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Click pic to view comments Confirmed sighting: Hellmann's Snack Sauces
Posted: 17:15 Tue 28-10-2003. Price: 1.49. Location: Sainsbury's, Luton. Sub-flavours: Burger, Curry, Saucy Chip Dip, Hot 'n' Spicy Tomato. Nutritional unusualness: Burger sauce contains anchovies!.
"Saramond" succinctly reports: Burger sauce is gorgeous, just like Big Mac sauce!

......and the tantalisingly titled Saucy Chip Dip isn't bad either, containing as it does mayonnaise, mustard, parsley, egg yolk, citric acid and "Leek Powder". Plus: top marks to Hellman's for positioning the bottle upside-down as well as clearly marking its ideal "squeeze point", though the Spicy Chip Dip's thinly veiled threat "One dollop and you're done for" is perhaps taking things a bit far. Look out for a lot of price activity on this range (they were just 74p/ bottle in Osterley Park Tesco), making it well worth testing whether you find each one yummy or disgusting for yourself. In other news: Heinz are rumoured to be fighting back soon with their own invention of Low Carbohydrate Ketchup, causing scientists to once again consider redrawing their tried-and-tested Table of Condiments That Periodically Go Bad.


Posted: 13:22 Fri 31-10-2003 by "Daniel Thornton" # permalink comment
Comment: This stuff is great, and it really does taste just like Big Mac sauce which can only be in it's favour. And it tastes just as good on chips. Or beans. As I just found out.

