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Click pic to view comments - Confirmed sighting: Mars "New Sweet!" Revels Confirmed sighting: Mars "New Sweet!" Revels
Posted: 17:28 Mon 19-Jul-2004. Location: Morrisons, Sheffield. Nutritional unusualness: Milk chocolate contains vegetable fats in addition to cocoa butter.
"charl" reports: whilst in Morrisons looking for Banoffeeade, I noticed these overly excitably packaged Revels. The new flavour is very mysterious until you turn the packet over and see the fifth greatest ingredient is now raisins. Boring! When will this raisin invasion end? As a side note, the caramels now seem to be harder than diamonds. An in-packet chemical reaction with the raisins, or something more sinister?

...Cheers for this "charl", though - without wanting to get into Milton Jones "Russian Roulette" gag territory - what are the flavours now? The usual ones (Malteser, orange, coffee, peanut, caramel, Minstrel), plus raisin? Or has one of the originals been mysteriously "disappeared"? In other chocolatey cheer: The Grocer has reported that Cadbury will be facing off against Nestle's Christmas contenders with a Roses Luxury Collection of milk, white and dark chocolates (4.99) and a "new range of boxed bite-sized offerings" Flake Moments (3.99) - while, in the shorter term, they hope to take on the constantly moving target offered by Nestle's Kit Kat in September with a 39p Dairy Milk Wafer bar of their own.


Posted: 19:01 Mon 19-Jul-2004 by "charl" # permalink comment
Comment: i thought the raisins were just an addition, but come to think of it, i don't recall seeing any peanuts. oh, now i'm confused...
Posted: 20:36 Mon 19-Jul-2004 by "deano" # permalink comment
Comment: I've just had a pack and can confirm that they have nicked the peanuts,and they were my favourite.
Posted: 21:06 Mon 19-Jul-2004 by "Stuart Campbell" # permalink comment
Comment: So are there any horrible ones left in Revels now? Is coffee still in there? If peanut and coffee are both gone, the idea of Revels Russian Roulette is dead, which would be a sad cultural loss on one hand, but might make me buy Revels on the other.
Posted: 21:21 Mon 19-Jul-2004 by "Stuart Campbell" # permalink comment
Comment: Also, if it's so funny and great to deliberately put shit sweets that everyone hates into the packet, why not go the whole hog and make every 10th raisin one a mouse poo or something? Maybe you could do limited editions where one in every 10,000 packets had a chocolate-coated cyanide capsule in it, and your next of kin got a holiday to Disneyland?
Posted: 22:42 Mon 19-Jul-2004 by "elmsyrup" # permalink comment
Comment: Look you lot, why does everyone go on about the foulness of the coffee revels? They're by far my favourite. I wish you could buy them separately. But peanut are my second favourite! The caramel are rubbish and I'd be happy to lose them. Grr..
Posted: 23:10 Mon 19-Jul-2004 by "Mike Gray" # permalink comment
Comment: Clearly this is a safety feature so that nobody can play russian roulette with them at meetings of peanut allergy sufferers.
Posted: 11:25 Tue 20-Jul-2004 by "Nebbish" # permalink comment
Comment: I like the coffee ones best too, hate peanuts and love raisins. Though clearly this is not the general consensus.
Posted: 11:36 Tue 20-Jul-2004 by "Addict" # permalink comment
Comment: Whatever happened to the coconut option?
Posted: 11:41 Tue 20-Jul-2004 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: for a TV ad, they could CGI a packet into the the Rutger Hauer face-off scene from "Blade Runner"...

Roy: I've eaten... questionable things

Tyrell: But also extraordinary things. Revel in your time!

Posted: 12:56 Tue 20-Jul-2004 by "Lee Maguire" # permalink comment
Comment: I hate chocolate covered raisins. I've always considered them to be a perversion of the chocolate bean snack form. Revels are dead to me now.


O God, that men should put an enemy in their mouths to steal away their brains! That we should with joy, pleasance, revel, and applause transform ourselves into beasts! - -- William Shakespeare, "Othello"

Posted: 13:40 Mon 02-Aug-2004 by "tc" # permalink comment
Comment: HELP settle an argument in the early days of revels did there used to be a coconut flavour ???????
Posted: 02:35 Tue 03-Aug-2004 by "elmsyrup" # permalink comment
Comment: According to people I've asked, apparently there did used to be coconut ones. I don't remember them though.
Posted: 09:42 Tue 03-Aug-2004 by "The_Broon"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: What no peanuts Oh lord have mercy on our souls the holy peanut hath withered and died RIP Peanut
Posted: 13:30 Tue 03-Aug-2004 by "Binion" # permalink comment
Comment: I had some of these recently and the caramel ones were so hard I thought I was going to break my teeth - were they even in there before I never noticed them.
Posted: 14:32 Wed 04-Aug-2004 by "Miss J Reid" # permalink comment
Comment: Yes, there was definelty a coconut one, they was lovely and I got very excited when I saw a new sweet had been added thinking they may have brought the Coconut one back BUT NO, they added a disgusting raisen AND took out the PEANUTS. Terrible, I probably wont ever buy a packet again as I never liked the coffee & orange anyway!
Posted: 14:54 Wed 04-Aug-2004 by "charl" # permalink comment
Comment: oh, now i want a coconut boost. why, oh why, did they axe those? the peanut ones _were_ vile mind...
Posted: 15:55 Tue 10-Aug-2004 by "simon hb" # permalink comment
Comment: Of course, you young people with your transistors might find the idea of raisin Revels all very new and modern, but those of us who recall the start of the last decade hold in our minds, if not our hands, the blue packets of Fruit and Nut Revels which thrived for one summer before being dropped by Mars on the grounds that they were a bit rubbish, actually. Don't even get me started on what may or may not have been in them... perhaps we are being softened up to make ready for their return?
Posted: 10:48 Wed 11-Aug-2004 by "sara" # permalink comment
Comment: The coconut ones were always the best. Followed by the orange.
Posted: 13:57 Thu 12-Aug-2004 by "Beth" # permalink comment
Comment: I don't remember the coconut ones. I really liked the peanut ones but still reckon the raisin ones are quite yummy -they taste like poppets (remember those?) but much nicer!

