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Click pic to view comments Fortnightly face-off: Easter vs Christmas
Posted: 11:16 Sun 21-12-2003.
Snackspot reports: (sorry this is a bit late, something seemed to be up with the server, or something.) ANYWAY, another mildly inconclusive debate last time, with many agreeing that they enjoyed the novelty of "limited editions" when they first arrived, yet regretted it when their favourites failed to become permanent "brand extensions", and consequently lamenting the passing of everything from "Terry's Minty sauce filled Pyramid" to "Blue Fruit Gums". But only "Kaptain Korolev" dared to criticise the current lack of real new product innovation, in a posting which led directly to the invention of his own Mars Christmas - a development which, in his own words, cannot be regarded as anything other than "genuinely different and special".

...Home-made creations aside, we haven't had too many Christmas-specific sightings yet - so, as this time of year also marks the traditional start of the Easter egg season (Independent Retail News reports Cadbury will be promoting "smaller, more manageable" Creme Egg Minis designed for "'on-the-go' consumption"), I thought I'd ask: Which do you prefer - Easter or Christmas? Obviously I'm mainly thinking in terms of the snacking possibilities here, but feel free to embroider with any other moderately relevant details.


Posted: 14:53 Sun 21-12-2003 by "Stuart Campbell" # permalink comment
Comment: Christmas is best, because on December 26 all the supermarkets clear out their unsold selection boxes at knockdown prices, usually half-price or less. I bought so many so cheap at Sainsbury's last Boxing Day that I'm only just about to run out of chocolate now (I'm down to the dross, like Yorkies and non-mint Aeros). On the other hand, Easter eggs are so shockingly overpriced that even at 60 percent off, they still tend to be more expensive than buying their contents the normal way. Therefore, Christmas wins.
Posted: 15:06 Sun 21-12-2003 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: Fair point Stu, but I think Easter still deserves props for devising an entire new snack-form (the Easter Egg), whereas Christmas just has turkey and pudding and tangerines.

Also: the only thing better than a Chocolate Orange McFlurry? A Creme Egg one! http://www.snackspot.org.uk/thread.php?story=0303021218fah#fondant

(oh and finally, the pic for this story is a poster for one of those Starbucks Eggnog Lattes I was talking about - ideal for both Xmas *and* Easter!)

Posted: 20:53 Sun 21-12-2003 by "Saramond" # permalink comment
Comment: Easter's best, Creme Eggs - need I say anything else! Just wish they were avaliable all year round. I bought 100 of them after easter for 15p each and froze them!!
Posted: 22:14 Sun 21-12-2003 by "Stuart Campbell" # permalink comment
Comment: Actually, lots of stuff comes out for Christmas. For example, you get Spiced Vimto, a sort of mulled-wine-esque version of normal Vimto. And Sainsbury's usually bring out their orange and cranberry sorbet at Christmas, which is fantastic. Then there's tasty Turkey+Stuffing flavour Walkers crisps, and this year we got White Maltesers, etc. Creme Eggs seem to be all-year-round these days, and I haven't been able to eat them since I was 10 anyway - even I have sweetness limits. Christmas all the way, suckas.
Posted: 22:41 Sun 21-12-2003 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: And don't forget Cadbury's Puds, Stu, which are the lamest attempt to "deseasonalise" the Creme Egg form factor OF ALL TIME!

Anyway, White Maltesers have proved so successful, they have now become a permanent addition to the "Maltesing" family - which surely must prove something: http://www.grocertoday.co.uk/section.asp?showPage=5&s=11

Posted: 22:53 Sun 21-12-2003 by "Saramond" # permalink comment
Comment: Can't believe they're making white maltesers permanent, i reckon they taste of sick! They should do Dark Chocolate Maltesers, they'd rock.
Posted: 23:28 Sun 21-12-2003 by "Kaptain Korolev" # permalink comment
Comment: The Kaptain is more of a Christmas man himself, Easter for him is an empty snack season much like the hollow chocolate eggs.

Furthermore, Easter is a time which the Kaptain associates with bad chocolate. Many of the kandy kompanies can get away with coating their wafer/biscuit/nutty-fruit confection with American style faecochoc during the rest of the year but at Easter the sorry truth is revealed. They, the kandy kompanies, don't invest in good chocolato but make the Easter egg out of faecochoc. Without the 'extra' subverting tastes of the normal confection the kandy eater is forced to taste the horrible faecochoc and leaves the kandy eating experience frightened and upset.

Christmas though brings forth a variety of delicious tastes to the Kaptain's mouth, both sweet and savoury. More marzipan is available in the Kaptain's house and a variety of non-uniform and unusual kandies present themselves to him. The Kaptain, he loves it, he loves ah the Christmas times!

On a completely unrelated matter the Kaptain had a vision last night. He was attending a friends Christmas function and having eaten too many Fun size confections and party savouries, was lying on the floor clutching his stomach in pain. In the sugar induced mind trauma he had a vision of cutting into a Christmas kake only to find it was not filled with the delicious fruity kake and marzipan, no!, instead it was a horrible toffee and sweet nougat supermass. It made the Kaptain wretch, ack, ack, he thought before falling alseep as those around him danced merrily, ignorant of the horror.

