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Click pic to view comments - Confirmed sighting: KFC Mini Fillet Confirmed sighting: KFC Mini Fillet
Posted: 13:13 Wed 09-06-2004. Price: 99p. Location: Northfield. Sub-flavours: With tomato sauce (for kids); with lettuce (for adults). Nutritional unusualness: Smaller version of Fillet Burger.
"rob" reports: Very nice, great value, launch on Monday 5th June 2004.

...A terse confirmation here of "lee taylor's" advance prophecy of a couple of months ago - but that's not all KFC are advertising in the window of their (flagship?) Piccadilly Circus branch, as they also appear to be offering a "Hot Breakfast" from 1.99. I'd hoped they'd broached the last great "eating chicken for breakfast" taboo, but in fact it appears to comprise a (PepsiCo) Tropicana orange juice, hash brown, a tub of barbecue beans, and pitta-like sandwich containing bacon and egg (technically a chicken product, I suppose). It's "available at participating restaurants, limited period only", which certainly makes sense, as several KFCs I know don't even bother opening until lunchtime. Speaking of time-limited offers, I believe today is the closing date to apply for your very own Open Doors McDonald's Kitchen Tour during next week's National Food Safety Week, wherein they claim you may "Be Tempted" by their "indulgent" (euphemism for "fat-packed") McFlurry, and "Be reassured" by their burgers being made from beef supplied by "over 16,000 British and Irish farmers" (and is that just in one patty?). What I'd really like to know is whether my "local" (Swiss Cottage) Micky D's has deliberately turned up the red contrast on its security CCTV monitor, so as to give the impression you're actually walking around in a lurid Ronald McDonald TV ad wonderland?


Posted: 22:10 Wed 09-06-2004 by "Morriseyfan" # permalink comment
Comment: The mini fillet as been around for ages (at least feb/march 04) in Nottinghamshire I'm far too greedy to order one though
Posted: 22:43 Wed 09-06-2004 by "AMoulder" # permalink comment
Comment: and don't forget "Meat is Murder" (or is that a different Morrissey - one who, for instance, spells it with a double "s"?)
Posted: 12:47 Thu 10-06-2004 by "BigDave" # permalink comment
Comment: You don't win friends with salad.
Posted: 13:22 Thu 10-06-2004 by "Diarmuid Mallon" # permalink comment
Comment: I've always been confused by so called 'vegetarians' who say 'meat is murder', but seem to think fish is justifiable homicide.
Posted: 13:55 Thu 10-06-2004 by "Steven Morrissey" # permalink comment
Comment: And the fish you so fancifully fry is murder.

It's just so obviously wrong to eat anything that had eyes and a brain.

[ I am not really the real Morrissey of course, just a poor impersonation ]

Posted: 14:14 Thu 10-06-2004 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: there's nothing "fanciful" about my fish-frying - maybe he's annoyed about delicate tempura batters?
Posted: 16:00 Thu 10-06-2004 by "ellie" # permalink comment
Comment: if you eat fish you're not a vegetarian. easy as that.
Posted: 16:26 Thu 10-06-2004 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: how about insects - where do you veggies stand on those? or "friendly" bacteria? or fungi, which are technically a "third form" of life, neither animal nor plant?
Posted: 16:41 Thu 10-06-2004 by "moz" # permalink comment
Comment: eyes and brains. eyes and brains - that's the test.

fungi & bateria make a fine diet.

Posted: 16:48 Thu 10-06-2004 by "moz" # permalink comment
Comment: That should be "bacteria"

But to be honest bateria's fine too - no eyes or brains, see [ thinks ].

( and no it's not made of bats )

Posted: 16:49 Thu 10-06-2004 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: do they have to have eyes *and* brains (eg, how about moles?)
Posted: 17:52 Thu 10-06-2004 by "Alex" # permalink comment
Comment: I've always wondered, what do little asterixes by words mean?

such as *and*

Posted: 02:06 Fri 11-06-2004 by "elmsyrup" # permalink comment
Comment: I assume it's for emphasis. On the BBC messageboards asterisking a word makes it bold. Perhaps on other message boards as well, I don't know.
Posted: 11:16 Fri 11-06-2004 by "Nebbish" # permalink comment
Comment: What about jellyfish?
Posted: 11:20 Fri 11-06-2004 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: or worms?
Posted: 12:29 Fri 11-06-2004 by "Diarmuid Mallon" # permalink comment
Comment: or referees?

