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Click pic to view comments Confirmed sighting: Masterfoods AquaDrops
Posted: 13:03 Tue 17-02-2004. Price: 79p. Location: Woolworths, Luton. Sub-flavours: Apple or Citrus. Nutritional unusualness: "Excessive consumption may produce laxative effects", titanium dioxide.
"Saramond" reports: AquaDrops claim to give you Instant Hydration and Lasting Refreshment. Not so sure about that, just gave me a weird feeling tounge and a headache! They're sugar free but contain Isomalt, aspartame and acesulfame.

...Looks like they've also made your vision go a bit blurry, "Saramond", though you did slightly better than "Mike Gray" (who claimed "photographic proof is made harder by the wrapper falling off the packet"), but was able to report: Found these at the checkout at Safeway in Leicester at Freemen's Common on a chance visit. Point of sale promotion at the tills. They're in interesting plastic packs - one yellow, one green (citrus and apple respectively) and they're both bloody horrible. The apple one starts off nicely, tasting a bit like a Jolly Rancher hard candy but then what I presume to be the "hydrating" bit kicks in and puts paid to any good feeling you might have towards them giving them a strange, almost menthol-like taste. I've tried three times and I still can't get through a whole one without spitting it out and nor could my fellow taste tester. Foul after-taste, too. Citrus is an orange-y creation which suffers the same blight as its apple cousin. Nice at first, nasty immediately after. Nasty and overpriced. An abomination.


Posted: 17:44 Tue 17-02-2004 by "Alex" # permalink comment
Comment: Got to disagree...I found this a refreshing change from other sweets around. But these aren't really ones to eat in bulk.
Posted: 17:46 Tue 17-02-2004 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: How does the "hydrating" aspect work? Are they like Opal Fruits or something?
Posted: 17:49 Tue 17-02-2004 by "Alex" # permalink comment
Comment: The design is rather like the Ying-Yang shape. They're a bit like flipsters really....a hard fruity bit, and that white stuff, which is where the 'hydrating' takes place.
Posted: 18:31 Tue 17-02-2004 by "Mike Gray" # permalink comment
Comment: Yeah, the hydrating bit is the clear bit, presumably. Unfortunately, what makes it unique also makes it inedible. Never has a packet of sweets sat by the side of the keyboard untouched for so long.
Posted: 19:09 Tue 17-02-2004 by "Alex" # permalink comment
Comment: I think its the white bit Mike. It does say on the packet though, which I threw away by accident.
Posted: 19:20 Tue 17-02-2004 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: I think it's the "titanium dioxide"!
Posted: 20:56 Tue 17-02-2004 by "Saramond" # permalink comment
Comment: Just checked the pack. Apparently the white bit's the 'lasting refreshment' and the clear bit's the 'Instant hydration'. Will just spend my 79p on a drink and a pack of chewing gum next time!
Posted: 10:27 Wed 18-02-2004 by "Green Food Colouring Guy" # permalink comment
Comment: Titanium Dioxide is actually a chemical dye. It's the one used to make Heinz tomato ketchup green. I should know, I spent a few weeks doing just that...
Posted: 11:14 Wed 18-02-2004 by "charl" # permalink comment
Comment: aquadrops is people...
Posted: 11:26 Wed 18-02-2004 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: I thought Quality Street's "Big Green One" was people?

seriously, titanium dioxide seems to be mainly used as a white colouring - IN PAINT: http://webexhibits.org/pigments/indiv/history/tiwhite.html

"The masstone of titanium white is neither warm nor cool and lies somewhere between lead white and zinc white, in that respect. It has a tinting strength superior to either of the other whites, and a drying time that is slower than that of lead white but faster than that of zinc white. It is truly an all-purpose white oil color"

Posted: 13:27 Wed 18-02-2004 by "charl" # permalink comment
Comment: it's also a sunscreen/cosmetic foundation ingredient. i'd rather eat titanium than lead.

i think.

Posted: 13:43 Wed 18-02-2004 by "Mike Gray" # permalink comment
Comment: And I'd rather eat lead than another Aquadrop.

Seriously, does nobody apart from me, my girlfriend and my ex-flatmate find these things heinous?

