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Click pic to view comments - International sighting: Coca-Cola C2 International sighting: Coca-Cola C2
Posted: 11:40 Sun 20-06-2004. Price: US$2.98 / 8-pack. Location: Wal-Mart in Tampa, Florida (USA). Nutritional unusualness: Contains aspartame (a.k.a. Nutrasweet), acesulfame potassium (a.k.a. Sunnett) , and sucralose (a.k.a. Splenda).
"Mimagic69" had the following to say about Sprite Remix BerryClear (US$1.09): "This was like having Sprite's Tropical Remix version remixed. Not too bad, kind of like mixing Sprite with a very weak fruit juice. As always, over-carbonated to the point of almost not wanting to drink it, especially when served very cold, but the best part about this drink, when it gets warm it's highly tolerable and not too bad after all... still enjoyed the Tropical Remix version better". But of course the big news from the Coca-Cola company is their flagship addition to their mid-calorie range - "SimonFlummox" has the story: After building up hype by posting "coming soon" signs next to the regular and diet varieties, Coke has finally stocked the "low carb" C2 version at my local Walmart. It looked at first glance like it would just be a mix of diet and regular Coke, but contains (I think) a broader array of sweeteners, including the standard corn syrup/ sucrose. Hey, it's a sweetener Royal Flush! I guess if you have sensitivity to any of the common sweeteners out there, C2 can trigger it.

...Please View comments for "Simon's" full taste-test (and packaging analysis), then maybe try to get rid of the aftertaste with this fascinating BevNet article which argues that, if successful, both C2 and Pepsi Edge are effectively admitting that "their regular product lines have too many calories and [too] much sugar while their diet lines offer an inferior taste to what's on the market today".


Posted: 11:53 Sun 20-06-2004 by "SimonFlummox" # permalink comment
Comment: Another unusual detail is the packaging- 12 oz. cans come in an 8-pack, whereas we in the US are accustomed to 6, 12 or (as you would expect from the SuperSize nation) 24. I suppose the unusual package size makes segregating C2 from other promotions (coupons/sales) easier...on a related note, the price is at a bit of a premium, although (since I was at the leader in discount retail) I didn't think it unreasonable. Not sure what the price would be elsewhere.

The vending machine out front had 20 oz. bottles, so I bought one of those for a cold sample (US$.80, same as the regular and diet varieties). I found it not unpleasant; no aspartame aftertaste like I get from Diet Coke. C2 was maybe missing a bit of the "bite" I am used to from Coke, however. The usual hint of orange oil was more subdued, but still present enough to make it distinctly a Coke product. It wasn't as sweet as I was expecting, and might even be better than the Classic Coke in this regard.

All of the C2 packaging includes more black and silver accents, evoking the Terminator design ethic. Wasn't the Terminator the villain? I guess not so much in T2, but still...I guess it's okay as long as C2 doesn't hunt me down, or make my skin peel off to reveal a chrome skeleton.

Posted: 18:21 Sun 20-06-2004 by "Alex" # permalink comment
Comment: My friends say were asked to taste test this about 3 weeks back.
Posted: 14:16 Mon 21-06-2004 by "Nebbish" # permalink comment
Comment: Orange oil? Hadn't noticed that in Coke products. Last time I had a can of Coke it just tasted like over-saturised sugar solution - I couldn't taste anything else, except a hint of caramel.
Posted: 15:14 Mon 21-06-2004 by "SimonFlummox" # permalink comment
Comment: I guess it takes a real conniseur (Coke snob?) to notice the orange notes. I haven't had any carbonated beverages chemically analyzed, but to me, Coke says "orange" and Pepsi says "lemon." Of course, it's nothing like an "orange soda." Maybe the orange is more in the Coke's "nose" than the mouth flavor.

I had always thought the orange note was the reason for "Rum and Coke" instead of "Rum and Pepsi" (or RC)...orange and molasses sounds better to me than lemon and molasses. Nebbish's comment makes me think, however- maybe it's the caramel quality you noted. If there is a "burnt sugar" taste to Coke, that might explain why people seem to prefer Pepsi (without that burnt quality) in blind tests.

Wine all tastes like grape juice gone horribly wrong to me. I can't detect the "vanilla, pear and apple" notes in wine to save my life. And it's a bit harder to have sophisticated dinner conversation about Coke vs. Pepsi than it is to go on and on about the '98 Blanc de Blanc...

Back in the soft drink arena, I have heard people claim they can tell whether a soda has more corn syrup or sucrose by taste. That sounds like BS to me. But who knows? Some of my friends claim they prefer the *flavor* of Diet Coke to the regular...

Posted: 14:44 Tue 22-06-2004 by "Nebbish" # permalink comment
Comment: I love that - enthusing about the fruity notes of Coke and Pepsi, then dismissing wine as "grape juice gone horribly wrong".

Which raises the age-old question - why do people drink alcohol for "taste"? If you wanted something that tastes nice you'd have a cup of tea. Alcohol is for getting pissed.

Posted: 15:06 Tue 22-06-2004 by "Kaptain Korolev" # permalink comment
Comment: Last night the Kaptain kreated a new kandy koncept in the form of a delicious drink.

The Kaptain had purchased his father a large box of Thorntons liquoricing toffees as a small father's day gift and saw in these uncommon kandys the oppurtunity for kreations.

Taking a small mound of the toffees the Kaptain energised them with Ghz in the microwave chamber to produce a bubbling gungio. Into this goo he then poured some milk, energising the mixture further until it became a homogenous grey liquorice tasting liquid.

A delicious warm milky treat thought the Kaptain as he swallowed it down, just perhaps a little sweet. A word of warning must be added however as the Kaptain was overcome by powerful sickness rumblings upon going to bed last eve and could not manage breakfast this morning. All is now well though, he hopes......

Posted: 17:12 Tue 22-06-2004 by "charl" # permalink comment
Comment: doesn't liquorice erm, 'aid digestion'? sounds like you had a lucky eskape there kaptain.
Posted: 18:12 Tue 22-06-2004 by "Phillerena" # permalink comment
Comment: Liquorice milkshake eh? Interesting... 52957 4
Posted: 12:43 Wed 07-Feb-2007 by "George" # permalink comment
Comment: Just Mix regular classic coke with diet coke or ask for a 50/50 mix at the fast food joint.
Posted: 03:34 Tue 27-Feb-2007 by "CSGreen" # permalink comment
Comment: Coke Clasic, the classic KING; diet coke . . . flat and after-taste; coke ZERO . . . eeeeeeeeYUK!

C2! where did it go - all the sudden it's gone and the stores can't get it! Best thing since Coke Classic . . . I'm diebetic, not dead! I want my C2 back!

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