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Click pic to view comments Confirmed sighting: McDonald's Big Tasty
Posted: 11:18 Mon 10-11-2003. Price: 2.59 solus, 3.99 meal deal. Location: Sheffield drive through. Nutritional unusualness: Contains Palm Kernel Oil and Coconut Oil.
Neck and neck competition over this one, with "charl" just taking the honours for providing both this report and a scan of the carton: In the interests of Snackspot I forced myself to try one of these. It was indeed sizeable but tastes more like a BK burger with a subtle smokiness. The cheese was anglicised - quite a strong cheddar flavour and definitely not radioactive orange (more a subtle brie-yellow). The eating action was preposterous, renaming it the "big and messy" in our house. (Insert joke about liking my men like my burgers "big and tasty" etc here - I have to go clean grease off my scanner...)

...Still, "AndyK" came an honourable second with this account: When it comes to naming a product, you can't get more self-assured than giving it the moniker "Big Tasty". For this to work, it'd better be both big and tasty. And it scores on both counts. This is essentially McDonald's answer to BK's Whopper. It's got lettuce, tomato, cheese and a "savoury" sauce. So far so good, but the real pluses are the flavoursome Emmenthal cheese rather than an unnamed variety - it gives it a slightly nutty flavour overall. And instead of BK's mayo, the McDonald's sauce just bursts with a peppery, creamy taste. With a single third-pounder patty, this is more than filling. Still, who could try this and not relish the thought of a seasonal "double big tasty" promotion? Overall, it's a winner. Burger King UK (site requires Flash, sorry) are tentatively fighting back with their Winter Whopper (1.99), while McDonald's US are busy trying to get the word "McJob" taken out of the dictionary.


Posted: 11:39 Mon 10-11-2003 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: Also, good of McDonald's to introduce it at the same time as the Food Standards Agency once again warns about the "ticking timebomb" of child obesity: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/3254375.stm

(I meant to put this in the main story, but I figured it was getting "big and tasty" enough as it was...)

Posted: 12:47 Mon 10-11-2003 by "charl" # permalink comment
Comment: that was emmenthal???
Posted: 13:14 Mon 10-11-2003 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: Not quite sure why McD's specifically mention "Palm oil", though it does appear in "Fat Land: How Americans Became the Fattest People in the World", where it is both "implicated in insulin resistance" and raising "total and LDL, or 'bad,' cholesterol, thereby contributing to arteriosclerosis and coronary heart disease": http://www.unknowncountry.com/news/?id=2331

- "Learn how to change your physical body into a body that can be more spiritually conscious" ;)

Posted: 14:01 Mon 10-11-2003 by "Nebbish" # permalink comment
Comment: Sloppy, collapsing burgers are becoming a bit of a theme at McDonalds, and it just isn't on.
Posted: 19:35 Mon 10-11-2003 by "cokeco" # permalink comment
Comment: Harvey's where are you when we need you?
Posted: 22:42 Mon 10-11-2003 by "Chris" # permalink comment
Comment: Contrast with the Big Sloppy (and the Great Big Sloppy): http://www.nynewsday.com/ [URL display truncated]
Posted: 08:07 Tue 11-11-2003 by "Andrew" # permalink comment
Comment: I go to Maccas for a Maccas burger, this tasted just like a BK one. Revolting.
Posted: 10:13 Tue 11-11-2003 by "KoolAid" # permalink comment
Comment: Mc Donalds dont have the capability to flame-grill there burgers. They all taste bland and look floppy coz of the plate grills they cook em on.

The flame grill taste comes from the sauce in the Big Tasty, which is cheating. This sandwich will only appeal to Mc Dads who like burger kings, but have been forced into going to mc d's by their screaming brat little b*stard kids because they want the latest bloody disney toy.

Posted: 13:32 Sun 16-11-2003 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: That ad with what sounds like Tony Hawks saying "you can't get it in the USA" - well, they had the similar sounding Whopper-style "Big N' Tasty" on their $1 menu only a year ago, though that was based around a quarter-pounder patty, rather than the third-pounder we get: http://www.media.mcdonalds.com/secured/news/pressreleases/2001/Press_Release02092001.html
Posted: 21:10 Sun 16-11-2003 by "charl" # permalink comment
Comment: which is why i misnamed it - think they were trialling it in the pacific northwest when i was there. promoted by the currently controversial kobe bryant.
Posted: 22:55 Mon 24-11-2003 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: this guy seems a bit annoyed with it - caution, some strong language, black-on-blue colour scheme (in my browser): http://www.vjoebaldwin.co.uk/200311archive001.aspx#1069551272001
Posted: 17:39 Tue 25-11-2003 by "Alex" # permalink comment
Comment: That advert is a bit misleading.

If you just turned it on while flicking, and heard 'People of America', who knows what you might think?

Posted: 11:50 Fri 28-11-2003 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: Billboard modification in progress! http://[URL display truncated]
Posted: 12:33 Sun 21-12-2003 by "lou-c-" # permalink comment
Comment: I thought the big tasty was really disgusting, it had a horrilble flavour and I would definatly NOT buy it again! But, then again, Mcdonalds food is going downhill all together, the chips taste of nothing and the burgers are tasteless and poor
Posted: 14:36 Thu 27-05-2004 by "big rich"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: It's Fucking Gorgeous big fuck off tasty burger I eat 5 a day.
Posted: 17:16 Thu 21-Jul-2005 by "georgevader" # permalink comment
Comment: I love em, the sauce does taste quite garlicky though and the tomato always gets lobbed at the nearest chav.
Posted: 15:52 Sat 26-Nov-2005 by "peckish girl" # permalink comment
Comment: Bring back the big tasty! - is all I say. It still had the dirty taste of a McD's, which Burger King sadly lacks, plus a moreish sauce and lots of meat. god I could eat one now... hope it's due for another run.
Posted: 15:48 Wed 04-Jan-2006 by "Ken" # permalink comment
Comment: I agree with peckish girl , bring that big bstard back , nothing else comes close
Posted: 16:54 Thu 05-Jan-2006 by "emskina" # permalink comment
Comment: hello. i have just found this site.

i ate a big tasty once and it was yucky, but it may have been a one off.

i used to love chicken whoppers from bk, where are they?