Posted: 08:12 Thu 06-11-2003 by "charl" # permalink comment
Comment: i have finally read the condiment table i have to take issue with bacon bits never going out of date. as any fule kno' they are highly susceptible to ambient moisture.
Posted: 09:49 Fri 07-11-2003 by "bahamut_enzyme"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: I just love burger sauce although I have hellmans burger sauce it does not taste like JJ food service burger sauce. I think everybody should make a petition for it to be released in big chain stores like Sainsbury's and Tesco's. ILL POST THE PETITION ON MY SITE. tHANKS EVRYBODY AND BYE.
Posted: 09:11 Thu 05-02-2004 by "Dani :) " # permalink comment
Comment: Hey I received a phone call the other day telling me I won a box of Hellman's Sauce...since it sounded the most enticing I chose Burger Sauce...was so pleased to read your 'yummy' comments :p I am going to collect my prize today :)
Posted: 15:43 Thu 05-02-2004 by "Dani :) (D.S.A.)" # permalink comment
Comment: Its me again! I collected my prize (a box with 6 bottles of Hellman's Burger Sauce) and guess what you were right!!! It is absolutely delicious!!!!! I spread it on a slice of bread as soon as I arrived home and I was in Big Mac Heaven :) ..I love Big Mac...and now I can get the same taste at home :) Yippeeeee I LOVE HELLMAN'S - By the way Thousand Island Dressing is really really good too..last time my boyfriend and I had a picnic with friends...they all stayed preparing picnic food before coming..all my boyfriend and I did was buy Thousand Island Dressing and Bread Rolls..we squirted it on the bread rolls while we were there and our friends were all so envious because it tastes fantastic...Dani :) a satisfied Hellman's customer from the island of Malta...Hellman's sauces-women's heaven :) :) :) (I apologise for the pun ...but would be good as a logo :p)
Posted: 13:17 Fri 31-Dec-2004 by "James in Belfast" # permalink comment
Comment: Love the hot n spicy. Unfortunately it is near impossible to find in Belfast. Really hot. Yum!!
Posted: 13:06 Wed 31-Aug-2005 by "tom-tom01" # permalink comment
Comment: Love the burger sauce. Goes very nicly with cheesey beens on toast which is a slightly odd ( due to the fact that you dont generally have burger sauce on beens on toast with cheese ) but nice snack ( if not burnt ). p.s haha i burnt a pan of baked beans lol.
Posted: 19:08 Wed 07-Dec-2005 by "Timmer" # permalink comment
Comment: Where can you find this stuff in the U.S.? we had this stuff once when I was a kid and never saw it again.
Posted: 18:30 Sun 18-Dec-2005 by "Robbie"
(apparently posting from 62-20-191-249-no30.tbcn.telia.com) # permalink comment
Comment: Is this stuff still on sale in the UK??? Which chain sells it ?? i really need to get ahold of some :-) 3058 8 87
Posted: 13:18 Wed 29-Nov-2006 by "pat" # permalink comment
Comment: well just found out it is still being sold in the uk but hellman's dont know what stores stock it they say asda/tesco/morrison's all still order it only thing to do is ask at custmor services or ring main offices
Posted: 16:04 Tue 06-Feb-2007 by "PAUL" # permalink comment
Posted: 18:57 Sun 11-Mar-2007 by "SARAH" # permalink comment
Comment: bad news guys i been just about everywhere to look for burger sauce n every one of em said they aint makin it anymore
Posted: 16:15 Mon 12-Mar-2007 by "Ralph" # permalink comment
Comment: does anyone know any other make of burger sauce and where to buy it?
Posted: 00:42 Tue 13-Mar-2007 by "Tom" # permalink comment
Comment: This is very strange. I noticed about a year ago that the supermarket "own brands" of Burger Sauce (eg Morrisons) were no longer available. Now you cannot find any Hellmanns either. This was gorgeous stuff! - why have they stopped making it? Was it just not selling well enough, or did McDonalds sue them for copying their Big Mac sauce?
Posted: 20:52 Tue 13-Mar-2007 by "Marquez" # permalink comment
Comment: Just use hot sauce in your burgers, like Tabasco, Encona or Branston jalapeno relish
Posted: 08:02 Thu 15-Mar-2007 by "mike" # permalink comment
Comment: i emailed hellmans yesterday regarding the burger sauce, they have emailed back saying they have stopped making it, as not enough demand!!!!!!!!!!! now trying everywhere to get any kind of burger sauce
Posted: 21:17 Tue 20-Mar-2007 by "Tom" # permalink comment
Comment: Try Co-Op superstores. It's still on the shelves in two Co-Ops near me, I just went and bought 2 bottles.
Posted: 19:45 Tue 03-Apr-2007 by "Fat Steve" # permalink comment
Comment: YES, we used to buy Hellmans Burger Sauce, but, now, Tesco/Morrisons/Asda all stopped selling it . . and NONE OF THEM DO ANY OTHER BURGER SAUCE ?!?!?!?
Posted: 06:52 Thu 12-Apr-2007 by "Ralph" # permalink comment
Comment: i ended up buying a big bottle of burger sauce from my local kebab shop :)
Posted: 12:27 Fri 20-Apr-2007 by "Sam" # permalink comment
Comment: I my friend Marie has had the same trouble and has rung up Hellmans. They said it had been delisted but suggested that if people ring them. Then it will help to get it back on the shelves as they will realise how much in demand it is.
Posted: 09:08 Fri 27-Apr-2007 by "Shel" # permalink comment
Comment: It's so depressing!! My friend managed to get a bottle of burger sauce on special offer in waitrose - but it is no where to be seen in stores now! Maybe there is somewhere we can get it on mail order - other countries etc?
Posted: 11:23 Sat 28-Apr-2007 by "Dan" # permalink comment
Comment: I bought Ainsley Harriots burger Mayonnaise the other day from tesco extra and i must say it is bloody awful! It is being discontinued thankfully.

I have never seen the hellmans version. Where do our kebab shops get it from? Bookers maybe makro?

Posted: 11:31 Sat 28-Apr-2007 by "Dan again!" # permalink comment
Comment: Marks and Spencers do a burger mayonnaise for the summer, just started stocking it so maybe its worth a try.
Posted: 17:01 Sat 28-Apr-2007 by "deb" # permalink comment
Posted: 08:55 Sun 29-Apr-2007 by "guy butters"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: thought i was the only person in the world looking for hellmans burger sauce got 8 kids and they all love it and we used to demolish a bottle of it every time we had a bbq. do you think mcds did a deal with them to stop marketing it. shit im getting into conspiracy theorys again! antway there aint none in brighton anybody wanna sell me some?
Posted: 23:04 Mon 30-Apr-2007 by "Tolleyr" # permalink comment
Comment: I can't believe ther are so many other people in distress. Have looked for Hellman's burger sauce for ages and, like you all, have had no success. Can't even find an alternative in Makros. Surely somebody must realise there is a hole in the market.....
Posted: 23:56 Sat 05-May-2007 by "Jovi" # permalink comment
Comment: I really need some Hellmann's burger sauce! I ran out the other day! What will I do!!!
Posted: 17:01 Sun 13-May-2007 by "Wolfy" # permalink comment
Comment: I have been trying to find some burger sauce for the last four months since I ran out of Hellman's. Absolutely gutted to find they have stopped making it due to lack of demand!

