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Click pic to view comments Confirmed sighting: Doner Kebab flavour Wheat Crunchies
Posted: 16:40 Fri 12-03-2004. Price: 37p. Location: Newsagents, Willesden. Sub-flavours: Bacon, Tomato, Worcester Sauce.
"Stuart Campbell" reports: Skulking gingerly around Willesden looking for some salt and fat replacement while hungover after a champagne binge is a dangerous enough job at the best of times, without taking crazy risks like trying exotic and spicy flavours of crisps. Luckily, these are every bit as bland as all the other flavours of Wheat Crunchies, tasting chiefly of balsa wood but this time with a mild curryish/ peppery undercurrent. On the upside, if - as is likely - you can only stomach/ be bothered to eat a few at a time, you can safely leave the packet open on the table for three or four days without them going soft. So, um, there.

...Another insight into Stuart's jetsetting lifestyle here - incidentally, one thing confirmed by Wednesday's Golden Wonder documentary (apart from Hazel Blackman's secret garage habit) was that GW roll out new products on a strictly regional basis, so extra English vigilance may be required to spot their new "Midas" crisp recipe. Otherwise, good to see we're holding our own against the Dining for a Dollar US snacks profiled in the less-funny bit of this week's The Onion, as spotted by both "idiotmanchild" and "Gareth Bellamy".


Posted: 14:16 Sat 13-03-2004 by "Peter" # permalink comment
Comment: They're DELICIOUS.

However, I don't actually know what they taste of - only that it's not doner kebab. (I consider myself to be quite a connoisseur of the fine art of pressed, spiced lamb with one or both of chilli and garlic sauce, served with an aperitif of six pints of Carling)

Posted: 19:10 Sat 13-03-2004 by "Alex" # permalink comment
Comment: Not keen, but definitely better than Chicken and Mushroom.

However, it does leave a long aftertaste.

Posted: 19:58 Thu 18-03-2004 by "Steve" # permalink comment
Comment: They are popping up in vending machines all around the country at the moment, usually on the top 2 shelves
Posted: 14:29 Wed 31-03-2004 by "???" # permalink comment
Comment: Lovely, tastes just like the mystery meat served up in our chippy in Rotherham! Everyone shuold try them at least once. I'm going to by a box full incase they stop sellin 'em
Posted: 17:53 Tue 06-04-2004 by "HotPhil" # permalink comment
Comment: Available in the newsagent's I simply know as "the shop opposite the chippy on the way to the recycling centre" in Sheffield.

These do indeed rock.

Posted: 20:09 Tue 06-04-2004 by "ChorleyRed" # permalink comment
Comment: Fandabbydozy

I can't get enough of them. A tip for you all - Order a kebab with no salad and empty a bag of these fine savouries into said kebab - Heaven in a pitta

Posted: 12:01 Mon 19-04-2004 by "Le Poulet Noir" # permalink comment
Comment: The flavour isn't convincingly doner kebab, but these crisps do share one important characteristic with the Saturday night sandwich: they make your breath smell awful. I had to gargle with Listerine after eating a handful of the ghastly little tubes. The key ingredients are garlic powder and monosodium glutamate.

I feel badly let down by the Wheat Crunchies brand. Their bacon flavour is one of the finest crisps ever created, vying even with the great Frazzle.

Posted: 16:52 Fri 21-05-2004 by "Stuart Campbell" # permalink comment
Comment: Sainsbury's are currently doing a limited-edition Sausage And Tomato crisps multipack (79p for six 25g bags), for those who hunt in vain for the Golden Wonder variety. They're not bad at all.
Posted: 16:24 Tue 13-Jul-2004 by "Ian (North East)" # permalink comment
Comment: Where does one purchase the said snack, I am a great lover of the other flavours but have never seen these anywhere. Is it a regional thing?
Posted: 18:41 Thu 21-Apr-2005 by "Anna" # permalink comment
Comment: Coming soon (according to a nice lady from Golden Wonder).... Big Cheese Wheat Crunchies. Sound disgusting to me (and have told nice lady so) but we'll see....
Posted: 21:08 Wed 31-Aug-2005 by "jennyren"
(apparently posting from cache-los-ad04.proxy.aol.com) # permalink comment
Comment: ahh where can we find these, they have disappeared!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- !

Posted: 14:41 Fri 02-Sep-2005 by "flavour buffoon" # permalink comment
Comment: The Doner Kebab WC's have now gone, replaced with The Big Cheese. So there you go.
Posted: 17:43 Thu 17-Nov-2005 by "Brad, Lover of the Bacon Wheat Crunchy" # permalink comment
Comment: and The Big Cheese leaves much to be desired for those who are true fans of the wheat crunchies series. There shall never be a crisp that parallels the delicious Crispy Bacon Wheat Crunchy. How the mighty have fallen with their so called 'Big' Cheese. It is but the same size as a normal cheese. I for one am appalled. As myself and a good friend of mine decided today- BIG CHEESE BIG CHEESE BIG CHEESE CRISPY BACON! Thank you.
Posted: 15:04 Tue 25-Apr-2006 by "polarbear" # permalink comment
Comment: i can't believe this farce of a snack, what an unwarrented flavour - doner kebab? ridiculous in the extreme, bet they taste like scooby snacks
Posted: 22:52 Mon 10-Jul-2006 by "amandamoo" # permalink comment
Comment: not good at all...spicy tomato all the way
Posted: 12:43 Wed 22-Nov-2006 by "ella" # permalink comment
Comment: does anyone know where i can get the chicken and mushroom flavour? i loved these and havent seen any for ages. used to get them in a vending machine at college, hehe!! havent tried donor kebab flavour, dont fancy it to be honest, love me good old smoky bacon flavour though!
Posted: 12:34 Thu 23-Nov-2006 by "clerk" # permalink comment
Comment: Both the chicken and mushroom and donor kebab flavour have been discontinued - it's now Big Cheese.
Posted: 20:48 Sun 09-Dec-2007 by "kerry ann"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: why do they not just have a bag of 12 or more packets off bacon wheat crunchies in them not the other flavours as they are my favorites i love them .. please help
Posted: 13:05 Wed 13-Aug-2008 by "Spankyb" # permalink comment
Comment: Cheese crisps are just wrong. Big Cheese = Big BLEURGH. I'm sticking to the spicy tomato or the Worcestershire sauce ones, me.


Posted: 18:59 Fri 09-Jan-2009 by "oli to the T" # permalink comment
Comment: ive always ate a proper donner kebab every night for the last 7 years and until recently trying wheat crunchies kebab flavour, i now eat 5 packs a day as macro have just started restocking them as theyve been re-released for 3 months only.......
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