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Click pic to view comments Fortnightly face-off: Coffee vs Tea
Posted: 11:44 Fri 24-10-2003.
Snackspot reports: Once again, last time's McDonald's vs Burger King debate was almost too close to call, pivoting on a spirited defence by "Tom" of Burger King's fries as "only nice when they've just been freshly cooked". Mickey D's just edged ahead in the end though, praised for its fries, shakes, "very good toys", and (inexplicably) WIDE STRAWS!!!. Anyway, inspired by the wide range of teas on offer at freshly-microwaved Indian takeaway TiffinBites, launches of self-heating Rocket Fuel coffee (1.09) and child-friendly herbal tea Kidz-T, plus headlines like 7-Eleven Unveils New Hot Beverage Station, this week's winter warmer is that age-old chestnut: Which hot beverage do you most prefer - a cup of coffee or a mug of tea?

...Do you have a favourite blend of tea or coffee - and, if so, have you ever tried enhancing your enjoyment of both by mixing the two of them together? Or do you feel that coffee is over-represented in the world of confectionery flavours, whereas tea is used hardly at all - with the possible exception of Japanese products like Morinaga Hi-Soft Green Tea flavoured toffees, once described by Snackspot regular "Stuart Campbell" with the words: Egad, it really does taste of tea! That's *weird*. Also, the pack comes with a beautiful little collecting card, which for some reason is a picture of a set of traffic lights.


Posted: 12:55 Fri 24-10-2003 by "Nebbish" # permalink comment
Comment: It's tea of course. I can't believe you're even asking us, we're not on the Continent yet you know.
Posted: 14:46 Fri 24-10-2003 by "Wild" # permalink comment
Comment: Hear! Hear!

yay for tea! Huzzah! Down with ground up bits of bean.

Posted: 15:00 Fri 24-10-2003 by "Wild" # permalink comment
Comment: You know tins of quality street, or packets of revels, well, what's the flavour that most people hate most - that's right: coffee.

What is it that so many places make so badly? Coffee.

When you ask for tea you get given your own little pot, so that you can adjust the strength of the tea according to your taste - but with coffee do you get you own private grinder/espresso machine? No, you don't.

Its dictated to you by others. You become part of the repressed, destined to spend your life having your coffee dictated to you.

Tea is freedom. Hoorah for tea.

Posted: 15:33 Fri 24-10-2003 by "Xavier" # permalink comment
Comment: Tea! it must be. Its a hang over cure, almost a meal and more besides. Coffee is for people with no stamina. If you need a sleep - go and lie down.
Posted: 16:29 Fri 24-10-2003 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: I vaguely remember some sort of claim that a company (Whitworths?) were going to launch a sort of "Starbucks of tea", presumably where you could spend 3 quid or so on an unusually frothy milky cuppa.

Then again, the new 7-Eleven Hot Beverage Station apparently offers "more than 1,300 combinations", comprising a "minimum of five varieties of coffee, four flavored syrups, seven different tea bags, five toppings, creamers, sweeteners and all types of milk" - let's hope Noddy Milk is in there somewhere as I like it so much I'm never drinking cow's milk again!

Posted: 16:35 Fri 24-10-2003 by "Pete" # permalink comment
Comment: Has to be tea - it has that whole warming the pot ceremony and you have to wait for it to brew. No rushing it like in some ghastly Starbucks. Plus tea is supposedly rich in anti-oxidants.
Posted: 17:14 Fri 24-10-2003 by "Kaptain Korolev" # permalink comment
Comment: The Kaptain likes nothing better than a cup of freshly ground Jamaican Blue Mountain. Coffee is best. The way tea is drank in this country is obscene anyway, people spoil it with milk and use a 'pot' to brew it rather than a beautifully crafted Samovar.
Posted: 17:25 Fri 24-10-2003 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: Once again, I don't want to sound like a secret coffee fan, but how come cola (caffeine/coffee-based) is more popular here than iced tea (tea-based)?

(Personally I tend to drink more tea, but like that guy in Peep Show, occasionally treat myself to a coffee "for pudding")

Posted: 23:00 Fri 24-10-2003 by "cokeco" # permalink comment
Comment: Seriously, how many people ever brew a proper pot of tea any more. You rarely get the little pot given to you. Its mainly a tea bag plunked into a mug. Get real people, its coffee all the way. And Wild, how do you know that its the coffee flavour people hate the most? There are so many things with coffee flavour and they are scrummy! You don't get tea flavour because people know it would be gross. Also Starbucks coffee is not rushed. They make each shot specifically for your coffee. PS Starbucks does tea as well. Its more like people just say tea well because they are English and they want to hold on to this whole English tea drinking stereotype. And its the Irish who actually consume the most tea per capita. Double mocha capuccino here I come!!
Posted: 04:37 Sat 25-10-2003 by "Wombler" # permalink comment
Comment: Tea, quite clearly. Coffee is alright, but it'll never compete with a good old fashioned cuppa. Yes, I am a sterotypical English tea drinker and proud of the fact - I suspect Cokeco has been sent by Starbucks to inject some Yankee coffee propaganda into this debate.

