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Click pic to view comments - Chat to customers - or face disciplinary action, Sainsbury's staff told Chat to customers - or face disciplinary action, Sainsbury's staff told
Posted: 11:58 Thu 03-06-2004.
Snackspot reports: OK, something a bit different for today - we've had unconfirmed reports in the past that Sainsbury's (and possibly even Tesco) threaten checkout staff with disciplinary action if they fail to "scan and pack", smile, "make polite conversation" or "ask every customer if they have a Nectar card". But here's the shocking evidence - the London Finchley Road Sainsbury's has stuck this memo (22k jpeg) to all of their tills - full wording below. I know this probably happens a lot in the fast food industry but I'd just like to say: sure, I like a bit of conversation when I go to the supermarket, but *not if the staff have to be threatened with disciplinary action in order to make them take part*.

We scored 75.6% for Period 1 on our Mystery Shopper, which is below the target of 77%. We got 50% for scan and pack which meant not every colleague was scanning and packing. This is MANDATORY! We WILL scan and pack the first 3 items for EVERY customer. We scored 0% for interaction i.e. chatting to the customer. We WILL speak to EVERY customer that goes through our checkouts. We scored 1.0 for queue length against a target of 0.6. This score is not acceptable!!!
Any colleague not complying to the above will face disciplinary action.


Posted: 12:20 Thu 03-06-2004 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: Couple of those pics to save you clicking on them:

(out-of-focus one stuck to a different till to show it in context of Sainsbury's):

Posted: 13:44 Thu 03-06-2004 by "runningfordearlife" # permalink comment
Comment: Well, I don't want them to scan and pack for me because I bring my own bags to stop the plastic bag mountain in my flat taking over. I also thing that they are quite good at being chatty in that particular Sainsbury's - I usually get a smile and a "good evening" or whatever which is all I need really!

Posted: 14:27 Thu 03-06-2004 by "choccieman"
(apparently posting from 81-86-154-129.dsl.pipex.com) # permalink comment
Comment: Scary stuff. Do 'the powers that be' think that by doing this they'll regain their lost market share?

Packing and conversation nice though they are surely aren't as important as queue length. At my local tesco's the other night they had too few checkout staff (and the extra multi-skilled staff who appeared hadn't used the tills for about a month) so I was queuing for 25 minutes solid. Most people in the queue's weren't really interested in chatting to staff by then :-)

I expect this will be dismissed as being a rogue store desperate to meet its performance figures. What next though staff being ordered to do 'code reds' on their collegues? Script for 'A Few Good Checkout Staff' anyone?

Oh and while we're on about sainsbury's does anyone else finding it irritating that they say 'this is a collegue announcement' on the tannoy? Is the word staff so politically incorrect?

Posted: 14:40 Thu 03-06-2004 by "runningfordearlife" # permalink comment
Comment: choccieman, you have drawn attention to something I meant to say in my previous post - I think it is very silly when they make "colleague" announcements - I don't think "staff" is patronising at all. I suppose it is supposed to help promote a feeling of equality amongst all the Sainsbury's team: all colleagues no staff and bosses or any of that but I think it's really silly.

So, yes, choccieman, I agree with you.

Posted: 16:11 Thu 03-06-2004 by "Pat the Dog" # permalink comment
Comment: I was in a Sainsbury's store yesterday and was quite amused by the conversation between the checkout girl and the lad in front of me. It went something like this:

Checkout girl (g): hello

Dude {d}: hi

g: would you like some help with your packing?

d: nah

g: i like your chain

(dude fancies himself as a bit of a hiphop gangsta and has a big gold chain round his neck)

d: ah, thanks

g: wanna see mine?

d: whoah.... nice.

g: thanks


d: can i have your number?

g: hey? you want my number?

d: yeah.

g: can't.

d: why not?

g: not allowed.

d: well just say it out loud and i'll remember it.

g: oh, i can't remember it off by heart.

d: ah.

g: well, i finish at 7...

d: okay i'll meet you outside then

g: okay

d: and we'll go back to my place and have sex then

g: yeah okay. nice.

d: sweet.

g: do you have a nectar card?

Posted: 16:52 Thu 03-06-2004 by "runningfordearlife" # permalink comment
Comment: Really?!

Maybe they knew each other before and she was finding it hard to integrate "dude as customer" and "dude as her social intimate" so the script came out sounding funny?!

Did he have a nectar card?

Posted: 17:15 Thu 03-06-2004 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: no "runningfordearlife", that's what happens when you force checkout colleagues to interact with punters under pain of disciplinary action. Life will find a way my friends, life will find a way!

On a slightly less Mike Skinner-ish note, does anyone else have any good examples of "for internal use only" documents mysteriously making their way into public display? A friend of mine once spotted an ad for Snickers in an Oxford newsagent that proclaimed "Supported by a £20m TV advertising campaign", and a leaflet for a then-new (raspberry?) dessert in a roadside restaurant chain that promoted such unexpected benefits to the customer as "Easy to make" and "High profit margin" - mmm, can't wait!

Posted: 19:21 Thu 03-06-2004 by "elmsyrup" # permalink comment
Comment: Snackspot- that Tesco link in your main post of this topic doesn't work.
Posted: 20:34 Thu 03-06-2004 by "cokeco" # permalink comment
Comment: I like it when the cashiers talk to me. Especially when they apologize for making me wait in a long line. Not just ignore me as though I am another number. I had a good laugh with a cashier recently at the Tesco in Borehamwood when there was a crazy woman wandering around the shop shouting obscenities in the store. We discussed her craziness and the fact that she was banned from the store. As for scan and pack, I like my groceries packed in a certain way. At supermarkets they just cram as much possible into one bag. They put the bread in with the milk so it get squished. So I say ask me if I want help with packing!!
Posted: 00:32 Fri 04-06-2004 by "Saramond" # permalink comment
Comment: I hate the cashiers that can't take a polite smile as you not wanting to talk. They take the slightest of aknowledement as an excuse to natter away about what you're planning for the weekend!!

Kind of on the same topic, how annoying is it when 'staff' at the deli or tills finish off their conversation before serving you.

Posted: 09:15 Fri 04-06-2004 by "flameproof" # permalink comment
Comment: Scan and pack is a very bad idea; they always just stuff things into random bags- I agree with Cokeco, the last thing you want is the 8 litre pepsi multipack on top of the eggs. I do quite like the chatty thing, if only because I'm starved for human company and would make conversation with anyone, although doesn't half take the shine off now I know they're forced to talk to me!
Posted: 10:17 Fri 04-06-2004 by "Anna" # permalink comment
Comment: I used to work for Sainsbury's and Scan and Pack is just the most ridiculous thing they've ever introduced. We used to get in trouble for not scanning and packing, even if the customer had told us that they wanted to pack their own stuff! I actually once got yelled at by an old lady for packing her stuff, then the next time she came in and I left it, I got told off for not packing her stuff by a supervisor! Plus, by doing this, it takes twice as long to serve anyone, making queues much longer and annoying everyone.

This was especially bad on the "Quick till" at Archer Road in Sheffield, where we were expected to pack all the customers shopping (10 items or less my arse) thus showing down the quick till so much that it was often much speedier to stand behind a trolley full of stuff at a different till rather than 4 people on the quick one.

Plus, I used to pack quite well (logically putting all the chilled stuff together, making sure eggs were at the top of bags etc..) but as most of the staff at the place I worked at didn't care less, you tending to get stuff thrown in as quickly as possible in any order.

The best thing for any cashier to do, is open a few carrier bags for people, cos most people seem to be crap at that...

Posted: 13:22 Fri 04-06-2004 by "dave" # permalink comment
Comment: Scan and Pack always seems like a daft idea to me - surely if you have two people doing the job (ie cashier scans, customer packs) it gets the job done, hey, almost twice as fast as if they're both being done by one person. Maybe they should have a 'pack your own bags' queue, where you don't have to wait as long if you don't mind doing some work yourself...
Posted: 14:55 Fri 04-06-2004 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: yeah, though maybe they thought it would help with those drongos who just sit there watching their shopping pile up in front of them *and then only start to put them in a bag once they've paid*

that said, if you look at Sainsbury's figures above, they're not doing very well on scan & pack OR queue length either!

Posted: 16:28 Fri 04-06-2004 by "runningfordearlife" # permalink comment
Comment: Isn't it funny how many of us here like it when the supermarket staff (or colleagues, if you prefer) talk to us - could it be that we are all a little starved of human company and need more friends outside of internet sites that discuss innovations in the snack industry? Hey, I am right near the Finchley Road Sainsburys, right now - perhaps we should arrange a meet?!
Posted: 21:43 Mon 07-06-2004 by "Alan Connor" # permalink comment
Comment: The "colleagues" sop reminds me of a favourite sign from a Starbucks:

If you want to know more about any Starbucks product, please ask one of our Partners (staff).

Posted: 22:00 Mon 07-06-2004 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: fascinatingly, I think this comes from John Lewis Department Stores, which actually are some sort of socialist co-operative that (at least in this article) refers to its staff as "employees (partners)": http://www.solbaram.org/articles/johnle.html

- though I'm disappointed they haven't taken the idea a bit further and referred to everyone as "comrades" or even "Glorious Stakhanovite Hero of the People's Sofa-Selling Revolution"...

Posted: 13:38 Tue 08-06-2004 by "Typhoid" # permalink comment
Comment: You mention the quick queue - 10 items or less. I tell ya what i'd like to see this 'rule' to be enforced and anyone trying to push thru 'it's only 2 extra item's' etc. be told in no uncertain terms to naff off and never darken our door again.

This is pehaps why I'm not a magnate of the supermarket industry :P

Posted: 13:03 Tue 15-06-2004 by "simon hb" # permalink comment
Comment: staff packing is one thing - worse, though, is when kiddies (often sea scouts) are there doing it for charidee, which makes it difficult to say "don't do that, you dolt." They seem to take it as a challenge to try and get everything into one bag...
Posted: 16:15 Tue 15-06-2004 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: that's not all Mr Sainsbury and his pals have been up to...

Sainsbury's fined £19,000 for overcharging at Lambeth stores http://www.london-se1.co.uk/news/view.php?ArtID=1034

Following an undercover operation lasting several months, Lambeth Council's Trading Standards team has prosecuted Sainsbury's for overcharging customers on supposed special offers.

The operation began when trading standards officer David Morris noticed that items offering special discounts such as 'buy one get the second half-price' and 'buy three, save £1' at various Sainsbury's Local stores weren't being given. A month after notifying Sainsbury's the problem had still not been resolved. Mr Morris then spent several weeks visiting all six Sainsbury's Local stores in Lambeth, including the Waterloo Road store, purchasing various special offer items. Problems were found at every store, with overcharging occurring on at least 31 separate occasions.

On one occasion 10 out of 11 items purchased resulted in the officer being overcharged, adding around 25% to the final bill. For example a honeydew melon supposedly reduced in price from £1.79 to £1.29 was instead charged at £1.95 at the checkout. On another occasion raspberries were marked as '£1.49 or two for £2.50', but at the checkout £2.65 was charged for just one item. The strangest incident was when a checkout assistant asked Mr Morris to calculate the discounts, as she was "no good at maths".

Posted: 13:07 Sun 27-06-2004 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: complete tangent here, but my local Waitrose - uniquely - appears to be named after the former Liverpool/Newcastle midfielder John Barnes http://www.waitrose.com/about/findyourlocalwaitrose.asp?branch=johnbarnes

- can any other readers beat that?

Posted: 16:41 Sun 27-Jun-2004 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: oh and I'm not sure how serious "runningfordearlife" is (above) about starting a Sainsbury's Finchley Road fan club (we could meet in the coffee bit of Books Etc, or the soft furnishings area of Homebase?) though I did wonder how entertaining it would be if we had a Snackspot Worst Products Awards event, possibly at the Cybercandy London store or the Yaohan Plaza?? http://japan-interface.co.uk/gardens/details.php?garID=27
Posted: 18:08 Sun 27-Jun-2004 by "charl" # permalink comment
Comment: what would we do, chew up the products and spit them into a giant communal spitoon in disgust?
Posted: 16:57 Tue 29-Jun-2004 by "Checkout Supervisor"
# permalink comment
Comment: I currently work at a Sainsbury’s store (can't mention which), and may I say what a SHIT company Sainsbury’s is to work at. They don't know how to treat there staff, can't pay them correctly, only believe in using and abusing and yet they expect you to HELP the company make money, my ARSE. I do my job by doing the shity cashier observations which I think is a load of bullocks, as this only makes the cashiers hate the company more and which is then shown to customers. Another thing the stingy company is doing is taking away the crap though better than noting Christmas bonus and replacing it with a miserly extra 5% staff discount during the three months around December. Yet the director has got half a mill for jus introducing this. SO ALL I ASK IS DOES ANYBODY WORK AT TESCO AND THEY NEED A CHECKOUT SUPERVSOR!!!
Posted: 18:30 Tue 29-Jun-2004 by "Diarmuid Mallon" # permalink comment
Comment: I'm all for the award ceremony, although CyberCandy would be a wee bit snug. Of course I'm presuming the rest of the Sheffield gang would come down. We could reminisce about the Glossop Street swimming pool and how its now swanky flats.
Posted: 14:53 Wed 30-Jun-2004 by "Marc" # permalink comment
Comment: It's interesting to note how different countries have their own habits with regards to checkouts.

In the US of A, one might get asked 'paper or plastic', but most of the time they will just put it in a plastic bag. Usually the cashiers are elderly instead of youngsters who earn their first penny. Alternatively, some supermarkts have their self-service cash registers.

In Belgium, at the GB/Carrefour one has to pack it him/herself. The bags are already opened and one can take his time to put it inthere. No rushing (I hate this). At the Colruyt supermarket you will see the following: your shoppingcart will be put next to an empty one, and each item will be picked up by the cashier, scanned with a handscanner upon which a office lamp attached to the sealing with flash ..! The cash register is then a metre further.

In France at the Auchan, everything will be put in plastic bags by the cashier, who will put it on a little conveyerbelt which runs underneath the register. The more bags the better. Preferably 2 items or less per bag...

Finally, in Holland there are no bags or anything. You either have to put it all back in your shoppingcart or buy a shoppingbag at the cash register (about an euro-dime).