Posted: 14:48 Wed 18-02-2004 by "Alex" # permalink comment
Comment: Perhaps it's the titanium that makes half the sweet white.
Posted: 17:09 Wed 18-02-2004 by "Stuart Campbell" # permalink comment
Comment: I'm notorious the world over as a hater of sweeteners, but these (Citrus version) tasted fine to me. Sweet yet highly acidic, and they certainly did seem to create a lot of mouth-watering action.
Posted: 21:32 Sun 22-02-2004 by "Flameproof" # permalink comment
Comment: I quite liked the citrus flavoured ones too, but I agree that my consumption hasn't been at the speed I would usually have dispatched a small box of sweeties in... Is titanium known to do badness to our bodies?
Posted: 22:23 Sun 22-02-2004 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: hey, you've got to get your recommended daily intake of titanium, otherwise you won't grow up big and strong like "Wolverine"
Posted: 23:59 Sun 22-02-2004 by "Neil" # permalink comment
Comment: That's adamantium, as everyone knows. Has anyone found any sweets that contain adamantium, or even adamantium dioxide?
Posted: 15:50 Tue 24-02-2004 by "Ruhi" # permalink comment
Comment: We think they rock!
Posted: 21:54 Tue 24-02-2004 by "cookiemonster" # permalink comment
Comment: they had free samples of these in my local woolworths today... i like them in a strange 'this doesn't taste at all natural' way... may buy them sometimes.... if i'm in a strange mood
Posted: 09:34 Wed 25-02-2004 by "Passer_By" # permalink comment
Comment: The packaging resembles that from "Always" sanitary towels or one of those disinfectant blocks you hang over the rim of the toilet. Neither of which are especially appetising.
Posted: 11:35 Wed 25-02-2004 by "Luncheon Voucher" # permalink comment
Comment: I gave these a try. OK to start with but visciously acidic. They seem to "hydrate" your mouth by causing chemical burns. Everyone who tried one started having a coughing fit after about 2 minutes, including the tastebud-free heavy smokers. Any products which has so many acidic additives they're actually _grouped together_ in the ingredients can't be right... (.... Ingredients: acids (citric acid, malic acid, tartaric acid).... )
Posted: 12:12 Wed 25-02-2004 by "Xan" # permalink comment
Comment: The lemon flavour is alright and it certaintly does fill your mouth up with excess spit. Can't say I've ever needed extra oral lubrication... in fact I'm starting to wonder what the target market is for these....
Posted: 12:24 Wed 25-02-2004 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: Steady there, Xan - though you raise the interesting point of whether the "hydrating" effect works by stimulating saliva with all those misc. acids?
Posted: 17:30 Wed 25-02-2004 by "Luncheon Voucher" # permalink comment
Comment: Citric (and other acids) do stimulate saliva production to neutralize, or at least buffer it. I found at least 1 precedent: http://www.naturalypure.com/DryMouthRelief.htm

Mind you, if I suffered from Xerostomia I think I'd rather live with a mouth like the mojave than eat these things again...

Posted: 18:49 Wed 25-02-2004 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: crikey - how many ingredients does it have in common with AquaDrops?

"Salix stimulates natural saliva production in people with reduced salivary gland function. Salix is an over-the-counter product with safe GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) ingredients that enhance natural saliva stimulation, even in cases of severely diminished saliva function...

The natural fruit acids in Salix are ph neutralized and the Sorbitol content provides safe use by diabetics...

Ingredients: sorbitol, malic acid, sodium citrate, citric acid, dibasic calcium phosphate, sodium carboxy methylcellulose, propylene glycol, hydrogenated cottonseed oil, silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate"

Posted: 14:10 Thu 26-02-2004 by "andrew pack" # permalink comment
Comment: So far as Adamantium being added to sweets for Wolverine effects goes, has nobody ever heard of SKIKT-ers ? (maybe one only for comic fanboys, this is the noise his claws make every single time he pops them...Boy, jokes are less funny when you have to set out a longer explanation than the joke itself. Sorry everyone, I'll get my Coke...)
Posted: 14:12 Sat 06-03-2004 by "zoe" # permalink comment
Comment: did aqua drops give anyone else a constant dull headache and if you ate the whole pack a laxative effect??,they should put that warning on the packet..oh they do!..
Posted: 18:03 Sat 06-03-2004 by "Saramond" # permalink comment
Comment: Gave me a headache too. Didn't eat the whole pack though, weren't nice enough!
Posted: 18:40 Mon 08-03-2004 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: yeah, they gave me a bit of a headache too (otherwise i thought they were just like sour boiled sweets but with artificial sweetener instead of sugar?)

also "elmsyrup" might have a possible explanation for the headache effect...

