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Click pic to view comments - Confirmed sighting: Kit Kat White Lemon and Yoghurt/ Milkybar Mini Cakes Confirmed sighting: Kit Kat White Lemon and Yoghurt/ Milkybar Mini Cakes
Posted: 10:29 Thu 13-05-2004. Price: 33p. Location: Asda, Walthamstow E17. Nutritional unusualness: "Have a cool break".
"Xena the Chocolate Princess" reports: These were in a bin near the entrance with the message "Once they're gone they're gone". Truly delicious. The lemon flavour tones down the slight sickliness of white chocolate.

...A brief but tantalising sighting from first-time spotter "Xena" there, adding credence to Nestle's hopes that its "light fruit flavour" will boost "summer chocolate sales". In a separate Nestle white-chocolate-ish development, "Diarmuid Mallon" followed up his Smarties Mini Cakes sighting (and, er, "constructive criticism" about his close-up photography) with this positively CSI-worthy analysis of Milkybar Mini Cakes (1.29 for 9 mini sponge cakes in Asda, Lower Early Reading), commenting: Unlike the solid chocolate of the Smarties cakes, these have a rather moorish icing made with Milkybar chocolate. There is also more sponge compared to the Smarties cakes. The only let down is the cardboard-like paste decorations. Best peeled off and binned. But other confectioners aren't taking this lying down, as Fruittella unleash the Cream bag whose existence was previously hinted at by "Stuart", while M and M's (US) commemorate the release of Shrek 2 with both their new "Ogre-sized" variety *and* somewhat excessive use of the word "ogre" in a press release that contains the quote: "Nothing says big chocolate taste like ogre-sized M and M's; add that to the biggest movie and the biggest star, and you've got an unbeatable recipe for ogre-sized fun."


Posted: 15:10 Thu 13-05-2004 by "Piglet" # permalink comment
Comment: Tried the Kit Kat White Lemon with Yoghurt. Found in Little Clacton, Essex. Enjoyable, but the lemon filling didn't really do it for me. Didn't find the white chocolate sickly, but I love white chocolate anyway. Overall it was ok (as I appreciate all chocolate!), but the citrus taste was a bit weird.
Posted: 02:27 Fri 14-05-2004 by "elmsyrup" # permalink comment
Comment: That really is a beautiful thing Diarmuid's done there.
Posted: 17:26 Sun 16-05-2004 by "Phil C" # permalink comment
Comment: Im glad white chocolate kit kats are back. I LOVED the white chocolate kit kat chunky they did a few years back - whatever happened to it? Anyway cant wait to get a taste of these lemon ones...
Posted: 21:46 Mon 17-05-2004 by "clairus99" # permalink comment
Comment: bought mine in a newsagents on the staines road near feltham, middx.

i dont like white chocolate and thought it sounded not too nice, but was very pleasantly surprised!!! mmmmm!! better not have too many now!

Posted: 15:22 Tue 18-05-2004 by "snow" # permalink comment
Comment: Had a Kitkat white lemon on Sat from Asda in Arnold, Notts. Not bad at all, the lemon seems to compliment the white chocolate, but its a bit sickly after the 3rd finger !
Posted: 21:09 Wed 19-05-2004 by "Chelle" # permalink comment
Comment: does anyone know how many calories in these things or are we supposed to guess? Are they better for you than chocolate because they are yoghurt? or are they neglecting to tell us because there's a sinister ingredient in them!!
Posted: 00:43 Thu 20-05-2004 by "american" # permalink comment
Comment: who cares? lets get fat and wobbly together! group hug!
Posted: 09:25 Thu 20-05-2004 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: you are pro-fastfood-advertising Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell, and I claim my 5 pounds... http://[URL display truncated]
Posted: 09:52 Thu 20-05-2004 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: got hold of one of these yesterday and a bit surprised that no-one's mentioned this is almost certainly the "lemon cheesecake" flavour previously sold in "Germany and Japan": http://www.snackspot.org.uk/thread.php?story=0402191317sbc

personally, wasn't too thrilled by the flavour but impressed that it does seem to be ordinary white chocolate with the lemon "yoghurt" flavour coming exclusively from the cream filling

re: "better for you than chocolate because they are yoghurt?" - haven't had a chance to compare the ingredients with a normal Kit Kat but if there's extra hydrogenated vegetable fat because of the cream, then it's probably going to be slightly worse for you than Kit Kat Classic

