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Click pic to view comments Confirmed sighting: Pot Noodle Seedy Sanchez
Posted: 12:57 Mon 05-01-2004. Price: 2 for 1. Location: Iceland, Biggin Hill. Nutritional unusualness: Quite good for munchies.
[Download TV ad here] The (coincindentally?) named "John Sanchez" reports: This [is] the best flavoured Pot Noodle ever, not too spicy, not too hot, very nice subtle Mexican flavours with a hint of green chili, this the only Pot Noodle which makes you want more. Great buy.

...(Yes, not too much detail here, though the picture looks fairly convincing - unless he's photographed it off a TV ad or something. And has he missed out the word "is" to try and sound more Mexican? Arriba Arriba!) Also it'd be good to know if its "Mexican Fajita" flavour is, like most Pot Noodles, suitable for vegetarians. In other carnivorous creativity: Sandwich Selector quite enjoyed Boots' Turkey Menu selection pack; McSweeney's has posted a review of Ojingaa Dang Kong Squid Balls; and the Food Standards Agency reassures that UK consumers should no longer be concerned about the problem of salami containing undeclared horsemeat and donkeymeat, with just one out of 158 samples found to contain "traces" of horsemeat - believed due to "cross contamination" (ie, a pony wandering into the mincer or something), rather than "deliberate adulteration".


Posted: 14:50 Mon 05-01-2004 by "Lee Maguire" # permalink comment
Comment: I'm sure the similarity to the term "Dirty Sanchez" might put some people off... what the hell am I saying, this is Pot Noodle we're talking about.
Posted: 15:49 Mon 05-01-2004 by "Alex" # permalink comment
Comment: Is the Pot Noodle actually that colour, or is it just the camera?

Also spotted Cantonese Black Bean and Spring Onion Sensations Crackers

Posted: 19:26 Mon 05-01-2004 by "bob" # permalink comment
Comment: its the photo u num nut
Posted: 19:47 Mon 05-01-2004 by "Alex" # permalink comment
Comment: bob- if you're going to call me that, at least spell numb right. Thanks
Posted: 20:59 Mon 05-01-2004 by "john sanchez" # permalink comment
Comment: the pot noodle is mexican fajita flavour an yes , its yellow,just like the donovan song.
Posted: 08:47 Fri 09-01-2004 by "Big Bry & Sminky Minky" # permalink comment
Comment: This is the dogs cahones muchachos! A VERITABLE TASTE SENSATION IN A POT! Thoroughly Splendifarouss in a pottastic kettleriffic kinda of a way. A big thumbs up for this one.
Posted: 17:36 Tue 13-01-2004 by "Grandoldian" # permalink comment
Comment: amuse bouche, amuse bouche.
Posted: 18:15 Sat 31-01-2004 by "CeeBee" # permalink comment
Comment: Now available in my local Tesco (Rugby) - and mysteriously a free one turned up in the post which I am enjoying at this very moment. It's not bad!
Posted: 15:01 Wed 11-02-2004 by "Andrew" # permalink comment
Comment: Best tasting pot noodle ever, great colour pot as well, buy one now, sainsbuy sells them. :)
Posted: 18:51 Sat 14-02-2004 by "Frantic Dan" # permalink comment
Comment: I beg to diffa sir...Chow Mein Pot Noodle is where it's at...it be the sh*t
Posted: 14:15 Tue 24-02-2004 by "Big Bry & Sminky Minky" # permalink comment
Comment: The Chow Mein noodle!!!!!!!!!!! Are you having a laugh ???? Welcome to the land of the bland brother tasteless!
Posted: 18:07 Wed 25-02-2004 by "the vickster" # permalink comment
Comment: have tried this not sure dissapointed that the salsa packet was smoth could have been a bit chunky apparently it contains green chillies where?
Posted: 19:34 Fri 27-02-2004 by "mylittlehelen" # permalink comment
Comment: I have had the Seedy Sanchez Pot Noodle, only last week! It is spicy, and not as artificial tasting as chicken curry or nice and spicy flavour. It is also more paletable than the Bombay Bad Boy Pot Noodles which are like eating your own shit after a vindaloo. P.S. Can you still buy Pot Mash anywhere?
Posted: 12:18 Mon 01-03-2004 by "stokey" # permalink comment
Comment: Got one of these today, they're veggie friendly, and the promise of fresh chilis in it is making me wish my morning away.
Posted: 12:52 Mon 01-03-2004 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: hey stokey was it you who i met at the MJ Hibbett gig? and how many possible locations for the cybercandy shop have you "eliminated from your enquiries"? http://www.cybercandy.co.uk/aaasmt/
Posted: 13:58 Mon 01-03-2004 by "Flameproof" # permalink comment
Comment: Has anyone positively identified the place? I'm getting fed up of wandering the streets looking too closely at every empty blue shop- how close to the market you have to be to be within the Covent Garden area is too fluid a concept to make for any systematic approach...
Posted: 17:36 Thu 04-03-2004 by "James Hancock & Dan Turner" # permalink comment
Comment: yes yes these are the don! with this flava you are really spoiling us....a modern classic. as an optional extra we recommend combining seedy sanchez with cantonese black bean and malaysian chutney sensations crackers....truly a gourmet experience!
Posted: 00:14 Thu 18-03-2004 by "julio ramos" # permalink comment
Comment: ! (at!) #$ing racist advertising by pot noodle. Bang out of order by pot noodle
Posted: 09:52 Thu 18-03-2004 by "Saramond" # permalink comment
Comment: Got email from Cybercandy today...

