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Click pic to view comments - Monthly mano-a-mano: Together vs Separately Monthly mano-a-mano: Together vs Separately
Posted: 23:33 Mon 31-05-2004.
Snackspot reports: OK, the new sighting schedule has kind of thrown me a little, but first up - a fascinating range of responses to last time's debate, as Indian food put on an impressive last-minute dash to pretty much catch up with Chinese as your favoured takeaway of the moment (depending on the quality of the specific restaurant, of course), with only "CrazyGibbon's" fusion suggestion of Sweet and Sour Crispy Aromatic Duck Bhuna Masala requiring the almost-obligatory disclaimer: "I have really cooked this". This month: after discovering that Muller McVities Corners are much nicer if you mix individual spoonfuls of the biscuits in with the yoghurt rather than the whole corner-section at once, I'm compelled to ask: Are there other foods which you've discovered are best consumed separately - or together - in this way?

...Sure, there are products - Jelly Belly jelly beans, Hubba Bubba Mix and Match - where combinations are encouraged, but now I'm wondering if I've been eating all the other Muller Corners - and other "layered" yoghurts - wrongly (ie trying to mix the fruit in first) all along. Or are there any innovative cocktails you've stumbled across yourself, such as the Fast Food Fever-promoted Sprite/ Coke mix Sproke, the clubbers' discovery of the Turbo Shandy, or my own humble invention of Raspberry Slush Puppy mixed with lemonade?


Posted: 00:14 Tue 01-06-2004 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: oh and while i'm about it - how about a bag of salted peanuts gently shaken (not stirred!) into a small tub of Pringles? that's what we had to make do with before these fancy Nut Cluster Walkers Sensations http://www.snackspot.org.uk/thread.php?story=0310122250cas
Posted: 05:06 Tue 01-06-2004 by "sandworm" # permalink comment
Comment: i always used to enjoy quavers dipped in some chocolate yoghurt thing with some carefully placed peanuts on the top :-) does this maybe include the way some chocolate bars should be eaten ie eating the biscuit part of a twix first and be left with a nice stick of toffee?
Posted: 09:15 Tue 01-06-2004 by "Alex" # permalink comment
Comment: The obvious one for keeping them seperate is Hubba Bubbs Mix and Match.

For together, in the long term wake of Chocolate Pretzels, Sainsbury's pretzels dipped in the Cadbury sauce you get with doughnuts recreates this in a very good manner.

Posted: 10:44 Tue 01-06-2004 by "Diarmuid Mallon" # permalink comment
Comment: Childhood favourites: 1) The crisp sandwich 2) TUC biscuit with a thick layer of butter, dipped in sugar

And today: 3) Inspired by being too lazy to empty/rinse my mug at work - cold hot chocolate + sprite

Posted: 12:11 Tue 01-06-2004 by "cokeco" # permalink comment
Comment: Swamp Water: a mixture of all the flavours of fountain cola. Great at the movies.
Posted: 15:06 Tue 01-06-2004 by "Daveybaby" # permalink comment
Comment: Yay for crisp sarnies.

And if that counts, then so does: Soreen (i.e. fruit malt loaf) with a very thick layer of dairylea cheese spread.

Posted: 16:26 Tue 01-06-2004 by "Diarmuid Mallon" # permalink comment
Comment: I noticed in Tescos they now sell pre-buttered Soreen snack-packs. Perhaps they'll do a cheesy one for you?
Posted: 17:24 Tue 01-06-2004 by "charl" # permalink comment
Comment: i can't believe they've come up with the branded 'sproke'! i invented 'lemola' eight years ago when i worked in a pub. why didn't i put it on my website... ...why? *sob*
Posted: 19:51 Tue 01-06-2004 by "cookiemonster" # permalink comment
Comment: i am a separate person... i rarely eat things in their complete forms... from pizza to chocolate bars i always attempt to eat ingredients separately... even the choc chips in the cookies... :D
Posted: 22:24 Tue 01-06-2004 by "wendyg" # permalink comment
Comment: Of course, the ultimate combo is

graham cracker marshmallow dark chocolate

preferably with the marshamllow roasted over a fire and the chocolate therefore slightly melted.

We call these "s'mores"


Posted: 18:35 Wed 02-06-2004 by "nibus" # permalink comment
Comment: Babybel + Extra Strong Mints = Turkish Delighty sort of taste

Never every try Hubba Bubba + Monster Munch. You'll never get it out of your mouth.