"Well, the hydrating drops don't make your mouth any moister... Plus, even if they did work, if you have a dry mouth you really should be getting a drink. Isn't encouraging people to become more dehydrated a bad thing?" http://www.snackspot.org.uk/thread.php?story=0402101649sbc#20040308182900

Posted: 11:40 Fri 12-03-2004 by "sam braun" # permalink comment
Comment: they tast like my mams nikers
Posted: 17:39 Fri 12-03-2004 by "bob" # permalink comment
Comment: i fort this was a child frendly site! so why aint the swear words blanked out!
Posted: 17:43 Fri 12-03-2004 by "Tom Clarke" # permalink comment
Comment: My girlfriend has a big nose!
Posted: 17:58 Fri 12-03-2004 by "JT" # permalink comment
Comment: god people are not using this site 4 wat it is 4
Posted: 18:52 Fri 12-03-2004 by "Matthew" # permalink comment
Comment: Oh, I don't know.. 'Mams Nikers' could be a new limited edition flavour of Wheat Crunchies...
Posted: 16:45 Sat 27-03-2004 by "Ali" # permalink comment
Comment: i think these sweets are great, they are good to just have in your bag, instead of buying a drink all the time, my boyfriend thought they were great too, we must be the only 2 who like them?!?!?!?!
Posted: 15:21 Tue 30-03-2004 by "Cindy" # permalink comment
Comment: Had the citrus flavored drops and enjoyed them - they suited me fine and I will continue to buy them.
Posted: 18:14 Wed 31-03-2004 by "discoqueen500" # permalink comment
Comment: aqua drops are my life and soul i cant go a day without them they are like heroin and for you 2 say thy are horrible is like a slap in the face 2 aqua drop fans accross the world they are a water replacement and i havent drank any water for 1 month and i will never drink water again as the refreshing sensation of aqua drops is more than enough to satisfy my needs and they are on sale at a bargain price of 79p at a tesco's near you