Posted: 15:24 Wed 30-Jun-2004 by "ellie" # permalink comment
Comment: Lidl's work the dutch method, you have to buy bags and don't even get time to pack at the checkout. quite disconcerting.
Posted: 20:33 Sun 04-Jul-2004 by "Cashier04" # permalink comment
Comment: I have been a sainsburys cashier for nearly 5 years now. “Scan and Pack” is a Joke. It most certainly leads to repetitive strain injury for which sainsburys are exempt from responsibility as I had to sign a form saying I was aware of such side effects a cashier would encounter. Do they care? NO! How could they show they care? More money? Well I certainly didn’t get a wage increase… sainsburys has taken it upon them selves to blackmail those on a “flexi” contract, (where they plot your schedule randomly each week to suit there needs, and also allows them to increase your hours by 50%) if we do not change to there RGS contract (less money!) I will see no wage rise. So why am I scanning and packing? I will be sacked if I don’t! Or they will “discipline” me or give me “advice and counselling” (the degrading names of their punishment schemes) to curtail my disobedience. So what’s the result? … I as an INDIVIDUAL…. Scan and pack, say hello to every customer, take a customer to the product when asked, etc….I also receive the most customer praise a single collage can get in a week and in the history of my store. Management have recognised my efforts and chosen to reward me with …nothing. Why? If some one else doesn’t scan and pack I am not entitle to a “bonus” (this is what the scan and pack in for… so we can get a bonus if we pass our MCM score at the end of the financial period in April) as we are a “collective” who must all achieve for us to be rewarded with a bonus. But I am not management…if some one else doesn’t scan and pack…why should I suffer? Its not my job to motivate people! So what does this all lead to? Well let’s just say in my store there are allot of “blind eyes”, people who have taken the decision to no longer see, were simply not paid to think! So how can they fix things? More staff! If every checkout is open…there’s no queues… then if some one turns up…it’s not much to ask them to scan and pack…but when there’s no damn staff, the queues stretch all they way in to the aisles! Sound familiar? Whys this then? Well in my region apparently they are on a trend of staff cut backs. EVEN THOUGH WE FAIL MCM…EVEN THOUGH WERE SHORT OF STAFF.EVEN THOUGH THE SHELVES ARE EMPTY AND THE STOCK IS OUT BACK. they want blood from stones… Ok…suppose the queues are real long… but we do every thing required i.e. scan and pack… we will still get disciplined… Why? QPM! What’s that I hear you ask…basically there are a set number of items we have to scan per minute…if we don’t? DISCIPLINED! So we have to chat to you lot, scan your bloody shopping, ask you a for your damn nectar card etc etc etc…it wont be long before we drive you home, unpack your shopping, cook it for you and wash your dishes. Sainsburys can afford packers so why don’t they hire them? 3rd place in the supermarket tables….changes need to be made and they should start with staff relations!
Posted: 01:43 Mon 05-Jul-2004 by "elmsyrup" # permalink comment
Comment: You should send an anonymous email to them (head office or wherever) saying this. I really think so.
Posted: 12:17 Mon 05-Jul-2004 by "joy walker" # permalink comment
Comment: I dont get out much apart from to the supermarket to do shopping for my family of 8.I feel very sad if the cashier doesnt have a little chat with me. I feel lonley and rejected. Yes isnt that sad.? i enjoy my bi weekly cshier chat very much, it makes me feel a bit human.ps. i shop in tesco usually as out local sainsbury is small and grotty and doesnt have hardly any of the stuff in.
Posted: 21:40 Tue 06-Jul-2004 by "Anna" # permalink comment
Comment: I'm impressed at how much this has turned into an "I hate working for Sainsbury's" thread. I agree with everything that's been about how Sainsbury's treat their staff and I was glad to have left. Although now I'm a civil servant, and that's not much better...
Posted: 20:11 Tue 20-Jul-2004 by "sainsburyscashier" # permalink comment
Comment: ive onl beena sainsburys gal for 4months and OH MY GOD! yes it does suck, our customers r sooooooooooooo rude and nasty and lazy its unbelievble,cant say which one but, i think they r all the same lol. anyways anyu poor sainsburys staff wanna chat email me shortielm (at!) hotmail.com
Posted: 15:47 Wed 04-Aug-2004 by "rhiannon" # permalink comment
Comment: I work at Selfridges. We can say "hello" to the customer but we're not actually allowed to say another word until they initiate conversation. No "do you need any help" or anything. Tis crazy. We don't scan and pack. We don't smile. Unless you make us that is :D
Posted: 09:37 Sun 08-Aug-2004 by "Her Ladyship" # permalink comment
Comment: I worked as a manager for Tesco Express and found the whole experience to be akin to torture. The thing that gets me is that supermarkets bring in these stupid staff guidelines, and then wonder why they have recruitment/staff retention problems and they're spending a fortune on training. I think that actually targets ect are not intended to improve service, but are there to make sure bonuses are never paid and that any probelems are always someone elses fault.
Posted: 00:20 Mon 23-Aug-2004 by "CNS" # permalink comment
Comment: Another hater of Scan and Pack. If I do it, I do it properly so my items per minute goes right down, if I don't I get shouted at. And I won't even get the bonus cause I won't have been there the whole year.

And sometimes it's hard to talk to customers. Talking about the weather all day is not fun.

Posted: 15:21 Tue 28-Sep-2004 by "Sal" # permalink comment
Comment: Does anyone here work for Asda? I was at Asda in Penryn the other day and it's the loveliest place with the loveliest friendliest staff!

Asda in Roehampton.....miserable buggers!

Posted: 23:54 Tue 28-Sep-2004 by "tescoworker" # permalink comment
Comment: i hate the things customers come out with, like, i'll come to you till because you look bored. no we are not bored we love the breaks between serving customers and it is you lot that piss us off and give us more work to do. i also hate it when customers that you dont know listen in on staff conversations. it pisses me off when they do that, i dont mind if i know the customer personally or have gotten to know the customer. i also dont like it when these bigwigs that deal with the everyday running at tesco head office like to control us as much as they want, and they are suceeding, why dont they get robots,because that is what they are trying to turn us into. the new rule tesco has brought out is when we start work on the tills we have to be there for the que length, which is quarter past, half past, quarter too or deed on. so this means that we have to be on the checkouts in our own time, if not we have pay deducted. we have pay deducted if we are a few minutes late. but what if we get off the till late, guess what?, we dont get paid if we are late of the till. then they have the cheak to tell us for pro rata we owe them time. so how do we get the time back that we lose by getting off the till late. well im not staying any longer then i have to and if they dont like it then tough. i dont get paid enough to take crap from customers on the till and anywhere else around the shop. i think that there should be some sort of event that makes supermarket stores like tesco, asda, sainsburys etc remember what it feels like to be a low ranking member of staff, even a countrywide event like all staff in shops calling in sick so that we can tell shops to stop organising every little thing that we do and to hit them where it hurts.
Posted: 12:21 Wed 29-Sep-2004 by "Phillerena" # permalink comment
Comment: You could try find a better job?
Posted: 12:44 Wed 29-Sep-2004 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: steady on "Phillerena" - I've enjoyed some of your more controversial comments recently, but this is a bit more than just white vs brown chocolate that we're talking about here ;)
Posted: 14:39 Wed 29-Sep-2004 by "Captain Carapelli" # permalink comment
Comment: She has a point though. If he's got enough drive and spirit to complain about it on a snack forum then he should be able to go out and get a decent job. Or join the army.
Posted: 14:51 Wed 29-Sep-2004 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: I believe that's going to be on the next recruitment poster: "Bored of Tesco? Can't be bothered to join the army? Why not learn who you *really* are on the war-torn no-man's land of an online snack discussion board?"

(and entirely btw, I think "Phillerena" is a man, but "tescoworker" could equally be a lady. as could any of us, presumably...)

Posted: 17:02 Wed 29-Sep-2004 by "General Olivio" # permalink comment
Comment: I have Olive based spread alter egos. I feel rumbled.
Posted: 17:07 Wed 29-Sep-2004 by "Captain Carapelli" # permalink comment
Comment: Ahhh yes, we should have a friday discussion along the lines of: What are your favourite comical brand names for "butter style" spreads. The slightly homo-erotic nature of "butter me up" or "spread me" are personal favourites. Anyone know of any more?
Posted: 21:04 Wed 29-Sep-2004 by "Phillerena" # permalink comment
Comment: Fair enough, but some workers at the supermrakets are terrible, whenever I use vouchers to pay for anything they dither about and have to ask about 5 other people and then finlly the manager and then tell me "we can only accept one voucher". My Australian friend can't believe that the "Checkout Chicks" (as he calls them) over here sit down while the customer struggles to pack heavy bottles into a plastic bag. They must made of sterner stuff down under!
Posted: 07:48 Thu 30-Sep-2004 by "charl" # permalink comment
Comment: i do wish we had american style paper sacks for shopping over here. i love them...
Posted: 12:36 Thu 30-Sep-2004 by "Willow" # permalink comment
Comment: I knew a few staff at sainsbury's and they all complained how management treated them. But regards to staff talking to their customers, well there was this checkout woman (cant say girl, too old) who would talk to me. I knew her name. Anyway, Im on benefit and she was talking away to me like she did and she totalled the shopping bill. I gave her the money. It came to about £40 at the time. Had a baby too so a lot was nappies and stuff. Well, she was chatting away still and then said "Well, are you going to give me the money?". I said "I already have". She told me I hadnt, so I had to give her another £40. I checked my wallet and I knew I had given it to her twice. I could have complained but I was embarrassed and dont like causing a scene. Anyway the member of staff was called [DELETED]. Middle aged lady with glasses. She worked at Sainsbury's, Hatchwarren, Basingstoke. Ohhh, I might get sued!!
Posted: 21:33 Mon 04-Oct-2004 by "general assistant" # permalink comment
Comment: I've been working at sainsbury's for almost a year now, stacking shelves on the shop floor etc, etc. I recently had disciplinary action taken against for not wearing my name badge and received a written warning!!! I've also been pulled up by my supervisor for being 5 minutes late back from my lunch break. Now desperately looking for another job.
Posted: 19:49 Sun 10-Oct-2004 by "[location deleted] checkout chick" # permalink comment
Comment: just another moan about my job at sainsburys lol. on friday afternoon, whilst still at work, i came down with the beginings of flu...i knew it was this cuz, 3 other people had been sent home the day before, they saw i was ill and just ignored it..started at 8, got my break at 1230 and home at 3...well 20past after they finally shut my till!! was ill all night but am so not up to all the crap u have to go through for a day off i go in at 8 sat morn, am now so ill im actally shaking, eyes streaming and nose all runny (nice) oh also ive pulled a muscle in my arm and stomach from constanly packing...thanks to the family who watched me pack 110 items...nice help huh guys! so anyways sitting there looking like siht, can hardly move or spaeak...but still nearly every1 wanted their shopping packed for them!! my supervisor came over about 12 and i thought...maybe theyve seen how bad i am...no! she wants to know if i can stay till 5! bering in mind ive worked 2 44hr weeks in a row with no day off! when i said no, she blanked me all day. im still feeling like shit, im phonning in sick monday, and i think maybe handing in my notice at the same time. word to sainsburys...try treating your staff with a bit of respect and deceny because judging by peoples cooments on here....your not very good at it. - one nice thing...to the very nice looking guy who keeps appearing at my c/out, and even continued to flirt wiv me, tho i looked all red, swollen and scarey...thank u...u almost made the week worth it xx - to all u sainsburys peeps...hang in there xx -
Posted: 21:51 Mon 18-Oct-2004 by "lisa" # permalink comment
Comment: hahaha - i had advice and councilling today at work.....cuz ive had 2 days off! OH NO....lol one more day off and ill b disciplined and on a level 3....ever feel like your back at school..? oh and also our store only got 77 on mystery shopper cuz someone didnt scan and pack (dont look at me - grinz-) if we r seen not scanning and packing we will recieve a and c, and after that....we will be sacked!! - congratulations sainsburys, you are offically the WORST store to work for -
Posted: 12:12 Sat 27-Nov-2004 by "A random supervisor from down under" # permalink comment
Comment: Well I emmigrated from little village called Balfron (near Stirling, but I am actually English :D) to New Zealand a year ago. I worked for the Co-op for about 6 months and now I am working for a very good supermarket chain called Woolworths (no, it's not the Woolworths we all know and love). I've been working here for about 6 months, and all is very good. Excellent in fact. I never liked the Co-op much (the stacking shelves part mostly - I preferred checkouts), but it was a small store short of staff.... in Woolworths, I get better pay and I just like my job better. I don't know if I preferred being an operator to supervisor yet though - I haven't been supervisor for long enough to tell yet :)

BUT... there is one thing I hate after working for the Co-op... compared to working for a New Zealand supermarket... WE HAVE TO PACK THE $^#* (at!) ($& BAGS IN THIS COUNTRY. Man, every day my arms ache like mad while the customers just stand and stare at you packing. Some of the busy ones are impatient and look distressed at you - why the heck don't they help you pack if they are in such a hurry to go somewhere? I like the customers from the UK who have just emmigrated here though. A lot of them help you with the packing, and fortunately, there are a LOT of people from Britain that come over here. That is a good thing because this country is swamped with so many different cultures that you would never believe that it is/was a British colony. This country needs more Brits... a population of 4 million is not enough to make a great country... heck there are 9 million people in London alone by comparison. I think I will be moving back to England/Scotland after a few years though... New Zealand is not my kind of place.

Posted: 12:22 Sat 27-Nov-2004 by "Stevie Nicks" # permalink comment
Comment: Went to Sainsburys in Fallowfield to check it out. Well, what do you know the checkout staff are all happily talking away and all the customers are looking blank or giving them resentful "get off my shopping" stares. I asked the checkout man if he HAD to talk and he said no, he was just friendly BUT I espied the notice on his till. Clever me. He went on to say that they were a higher class of place than Tesco and Morrisons wasn't even a real shop.

Do they employ them to be little Sainsburys nazis?

Posted: 21:18 Sat 27-Nov-2004 by "Mike Gray" # permalink comment
Comment: I've recently become a Sainsbury's shopper after having moved to a town where it's my only option, and I wish they would

a) Shut up b) Not pack my shopping for me

I know that sounds ungrateful, but I don't need anyone complementing me on my choice of batteries ("ooh, that's a good price, isn't it? Might pick some of those up later for myself.") or indeed deciding what stuff goes in what bag.

Scan it, take my money, give me my pointless Nectar points (I only got a card so that I could give it to them before they ask) and let me leave the shop with my shopping - and if I specifically ask, tell me where stuff is. That's all I need from a shop assistant.

Hope they bring in self scan checkouts soon so I can avoid the whole thing.