Posted: 19:12 Thu 03-06-2004 by "elmsyrup" # permalink comment
Comment: Cordial discovery- If you mix summer fruits with winter berries the season-spanning result tastes like cheap cola from the 80s. It's the artificial cinnamon that does it, I think.
Posted: 20:46 Thu 03-06-2004 by "cokeco" # permalink comment
Comment: I like to eat my oreo cookies separately. I twist off the top and lick off the filling. Also I like eat double deckers separatley as well.
Posted: 21:19 Thu 03-06-2004 by "Phil C" # permalink comment
Comment: I used to eat Mars bars seperately. Sometime I would slice off all the choccy and caramel, leaving just the nougat. Or sometimes I would chop a Mars into little slices. Does anyone remember when they used to do fried Mars bars in fish and chip shops?
Posted: 09:18 Fri 04-06-2004 by "flameproof" # permalink comment
Comment: Obviously the lemon-and-cola thing is something that has been waiting to be invented for a long time, charl- my friends and I drink "Spoke" (please note no 'r') or (my personal favourite) "pep-up"
Posted: 10:32 Fri 04-06-2004 by "Anna" # permalink comment
Comment: Phil C, I thought my family were the only people wierd enough to slice Mars bars in little pieces, but now I know differently! Only worked well if you'd had the choccie in the fridge for a while first though...
Posted: 17:16 Fri 04-06-2004 by "Diarmuid Mallon"
(apparently posting from cache1-winn.server.ntli.net) # permalink comment
Comment: According to my Mum, my Gram Ma used to make Mars Bar sandwiches for my dad when he was at school. I presume these were sliced as well.
Posted: 17:17 Fri 04-06-2004 by "Kaptain Korolev" # permalink comment
Comment: The Kaptain is also a komponent konsumer, karefully disecting his kandy pie before munching upon it's tastes.

The Kaptain's top five kandy komponent konsumptions would be this.

1. The Jaffa kake - The Kaptain karefully removes the chocolate without damaging the orange jelly power discus, then enjoy it's summer sweetness. Finally he sucks upon the spongey base, encouraging it to fuse with his soft palate.

2. The Twix - The Kaptain will use his gnashing teeth to strip off the toffee topping leaving behind a krunchy biscuito snack time.

3. The Mueller Rice - The Kaptain is no mixer. He eats the pure delicious rice off the top leaving behind a powerful sugary taste sauce at the bottom. Once the Kaptain was very disappointed to find no saucing sauce at the bottom of his pot but his dream is the reverse when he gets an entire pot of the sauce, thick powerful kandy sauce.

4. Super Noodling noddles - The Kaptain will often munch down on a packet of the dry noodles without kooking them. Then when the krunching is done, he spies the flavouring package and notes how it would be a waste to thow it away. The Kaptain therefore pours the kontents into his mouth, something he invariably regrets as his eyes water and salivery system kollapse.

5. Sandwiches - The Kaptain is known to get harsh looks from other sandwiches eaters as he disects his sandwich in public and konsumes each piece separately. The Kaptain is a lover of the fine breads and likes to enjoy them on their lonesome.

Posted: 20:30 Fri 04-06-2004 by "Phil C" # permalink comment
Comment: Yum, mars bar sarnies! I feel like tring out a toasted mars bar sarnie now. I've tried toased fudge sarnies before, it wasn't as disgusting as it sounds.
Posted: 12:04 Mon 07-06-2004 by "Diarmuid Mallon" # permalink comment
Comment: I got an email from my mum, and whilst my dad denies having mars bar sandwiches, she is sure he used to have them. However as my dad says he only ever had Fry's Cream or milk chocolate bar sandwiches his denial is rather moot.

Mum has also confessed to having sugar sandwiches for school.

Posted: 21:39 Mon 07-06-2004 by "Anna" # permalink comment
Comment: My Mum used to have sugar sandwiches as well, which I used to remind her of everytime she said "Don't eat that, it'll ruin your teeth" when I was a teenager...
Posted: 16:21 Tue 08-06-2004 by "Diarmuid Mallon" # permalink comment
Comment: Due to extreme laziness today - remains of cold Cadbury's High-Lights (mint - with some undisolved lumps) and diet coke. Yum Yum. I hereby christen you - 'Choke'.

It also cleans the mug at the same time!

Posted: 22:29 Tue 08-06-2004 by "James Quin" # permalink comment
Comment: That's something awesome that's been on my mind for quite some time, especially today. They have Cherry Coke, Diet Coke with lemon, and Vanilla Coke. The next logical step in market domination surely must be Chocolate Coke.
Posted: 13:14 Fri 23-Jul-2004 by "meeee"
(apparently posting from 82-68-96-166.dsl.in-addr.zen.co.uk) # permalink comment
Comment: ooh chips (chip shop chips only) dipped oin ice cream (mr whippy or other soft makes) its delicious, but i still get odd looks when i eat them together, oh well, people jsut odnt know what they re missing out on
Posted: 10:53 Tue 12-Oct-2004 by "andrew pack" # permalink comment
Comment: Salted peanuts dropped into a bottle of Coke tastes extraordinary, but wonderful. The salt and sugar and caramel works really well together. Am going to try the Barbecue Pringle, salted peanut thing tonight. And Sproke sounds interesting...

I know many people who at the cinema put sweet popcorn halfway and then add salted popcorn. There's a brief mingled layer that is very strange, but you don't get so bored of the taste.

Posted: 12:42 Tue 27-Jun-2006 by "polarbear" # permalink comment
Comment: Posted: 00:14 Tue 01-06-2004 by Snackspot # permalink comment Comment: oh and while i'm about it - how about a bag of salted peanuts gently shaken (not stirred!) into a small tub of Pringles? that's what we had to make do with before these fancy Nut Cluster Walkers Sensations, >>>> Sounds good, although i'd have cashews ;-) 32433 1
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