(Euro fever taking over...?)

Posted: 12:39 Fri 11-06-2004 by "Nebbish" # permalink comment
Comment: What about a highly intelligent robot?
Posted: 18:49 Fri 11-06-2004 by "BigDave" # permalink comment
Comment: Or prawns?

Also, I've often wondered where veggies stand on crisps. Do they eat Bacon flavour etc? Or do they stick to 'safe' nondelicious-animal based flavours like salt n vinegar?

Posted: 21:43 Fri 11-06-2004 by "charl" # permalink comment
Comment: insert comment about walkers cheese and onion crisps not being veggie because of rennet for years here.
Posted: 20:59 Sun 13-06-2004 by "cokeco" # permalink comment
Comment: I have numerous friends who are vegetarian and they won't eat meat flavoured crisps for two reasons. A) Animal rennet B)It promotes meat eating. Anyways, me I say just go whole hog...
Posted: 23:45 Sun 13-06-2004 by "Amy B" # permalink comment
Comment: It's only the Cheese And Onion flavour that used to contain animal rennet, and for the past six months, they've been veggie. Check this link:


Good to know that Walkers caved in to consumer concern - even if it's just because they realised they could make a few more pounds off vegetarians. :)

And Cokeco, do your friends steer clear of fake-meat products, too, because of B)? I'm veggie, but would eat meat crisps if they contained no animal products. I'm not a big crisp eater though.

Posted: 12:30 Mon 14-06-2004 by "charl" # permalink comment
Comment: rennet is only used in cheese making - why would they avoid meat flavour crisps? how odd. also, i thought walkers made the change to veggie rennet a couple of years ago. maybe they started rumours before they did it. doesn't matter anyway, i don't eat cheese and onion crisps because they are vile.
Posted: 16:29 Mon 14-06-2004 by "peter" # permalink comment
Comment: Ignoring this carnivore/herbivore tussling, when will they address the real issue here? Namely, that KFCs chips are crap.
Posted: 22:14 Mon 14-06-2004 by "Anna" # permalink comment
Comment: I second that comment - KFC chips are the worst chips you get from any fast food place.
Posted: 10:31 Tue 15-06-2004 by "Daveybaby" # permalink comment
Comment: What *are* you talking abooot?????

KFC chips dipped in their chicken gravy = manna from heaven.

Macdonalds fries = salt with a hint of potato.

Burger king chips = utterly disgusting in every way i can think of. Vile.

As for the whole 'veggie crisp eating' thing, none of the veggies i know have a problem with it (except for the walkers rennet thing). There are a few who refuse to eat any of those "meat substitute" vegiburgers/sossies because they are too much like meat, but most dont seem to mind meat flavoured crisps, mainly, i assume, because they taste absolutely nothing like any kind of meat that has ever existed.

Posted: 17:41 Thu 01-Jul-2004 by "Flameproof" # permalink comment
Comment: How can you say that KFC chips are bad? They are one of the better ones, much better than those sacreligious wossnames they serve at Burger King...
Posted: 22:25 Thu 01-Jul-2004 by "Greedy Guts" # permalink comment
Comment: How much chicken do you actually get in one of these things?
Posted: 22:29 Thu 01-Jul-2004 by "delvin" # permalink comment
Comment: oops, o well...i fink that kfc chips are well bad, but no one goes there for the chips and while im stuffin my face wiv chicken i have a lot of wasted space in my mouth that chips of any taste fill. cos lets face it guys, kfc chicken is lush! (no offence to the veggies, if it werent for u then there wud b a lot worse animal farming)
Posted: 13:20 Fri 02-Jul-2004 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: BK fries (in the US) are so bad they're on this list of "Foods You Should Never Eat": http://www.cspinet.org/nah/10foods_bad.html