They should have done away with coffee ones -euurghh!

Posted: 11:04 Fri 13-Aug-2004 by "kez" # permalink comment
Comment: rasins yuk what a disapointment have they never heard of imagination. coffee by far the best. peanuts where not my favorite but prefer them over rasins. i wouldnt buy revels again if it wasnt for the coffee sweets which are slowly dying out in other sweet salections
Posted: 14:56 Fri 13-Aug-2004 by "Phillerena" # permalink comment
Comment: A strawberry, or fudge revel would be nice...
Posted: 22:51 Mon 16-Aug-2004 by "bob" # permalink comment
Comment: well it is time that i leave snackspot.org due to me moving to the usa with my family - there will be news when the new online ssweet shop is open her by my friend jt thanks and good bye
Posted: 08:59 Tue 17-Aug-2004 by "Alex" # permalink comment
Comment: Seeya bob! Have a good time.
Posted: 10:31 Thu 19-Aug-2004 by "AntM" # permalink comment
Comment: All of you people are fools, lol. Coffee is great, and as for the raisons, unoriginal yes but better than the peanuts which always tasted stale and old, raisons will be juicy and fresh- an improvement by far.
Posted: 13:21 Thu 19-Aug-2004 by "pass me the chocolate..." # permalink comment
Comment: yeah def loving the lack of peanuts...so will my nut allergy
Posted: 13:25 Thu 19-Aug-2004 by "cazzor" # permalink comment
Comment: On picking out my favourites, caramel, I used to get the odd nut which I stoically coped with.....but a raisin.....YUK! Why did they shrink the orange by the way????....they used to be as big as the Malts but now they are the same as the coffee and lurk at the bottom of the bag waiting for an unsuspecting coffee fan to come along.
Posted: 13:25 Thu 19-Aug-2004 by "Elfman" # permalink comment
Comment: There goes my evil plan to poison you with peanut revels- I was gonna tell you they were caramel...unless you're allergic to raisons too? Got my fingers crossed...
Posted: 00:04 Wed 25-Aug-2004 by "Claire" # permalink comment
Comment: YASSSSSS!!!! There was a peanut revel!! My husband was sure they didn't exist and now he has been proved wrong. Get it up ye!
Posted: 12:24 Thu 02-Sep-2004 by "RICHARD" # permalink comment
Comment: Helllllllllp the chocolate one isnt a minstrel you used to be able to buy them along time ago (70's /80's) in a white pack with a giraffe on any ideas what it is heeellllpp me
Posted: 13:23 Thu 02-Sep-2004 by "revels rock" # permalink comment
Comment: hmmm, am gunna have to this of a new drinking game.. n e suggestions??

peanut allergy sufferer (london)

Posted: 15:52 Tue 07-Sep-2004 by "romford ron" # permalink comment
Comment: chaps/chapettes - it's galaxy counters, no minstrels
Posted: 13:26 Wed 08-Sep-2004 by "Nickie" # permalink comment
Comment: Revels are just not the same. Yes there was a coconut one... they were fabulous ! BRING BACK THE PEANUT and ditch the raisen.
Posted: 12:27 Sat 11-Sep-2004 by "choclate hunnie!"
(apparently posting from glfd-cache-1.server.ntli.net) # permalink comment
Comment: this is stupid where r the flake moments in the shops?! no where sells them and its driving me crazy!!! there on tv on bill bords but no where to b seen!!! please help NOW!!!!!!!!!! im afraid im getting too thin!!!!
Posted: 16:37 Sat 11-Sep-2004 by "donnadonut"
(apparently posting from user-7852.l5.c4.dsl.pol.co.uk) # permalink comment
Comment: Have finally found Cadbury Flake Moments .In Woolworths Llanelli and Somerfield Gorseinon,Swansea.But have to say they were not worth the wait.Very boring and over priced.You'd be better off buying ordinary flakes and making your own for half the price.
Posted: 20:43 Sun 12-Sep-2004 by "Choccy Monster"
(apparently posting from user-6331.l5.c3.dsl.pol.co.uk) # permalink comment
Comment: Coconut ones were the best!! Was sad to see them go, and now we loose the peanut ones and gain raisins.... words escape me.... i mean what were they thinking!?!? I fear Revels are spoiled forever :(
Posted: 20:51 Sun 12-Sep-2004 by "Choccy Monster"
(apparently posting from user-6331.l5.c3.dsl.pol.co.uk) # permalink comment
Comment: By the way, Popetts still going strong, they spruced up the packets and re-released them about a year ago now. Peanut, Raisin, Toffee, Mint, and Cookie varieties. Most newsagent/corner shop type places seem to have them, cookie ones were a brilliant addition :)
Posted: 14:01 Fri 17-Sep-2004 by "Celeste" # permalink comment
Comment: Revels are my favourite choccies, but PLEASE get rid of the digusting raisins. They are awful and ruined my chocolate experience!!
Posted: 15:00 Sun 19-Sep-2004 by "Rache" # permalink comment
Comment: Hell I'm not fussy, I love them all.
Posted: 12:52 Thu 23-Sep-2004 by "Nichola" # permalink comment
Comment: Well, i just bought a packet of revels, excited to find the new sweet. After eating the whole packet i sat and thought, well where was the new sweet??? I thought the rasin ones had been there all along. Highly dissapointing!!!!!!
Posted: 14:39 Tue 28-Sep-2004 by "AWHMEL" # permalink comment
Comment: revels need a little more variety. I suggest a raspberry ruffle type center, possibly a truffle, bring back the peanut and the coconut fillings, and possibly add another little delight - a good old fashioned fudge. these would sell for sure.
Posted: 15:53 Wed 29-Sep-2004 by "i was rite!" # permalink comment
Comment: me and ma mate got into big argument at school coz she sed peanuts ones neva existed wen i was sad that i dint get one in my packet. she sed that she hates peanuts and would neva have brought them if they had peanuts in... but they did! so ha 2 u joany joan joan! this site confimed it!
Posted: 13:06 Thu 30-Sep-2004 by "Lawrence" # permalink comment
Comment: Hey, I managed to score three large packs of non new sweet revels last night. Not for me mind, it's for my girlfriend. She was practically suicidal when she found a raisin in one!
Posted: 23:07 Sat 02-Oct-2004 by "barry wade"
(apparently posting from i-195-137-21-103.freedom2surf.net) # permalink comment
Comment: 4 maltesers 4 hard toffees 2 minstrels and 2 of each of the others how great (not) how about something better like strawberry (or caramel like it says on the pack) i suppose i must be glad no cocnut in them
Posted: 10:24 Tue 05-Oct-2004 by "Scotster" # permalink comment
Comment: I absolutely HATE rasins, i hope those idiots at mars get it right and throw out the rasins and opt for the coconut. I've never tried it but they sound great. I remember when boost first came out. Those were coconut, they bring out the biscuit then decide to axe the coconut. WTF are these guys thinking???


