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Click pic to view comments Fortnightly face-off: Big vs Small
Posted: 15:30 Sat 31-01-2004.
Snackspot reports: A somewhat muted response to our previous debate, with an overwhelming majority expressing a preference for what the "Kaptain" describes as hard food in [one's] bucal cavity (ie, a sandwich), instead of a nice bowl of takeaway soup (with just two responses even deigning to consider the latter option). Then again, quite a few of you did make reference to the seemingly addictive properties of Subway sandwich stores, so perhaps that's some sort of explanation. This week: inspired by the musings of "Mike Gray" (among others) on whether the Nestle Double Cream Egg is smaller than the Cadbury's Creme Egg standard, the topic is - Are today's chocolate bars too big, too small, or just right?

...(Picture shows a Woolworths' Utterly Nutty and Double Munch, which appear to be their - slightly smaller - 25p versions of Snickers and Twix, respectively.) Were you one of those caught out by the controversial 2002 downsizing (by 2.5g) of the Mars bar? Have you any tips on obtaining the mythical "small" sizes in any chains of popular coffee bars? And will the next "healthy eating" wars be fought on the (ever-expanding) battlefield of portion control?


Posted: 16:57 Sat 31-01-2004 by "Alex" # permalink comment
Comment: I think chocolate bars are just right at the moment.

I think if they got bigger, you couldn't eat it all, but if it got smaller, it wouldn't be as satisfying.

The chunky bars, like Crunchie and Yorkie apply to this as well

Posted: 19:05 Sat 31-01-2004 by "Philip Thompson" # permalink comment
Comment: Are you kidding?

Big is best.. the more the better. If you can't finish it then throw it away, give it away, save it for later, force feed yourself or something.

Big is always better... as for 'FUN SIZE' nothing fun about a tiny little bitesize piece of something... those giant toblerones you somestimes get at XMas that take two people to carry and need smashed with an industrial hammer... THAT is fun size.

Posted: 12:24 Sun 01-02-2004 by "Mike Gray" # permalink comment
Comment: Have none of you ever had the "this chocolate bar is smaller than it used to be?" debate?

In the office last week one woman was insisting that Curly Wurlys had been shrunk by some incredible amount from when she was a child etc....

Posted: 13:45 Sun 01-02-2004 by "John O'Shea" # permalink comment
Comment: Nice to see someone else sharing an unnatural interest in confectionary. I was annoyed that Mars reduced the size of the King Size Mars (100g) to the 91g Big One by thinning the top chocolate layer, the depth of which was always a key selling point for me.
Posted: 19:07 Sun 01-02-2004 by "Flameproof" # permalink comment
Comment: On the size issue, what do people think about Nestlé's current fad of altering the size of their products and offering them as a new spin-off? I'm thinking of Smarties (mini and giant) and Kitkats (Kubes and Chunky) specifically. Are these promotional proportions worth the attention of serious snackers?
Posted: 22:02 Sun 01-02-2004 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: Great point, Flameproof - I'm all in favour of it, as it usually seems to increase the chocolate-to-wafer ratio (irrespective of whether they increase or decrease in size!)
Posted: 22:40 Sun 01-02-2004 by "Kaptain Korolev" # permalink comment
Comment: The Kaptain doesn't like restrictions on his kandy konsumptions, he knows that if he eats too much kandy he will be a fatson. Thus the Kaptain rations the kandy, enjoying a piece now and again.

If anything the Kaptain feels that kandy should come in larger portions. Toblerone are the trend setters, others must follow. In fact, on April 1st many years ago a younger Kaptain remembers an advertisement placed in the Daily Telegraph advertising a 'Mars - Emperor size'. This multi kilo beast feast excited the Kaptain and he counted his pennies in anticipation of owning a source of energy comparable to that of a small nuclear device. Sadly, the Kaptain realised the date and that he had been duped. To him though, it is still a deam, still a beautiful dream.

The Kaptains father is also a fan of large kandy. Recently upon opening the glove kompartment of the his father's car the Kaptain discovered 4 x Mars - King Size. Upon interogation the Kaptain's father replied that these were for 'emergencies' out on the open road, something more to do with his habit of hoarding things rather than a love of Kandy. They have been in the glove kompartment for several months now, festering, waiting, for an EMERGENCY.