Posted: 11:38 Thu 20-05-2004 by "Diarmuid Mallon" # permalink comment
Comment: yes, very cheese-cakey and quite nice. But no-convinced I'd but these too often. A nice change for the summer, but my question is... what do you drink with? My normal peppermint or re-bush tea over powers the subtle taste of the bar.
Posted: 01:02 Tue 25-05-2004 by "Grant"
(apparently posting from cache-loh-aa03.proxy.aol.com) # permalink comment
Comment: Just got one in the mad mental newsagent out front of Glasgow Central Station. 45p! Possibly their night-time price or just the fact they are robbers. Nice, but strange. The lemon does have a lasting after taste. As it has the ultra sweet white chocolate, it won't help my diabetes, but will be loved by the junkies who hang outside the shop.

They aren't mixing very well with my regular Tetley tea in drawstring bags (cheap at Sumerfield this week.)

Posted: 10:33 Tue 25-05-2004 by "sandworm" # permalink comment
Comment: low carb kit-kats and rolo's?? what is the world coming to i ask you
Posted: 16:01 Tue 25-05-2004 by "bob" # permalink comment
Comment: I brought a standard packet of kit kat cubes orange from morrisons to day, but i havent yet tasted them same goes with kit kat lemon and yoghurt also i visited tesco were i brought a apple and pear kelloggs special k bar. also i spoted cadbury with hazelnut and my booker cash & carry!
Posted: 22:42 Wed 26-05-2004 by "Luncheon Voucher" # permalink comment
Comment: Ok, finally got to try one of these and it tasted like an, as yet uninvented, Lemon PEZ flavour toothpaste but with crunchy bits in... in a good way.
Posted: 11:47 Thu 27-05-2004 by "Commander Zorg" # permalink comment
Comment: I paid 49p for a Lemon & Yoghurt Kit Kat in a newsagents on Baker Street. Can any readers beat that appalling retailer mark-up?
Posted: 11:20 Sat 29-05-2004 by "Phil C" # permalink comment
Comment: My friend says that these taste like Nestle just peed in the kitkat mix and sold it. Personally, I quite like it. The lemon overpowers the white chocolate a bit though. I would have preffered orange rather than lemon in the kitkat. If this is Nestle's only weapon in the fight to get Kitkat back to Number 1, they need ro try harder.
Posted: 00:58 Mon 31-05-2004 by "Mike Gray" # permalink comment
Comment: Got one of these wretched lemon kit kat efforts at Woolworths in Southport. Really quite rancid. Whatever will they think of next?
Posted: 19:37 Wed 09-06-2004 by "Phil C" # permalink comment
Comment: Do you know, Kit Kats are for sale on e-bay -


Does anyone know the difference between lemon cheescake kit kat and the lemon and yoghurt ones we get in the UK (if there is one)? Are they just the same product?

Posted: 17:39 Sun 04-Jul-2004 by "Drifter" # permalink comment
Comment: I was a little suspicious when I first saw these on sale, thinking they would be sickly like those new Mars things....but was very suprised. I'd like to see a Chunky version of these done as well.

Go very good with coffee ;)