Posted: 14:38 Wed 06-Oct-2004 by "Susie"
(apparently posting from user-2144.l1.c4.dsl.pol.co.uk) # permalink comment
Comment: Where are the peanuts?? They compliment all the other REVELS! You get a load of orange and coffee all soft and very very sweet and nothing to contrast!! Who thought that rasins were a better idea! Maybe, just maybe it's a little bit cheaper for Masterfoods to use rasins than think of a new idea. Peaunts are not expensive. "Peaunts" Thats where the expression comes from!
Posted: 13:40 Mon 11-Oct-2004 by "Yannee" # permalink comment
Comment: I do! I think raisins make Revels even better than before (if that's possible!) I always hated the peanuts - good move revels!
Posted: 16:41 Mon 11-Oct-2004 by "Sandy" # permalink comment
Comment: Does anyone remember Cadburys Strollers that were out just over 10 years ago? They were Cadburys version of Revels and had biscuit ones and raisin and possibly toffee ones, can anyone remember?
Posted: 17:22 Mon 11-Oct-2004 by "Alison" # permalink comment
Comment: Yes, they were biscuit, toffee and raisin. I worked at the new product development agency that launched these!
Posted: 21:52 Thu 14-Oct-2004 by "poppy" # permalink comment
Comment: I'm not happy, spent ages looking for my favourite choccie peanut, only to find they've gone. I will not be buying Revels again - just the thought of raisins..yuk!!
Posted: 11:18 Fri 15-Oct-2004 by "Terry" # permalink comment
Comment: How about a nice kiwi fruit flavour or banana (banana??). You know...NEW sweets, rather than rehashed rubbish.
Posted: 11:36 Wed 27-Oct-2004 by "JB" # permalink comment
Comment: I'm trying to settle a long standing argument on how long the Coffee Revel has been in the bag. I say its always been there, my mate reckons its a "recent" addition to the pack.

What does the panel say?

Posted: 14:02 Wed 27-Oct-2004 by "andrew pack" # permalink comment
Comment: Coffee one certainly there since the late Seventies, making it the sweet that you were always cautious when being offered - play safe and go for the obvious malteser/minstrel ones, or play for big prize of orange/peanut and risk inadvertent coffee?

A friend is convinced that only perverts and strange people who talk to her on trains buy bags of Revels, and there's something in that. Why don't they just take the coffee one out? Why do McDonalds keep putting gerkhins in their burgers - do they just like making British people get sauce and onions on their fingers when fishing it out?

Posted: 12:46 Mon 01-Nov-2004 by "holyhoses" # permalink comment
Comment: I too feel swizzed by the absence of p nut revels. Instead of "new sweet" it should say "replacement sweet". Someone should start a whole thing about kids being allergic to raisins, keep 'em confused.
Posted: 22:53 Thu 04-Nov-2004 by "pei" # permalink comment
Comment: it will be nice if there other new ones put in - (nougat or honeycomb?)
Posted: 13:25 Sat 06-Nov-2004 by "Storm" # permalink comment
Comment: Peanuts rule! Apparently "revels" means chocolate coated peanuts; according to an unknown authority on the subject, so they can't call them Revels any more... bring back coconut then we can all revel!
Posted: 22:03 Sun 07-Nov-2004 by "pissedoffpeanut" # permalink comment
Comment: Ive been fuckin served my revels . . .its a con!
Posted: 14:43 Fri 12-Nov-2004 by "NoPeanutisBliss" # permalink comment
Comment: Great idea, I used to hate the damn savoury peanuts ruining my sweet filled experience good riddance I say :) Yes there used to be cocount too and I hated that.. see they must tap into my brain at night and get my secret wishes. .. hmmm the next version will be served by a naked lady wearing thigh length boots :)
Posted: 14:51 Fri 12-Nov-2004 by "Dman" # permalink comment
Comment: Oddly everyone here has a different taste and then denounces the product based on that 1 opinion.

In ANY assortment you are going to love and hate some. Wake up and smell the coffee cream.

Posted: 14:49 Sat 13-Nov-2004 by "DunkinDonuts" # permalink comment
Comment: I am sorry, but as an avid revels fan,the only reason to buy them were then uncoated minstrel variations inside.

The peanuts were tollerable and the caramels ok.

The orange and coffee? please.

Posted: 21:29 Sun 28-Nov-2004 by "aman+lee" # permalink comment
Comment: yummyyummyyummyyummyyummyyummyyummyyummyyummyyummyyummyyummyyummyyummy-yummy raison, but bring back coconut and dump the coffee
Posted: 10:38 Mon 29-Nov-2004 by "quin" # permalink comment
Comment: ARGH!

Comment hastily put in to stop the page messing up :(

Posted: 10:44 Mon 29-Nov-2004 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: cheers Q - which browser are you using? (it's supposed to stick hyphens and spaces in to stop that happenening...)
Posted: 12:23 Mon 29-Nov-2004 by "quin" # permalink comment
Comment: The fox of fire, of course.