Shop address is:

1 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, LONDON, WC2H 9JN

Posted: 09:59 Thu 18-03-2004 by "Saramond" # permalink comment
Comment: And they've got diet coke with lime there
Posted: 18:22 Mon 22-03-2004 by "heinz69" # permalink comment
Comment: Not sure about Pot Noodle as a source of nutrition OR the flavour, as I have not plucked up the courage to eat one of these abominations for years - but the advert is an absolute classic !!!
Posted: 10:51 Tue 23-03-2004 by "nakedeye" # permalink comment
Comment: Are you people really singing the praises of the most chemically-tainted food this side of the Chernobyl Happy Diner?
Posted: 22:48 Wed 24-03-2004 by "Trout" # permalink comment
Comment: Anyone know where I can download the TV advert for this Seedy Sanchez - Surely the greatest advert this year!
Posted: 23:26 Wed 24-03-2004 by "Humbug" # permalink comment
Comment: Seedy Sanchez can be downloaded here... http://www.ubfoods.co.uk/about/adverts.asp coincidentally, searching for a place to download it is how I found this site.

"He want it filthy and dirty and more rude"

Posted: 23:17 Thu 25-03-2004 by "millwana" # permalink comment
Comment: dirty sanchez is the smell of smegma that you obtain from your helmut and wipe under your unsuspecting buddies nose but the pot noodle is ok
Posted: 23:41 Thu 25-03-2004 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: *substantially* too much information there

(i did think of deleting some of the, er, biological terms - but unfortunately that just made it sound worse...)