Posted: 12:08 Wed 07-04-2004 by "tonytic" # permalink comment
Comment: just to mention that titanium dioxide is white - indeed most definately white and not green as mentioned in the Heinz Green Tomato Kethcup comment
Posted: 19:05 Tue 13-04-2004 by "Mike Gray" # permalink comment
Comment: To add further to the Aquadrops controversy, on a snack-finding mission to the US, I have located mint aquadrops, presented in a blister pack. I was not foolish enough to purchase them, but perhaps they will be forthcoming in the UK...
Posted: 21:25 Sat 17-04-2004 by "Elisa Crowther" # permalink comment
Comment: I found these sweat and sour first then tasted a bit like battery acid, although I still managed to finish the packet. I must like battery acid!
Posted: 21:36 Sat 17-04-2004 by "Saramond" # permalink comment
Comment: I did too. Moaned about them, then ate the whole pack in the end! Guess they must grow on you!
Posted: 14:27 Sat 24-04-2004 by "sexy bitches " # permalink comment
Comment: these r the future, the refreshing sensation of the apple aqua drops. theser better than sex and can satisfy you more than your man could ever do! try em out at your local tesco stores worldwide.
Posted: 10:58 Mon 26-04-2004 by "Paul Taylor" # permalink comment
Comment: 5 people in my office (including myself) ate a whole packet and we all, independently of each other, started having very serious headaches and feeling sick and dizzy!
Posted: 14:23 Mon 26-04-2004 by "hipchickmck" # permalink comment
Comment: So, what's the bit that's giving us the headache? Is it the sunset yellow? I need to know so i can avoid it in other things.....this headache seems here to stay. And in what way exactly are do they provide instant hydration? I was expecting some liquid in the sweet.
Posted: 11:05 Wed 28-04-2004 by "Dragon-Wolf" # permalink comment
Comment: The headaches are probably down to the Apartame. Its filthy muck, but it doesn't affect everyone the same. I love these AquaDrops by the way.
Posted: 16:50 Wed 28-04-2004 by "aily" # permalink comment
Comment: really nice.lime better than lemon do you not think?
Posted: 07:41 Sun 09-05-2004 by "Tweetyheart" # permalink comment
Comment: Love the citrus! I wish we had the apple ones here. We only have citrus and mint. I wouldn't replace them for water, but I have dry mouth from the medications I take and these are nice to suck on.
Posted: 20:43 Mon 10-05-2004 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: titanium dioxide, a white pigment, is "considered to be a 'potential occupational carcinogen' by the US National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health" http://www.guardian.co.uk/chemicalworld/story/0,14534,1210065,00.html
Posted: 12:53 Tue 11-05-2004 by "RevJonny" # permalink comment
Comment: The apple and citrus are both really nice. My personal favourate being the citrus. As to whether they contain harmful or potentially harmful substances, dont we have strict tests for these kind of things? Titanium Dioxide may cause cancer if you work with it all day everyday in near constant exposure, but so might the sun. There is no need to panic! Titanium is also obviously the white colouring if you read the back of the individually wrapped citrus pack it has "quinoline yellow, sunset yellow, and titanium dioxide" - the other 2 are yellow it must be white!! Sugarfree sweets have always made you poop alot. seen as you only get 12 in a pack of aquadrops I guess you aren't meant to eat them all within the hour but maby over a week? I was given a carrier bag full of the free samples by a charming young lady who fell for my winning smile and boyish charms. I didnt even make a purchase!
Posted: 13:53 Tue 11-05-2004 by "dunxd" # permalink comment
Comment: Like distilled then congealed sunny delight. Was expecting something that popped in my mouth like a salmon egg, not something that used evil Donald Rumsfeld chemicals to trigger my saliva glands.
Posted: 16:40 Tue 11-05-2004 by "DROOL" # permalink comment
Comment: These things claim to be "hydrating" -they make you DROOL! (not in a good way) That rush of spit just before you puke.....
Posted: 17:13 Tue 11-05-2004 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: it's the point of sale display offering to "flood your mouth" that I didn't find tremendously appealing
Posted: 16:50 Fri 14-05-2004 by "dialysis patient 1" # permalink comment
Comment: I enjoyed that aquadrops. I am on dialysis and I have to restrict my fluid intake. So any product that will keep my mouth from being dry is a Godsend. Now I can better control my fluid intake because I dont feel as thirsty
Posted: 17:03 Fri 14-05-2004 by "Mimagic69" # permalink comment
Comment: I personally like the Citrus ones, tried both the Citrus and Mint, I find the mint way too overpowering but the citrus is very pleasing. I work where I have to talk on the phone all day, these are nice to have to pop in my mouth after hours of talking. Refreshing and sweet. for those of you in the UK, just a note, the AquaDrops in the US are not sugar free, do not contain aspertame or titanium oxide, do not cause headaches or make you run to the loo after having a whole pack. maybe you need a good US import and try what one from here before making final judgement.
Posted: 08:26 Sun 16-05-2004 by "Tweetyheart" # permalink comment
Comment: Earlier, I said that I loved them. A while later, I'm recovering from a full mouth of sores from the acid. After I stopped eating them, I started to heal. Only one left, and I've thrown away the five packs that I bought... Good luck.
Posted: 17:05 Sun 16-05-2004 by "toot!" # permalink comment
Comment: i'm more intrigued about the fact that they claim the white side does one job while the clear coloured side another. they're lying to us!
Posted: 22:23 Sun 16-05-2004 by "Martin" # permalink comment
Comment: I'm sure Aquadrops have caused laxitive effects for me after eating just two of them. Also feel quite sick. Has anybody else experienced this?
Posted: 15:17 Mon 17-05-2004 by "mimagic69" # permalink comment
Comment: I think you people are eating these things way too much, this is a prduct that is supposed to help with "occasional" dry or stale mouth. If you are eating so many that your getting mouth sores or making yourself sick, then maybe you should try another candy that is meant to be eaten all day. These are a mint, and just like any other mint, are to be used in some moderation, anyone that can eat a whole pack in one setting,is just ludacris.I buy one pack and they last me at least a week or more.Now Im not saying that those people eating a pack a day or more do not have issues, but come on people this is a great product if used as needed. It's not for candy fiend's who can gobble up a pack in an hour. If the acid bothers your mouth, use sparingly, this product does have a high acid content, but what do you think it is that makes your mouth water? If you are replacing you daily intake of water with this product,good luck, but that's not what it is for. I will keep using my AquaDrops, in moderation, as they should be, and continue enjoying them for the "occasional" dry mouth, but I will still have a bottle of water sitting on my desk, somethings just cannot be replaced.
Posted: 14:25 Tue 18-05-2004 by "erica_sparkle"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: I can't believe everyone hates these. I think they're LUSH. Citrus ones are a bit pansy for my liking but the apple ones have now got me through 2 full all-night-coursework-marking sessions. IU have had neither headaches, sores or lots of poo and ate one pack per night (eg 12 hour period) they're also superb after a fag (I'm giving up at mo so if I have one it makes my throat DRYYYY) I love them and will not stop eating them ever. You're all mad!
Posted: 00:44 Wed 19-05-2004 by "Neil" # permalink comment
Comment: I bet hip-hop artist Ludacris *can't* eat a whole pack of mints in one go, you lying get!
Posted: 18:55 Wed 19-05-2004 by "ray" # permalink comment
Comment: im off to go buy some because im curious on what a sweet and sour scrotum tastes like
Posted: 18:09 Thu 20-05-2004 by "Mike Gray" # permalink comment
Comment: You know, I really wish this place was given just one month in charge of marketing confectionary using only comments from this site... Ray's comment would make a fabulous tag line.