I guess messing page formats up is yet another reason to dislike chocolate raisins.

Posted: 14:38 Wed 19-Jan-2005 by "H"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: I was horrified to discover that they had taken the lovely peanuts out and replaced them with raisins and just leftthe icky mingy coffee ones. Not impressed
Posted: 21:31 Mon 27-Jun-2005 by "ali" # permalink comment
Comment: love the coffee ones, but dammit man those are Galaxy Counters, NOT Minstrels! Minstrels are hard sugar coated
Posted: 18:33 Wed 29-Jun-2005 by "posyflump"
(apparently posting from 81-1-98-63.homechoice.co.uk) # permalink comment
Comment: Galaxy counters had an owl on the packet, not a giraffe. They also had a game on the back where you had to count the counters in the owl's nest. They were my favourite and now I have to suffer the agonies of orange revels in order to get a paltry few galaxy counters.
Posted: 19:09 Wed 29-Jun-2005 by "GTO" # permalink comment
Comment: I agree totally that the Coffee ones are the best, but even the Revels Ad makes out that they're bad, why?

I hate it when people call the flat ones "Minstrels", they're not Minstrels. Minstrels have a hard, dark shell.

Posted: 22:18 Sun 17-Jul-2005 by "ADI" # permalink comment
Comment: I bet my misses last night that there has never been a coconut Revel, anyone out there want to by a honda accord? i need to find a £1000 by next week, damm you Revel historains!!
Posted: 13:50 Wed 20-Jul-2005 by "chip*83" # permalink comment
Comment: More Coffee thats what i want!! YUM
Posted: 14:23 Wed 20-Jul-2005 by "GTO" # permalink comment
Comment: I don't remember a coconut Revel, there was a Coconut Poppet for a while.
Posted: 16:10 Wed 20-Jul-2005 by "jb" # permalink comment
Comment: Actually there still are coconut poppets. Am I the only one who lies all the individual Revels?
Posted: 17:03 Wed 20-Jul-2005 by "joey von joealot" # permalink comment
Comment: i bought revels tempted by the new sweet sign but now that ive found out its raison im horrified if i wanted raison then i would have bought choco covered raison not revels. and i never knew that there was a coconut one but coffee is the best
Posted: 19:09 Wed 20-Jul-2005 by "GTO" # permalink comment
Comment: Yeah "jb", I like them all. I was thinking of new ones last night actually. Maybe some classics like Peanut butter, biscuit, Mint toffee or White chocolate. Then some more "adventurous" flavours like Lemon curd, Dark chocolate&Chilli or butterscotch.

Maybe that's just me wanting to screw with well respected flavours though. I've wanted to see new Fruit Pastille flavours for a long time.

Posted: 17:26 Thu 21-Jul-2005 by "jb" # permalink comment
Comment: The only problem with mint is that the mint flavoured one would impose its flavour on all the others. Still I like the sound of the peanut butter one. And why shouldn't we mess about with well respected flavours?
Posted: 19:29 Thu 21-Jul-2005 by "GTO" # permalink comment
Comment: Yeah I see what you mean...Mint is a rather comendeering flavour...

Cherry, Passionfruit or Watermelon Fruit Pastilles would be awesome.

Posted: 00:04 Sat 23-Jul-2005 by "An ex Martian" # permalink comment
Comment: There WAS a coconut REVEL many years ago. It was removed because some of the coconut flavour was transferred to the other ones in the packet. The Peanut REVEL was removed to avoid any risk of cross-contamination when the production line had to move to a site alongside other lines which are "Nut Free"
Posted: 17:52 Sat 23-Jul-2005 by "jb" # permalink comment
Comment: so the peanut revel was removed to allow people with nut allergies to eat chocolate. I am quite impressed by this. And those of you who miss the peanut revel can always just buy chocolate covered peanuts and throw them in the revels bags
Posted: 12:47 Fri 05-Aug-2005 by "Dave R"
(apparently posting from lutn-cache-8.server.ntli.net) # permalink comment
Comment: Get shot of the coffe revels and bring back the coconut ones
Posted: 12:20 Sun 28-Aug-2005 by "suet" # permalink comment
Comment: we need a campaign to remove the coffee/toffee Revel and bring back the coconut one.
Posted: 00:13 Wed 21-Sep-2005 by "Sad Person" # permalink comment
Comment: Does anyone remember if the advert that said that "chocolate melts in your mouth, not in your hand" was for Treats (remember them?) or for Minstrels. I'm convinced it was Minstrels and world war 3 is about to break out over this......

Posted: 07:13 Wed 21-Sep-2005 by "jb" # permalink comment
Comment: Actually it was for M&Ms.
Posted: 21:37 Wed 21-Sep-2005 by "Sandy" # permalink comment
Comment: Yeah I back up the M&M's answer
Posted: 22:47 Wed 21-Sep-2005 by "GTO" # permalink comment
Comment: Yeah, definately M&M's. They're whole philosophy is to do with the chocolate staying solid by being covered with a sugar shell. Inventor was inspired to create them after seeing Spanish Soldiers eating chocolate covered in candy to stop them melting in the Sun.
Posted: 20:32 Thu 22-Sep-2005 by "bobsy" # permalink comment
Comment: The advert was for Minstrels. Back in the days when I was a little 'un they didnt have M&Ms - I remember putting a minstrel in my hand (like the advert) on a hot summers day , then crying when it turned into a brown sticky goo.
Posted: 20:47 Thu 22-Sep-2005 by "jb" # permalink comment
Comment: While it is true that M&Ms were only launched in the UK in the mid 1980s it is also true that in the USA the aforementioned slogan was used for the M&Ms brand and has been used since 1954. Which is waaay before Minstrels appeared on the British market. Rationing was still on for Pete's sake.
Posted: 20:52 Thu 22-Sep-2005 by "GTO" # permalink comment
Comment: "... That same year, the universally loved "M&M's"® Brand Characters and the famous slogan, "The milk chocolate melts in your mouth, not in your hand,"® debuted in the brand's initial TV advertising..."