Posted: 17:48 Tue 30-03-2004 by "Scoucer legs" # permalink comment
Comment: Big Bry and Sminky Minky are both secret agents for the Mexican governments attempt to take over this country by the introduction of the very addictive Seedy Sanches!!
Posted: 17:53 Tue 30-03-2004 by "Scoucer Legs" # permalink comment
Comment: Only sad evertonians and people with no tatty juice of there own eat Seedy Sanchez. Real men eat Chow Mein!!!
Posted: 22:54 Tue 30-03-2004 by "James Quin" # permalink comment
Comment: In an insane moment of zealous hunger, I foolishly mixed the dry contents of half a bacon Sizzler into half a Seedy Sanchez. Never again. Before this foul abomination could pervert my tongue further, I had to get rid of it... Nuke the site from orbit, it's the only way to be sure.
Posted: 14:21 Thu 01-04-2004 by "Sanchez"
(apparently posting from webcache-13.segfl.ifl.net) # permalink comment
Comment: I am Sanchez. My pot noodle is the dirtiest, filthiest, seediest snack you'll find this side of Mexico. Bombay you Bad Boy, if you're out there I'm coming for you, you slag.
Posted: 15:03 Thu 01-04-2004 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: Mr Yun-Chow Mein? We eagerly await your reaction to this challenge...
Posted: 01:25 Fri 02-04-2004 by "baldy scott" # permalink comment
Comment: seedy sanchez best advert ever
Posted: 16:21 Sun 04-04-2004 by "roz xXx" # permalink comment
Comment: does anyone know the exact words to the song...its absolutely amazing...
Posted: 17:41 Sun 04-04-2004 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: English girl you're so pale and so lovely/ on holiday with your proud man/ But secretly he's bored with you/ He want it filthy and dirty and more rude/ And when you sleep he creep into town/ To look for the backstreet action/ He can't resist the Seedy Sanchez/ The Mexican Pot Noodle mess/ And as he swallow, he shout "Oh yes"/ Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes, OH YES!

as a previous poster points out, you can download it at: http://www.ubfoods.co.uk/about/adverts.asp

Posted: 05:58 Tue 06-04-2004 by "Sourdust" # permalink comment
Comment: This campaign thoroughly deserves to sell a gazillion Pot Noodles. I have downloaded the advert, watched it 473 times, and I laugh louder each time. It's the "Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh yes!" - genius. God, I wish I'd written that. B^st^rds!
Posted: 14:03 Wed 07-04-2004 by "folkestone restaurant reviews" # permalink comment
Comment: Ahoy, Snackspot, yes that was me, at the 12 Bar you mean? The name's really Pauly, I just set it to stokey there for really subtle googlebombing porpoises.

For lunch today I had cauliflour and lentil soup, from Sesame on Regents Park Road, it was really very nice.

I have no idea about cybercandy, I don't think it was me that was talking about that.

Posted: 18:40 Wed 07-04-2004 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: hmm, sorry for the mixup - it's entirely possible that's what *everyone else* in the capital was taking about at that moment in time
Posted: 23:14 Wed 07-04-2004 by "rick rude" # permalink comment
Comment: quite simply the best advert on tv!!!!!
Posted: 20:07 Sat 10-04-2004 by "Sam Quintana" # permalink comment
Comment: I'm mexican and today I tried Seedy Sanchez it is good. I must say that I like it even though this is not real mexican food it has a nice flavour. It's not rubbish like the Bombay bad boy! keep feeding yourselves with healthy food like this. lol Oh yes, oh yes, oh yeeeeeees!!
Posted: 20:10 Sun 11-04-2004 by "Hazzy" # permalink comment
Comment: I bloody love the pot noodle seedy sanchez advert! me n my cousin havent stopped singing it all day! we're luvin it man! & all the annoyin people in the world'll say its a rude advert! but i rekon it should stay around FOREVER!!!
Posted: 23:25 Sun 11-04-2004 by "sean wallbank" # permalink comment
Comment: i bloody love the advert its amazin im lookin all over tryin to download it but i have no luck ill find it though its so good they should release it its got number 1 written all over it.
Posted: 02:22 Mon 12-04-2004 by "allah moe" # permalink comment
Comment: infidels - oscars all round - is theese wot adversity is all about ?
Posted: 16:50 Tue 13-04-2004 by "Cjw" # permalink comment
Comment: I first tried one before christmas and thought it was okay,but now have noticed that these are the nicest pot noodle ever.
Posted: 16:39 Wed 14-04-2004 by "sanch" # permalink comment
Comment: thanks for putting the advert on this page ive been searching for it allday cheers and eat many a seedy sanchez it is dirty and you want it
Posted: 22:48 Wed 14-04-2004 by "Marc" # permalink comment
Comment: I think the latest pot noodle 'dirty sanchez' advert is hilarious. Not only is the accent stereotyped but brilliant so is the fit english bird in it as well. You have managed to create an image/surrounding that most people imagine when away on holiday. The whole advert is very accurate and pictures a good feeling of being on holiday. Well done and keep it up. Its the advert that makes your product as pot noodle is not new but the advert is. I hope you produce more adverts like this
Posted: 18:42 Fri 16-04-2004 by "me" # permalink comment
Comment: u people r crazy and scare me
Posted: 13:40 Tue 20-04-2004 by "Big Rob" # permalink comment
Comment: I thought he was saying "he can't resist the city's angels" but it turns out he was saying "he ca't resist the seedy sanchez".