Posted: 20:07 Wed 26-05-2004 by "Michael" # permalink comment
Comment: I think the name "Aquadrops" refers to jumping off bridges, the method of suicide employed by most consumers of this plastic deodorant.
Posted: 16:14 Fri 11-06-2004 by "Tess sweden" # permalink comment
Comment: Where do I find these bonbons? No where in Sweden? A friend of mine had been offered it at the gym. He said it only was a try-out delivery :(
Posted: 18:13 Fri 11-06-2004 by "Phil C" # permalink comment
Comment: Never touch a 'sweet' that is offered to you at a gym...
Posted: 14:44 Mon 14-06-2004 by "Issy" # permalink comment
Comment: Aquadrops in green plastic pop-top thing tasted VILE, not remotely refreshing, an unpleasant cross between sour-apple and apple-mint - will NOT be buying those again!
Posted: 17:13 Tue 15-06-2004 by "Paul Glover" # permalink comment
Comment: I've just tasted a couple my friend Sonya gave me in work. I have to say I was impressed, they had a very refreshing apple flavour that I found delightful. Not sure how accurate the hangover cure claim is, but I would certainly reach for a packet if my mouth felt like the bottom of a budgie's cage! They get two thumbs up from me.
Posted: 21:41 Sat 19-06-2004 by "Lawrence Finch" # permalink comment
Comment: You know, I kind of like it at first but now I have changed my mind. My friend offered me some before our exam and I thought they were fine so I went to buy a packet today. I had 2 earlier and I felt ok and it tasted great. But now I just down the whole packet (almost, apart from 2 or 3) and I am suffering from unbelievable abdominal pain. I am struggling to type this even now, not sure about the headache, maybe that's to come later. My advice? Don't ever eat any thing with sweeteners. Stupid UK manufacturer, can't they use normal sugar instead of adding this carp just so they can put "sugar free" on the package. I mean who actually cares? What the hell are we tasting if its not real sugar, some artificial chemical cocktail (isomalt, aspartame, acesulfame k). And why do all these shop brought mint produce "laxative effects" when consumed excessively? I never get that problem with normal sweet, must be those chemicals again. And a few thing: titanium oxide (or dioxide) is responsible for the white in apple flavor. It can be a number of different colours depending on the oxide (yellow, cream, white) and since it is an oxide it is chemically non reactive and not as toxic as heavy metals dissolved in water (such as lead). As for the hydrating effect we have already established that it must stimulate saliva secretion, so in fact it doesn't hydrate you at all, it just draws water from your body to your mouth, very good idea :-( Conclusion, if you really want to hydrate your self, want something that is cheap, sweet with real sugar and can be consumed in relatively large amount without side effects then this is your solution: grapes. I know its strictly speaking not a sweet but its very healthy, got water which actually hydrates you, contains real sugar and no chemical additives. It taste great and you probably get 2-3 times by weight for the money you spent on this crap.
Posted: 21:28 Tue 22-06-2004 by "aquadrop" # permalink comment
Comment: I LOVE CITRUS AQUADROPS!!! woo! no seriously i have a bad addiction and cant believe most of u people dont like them. oh well, i guess im just a weirdo.... or maybe this is keeping up my weirdo appearance? who knows... : |
Posted: 11:00 Fri 02-Jul-2004 by "lINDA" # permalink comment
Comment: I have found both flavours of Aqua Drops very nice tasting with no nasty after taste. However, they do seem to cause me excessive farting!!
Posted: 15:37 Fri 02-Jul-2004 by "argh!" # permalink comment
Comment: I tried these a few weeks ago. Me and my flatmate were hungry at 11pm so we traipsed through manchester to what was then a 24 hour tesco. Now, being the type who is unable to resist novelty, I did spend my last english student pound on a packet of AquaDrops. As we left Tesco I impatiently tore open the new fangled plastic packaging manufacturers are so keen on. I popped one into my mouth, flatmate Matt whinged I should have bought apple so I attempted to shut him up with a citrus one.

