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Click pic to view comments Confirmed sighting: Walls Cornetto Love Potion Numbers 1 and 2
Posted: 13:20 Thu 04-03-2004. Price: 95p. Location: TGS Bowling, Hereford. Nutritional unusualness: None noted.
"Leon Oldman" reports: Finally tasted Love Potion Number One. Claims it has a spicy kick and yes the first few munches do have a slight tang but once the topping has gone it's pretty much bog standard Cornetto the rest of the way. We've also taken delivers of Cornetto Love Potion number 2 which is Hazelnut but yet to try it.

...Thanks "Leon" - forget Hitchcock and Agatha Christie, you certainly know how to keep us in suspense about that "number 2"! In other ice-cream news: The Grocer reports the launch this month of a "virtually fat-free" Tropicana Pineapple Sorbet lolly (90p), Power Rangers Ninja Storm hand-helds (80p), and that Cadbury will be selling four-packs of Dairy Milk Chocolate, Shortcake Biscuit and Caramel choc bars in frozen food aisles (from 1.99), plus a Strawberries and Dream ice-cream on a stick (1 each) and a Flake 99 Caramel Cone (only in Ireland and Northern Ireland).


Posted: 18:57 Mon 29-03-2004 by "Jonathan Edwards" # permalink comment
Comment: Hello there,

Did you know this page is a googlewhack?

Jonny (jonny (at!) rahindeed.com)

Posted: 19:34 Mon 29-03-2004 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: no, but if you hum it Jonny, we'll join in with the chorus

seriously, for what search terms? sometimes the site comes up as one of two hits for "intestual cavity", plus it's currently top of the list for "cornetto love potion" - but i'm finding it hard to find rarer "real words" than that - unless you're counting: hula xstals? aquadrops cornetto?

Posted: 19:58 Mon 29-03-2004 by "Jonathan Edwards" # permalink comment
Comment: Tamworth Popcorn =)

Jonny (jonny (at!) rahindeed.com)

Posted: 20:05 Mon 29-03-2004 by "Jonny" # permalink comment
Comment: Tamworth Popcorns even, forgot the s!
Posted: 20:44 Mon 29-03-2004 by "Jonny" # permalink comment
Comment: Just used the search to get here again, and now it's giving 2 results. Google must have just updated or something. Sorry =(
Posted: 22:41 Mon 29-03-2004 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: nice try J, but "Tamworth" is a proper noun (ie the name of something) rather than a real word ;(

on the plus side: i guess this means the site's now less likely to be visited by Dave Gorman, so that's a weight off my mind anyway

Posted: 23:40 Mon 29-03-2004 by "Dave Gormans" # permalink comment
Comment: Sideburns!
Posted: 00:30 Tue 30-03-2004 by "Jonny" # permalink comment
Comment: Tamworth (according to dictionary.com) is "One of a long-established English breed of large pigs. They are red, often spotted with black, with a long snout and erect or forwardly pointed ears, and are valued as bacon producers." So I think it's allowed.
Posted: 13:22 Tue 30-03-2004 by "smeg_head" # permalink comment
Comment: Finally resolved the Hitchcock style cliffhanger and ripped open the box of Love Potion 2 (Choc Chip Flirt With Hazelnut, 90p). This was all together much more satisfing than love potion number one. The creamy chocolate flavoured ice cream goes all the way through the cone which is topped with heart shaped chocolate chips and hazelnut.


Posted: 13:35 Tue 30-03-2004 by "Matthew" # permalink comment
Comment: Apparently, a pack consisting of two of each of these two is now available in your nearest Nisa store for £1.99.
Posted: 15:16 Tue 30-03-2004 by "winchmore hill" # permalink comment
Comment: Sainsbury's selling them 4 in a box 2 flavours Tirmasu with red spicy!!! pimpels on top as Love Potion No1 and Choclate ice cream and orange sauce in No3. Small in size most of the flavour was in top and bottom portions, middle portion normal. Other box was Pistasio nuts and ?
Posted: 15:07 Thu 15-04-2004 by "Piggo Wiggo Smelly Bum (CV) (DS) (AP)" # permalink comment
Comment: Have you people ever been to google.co.uk, or google.com

he he he he he

(BG) (XC) (DF)