Oh well.

Posted: 11:24 Tue 27-04-2004 by "Rowan Noodle" # permalink comment
Comment: The futures now. I can see it beyond the hills the sweet smell of pot noodle awaits my return to the farm
Posted: 15:02 Tue 04-05-2004 by "gemma"
(apparently posting from public2-cosh5-6-cust176401.cosh.broadband.ntl.com) # permalink comment
Comment: does anyone have the words to the seedy sanchez advert? if so can you send them to gemmawilks (at!) yahoo.co.uk


Posted: 15:16 Tue 04-05-2004 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: or just scroll up to


whichever's easier, really

Posted: 17:00 Wed 12-05-2004 by "SEEDY SANCHEZ" # permalink comment
Posted: 19:45 Tue 18-05-2004 by "Iona "
(apparently posting from 82-41-26-102.cable.ubr04.edin.blueyonder.co.uk) # permalink comment
Comment: as long as its dirty i wont mind a wee go of it!
Posted: 15:08 Wed 19-05-2004 by "carol " # permalink comment
Comment: all these people saying how rude it is i don't think it is i think its really funny!
Posted: 22:51 Tue 08-06-2004 by "Gylez, God of small little paper clips" # permalink comment
Comment: that advert with the pot noodles and the mexicans is so funny. does any one know where you can get sheet music for that advert? i really want to learn how to play it. please send a message any one who knows anything about it please please please!
Posted: 14:09 Tue 29-Jun-2004 by "dan" # permalink comment
Comment: the advert isnt as stupid as the other pot noodle ads are, and for good reason too because this is a decent pot noodle. theres a good mexican flavour and be warned the sauce is quite hot. This Pot Noodle will be just the thing on a cold winter's evening
Posted: 15:44 Tue 29-Jun-2004 by "Folkestone Gerald" # permalink comment
Comment: I had one for lunch today, they're doing a "33% extra free" promotion right now.
Posted: 09:48 Mon 27-Sep-2004 by "u suck" # permalink comment
Comment: hi its me again....


Posted: 09:53 Mon 27-Sep-2004 by "i have a dream...." # permalink comment
Comment: that one day i will be able to run through a field of popys to the snack of my dreams....

[deleted] we will then get maried and have lil snacks...hopefuly to end up with baby chow meins or chicken n mushrooms...

we will then grow old togetha and as i lose my teeth the loved snack will slowly rot...