Posted: 21:46 Tue 13-Jun-2006 by "c_one" # permalink comment
Comment: The Big Tasty is coming Back!!!!! When the Bigger Big Mac comes off the Menu, the Big Tasty will go on it!!!
Posted: 15:36 Wed 14-Jun-2006 by "Scully" # permalink comment
Comment: The big tasty is an abomination - much like the McRib.
Posted: 19:45 Thu 15-Jun-2006 by "c_one" # permalink comment
Comment: The McRib was awesome! It's still sold in spain so I'm told! Bring it back to the Pound Saver Menu Ronald!
Posted: 20:21 Thu 15-Jun-2006 by "Jim Quin" # permalink comment
Comment: You don't like the McRib? THEN YOU DON'T LIKE FREEDOM. Go back to Red China with your crazy ideas.
Posted: 18:55 Thu 21-Sep-2006 by "Ha Ha" # permalink comment
Comment: Oh My God you whinging fat bastards - go burn off some fucking fat by giving ronald one up the pooper. You wont need to use any lube cuz of all the greasy shite he eats...
Posted: 02:44 Thu 28-Sep-2006 by "tasty lover" # permalink comment
Comment: It's back it's back! The Tasty's back!
Posted: 11:43 Fri 06-Oct-2006 by "David " # permalink comment
Comment: After tasting the "Big Tasty" I was left a little disappointed by it's simple beef flavour. the problem was remedied by removing the top of the "bun", placing a Filet O Fish Sandwich on top of the beef patty, forming a kind of "Double-Decker Surf n Turf Burger". In some countries this solution is not economically viable (it breaks the £5 perceived value barrier) but I can assure you that the experience is most satisfying if you are able to afford the luxury! I have it on good authority that the Chefs at McDonalds Headquarters in Illinois are looking into releasing this as a limited edition sandwich, perhaps around christmas time/thanksgiving. What did I do with the top half of the big tasty bun I hear you ask?! I simply placed a handful of fries on it, and made an open chip butty. Couldnt be simpler!
Posted: 12:22 Fri 06-Oct-2006 by "j9" # permalink comment
Comment: David, your comments have reminded me of my younger days. let me take you back to 2001-2002. i was living in victoria at this time and a regular at the local mcdonalds. the fillet o fish was not filling enough, so i asked the chef to prepare a double fillet for me (bottom to top: bun, cheese, fish, tartar, fish, tartar, bun). soon, all my friends were ordering the double fillet. 3 months later, McDonalds trialed the double fillet in 10 outlets in the london area. the chef who "invented" the burger was promoted to senior burger flipper and given a pay rise. i wrote to Mcdonalds, letting them know that the credit should have gone to me. i never heard back from them.
Posted: 16:24 Fri 06-Oct-2006 by "charl" # permalink comment
Comment: oof, j9, i hear you. that would be the best sandwich possible. the only good thing at mcd's is the filet.
Posted: 07:09 Fri 10-Nov-2006 by "bee" # permalink comment
Comment: come to malta... the big tasty never went off the menu teehee yummay! 24750
Posted: 20:22 Tue 21-Nov-2006 by "kayla" # permalink comment
Comment: i love mcdonalds its been my favourite place to eat since i was 3, my favourite meal there is a number 3 which if you dont know is a double big mac meal. i preferr mine with a super sized fries and a fruitopia. they are the best and if anyone tries to sue them i think they are stupid becuase everyone knows that there food isnt good for you and that it helps you gain weight so for anyone to sue them becuase of that are stupid and need a reality check!!!!!!
Posted: 21:18 Tue 21-Nov-2006 by "Marquez" # permalink comment
Comment: Well it's not saying much if your tastes haven't changed since you were 3! bet you still like rusks don't you wickle baybee Kayla
Posted: 08:37 Wed 22-Nov-2006 by "Cheesy Dick" # permalink comment
Comment: Judging by her really bad standards of punctuation and spelling, she isn't much older than 3 now anyway...
Posted: 14:23 Sun 14-Jan-2007 by "Ronald 'The Tasty Man' McFurQ" # permalink comment
Comment: McTasty 0wnz
Posted: 09:37 Tue 12-Jun-2007 by "Bat Fastard" # permalink comment
Comment: The Big Tasty is the only thing McDonalds have going for them. Bring it back and see your profits rise Ronald... And to all you health freaks out there, we all die one day so a few more grams of fatty goodness won't go amiss thank you very much.
Posted: 21:05 Fri 07-Sep-2007 by "Dhaos" # permalink comment
Comment: Big tasty is here just bought one tonight
Posted: 14:20 Mon 10-Sep-2007 by "If you read this, you will die " # permalink comment
Comment: I heard that many employees at McDonalds SPIT in burgers. So if you find a wet burger next time you visit, stamp on all the employees toys!
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