It's M&M's http://uk.mms.com/mms/en-GB/about/History/default.htm

Posted: 14:15 Fri 23-Sep-2005 by "charl" # permalink comment
Comment: snackspot unearths potential hotbed of snack food false memories!
Posted: 20:12 Sat 24-Sep-2005 by "Sandy" # permalink comment
Comment: If I remember rightly the m&m's tune went..."m and m's, the m and m feeling, milk chocolate melts in your mouth (not in you hand), pure milk chocolate joy...." However it could be a false memory!
Posted: 21:18 Sat 24-Sep-2005 by "Chunk" # permalink comment
Comment: It wasn't m&m's that used that slogan in this country. Not as memorable as "made to make your mouth water", or that hanky panky advert come to think of it.
Posted: 20:22 Mon 26-Sep-2005 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: not that the wikipedia is necessarily hugely reliable, but they claim that it was both M&Ms *and* Minstrels (formerly Treets)...


"In the United Kingdom Peanut M&M's were known as Treets until 1990. Additionally, Toffee Treets were also available for some time. The chocolate versions were not introduced until the brand became M&M's. This was partly to do with the market dominance of the similar candy Nestlé Smarties which made competing under anything but a very high profile brand difficult, with the added risk of reducing sales of the existing Treets brand. Though Treets used the same "melt in your mouth not in your hand" slogan in the UK in the 1970s, this was transferred to Minstrels when the Treets brand was dropped."

Posted: 13:40 Thu 03-Nov-2005 by "?Karrie-Anne" # permalink comment
Comment: well i love the coffee n orange i never had the coconut but would like to see them in my revels packets i think rasin should go and penut to cum bac
Posted: 16:04 Fri 04-Nov-2005 by "Kerrymaid" # permalink comment
Comment: I wish you could buy the toffee revels individually! Toffee poppets arent the same!!!!
Posted: 21:50 Fri 04-Nov-2005 by "jb" # permalink comment
Comment: Of course not they are made by different people.
Posted: 07:39 Wed 09-Nov-2005 by "dan" # permalink comment
Comment: I have a sad tail to tell,going fron Ipswich to Liverpool by coach on about a 9 and a half hour journey i found myself hungry so i went to one of the food vending machines when i stopped at Birmingham so i got myself a packet of revels ,i got back onto the coach to continue the rest of my journey reading my book and opened the packet and noticed the chocs seemed a little white and dusty but i thought that's OK ,i started eating them and i thought they tasted a little odd but i still put another in my gob o make sure but the next one tasted quit bad too then i put a little one in my mouth i hadn't seen a chocolate like that in the pack before and it really didn't taste very good i was expecting toffee so i took a swig of my drink and pulled out a minstrel style chot then i noticed it was only half a minstrel choc i turned it over both ways and noticed little teeth marks on both sides and that made me feel a little sick thinking what it could have been that had been tucking into the chocolates ,i inspected the packet and could see any chew marks.when i got home i told my sister what had happened and she said the same thing happened to her 2 years before.
Posted: 12:00 Tue 15-Nov-2005 by "hannah thomas" # permalink comment
Comment: i love revels, i love eating the toffee ones they are yummy. i think the new raisins are much better than the peanuts. yummy yummy yummy fof my tummy
Posted: 14:25 Tue 29-Nov-2005 by "raman" # permalink comment
Comment: i think we should all write a petition and ask for out fave coconut ones to make a comeback! Is there any similar coconut sweet out there????
Posted: 18:07 Tue 29-Nov-2005 by "jb" # permalink comment
Comment: What about coconut poppets?
Posted: 20:51 Sun 11-Dec-2005 by "The Unknown Man" # permalink comment
Comment: Galaxy Counters had several different packets featuring not just a giraffe (Geoffrey Giraffe) but also Olly Owl, Percy Pelican, and Clive the Camel.

Anyone else remember them? There may've been another character too, like a stork or something, which was similar to the pelican, but maybe I just imagined that one!

Posted: 01:49 Thu 29-Dec-2005 by "barry wade" # permalink comment
Comment: i just opened a tube of revels and what a surprise, half empty like most packets and tubes are
Posted: 13:52 Thu 29-Dec-2005 by "charl" # permalink comment
Comment: but barry wade: contents may settle in transit! seriously, is there no way to combat this 'settling' and reduce packaging accordingly?
Posted: 12:58 Wed 11-Jan-2006 by "Pig" # permalink comment
Comment: I have just bought a couple of bags of Revels to assess this evening. I am leaning towards the raisins being a BAD idea but I am trying to keep an open mind. Indeed there were once coconut revels though my wife disbelieves me, so thanks for the confirmation (a million quid to me, hurra!). Also, there was for a short period Lemon flavoured revels (just like the orange ones only yellow and lemony). They were really rank. Also the chcoloate disks ARE NOT minstrels, they are a complete different confection.
Posted: 15:24 Tue 17-Jan-2006 by "bilfi" # permalink comment
Comment: raisins-mingin, coffee-mingin, maltesers-ok, orange-ok,ish, minstrel/treet-boring, toffee-the best, peanut-used to be the best, cant remember coconut,sounds good though.
Posted: 10:56 Wed 25-Jan-2006 by "CHRIS FITTES" # permalink comment
Posted: 11:06 Wed 25-Jan-2006 by "CHRIS FITTES" # permalink comment
Posted: 13:50 Wed 25-Jan-2006 by "Fanatic Choccy Lover" # permalink comment
Comment: At my school everybody brings sweet in to eat in lessons, the only sweet that teachers notice us eating is revels!! I only like the toffee and maltesers 1s. But mars is my fav choccy bar so i will have to give this 1 a try\!!
Posted: 15:16 Fri 27-Jan-2006 by "alison" # permalink comment
Comment: Well how disapointing - revels have taken away the peanut and replaced with a raisin! At first I thought this to be for all those unfortunate people with a nut allegery but, No as in the ingrediants it says that revels still contain traces of Peanuts - so why oh why have they removed the Peanut??? rather that just adding a rasin??? Very very disapointed with Revels!!!!! Please PLEASE bring back the peanut.
Posted: 20:56 Fri 27-Jan-2006 by "clerk" # permalink comment
Comment: And you care about it and eat them so often that you waited a year and a half to complain!
Posted: 13:32 Thu 16-Feb-2006 by "sarah" # permalink comment
Comment: i've never had a coconut revel- i feel cheated. there should be more orange and they should ditch the caramel which are gross.
Posted: 13:38 Thu 16-Feb-2006 by "Floy Le Ree" # permalink comment
Comment: Mo Flof didn`t belive me. Now I feel vindicated. Does anybody fancy going for a drink?
Posted: 18:06 Thu 16-Feb-2006 by "Soph" # permalink comment
Comment: I always thought the coconut revels were a bit crap - they didn't have a very coconutty flavour. More like a sort of generic fondant-type centre.