ps u all deserve death

Posted: 15:04 Tue 02-Nov-2004 by "Long Bong Silver" # permalink comment
Comment: Just wondering what the next por noodle is going to be and in what colour pot they had some fish ones out years ago and pot casseroles which i was hooked on for weeks didn't like the mash though.
Posted: 17:06 Thu 06-Jul-2006 by "polarbear" # permalink comment
Comment: This is the only pot noodle i like, you don't get enough though, i could eat 3 or 4 pot noodles in one go but that would provide several days worth of salt undoubtably, still, tastes good and MeXiCaN!
Posted: 17:41 Thu 06-Jul-2006 by "Phillerena" # permalink comment
Comment: Again, another product not for conoisseurs.
Posted: 17:47 Thu 06-Jul-2006 by "polarbear" # permalink comment
Comment: And your point is?......idiot
Posted: 20:07 Thu 06-Jul-2006 by "Phillerena" # permalink comment
Comment: Well, you claimed you were a food conoisseur. Pot Noodle is obviously not a food for conoisseurs and is generally considered as one of the junkiest foods in Britain.
Posted: 21:10 Thu 06-Jul-2006 by "Matthew" # permalink comment
Comment: I think Polarbear is enjoying digging up old products and replying to every single set of comments he can find far too much.
Posted: 21:28 Thu 06-Jul-2006 by "polarbear" # permalink comment
Comment: And you think being a food connoisseur limits me to what i can eat? Wrong, I like the Mexican Pot Noodle because i like Mexican food, simple as
Posted: 21:36 Thu 06-Jul-2006 by "polarbear" # permalink comment
Comment: Bottom line, Phillerena, If i say i'm a food connoisseur, I'm a f*cking food connoisseur, I don't give a flying f*ck what you think or anyone else
Posted: 21:39 Thu 06-Jul-2006 by "Phillerena" # permalink comment
Comment: In that case, I'm a food conoisseur then.
Posted: 21:44 Thu 06-Jul-2006 by "polarbear" # permalink comment
Comment: Are you?
Posted: 22:12 Thu 06-Jul-2006 by "Matthew" # permalink comment
Comment: Well, Phillerena just said so. Must be the case, then.
Posted: 22:17 Thu 06-Jul-2006 by "polarbear" # permalink comment
Comment: Who are you, Phillerena's f*cking parrot?
Posted: 22:31 Thu 06-Jul-2006 by "Phillerena" # permalink comment
Comment: Calm down dear, it's only the internet.
Posted: 04:35 Fri 07-Jul-2006 by "pocketdynamo" # permalink comment
Comment: Clearly, polar bears get very agressive when removed from their natural habitat. Although I'm sure polar bears are fairly agressive anyway. However, polarbear, stop being a c*ck and submit something constructive. Pot noodles are widely recognised as dirty chav food and are certainly not known as "gourmet" as well you know!
Posted: 08:03 Fri 07-Jul-2006 by "charl" # permalink comment
Comment: given the amount of posts recently, i am starting to think this *is* polarbear's natural habitat. 65617 6
Posted: 01:40 Mon 29-Jan-2007 by "gary" # permalink comment
Comment: i took part in the filming of the new add we had 4 great days filming and i play a southern fried chicken miner
Posted: 04:50 Wed 11-Apr-2007 by "whiskyjack2706"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: I love Pot Noodle, always have. Although the Bombay Badboy is decidedly HOT! My favourite is the curry one, although chicken and mushroom is a close second. I have never been a student so my views are not swayed in that respect.
Posted: 03:05 Wed 07-May-2008 by "jonozz" # permalink comment
Comment: Is the Seedy Sanchez still going? I know they changed the name briefy but then they seemed to disappear of the face of the earth. Best Pot Noodle ever and I'm missing them :(
Posted: 09:22 Wed 07-May-2008 by "CM" # permalink comment
Comment: Unfortunately it is not avalible! Have you tryed some of the new flavours? Chicken Satay could be worth you checking out if you like that sort of thing. http://www.chocolatemission.blogspot.com
Posted: 09:30 Tue 03-Jun-2008 by "Ringo Brown" # permalink comment
Comment: Chicken Satay tastes like rancid parsnips. It's disgustin. What a gut churnin taste. I almost chucked it back into the pot. It would have tasted better second attempt. Bring back the original Mexican Fajita and the original Chicken & Mushroom. 5150 !!
Posted: 11:43 Tue 15-Jul-2008 by "Cravena" # permalink comment
Comment: PLEASE bring back the seedy sanchez pot noodle..Its the only one i like and i cant buy it anywhere
Posted: 20:38 Wed 30-Jul-2008 by "Aimee" # permalink comment
Comment: Yes, what happened to seedy sanchez pot noddles. are they not sold anymore or do they have a different name.
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