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Click pic to view comments - Confirmed sighting: After Eight Eggs Confirmed sighting: After Eight Eggs
Posted: 11:23 Fri 09-04-2004. Price: Unsure (actually about 2.99 - see below). Location: Sainsburys, Forestside. Nutritional unusualness: 200g pack containing 15 eggs. The wafer thin After Eights expand to the form of the eggy wegg.
"Kaptain Korolev" reports: The Kaptain spotted these After Eight eggs and additionally Quality Street eggs a few weeks ago in his local friendly Sainsbury store, he didn't have much money at the time however and so refrained from the process of the purchase. This evening, though, he arrived home to find that the daddy of the Kaptain had purchased a selection of the egg treats. They look delicious to the Kaptain, but unfortunately he is only able to eat with his eyes at the moment because upon asking his daddy for a sampling taste he was informed they were for the Easter times. No eatings until then. Worst still, the kandy pie was sealed in a bag sack to prevent the Kaptain taking a kovert tasting session. The smooth minty centre calls out to the Kaptain through its prison of chocolate and plastic. Perhaps the Kaptain will spend a little of his kash tomorrow on some eggsteins of his ownsome.

...The "Kaptain" there, capturing all our pre-Easter excitements as only he can. Anyway, I had some of these a few days ago and am pleased to confirm they're an accurate translation of the traditional After Eight to the mini-creme egg form, though 2.99 for 15 (in Waitrose I think - ie, an impressive 20p each) puts them at the upper end of our Mini Egg Ready Reckoner - a repository of knowledge, that with the addition of a few more data points this weekend, may one day rival FunJunkie's Distribution of Revel Sweet Types Per Bag.


Posted: 23:07 Sat 10-04-2004 by "Diarmuid Mallon" # permalink comment
Comment: Kaptain - another project for your good self: http://www.topsecretrecipes.com/recipes/cremeegg.htm I'm sure with only a bit of fiddling you can make your own mint eggs all year round!
Posted: 13:09 Wed 14-04-2004 by "Diarmuid Mallon" # permalink comment
Comment: So kaptain how were they?
Posted: 13:26 Wed 14-04-2004 by "Saramond" # permalink comment
Comment: Kaptain, please say you've written this recipe down somewhere as the link won't work as it was only there for a week and I really feel the need to make these!
Posted: 14:09 Wed 14-04-2004 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: fortunately it's in archive.org (looks like they do it every Easter). on the other hand, I hope it's better than their DIY Mars bar recipe, which I tried to make once and was completely disgusting...

http://[URL display truncated]

Top Secret Recipes version of Cadbury Creme Egg

by Todd Wilbur

Here's a little Easter present for you. It's a clone version of the first soft fondant-filled egg candy to hit the market, many Easters ago. Now, because of the success of these chocolates with the orange yolk-colored center, other candy companies have come out with their own milk chocolate eggs. Some are filled with Snickers or Milky Way centers, while others contain peanut butter, coconut, caramel or the same type of fondant center as the original...right down to the colors. These eggs are sold only once a year, for the Easter holiday. And, in that same spirit, this recipe will only be up for a week; so get it while you can or you'll have to wait until next year. Happy Easter, everyone!

1/2 cup light corn syrup 1/4 cup butter, softened 1 teaspoon vanilla 1/4 teaspoon salt 3 cups powdered sugar 4 drops yellow food coloring 2 drops red food coloring 1 12-ounce bags milk chocolate chips 2 tablespoons vegetable shortening

1. Combine the corn syrup, butter, vanilla, and salt in a large bowl. Beat well with an electric mixer until smooth. 2. Add powdered sugar, one cup at a time, mixing by hand after each addition. Mix well until creamy. 3. Remove about 1/3 of the mixture and place it into a small bowl. Add the yellow and red food coloring and stir well to combine. 4. Cover both mixtures and refrigerate for at least 2 hours, or until firm. 5. When mixtures are firm, roll a small, marble-size ball from the orange filling, and wrap around it a portion of the white filling that is roughly twice the size. Form this filling into the shape of an egg and place it onto a cookie sheet that has been brushed with a light coating of shortening. Repeat for the remaining filling ingredients, then refrigerate these centers for 3-4 hours or until firm. 6. Combine the milk chocolate chips with the shortening in a glass or ceramic bowl. Microwave chocolate on high speed for 1 minute, then stir and microwave again for 1 more minute, and stir. 7. Use a fork to dip each center into the chocolate, tap the fork on the side of the bowl, then place each candy onto wax paper. Chill. 8. After 1-2 hours of chilling, dip each candy once more and chill for several hours, or until completely firm. (http://www.topsecretrecipes.com) Makes 2 dozen candy eggs.