(a page which seems to have undergone a renaissance of popularity recently, even though we originally mentioned it back in February: http://www.snackspot.org.uk/thread.php?story=0402031219fah#upcoming )

Posted: 15:31 Sun 04-Jul-2004 by "DK" # permalink comment
Comment: Help, I'm suffering from KFC deprivation. There's not one single store in Cornwall!!!
Posted: 23:51 Sat 24-Jul-2004 by "Greedy Guts" # permalink comment
Comment: A question - all you KFC lovers out there please answer. KFC chicken is the best but some of those "portions" you get are frankly gone in one bite. The breat portion however is a different story. Mouthful upon mouthful of succulent white meat....mmm. I've always been a breast man........ However, my problem is some KFC's don't flinch when u say "all breast meat please" where as others seem to think you've just asked them to run naked down the high street! Has anyone else come across this or have any thoughts? Does anyone know KFC's policy on this? Your thoughts ladies and gentlemen please....
Posted: 03:15 Sun 25-Jul-2004 by "elmsyrup" # permalink comment
Comment: Hello, Greedy Guts. I've never asked for a particular portion in KFC but if I did I would ask for drumsticks. Surely these are the ones that have the best meat on them? The breast is too dry.
Posted: 16:31 Wed 28-Jul-2004 by "Veg" # permalink comment
Comment: So is KFC's gravy vegetarian?
Posted: 18:36 Wed 28-Jul-2004 by "elmsyrup" # permalink comment
Comment: It's chicken gravy.
Posted: 15:15 Fri 30-Jul-2004 by "Veg" # permalink comment
Comment: Are you sure? Are they allowed to do that? Sorry, just need to make absolutely sure as a veggie who ate some!!!
Posted: 16:28 Fri 30-Jul-2004 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: http://www.google.com/search?q=define%3Agravy

gives various definitions of "gravy" almost all containing the phrases "meat juices" (apart from one which appears to be talking about intravenous heroin use) - so no, probably not very vegetarian...

Posted: 16:44 Fri 30-Jul-2004 by "Veg" # permalink comment
Comment: Yep, understand what gravy is. But commercial food outlets (blue chip, global), do not tend to do such things. But it didn't taste too veggie!

Thanks anyway.

