor standards at [SPECIFIC LOCATION DELETED]. The complaint concerned slow service, abrasive attitudes, and matters about unacceptable hygeine standards.

The complaint was passed on to the store by customer services, following which the store's manager, [NAME DELETED], promptly banned me from the store. He did not deny that my complaint was valid, but was told that I was banned simply becauseI I had made the complaint in the first place. Their management team consists entirely of immigrants, having come here on dodgy visas and the like, and all of which in favour of my ban, which shows how much we are now under the control of illegal immigrants.

Perhaps this is consistent with McDonalds training practices. It would appear that you have to accept their adverse practices without question or suffer the consequences, as I myself did.

Posted: 19:05 Sun 21-Sep-2008 by Zeddy # permalink comment
Comment: Hygiene issues? I don't suppose you could have thought of informing Environmental Health of your problems? Yeh, they are all racist too, arent they?
Posted: 09:56 Wed 24-Sep-2008 by "Wes"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: If any, regardelss of the way they treat their chicken, I'd prefer KFC. However, I MUST rate Burgr King the least among Fast Food Outlets. They're mostly not all the same, but having worked in one, I can say the Health and Safety issues are amazingly high. So, out of the two in discussion, I'd choose McDonalds.
Posted: 23:50 Tue 06-Jan-2009 by "ah for a marron" # permalink comment
Comment: i love all fast food. amazingly, i am not over weight and i do go to the gym (not claiming olympic physique or fitness but trim enough). i think basically to all these tossers out there, you know who you are environmentalists, people who are vegetarians/vegans and generally from another planet, the type of people who say things like killing animals for food is wrong......please GO TELL THE TIGERS THAT!!! anyway point being fast food is fine provided it isn't taken too far. don't wanna claim to be a martyr, but i will never go out of my way to go to a fast food outlet but if i'm hungry and there is a fast food outlet on my way to where i'm going then i'll stop for a bite. to me this is fine.(providing there isn't one on your way to work).
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