Posted: 20:26 Tue 06-Jul-2004 by "Boyntonhaus"
(apparently posting from h157.129.40.162.ip.alltel.net) # permalink comment
Comment: Hey Folks, I just returned from a vacation with my wife in Tahiti. We had some White Chunky Kit Kats bars down there. Where can I get some more?!!! Is there any place online where I can order them? Help me out please!!!
Posted: 16:51 Mon 26-Jul-2004 by "Lelei" # permalink comment
Comment: The calories are on nestle website. THE LEMON & YOGURT HAS 50 CALORIES LESS THAN THE NORMAL VERSION. 240(l&y)x290(regular). Hope it helps
Posted: 17:03 Mon 26-Jul-2004 by "Phillerena" # permalink comment
Comment: I think cybercandy have white kitkats, (not the lemon ones), but also they are not chunky ones either. I used to love the white kit kat chunky too, I can't unerstand why they stopped making it.
Posted: 06:57 Tue 03-Aug-2004 by "mike" # permalink comment
Comment: are these lemon & yogurt kit kats still out on the market?
Posted: 20:20 Tue 10-Aug-2004 by "sandworm" # permalink comment
Comment: read today about a xmas pudding flavour kitkat being brought out this october, i cannot imagine this being nice ...
Posted: 23:01 Tue 10-Aug-2004 by "Sandy" # permalink comment
Comment: Just found VANILLA Kit Kats for sale on ebay from Canada! Apparently they've just been released there. Sound quite nice!
Posted: 08:45 Wed 20-Oct-2004 by "Mouton" # permalink comment
Comment: Found a place on the web that sells white kit kat chunkys!!!!http://www.worldofsweets.de ...unfortunately for us the postage is at least 10 euros so it's probably best to buy in bulk!
Posted: 19:46 Wed 20-Oct-2004 by "Phillerena" # permalink comment
Comment: You can find the white chunky in the UK if you look hard enough. There was a butchers shop selling some in Pontefract recently but they all went and they havent replenished their stock since. I *actually* had the last one ;)
Posted: 08:57 Thu 21-Oct-2004 by "mike" # permalink comment
Comment: whoa mouton - you can speak german? I can't. Anyway, I've bought kit kats from japan, canada, the U.K., and the U.S on ebay. Found the melon KK on ebay yesterday
Posted: 09:20 Thu 21-Oct-2004 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: I can only speak a bit, but even I can tell this is a Kitkat Chunky White for 0,69 Euros, and "in den Wagen" means "(put) in cart". Sehr gut, ja?

http://www.worldofsweets.de/ [URL display truncated]

Posted: 13:24 Fri 22-Oct-2004 by "Phillerena" # permalink comment
Comment: They also have an "inside out" KK on ebay...chocolate wafer with white chocolate coating. It's made by Hershey though. *cries*
Posted: 11:29 Mon 01-Nov-2004 by "Phillerena" # permalink comment
Comment: According to http://www.irn-talkingshop.co.uk/categorymanager/nestlerowntree/nestle%20temp/

the lemon & yoghurt KitKat was the number 2 selling chocolate product of the summer, Mars Delight being number 1.

Posted: 05:04 Fri 05-Nov-2004 by "mike" # permalink comment
Comment: actually the KK inside out was excellent. I live in the US and tried one, and thought it was good (and I hate hershey)
Posted: 16:25 Mon 11-Apr-2005 by "Vikichan in Japan" # permalink comment
Comment: Phil C. - can't tell you if they are the same taste or not but one major difference is the Japanese Hokkaido Lemon Cheesecake Kit Kats have been discontinued here in Japan for quite some time.. And they rarely bring back the unusual flavors. :(
Posted: 16:54 Fri 10-Jun-2005 by "john daff" # permalink comment
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Posted: 19:52 Fri 10-Jun-2005 by "Matthew" # permalink comment
Comment: Do you want to tell him, or should I?
Posted: 20:31 Fri 10-Jun-2005 by "bob" # permalink comment
Comment: England ("Britannia") = 51st state of America | wow | bye bye £, hello $ | will this mean MOUNTAIN DEW WILL RETURN ??????????????
Posted: 20:47 Fri 10-Jun-2005 by "bob" # permalink comment
Comment: England ("Britannia") = 51st state of America | wow | bye bye £, hello $ | will this mean MOUNTAIN DEW WILL RETURN ??????????????
Posted: 03:21 Sun 24-Jul-2005 by "Reza Mann" # permalink comment
Comment: The Kit Kat Yoghurt, Lemon And Strawberry White Chocolare Bar seemed to be rather of an odd idea. Yet, in someway it was different to others bars I have tasted. Even though the flavour is different, you still do feel the same Kit Kat sensation in your mouth. I simply loved it. Great taste, great sensation, worth while in every since. Something new, so go on, go dip yourself into one of these fruity flavours. 28660 4
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