Posted: 12:12 Tue 30-Nov-2004 by "Jo" # permalink comment
Comment: I worked for Sainsburys a long time ago - I see it hasnt changed.... we would be disciplined for having more than 2 days off sick, not getting shelves stacked fast enough, even got told off once for being too helpful to an old lady who was struggling with her shopping - apparently I was wasting valuable store time... Once when I was 6 months pregnant this witch of a woman expected me to pack and carry her shopping out to her car and pack it into the boot for her - when I politely explained that I wouldnt do this she complained to management and I got a right going over. Also my partner was a manager - I was a 'lowly' shop girl - this relationship was frowned upon by senior management and we were not allowed to sit together at lunchtime and I wasnt allowed out on the management Christmas do...bizzare anyway 20 years later I have my own very successful business and I have never forgotten the people who made my life and others a misery there I always treat the shop floor staff with utter courtesy. In fact I came across one of my old managers giving a young girl what for on the shop floor in a very aggressive manner so as a customer (and shareholder)I gave him what for and wrote a letter of complaint to head office. Sainsburys is dreadful...specially the Moortown, Leeds store - shelves half empty, depressed staff. It doesnt deserve to be 3rd let alone at the top..
Posted: 19:22 Fri 10-Dec-2004 by "Darren" # permalink comment
Comment: Some interesting comments! Been working in a supermarket in Manchester for nearly a year now and its HELL! I don't like it when customers address me by my name when serving at the checkouts, just because i'm forced to wear a name badge pinned to my shirt. I don't think we shop workers should have to wear name badges. They serve no purpose apart from getting us into trouble if a customer makes a complaint.
Posted: 17:26 Sun 27-Feb-2005 by "tomthegrocerboy" # permalink comment
Comment: Absolute GENIUS!! Thank you for putting this up. PEOPLE MUST LEARN THE TRUTH ABOUT JS!!! I have just handed in my resignation from this "company" after four years of absolute misery. Check out my website for more anti-capitalist rants! Woo!!
Posted: 18:46 Sun 27-Feb-2005 by "Phillerena" # permalink comment
Comment: I can vouch for Jo - Sainsbury's in Leeds was a very depressing shopping experience. There were barely any chocolates on the shelves there.
Posted: 12:31 Sat 16-Apr-2005 by "Jim" # permalink comment
Comment: Try working in Lidl. If you have an accident, you'll get sacked. Are they owned by Nazis?
Posted: 00:27 Mon 09-May-2005 by "col" # permalink comment
Comment: hello all just a funny story regarding sainsburys as i used to work for them (22 years) did you know most female managers in js use the casting couch method of promotion? if anyone is interested and works at winchmore hill ask the night shift manager!!!!1
Posted: 23:23 Fri 27-May-2005 by "Mr cool " # permalink comment
Comment: http://www.supermarket-sweep-up.com

Save our local shops.

Support National Independents Day

Free Coupons in exchange for local goods from your local shop in the Mirror newspaper.

Posted: 05:38 Sat 04-Jun-2005 by "Tiger-Lily" # permalink comment
Comment: I work for Asda & the following really gets on my nerves

* Customers holding their hand out for change while i'm getting it from the till, they're not gonna get their change any quicker, it just makes me feel rushed & I may make mistakes * Customers saying I look bored, like someone said it's as if they think we want them to come to us in the 1 second between mad rushes * Customers using my name or calling me darling etc * Customers whinging they've had a hard day & so I can pack, yet i've done 12 hr of a 14 hr shift & am ill * Customers thinking it's ok to be rude, abusive, complain, ask me EVERY time I've just scanned something how much it was, I mean as if the shelves don't say, they can watch the price come up when scanned. * Also if I refuse to sell them alcohol, don't get ratty at me if ya have no ID, it's NOT my problem

Posted: 13:42 Sat 04-Jun-2005 by "Phillerena" # permalink comment
Comment: Well you're complaining that they are rude and abusive on one hand but on the other, that you dont like them saying "darling" or using your name - for god sake what do you want? People say darling because they think it's friendly, also it is something people just 'say' because they always have. Also would you rather they call you "tillgirl5" or something than your name? Your other points are fair enough though.
Posted: 14:52 Sat 11-Jun-2005 by "Andrew" # permalink comment
Comment: I work at a Woolworths supermarket in Australia. We have similar guidelines (having to pack for EVERYONE, asking for a "Frequent Shopper" card, etc.). I agree with the "you look bored" comments. I can't stand it when people say that. It's so unimaginitive and stupid. We put up with staff shortages and a shitty boss. The only thing that keeps me going down at that shop is the fact that my supervisors are brilliant people who work very hard with limited resources. Well done guys.
Posted: 18:41 Fri 17-Jun-2005 by "Trac" # permalink comment
Comment: Hi all, well it looks like we are all in the same boat, working for shite employers, after 10yrs i was "tupe" from safeway to sainsburys, and just gotta say wat a load of fcking wa*k nothing is simple, u gotta go round and round till u get soo dizzy u end up puking just to find the answer to a simple question, then to be told go ask someone who knows argh...............- ..soo glad that i am the senior h&s/s/steward union rep cool site so glad i have found it im gonna pass it to on to some of my work m8s oops i mean "colleagues" ;o)
Posted: 16:55 Sun 19-Jun-2005 by "Sandy" # permalink comment
Comment: These comments are making me so glad I didn't get the pharmacist position I was interviewed for! Crap interviewers and crap pay! Got another job for part time and the same pay as sainsburys full time!
Posted: 21:08 Wed 29-Jun-2005 by "Safeway Checkout Supervisor" # permalink comment
Comment: well i can see some people need to try staff motivation, then they would probabley hate you and your customers less.

I can't wait for asda to take over Northern Ireland. Safeway was a shit emplyer, but omfg morrisons go back 30 years. their procedures such, they are totally out of date! They have also sparingly supplied us with overheads, we are constantly running out of cleaning materials and such because they are being tight. They are wanting to know where all our banking our more often, they can't wait to get all the cash in their account before we get taken over.

Morrisons has to be the worst employer in the supermarket industry, well for Northern Ireland anyway. I dunno what it's like over there but they have treated us like total and utter shit. They didnt really want us anyway, just cos they had to take us. Well im finally glad we are being taken over again, cos work cant get any worse than this. we have had our discount taken away, our bonuses and the morrison contract is not worth the paper its written on.

ohhh i feel better now lol.

Posted: 21:23 Wed 29-Jun-2005 by "Safeway Checkout Supervisor" # permalink comment
Comment: well i can see some people need to try staff motivation, then they would probabley hate you and your customers less.

I can't wait for asda to take over Northern Ireland. Safeway was a shit emplyer, but omfg morrisons go back 30 years. their procedures such, they are totally out of date! They have also sparingly supplied us with overheads, we are constantly running out of cleaning materials and such because they are being tight. They are wanting to know where all our banking our more often, they can't wait to get all the cash in their account before we get taken over.

Morrisons has to be the worst employer in the supermarket industry, well for Northern Ireland anyway. I dunno what it's like over there but they have treated us like total and utter shit. They didnt really want us anyway, just cos they had to take us. Well im finally glad we are being taken over again, cos work cant get any worse than this. we have had our discount taken away, our bonuses and the morrison contract is not worth the paper its written on.

ohhh i feel better now lol.

Posted: 20:55 Sun 11-Sep-2005 by "Cashier 476" # permalink comment
Comment: I work for sainsbury's and I enjoy it
Posted: 23:51 Sun 11-Sep-2005 by "Stevie Nicks" # permalink comment
Comment: I work for Morrisons and I hate it with a passion that cannot be expressed with mere words.
Posted: 10:41 Tue 13-Sep-2005 by "Ex Sainsbury's Supervisor" # permalink comment
Comment: Hi, i have been reading the rants about sainsburys and just thought i'd join in! i have just finished working as a Supervisor on checkouts for 3 years, (! year cashier, 2 years supervising) and - what a hellish three years it was! i hated having to do cashier observations as i felt it was degrading to the cashiers, the customers were very rude to all of us supervisors - three times they had to get me a new earpiece for the headset system as it was nicked by customers on three occasions! I thought when i got promoted to a supervisor that the shit would die down, but how wrong i was! Customers were horribly rude to our cashiers and, i was the only male supervisor - so i was immediately ganged up on by all the female supervisors, and the management always came down on me for things that went wrong even when it was one of the other supervisor's fault! (Being the only man, i should carry the blame, obviously!) But i have now left and am persuing an acting career which is going very well, so, i advise all s'burys staff to go follow your dreams - it's better than working for JS!
Posted: 20:59 Sun 09-Oct-2005 by "Part Time"General Assistant"" # permalink comment
Comment: I do work for Sainsbury's, I dont mind talking to the customer but I have to admit that I am sick and tired of asking "Do you have a Nectar Card?" and "Would you like a Nectar Card?", it annoys me as well as many customers.

I believe it should be the customers responsibility to give their Nectar cards to us BEFORE they pay for their shopping and if they dont, TUFF!!!!. Im always saying Nectar this, Nectar that, im sick of it!.

Its about time that Sainsburys should respect their employee's, and not the bloody "heart" of Sainsburys (customers) because it is the employee's of that supermarket that keeps the heart beating.

I stack shelves at Sainsbury's but I am also till trained (meh). I currently hold a degree in computing and im hoping to become a software developer in the future.

Posted: 18:27 Wed 12-Oct-2005 by "Greg" # permalink comment
Comment: This is pathetic. Im sick and tired of reading about folk who dont want to talk to people. Well if you choose to work in a customer environment then customer service is bloody well part of the job.

If you are scared of saying "hello, how are you today?" then why dont you piss off back into your holes where you belong :|

Posted: 14:46 Tue 18-Oct-2005 by "chris" # permalink comment
Comment: i work for Tesco and it is the same for me....we are the best achieving store in our group,maybe the country,for meeting targets like.... clubcards, queue length,mystery customer,the list goes on. But what do they do? well done every1 keep it up......no,they want better...now they want us to sign off our tills when we dont have a customer to fool the store manager into thinking he needs more staff and more available hours for the checkouts....is this right? because i dont think it is....maybe i should say something to him...???
Posted: 17:42 Tue 18-Oct-2005 by "clerk" # permalink comment
Comment: Greg: It really isn't that easy.

When you work in a retail environment, you feel shat on by *everyone*. Customers, supervisors, managers - you name it. All people are really doing here is letting off steam about it - which is perfectly acceptable.

Besides, as a *customer* - I don't really want to talk to people. A quick nod and a smile, and I'm done.

None of which is an excuse to be rude to customers (the nice ones, anyway). I always try my best - and I expect, despite the letting off steam here - nearly everyone else here does too.

Posted: 22:37 Wed 19-Oct-2005 by "Greg" # permalink comment
Comment: I have worked in a retail environment for several years and I have no problem with it. Im not suggesting a full on conversation but a quick "hi, how are you today?" is a good starter and makes the whole shopping experience a little nicer

If after that the customer wasnt to chat they WILL make the next point of conversation. If not then you dont have to chat to them. Its different case to case, but to say hello and ask how they are isnt really a big deal is it?

Posted: 22:44 Wed 19-Oct-2005 by "Greg" # permalink comment
Comment: Oops, that should read "if after that the customer WANTS to chat"


Posted: 18:07 Thu 20-Oct-2005 by "Stella" # permalink comment
Comment: Well I think it is a big deal when you have to say it hundreds of times a day and as a customer I can tell the cashier doesn't really give a shit so I'd rather they didn't try chatting just cos company policy tells them to!
Posted: 17:41 Thu 17-Nov-2005 by "RampantEmployee" # permalink comment
Comment: Urgh. I have to go to work at Sainsburys in half an hour. Not only do I detest my job, because all the above is true, but I am paid badly and treated even worse because I am male. The checkout supervisor tells me: "If you dont go out on trolleys for 3 hours solid in the freezing cold with no break at 9pm in november then I WILL HAVE TO!" WOULD THAT BE SUCH A BAD THING?? Go move your fat ass and you might lose some weight. Talking about weight...why ahve sainsbury sopped selling atkins food?? IL TELL YOU WHY. Because sainsburys is completely family oriented around dopey mothers who gold-dig for their lives. I HATE SAINSBURYS. but as a student I cant do much else. Oh and i have aq disiplinary tonight for havign 3 days off this year, dispite telling them I needed to use my legal holiday for my exam period. But they messed up. I guess I'll just ahve to sit through the leagues of questions "Now why did you take time off?" "Did you know, if you take time off, then we must pull "COLLEAGUES" (lol) off the shop floor to do your job so nothign gets done". Give one. Get a better story! And no, customers, I am not bored, I am enjoying not staring at the glaring screen of the till and not having "BLUP" going through my head for two minutes. AND NO! I AM NOT LONELY. BUGA OF. And also, dont patronise me, just because I am worign in a supermarket does not mean I am stupid. And as for scan and pack, What a joke! I NEVER DO IT. They can suck their own overpriced eggs. If I get told off I am going to efer them to this site - and they can damn well deal with it. I am sick of JS wastign money on rubbish bollocks like "Try something new today" and taking my xmas bonus away! The managers must be fucking idiots! Stop moving the fast track tills around. If the till is fast track, NOBODY ELSE should b allowed through. Dont give in because someone makes a bit fo a fuss!! Stop guvign me useless crap to sighn every two minutes to say that I know I must scan and pack. I wont anyway. Stop giving me random tests that show whether I know what a Pawpaw is. IF I DOTN KNOW A PLU I WILL AS THE CUSTOMER. THEY KNOW WHAT THEY ARE BUYING! Also, for those little bitch supervisors, stop eating sweets around the lecturn and COME HELP ME when I prss my buzzer!! AND IF I NEED A DRINK YOU WILL GET ME ONE! PERIOD! Dont make fun and say "would you like it in a gold cup?" Would you like a boot up your ass?? Also fix the chairs, they always fall down when you sit on them. And dont complain when I ask for a new one. If im reading a magazine because its dead at 10pm, DONT TAKE MY ONLY SANITY AWAY FROM ME. DEATH TO JS!!!!!
Posted: 13:20 Thu 24-Nov-2005 by "David" # permalink comment
Comment: Why is it i have a supervisor who insists that i have got to wear a name badge!!! Got into trouble just coz i refused to wear a name badge when told to put it on. Complete strangers who i do not know can look at my name printed on my badge, a badge i'm forced to wear 8 hours a day at work.
Posted: 01:01 Fri 25-Nov-2005 by "tootsiepuppy" # permalink comment
Comment: I work at JS and I love it
Posted: 23:30 Wed 30-Nov-2005 by "aleesha" # permalink comment
Comment: i used to work on checkouts at sainsburys....hated every awful moment of it. i didnt mind talking to customers when a natural conversation arose BUT saying things like...oh those cakes look nice or...is it nice out? just got on mine and the customers nerves...both parties know that is forced conversation and thats just stupid! also, the scan and pack thing....now i dont mind helping someone who obvisoly needs help, but we were packing for people who DIDNT need it and should be very ashamed of themselves that they stand there and let us do it all! [specific allegation deleted] so, to customers, i know some of you get annoyed when the cashiers talk nonsense or pack your bags but, they really have no choice, because they are made to! - i am still with the company, but only because i got promoted (god knows how) i now work in the office and i have to say, its a dif environment, but there are still some daft rules, i hate it even more now when i go on shopfloor, its like a culture shock! (oh and fyi...customers! if a member of staff has a coat on, and a bag....they r prob going home or on lunch SO DONT ASK THEM WHERE EGGS, MILK OR SWEETS ARE...CUZ IT SUX!)