What's everyone's favourite tea brand? Sainsbury's Red Label all the way for me.

Posted: 14:42 Sat 25-10-2003 by "righthere" # permalink comment
Comment: Pfft, coffee. I will ensure that tea will reign over these insignificant ground beans and furthermore to burn all chocolate flavoured chocolates will be burned.
Posted: 21:03 Sat 25-10-2003 by "bebs" # permalink comment
Comment: i say: coffee in the morning, tea at other times!
Posted: 21:25 Sat 25-10-2003 by "sleeping_blood" # permalink comment
Comment: Coffee out of the house and tea at home. And tea for when you're upset in some way, definitely.
Posted: 01:42 Sun 26-10-2003 by "Peter" # permalink comment
Comment: Tea all the way! Coffee has a horrible aftertaste and if you want caffiene that much buy a can of Pepsi/Coke.

Tea's the perfect thing to wake up to in the morning and complete with biscuits makes for a lovely snack.

Posted: 14:06 Sun 26-10-2003 by "Alessandra" # permalink comment
Comment: Coffee!!!! Absolutely coffee!!

Tea only when I'm ill or nonsleep.

Posted: 14:08 Sun 26-10-2003 by "Kim" # permalink comment
Comment: I don't drink either coffee or tea, but I love the smell of coffee so..... it has to be coffee.
Posted: 21:20 Sun 26-10-2003 by "karooble" # permalink comment
Comment: Tea.
Posted: 21:49 Sun 26-10-2003 by "charl" # permalink comment
Comment: neither. unless i have horrible tonsilitis in which case i will make the exception for lemon tea (proper - none of that lipton shite).
Posted: 04:03 Mon 27-10-2003 by "Adrian" # permalink comment
Comment: Coffee - latte in the morning, flat white or long black in the afternoon, and a flat white or espresso after tea (dinner).

And sometimes, just to mix it up, a cup of green tea, but that's getting pretty rare these days.

Also what about the practice of putting sugar or milk in tea? Yecchhh....

Posted: 08:42 Mon 27-10-2003 by "Iocus" # permalink comment
Comment: TEA WINS!
Posted: 12:04 Mon 27-10-2003 by "MartinD" # permalink comment
Comment: Tea. Hands down. Especially a lovely fresh large leaf Ceylon. Preferably from the Petigalia estate. Get the large leaf guaze tea bags from Whittards and taste the difference :)

Posted: 13:20 Mon 27-10-2003 by "Cowboy" # permalink comment
Comment: Tea, how coffee could even be considered as a substitute is beyond me. And I have never had a coffe flavoured anything that was nice. Even the orange revells are nicer.
Posted: 13:29 Mon 27-10-2003 by "Cowboy" # permalink comment
Comment: Drinking tea does not however guarantee that you can spell correctly (coffe??)
Posted: 17:28 Mon 27-10-2003 by "bob" # permalink comment
Comment: you can not beat a froffy coffee from starbucks in harrods, and i love the frappacino iced fruit tea. is krispy kremes yet opened in harrods? and where can you buy peach extra chewing gum?
Posted: 18:15 Mon 27-10-2003 by "Alex" # permalink comment
Comment: This should be a threeway. What about hot chocolate? Especially coconut flavour or with marshmallows on top. But:


And with all this health warnings about coffee, its warned me even more.

Posted: 14:17 Wed 29-10-2003 by "sammeh"
(apparently posting from gatec.mh.bbc.co.uk) # permalink comment
Comment: Tea tea tea tea tea tea!

Buy a teapot.

Purchase some loose leaf Sainsbury's Red Label and a packet of loose leaf Earl Grey (Sainsbury's or Twinings, either will suffice).

Add 2/3rds of red label and 1/3rd of earl grey to a tin. Mix Well.

Place 3 and a half teaspoons of this 'tea mixture'... or homebrew as my friend matt likes to call it... and add hot water.

Leave for 4-5 minutes. Pour into a mug, but ensure it is a mug big enough to accommodate a sufficient amount of tea, and add milk. (I won't tell you how much milk to add as that is a truly personal thing.)


You will be satiated.


Posted: 14:49 Wed 29-10-2003 by "matteh" # permalink comment
Comment: Definitely tea!

Sammeh, I have to say your blend or, homebrew as I like to call it, certainly has had me hooked for the past 2 years and I will never go back to drinking normal tea.

I would, however, add that I prefer a stronger taste and use 4 teaspoons, as a preference.