Posted: 17:15 Fri 30-Jul-2004 by "elmsyrup" # permalink comment
Comment: Well yes, commercial outlets do generally tend to do the same. Anyway on the menu it is clearly listed as chicken gravy. I have to tell you, I renounced vegetarianism one drunken night for KFC. As Nando's had not yet reached the UK there could have been no better reason.
Posted: 13:59 Sat 31-Jul-2004 by "Deej" # permalink comment
Comment: Is it me, or is the quality of KFC coating *really* bad in London stores? Every time I've had a London KFC, the coating's really thin, soggy and half hanging off the chicken.
Posted: 09:28 Mon 02-Aug-2004 by "Veg" # permalink comment
Comment: Thanks everyone- I'll avoid it in a major way in future!!!
Posted: 19:05 Mon 02-Aug-2004 by "Marc" # permalink comment
Comment: The KFC gravy in london is too thin and i prefer the thick stuff
Posted: 21:01 Thu 12-Aug-2004 by "SP" # permalink comment
Comment: I work at KFC and we're not supposed to give all breast meat, all leg meat or all anything. In a 3 piece meal we have to put 2 pieces of 'white meat' and one piece of 'dark meat' so if you do get all breast pieces you're verrrrry lucky.
Posted: 01:29 Thu 19-Aug-2004 by "john" # permalink comment
Comment: if you want thick and crunchy coating then go to kfc near closing time cos the chicken has been kept warm for quite a while which makes it dry and crispy, also the same could be said for the gravy, as some of the water has evaporated by then.
Posted: 00:46 Wed 06-Oct-2004 by "i wish to be anon" # permalink comment
Comment: having been a duty manager for several years at a k.f.c. in blackpool which won restaurant of the year in 2000 and has won several regional awards i feel compelled to tell you that chicken gravy is basically all the bits of chicken flour and chicken that falls off during the cooking process. the fat after each pressure cook is dropped out into a filter which catches these bits. this is done many times through the day the same filter being drenched with fat catching more bits at the bottom. this is scraped out at the end of a 16hr day(11am-3am next day) and left to drain overnight (an attempt to get rid of some fat!!!) it is now called the 'cracklings'. the now solidified (its been chilled now) portion of 'cracklings' is then put in water in a pan and heated till it sort of dissolves and when it is boiling you add a special 'secret recipe' of cornflour etc. mixed in water (to avoid lumps!) and continue to stir over a low heat till it returns too the boil. you then pass it through a sieve if its thick its v. hard work!! and skimm off any extra liquid(because its hot) fat as best you can so it does not look fatty therefore unappealing! it is pure profit!!!!
Posted: 17:42 Wed 06-Oct-2004 by "kfc girl " # permalink comment
Comment: after reading above its put me off kfc chicken gravy for life!!
Posted: 18:33 Wed 06-Oct-2004 by "foodie " # permalink comment
Comment: im never eating kfc gravy again!!!
Posted: 21:44 Wed 06-Oct-2004 by "GRAVY LOVER" # permalink comment
Posted: 19:14 Thu 07-Oct-2004 by "ex-gravy luvver!!!!" # permalink comment
Comment: after reading above i am not eating kfc gravy anymore...revolting!!!!!!!!
Posted: 21:30 Thu 07-Oct-2004 by "charl" # permalink comment
Comment: well gee, how did you think gravy was usually made? prime fillets of meat cooked slowly over an open fire in a fine vintage red to the sound of radio 3 until they disintegrate into juicy gravy goodness?
Posted: 21:36 Thu 07-Oct-2004 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: that's right "charl" - and what's more, the chickens themselves enjoy lives of carefree abandon and unimaginable luxury for many years, before dying suddenly and painlessly in the prime of their lives, rather than being brutally dissected in vast avian slaughterhouses
Posted: 21:28 Fri 08-Oct-2004 by "Greedy guts" # permalink comment
Comment: I still don't understand why if you're not allowed all breast meat it doesn't say so. In the USA they charge extra for white meat - I'd happily pay - I just want what I like! Is that so bad?! I can't be the only one....Can I?!
Posted: 11:59 Sat 09-Oct-2004 by "i wish to be anon" # permalink comment
Comment: hi greedy! i take it by breast meat you mean the middle part of the breast with the piece of gristle in the centre and two small bones either side? if you do mean this piece it is also known in some k.f.c.'s as the keel. this piece of meat is very popular with customers but unfortunatly due to the biological make up a a chicken it happens to have two legs, two wings, two thighs, two ribs(or breasts in some k.f.c.'s) and only one mid-breast or keel.this means when you cook a tray of chicken pieces consisting of four chickens there are thirty-six pieces of chicken which last one and a half hours. of these thirty-six pieces only four keels leaving thirty-four other pieces. it it therefore necessary due to the popularity of this piece to 'ration' it.or your pieces become uneven causing higher wastage and other customers complaining due to non-availiability. sometimes though you may get instances where customers request no keel or all dark meat then you may give more keel to even out your pieces of white to dark meat ratio. i hope this helps a bit? but please remember it is not the staffs fault they are only doing what they have been told by the powers above and are therefore doing their job correctly. 'have a nice day!!'
Posted: 21:39 Sun 10-Oct-2004 by "Greedy Guts" # permalink comment
Comment: Thanks "anon". I don't blame the staff at all! I just think being given the option for "all white meat" - and paying for it of course - would be a good thing! Thanks for your reply though!!
Posted: 23:46 Mon 11-Oct-2004 by "i wish to be anon" # permalink comment
Comment: its ok! but you can have all white meat just not all keel, your pieces would be:- 2piece meal; breast/keel + wing, 3 piece meal;breast, keel + wing, 4 pieces; 2 wings + 2keel/breast or 1 keel, 1 breast + 2 wings, 6 pieces; 3 keel/breast + 3 wings basically evening out of large/small pieces you just cant ask for all keel(large piece) or all breast(large piece) if you ask for the above combos they cant really say no just be prepared for wings!! see ya!!('',)
Posted: 16:44 Mon 01-Nov-2004 by "Rich T" # permalink comment
Comment: this is really rather intersting...