Raisin revels are rubbish - bring back the peanut.

Posted: 16:16 Sat 18-Feb-2006 by "Tony"
(apparently posting from cosh-cache-7.server.ntli.net) # permalink comment
Comment: but i l-l-like orange. this site is 4 losers, how can u dicuss a packet of revels. tony macswayne loves amber pryke
Posted: 19:06 Sun 19-Feb-2006 by "ivor bigone" # permalink comment
Comment: i have a true tale of courage and bravery. my friend is allergic 2 the peanut revel and upon eating a packet of revels myself offered her 2 try 1 and swallow instantly, she accepted knowing full well it may b a peanut and she may have an allergy attack. she eagerly dived in and choose her revel and without thought gobbled it down. b4 i knew it she woz on the floor having a fit R.I.P jaon
Posted: 18:51 Fri 03-Mar-2006 by "LISALOOSELIPS"
(apparently posting from bagu-cache-6.server.ntli.net) # permalink comment
Comment: aaaarrrrhhhhhh no i got a raisin, and another and another and another..... GIV US OUR NUTS BK pleeeeesssseeeee coffee nice malteaser nice orange nice minstrel is just boring, caramel is all wrong and as for the RAISIN ya can keep em...
Posted: 15:58 Sat 04-Mar-2006 by "chokie" # permalink comment
Comment: I must to be too young to remember the Coconut one but why not keep the peanut ones and add the raisen. It would make Revel roulete even more fun as your more likely to get something you hate or like.
Posted: 16:05 Sat 04-Mar-2006 by "be" # permalink comment
Comment: ps, i have been munching my way through the new cadbury creme egg bar now for weeks.... has no - one else seen it yet?
Posted: 17:21 Sat 04-Mar-2006 by "clerk" # permalink comment
Comment: > Why not keep the peanut ones and add the raisen. It would make Revel roulete even more fun as your more likely to get something you hate or like.

It would cost more to manafacture.

Posted: 23:00 Thu 09-Mar-2006 by "stoofer" # permalink comment
Comment: I see no-one has mentioned the old Turkish Delight Revel.

Now, there was a Revel to revel in.

Oh, you can keep yer peanuts. more raisins please!


Posted: 17:11 Sat 18-Mar-2006 by "SWB" # permalink comment
Comment: Forget Revels, bring back Galaxy Counters!
Posted: 10:40 Sun 26-Mar-2006 by "beanworld" # permalink comment
Comment: Have had memories of 'delicious unshelled Minstrel-like chocs in a white bag with an animal design' since childhood, of which nobody else seems to have any recollection... Finally discovered these to be Counters whilst flicking through Robert Opie's 'Seventies Scrapbook', which contains a wonderful double spread of chocolate and sweet wrappers! The relief is unbelievable - I was beginning to think I'd developed some form of False Memory Syndrome!!
Posted: 13:21 Sun 30-Apr-2006 by "doitalldale" # permalink comment
Comment: does anyone remember there being a strawberry or rassberry flavoured revel??
Posted: 06:52 Tue 27-Jun-2006 by "Heddy " # permalink comment
Comment: MMMMMMM, revels are my most favorite thing! I was in Ireland for a few years and discovered them and fantasize about them now that i am back in california and can't have them, all love them all but orange is def the best and the carmels is okay you just have to knaw on it to soften it up!
Posted: 13:47 Sun 16-Jul-2006 by "roys" # permalink comment
Comment: Did coffee revels replace coconut revels, or where the coffee ones always there
Posted: 21:35 Thu 20-Jul-2006 by "pauline hall" # permalink comment
Comment: Let's all go to the Mars HQ with placards and protest to bring back the coconut revel,as I've never had one!
Posted: 15:30 Wed 15-Nov-2006 by "Kyle Wilson" # permalink comment
Comment: My idea is that you sholud invent a MINT REVEL,TURKISH DELIGHT REVEL and a BANNANA REVEL. if my idea works can i have some of the profits. thanks yours sincerly KYLE WILSON
Posted: 17:49 Wed 15-Nov-2006 by "Marquez" # permalink comment
Comment: So many people misspell Banana - BANNANA, the schooling in this country must be sh*te 25761 6 12
Posted: 12:15 Tue 05-Dec-2006 by "fred" # permalink comment
Comment: but i like orange! u rock tony! this site sucks!
Posted: 19:41 Mon 22-Jan-2007 by "Emz!" # permalink comment
Comment: i think it would be good if you got a revel bar each segment could have a different flavour mmmmm=P!
Posted: 11:45 Sat 21-Apr-2007 by "NaNa" # permalink comment
Comment: the caramel ones are amazing! i was shocked to find out that the coffee ones were supposed to be the horrible ones, i love them! I cant believe more people hvent commented on the plain chocolate 'minstrel' ones, i wish they actually had the hard shell of minstrels, those are so boring and are obvious because theyre a diff. shape. i suggest honeycomb flavour.
Posted: 16:01 Mon 25-Jun-2007 by "Simon Lake"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: Most revels are now rubbish, compared to those on sale back in the late 1960's. In those days revels guzzlers had six wonderful flavours to choose from, which included Orange Cream, Coconut, Turkish Delight, (actually congealed cherry jam), Toffee, Peanut and Chocolate (the flat button). How times change.
Posted: 10:14 Thu 27-Sep-2007 by "Sally" # permalink comment
Comment: I hate Revels now. The raisin ones are rubbish, no coffee ones, not enough orange. Oh, and if I wanted maltesers in a mixed bag I'd bloody buy a packet of them!!!!
Posted: 18:46 Thu 27-Sep-2007 by "Zeddy" # permalink comment
Comment: Sally, those are all my reasons for loving Revels now! :D
Posted: 22:52 Sat 19-Jan-2008 by "TWid" # permalink comment
Comment: So.... When did they get rid of the coconut ones and when did they bring in the raisin ones. Has anyone out there established a timeline of flavours????
Posted: 01:14 Thu 14-Feb-2008 by "marc " # permalink comment
Comment: i am asking if the chcoclate one was available in the 70s/80 with the giraffe on the packet were called chaps or chapettes please let me know thank you oh an i love them them all revels but as i have read would be nice if there were some differnet ones maybe a praline one
Posted: 11:52 Wed 07-May-2008 by "kari" # permalink comment
Comment: they should bring back the peanut and get rid of the coffee or orange. Yuck! I like the raisin one's but the toffee one's are too hard. Why dont they bring out soft caramel?