Anyways, all i can say is anyone suffering at sainsburys....hang in there....the day will come where you will be in a much better position tha those above you right now, and you can look back at this time and smile.....maybe! and to the charlie big potatoes at sansburys....sort it out!!


aleesha xx

Posted: 14:40 Sat 03-Dec-2005 by "RampantEmloyee" # permalink comment
Comment: Heres to Aleesha!
Posted: 20:50 Sun 04-Dec-2005 by "Me" # permalink comment
Comment: haha you poor f*ckers!! am a till trained trolley dolly (!) at a morrisons in a wee scottish town and i love it!! the only reason for this though is because my checkout supervisor is the best! as long as you follow policy when the manager is in its ok..heres some of them * asking EVERY customer if they would like saver stamps * not touching customers credit cards even if they dont have a clue how to use the thingie * having to smile and say hello to every customer * offering to help bags to every customer * having to get your supervisor to void off any item that has scanned twice or if the customer changes their mind

Oh, and for you guys under 18 - if you didn't know you're entitled to half an hours break for every 4.5 hours worked. I didnt know this (neither did anyone else till we looked at the ONE copy of the staff handbook that the store has), and they have been taking 15minutes off every shift I've done even though I never took the breaks. Now i am never back on time from my breaks lol in fact my supervisor makes sure i'm never on time back.. she sits in the canteen with me and complains if i go back down too early!

Posted: 01:14 Wed 07-Dec-2005 by "SainsburysSvr" # permalink comment
Comment: I work at Sainsburys as a checkout supervisor and on the customer service desk. We no longer have to scan and pack, in fact, it's being rigidly enforced NOT to scan and pack the first 3 items anymore, but rather, to just OFFER packing to the customer. I have worked at 2 Sainsburys stores and have not been threatened with disciplinary action for not doing these things. I have however had other supervisors inform me that when I have done long shifts on a checkout I am not smiling enough and being told customers have actually bothered to complain about it. If you are a customer who has complained to Sainsburys about a staff member not smiling (note: not being rude, just not smiling), then I want to stab you.

That aside, I work with some great people and I have a lot of fun. Unfortunately, the manager says "yes" to everyone who asks to be trained on the customer service desk/supervision, and now we have a bunch of 16/17 year old supervisors who can't authorise alcohol and constantly request to get taken off a checkout because they think they are suddenly managers or something.

It's not really a bad company to work for, and the management I do encounter realise that not all customers are easy to converse with, for whatever reason. We are only expected (to all customers without question) to smile, say hi, and offer to pack. If the opportunity for conversation arises, then expand on it. If it doesn't, then it doesn't matter. Personally I am just a friendly person and such things come naturally to me anyway, (despite the above stabbing comment), but I don't really care a great amount if I discuss the weather or the Iraq war or don't talk at all. I just want the queues to be okay and the customer to either think nothing of their experience, or "he was a nice lad."

Oh, and "colleague announcement" just sounds better than "staff announcement", it's got nothing to do with political correctness. It's something I've said over the tanoy, not because I've been told to, but 1) because it seems like the right thing to say, formal but nice and 2) It's what everyone else says, so sounds right.

Posted: 01:46 Wed 07-Dec-2005 by "SainsburysSvr" # permalink comment
Comment: Oh and 'RampantEmployee', sorry to hear about your arsey supervisors. We have a couple at our store. I sometimes supervise with one particular supervisor who just stands at the checkout podium staring at the schedule intensely, ignoring ALL the calls. I run up and down answering calls as soon as they fall on my ears, and so do a few other supervisors - there are good ones, I promise!

The name badge issue is one you should just accept. It is part of uniform. Some places insist on no jeans, some places insist on ties - supermarkets/shops insist on name badges. Refusing to wear one is unacceptable in my opinion, it really is no hassle nor does it harm you unless you're doing something wrong and don't want to be identified. It also gets marked down on an MCM score - something which effects us ALL, not just you. So stop being selfish. Sorry, but I've never understood the issue with name badges, it's a perfectly easy request to follow.

I always get drinks for checkout staff without question, thirst is a real human trait and not one to be scoffed at. Nor do I treat people as if they are at school and should have to be given permission for a drink. That said, I do sometimes joke and say "still or sparkling?" but only because we offer both still and sparkling, but staff are only allowed the still variety - which is a farce in itself!

Posted: 00:10 Fri 30-Dec-2005 by "Keeno" # permalink comment
Comment: If you live in the Edinburgh area or are ever in Edinburgh, do go to the Sainsbury's at Cameron Toll. Very friendly store, and having been to virtually every supermarket in the Edinburgh area it's the only friendly store at all, the only one where (some of the) staff (OK, colleagues if you must) chat with you. Including other Sainsbury's - guess a lot of colleagues will be getting disciplinary action. ;)

Single, lonely guys (like me) will LOVE Cameron Toll Sainsbury's. You'll never wanna leave. Because it has a high number of girls who FLIRT with you at the checkouts, or elsewhere. This isn't enforced as well is it? Although I realise it's undoubtedly about money, and not because I'm a hunk. It's been happening for some time - and ever-increasingly nowadays. Is it some sort of staff guideline, can anyone put me in the picture?

I must admit I appreciate the conversation and flirting, especially with being single. Getting to know a few of the checkout, and other colleagues... not necessarily because my company is forced on them. :)

Last week for the first ever time, the person serving me at the checkout DIDN'T even say hello. But it's a rare, rare exception and I guess she'll get advice and counselling. ;)

Posted: 02:22 Thu 05-Jan-2006 by "'Bored Checkout Bloke'"
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Comment: I've worked at Sainsburys 4 a year now and I F**KING HATE IT.I used 2 wake up in the middle of the night with my hand out ready to serve a customer.. the job messes with your mind.I KNOW I LOOK BORED!IT DOESNT MEAN I WANT TO SERVE YOU!I know i yawn all the time,so would you if u had been saying the same thing over and over.I have been moaned at 4 packing a customers shopping so i dont do it but then i get moaned at for not packing!The customers have the cheek 2 say"Tesco pack for you"then GO TO TESCOS YOU MOTHER F***ER!! u become a robot.Once,a supervisor asked me 2 take something to the CSD and then moaned at me for not being on my till and PLEASE dont tell me the price of the fruit/veg because it really dont help!b friendly with me and i'll be friendly with you! "did you have a good new year/christmas/birthday/night/11:28 pm gets very irritating if you ask it constantly.and does anyone else get irritated when a customer looks at you?Its an instant "come to my till" sign as they ponder if they can push u over the edge by their 'very own thought up line that no-one else will have ever come up with'..saying you look bored. Its great 2 hear i am not the only sufferer and that the same 'customer quotes' are heard everywhere.and 10% discount? WTF seriously it should be at least 15% always! Justin King is doing a fine job rescuing the company but what about those actually 'making sainsburys great again'? why does being 2 minutes late ONCE after working for a year matter so much? I get extremely wound up when I am on the tills non-stop. in my 1-2-1 they know i do better everywhere else they put me and they know i hate it on the tills (they even told me this) but I am still on the tills. Stop trying to seduce Jamie Oliver and focus on the tortued masses yearning for revolution to overthrow the evil supervisors who find it an inconvenience when you buzz them. OK thats a bit much but you get it...Aleesha you rock! you know the pain we poor checkout folk/suckers go through as do many others on here. Whats the point in trying to be exceptional when nobody notices/cares? The customers just want a basic 'hello' and 'would you like help with your packing'.They are very eager to report someone who does a small thing wrong but you could pay off their mortgage and resurrect their dead family but they still wouldnt say 'Chris (namebadge)was very helpful'.Morale is low but as long as sainsburys is making profits who cares about the suffering workforce?I think i made need A&C after this rant.And what is the point of A&C?Why would you need counselling after a attack of the flu?And where do the customers get their psychic abilities from...of course im talking about finising time.2 MINUTES b4 u close down your till and mad rush of 9 people will appear to squeeze the last dregs of human emotion out of u before u go mad and the divider is just asking 2 be planted in someones face. Power to the Sainsburys Crew around the country. -Chris
Posted: 15:13 Mon 23-Jan-2006 by "ex manager" # permalink comment
Comment: hey i worked for js for long time and if your a woman i can tell u how to get on in the company just sleep around! for proof ask the night shift manager at [deleted]!!!
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Comment: I've been working at sainsbury's for almost 2 yrs now, and i hate the scan n pack rule. i was once yelled at by the duty manager for not packing, even though the customer herself kindly said that she would prefer to pack. its ridiculous how you have to make conversation with EVERY customer, and most customers cant be bothered replying, some customers dont even respond when i greet them, and yet we're expected to make conversation with them for 5 mins or so
Posted: 19:11 Sun 26-Feb-2006 by "Bored Checkout Bloke" # permalink comment
Comment: I have recently tranferred to a different sainsburys and for the first time i have had 2 bad observations! HOLD THE FRONT PAGE! Never had one before but now they insist i am not good enough. Well go F*** Yourself. They know I am better elsewhere but they still persist by putting me on the checkouts. I genuinely like some customers but how the supervisors expect you to have a deep long philosophical coversation with a customer who has 3 items I dont know. They will be marking us on how stimulating the conversation was next.
Posted: 19:18 Sun 26-Feb-2006 by "charl" # permalink comment
Comment: whilst i understand your frustration bcb, i think "checkout idol" is a great concept.
Posted: 15:49 Tue 28-Feb-2006 by "terry treagus" # permalink comment
Comment: i think managment in hereford england branch should start listening to the workers more.if an employee comes up with an idea that saves sainsbury's money then they should listen.not tell the employee to pee off basicly.
Posted: 17:14 Wed 01-Mar-2006 by "jimbo" # permalink comment
Comment: I am a checkout supervisor at sainsburys and i am sooo glad to hear that they have taken away the scan and pack and conversation with customers rule!! it makes life soooo much easier for the cashiers however i feel now the cashier observations are a lot harder to pass where as before you see the cashier scan n pack you would just tick a box now its a lot more vague and picky on the cashier which i feel can be very demeaning. Also to all you Sainsburys cashiers out there we all hav a crappy job and to all the poeple that moan when they get off their till 2 mins late or when it takes 10 buzzes for a supervisor to come!! where not ignoring you we are just hassled dealing with other crap and knackered! My advice to all sainsburys checkout staff join personnel they always seem like they dont do much! or even better just leave! Im planning on!! but just keep at it its crap but the pays nt as bad as some places.
Posted: 19:24 Sun 12-Mar-2006 by "nealster1972" # permalink comment
Comment: Dont worry mate you are not the only one. I started for JS in dec 1988 and was there until sept 1999. I started on checkout and I used to F**in hate it. Iworked on other departments where I did fine. I remember the Produce manager and checkout section manager arguing over who was going to keep me. Checkout normally won ! I flunked college and decided to make the best of a bad situation. I did the trainee manager program in 1995-96. You sell your soul when you work for them, I travelled an 85 mile round trip every day for 18 months then did 4 months doing 105 miles a day. I got back to the branch where i started out in 1997 and then in the summer of 1999 I bailed out and started working for my dads small firm as an apprentice plumber. It was a real struggle for me but I knew I couldnt go back to JS. A lot of people had me down as going to fail at my new job. Well, its now 2006 and I own my dads business and I am corgi regestered etc. Best thing I ever did was leave that place. I missed my mates but I still see them from time to time. There was so much crap to put with but it was the best thing i ever did. Bide your time and you will find a way out. Good luck mate :0)
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Comment: there bastards to work for anyway and dont care about there staff why bother they also treat people like shit
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Comment: i forgot to add to the above SINCE THAT [allegations deleted]
Posted: 23:30 Fri 31-Mar-2006 by "Slavesbury's worker" # permalink comment
Comment: My girlfriend and I have recently had a baby, just before christmas she was rushed to hospital 'coz of premature labour. I was 2hrs into my 8hr shift and when I got the msg i obviously wanted to go immediately. My store manager had the audacity to say "Well shes in the hospital, thats the best place for her, can't you go up after your shift? Or posibly face disaplinary action." Well you can guess my reaction to this!!! I told him to shove his job (to put it nicely) and walked out that minute. Needless to say disaplinary action was dropped rather quickly, and I'm only still there 'coz I need the money for my partner and baby, but desperatly looking for other employment. Anyway mother and baby were fine, hospital managed to stop the labour and he was born on time in Jan this year :)

PS. Scan and pack sucks!!!