I have to say though, that one of the reasons I like KFC so much (it's probably my favourite fast food these days) is the element of chance involved in what you actually get. The fact that you don't get one of these pieces every time just makes it more satisfying when you open the box and see one.

Posted: 05:04 Wed 03-Nov-2004 by "muppetman" # permalink comment
Comment: why is there no kfc in cornwall anyone know?
Posted: 19:46 Wed 10-Nov-2004 by "kfc big man...dont mess" # permalink comment
Comment: http://www.kfcukdevelopment.co.uk hey folks that is the site to check where new and upcoming kfc are going to be and also where brand new ones are. just go into "where we are lookin for" and go into the pdf!! about the gravy... being a kfc employee i thought that it was rank but it is not that bad.. and also it depends who makes it.when it is thick or thin.. i changed my ways and i happily enjoy it!! and another thing see when you get customers who dont understand that a wing and rib pieces are also light pieces not just the breast it gets quite annoyin!! and if we were to use gen modified chooks we would put more breasts on them to stop yous moanin!! a chicken only has one breast piece!! so thats 2 breasts in every 18 pieces that we cook but kfc are lookin into breast pieces only..THIS MIGHT happen next year and gettin rid of all other chicken on the bone!!

Mini fillet is back in jan/feb!!

happy kfc'n

Posted: 11:57 Thu 11-Nov-2004 by "Mik" # permalink comment
Comment: Breast only? That'd be terrible. OK, when it's hot and steamy the breast is the nicest bit, but cold from the fridge the following day there's nothing to beat the drumsticks. If you want a serious KFC question, why don't they ever seem to be able to cook decent fries?

As for the gravy, any food good enough to drink on it's own if you run out of soggy fries to dip in it gets my vote every time...

Posted: 21:33 Fri 12-Nov-2004 by "kfc big man...dont mess" # permalink comment
Comment: this is problem kfc has always had...the best time to get them is when they are just fresh but they go soggy very fast and we are reacently changing all our fryer temps to overcome this so we could get right sometime soon!! obviously the breast thing isnt definit but they are lookin in to it..
Posted: 22:31 Fri 12-Nov-2004 by "Joseph" # permalink comment
Comment: Are there any A&W franchises open in the UK?
Posted: 13:15 Sun 14-Nov-2004 by "kfc bigman...dont mess" # permalink comment
Comment: yes there are 4 or 5 around the uk.. these are multibranded with kfc and they are only corporate not franchised. There are more opening next year but also long john silvers is coming.

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Posted: 13:18 Thu 14-Jul-2005 by "ashleigh"
(apparently posting from cpe-139-168-249-147.wa.bigpond.net.au) # permalink comment
Comment: can you tell me the secret recipe without it costing me anything

Posted: 20:36 Fri 11-Nov-2005 by "kevr" # permalink comment
Comment: Hello retards,

I`d just like to say that to answer to this forum ur a bunch of (how do i put it) RETARDS. ASTERIX`s next to a word is meant to mean spelling mistake and `is a quote~ so u bunch of fools go back to uni and study the fine art of ENGLISH and fuck all this american bullshit, I mean wtf is KFC all about, y poison yourselves with this crap, I bet all you people are big HUUUUGE fat bastards!!!!!

Posted: 21:49 Fri 11-Nov-2005 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: just fyi, "kevr" - the "*" symbol is more popularly known as the "asterisk", not to be confused with "Asterix", the French comic-book character enjoyed by readers of all educational abilities
Posted: 16:32 Sat 12-Nov-2005 by "Stevie Nicks" # permalink comment
Comment: As even Samuel Johnson noted while writing his dictionary in 1754, the English language is a highly changeable form and if you think you can fix certain rules for vocabulary, usage or punctuation you are sadly mistaken.