I think the flavours should be

Peanut Plain chocolate raisin malteser fudge creme mint (like after 8)

yummy! maybe il start my own brand lol. call them....... variety haha

Posted: 22:00 Thu 24-Jul-2008 by "Emmii" # permalink comment
Comment: i dont why everyone complains bout the coffee ones they are the best if some one gave me a bag of coffee ones id be happy the peanut ones where not one of my faves but yak! RAISIN what where they thinking??????? chocolate and a raisin is just WRONG!
Posted: 13:42 Fri 25-Jul-2008 by "charl" # permalink comment
Comment: i have voted to evict the stupid chocolate ones. about time, too.
Posted: 13:11 Mon 28-Jul-2008 by "Davey" # permalink comment
Comment: There used to be a coconut and turkish delight revels.
Posted: 19:20 Mon 28-Jul-2008 by "Sandy" # permalink comment
Comment: All coffee revel fans please go tohttp://www.revelseviction.com and vote raisin out. At the moment coffee is way in the lead to go but they are lovely and need to stay! Raisin is second fav to go so by voting for that we can SAVE THE COFFEE CREME!
Posted: 19:36 Mon 28-Jul-2008 by "Sandy" # permalink comment
Comment: Voting results to date are: 40% coffee, 27% raisin at the moment, others much lower. Please vote and save the coffee!

Any guesses on what the new mystery flavour will be? I'm thinking it's going to be a cookie/biscuit one, lke Cadbury's Strollers used to have.

Posted: 16:42 Tue 29-Jul-2008 by "robertster" # permalink comment
Comment: It'd be terrible to get rid of coffee. Revels wouldn't be Revels without a flavour that it's generally accepted no one likes.
Posted: 14:20 Thu 31-Jul-2008 by "WB" # permalink comment
Comment: thanks...we've just done a sweep to guess to mystery Revel, and I picked raisin, he he..agrree it;s like the multi pack with cheddar crisps or lamb, always the last in the cupboard
Posted: 23:24 Tue 05-Aug-2008 by "jilly aker"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: sorry folks its got to be orange out choc n orange yuk
Posted: 00:01 Mon 25-Aug-2008 by "Alison" # permalink comment
Comment: In the Revel Timeline, these are the flavours that Mars has taken out:

- Evicted coconut / replaced with coffee (early 1980s maybe?)

- Evicted peanut / replaced with raisin (mid 2000s)

(Funny how the two most recent replacements are also the two most loathed.) I can't remember the turkish delight ones, they must be before my time.

Enough with all the pandering to people with nut allergies - if they have any sense none of them have ever eaten Revels anyway. Bring back the nutty ones!!!