So there we are walking past piccadilly gardens when he lets out a mournful cry and starts yelling "argh! argh! it's got my tonsils, there's a little guy on my tonsils!" Most odd, most odd. Though I have to agree to some extent, it did feel like there was some sort of painful pulling force echoing around the back of my mouth. As I mused upon this he danced around like a chimp on acid, barked a few expletives and spat it out into a fountain. I spat mine out too, without the dancing.

Now from this experience I have learned that seduction by novelty is a dangerous thing

I have also figured out a new way of punishing my sister for annoying me. Forget ground glass, why not grind an AquaDrop or 12 into a loved one's meal and watch in delight as said loved one vows never to speak to you again. Probably because he/she can't after having their mouth burned off care of Masterfoods...

Posted: 11:03 Mon 12-Jul-2004 by "hairylee" # permalink comment
Comment: Me and my girlfriend tried these, bought from Asda. They taste good but we spent the rest of the day with bad headaches.
Posted: 15:27 Fri 16-Jul-2004 by "annelpriebe04 (at!) aol.com" # permalink comment
Comment: I found lemon aqua drops in Ireland but can only find citrus and blue mint here in the states. Whewre and how can I get some lemon agua drops?????
Posted: 14:28 Mon 26-Jul-2004 by "alydar" # permalink comment
Comment: I tried the melon sugar-free ones. If anything I'd say they made my throat more dry. Not worth the money at all. :(
Posted: 17:59 Mon 26-Jul-2004 by "lyd" # permalink comment
Comment: not nice
Posted: 21:05 Mon 26-Jul-2004 by "BJK" # permalink comment
Comment: I love those cirtus AquaDrops. My wife got one from a co-worker and I tried one. I was like dying for more of those. I can't find them in stores and they said they got them at promotions. Where in U.S. can you find them?

They are not meant to be replacements for water. You must still have your daily allowance of water. They do make keep me going. When I get a dry throat, I pop one of them.

Like other lovers of those products meantioned, they do change the way you go about your daily life.

Posted: 15:52 Fri 30-Jul-2004 by "disgruntled person" # permalink comment
Comment: yes i am now getting those laxative effects!!!!!!! i ate a packet in an hout rthinking that they were noemal sweets. 2 hours later my stomach is making these god awful sounds- i feel the need to shit but all that comes out is liquified poo and obsene amounts of gas- think dumb and dumber. i got the citrus flavour.


Posted: 01:16 Sat 31-Jul-2004 by "Mike Gray" # permalink comment
Comment: Masterfoods have invited me to be part of the test panel for Aquadrops! Help!
Posted: 03:05 Sat 31-Jul-2004 by "elmsyrup" # permalink comment
Comment: That's a bit belated, Mike. Have you just come here in a time machine, like one in a film you've seen?
Posted: 14:08 Sat 31-Jul-2004 by "Deej" # permalink comment
Comment: The important part is - do they stop drymouth when you're stoned?
Posted: 13:54 Sun 01-Aug-2004 by "Mike Gray" # permalink comment
Comment: Well, I only got the e-mail inviting me to join the test panel last week, as did my girlfriend. Maybe they're going to launch the mint ones over here or something. God help us.
Posted: 15:08 Thu 19-Aug-2004 by "Articuno"
(apparently posting from 82-32-160-112.cable.ubr01.newt.blueyonder.co.uk) # permalink comment
Comment: Well, the fact that I have one in my mouth right now suggests I do like them! But I would prefer it if they used sugar and not sweetners. I think the hydration part is really clever. Anyway I only have these once in a while.
Posted: 21:19 Thu 02-Sep-2004 by "heide" # permalink comment
Comment: I first tasted the aquadrops while touring in mexico. I love them. I wish I just like to know where to purchase them in the USA
Posted: 06:57 Sun 26-Sep-2004 by "Freddie" # permalink comment
Comment: The aqua drops are good if you suffer from dry mouth at night. Sugar free - no cavities.
Posted: 20:59 Sun 26-Sep-2004 by "Mike Gray" # permalink comment
Comment: When I was in the USA you could get Aquadrops at virtually every Walgreens and their ilk... both West and East coast - I sighted them in New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Boston! Shouldn't be hard to find!
Posted: 21:36 Fri 22-Oct-2004 by "Allan Sindeband" # permalink comment
Comment: All the locations you give for the purchase of Aqua Drops claim they don't have it in the store
Posted: 03:14 Fri 25-Feb-2005 by "Victoria" # permalink comment
Comment: Actually, I love AquaDrops sugar free. The purpose is not that of a candy but, as it says on the package, a "HYDRATING DROP". It's much better than sucking on a nasty cough drop every time your throat gets dry (and water is not immediately available). It reminds me of the new Kool-Aid, I think it's called something like Cool Burst (?).
Posted: 15:23 Fri 25-Feb-2005 by "orangey" # permalink comment
Comment: somebody, way at the top of this, mentioned Opal Fruits and they had a point. Opal Fruits (ok, Starburst, if you must) are "made to make your mouth water" and they do. So now we should all realise that there is no need for these silly Aqua Drops that don't taste very nice.