Perhaps we all need to e-mail them and ask for them to start making it again - need to find the e-mail address...

I just discovered a wholesaler having spotted a BIG bottle of burger sauce at a burger van and made a note of their name. They have a web site and may well sell online...


Are they our salvation?!

Posted: 19:12 Sun 13-May-2007 by "LeedsGurl" # permalink comment
Comment: I found this website where you can order the proper hellmanns burger sauce! The only problem is the shipping (£5.99 for 2nd class) but if you really miss it, it will be worth it! (maybe buy a few bottles!)


Posted: 15:54 Fri 25-May-2007 by "tanya"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Posted: 17:21 Sat 02-Jun-2007 by "TonyLotus" # permalink comment
Comment: Has anybody else tried the Asda sauce - is it as good as Hellmens Burger Sauce??
Posted: 19:44 Sun 03-Jun-2007 by "sara"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Posted: 10:10 Tue 05-Jun-2007 by "Electric Apple" # permalink comment
Comment: Er... in Burger King, Maccy Don's and all that.
Posted: 14:15 Wed 06-Jun-2007 by "Burger Sauce Deprived" # permalink comment
Comment: Tried the Asda one it's not that great. Just like ketchup mix, mayo, mix mustard! WE HAVE TO START A PETITION - 'BRING BACK THE HELLMANS BURGER SAUCE!' *WAAAAHHHHHHhhhhhhh!
Posted: 10:17 Sat 22-Sep-2007 by "hannah" # permalink comment
Comment: i have been trying to find burger sauce for ages please bring back the hellmans burger sauce and the chip sauce mmmmmmmmmmmmm
Posted: 23:01 Sun 30-Sep-2007 by "Jo Cook" # permalink comment
Comment: Please please please please tell me where i can buy the hellmanns burger sauce my kids are driving me mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- !!!!!!!!!
Posted: 20:10 Fri 21-Dec-2007 by "Steve....." # permalink comment
Comment: lets facebook and get it back like Cadburys and Wispa
Posted: 16:46 Mon 31-Dec-2007 by "greg b" # permalink comment
Comment: I have been lookin everywhere for hellmans burger sauce, at least now i know why it disappeared. They complain it wasnt selling? I dont remember any adverts - it was only by chance i tried it and loved it. anyway maybe we can start a petition to get it back
Posted: 17:41 Mon 25-Feb-2008 by "Rooob"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: burger sauce mmmmmmm thebest sauce in the world. i had it in the summer of 06 from morrisons and havent seen it sence then i have only seen it twice. you can buy it from a small chip shop for 3 pound in herne bay(kent) or adsa in barking(essex). or you can just simply make it.
Posted: 18:57 Wed 27-Feb-2008 by "LOL" # permalink comment
Comment: me n me m8s nickd a 1 litre bottle of burger sauce from ******** its full aswell.

Its the Sq-Easy! brand

n no wer not tramps, if it was available in the shope then we would have paid 4 it

Posted: 13:23 Thu 28-Feb-2008 by "Nick T" # permalink comment
Comment: Phew! Good to see standards of education aren't as bad as the papers say.
Posted: 00:00 Sat 12-Apr-2008 by "smurf" # permalink comment
Comment: this stuff was amazin!!!! GET IT BACK
Posted: 00:10 Sat 12-Apr-2008 by "keith" # permalink comment
Comment: i jst found this page. n e one no if ther gettin this back it ws amazin
Posted: 17:49 Fri 25-Apr-2008 by "tintin" # permalink comment
Comment: Hi I miss Hellmans sauces as well maybe we should go that petition website and start one, seems to work for most other things
Posted: 12:55 Tue 20-May-2008 by "Amy" # permalink comment
Comment: Well i been looking for this burger sauce by helmanns for weeks now, since we had a BBQ and i realised i couln't find it anywhere To be honest i live in a quiet lil village, and it came out and within weeks itd gone from shelves, so... i dont think they gave it enough time!


Posted: 19:47 Tue 05-Aug-2008 by "Taz" # permalink comment
Comment: GGGRRRRR I have been combing my local area for some hellmans burger sauce and now i hear its gone!!!! My kids love it.......If it didn't sell very well then how come the shelves in my local tesco where always low due to the 'high demand'. I'm going on facebook to see if n e one has started a petition yet!!!!!
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