Posted: 16:22 Thu 15-04-2004 by "Mr Clever" # permalink comment
Comment: Tamworth Popcorns would have been a whack but because you posted your note saying that it was a whack google has indexed it - thus creating another link and losing its whack status. Whoops!
Posted: 16:28 Thu 15-04-2004 by "cokeco" # permalink comment
Comment: I don't think it would have had whack status as popcorns is not a word.
Posted: 16:29 Thu 15-04-2004 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: the plural of "popcorn" is of course "pops corn" ;)
Posted: 00:57 Thu 22-04-2004 by "Big Al" # permalink comment
Comment: Does anyone know whether or not the relativey new Cornetto "Love Potions" TV advert is dubbed with the voice of Denise van Outen singing the female role?
Posted: 23:27 Sat 01-05-2004 by "Mark" # permalink comment
Comment: The female role in the new Cornetto ad is sung by the actress herself, Anna Wollin.
Posted: 16:38 Sun 09-05-2004 by "Kim" # permalink comment
Comment: Love Potion Number 2 is topped with little heart-shaped dark chocolate chips and a few bigger milk chocolate hearts. The top layer of ice cream has a rather nice hazelnutty taste to it, and the bottom layer is just plain vanilla with more heart-shaped choc chips in it. The only thing that spoilt my enjoyment was that when I opened it half the choc chips went flying all over the carpet. All in all, a quite nice ice cream experience, although in my opinion not as nice as the Love Potion #1.
Posted: 10:17 Sat 15-05-2004 by "tzone" # permalink comment
Comment: Regarding your new UK cornetto advert:

Gwen araujo Murder - this month in the USA a murder trial is running - why? - because a transgender teenager was murdered and buried in a shallow grave because she was misunderstood. The latest cornetto advert is not only offensive but makes light of what is a very serious global issue.

We get the main idea - some lazy advertising agency has said - "hey lets do a 'something about Miriam spoof!" However, the show about Miriam did cause a reat deal of problems for Sky TV and ended in legal action and upset for all concerned. Hardly something that should be used in jest!

It's exploitative and is 'having a laugh' at the expense of a vulnerable minority.

Ofcom's regulations are clear:

1.8 Respect for Human Dignity and Treatment of Minorities

Viewers have a right to expect that licensed services will reflect their responsibility to preserve human dignity, as far as possible, in respect of both individuals (see Section 2) and individuals as members of groups. Individuals should not be exploited needlessly or caused unnecessary distress, nor should the audience be made to feel mere voyeurs of others' distress.

In particular, consideration should be given to the treatment of vulnerable minorities, bearing in mind the likely effects of both misrepresentation and under-representation. [ofcom]

Websites to visit! http://transyouth.net/stories/gwen_araujo.html http://[URL display truncated]

Posted: 12:24 Sun 16-05-2004 by "Leon" # permalink comment
Comment: With respect to the new advert- the Miriam spoof.

yes, it was a lazy reply, although quite funny and topical. As someone working in the advertising business, I'm not surprised that it happened and think that it does fit well with the current ad-strat being deployed.

I'm not sure how to take the comment about the minority. Pre/Post op TS people are a minority, yes. But is this advert exploiting that? I'm unconvinced on that point.

The point with the Sky show was that Miriam knew that she was pre/post-operative TS, everyone on the show knew, bar the contestants. They're not a minority. They are part of the WHSM (white hetrosexual male) majority. They've had a trick played on them and the fact is, and I'm sorry for being blunt, that they bought into the idea of Miriam as a "Woman". Had they bought into the idea of her as a person or a human being, then the outcome would have been different.

At the end of the day, it was a hugely successful reality TV show that got so much free publicity on account of the controversy.

I'm not sure how much damage has been done to Miriam - I avoid the tabloids as much as possible - but she knew what she was doing and what the outcome was likely to be. Had another group of guys been chosen, then they may have seen the funny side and not been led by their "little brain" into the lawsuits.

On an entirely differnt note, has anyone got any details (like name, acting credits if any) of the middle guy in the line of 3 friends? He's rather nice...

