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Click pic to view comments Confirmed sighting: Kinder Schoko-Bons
Posted: 13:24 Mon 09-02-2004. Price: 1.29 a bag. Location: Woolworths, Nottingham. Nutritional unusualness: Contains 5.8% hazelnuts.
"Alleycat" reports: 125g bag of little egg shaped chocolates. The familiar Kinder taste we all know and love. Maybe egg shaped in preparation for Easter? Imported and distributed by Ferrero UK Ltd. They are very nice. Approx 21 eggs per bag. You cannot see a join where they have stuck the 2 sides of the egg together! Must be the thick layer of chocolate and the glazing agent!

..."Alleycat" provides this latest and invaluable addition to our great Mini Easter Egg-off, with each Kinder Schoko-Bon coming in at about 6.1 pence each, though Cadbury's Mini Eggs still lead the value for money stakes, at less than 2.5p each in some special offers. And comiserations to "Mike Gray", who perhaps subconsciously realised that Quality Street Eggs actually first appeared last Easter, and therefore managed not to spend 2.99 on what he described as: Too financially rich for my blood... just relatively large balls of chocolate with the various Quality Street fillings, and despite not having a "new" splash on the packaging, they were marked as "new" on the shelf. Not exciting enough to be worth a purchase, I'm afraid.


Posted: 15:21 Mon 09-02-2004 by "Dave" # permalink comment
Comment: Off on a tangent - speaking of things marked "New" when they're not - I note Wotsits are now splashed "New" (despite the only thing new about them being the parent company). Lord knows what I've been eating for the past 25 years then...
Posted: 16:53 Mon 09-02-2004 by "Kaptain Korolev" # permalink comment
Comment: The Kaptain once received a piece of electronics technology wrapaged in what can only be described as Wotsits without the 'cheesy dust'. So convinced was the Kaptain that they were in fact Wotsits that he ate one, sadly though it didn't taste of much, someone or something had stolen those flavours.

Presumably you could have been eating these.....

Posted: 17:39 Mon 09-02-2004 by "Commander Zorg" # permalink comment
Comment: Dave, I too fell in the "new" trap. I got extremely excited upon spotting a "new" Soreen snack pack last week (two slices of Soreen, pre-buttered) for 50p in Sainsburys. The box had "new" stamped on it, and its positioning in store -- casually thrown on top of the sandwiches shelf -- also suggested it was "new" by creating the impression it was so "new" it was yet to find a permanent place within the store.

However, upon excitedly showing my discovery to Miss Zorg I was told they'd been out for "about a year". Insult was added to injury, when she added "I'm sure I mentioned them to you when they first came out".

Posted: 17:45 Mon 09-02-2004 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: It's a difficult area that I often run into in the sighting submissions - who could forget the great "new" New Refreshers controversy? http://www.snackspot.org.uk/thread.php?story=0311201235sbc#20031126233400

- and the long shelf-life of many snacks simply compounds the problem of products still advertising themselves as "new" after several months in the shop. Perhaps they could use an ink that fades over time?

Posted: 17:51 Mon 09-02-2004 by "Lee Maguire" # permalink comment
Comment: So is "Schoko-Bon" pronounced in a similar way to sokoban? (ie that crate pushing puzzle named after the Japanese name for a warehouse gaffer.)

Not that I imagine there's really much scope for confusion.

Posted: 19:41 Mon 09-02-2004 by "charl" # permalink comment
Comment: i fear schoko-bons are not new either. i am sure they were out last year.

kaptain: i too have sampled the biodegradable corn-based hardware packaging. they're like giant wotsits with less flavour and a slight blue tinge. http://makeashorterlink.com/?L2E252A57

Posted: 20:36 Mon 09-02-2004 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: in the US they're known as "packaging peanuts" - http://www.inc.com/magazine/19920401/4049.html

If they didn't look so darn appetizing, we wouldn't be calling loose-fill package stuffing "peanuts." The little nuggets do seem delectable, though, and shippers at FourGen Software, in Edmonds, Wash., actually eat them. The species the crew snacks on is called Eco-Foam, a substance manufactured by American Excelsior (817-640-1555) that consists almost entirely of edible cornstarch. Staffers chew it more for political than gustatory effect, demonstrating that the substance is water-soluble and that, unlike its undigest-ible polystyrene counterpart, will decompose harmlessly in a landfill once it rains.

Posted: 20:54 Mon 09-02-2004 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: Sorry, next Google hit contains the magnificent phrase "While there could be concerns about bacterial contamination of edible meat trays...": http://www.uoguelph.ca/botany/cba/plpr201b.htm

Three undergraduates from the University of Guelph were recently awarded this year's "Project SOY Award" (SOY stands for Soybean Opportunities for Youth). They produced a biodegradable, edible material based on soya protein which is designed to replace polystyrene meat trays and corrugated cardboard used in cookie packaging. One student, Eugene Mohareb, will continue the reseach as a graduate student, and another of the students, Antoine Joly, is investigating patent possibilities. While there could be concerns about bacterial contamination of edible meat trays, the students found that cookie packaging flavoured with chocolate or strawberry flavourings were liked by test tasters. The texture of the packaging resembles that of an ice cream cone.