The internet is nurturing a rapid evolution of the language where people can express a degree of linguistic freedom. "kevr", if you're going to be prescriptionist, as well as the obvious spelling error you should know:

By ur I think you mean "you're"

By "u" I think you mean "you"

Words entirely in uppercase are not acceptable.

"American" should begin with an uppercase A.

"I" must be capitalised.

Even if you meant "asterisk", there's no apostrophe for plurals.

By "y" I think you mean "why"

There is only one u in "huge"

You are not using the right key for apostrophes; ' not `.

Only one exclamation mark is required at the end of a sentence.

An asterisk next to a word does not mean it contains a spelling mistake, maybe you're thinking of "{sic)"

`is not a quotation mark. But you may use ' or "

English is not a fine art.

I assume you meant asterisks in a plural sense so your sentence should read "are meant to mean" not "is meant to mean".

I think instead of ~ which is not really standard English punctuation, you may have meant to use this ;.

Uni is a prefix and as a single word, does not fit into the context it is used in. You mean "University" I assume.

I think you have to take a long hard think before you go around labelling people retards and making up your own rules of language usage, while completely ignoring the basic conventions of commonly understood Standard Englsh. Perhaps you should consider enrolling in one of the government's many literacy programmes. If you don't like fast food, in the future may I suggest avoiding websites that are all about it? It might be better that way.

Posted: 16:58 Thu 02-Feb-2006 by "Aamir"
(apparently posting from host86-137-90-177.range86-137.btcentralplus.com) # permalink comment
Comment: look, vegetarians are dum!!!!!!!! god made us to live and eat animals not saying we cant eat vegetarian foods but god let us have all these animals so wdf man ure not gona b punishes or satin so go down to KFC n hav dat mouth- waterin chicken!!!!
Posted: 14:43 Tue 21-Feb-2006 by "Matt" # permalink comment
Comment: Nice response from Stevie Nicks. I like your music by the way. Had Tusk in my head today. Not sure why.

Said everything that needed to be said.

To Aamir, though: I'm not a vegetarian but you need to do two things. First of all, don't presume to prescribe moral or ethical standards. In everything in life we make a choice. The fact that some people don't make the same choice as you does not make them "dum".

You assume way too much:

"god made us to live and eat animals" Says you. Not everyone agrees with every part of that. I rather suspect that IF God (really you should capitalize that if you're going to bother to believe in him at all) did make us, eating animals was probably not the REASON he made us.

You assume that the decision not to eat animals is based on a fear of "satin". As satin is a fabric, or more specifically a texture of a fabric (most commonly silk or rayon) I'm going to assume you mean Satan. The suggestion that ethical decisions are based purely on fear of punishment is foolish. Suggesting that we should do things because we can is just as foolish. People choose vegetarianism for a range of reasons, including concern for the welfare of animals, distaste for the killing of animals, health reasons, and a range of other reasons.

Finally, however, I just wasted 10 minutes of my life responding to someone who is clearly a cretin. Go back to school. Learn how to use words. When you speak like this, in real life, on message boards, in email, people think less of you. Any argument you might have (thankfully you offer none at all) is completely lost under the tedious banality of your idiocy.

Feel free to send any flames to matt (at!) australiangamer.com. I can take it. But if you're going to argue with me, use the English language. If you want to argue, maybe try something better than "ure dum".

Posted: 04:10 Wed 17-May-2006 by "Ash" # permalink comment
Comment: Now that's a good arguement! Say NO to KFC gravy---and lots of other shiiite like that! In my opinion, it's the most disguisting thing, even without knowing the ingredients! Ewww I tried 2 eat it with chips once and I just couldn't finish it. I don't get how my friends love it. I rekon GO EAT SOMETHING HEALTHIER instead of pumping that fatty crap into your body-enough said.
Posted: 13:04 Wed 17-May-2006 by "Stevie Nicks" # permalink comment
Comment: Ah somebody who appreciates the English language. And at last somebody who doesn't think Stevie Nicks is a man.

