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Click pic to view comments Confirmed sighting: Woodstock Genuine Kentucky Bourbon and Cola
Posted: 11:19 Fri 12-12-2003. Price: 1.15/ 275ml bottle. Location: Camden Safeway, London NW1. Sub-flavours: None noted. Nutritional unusualness: See below.
Snackspot reports: Just to put to rest any concerns over my apparent slide into alcoholism, I mainly bought this because of the astonishing handwritten-font story on the side, which explains that this is "Woodstock Genuine Kentucky Bourbon born in the Old South, charcoal filtered and slowly wood aged to capture that premium mellow flavour. It's the time-honoured dedication to quality that has remained unchanged for many generations." Odd then, that they should then choose to mix it with what tastes like Cola straight out of a Soda Stream.

...Nonetheless, kudos to Independent Distillers (UK) for apparently succeeding where cheesy-ad experts Jack Daniels have failed, as The Grocer reports that punters found their Black Jack whiskey and cola alcopop "too expensive" (ginger ale based Tennessee Gold remains "on test", however). Safeway also had the banana and strawberry versions of Independent Distillers' all-too-drinkable Vodka Mudshakes, labelled "Exotique Banane" and "Exotique Fraise" (in a bid to target those currently studying for French GCSE?)


Posted: 14:55 Fri 12-12-2003 by "Nebbish" # permalink comment
Comment: Why is bourbon so expensive? I can't get my head round charging close to 20 quid a bottle for what is essentially scotch with sugar in it.
Posted: 15:32 Fri 12-12-2003 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: I thought it was Scotch with chocolate biscuits in it!

Seriously, the bit in The Grocer implies that bars were charging £3.20 for those premixed bottles of Jack Daniels and coke (which is apparently way more than they'd cost separately - genius marketing!)

Posted: 18:47 Fri 12-12-2003 by "Kaptain Korolev" # permalink comment
Comment: When the Kaptain lived in Finnish Finland for a short time his favourite kandy beverage was a brew of Vodka and liquorice. According to a Finn this mixture could not be bought in Finland as it was popular with children in the cold dark winter time. The only way to purchase it was to take a cruise on the Baltic where it could be bought duty free.

What made this kandy beverage extremely vicious was that you couldn't taste the alcohol.

The Kaptain wishes to here from a resident of Suomi who could tell him the name of this evil drink.

Posted: 10:51 Mon 15-12-2003 by "Nebbish" # permalink comment
Comment: Vodka and liquorice, mmmm! I'll take back what I said about bourbon, Sainsbury's are doing Jim Beam on special offer at the moment so I bought some at the weekend in the name of scientific curiosity. It was dead nice with cola, a bit rough without. I was sick about two thirds into the bottle, but I don't think that had anything to do with the taste.
Posted: 00:10 Wed 31-03-2004 by "babel" # permalink comment
Comment: the liquorice flavoured sweets are SALMIAKKI (derived from sal ammoniac the latin name for ammonium chloride used in conjunction with the liquorice) made by the company FAZER although the Swedish shop inside IKEA sells "Salted Liquorice' sweets which come close. The SALMIAKKI vodka is made by KOSKENKORVA a vodka company based in Helsinki - expensive stuff, no wonder finns try to make it themselves by dissolving the sweets in vodka - if you're brave try the KOSKENKORVA vodka neat without anything in it.
Posted: 11:08 Tue 01-06-2004 by "Chris" # permalink comment
Comment: woodstock should change the cola back to the old one thanks
Posted: 12:18 Sun 15-Aug-2004 by "buby" # permalink comment
Comment: giv me sum lol
Posted: 04:41 Wed 13-Apr-2005 by "Henry"
(apparently posting from cpe-60-225-25-31.nsw.bigpond.net.au) # permalink comment
Comment: The best damn drink i have ever tasted, phillips loves it and so do i. Its a reasonable price so drink it in it always goes down smooth!
Posted: 04:46 Wed 13-Apr-2005 by "philson" # permalink comment
Comment: i mean this stuff is good.
Posted: 04:50 Wed 13-Apr-2005 by "Hennes" # permalink comment
Comment: Taylor you should seriously loose some weight because dang. I love woodstock, woodstock, woodstock, woodstock. When in Rome.

When you drink Woodstock it makes you look at yourself, your loved ones, your pets and where you live and wonder why? why?

Montano is Italian and loves Woodstock, his dad is just learning to swim.

Everyone must drink Woodstock or i will literally come to your house and murder your children. We are all close mates though, especially dom, phil, and montano.

Big Bad like surfing and sinni loves wood. I am so toey

Posted: 04:58 Wed 13-Apr-2005 by "Paul" # permalink comment
Comment: I've seen this Taylor around and he is some huge bitch - fat unt. Poor guy though his life is basically over as he knows it. He always says though henry is my close mate ohh and 'i'm hungry'

He is friends with this italian guy who i thin is called Pappito or Paulo, something Italian. His mum she is dead she died in the field.

Posted: 05:11 Wed 13-Apr-2005 by "Sam Phillips" # permalink comment
Comment: I want two
Posted: 05:16 Wed 13-Apr-2005 by "Mr Stewart Hunter" # permalink comment
Comment: I really can't swim,however i love Shakespeare and my son is speedy
Posted: 05:24 Wed 13-Apr-2005 by "Bruce" # permalink comment
Comment: I drank Woodstock once and it made me sick. I nearly spewed, though when i saw Taylor i did spew. 60% of the time woodstock works. Every time. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh- hhhhhhhhh Peaches. When you come to my restaurant you must never order BLT. This Taylor guy though is a pretty good bloke though and a close mate to us all. If he ever needs a hand he should just call. Montano loves lasagne, spaghetti and schnizel. I work in the city, my job is a labourer. Anyway i am just writng to say woodstock tastes great and if anyone disagrees with that i will just snap. At Byron to many magic cookies will be downed.
Posted: 09:51 Wed 13-Apr-2005 by "Peter Comb" # permalink comment
Comment: I used to be a singer unitl i drank woodstock it ruined my life and i gained 20kg i now live in an empty drained pool and eat baby food 24hours a day. I to have seen this taylor boy around, you can't miss him. Montano sounds very Italian and i believe he lives in an Italian palace. I had an Italian doll like him once but my cat he bite his head of, what kind of cat would do that... You calling me a lier i will ruin you life you weak miserable person. Jacko is going out with someone, you can't even speak to her face. Jacko is a close mate to Henry. I wish him all the best in his endeavours and Tim May in his art. Take care all of you because woodstock really turns your life upside down and makes walk in on your wife with a naked man after you catch the early plane home from work. Wish you all the best. Cheers. xxoo i love you so much. What i just got a phone call... i'm sorry you have the wrong number..what no theres no Marc here....what my name it's marc.... no i spell it with a C...who put you up to this....what do you mean your my wife...okay if your my wife whats our cats name...mr stiches....damn your good.
Posted: 11:42 Mon 29-Aug-2005 by "Julie" # permalink comment
Comment: Where can I buy Koskenkorva Salmiakki in the UK? 69875 6
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