Posted: 16:29 Sun 27-Feb-2005 by "Very Sudden" # permalink comment
Comment: i bought a pack of apple aquadrops, and though, wow, these are nice. i had the pack in about three or four hours, starting at midday. By 5pm I was holding my legs together, making squeeking noises, and funny stomach noises. The resulting exit was very liquid.

When they say laxative, they *mean* laxative. But on the pack it says 'excessive consuption *may* cause laxative effects'. Is ONE pack excessive?

Steer clear unless you have access to the loo.

Posted: 18:37 Sun 27-Feb-2005 by "Phillerena" # permalink comment
Comment: LMAO not reccomended if you have a buisiness meeting then.
Posted: 16:18 Mon 28-Feb-2005 by "bobalob" # permalink comment
Comment: i first tried these when i was at work in a shop on my own, we had just started selling them so i tried a packet of the citrus ones

i ate them all in an hour, and soon after i was defecating like a mad man

i had to lock the shop whilst the liquid faeces poured out

apart from that i thought they were quite nice, i just ate too many too soon, and for that i am sorry

Posted: 16:25 Mon 28-Feb-2005 by "Phillerena" # permalink comment
Comment: We accept your apology.
Posted: 18:36 Tue 08-Mar-2005 by "Magnetic Ham Sandwich" # permalink comment
Comment: Both flavours of these have pitched up in Hyper Value ["Hyper Value, value" as the jingle goes] now for just 20p a pack. Since Hyper Value is usually the last resting place of discontinued lines [for instance right now they have mountains of those lemon yoghurt Kit-Kats and Walkers Turkey flavour crisps] maybe they are going away for good. It's not just your mouth that will produce excess 'liquid' if you shove more than one pack a day down yourself though - so only try them if you are close to a toilet.
Posted: 12:30 Sun 13-Mar-2005 by "karen" # permalink comment
Comment: I suffer from a dry mouth and find these very pleasant to suck. No after tastes - temporary relief.
Posted: 09:43 Tue 12-Apr-2005 by "Jane" # permalink comment
Comment: That Twix advert with the tandem bike promotes selfish and sadistic violence against women. Do Masterfoods think that it is funny to smash your innocent girlfriend's head in, or is it only if their product is involved when they find it amusing. I'd like to shove their Twix up the advertising department for encouraging men to hurt and damage unsuspecting women, and for polluting our TV's with their misogynistic abuse.
Posted: 19:27 Sat 18-Jun-2005 by "spidermoon9" # permalink comment
Comment: Refering to bottom of add a comment section. "Offensive or otherwise unsuitable comments may be deleted or punished in other ways" Does this mean you will be made to eat a whole packet of Aquplopplops, otherwise known as Aqudrops?
Posted: 11:58 Mon 20-Jun-2005 by "David" # permalink comment
Comment: Hey, I like these.

Ive been eating them for months, ive eaten a whole packet in a couple of hours once or twice and suffered no ill effects.