Posted: 01:14 Mon 02-02-2004 by "Adrian" # permalink comment
Comment: I've felt for a while that snacks and drinks have been getting far too big. Who needs a massive bag of white chocolate M&M's? Someone who likes vomiting a lot probably. And large sized bottles of Coke - just too much. I want to see a reduction in sizes across the board - less less less. No wonder the West is full of ever-fatter people - we're probably not consuming many more units of sugar-filled goodness - it's just that the units themselves are a lot bigger now.
Posted: 11:07 Mon 02-02-2004 by "Nebbish" # permalink comment
Comment: Just how, exactly, can a chocolate bar be too big?
Posted: 11:31 Mon 02-02-2004 by "Mike Gray" # permalink comment
Comment: Adrian - white chocolate M&Ms?! Where?
Posted: 14:53 Mon 02-02-2004 by "andrew pack"
(apparently posting from no-dns-yet.demon.co.uk) # permalink comment
Comment: The link on the Mars bars claims that the size has gone down, but the price remains at the 1988 price of 29p... Now, I live in Lincoln, where cost of living is low and you can get change back out of a tenner for a round, but I haven't seen Mars Bars sold for 29p for absolutely ages.

As to the size thing, while bars that you can break into chunks (Yorkies, Dairy Milk, Galaxy) can never be too big, I have always become nauseated by the end of a King-Size Mars bar. You can feel your arteries furring up.

Which, by the way (and fairly off-topic) those new smoking adverts that show 'this much fat was taken out of a thirty-year old smokers artery' - firstly the tube shown to represent the artery is at least ten times the thickness of an artery and is clogged so full of fat that nothing could get past - so what they are actually saying is - along the whole length of an artery there is this much fat, but we are choosing to show it in a way that suggests that your entire artery is chockful of fat along every inch, rather than having a thin coating. The ads don't make me want to stop smoking, but they do make me fancy eating home-cooked chips fried in lard...

Posted: 15:09 Mon 02-02-2004 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: I'd heard that the (recommended retail?) price of the Mars bar had to be kept at a certain level (29p?) - because it's one of the benchmarks used by the government to measure inflation and stuff, so if Mars put it up the economy would crash or something...
Posted: 16:11 Mon 02-02-2004 by "Alex" # permalink comment
Comment: Mike- sorry, but white M+Ms are exclusive to overseas (you are english?)
Posted: 16:18 Mon 02-02-2004 by "Stuart Campbell" # permalink comment
Comment: Hang on - how can you use something to measure inflation if its price has to stay the same? Surely that would make inflation permanently 0%?
Posted: 17:24 Mon 02-02-2004 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: And hasn't inflation been unusually low recently? That's how they're doing it!

Oh and those White Chocolate M and M's in full: http://www.snackspot.org.uk/thread.php?story=0310141316sbc

Posted: 17:36 Mon 02-02-2004 by "KoolAid" # permalink comment
Comment: I wouldn't be surprised if Masterfoods (and others with goods in the Retail Prices Index 'Basket') accept back-handers from the government in order that they 'understand' the price of the mars bar should be mutually agreed with them.

If you ask me, the government have been fiddling inflation figures for years, and the only thing that's keeping inflation in positive territory is the cost of council tax, petrol, booze and fags. (which they have direct control over).

By the way - easter eggs. These were 2.99 about 3-4 years ago. Just been to the local spasda, and they're knocking them out for 1.67. Serious deflation in the easter egg sector!

Posted: 17:59 Mon 02-02-2004 by "bob" # permalink comment
Comment: they sell white chocolate m&m's in the australia shop covent garden london and in asda (walmart) in london they have got kelloggs lemon fruit winders
Posted: 20:27 Mon 02-02-2004 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: hey, Choccieman has reviews of the Woolies' 25p range over at http://www.chocolatereview.co.uk

- if you can read this, Choccieman, how did they measure up against their "big name brand" counterparts?

Posted: 03:16 Tue 03-02-2004 by "Peter" # permalink comment
Comment: This is from a few years back but an associate of mine got thrown out of Cadbury World for having his picture taken with the new range of chocolate productions whilst holding the old ones. The disparity was noticable (old ones were slightly larger).

Personally, the whole size to cost ratio has always been tinkered to increase profits at the cost of VFM. The normal range has shrunk slightly but not so that you would really notice. If you're really that hungry then go for the king-size option and chow it down until you choke on it or vomit. 80019 7

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