Posted: 22:40 Mon 09-02-2004 by "bob" # permalink comment
Comment: in poundland thay are selling kinder country its kinder chocolate with rice crispies! they are sold n an 8 pack didnt buy any thoe!
Posted: 00:45 Tue 10-02-2004 by "Mike Gray" # permalink comment
Comment: At least my "not actually new" spot has sparked debate. :)

Kaptain - the thing to do with those pseudo Wotsit packing things is to get them wet. Preferably in someone else's house, as they emit an unholy stench when moistened...

Posted: 06:10 Tue 10-02-2004 by "KoolAid" # permalink comment
Comment: I can confirm Mike's comments about these pseudo-wotsits.

An office game of "hit the out of date can of stella with a cricket bat in a box of packing wotsits" resulted in the most revolting smell I have ever encountered. I wasn't sure if it was the out of date beer or the packing wotsits that were causing the god-awful stench, but my suspicions are now confirmed.

They do taste a bit like wotsits, but I don't have a clue what they put in them to make them stink that bad.

Posted: 07:55 Tue 10-02-2004 by "charl" # permalink comment
Comment: kinder country are marvellous. my all time favourite kinder product. i saw them everywhere in dublin last month but seldom over here...
Posted: 17:35 Tue 10-02-2004 by "Alex" # permalink comment
Comment: Is Haribo MicroMix new?

I'm not sure, although I think it is.

Posted: 18:14 Tue 10-02-2004 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: not that Kinder product names are usually very self-explanatory, but any guesses why it's called "Kinder Country"?

(And do they do posters like the old Marlboro Country "Come to where the flavour is" ads? http://www.jesusnow.de/images/werbung-images/marlboro.jpg )

Posted: 19:58 Tue 10-02-2004 by "charl" # permalink comment
Comment: the packaging on kinder country (google bombing anyone?) has a kind of cod-country feel to it: churns and flowing wheat goodness etc. it's probably meant to be agriculturally 'natural' in the way that most high carb products are.

and alex. i think micromix has been around for a good 6-8 months.

Posted: 00:32 Wed 11-02-2004 by "Neil" # permalink comment
Comment: charl, if you mention "carbs" again I'm going to stab myself in the face with this pitchfork...

*brings pitchfork out from under desk, displays it and puts it back again*

Posted: 08:47 Wed 11-02-2004 by "charl" # permalink comment
Comment: carbs. carbs. caaaaaaaarbs!

*awaits video proof*

ps. is the pitchfork dipped in vinegar?

Posted: 09:25 Wed 11-02-2004 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: no charl, the pitchfork is dipped in ultra-high-carb Tate and Lyle refined sugar!
Posted: 11:01 Wed 11-02-2004 by "Neil" # permalink comment
Comment: Mmm, sugar pitchfork...


http://[URL display truncated]

"Dr Robert Atkins - whose diet is followed by three million Britons - had a serious heart disease and was a clinically obese 18 1/2 stone when he died, a report revealed yesterday."

Posted: 11:45 Wed 11-02-2004 by "ME1" # permalink comment
Comment: U R [deleted] SAD 4 TALKING ABOUT FOOD
Posted: 12:19 Wed 11-02-2004 by "charl" # permalink comment
Comment: atkins was known to seldom stick to his diet, the development of which was a result of his tendency to gain weight. well done british media once more.

and snackspot, my cake decorating teacher swears that tate and lyle icing sugar is grittier and less suited to royal icing than silver spoon. controversial, no?

Posted: 16:05 Wed 11-02-2004 by "JT" # permalink comment
Comment: 'ME1' wat does 'U R [deleted] SAD 4 TALKING ABOUT FOOD ' mean?
Posted: 18:50 Wed 11-02-2004 by "Neil" # permalink comment
Comment: The "[deleted]" was previously... a rude word.
Posted: 19:04 Wed 11-02-2004 by "JT" # permalink comment
Comment: does the word rhyme with duck ing
Posted: 19:06 Wed 11-02-2004 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: Mind you, that dig about "talking about food" - that really hit home. Hey, it's hardly a topic that's of any interest or relevance to "the real world", is it?: http://news.google.com/news?q=food
Posted: 20:24 Wed 11-02-2004 by "Neil" # permalink comment
Comment: Yes, JT, yes it does.

And I'm only here for the 24 CARAT COMEDY GOLD.

Posted: 01:13 Thu 12-02-2004 by "Adrian" # permalink comment
Comment: Of course on Snackspot that would be 24 Carat Comedy Old Gold. http://www.everythingaustralian.com/evryaustralian/cadchocoldgo.html


Posted: 16:38 Thu 12-02-2004 by "Mark Hewitt" # permalink comment
Comment: there's the Kinder Maxi.... tastes good, very creamy, but the texture is unsettling, it's too soft.. and of course the name does lead one to think about less-than-appetizing feminine hygeine products. Or maybe it's just me and the sleep deprivation....
Posted: 21:27 Mon 31-Jan-2005 by "Somnia" # permalink comment
Comment: Hey, just thought I'd ask if any of you remember an old Kinder Product from Easter circa early '90s, found in Britain. They were contained in a plastic animal, with a transparent belly, that opened in the middle, inside were many small treats that (in my childish head) I thought of as mini Kinder eggs, without the surprise. However, could these have been an early attempt of Kinder to intoduce Britain to Shokobon? 6716 3 19
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