Posted: 14:55 Wed 14-04-2004 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: and I had to get the "corn syrup" from Harrods or somewhere specially...
Posted: 00:47 Thu 15-04-2004 by "KoolAid" # permalink comment
Comment: Interesting. At cadbury world, they show a video of creme eggs being made. The chocolate is first squirted into a hemi-egg mould, followed by some white fondant, and finally a dab of orange. Then a machine snaps two of the mould trays together to form complete eggs. They then pass into the chill to form and afterwards are wrapped in foil.

Corn syrup is everywhere in the US, and lots of recipes use it. Look at any US candy label or soft drink and you'll find "High fructose corn syrup" where we in the UK see "Sugar". You can usually just substitute this for glucose syrup, which is readily available in Sainsbury's. You'll find it where the cake icing and food colouring is (made by Supercook).

HFCS contains a mix of fructose and glucose. If you want to try and replicate this, you could try heating some sugar (sucrose) in a copper pan with some acid, such as lemon juice. This will turn the sucrose into a glucose-fructose syrup, aka "invert sugar syrup". Some info here:


Posted: 12:35 Thu 15-04-2004 by "Saramond" # permalink comment
Comment: Thankyou! You've saved me bulk buying half price creme eggs and freezing them like I usually resort too so as I can enjoy the wonder that is Cadburys Creme Egg all year long!
Posted: 20:06 Thu 15-04-2004 by "sibby43" # permalink comment
Comment: two questions - how many eggs in a packet of milky way mini eggs and nutritional info for the harry potter dragon egg
Posted: 20:23 Thu 15-04-2004 by "sibby43" # permalink comment
Comment: two questions - how many eggs in a packet of milky way mini eggs and nutritional info for the harry potter dragon egg
Posted: 09:56 Fri 16-04-2004 by "Kaptain Korolev" # permalink comment
Comment: The Kaptain has not tried to 'birth' his own kreme eggs yet, he will though try sometime soon, this weekend perhapsie. The recipe for the egg sauce looks powerful and the Kaptain has found a source of the glucose syrups.

On another matter, the Kaptain sneakily devoured five of the After eight eggstons from his father's reserve. Sadly though he was very disappointed, the chocolate shell is thin, the chocolato dirty and the filling unrewarding. They are just too small.

Posted: 15:21 Fri 16-04-2004 by "Diarmuid Mallon" # permalink comment
Comment: Well if those were too small, then here's the solution: http://eggy.ukgeeks.co.uk/c151421.html I've tried this in past with just chocolate to make a giant solid egg, but this is inspired :-)
Posted: 18:49 Fri 16-04-2004 by "Kaptain Korolev" # permalink comment
Comment: Ack, ack, the Kaptain had planned a similar kandy koncept but hadn't got round to amassing enough 'chockston oeufs de kreme' to fulfill such a prophecy. In addition to this the Kaptain has already konsumed the one lonesome Mars Bar egg bought for him by his mummy and is having difficulty sourcing more eggies.

The Kaptain wil now have to kreate in his mind a new kandy koncept to konstruct. One so tasty and terrible, it gives him the shake-a-shakes.

Posted: 12:13 Wed 28-04-2004 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: Cadbury's Mini Eggs 19p in Sainsbury's Finchley Road for 115g (ie 15% extra) bag
Posted: 14:11 Wed 28-04-2004 by "Victoria" # permalink comment
Comment: I think that it's standard for sainsbury's to be selling cadbury's creme eggs and mini eggs and assorted other easter leftovers at similarly reduced prices - they're doing it in the whitechapel sainsbury's (although there aren't that many left after my last shopping excursion), and i remember it happening in the oxford store, too. last year, tesco was selling creme eggs for 5p each; every single person at the checkout had at least 10 in their baskets, and most of them were attempting to look like they just couldn't work out how they got there.
Posted: 15:21 Thu 06-Jul-2006 by "polarbear" # permalink comment
Comment: These are oh so yuletide and not meant for summer 1126 2
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