Posted: 23:40 Fri 31-Mar-2006 by "jamie oliver" # permalink comment
Comment: i am just a slavesbury blowhard that loves food theres nothin more i like is my bags packed NOT THEY TREAT THERE STAFF LIKE SHIT and i am just a tit lol
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Comment: i tell you what, stop picking on sainsburys and whinging about scan and pack etc, its a darn good supermarket the only bad thing about sainsburys is they are a little overpriced and their own brand bagels suck but they have improved tons over the past year-18 months and they deserve a lttle credit IMO, note to sainsburys, just keep on lowering prices and you've got got it sorted, also why not introduce same day deliveries from your website like tesco, if you did i would order from you, but, when i can order from tesco.com in the morning and have it delivered that evening, and i look on your website and the nearest delivery time is 2 days away, who do you think im going to use? my average grocery shop is £80-100 btw....sort it out
Posted: 15:18 Sun 02-Apr-2006 by "Bored Checkout Bloke" # permalink comment
Comment: As a student i need my job at sainsburys (Big up Lincoln University) and my pay is what I live on. Don't want to stay at JS for ever though! Just found out our will be getting a 3% bonus for passing all this Mystery Customer (a.k.a - Spies) lark and other crap. Also a 3% pay rise. Anyone else getting that? Suppose I cant complain about that. Does anyone else love the feeling of telling a supervisor you dont want to do overtime, simply because you dont want to? I feel like "Yeah thats right biatch, treat me better and you will get my help!"
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Comment: Posted: 15:18 Sun 02-Apr-2006 by "Bored Checkout Bloke" # permalink comment Comment: As a student i need my job at sainsburys (Big up Lincoln University) and my pay is what I live on. Don't want to stay at JS for ever though! Just found out our will be getting a 3% bonus for passing all this Mystery Customer (a.k.a - Spies) lark and other crap. Also a 3% pay rise. Anyone else getting that? Suppose I cant complain about that. Does anyone else love the feeling of telling a supervisor you dont want to do overtime, simply because you dont want to? I feel like "Yeah thats right biatch, treat me better and you will get my help!" get a fuching life you arsehole they dont respect anycunt
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Comment: What i would like to know is how much do the staff get paid. My brother works for Sainsburys and has done for years, the stck control manager left a few months ago and hasn't been replaced so my brother has been running stock control (although has not been given the stock control mangers job)for just over £800 month. I'd like to know how much a stock control manager takes home per month? Nobody talks abouth their wages so it's hard to find someone willing to tell him.
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Comment: i think extra ice chud is my favorate chewing gum, the taste lasts for ages. got to go bye oxoxoxoxo
Posted: 22:54 Fri 21-Apr-2006 by "Aleesha" # permalink comment
Comment: IM BACK!!! LOL AND Y'ALL THOUGHT YOU HEARD THE LAST OF ME!! Quik sainsburys question...does anyone know the store manager called [PERSONAL INFO DELETED] Hope u r all cool

ps...I have interview for butlins YAY

Posted: 16:07 Tue 25-Apr-2006 by "Bored Checkout Bloke" # permalink comment
Comment: I did 25 hours the other week and, even though this is very few hours compared to some, I could feel my brain rotting. + Does anyone know the policy on breaks? Does it start as soon as you leave the checkout or as soon as you get to the cafe? I always buy food from the shopfloor to eat so am I wasting valuable break time by doing so? It takes longer because we are not allowed money on the shopfloor...which is understandable.

Welcome back Aleesha!

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Comment: Heres somthing pathetic about sainsburys for you, did u know that staff, using their staff discount cards, are only allowed to buy goods to be consumed within their own home, ie if they buy a bottle of wine using it, and take it to a freinds house to enjoy, they could face the sack! couldent make this crap up, i really hate this job.
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Comment: Posted: 10:48 Thu 25-May-2006 by "pathé" # permalink comment Comment: Heres somthing pathetic about sainsburys for you, did u know that staff, using their staff discount cards, are only allowed to buy goods to be consumed within their own home, ie if they buy a bottle of wine using it, and take it to a freinds house to enjoy, they could face the sack! couldent make this crap up, i really hate this job next it will be mace and chains i went through the same when i worked for those bastards
Posted: 12:14 Fri 26-May-2006 by "polarbear" # permalink comment
Comment: Of course, that makes sense, otherwise people who knew employees of sainsburys could order their weekly shops with massive discounts, so it's a protective measure to prevent abuse of discounts, How much of anyones home shopping gets taken round to friends houses anyway? not alot, I doubt they would mind if a bottle of wine was shared with friends.
Posted: 23:17 Sat 27-May-2006 by "bored bloke " # permalink comment
Comment: [DELETED] place to work

There are lots of reasons why slaves choose to work at Sainsbury’s, and there are even more reasons why many of them decide to [DELETED] and the [DELETED] and [DELETED] end up being managers for that extra [DELETED] per hour

Our [DELETED] policies, covering areas such as Health & Safety, employee relations, unfair treatment and [DELETED] and [DELETED], help make working life [DELETED] for everyone. Schemes such as [DELETED], make sure staff are [DELETED] to from the highest level. And we ensure there is a [DELETED] focus on diversity in the workplace, by actively recruiting people from a wide range of ages and backgrounds. We also pride ourselves on our Corporate Social Responsibility, with initiatives including a food donation programme, promotion of Fairtrade produce and our Active Kids scheme.

As a business we are growing more every day – making us a [DELETED] place to really shape your future. If you’re searching for a role where you’ll be [DELETED] accordingly, take a look at the rest of the site to find out more.

We [DELETED] care about the future here at Sainsbury’s. You should be too, as there’s simply never been a better time to join our [DELETED] . Click here to hear our Chief Executive, Justin King, talk about the part you can play[DELETED]

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Comment: your camp needs you join sainsburys today
Posted: 23:23 Mon 05-Jun-2006 by "GM Worker" # permalink comment
Comment: I work on the General Merchandise team. We've just done our talkback so in the comments section I gave them both barrels. Sainsburys are treating us like arseholes at the moment, cutting staff to make profits is the sign of a company failing and in decline. Most management are scummy arselickers (with checkout managers/manageresses being the worst). The company discount scheme sucks. We are not told half of what is going on when in October 2004 we were all told everyone was going to be more open and honest with us lackeys. The MCM i believe should be there to keep people on their toes but the pass percentage and the amount we have to do to attain the higher scores in astounding. 18 items scanned per minute, customer interaction, scan and pack... most people just want to pay for their shopping and go... i only talk to customers if they talk to me and my ques go faster than most. Sometimes I think that the grass might be greener on the other side but from past experience whatever job you do its usually a shit one! My one saving grace is my team i work with, were really close and my manager isn't afraid to tell people to fuck off, If sainsburys had more managers like him we wouldnt be in this situation. If we had less paperwork and more time to stack shelves and serve customers without so much pressure we might not be 3rd biggest food retailer and the 1st shitest. thats my rant anyway, sorry if it dont make much sense but like most im just really pissed off with the way things are at the moment. thanks.
Posted: 15:15 Wed 07-Jun-2006 by "Bored Checkout Bloke" # permalink comment
Comment: Just read up about Sainsburys, apparently we are fast approaching ASDA and close to becoming 2nd biggest supermarket. Thats good news I suppose... im sure the bosses will get a big fat ceque to cash while the workers might get an extra 5% discount. Calmed down a bit since I have been moved on to grocery and no longer on the damn checkouts. Had a payrise and get a 3% bonus this month as well so its looking up!

Pete to win Big Brother!

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Comment: I'm back! hmm i have nothing to report havent seen anything new in months :[
Posted: 22:24 Sun 11-Jun-2006 by "Checkout Chick"
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Comment: Ive just started at Sainers - Does anyone know the PLU codes for red and green grapes? I had them written down and Ive lost them! Ta
Posted: 22:28 Sun 11-Jun-2006 by "polarbear" # permalink comment
Comment: Holy Sh*t these sainsburys employees are a wierd bunch lmao
Posted: 23:01 Sun 11-Jun-2006 by "tom thumb" # permalink comment
Comment: Posted: 22:24 Sun 11-Jun-2006 by "Checkout Chick" (apparently posting from 82-38-243-194.cable.ubr02.brad.blueyonder.co.uk) # permalink comment Comment: Ive just started at Sainers - Does anyone know the PLU codes for red and green grapes? I had them written down and Ive lost them! Ta u sad cow would rather do a sentence in jail
Posted: 23:14 Sun 11-Jun-2006 by "polarbear" # permalink comment
Comment: wtf? Even wierder than i first thought
Posted: 10:13 Fri 16-Jun-2006 by "mysticpanda" # permalink comment
Comment: I work at Sainsburys on [DELETED] and i really really hate it, [DELETED], the money is pretty standard but it is the degrading way the managers [DELETED] and the supervisors treat you. They expect you to scan and pack at the same time which if you do makes you go slower and therefore you get punished for not scanning at least 17 items per minute and they threaten to fire you. On the otherhand they complain if you don't scan and pack. Most customers hate being asked if they have a nectar card and if they do they normally present it to staff, but no we have to harrass each person who comes to the checkout. I am so tired of being threatened and cheated out of overtime, and to top it all we can't do our job cos we are always threatened by managers who punish us. It is really disgusting and i think everyone who shops in sainsburys should know it isn't the cool place that jamie oliver promotes on tv [DELETED].
Posted: 12:08 Mon 26-Jun-2006 by "PlebsUtd" # permalink comment
Comment: enjoyed reading all ur comments bout js. me and my mate had bin using another forum bout js and guess wot? they sacked us for it. said it was harrassment and brand damage, freedom of speech my arse, they just didnt like wot they heard, the truth hurts. now everytime another message is posted it gets deleted.
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Comment: Comment: enjoyed reading all ur comments bout js. me and my mate had bin using another forum bout js and guess wot? they sacked us for it. said it was harrassment and brand damage, freedom of speech my arse, they just didnt like wot they heard, the truth hurts. now everytime another message is posted it gets deleted. ---------------- ---------------- ---------------- ---------------- ---------------- ----- oh what forums that do u have a link
Posted: 00:25 Tue 27-Jun-2006 by "PlebsUtd" # permalink comment
Comment: http://groups.msn.com/sainsburysstaff, try that, if that doesnt work then go to msn people and chat,view all categories,then workplaces. theres now only 1 message on it and some people have now been barred from it. some of the stuff we wrote was similar to wots on this site. we alledgedly, or so they say slagged of certain people, we didnt name anyone but they put names to it. do we regret wot we done? no bloody way, we still piss ourselves laughing at some of the comments. it was then reported to crimeline who investigated, this happened in Northern Ireland. Considering the things that happen instore theyd hav bin better off investigating them.
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Comment: cheers 4 that ped
Posted: 21:04 Tue 27-Jun-2006 by "ped" # permalink comment
Comment: PlebsUtd" if they treat people like humans and not black plantation slaves none would happen but here shit happens tru saying u pay peanuts you get monkeys and there nothing but a shower of shite

ped would u agree

Posted: 20:08 Sat 08-Jul-2006 by "pissed off sainsburys worker" # permalink comment
Comment: i work for sainsburys and really hate it when customers come in 2 mins b4 closing time, get to the checkout 5 mins after shop has closed and then expect toget their flowers wraped. then the arseholes decide to browse the newspapers which are getting ready to be sent back. if the shop shuts at 10pm we finish at 10pm silly fuckin arsehole customers
Posted: 21:58 Sat 08-Jul-2006 by "try something new today" # permalink comment
Comment: slaves try walking out at slavesburys on christmas eve early [DELETED]


try somethin new today

Posted: 13:50 Mon 17-Jul-2006 by "try something new today" # permalink comment
Comment: workers try mixing your drinks at work night outs it may give you the dutch courage to tell the management scum exactlly what you think off them


try somethin new today

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Comment: Sainsbury's 'us and them' bonuses

Sainsbury's has been struggling against its rivals J Sainsbury's new boss is to get share options worth around £1.5m, just as staff have learned they are to lose a long running Christmas cash bonus. The firm has confirmed that for the first time in 25 years, full-time staff will not be getting their festive bonus in 2004, today worth some £100.

Instead the supermarket chain's staff will have to make do with a 5% extension in store discount.

Sainsbury's is struggling against its rivals, and has seen profits slip.

I work for Sainsbury's and am disgusted - our new chief executive should not be rewarded with shares until he proves he can turn the business around

Martin Spence, Sainsbury worker The decision to end the Christmas bonus will affect 100,000 full-time Sainsbury's staff, who are instead having their store discount increased from 10% to 15% from October to December.

Sainsbury's said the decision had been made following a successful trial.


The supermarket giant is giving Justin King, who joined the company as chief executive from Marks & Spencer two months ago, the option of almost half a million shares, exercisable at 274 pence each from 2007.

Our members will look at this as the directors operating a 'one rule for us, another rule for the workers' policy

Joanne McGuinness, Usdaw union

Additionally, he will be allowed the option to buy a further 184,700 shares, worth over £0.50m, dependent on him meeting performance targets over the next three years.

The options package comes after chairman Sir Peter Davis was awarded £2.4m in shares for his work during a year in which profits fell 2.9%.

The supermarket chain said the money saved by denying workers their bonus would be spent "on improving our other incentive schemes (such as the increase to staff discount) over the coming months.''

Joanne McGuinness, national officer of shopworkers' union Usdaw, said staff would feel understandably angry at the award of big bonuses to directors when many were not getting a pay rise themselves this year.

"Our members will look at this as the directors operating a 'one rule for us, another rule for the workers' policy," she said.

Sainsbury's has struggled against its main supermarket rivals Tesco and Asda in recent years.

While they have both announced seemingly ever-growing record profits, Sainsbury's has seen its slide on disappointing sales and an ongoing restructuring drive.

Last week it reported a 2.9% fall in annual profits and said it was cutting prices in an attempt to win back market share.

In addition to losing their Christmas bonus, staff at Sainsbury's head office will lose their additional earnings related bonus scheme.

---------------- ---------------- ---------------- ---------------- ---------------- -----

One rule for bosses, another for workers or a sensible and propTOO LONG!

Posted: 14:11 Mon 17-Jul-2006 by "Clair, Guildford" # permalink comment
Comment: I work for Sainsbury's at the moment and worked there previously for eight years. It's amazing how much staff morale has gone down in the last eight years - they simply don't care about the general staff, only the fat cats in their suits. Try thinking more about the real people who work for you and then you will see a turnaround. The company are terrible, they make their shop floor managers work 12 hour days - it's one rule for higher managers and another rule for others, there is hardly any staff morale. Contracts are changing - no sick pay for first three days, on newer contracts since last August. How come you can find some money to entice the big wigs to push a pen around but not find enough to put more staff on the checkouts?
Posted: 11:41 Sat 22-Jul-2006 by "a new shoppers js forum" # permalink comment
Comment: http://www.sainsburys.co.uk/YourIdeas/forums/default.aspx?groupid=7

click this and stir up shit let the customers know how much of a shit hole this place is to work

Posted: 13:21 Wed 06-Sep-2006 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: Just a test to see if this works really - Australian comedian Tim Minchin adds his opinion to the "packing your own shopping" debate:

Posted: 13:58 Wed 06-Sep-2006 by "Phillerena" # permalink comment
Comment: It worked fine snackspot, just took a while to load. Great performance.
Posted: 21:15 Sat 28-Oct-2006 by "Jawz" # permalink comment
Comment: when i worked in a shop, a small shop mind - 4 tills at most were open, often 2, id usually be on one till - i was often quiet...and my colleague was the loud vibrant one...so basically the regulars who came in would chose whjo they went to...if they wanted a chat...or such theyd go to the chatty women. obv over the year or so i was working the some of the customers that chatted to me built up a friendly relationship as such. id only really speak when spoken to...i hate forcing conversation...
Posted: 21:35 Fri 03-Nov-2006 by "Bored Checkout Bloke" # permalink comment
Comment: I'm back on the sodding checkouts. If we get 2 red observations we now have to speak to the duty manager and have 'Advice and Counselling'. Advice...maybe...Counselling...come on. 14770
Posted: 16:52 Fri 17-Nov-2006 by "Underappreciated Sainsburys Employee" # permalink comment
Comment: I've work on and off at my local sainsburys for three years now and it beggars belief some of the things that are enforced by managers. Do these people have any common sense whatsoever? Scan and pack was a joke. Id pack if people are still putting things on the belt, or if theyre struggling. Its all common sense, but oh no, you have to pack the first things for eveerryyone.

