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Click pic to view comments Confirmed sighting: KP Hula Hoops Shoks
Posted: 13:05 Tue 11-11-2003. Price: 30p/30g packet. Location: Co-op, Birmingham. Sub-flavours: Screaming salt and vinegar, Bigtime rib'n'saucy. Nutritional unusualness: None noted.
"Stuart Campbell" reports: Shoks seemed to be something of a flop in their previous incarnation, so KP have had another go, ditching the impractical cube-shaped pack, toning down the somewhat excessive serving size to a more manageable 30g (at, gram-for-gram, more or less the same price), and switching the pleasantly tangy but breath-ruining "Full-on onion" flavour for a more traditional s'n'v. Hopefully it'll pay off, because these are good. The tiny size allows them to retain a lot more flavour than full-size s'n'v Hula Hoops, and you no longer have to either plough through a 55g packet in one go or throw half of them away. Wouldn't mind having the onion ones back as well, though.

...In other crisp developments: I picked up a bag of Seabrook crisps recently, and was disappointed that they appear to have substantially toned down their bizarre use of quotation marks (30K jpg), now restricting them to just the phrase "with sweetener" (though I think I also saw them around "Crinkle Cut" on the box). The previous incarnation had so many that I'd planned to submit them to the (now defunct?) Gallery Of "Misused" Quotation Marks, along with a collection box a friend of mine saw in a pub in Oxford once, inviting regulars to "Help" "Disabled" "People" "Enjoy" "Their" "Lives".


Posted: 13:35 Tue 11-11-2003 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: Haha, someone beat me to it ( http://www.juvalamu.com/qmarks/ , exhibit 9901.0):

Off a packet of English crisps (potato chips to you): Seabrooks "crinkle cut" crisps - they're "more" than a "snack"!

Posted: 14:29 Tue 11-11-2003 by "Nebbish" # permalink comment
Comment: Seabrook's crisps make me proud to be a Yorkshireman, the flavour is fantastic, though they can be a little sweaty at times.

As for salt and vinegar flavour shots - just thinking about them is making me feel thirsty. Not a good idea.

Posted: 17:08 Tue 11-11-2003 by "Alex" # permalink comment
Comment: I love Seabrook. They bring out the fullest flavour.

Especially Garlic and Herbs, and Sweetcorn

Posted: 17:21 Tue 11-11-2003 by "bob" # permalink comment
Comment: for best flavour of cheese and onion eat tayto cheese and onion from ireland mmm..
Posted: 18:08 Wed 12-11-2003 by "gazthatch" # permalink comment
Comment: The new Bacon & Ketchup flavour has arrived [in Derby] at the same time as the cheese toastie flavour, although I'm sure they've sold cheese toastie in the past, yet I have no proof of this. The B&K flavour taste less bacon-y than Frazzles and the ketchup aspect is more of a slight tang. They do taste exactly like some other flavour of crisp that I really can't place at the moment. Can anyone help me on that? All in all they taste fine tho'. although whether they'll have the long term brilliance of Hula Hoops Salt 'n' Vinegar or Beef flavours remains to be seen. The Cheese Toastie ones are, I'm told, 'extremely cheesey': http://www.snackspot.org.uk/thread.php?story=0308181233cas
Posted: 22:51 Sat 20-12-2003 by "T**" # permalink comment
Comment: You obviously havent actually seen a packet of Seabrook crisps for a while, the quotes were removed a while ago, so please update your site, or I just might start my own site "Websites who are out of date and/or touch" Please dont dare try to knock a BRITISH institution, shame on you!!!
Posted: 10:00 Thu 09-Sep-2004 by "millie" # permalink comment
Comment: I was doing a bit of research on crisp companies for work and came across this. I am having trouble believeing people care so much about a packet of crisps! You all make me laugh! p.s i prefere peanuts or those paprika max things. Having said that overall you can't beat s&v.
Posted: 10:34 Tue 28-Sep-2004 by "crinkle cutter" # permalink comment
Comment: Seabrook are number one - simple as that. They are a difficult crisp to track down, but once found, cannot be faulted. Take your fads, gimmics and limited edition flavours - Seabrook are a constant you can rely on. My Grandad introduced me to them when I was young - What a hero.


Posted: 19:02 Sun 31-Oct-2004 by "Rich" # permalink comment
Comment: Seabrooks rock! They're the best crisps ever. I'm at uni in Cambridge and can't find them anywhere so I'm gonna stock up next time I'm up in Bradford so I can guard against sans Seabrook moments Rich
Posted: 16:01 Mon 01-Nov-2004 by "yvonne" # permalink comment
Comment: i love seabrook crisps have a problem getting them not every shop sells them my nearest shop to me is sainsburys they dont sell them at all
Posted: 15:12 Wed 03-Nov-2004 by "Rich" # permalink comment
Comment: You can order them online!!!!!!!!!!! Just found this:-


Happy eating (you must buy 48 packs)

