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Click pic to view comments Confirmed sighting: Chupa Chups Cremosa
Posted: 12:25 Mon 01-03-2004. Price: 40p (I think). Location: One Stop, Beaconsfield. Sub-flavours: Primarily Strawberry/ Red, from the sound of things. Nutritional unusualness: Sugar Free! Sweetened with isomalt and malitol syrup. Cream (7%), Butter, Excessive consumtion may produce laxative effects.
"Rich Cheng" reports: As well as being sugar-free, it is also 30% less calories than a regular chupa chup, at only 4 times the price! Astounding! Initially, tastes pretty nice. Surprisingly creamy, and not particularly chemically. However, soon becomes a bit sickly. I managed to finish it, though.

..."Rich" was the first to provide a pic of this previously unconfirmed delicacy, described by "Pootle" as "actually nice" (also to be commended for our first recorded use of the phrase "As a busy Mum...", which I think we should all try to work into conversation a bit more). Last word, however, goes to "Luncheon Voucher", for this additional insight: From the smiling father and child on the back to the pictures of teeth with umbrellas (no I don't know either), Chupa Chups seem to be playing the "good for your teeth" card pretty hard. The fact the main ingredient after isomalt and mannitol syrup is fat and it contains 175mg of Salt seems to escape them... Anyway, the lolly is a lot smaller than the packaging implies and seems to be a cross between Campino/ Polo Smoothies and "red" flavouring. Not strawberry, oh no, definitely "red" flavour.


Posted: 17:48 Mon 01-03-2004 by "Rich Cheng" # permalink comment
Comment: I thought wrong! It was 35p.
Posted: 17:57 Mon 01-03-2004 by "charl" # permalink comment
Comment: i definitely paid 39p in boots.
Posted: 21:27 Mon 01-03-2004 by "Neil" # permalink comment
Comment: As a busy Mum, there's no chance I'll be trying one of these crimes against nature!
Posted: 22:09 Thu 04-03-2004 by "Adrian" # permalink comment
Comment: I tried one last night - it was fairly bad. The texture seemed kind of waxy.
Posted: 19:58 Tue 30-03-2004 by "Helen Ramjutton" # permalink comment
Comment: minging - tasted like a big shiny saccharin tablet
Posted: 13:35 Fri 23-04-2004 by "Anna" # permalink comment
Comment: I just returned from Boots and am looking at my receipt for one of these Cremosa Chupa Chups; it was 42p. I ended up on this site though bc I use fitday.com, and when I took the nutritional information from the wrapper that says each pop should be 27 kcal (gives for 100g, each pop is 10g), fitday.com said that kcal is impossible given the rest of the nutritional value. It should have 42 kcals.

Anyone have an explanation for this?

Also, I came upon this "good for you kids, and your kids teeth" campaign. Uh, has it escaped everyone that these have a laxative effect (like most sugar free products)? I think they could be a bit more responsible with that one.

Posted: 13:46 Fri 23-04-2004 by "Anna" # permalink comment
Comment: ...that said, I am having it now - and I actually think it is pretty good!
Posted: 14:37 Fri 23-04-2004 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: how do you think they're working out the "real" nutritional value? do they have any insights into the great Robinsons Fruit Spring mystery? http://www.snackspot.org.uk/thread.php?story=0402161703daa#20040415164200
Posted: 15:00 Fri 23-04-2004 by "Anna" # permalink comment
Comment: Cals = fat X 9 + (carb - fiber) X 4 + protein X 4 + alcohol X 7

I think the equation doesn't account for the type of sugar that is in cremosa though (isomalt).

Posted: 14:26 Sun 30-Apr-2006 by "Susie" # permalink comment
Comment: The advert should read something like.. 'Good for your teeth, BAD for your heart' due to the high fat content!
Posted: 18:44 Tue 16-May-2006 by "Princess Chupachups"
(apparently posting from host86-134-222-208.range86-134.btcentralplus.com) # permalink comment
Comment: Sorry but I disagree with all of you I absoulutely adore cremosa chupachups!!! They are fairly priced because they taste beautiful but I think your being ripped off I get mine for 35p!! I love all chupachups they are so tasty
Posted: 14:20 Mon 24-Jul-2006 by "Pitbulluk" # permalink comment
Comment: Tesco Are doing them for four for a £1

so 25p each is fair.

Posted: 14:54 Mon 24-Jul-2006 by "Pitbulluk" # permalink comment
Comment: Tesco Are doing them for four for a £1

so 25p each is fair.

Posted: 00:08 Wed 15-Nov-2006 by "filmgirl20"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: hi just wonderin if anyone knows d cals and fat content of chuba chubs??? 30751 5 15
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