Posted: 15:59 Tue 05-Jul-2005 by "Chillie83" # permalink comment
Comment: I can't get enough of them. I really do find them hydrating. I had one of my Mums a few weeks back without reading it and I was really surprised, i read the box after and felt for once something lived up to what it says... now i just want more - i get through them so quickly!
Posted: 15:03 Tue 04-Oct-2005 by "bo-meister" # permalink comment
Comment: Hey, i've heard about aquadrops, my boyf says apple are the best but does anyone know where i can buy them from?? I hate having dry-mouth syndrome!
Posted: 22:37 Mon 23-Jan-2006 by "DMC" # permalink comment
Comment: AquaDrops are a hard to locate gift to someone like me who has severe Dry Mouth, a proved medical condition. For those looking for a candy fix, look elsewhere.
Posted: 23:54 Mon 30-Jan-2006 by "Gweny" # permalink comment
Comment: Are they still making Aquadrops? Can't find any anymore. Weren't easy to find before. I have recommended them to lots of people but no one can find them anymore! They really work.
Posted: 15:24 Wed 01-Feb-2006 by "Kim" # permalink comment
Comment: I am very distressed to hear that the manufacturer is discontinuing the production of aquadrops. My husband is a dialysis patient and depends on them to help him control his thirst. Now there is nothing for him to use. I phoned the company and they said it was a maunfacturing decision. If more people who use this product phone them maybe they will bring it back
Posted: 11:03 Tue 14-Feb-2006 by "Chris" # permalink comment
Comment: if you go on to ebay you can buy a whole sale box of them for £6.50 12 in a box, of apple, ( i am not part of the manufacturer) just a reseller.
Posted: 18:10 Tue 14-Feb-2006 by "clerk" # permalink comment
Comment: Still available to order at the cash and carry I work at.
Posted: 17:02 Sun 19-Mar-2006 by "stan" # permalink comment
Comment: i only see these when i am on holidays snowboarding i love the apple ones their just the job when your up in the mountains.
Posted: 07:29 Mon 20-Mar-2006 by "chicken chomper" # permalink comment
Comment: ...now that's just plain silly. personally I prefer the robot flavoured ones from Woolworths.. now that's a nice treat :D
Posted: 16:01 Tue 30-May-2006 by "crazygirl" # permalink comment
Comment: Aquadrops rule, and i can say they are not going to be discontinued! you can find them in major supermarkets, and bp etc! 2 for £1.20 an absolute bargin!
Posted: 04:29 Wed 05-Jul-2006 by "jmk" # permalink comment
Comment: I love them and suffer from an autoammune disease that causes dry mouth and thes helped me a lot. I've not been able to find them anymore and I've written to the company and they said thery are rethinking theiar marketing. If anyone knows where I can find them I'd be appreciative.
Posted: 15:34 Wed 05-Jul-2006 by "Polly" # permalink comment
Comment: I don't find the laxative effect creates poos so much, but eating a whole pack certainly made me fart for England. Fresh!
Posted: 12:44 Fri 20-Oct-2006 by "Jo " # permalink comment
Comment: I bought a pack on impulse, ate them all in about 3 hours, my stomach started to talk back at me and it felt there was an alien inside trying to get out, needless to say I was on the toilet all evening!!!!!!


Posted: 12:10 Wed 22-Nov-2006 by "sexy69u! " # permalink comment
Comment: i believe these sweets r sweets! they do need a full essay of comments they r sugar they do hydrate u if u need hydrating like a glass of water! n i need to get a life!!! bye xxx
Posted: 18:40 Sat 20-Jan-2007 by "reed" # permalink comment
Comment: I have to also disagree...I found these to be the most delicious, refreshing mints i have ever tasted!
Posted: 14:51 Tue 23-Jan-2007 by "Jane" # permalink comment
Comment: These give me an immediate sore throat. The first taste is quite pleasant but there is something very sinister about them. The first time I tried one, I thought I was going down with something. Now after my second tasting, and again suffering an immediate sore throat, I have thrown them away! You live and learn.
Posted: 17:52 Wed 24-Jan-2007 by "nik" # permalink comment
Comment: I ate 5 in one go and had the most horrific stomach rumbling and acidity, I didnt relate it to the aquadrops to begin with until I had another 2 today and have now got similar symptoms. Stay away they are bad news
Posted: 10:34 Sat 08-Dec-2007 by "Sandra"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: I found these sweets really refreshing, a complete change from other 'too sweet' varieties, trouble is I can't find them anywhere now. In the past could get them in supermarkets, garages etc. Where have they gone??
Posted: 12:26 Sat 21-Jun-2008 by "Alexis" # permalink comment
Comment: Lets be honest, sweets are ALL unhealthy aren't they? So Aqua drops are nothing new. Just use a bit of common sense, if you have them once in a while, it's okay!
Posted: 15:37 Sun 06-Jul-2008 by "Mary"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: I cannot for the life of me understand why there is such a large price difference between citrus and apple aquadrops. I pay 40p for apple and a whopping 79p for citrus, can someone please explain why????
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