Posted: 00:57 Mon 22-12-2003 by "Mike Gray" # permalink comment
Comment: Indeed, can't believe the white chocolate Malteasers are continuing, they're very sickly even in small quantities.

Christmas this year has brought some new chocolate, although all I can think of off the top of my head is the Chocolate Orange Segsations, and there's not been anything specifically festive.

The 'mini' Cadbury's Creme Eggs have been around for a while, though... definitely not new, although it might be the first attempt in a while to give them any meaningful promotion. They're in a blue and red bag with one of those see-through window bits, if I remember correctly and are a bit of a waste of time, as they're mostly chocolate and very little of the filling.

Definitely agree that Easter is the better of the two - far more chocolate centric (do the Americans celebrate it in a similar way? I shall be in the US at Easter and endeavour to return with photographic evidence of any Easter candy weirdness from our US brethren)

I predict this year will bring some kind of mint creme easter egg, and one with some crunchy bits in it (there's a trend for that kind of thing - there's something chocolatey and orangey and crunchy in Roses these days) or if it doesn't somebody (Kaptain?) should definitely make one.

Posted: 09:16 Mon 22-12-2003 by "Alex" # permalink comment
Comment: I'm not really bothered about either really. Wehn Christmas comes, its about presents!

However, Easter gets muy vote for Wonka W-Eggs and 2 years ago, they had those Oompahs- Mashed Potato and Cucumber flavour for example

Posted: 10:46 Mon 22-12-2003 by "Stuart Campbell" # permalink comment
Comment: White Maltesers are the suck, I grant you. Have they ever made mint ones? Mint Maltesers would be ace.
Posted: 10:47 Mon 22-12-2003 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: OK, I was going to concede that Xmas has better cakes (Christmas cake, "Stollen" and of course Mince Pies, which Sainsbury's *still* hasn't got round to reducing yet), but then I remembered that Easter has "Simnel cake" (whatever that is), hot cross buns (now sold in Sainsbury's all year round, though only in their "be good to yourself" version?), Creme Eggs and - let's not forget - the most delicately sugar coated of all confectioneries - Cadbury's Mini Eggs. They really are neck and neck in my mind...

Also, there's slightly "less pressure" to enjoy yourself at Easter, with the result that there aren't any web pages called "My Miserable Easter": http://www.mymiserablechristmas.com/ (caution, extreme strong language, possibly made up tales of violence and injury, one particularly harrowing anecdote about cats being unable to regurgitate Christmas decorations)

Posted: 11:19 Mon 22-12-2003 by "Stuart Campbell" # permalink comment
Comment: Also, never mind about blue Fruit Gums, where the hell have the raspberry ones gone? And why are they so soft now?
Posted: 13:32 Mon 22-12-2003 by "charl" # permalink comment
Comment: malt is the new black... has anyone tried the malty toffees in quality street? like very chewy horlicks tablets.
Posted: 15:34 Mon 22-12-2003 by "cokeco" # permalink comment
Comment: Both holidays have thier snacking merits. I find Christmas choccies to be a little more refined. Easter candies to be much more novelty like. Also go into any Wal-mart at Easter and you will be amazed by the candy confections. Like marshmallow peeps, sugar coated marshmallow shaped like chicks. Just a quick aside: is it just me or does horlicks taste and smell like cat piss?
Posted: 18:02 Mon 22-12-2003 by "Stuart Campbell" # permalink comment
Comment: Smell like it? Maybe. Taste like it? You're an expert in a field of one there, man.
Posted: 18:07 Mon 22-12-2003 by "charl" # permalink comment
Comment: peeps have been available in woolies for ages. wouldn't be my first choice for a u.s. import, but who knows where mr woolworth's motivation lies?
Posted: 18:57 Mon 22-12-2003 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: perhaps woolies are offering the Peeps sanctuary from the terrible treatment they receive in the US: http://www.peepresearch.org/

+ I'm not on commission or anything, but fans of horlicks and/or cat piss might want to check out Cybercandy's Milo bar (I think they used to do Ovaltine pellets as well): http://www.cybercandy.co.uk/search/index1.php/url_indprod?xlc=92

Posted: 20:29 Mon 22-12-2003 by "charl" # permalink comment
Comment: i always felt more for the marshmallow bunnies myself: http://www.keypad.org/bunnies/ easter being the season of rabbits should win.
Posted: 20:53 Mon 22-12-2003 by "Stuart Campbell" # permalink comment
Comment: Milo bars are quite nice. The little rock-hard Ovaltine tablets were bizarre and gross, like spooning it straight into your mouth from the tin. But the yogurt-coated ones were fairly pleasant.
Posted: 21:09 Mon 22-12-2003 by "Soulie" # permalink comment
Comment: i boycott easter since the tragic day Rowntree Macintosh ceased to be and the fine fine caramel eggs wrapped in tinfoil and popped in bubble wrap so the backaging looked like a bus stopped gracing our shelves. I boycott christmas since Terry's 1767 stopped being sold in its dark chocolately magnificence and its majestic box of old stylee cardboardyess.
Posted: 16:13 Tue 23-12-2003 by "cokeco" # permalink comment
Comment: Just so you know, Stu... I'm not a man. Also upon further reflection alot of easter choccies taste like wax. The best easter choccie to me is a Laura Secord Egg. At xmas lots of the choccies are all very similar. And some now largely available all year round.
Posted: 17:14 Tue 23-12-2003 by "Kaptain Korolev" # permalink comment
Comment: Although slightly unrelated to previous 'threads' the Kaptain feels that you are forgetting one of the great benefits of Christmas, the free sample.