I actually got called into a store room where we were told, if you dont scan and pack every single customer first few items, youll be in for disciplinary action. We actually got told to tell the customer if we dont scan and pack the first 4 items then we'll get disciplinary action. What a joke. You dont expect to go a supermarket and be told by the guy serving you he has to pack your first 4 items or he'll get told off. It just isnt something you want to hear. You dont want all these stupid things when you go shopping. You go to get your stuff as quickly and easily as possible, queue for a small amount of time and get out asap.

Another thing at my store, we have quite possibly the worst human being I have ever come into contact with as a duty manager. He has no respect for individuals and his manners are appalling. His work ethos is push everyone as hard as they can, not thank them for it, make rude comments to the female members of staff and boss everyone about without any regard for whatever they might have been told to do by someone else. He takes people off from trolleys when the checkouts are busy...nice one - now the customers dont have any trolleys. Cause when its busy inside - guess what! Its busy outside aswell!!! Do you have NO common sense!?! and one guy on trolleys on a saturday afternoon is NOT ENOUGH. to then take this guy inside to put on a checkout is just unbelievable.

I've actually gotten incredibly angry writing this and a lot of it may not have made much sense. it infuriates me that these managers think they are the shit. Youre not, you 'manage' people who could do your job better if they were in your shoes because theyve worked through all these stupid policies and know what works and what doesnt. Get off your high horse, interact with your staff and appreciate them for what theyre doing. A happy relationship between staff and management is key, but they dont seem to realise it.

Its all about common sense, these idiots just want their massive bonuses. 'Making Sainsburys Great Again'? Bull.Shit.

Posted: 21:43 Fri 17-Nov-2006 by "Marquez" # permalink comment
Comment: lol aww poor baby
Posted: 22:54 Fri 17-Nov-2006 by "above" # permalink comment
Comment: and another thing, when I started working for them my starting wage was

£3.53 an hour.

4 4

Posted: 04:11 Fri 24-Nov-2006 by "gnrbvn" # permalink comment
Comment: I work for Sainsburys and we have this items per minute rule where we have to scan 19 items per minute. I never reached this target and yet I am too quick for most customers that I have to help them pack at the end. I know customers do not enjoy being rushed into packing quickly and yet JS see this as the most important thing. I have already been warned I will face disciplinary acion for scanning 18 items instead of 19 items per minute. What kind of difference is that.
Posted: 18:53 Sun 26-Nov-2006 by "jsdude" # permalink comment
Comment: its a classic example of the 'clever' people in the office putting policies in place that simply dont work in practise. they want their bonuses. simple as that. the staff have to pass the mystery shopper score, and it is this audit which determines whether the store gets a green for the year and reaches the bonus. my manager got his bonus (something in the region of £25+k), due to the work his staff had done. yes, managers have to be responsible for their staff and push them to pass the tests, but it is a serious dint in morale when we get paid shit, working in the trenches as it were, whilst you hardly ever see the manager out on the shop floor, and whenever he is its to move someone from one department to do something on another, when he himself could be doing that job.

hah, sounds just like every other employed persons rant - managers suck, workers rule, managers dont understand the workers etc etc.

Posted: 22:28 Sun 26-Nov-2006 by "sum guy" # permalink comment
Comment: i started working in the bakery - this is good as i don't hear MEEP...MEEP...MEEEEEEP every couple of seconds. one the other hand i get stupid questions about tiger bread. on the other hand i'm great at kissing customer arse and got a shining star for this. on the other hand i get stupid bloody questions about the tiger bread and the racks are covered in grease which gets into the dough, which discolours the bloomers which i have to 'explain' to customers whilst remaining middle class and charming. on the other hand i can wank in the bagguettes. 07
Posted: 22:30 Tue 19-Dec-2006 by "Sainsburys is the BEST" # permalink comment
Comment: my sainsburys is great, entirly because all the staff work as a team, everyone works hard and does the best they can. alot of these managers you all talk about seem very beurocratic,the way i work depends on how busy the store is and the customer, i scan much faster when its busy, i always open a bag for them, sometimes they start packing themeselves, if not i start for them and they take over when they are ready, you do get the odd customer who wants you to do it all but oh well, we are getting paid for it. overall i enjoy working for them especially now i'm being made a supervisor and think SAINSBURYS IS THE BEST
Posted: 09:27 Fri 22-Dec-2006 by "ulstersaysno" # permalink comment
Comment: the two poor sods that were dismissed over here, were stitched up. js copied and pasted (and editted) their comments from the chat room, added names to it and sacked them. The store manager swore that the documents relating to the dismissal were kept safe in his care, yet another employee with the initials of [DELETED] showed the contents of this document to other staff members, in the canteen BEFORE the disciplinary hearing. the next day one of the two suspended employees, was told they weren't welcome back in the store. How could this be if the manager said the docs were in safe keeping. Also the PO was heard say, prior to being reassigned to anther store that her greatest achievement was "getting rid of those two" that sounds a bit vindictive. Also proves that it was her who phoned the hotline!! its also strange that the majority of senior management over here are English and not local - why is that? are we not good enough. I applied for a senior post and was bascially told to wise up
Posted: 16:51 Wed 03-Jan-2007 by "Tee" # permalink comment
Comment: to cindy: Most department managers earn between 18k and 25k checkout management can earn up to 28k
Posted: 11:16 Fri 05-Jan-2007 by "On a Positive" # permalink comment
Comment: We all like a chance to complain about the management within our places of work and that is an employees perogative.I have a superb Sainsburys store near me in Warlingham Surrey,the staff are genuine with their willingness to help and it is evident that they enjoy where they work. One lady on the checkout has served over 25 years for which proudly she informs me she gets to go to dinner dance regularly,she is so proud that she still has the final salary pension and uses her discount card to treat her family to gifts that are a little more expensive than she could normally afford. The young duty manager knows her name and he always walks the checkout line every day saying hello and smiling to all the staff.The checkout manager is firm but fair and has a team of young up and coming trainee managers all seeming to enjoy their chosen career. I can only see that respect earns respect and some people need to get out of their protective bubbles and recognise that those above them are not out to get them at all. I wonder if someone with a lot more experience in the workplace can see more clearly what is going on around her than a child who had no discipline enforced on them during their sub adequate education entering the big bad world of (and this is the bit that a handful of them don't understand)'WORK'!
Posted: 00:23 Sun 14-Jan-2007 by "ryut" # permalink comment
Comment: On a positive. you sound like that you are the department manager. Your store may be all fantastic and wonderful, but I dont think that means that all managers at sainsburys across every store in the UK is as good as where you are.
Posted: 19:13 Sun 14-Jan-2007 by "mary" # permalink comment
Comment: I work as a sales assistant, and was unlucky to have a mysery shopper, I chat to all the customers, but this mystery shopper, made me lose marks because I was serving someone, and didn`t smile at them when they entered the shop ! I have worked for this company for over 4 years, and I was unlucky to be wearing my name badge that day, as in the past when other members of staff have had low marks, they weren`t wearing one, so no one knew which one of us it was. I also lost marks because I didn`t hand her the bag by the corners, which I always do . This is making me ill as my manager now says I have to improver of face disciplinary action ! I am so upset about this, I dont know what to do, my manager says I have 5 weeks to change, but I`ve never had any problems before. She is also taking me on a tour of the shops on Friday morning, so that I can be a mystery customer, and see how to treat people !!! I know how to treat people, I am not stupid. because of this I`m now looking for another job, I`ve never faced a disciplinary in my life, and I`m 54. Has anyone got any advice please ?
Posted: 20:46 Sun 14-Jan-2007 by "Chubworth" # permalink comment
Comment: No advice Mary I'm afraid - sounds grim and you obviously deserve so much better than this. Glad I don't shop in JS. Can't help feeling that the whole Mystery Shopper thing is Stalinist beyond belief. I knew someone who was a Mystery shopper and he was a twisted and snivelling toad. The job suited him well. I for one do not need the shops I use to be tested out by undercover agents, for God's sake. The self-scan things in shops are popular precisely because people don't need the forced conversations from the checkout staff.
Posted: 16:55 Mon 15-Jan-2007 by "Henz" # permalink comment
Comment: i work at Sainsburys and i got threatened that if i did not interact with the customer then i would be sent home without pay!....is that right? .....i mean all the customers care about is quick and efficient service and then they just want to run on home! Small chat is nice i guess but why on earth would you randomly want to bring up something such as ' i like your chain' when you barely known the customer for 5 seconds?! i say Hello, would you like help with your packing, open bags as i scan things too,and keep smiling so you look like your available to answer any queries they may have and then i would take the payment and say thank you/goodbye to them. all this disciplinary action is all a bit too much in my opinion. The customers do not even care to be honest! They just care about getting their food products packed quickly and calmly.
Posted: 16:57 Mon 15-Jan-2007 by "Matt" # permalink comment
Comment: Hi, I'm a Staff member of Sainsbury's. The rumours are true, we are threatoned with being told off or even fired if we don't make polite conversation or ask for necter cards ect;

Most of us gang up on the person incharge if they start abusing their position of power.


Posted: 18:41 Mon 15-Jan-2007 by "grotbag" # permalink comment
Comment: I'm so glad I was only working there for a short period - they don't give a monkeys about anything other than 'standard procedure' yet it's always the muppets that seem to worm their way into the supervisors affections.

Better off out of there - anyone getting aggro should bugger off an work for asda. They get to wonder about all day gossiping. Still, cheerful bunch!

Posted: 19:09 Thu 18-Jan-2007 by "wildamberhoney"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: So what? If you're in retail (which I have been for 12 years), it's your jOB to chat with customers. Face facts. We all know that some customers just don't want to talk, so it is fair enough that you can't really engage them in conversation, but any manager worth their salt will understand that. As for the rest, there's no excuse.

I used to be shy, working in retail helped me get over it. If you can't cope with having to make conversation with people as part of your job, just go and work in another industry.

Posted: 20:30 Mon 22-Jan-2007 by "Wotajoke" # permalink comment
Comment: Hi Ulstersaysno,I know about the 2 in NI who got the chop. JS got their security team in and they were cautioned but as usual they got this wrong as they were not read their rights, therefore under the police and criminal evidence act these so called professionals broke the law. This was pointed out on more than 1 occasion at their disciplinaries but did that bother JS? No. The mgr conducting these could only bleat "duly noted" at each question raised about procedures connected to this being broken.
Posted: 15:56 Tue 23-Jan-2007 by "checkoutboi" # permalink comment
Comment: hi, im a checkout lad at sainsburys, i agree with most of the comments on this website! it is a pile of crap to work there but at the end of the day its money! not much, but its something, i do evening shifts 5:30-10:30 and i hate the fuckin customers that are still in at 10:10 and still expect good customer service!!! i had one guy hu had a mountain of shopping at like 22:15 and i was there, the only checkout left and he kept going back into the shop to get more stuff, i was packing his bags for him, gettin impatiente, wen he finally came back, he firstly had a go at ME for not having sumthing in the shop and then complained to me about my bag packing skills! i was infuriated but just had to say "sorry sir" not everyone hu shops there is like that, but its those people that really piss me off and ruin my shitty evening!!! any checkout staff had previous experiences???
Posted: 20:41 Sat 27-Jan-2007 by "shelfstacker" # permalink comment
Posted: 12:16 Tue 30-Jan-2007 by "One of Jamies Tossers" # permalink comment
Comment: Its hard enough traipsin' behind 'er indoors arse round these supermarkets pretending to be interested in the price of organic nose hair clippers, but to have to listen to some twat clearly trying to impress you with chit chat that they have been ordered to do. Fuck up would you! There is a butchers in my town where the staff have been told to do the same. One prick basically interrogated me over the counter, 'bout my job, house, sex life, i was just glad he didn't bring up the subject of bestial sex, (i would have died of shame) Let the sods just get on with their work, they are not fucking Michael Parkinsons
Posted: 19:23 Tue 30-Jan-2007 by "Marquez" # permalink comment
Comment: lol
Posted: 17:42 Wed 31-Jan-2007 by "Shilpa" # permalink comment
Comment: I hear that Jade Goody is applying for a job with Sainsbury's. And with her manner and persona, should just about drag Sainsburys up the ladder a bit!
Posted: 17:49 Wed 31-Jan-2007 by "Shitupon" # permalink comment
Comment: On the subject of Jamies Tossers, how is it that Jamie Oliver said that anyone who buys crisps in Sainsburys is a tosser. A comment Mr King the Chief Exec had a snigger. Well suck on this. I am a Sainsburys customer and I find it offensive that an employee (which is technically what J.O is) can call me a Tosser without losing his job, just like the Ulster 2. It is also a case of product damage!!!. Action please Justin my boy
Posted: 00:53 Fri 02-Feb-2007 by "ex checkout supervisor" # permalink comment
Comment: just get over it or shop somewhere else. o how often i had to stop myself saying that to customers.
Posted: 22:23 Sun 04-Feb-2007 by "MIKEY"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: the plu code for red grapes is 2424 and for green 2370
Posted: 12:52 Mon 05-Feb-2007 by "gnvrb" # permalink comment
Comment: Thank you very much MIKEY. Now I know.
Posted: 16:08 Wed 14-Feb-2007 by "shitupon" # permalink comment
Comment: not a matter of gettin over it "ex checkout supervisor", some other poor sods were sacked for saying something similar, but didn't have the advantage of million pound contracts - so fuck up
Posted: 00:16 Thu 15-Feb-2007 by "rhew" # permalink comment
Comment: I HATE SAINSBURYS. I have just come back from 8 hours shift which I agreed to do as overtime. Instead of Sainsburys thanking me of giving up free time and doing some work for them, The checkout Manager did an observation on me and told me I have got a discliplinary hearing coming up. And it wasnt because I have been horrible to customers, it is because of my Items Per Minute rate and how many voids and no sales I have done. I mean how on earth are these two factors affecting the company in anyway. Its absolutely scandulous.
Posted: 15:39 Tue 20-Feb-2007 by "Laura" # permalink comment
Comment: I'm a CTS at Sainsburys and it's the worst place to work.Apart from useless management we have a very rude customers that take advantage of the situation.Not only they expect us to pack every item,my colleagues and me had been yelled very often because we didn't put the bags in the customers hands!!Ridiculous.And if we complaint about the abusive behaviour managers keep on telling us that the customers has "always"the reason.When I was pregnant with a terrible morning sickness I've been told not to go to the toilet so often (I should vomit on the shop floor then).I can't take these any more.Does anyone now any web or phone number to compaints to the head Office about tses things.In my store they refuse to help.
Posted: 07:40 Sat 24-Feb-2007 by "Jamie" # permalink comment
Comment: I don't work at Sainsburys but I feel everyone's pain... I work at a busy London terminal as on the tills and it's a fn nightmare. Greg; we realise customer service is apart of our jobs but ffs, why are customers so fn THICK!