Posted: 21:00 Tue 09-Nov-2004 by "Mary and Chloe" # permalink comment
Comment: Rich - you are truly truly sad..but happy birthday anyway... xx
Posted: 00:42 Mon 15-Nov-2004 by "Lee399" # permalink comment
Comment: Just finished off a packet of seabrooks "chesse and chive" while reading this. To you poor soles in the south checkout your local safeway for a limited range of Seabrooks. Looks like Mr Morrision is now pushing the joys of another bradford product through his newly bought stores (and thats comming from a lancastrian!)
Posted: 07:47 Mon 15-Nov-2004 by "Richard" # permalink comment
Comment: I've noticed that the Safeway stores have fewer customers now that Morrison have taken over them. Give Morrisons a few years and they will be taken over.
Posted: 18:02 Mon 15-Nov-2004 by "Ben" # permalink comment
Comment: Ive just been to Hula Hoops site and they are giving boxes of hula hoops for entering a survey. My favourites the salt and vinegar... nothing nicer than free crips! Yummie
Posted: 09:16 Tue 16-Nov-2004 by "Craig" # permalink comment
Comment: Got a link for that site Ben? Anyone?
Posted: 09:45 Tue 16-Nov-2004 by "Phil" # permalink comment
Comment: I have been trying to track down some Salt N Vinegar Hula Hoops Shocks for the last 6 months now. You might think that I'm very SAD but they are by far the best chrisps. Does anyone know where I can get some from? Please help phil.wilde (at!) manpower.co.uk
Posted: 10:36 Mon 28-Feb-2005 by "SnackGimp" # permalink comment
Comment: ********NEWSFLASH********

You can now buy Seabrooks online on their website, a box of 48 bags will cosy u 12 quid inc. postage... and you get to cutomise the content, so you can have all "Beefy" flavour (the daddy of all crisps) or you can make up your own designer selection pack from he entire range of flavours :D much happiness....

Posted: 14:19 Mon 28-Feb-2005 by "Stuart Campbell" # permalink comment
Comment: Buy them online? Well, no. What you can do is what you've been able to do for a couple of years, namely print out the webpage, fill it in with a pen, then write out an envelope and a cheque and post them through the snail mail. What are we, cavemen or something?
Posted: 00:53 Wed 02-Mar-2005 by "SnackGimp" # permalink comment
Comment: My Bad.....

I saw that you could order them.. it was online ...partially disorientated by the shock revelation that i could get my fix more frequently and put 2 and 2 together to come up with 5....

Either way us northerners that are trapped in the south have a method of getting our mitts on those big bags of honest potatoey goodness. Thank god i never succubed to middle class shit crisps like Kettle chipswith all their Bourgeois flavours "Placenta and sunblushed tomato" bloody imperialis snacks......

Posted: 04:16 Tue 13-Sep-2005 by "Philip Thompson" # permalink comment
Comment: I've just ordered another couple of boxes of Seabrook crisps. When they send you your order they also send you a pre-paid envelope and fresh order form for your next order.

It frustrates me that so few people know just how nice Seabrook crisps are because they don't have the advertising budget of the likes of PepsiCo. Seabrook are definitely a superior product. It will make life easier when you really can order online. Speaking of ordering online... Tayto were meant to have a new website ready a couple of months ago and it still hasn't appeared.

Order of preference of Seabrook flavours:

Cream Cheese & Chives , Roasted Garlic , Cheesy , Smokey Bacon , Canadian Ham , Original Sea Salted , Beefy , Chicken And Stuffing , Sea Salt And Pepper , Cheese And Onion , Spring Onion , Prawn Cocktail , Pickled Onion , Unsalted , Sea Salt & Vinegar , Worcester Sauce , Bacon And Brown Sauce , Tomato Sauce

Posted: 13:38 Fri 17-Feb-2006 by "Liv Monaghan" # permalink comment
Comment: Any websites on seabrook crisps? Im doing a uni project on an image update. Theres nowt on the net! any help????
Posted: 16:00 Fri 17-Feb-2006 by "Philip Thompson" # permalink comment
Comment: The URL ishttp://www.seabrookcrisps.com

They've brought out a new fish & chip flavour... don't know what they were thinking as it's minging! Still, I'm still a loyal customer. They sent every customer a Christmas card and a box with 10 packets of crisps... various flavours although I wouldn't call 'unsalted' a flavour. It just meant I had to put my own salt in and probably put more salt in than the ready salted has thus reducing the point in them being unsalted.


Posted: 16:57 Fri 17-Feb-2006 by "clerk" # permalink comment
Comment: I was unsold on the idea of Unsalted crisps. But I tried the Unsalted Seabrooks and was sold. Wouldn't want them all the time, but lovely as something different. You can really taste the flavour of the *crisp*, rather than just salt.
Posted: 01:02 Thu 30-Mar-2006 by "Joy division" # permalink comment
Comment: Seabrooks are now avaliable in Morrisons!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted: 18:22 Sat 01-Apr-2006 by "Marcv" # permalink comment
Comment: Hula Hoops shocks were awesome!
Posted: 21:55 Sat 01-Apr-2006 by "Phillerena" # permalink comment
Comment: Seabrooks have always been available in Morrisons.
Posted: 22:54 Sun 02-Jul-2006 by "KEVIN BARRACLOUGH"
(apparently posting from leed-cache-6.server.ntli.net) # permalink comment
Comment: drop the stuffing ! bring back the roast chicken 60509 2 55
Posted: 21:51 Sun 03-Dec-2006 by "karla rae hamlett" # permalink comment
Comment: please could i see where i can get kp salt and vingeger crips from
Posted: 13:31 Mon 29-Jan-2007 by "Marc" # permalink comment
Comment: These were the only crisps to ever compete with Seabrooks flavourwise. Bring them back!
Posted: 22:33 Mon 29-Jan-2007 by "Brannigans Law" # permalink comment
Comment: http://www.ilovecrisps.com/forum/viewforum.php?id=5
Posted: 12:24 Wed 31-Jan-2007 by "Sticky Cheese Toastie" # permalink comment
Comment: This site need a proper forum set-up I think - why are people discussing seabrooks and KP Crisps under a Hula Hoops Shoks listing - something which was delisted yonks ago?? Snackspot owners - is this something you can consider??? SCT
Posted: 16:44 Wed 31-Jan-2007 by "Marquez" # permalink comment
Comment: Yeah come on snackspot, fork out for a vbulletin license to modernize the website, it has a fair amount of traffic doesn't it?
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