These are just my own personal thoughts on the matter, along with some professional observation. None of which is meant to be taken in any context other than the context of location - ie a "free for all" internet community with no binding legislation.

Posted: 12:35 Sun 16-05-2004 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: maybe I'm missing something, but are we all watching the same Cornetto ad here (the one that ends with a line like "or I'll tell those 3 guys")?

I thought she was just threatening to expose him for eating such a feminine ice-cream, but you're saying *she's going to tell them she's actually a man*?

Posted: 17:02 Sun 16-05-2004 by "toot!" # permalink comment
Comment: are cornetto's feminine ice creams then?
Posted: 22:37 Mon 17-05-2004 by "Leon" # permalink comment
Comment: Snackspot,

I think that the line "I'm a man" gives it away a little... If the man-man doesn't give the woman-man his icecream, she will tell the 3 guys that "she" is a "he".

I think... I assumed that it was a Miriam spoof... If it isn't then the message is very corrupted!!!

Posted: 22:51 Mon 17-05-2004 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: ah, that's what you miss if you aren't paying attention (...I chortled as I signed the Sky television release form)

concerned viewers may also be interested to know that Irn Bru have started rerunning the family gathered round the piano one with the mum's punchline "even though I used to be a man!", so clearly it's all the rage nowadays

Posted: 20:25 Fri 21-05-2004 by "Dave" # permalink comment
Comment: Does anyone know the name of the "Miram" actress in the advert by any chance?
Posted: 17:54 Sun 23-05-2004 by "kimbo_frog" # permalink comment
Comment: Available in Tiramisu with a spicy bite, Choc chip flirt with Hazelnut, Chocolate with a Rum flavoured twist, Choc nut with a Pistachio kiss, Cappuccino with an Irish Cream flavour lick and Forest fruits nibbling vanilla flavours <<< i found that on the virgin radio festival website but still yet to find numbers 5 and 6. i also found cornetto aphrodiziac! on http://www.catcha.com.my/cornetto/fun.shtml
Posted: 18:49 Mon 24-05-2004 by "strawberrytart" # permalink comment
Comment: hi! i know i dont know any of you but i was wondering if you had any info on kit kats as i doing a food tec project for a levels and i need to find out about them. thank you. strawberrytart
Posted: 19:15 Mon 24-05-2004 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: http://www.kitkat.co.uk/nonflash/set_main.htm may have what you are looking for

(that said, obviously i have no idea what level of insight into the product an a-level might require - probably more than just how many flavours you can get them in, i'll warrant...)

Posted: 09:38 Tue 15-06-2004 by "tem" # permalink comment
Comment: do all of the cornetto love potions contain rum or alcohol?
Posted: 20:42 Sun 20-06-2004 by "medfordy" # permalink comment
Comment: I live in the birmingham area.where can I buy those new power rangers ninja storm ice creams from? I've tried everywhere
Posted: 18:18 Wed 14-Jul-2004 by "Ellie" # permalink comment
Comment: Actually i thought the hazelnut love potion was really dissapointing compared to the others...the hazelnut icecream on top was really nice but the patheticley weak vanilla icecream at the bottom was a big let down...
Posted: 07:05 Thu 04-Nov-2004 by "aky1t" # permalink comment
Comment: Whats happened to the Love Potion 1 and 3. They have disappeared from the shelves of most stores that i go to...sainsbury's, Asda, Morrisons and Tesco!!!
Posted: 13:04 Mon 06-Jun-2005 by "zorro" # permalink comment
Comment: yeh basically i was wondering if anyone knew the name of the brunette in the cornetto advert its the one wear she is in her apartment and eats the icecream on the balcony watching this guy paint.
Posted: 15:10 Thu 10-Nov-2005 by "Hami (Patrick Pending)"
(apparently posting from 82-41-170-123.cable.ubr03.linl.blueyonder.co.uk) # permalink comment
Comment: Hi peeps,

I dunno if this is the right place to be asking but im looking for an old walls ice cream (i think) radio jingle that goessomething like 'lick lick lick, bite bite bite'

If anyone can help please email me at patpending (at!) hotmail.com 48356 4 16

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