It really winds me up how lazy customers are. I've noticed at the super markets now these new self chek outs and NO ONE USES THEM!! WHY?! They are SO much quicker and more convinant! I hate working at this station too because I slog my guts out fixing our self service ticket machines and no one uses them. Oh no, we'd rather queue up in the massive quueue for a straight forward single and miss our train than use the machine! Ya know, how hard IS IT?! Press where your going, single, return then PAY!

Secondly I hate it when customers question the prices on things. If you think you know it then p1ss off and get it from the machine and stop pestering me!

Me: Thats 10.40 then please. SC (Stupid Customer): WHAT?! It was only about 8 pound something theother day... Me: (Gritted teeth) No this is the correct price.

They then mumble on and THEN moan they will miss their train then MOAN some more and then pay by credit card for a 1.80 ticket and then have ago at you when their train is pulling off! Heres a hint, if you need to catch a train pay with CASH or use your card at the ticket machine which is right near the platforms. WHY WALK RIGHT past the ticket machines which are next to the platforms and walk round to queue at the booking office which is right at the back of the station?!

ARGHH! Or when customers have a go at you for something the companys done. I.e for sainsburys it might be prices have gone up or the stores been moved around. For me its when there are delays.

SC: Why are there delays? Me: I know as much as you, please listen for annoucments and you will be told when the next train is. SC: WHY DON'T YOU KNOW MORE?! YOUR USELESS! Me: As I said, we get the same information as you do. Please can you step away so i can serve some one else?

Customer begins to shout and make total prat of themself while i switch off. What can I do? Go down and fix the overhead? Take off the fallen tree of the line?! I'm NOT an engineer!

WHY ARE THEY SO THICK!? Why can't they read screens either! We have FIVE HUGE screens with train times at our station, very clear and very simple. But we still get WHENS THE NEXT TRAIN TO TIMBUCTOO?! It's so hard to stay serious and look at the screen (and they LOOK at you looking at the screen) and say the one that says Timbuctoo on platform 2 is going to timbuctoo. I mean, come on use your heads.

This just proves most customers are lazy buggers. If someone is there to do something for them, they won't do anything... Screens cost thousands to maintain and yet no idiot can use them.. Same with self-service machines.

It's a shame the majority of customers are thick as two short planks as there are some very nice customers who are very polite and understanding and won't bite yTOO LONG!

Posted: 16:41 Sun 25-Feb-2007 by "Laura" # permalink comment
Comment: Me again!!Yeah,there are thick customers everywhere,I totally agree with you Jamie.The same problem you have with the screens we have with the total price at the checkout,the amount is written in the screen,very visible,still after telling them 2 or 3 times the amount I have to hear things like what?How much did you say?ehhhh? .They look at our face instead o looking at the screen.Come on people!! I'm going mad with that place.Yesterday someone started telling me off about my packing skills.I packed every item for her with a long queue behind, she wanted a few items in different bag,how do I know?.I don't read minds!!These here,these there,no no,those 2 will go with that....grrrr,I almost tell her to do her own packing.The duty start shouting at us "quick quick quick",impossible!!If we pack everything (they don't want the first 3 items only)and they want us to chat with the customers,we cannot be quick,common sense.I'm a CTS checkout but I cannot say anything to my managers,they treat us with warnings so we keep our mouths shut.I'm already looking for another job,I cannot take it,4 years is my limit.
Posted: 18:41 Mon 26-Feb-2007 by "whisper" # permalink comment
Comment: In our store the customers can break anything and don't have to pay or even apologise for it. All in the name of good customer service!
Posted: 19:29 Sat 03-Mar-2007 by "Baker" # permalink comment
Comment: Sainsburys is a dreaadful place to work. they ask you to scam 20 items per minuet, ( dosent sound like alot i no..but it is) pack and make polite conversation....for 8 hours of the working day. and the only reason the checkout department always fails MCM is because we have most contact with customers therefore are supposed to have much higher standards! ive also been threatend with discaplinary for calling in sick, and had a younger colleauge been told he cant call in sick for the next 6 months because his mother called in for him.....disgrace
Posted: 14:26 Sun 04-Mar-2007 by "Disgusted" # permalink comment
Comment: I'm also aware of an ex colleague who after undergoing treatment for cancer was told she may be diciplined if she went off sick within the following 3 months. What a kind and caring twat of a manager she had.
Posted: 17:16 Mon 05-Mar-2007 by "Mir Munavwar Ali"
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Comment: sales asssestant
Posted: 20:24 Mon 05-Mar-2007 by "blown away"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: any one seen the coop adverts caring sharing coop, bully firm they buy companies and promise to look after staff they push people into submission only like yes people dont question anything the say or your hsitory Iwas nearly killed in an explosion in a store ,suffering from ptsd no support whatsoever anyone with bad experince of coop
Posted: 21:39 Wed 07-Mar-2007 by "Baker" # permalink comment
Comment: s'not on really....al they care about is their customers not their staff. and the majority of staff council reps are supervisors/managers anyway...i feel for your colleauge who had cancer! hope shes better now.
Posted: 14:24 Thu 08-Mar-2007 by "Disgusted" # permalink comment
Comment: Yep, she's fine now. In our store the staff council was just a paper exercise for the store manager. Any decisions that staff council (all the yes people)were to make had already been agreed by SM & personnel dept.
Posted: 19:56 Sun 11-Mar-2007 by "Fed up" # permalink comment
Comment: What is the point of being one of the top supermarkets in the country, when the staff are treated so badly? All managers and duty managers should first be trained in some basic good manners and how to treat people with respect. Sainsburys has the most uncivilised and repulsive management you can ever find anywhere. Their motto is "kill the staff and make profit".
Posted: 23:12 Mon 12-Mar-2007 by "Stressed" # permalink comment
Comment: I work for JS and find it very stressful for many of the reasons already mentioned. Crap customers who cant be bothered to say hello when you speak to them. Customers who say that they would like you to pack their shopping for them then stand at the end of your till for 15 minutes repacking everything. - why dont they just pack it themselves? because they saw that stupid jamie oliver advert many years ago saying that we will pack your shopping while you stand and chat to your mate on your mobile - oh dont get me started on mobile phones. All i hope for on a good day is that a few customers will give me at the very least a `thank you` and a `goodbye` as we are forced to be chatty whilst processing 19 items per minute scan and pack, have your got a nectar card or even a car park ticket its like 20 questions 100s of times a day.Its no wonder staff - sorry collegues are leaving my store in droves
Posted: 15:54 Tue 13-Mar-2007 by "jsuwhat" # permalink comment
Comment: going back for easter. heard theyve stopped the sunday premium and unsociable hours pay. toss.pots.
Posted: 14:40 Wed 14-Mar-2007 by "nikka" # permalink comment
Comment: what????they stopped sunday premium????I didn't heard anything in my store but if there is not sunday premium I don't go to work of course.Sundays are horrible,we are always short of staff and quite busy,the "time and half" is well earned.
Posted: 00:50 Sun 18-Mar-2007 by "-" # permalink comment
Comment: only for new contracted people, those whove worked there before the 25th of this month i think will still get it
Posted: 18:38 Sat 24-Mar-2007 by "Disgusted" # permalink comment
Comment: What they normally do is buy you out of premiums,eg,bought me out of one of the old contracts and I got over £700, I then stopped working Sundays. If this ever happens make sure it benefits you and don't let them bully you into it, I've seen this happen on numerous occasions.
Posted: 20:27 Wed 04-Apr-2007 by "Looking for a new job" # permalink comment
Comment: I'm back from work,what a hell,everything,from management to nasty customers."Excuse meeeeee,I want 2 bags,this and this here,that and that on the other one,no no noooo I want the apples with the yoghourts....> it took a long time just with a customer and long queues.Next one similar situation,and so on.Aahhh,and the lastest rule on my store,we cannot go to the toilet more than 2 times ,wow,what a place to work!!
Posted: 16:41 Thu 05-Apr-2007 by "ESCAPED JS CAMP MAN" # permalink comment
Comment: situation,and so on.Aahhh,and the lastest rule on my store,we cannot go to the toilet more than 2 times ,wow,what a place to work!!


Posted: 20:36 Fri 06-Apr-2007 by "CSA" # permalink comment
Comment: sainsburys = slaveburys

Posted: 01:04 Sun 08-Apr-2007 by "BIN LADEN " # permalink comment



Posted: 00:35 Sat 14-Apr-2007 by "LUCY"
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Comment: UR SEXY
Posted: 20:10 Sat 14-Apr-2007 by "Annie Norma se'fanny" # permalink comment
Comment: Whats the difference between a store manager and a skidmark? Nothin, they are both useless trails of shite.
Posted: 13:06 Wed 18-Apr-2007 by "reader" # permalink comment
Comment: 4 September, 1939, Germany. War Economy Decree. Abolished higher rates of pay for Sunday and night work, amongst other things. Nice one Sainsbury's - taking lessons from the Nazi's?
Posted: 14:58 Thu 19-Apr-2007 by "Storageheater"
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Comment: I can't decide whether the Sainsbury's Online Shopping is a scam or just some very inexperienced people putting the prices in. Several of the 'price per g'/'price per kg' have been multiplied by an extra 1000, creating some amazingly expensive items. I don't buy a wide variety of things from them though I shop online once a week, but every time I go to their site there is something I can't risk buying because the price is given so unclearly or so obviously wrong.

They've just changed their 'free delivery' offer, too (excitingly). It used to be free if you spent more than £70 and got the delivery on Tuesday or Thursday. Now if you fit those criteria you pay £2.50 instead of £5

Posted: 14:52 Sun 22-Apr-2007 by "Frank" # permalink comment
Comment: What a pathetic bunch of cretins you lot are.
Posted: 00:33 Mon 23-Apr-2007 by "DIsgruntled Maypole" # permalink comment
Comment: JS is such a terrible compayny to work for espescially the Maypole store in Birminghmam. Every week there are disciplinaries - something is serioulsy wrong . They try to pretend that they are professional but havent got a clue. Managers get together and lie when you challenge them about unfair treatment. They know nothing about customer service or what customers really want. Sainsburys will never be great again - dont know how they managed it years ago. Going through an unfair treatment process and they are just messing me around - not going to let it drop. Maypole store gets away with too many things staff walkout i am not leaving until i am good and ready going to make them go through the process.
Posted: 16:38 Mon 23-Apr-2007 by "PED" # permalink comment

Posted: 13:21 Tue 24-Apr-2007 by "Tess Tickler" # permalink comment
Comment: I went through plenty of those in my time and I do agree managers stick together. Their interview notes were always full of contradictions which did delight me, it made them look the dumbasses that they were. When this was pointed out to the store manager he still backed his managers, the s.m. is too close to some situations in his store, s.m. were brought in from different stores to deal with mine, who I might add were always the best of friends with each other but it was still well out of their league. My s.m. used to say he would always back his managers and I would say they are your staff just like me. I was also told by a duty mgr that he would hold me down and pour sweets down my throat if it meant getting rid of me, another one would say you're next for the chop and I was always pin pointed for a security search. The best thing I ever did was get a dictaphone but it's really bad when you have to resort to that. Sainsbury's could be great again if they get rid of some of the morons who havn't got a clue what they're doing, how these people get management jobs I'll never know, yes I do, I would never have degraded myself with the amount of sucking up some of these people did. Talk about publicly humiliating themselves, what a frigging laughing stock they are.
Posted: 10:29 Wed 25-Apr-2007 by "Electric Apple (was Soulman)" # permalink comment
Comment: I once took back some ''Fresh'' (Key word Fresh) Dead and cooked Chicken and it smelt AWFUL! And what did the snobby staff say? Can't be off, it's ''FRESH!'' I was suicidal! So I never went to Sainsburys again, needless to say...
Posted: 20:14 Wed 02-May-2007 by "ckcptn" # permalink comment
Comment: No Sunday premium is only for new colleagues as they are on new contracts with this in. The new contracts also put a stop to time n a half when u go over 39 hrs.
Posted: 20:23 Sun 20-May-2007 by "ckcptn" # permalink comment
Comment: No Sunday premium nor fuck all is only for new colleagues as they are on new jail sentences with this in. The new contracts also put a stop to time n a half when u go over 39 hrs.


Posted: 23:14 Tue 22-May-2007 by "Checkout4" # permalink comment
Comment: wondering if anyone saw the BBC whistleblower programme tonight which cremated JS and Tesco. I am sure both companies will have their management teams (HQ and store level) locked in meetings all day tomorrow. They should realise that these are not isolated incidents but potentially prevalent in all stores dur to insufficient staff and poor management who have failed to appreciate the problems. The other supermarkets may be gloating now but I am sure they will be looking at their own procedures and suppliers
Posted: 19:36 Wed 23-May-2007 by "Fedup" # permalink comment
Comment: The programme was very true for all stores. They should have also covered the shabby way colleagues are treated by management.
Posted: 10:56 Sat 26-May-2007 by "Henrietta Berry" # permalink comment
Comment: I never saw the programme but heard about it.This has been going on for years. I know of staff who were told to change dates on deli and meat counters to keep their losses down and to doctor paper work. I'm sure their were plenty of customers who needed the doctor after not being able to keep their food down.
Posted: 12:48 Sat 26-May-2007 by "blahhhh" # permalink comment
Comment: used to work 4 tescos and have no problem is sayig this was common pratice and EVERYBODY knows about it. managers knew about it, and did it themselves
Posted: 01:32 Sun 27-May-2007 by "iam " # permalink comment
Comment: i want this site broadcasted on the js site good way to let those people see how there staff are treated

Posted: 20:18 Fri 01-Jun-2007 by "Raggy Doll" # permalink comment
Comment: Staffing levels are so low at Sainsbury's stores now, to maximise profits for the shareholders. And don't forget each store manager can choose his staffing levels, the lower the level the bigger bonus he and his H.R manager get. !!!!! While the staff flog their guts out......
Posted: 00:02 Sun 03-Jun-2007 by "ME" # permalink comment
Comment: Posted: 20:18 Fri 01-Jun-2007 by "Raggy Doll" # permalink comment Comment: Staffing levels are so low at Sainsbury's stores now, to maximise profits for the shareholders. And don't forget each store manager can choose his staffing levels, the lower the level the bigger bonus he and his H.R manager get. !!!!! While the staff flog their guts out......