The Kaptain has just returned from a short bout of last minute present buying and was pleasantly surprised by the free samples available in a number of stores. Marks & Spencer deserves special recognition though, the Kaptain was able to circumnavigate the store several times stopping by a number of free sample stations. Each 'lap' the Kaptain was able to pick up several Christmas biscuits, a 'shot' of Sherry, a morsel of Christmas cake and some pieces of chocolate Yule log. In the end the Kaptain did three laps and managed to eat enough that he did not have to buy himself lunch.

Free sampling does not happen at Easter time and is sadly missed.

Posted: 19:16 Tue 23-12-2003 by "Mike Gray" # permalink comment
Comment: I'd forgotten all about Horlicks tablets until now. I've never liked the beverage (or it's bastard variant, that terrible malted chocolate thing they do) but as a child I used to really like Horlicks tablets. Oddly, though, we were only ever able to buy them at the local chemist.
Posted: 11:15 Wed 24-12-2003 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: oh yes, Horlicks vs Ovaltine - could be our most yawn-inducing Fortnightly Face-off yet!
Posted: 16:24 Tue 30-12-2003 by "Alex" # permalink comment
Comment: I don't know.

What about Alan Shearer vs Steve Davis, in an off topic match?

Posted: 15:35 Wed 31-12-2003 by "Saramond" # permalink comment
Comment: Saw Creme eggs and Cadburys Caramel eggs in Woolworths yesterday!
Posted: 16:22 Wed 31-12-2003 by "MR 2004" # permalink comment
Comment: What a year is going to be! we can say good by to wrigleys xcite! but its going to be the best year for new products such as: cadbury five centes, the new design for diet coca cola UK, the launch of apple fanta, the launch of pepsi blue and mountain dew in the UK, the launch of diet coke lime in the US in january and the Uk in may time!!!. what happend to walkers 3d doietos??? supermarkers dont sell them but they are still being advertised on walkers website?? and uk stores will soon be full of the worlds sickest chocolate 'hersheys' they will sell products such as hershey bars, kissies, hugs and reeces cups! What new weetabix products will there be now the yanks have brought them? and the store near me has a isle full of easter eggs - i dont care about easter, its just been bloody xmas! and what happend to the launch of snickers mad mix! & virgin sours???
Posted: 20:50 Wed 31-12-2003 by "Alex" # permalink comment
Comment: Mr. 2004...how do you know this?
Posted: 21:18 Wed 31-12-2003 by "MR 2004" # permalink comment
Posted: 09:40 Thu 01-01-2004 by "Alex" # permalink comment
Comment: When will Pepsi Blue be released
Posted: 11:29 Thu 01-01-2004 by "charl" # permalink comment
Comment: you can already get hershey's kisses (3 kinds, clearly reformulated for uk market: taste nothing like original) from wh smith in london, and the redesigned diet coke explains why the bottle lids are starting to have black text on them instead of red. i assumed they were grey imports and kept swapping them for red lid ones...
Posted: 11:10 Fri 09-01-2004 by "Nebbish" # permalink comment
Comment: I know I'm a bit late for this but I've been off work and only use t'internet to waste time when I'm here.

Christmas wins for one reason - cheeseboards.

Posted: 11:15 Mon 17-Apr-2006 by "Sandy" # permalink comment
Comment: Xmas wins, Easter is boring. And cheeseboards rock! I'd have never discovered brie or stilton were it not for the humble cheeseboard.
Posted: 01:57 Tue 18-Apr-2006 by "polarbear" # permalink comment
Comment: xmas wins, of course it does, easter is nothing more than a chocolate binge 50625 0 15
Posted: 18:24 Wed 31-Jan-2007 by "Si" # permalink comment
Comment: In reply to mr 2004:

"Dear Si

Thank you for your email.

Unfortunately Mountain Dew is not available in the United Kingdom, and currently there are no plans to introduce it here.

However, consumer feedback is always welcome, and your comments have been forwarded to the Brand Manager.

Thank you for taking the time to contact Britvic Soft Drinks Limited. We hope you continue to enjoy our products.

Yours sincerely,

Michelle Stabler Consumer Care Advisor Direct Telephone No: 08458 505 222"

Posted: 19:32 Sat 01-Dec-2007 by "ampud2000" # permalink comment
Comment: Where can I get Cadbury Puds(chocolate candy)?
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