I have to say it has been about 8 years since I ate KFC at all. Not due to any ethical or health reasons, simply because there are none around me. Does anyone else suspect that the gravy is just liquefied chicken coating? It certainly didn't taste like gravy the last time I had some. Although admittedly that was many a year ago. 38960 6

Posted: 03:53 Sun 18-Feb-2007 by "anon" # permalink comment
Comment: did you know kfc uses ghb in it's products?
Posted: 01:26 Thu 31-Jan-2008 by "Chris"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: Stevie (sorry, but are the rooms really all on fire? :P )- as the man from Blackpool explained earlier about the gravy, I'll keep it brief here...

All of the chicken that is cooked fresh (we get it in store around 3 days after the kill date, we have a further 3 days to use it) is dunked in water, then into the flour mix (and no, we don't know what the secret recipe is either - the bags just say "Contains 11 herbs and spices"). The chicken is then put onto cooking racks, and dropped into the 360-degree oil. Some of the flour will come off in the cooking process, and every 5 cook cycles, the fryer automatically tells you to filter the oil. As you open the valve, the oil (and all the fallen-off bits of flour etc) goes through a filter, and a fine paper mesh. This is then pumped back into the machine and reheated, ready for the next cooking cycle.

The stuff from the filter is then put into plastic bags, chilled, and mixed with powdered gravy and water, then cooked in a microwave. As was said, it depends on how you want to make it - the more powder/brown gunk you put in, the thicker the gravy.

I also agree with the comments about the fries - I think they are pretty tasteless on their own, but they are okay if you get them fresh and dip them in mayonnaise.

Regarding which pieces of chicken you get - at our store, we WILL try to give you certain pieces if you ask for it, however it does say on the menu board that "pieces means chicken on the bone selected by the staff and NOT the customer" (or words to that effect).

Hope this helps? I have to go and clean out some fryers in 6 hours time - what joy!

Posted: 13:47 Sun 06-Apr-2008 by "Seriously" # permalink comment
Comment: A warning to blokes.. several months ago I started eating KFC alot, like every other day, because it taste so good, after a month or so I calmed down with it(getting too costly), anyway, maybe a month later I started getting this weird sensitive feeling in my nipples, basically it triggered the start of man-boobs, now i'm a slim guy btw. My nipples feel different and are somewhat erogenous, they never were like that before, I firmly beleive this is because KFC pump chickens with female growth hormones(despite what they say) I've got my nips for proof. I simply won't eat KFC anymore because of this.
Posted: 14:46 Sun 06-Apr-2008 by "Zeddy" # permalink comment
Comment: Could also be the fact that eating that much saturated fat will eventually lay itself down somewhere in your body. In your case in your knockers. Eat a balanced diet, for God's sake, man!
Posted: 21:25 Thu 17-Apr-2008 by "Geddy" # permalink comment
Comment: I like you Zeddy, you speak a lot of sense and you have a good name!

Listen to Zeddy he knows the colonol!

Posted: 01:01 Sat 28-Jun-2008 by "I wish to be anon" # permalink comment
Comment: *The stuff from the filter is then put into plastic bags, chilled, and mixed with powdered gravy and water, then cooked in a microwave.*

The new way of doing it in the microwave is not a patch on the old pan on the stove way :( I am glad I departed from my 10 yrs of service before the microwaves were brought in...the beans are rubbish too now they are nuked with waves instead of gently gas heated :C

Posted: 22:35 Tue 05-Aug-2008 by "naz" # permalink comment
Comment: where are call omnivores look at our shape of teeth we have flat and sharpe. Animals like cows only have flat ! and they are herbivores whereas a lion has sharpe teeth which are canivores.

And do you think eating vegeterian is justfiable?

Scientific research has proven that plants have life

you guys tell me if you killed some one who cant be HEARD or cant ask for forgiveness of killing bad? you all veg people are hypocraites !!!!

thats the nature of life live with it !

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