Posted: 04:33 Mon 04-Jun-2007 by "Frank" # permalink comment
Comment: Staffing levels are based on the amount they sell you moron.
Posted: 15:59 Mon 04-Jun-2007 by "Raggy Doll" # permalink comment
Comment: No they are not!! It is the decision of the Store Manager & H.R manager how they manage their particular store budget for staffing levels...
Posted: 16:02 Mon 04-Jun-2007 by "V" # permalink comment
Comment: Why is it that in sainsburys the staff always ask you if you want help with packing - then if you say you would dont actually help you pack?
Posted: 17:19 Mon 04-Jun-2007 by "beenie man" # permalink comment
Comment: Don't agree there Frank
Posted: 18:16 Sun 10-Jun-2007 by "Frank" # permalink comment
Comment: Raggy Doll - what do you base that statement on?
Posted: 18:39 Wed 13-Jun-2007 by "Raggy Doll" # permalink comment
Comment: Facts
Posted: 18:07 Thu 21-Jun-2007 by "vicster" # permalink comment
Comment: i used to work for a big company the n i left and now work for an independant off licence at store manager level. and i am sooo glad i did it cos all the corporate bull shit that i used to put up with is no longer!! fewer rules , less crap from managers and mush less stress!! get out the rat race!!!!!!!!!
Posted: 18:57 Wed 04-Jul-2007 by "Autherise alcohol checkout 17!!!!!!!!!!!!" # permalink comment
Comment: I work at JS and as a whole enjoy my job, HOWEVER being under 18 I have to wait for a supervsior to nod at me to let me sell a bottle of vodka to a woman who is clearly one foot in the grave! when i make a decision to challange a customer for ID and refuse the sale they kick off and I am over-riden by a manager...............- WHY BOTHER PUTTING ME THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE???????????????- ?
Posted: 16:54 Fri 06-Jul-2007 by "spyinthecamp" # permalink comment
Comment: this message is for the Northern Ireland two, who were sacked for use of chat room. the management showed the details of your case to staff members in the works canteen - BEFORE your disciplinary hearing, (highly illfuckingegal)and the person who reported you worked in the same store (has since moved to another branch) she was a twat anyway!
Posted: 02:43 Tue 10-Jul-2007 by "Gm Desk" # permalink comment
Comment: Woohoo ive quit, the way this company works is diabolical, The managment only care for impressing those hgher than them and they treat lower staff like **** on their shoes. alcohol authorisation was a joke, i pressed the buttom 5 times once not 1 reply, so i put it through anyway =]

I wont tell you about certan security issues but seriously carrying tills over from one side of the store to the other on your own??? im 17 and im carrying two tills of money from one side of the store to another at 8pm?!

I hate sainsburys...

Posted: 10:14 Tue 10-Jul-2007 by "Electric Apple" # permalink comment
Comment: I remember a sainsburys store near where I used to live in Rhyl (Glory childhod days! ''SNIFF'') It was quite a good store too. Even though the staff looked like a bulldog chewing 10 wasps, the service was good anyway. And the food I bought (''DROOL'' ''SNIFF SNIFF SOB'') Walkers Crinkles, Double Crunch, Coca- Cola, Polar Bear Lemonade! '(''WAIL SOB CRY'')
Posted: 19:51 Tue 10-Jul-2007 by "Birminghan" # permalink comment
Comment: Hi!I'm very upset,I've been sick due to pregnancy for 2 weeks,I followed all the procedures even I've got medical certificate and still they don't want me to get sick pay.I have a child and not enough money for the month,they don't care.
Posted: 15:58 Fri 13-Jul-2007 by "nikki" # permalink comment
Comment: Yes,they are giving warning for being sick even with medical certificate.Awful!!
Posted: 23:35 Wed 18-Jul-2007 by "disgruntled" # permalink comment
Comment: Take up the fair treatment process and speak to a union rep. Dont let them bully you. Get doctor to sign you off again.
Posted: 13:51 Fri 20-Jul-2007 by "DISAPROVING " # permalink comment
Comment: Take up the fair treatment process and speak to a union rep. Dont let them bully you. Get doctor to sign you off again. ---------------- ---------------- ---------------- ---------------- ---------------- -----


Posted: 17:41 Sat 28-Jul-2007 by "n" # permalink comment
Comment: Is it better to work in a local or central?
Posted: 18:27 Sun 29-Jul-2007 by "nikka" # permalink comment
Comment: Same rubbish I think.
Posted: 08:51 Fri 03-Aug-2007 by "westlife" # permalink comment
Comment: The situation becomes unbearable when the manager and duty manager are having an affair and get together to harass everyone. The colleagues are left with no-one to turn to.
Posted: 18:16 Wed 12-Sep-2007 by ""Nik"" # permalink comment
Comment: Yep you only get on in Sainsbury's if your face fits, and your prepared to a**e lick. As for being given warnings for being off sick (even with a certificate) just stinks...........
Posted: 21:38 Wed 03-Oct-2007 by "a" # permalink comment
Comment: Another Sainsburys forum at: http://z14.invisionfree.com/Sainsburys_Forum/index.php?
Posted: 11:52 Fri 26-Oct-2007 by "G" # permalink comment
Comment: Who thinks MCM observations are crap when we also have to keep our scan speed?
Posted: 08:59 Mon 12-Nov-2007 by "Adge Cutler" # permalink comment
Comment: Try something different- Try Tesco
Posted: 20:58 Thu 06-Dec-2007 by "Checkouts suck" # permalink comment
Comment: I always remember my observations. If I wasn't packing every item I was considered not to be scanning and packing, even if I packed the first 3 or the customer asked me not to. Even if I said hello and goodbye to the customer, i would be moaned at for not engaging in meaningful conversation. And when I said I don't really want to have a meaningful conversation with every muppet who I serve I was told just greet them and smile, we don;t expect a novel? If thats the case why do we score reds on observations for saying Hi and Goodbye? Load of rubbish if you ask me. How many of the guys who make these rules work the checkouts?
Posted: 22:53 Thu 10-Jan-2008 by "elaine feeney" # permalink comment
Comment: wheres ma last post went to just shagged a few sheep

try somethin new today

Posted: 01:14 Sat 12-Jan-2008 by "P Hilton" # permalink comment
Comment: I'd much rather the cashier put that stupid "next customer" thing where I can reach it without having to climb over the other shopper's groceries then have the cashier attempt to engage me in some kind of moronic conversation about anything I can grasp.
Posted: 22:25 Sat 19-Jan-2008 by "beep" # permalink comment
Comment: Holiday forms for 2008-2009 were given in the first week of Dec. How on earth can anyone plan or book their holidays sooo much in advance. Most students would not even have their exam dates and most parents would not even know the dates of their kids' vacations. Which idiot's stupid idea is this to give the holiday forms so early? And then they will make a big fuss if we request for a holiday change. Bunch of morons.
Posted: 15:21 Mon 04-Feb-2008 by "annoyed" # permalink comment
Comment: what pay band is a CTS/Checkout supervisor meant to be on?

in my store ppl were on band 2

Posted: 16:51 Wed 06-Feb-2008 by "ahem" # permalink comment
Comment: A CTS is on Band 3 and a CSA is on Band 2. That is the company policy. If someone is made a CTS and kept on Band 2 he should contact the Area HR and get himself promoted to Band 3. Do not be scared of unscrupulous managers.
Posted: 22:10 Thu 21-Feb-2008 by "roar" # permalink comment
Comment: And now locals will no longer have cleaners. All cleaning to be done by us. How low can one get?
Posted: 21:38 Thu 03-Apr-2008 by "update" # permalink comment
Comment: now staff have to ask whether ppl want to buy reusable bags / cashier had discussion about reusing bags . now tested on mcm and observations --- how much more do they want us to do???
Posted: 16:23 Sun 06-Apr-2008 by "teehee86" # permalink comment
Comment: There are 2 types of checkout 'supervisor' at Sainsbury's. Those on a band 2 wage are 'runners' - basically cashiers that answer calls from cashiers, clears goods left behind by customers, empty bins etc. Band 3 'supervisors' are CTS colleagues which are assistant department managers. They too may/often carry out the duties of the band 2 runners but have xtra responsibilties such as doing return to work interviews, training, observations, till checks, flights etc
Posted: 10:14 Thu 10-Apr-2008 by "jamie" # permalink comment
Comment: teehee86, at west ealing sainsburys - the runners do observations, till checks and flights as well and are still stuck on band 2
Posted: 18:46 Tue 13-May-2008 by "boo" # permalink comment
Comment: talkback season again
Posted: 21:47 Fri 22-Aug-2008 by "ba" # permalink comment
Comment: why no comments since a long time?
Posted: 15:19 Wed 27-Aug-2008 by "sainsemployeeni" # permalink comment
Comment: right, honestly, this is one of the shitest places to work for. the idea of putting an under 18 yr old on an alochol till just really pisses me off. and then you get a red in observations if you dont ask for permission at every time. yet when you do ask for permission, the CTS's get completely pissed off at you and then take it out on you. right bastards

then on top of all that shit ppl just are hateful. manager of checkouts in a particular NI store is just indescribable. if you're a student still at school aswell, they havent been at all accomodating about school hours, or going down to contracted hours...

Posted: 00:29 Thu 25-Sep-2008 by "Bored Checkout Bloke" # permalink comment
Comment: Wow, I have just found my way to this forum again...its been a while! While I have been away I have turned 21 and got a degree. And I still work for Sainsbury's. Thats right- almost 4 years down the line and I still work for them! I work on a different department now though so my 'name' is wrong...though I can hardly say I enjoy my job- I don't mind it so much. Other jobs catch my eye but my CV doesn't catch the employers. Dammit.

Anyone else still working for Sainsbuty's after they thought they would have long gone by now? I hear scare stories of temps coming in for Christmas and now they are in their 11th year!

Posted: 22:36 Sun 28-Sep-2008 by "Annoyed sainsburys worker." # permalink comment
Comment: Yeah I've been working for Sainsburys for 6 years and in that time I've got a degree, but it's not helped me get a proper job. I've been promoted to the rank of 'Super Helper' whatever that might mean... I think it just means I will have to do the supervisors (who are now called Team Leaders) jobs while they stand around and chat, while I get no extra money. I still hate customers though... why cant they get their stupid nectar cards out without being prompted by the cashiers who get sick and tired of asking for them about a thousand times a day, If they don't present their card it's the customers own fault. Has anyone else noticed the stupid things customers say... one of my favourites is "I picked this up by mistake" I mean how is that possible; I've never been walking along only for one of my hands to randomly pick something up and place it in a trolley without my knowledge, then there "I picked up two by mistake" which is again really dumb. The most common mistake I've found custormers making is seeing a POS notice about a special offer and assuming it's for whatever product they were going to buy without ever checking what product was named on the sign... what a bunch of muppets, then of course when they get to the tills it's always the cashiers fault that things were 'not clearly labelled' I mean how clear does it have to be you stupid cretins??? It names the product on the sign, just pick up the same product from the shelf and it will be fine!! My god!!! Customers are so stupid, how society functions at all is beyond me!
Posted: 22:52 Sun 28-Sep-2008 by "Annoyed sainsburys worker." # permalink comment
Comment: Ohh and to the chap earlier who said "At my local tesco's the other night they had too few checkout staff (and the extra multi-skilled staff who appeared hadn't used the tills for about a month) so I was queuing for 25 minutes solid. Most people in the queue's weren't really interested in chatting to staff by then :-)" Well it's not really the stores fault that all you stupid customers decided to come in together is it... it's always the same; no customers for 30 minutes then they all rush in together and expect to get served as soon as they get to the tills. Why don't you just space yourselves out a bit, and stop joining the queue as soon as you see one starting, even when you still have shopping to do!! That just makes the problem worse. Many times I've seen it happen where all the customers rush to the till in one go leaving the shop floor empty, except for a few customers who have unloaded most of their stuff (getting in the way of people who have actually finished shopping) and then rushing back to 'get a few more things' while everyone waiting blames the cashier who by this time is probably wishing they were allowed to use physical violence on the stupid old women whos buried their purse under all their shopping and have to get it all out again to find their handbag, only to realise they put it in their pocket earlier! Ohh and theres also the customers who come in 5 minutes before closing time and then wonder why there aren't any papers for sale and why the lottery machine has been switched off... for gods sake if you were that desperate to purchase one of those things you should have gone shopping earlier.
Posted: 13:10 Tue 07-Oct-2008 by "Bored Checkout Bloke" # permalink comment
Comment: Lol, I agree with the customer cliches you mention- the whole 'You look bored i'll give you something to do' is one of the most annoying phrases. The other day I was on my own filling the shelves (which I had to do after code-checking) so the shelves were understandably lacking in goods. But when I can't work because people keep asking me to go in the back and look for a 4 pack of croissants...that just extracts the urine!!! I couldn't stack the shelves because they were empty...paradox!?!?!
Posted: 14:00 Sat 25-Oct-2008 by "hi" # permalink comment
Comment: Why do duty managers get paid 20k when they never work more than 39 hrs per week? They are supposed to be salaried people who belong to the management and expected to put in more than 39 hrs. What is the difference between them and Band 3 people then? I think the post of duty manager should be done away with.
Posted: 14:14 Sat 25-Oct-2008 by "jo" # permalink comment
Comment: They have removed cleaners from locals and make colleagues do the cleaning. Sick psychos
Posted: 17:16 Sat 25-Oct-2008 by Zeddy # permalink comment
Comment: That's shocking!! Next they'll be expecting you to work for your money. If I were you I would just sit at the checkout having a lengthy conversation with your colleague in the next checkout whilst completely and utterly ignoring the customer you are serving. I mean, do they actually want you to talk/interact with them?!
Posted: 17:07 Wed 29-Oct-2008 by "jo" # permalink comment
Comment: Zeddy, why the sarcasm?
Posted: 00:28 Sat 08-Nov-2008 by "ME" # permalink comment
Posted: 08:09 Wed 19-Nov-2008 by "zee" # permalink comment
Comment: One thing is pretty obvious: everyone hates working for Sainsburys. The most corrupt liars belong to the management and rise in the company. They steal vouchers, eat from the bakery and steal anything they can. Our manager never gives shining star vouchers meant for the colleagues. He pockets it himself but just writes the names of the winners on the board. He is involved in many criminal activities in the company but has not got dismissed because they gave him the benefit of the doubt. I hate going to work for such people who boss me around and try to tell me whats right. Every manager steals. Full stop.
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