I thoroughly recommend this brew. And to quote a friend, "you will be satiated"; I guarantee it.

Posted: 16:13 Wed 29-10-2003 by "Tondo Man" # permalink comment
Comment: Either taste good, with whiskey
Posted: 17:02 Wed 29-10-2003 by "on the fence" # permalink comment
Comment: I have to say I drink more coffee away from home it is impossible to get a cup of tea which suits my taste.All Cafes should, greasy spoon style, leave the bag in the cup with spoon, for the customer to remove when strength preference is achieved. Because I like both my coffee and tea very strong, I drink coffee out of the house (but never in a starbucks style monstrosity - keep cafes italian, greek or turkish it's the traditional british way)becuase its easier to get it good and anxiety inducing
Posted: 22:23 Wed 29-10-2003 by "Adrian" # permalink comment
Comment: bob you can get Wrigley's Extra Peach flavoured chewing gum in any 7-11 in Melbourne. I'm chewing some now.
Posted: 22:31 Wed 29-10-2003 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: re: Wrigley's Extra Peach - ideally not straight before drinking a cup of tea or coffee - it'll taste disgusting...
Posted: 05:11 Thu 30-10-2003 by "Adrian" # permalink comment
Comment: Well, my usual morning routine is to get on the tram, chew the peach-flavoured gum for 20 minutes. Get off the tram, dispose of the now-tasteless gum, and head in to a cafe for some coffee. I was worried at first it would spoil the taste but it didn't seem to have any noticeable effect.
Posted: 15:34 Wed 05-11-2003 by "Emily (from California)" # permalink comment
Comment: Tea, by far. Coffee's merely a drug for late night concerts, long driving trips, or wanting to feel all jittery.

Fave flavours: Marco Polo (lost and can no longer be found...sigh) and Rooibos Africana.

Posted: 13:05 Thu 06-11-2003 by "Ad from California" # permalink comment
Comment: As a displaced Indian now living in California, I must comment on the sad state of tea here. I can't say I'm a big fan of teabags -- but forgetting brewed tea, out here noone drinks normal tea. Starbucks etc merely offer disgusting flavoured teas and horrible horrible chais (I can drink real Indian chai now and again but not this cinammon flavoured frappe crap). And I like Earl Grey, which is the only drinkable choice available on the multicoloured menu, but I can't drink that every day. Plus it's out of a teabag anyway.

If only people drank more Lipton or Tetley -- things would improve, heads would straighten and Ahnuld would not be governor.

On the other hand there is one chain -- Peet's coffee and tea which offers fantastic teas (by California standards, anyway) and where I can drink my first flush -- it's bliss.

Also at home I have my teapot so all is well. I like coffee but it just doesn't compare. It's not quite as relaxing and there is zero apparatus or ceremony.

Current Tea/Coffee ratio - 5/1

PS Finding tea pots etc is easy but good luck trying to find a tea cosy in this country. I'm contemplating stitching my own -- for now I am using an oversize mitt -- but i need one for the milk too. If anyone can help out let me know.

Posted: 05:03 Sat 13-Nov-2004 by "C.M. Jones" # permalink comment
Comment: I am an American completely devoted to tea. Can anyone help me achieve my long-term dream of becoming a British citizen. I have a degree in English and think American culture is all wrong.
Posted: 20:17 Wed 14-Sep-2005 by "MAcHia" # permalink comment
Comment: God's gift to MAN --> "Yerba Mate" -- Discover what you've all been missing.
Posted: 03:28 Sun 10-Sep-2006 by "mhoyes" # permalink comment
Comment: Tea, all the way. I am an american, but can't stand the smell of taste of coffee. I have even been totally parched and the onyl thing available was coffee, and one sip was enough to make me gag and be willing to just suffer with the thirst.
Posted: 13:08 Sun 10-Sep-2006 by "be" # permalink comment
Comment: It just has to be tea! Dont get me wrong, coffee has a lush smell, and ill even succumb to an expresso after a meal out.

But in Ireland, tea is the ultimate problem solver and we are all linked to it emotionally.... someone dies, have a cup of tea, your dog gets run over, have a cup of tea, look outside to the pissing rain, have a cup of tea, relationship breakup, have a cup of tea, find out the truth about the tooth fairy, have a cup of tea........

Posted: 16:51 Sun 10-Sep-2006 by "Marquez" # permalink comment
Comment: Coffee wins, tea is bland, you don't see starbucks selling fancy teas do you? but go get a Grande Mocha on a cold autumn evening and tell me tea is better
Posted: 17:48 Sun 10-Sep-2006 by "grotbag" # permalink comment
Comment: You don't see starbucks selling fancy teas because tea is good enough on its own not to need 75 optional added extras.

Starbucks isn't coffee, it's sugared water. 61401 0 41

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