Posted: 17:48 Mon 25-Aug-2008 by Zeddy # permalink comment
Comment: God no! The raisin is the best thing to happen to Revels. The peanut couldn't go quick enough.
Posted: 19:27 Mon 25-Aug-2008 by "Yay! Lovely fish!" # permalink comment
Comment: I'd get rid of 'em all except the toffee coffee and "galaxy counter" ones, oh and bring back peanut...
Posted: 18:49 Wed 27-Aug-2008 by "jen" # permalink comment
Comment: according to reveleviction.com the current flavours are chocolate, caramel, coffee, orange, raisin and malteser. they are doing a vote to lose one and it will be replaced by a mystery flavour. so far coffee is in the lead by over 40%, hope this helps
Posted: 14:17 Thu 28-Aug-2008 by "cazzie" # permalink comment
Comment: i hate the raisons but love the coffee ones. so long live coffee n the orange flavours xx
Posted: 17:09 Thu 28-Aug-2008 by Zeddy # permalink comment
Comment: Yes, I would put coffee ones in the "cazzie".
Posted: 21:30 Thu 28-Aug-2008 by "Sandy" # permalink comment
Comment: Please save the coffee cream and vote out raisin! Do it now!
Posted: 20:03 Tue 02-Sep-2008 by "Kizzz"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: Turkish delight Revels. Heaven.
Posted: 20:47 Thu 04-Sep-2008 by "maggie"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: keep my beloved coffee and finaly once and for ever get rid of raisin and don't bring back peanut
Posted: 18:01 Fri 05-Sep-2008 by Zeddy # permalink comment
Comment: Yes. Get rid of coffee and keep raisin. Peanut can stay away.
Posted: 20:22 Mon 08-Sep-2008 by "shelley wilson"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: get rid off coffee and add strawberry keep peanut out to.
Posted: 10:11 Fri 26-Sep-2008 by "tasha"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: i hate raisin! and i'm sorry there are far too many malteesers, if i wanted to i could just get a packet of them! i want more orange and coffee!!!!
Posted: 18:06 Fri 26-Sep-2008 by Zeddy # permalink comment
Comment: No more coffee! :):):)
Posted: 15:36 Mon 13-Oct-2008 by "Amandajh12" # permalink comment
Comment: So, coffee has been evicted from Revels and a new sweet added - anyone found out what it is yet? Mars say it may be a temporary eviction so good news for those of us who actually like coffee!!!
Posted: 15:47 Mon 13-Oct-2008 by Zeddy # permalink comment
Comment: Rumour has it Turkish delight.
Posted: 08:07 Tue 14-Oct-2008 by "Amandajh12" # permalink comment
Comment: YUCK!!! Guess I shan't be buying Revels for the forseeable :-(
Posted: 01:10 Thu 16-Oct-2008 by "Maz" # permalink comment
Comment: A work colleague claimed she had a bag of these today & it had a strawberry flavoured one , but it wasn't a cream, more like a freeze dried strawberry, doesn't sound likely but I will try find where she got them & see for myself, she said it was horrid, wondering if she dreamt it tho as site says they're not due out til next month?
Posted: 08:32 Thu 16-Oct-2008 by "Amandajh12" # permalink comment
Comment: They are already available in Tescos with banner that there is a new mystery sweet inside - but I didn't buy in case it was dreaded turkish delight!
Posted: 20:30 Thu 16-Oct-2008 by "Maz" # permalink comment
Comment: In the interest of market research of course I have just bought a bag, had to get a large one has had no small, what a shame lol, think I should prob enjoy as much as I can while coffee is gone, just hope new sweet isn't as evil, I'd have been happy with double orange ones as they're my fave. Which is a bugger when u hate coffee cos they look the same, I bite a little bit of choc off 2 check which it is 1st, then I used 2 give all the coffee ones 2 my mum when I lived at home haha, now they get resigned 2 the bin, new sweets will prob go the same way but never mind, will update once I have eaten.
Posted: 21:12 Thu 16-Oct-2008 by "Yay! Lovely fish!" # permalink comment
Comment: No more Revels for me for the time being then! Mars Planets are the way forward anyway (can't they let the coffee one 'squat' in their camp for a while?)
Posted: 21:22 Thu 16-Oct-2008 by "Maz" # permalink comment
Comment: Worry not turkish delight haters, the new sweet is a strawberry cream, it took me a while to figure it out as it looks just like the orange cream & has quite a subtle flavour . But I am happy now that for the time being I can eat Revels without having to nibble some chocolate off first. Yay.
Posted: 11:01 Fri 17-Oct-2008 by Zeddy # permalink comment
Comment: Well, well! I received poor information. Strawberry eh? They must have sat up for 2 seconds thinking that one up.
Posted: 12:48 Sat 18-Oct-2008 by "difi"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: I couldn't work out if it was strawberry or raspberry - but not very exciting whatever it is supposed to be. Now coconut ........... yum that would have made my day. (sorry coffee lovers but I hated the coffee one)
Posted: 00:13 Sun 19-Oct-2008 by "Talk Show Host" # permalink comment
Comment: Revels need a major relaunch in my opinion, possibly with every flavour either improved or changed. The quality of the individual sweets would not be acceptable if they were stand alone - they only get away with it since they are part of a selection of flavours.
Posted: 12:37 Mon 27-Oct-2008 by "sarah" # permalink comment
Comment: Im so happy i found this page - im eating a new pack as we speak but couldnt figure out what the new flavour was! its quite tasty - as it was said previously its very subtle. I miss coffee tho - that was my fav as well as th peanut *sigh*
Posted: 15:00 Mon 27-Oct-2008 by "Sandy" # permalink comment
Comment: It's quite powdery, like the strawberry flavour on a bonbon. It's ok but a bit sickly. You need one like coffee to mix the flavours up a bit. Now if it replaced raisin then I'd be more than happy...
Posted: 08:13 Thu 30-Oct-2008 by ""Charl"" # permalink comment
Comment: Sorry to disappoint you 'Talk Show Host' but Mars have done just that with the Malteaser.
Posted: 14:20 Thu 30-Oct-2008 by "Lucy" # permalink comment
Comment: No no no it's strawberry! I knew it from the pink bit on the packet. I have definitely just eaten one.
Posted: 17:35 Thu 30-Oct-2008 by "charl" # permalink comment
Comment: i think it's raspberry
Posted: 20:45 Tue 11-Nov-2008 by "sappy16" # permalink comment
Comment: yeah, i'm thinking it's strawberry. i have one of those cinema bags by my side. the strawberry centres are pale pink rather than pale orange like the orange ones. they're ok - better than orange, anyway! is it just me though, or are the malteasers in revels far less delicious than malteasers in packs of malteasers?! for me, that's one of life's big unanswered questions!
Posted: 21:43 Tue 11-Nov-2008 by Zeddy # permalink comment
Comment: Well, I'm pretty sure it is pink flavour. This will become a firm favourite. No doubt about it.
Posted: 00:26 Wed 12-Nov-2008 by "Talk Show Host" # permalink comment
Comment: I agree about the Malteaser Revel and that is what I was getting at - it's nowhere near as nice as standalone 'teasers'. A rip off if you ask me!
Posted: 11:07 Wed 12-Nov-2008 by "Kaixxxxx" # permalink comment
Comment: Oh my eyes! the coffee one has gone! that was my ultimate fave! I agree its raspberry not strawberry, its ok but no match for the coffee revel! Didnt know there were a turkish delight one? bring back that instead of the new raspberry! not very imaginative of mars to just change the flavour of the fondant...
Posted: 13:00 Fri 14-Nov-2008 by "moviebuff" # permalink comment
Comment: Just had one of the new pinkies. so it's strawberry? so subtlei missed it. However, Zeddy, it is only temporary and the coffee will return says the pack.
Posted: 14:01 Fri 14-Nov-2008 by "moviebuff" # permalink comment
Comment: Just had one of the new pinkies. so it's strawberry? so subtlei missed it. However, Zeddy, it is only temporary and the coffee will return says the pack.
Posted: 16:14 Fri 14-Nov-2008 by Zeddy # permalink comment
Comment: That's what I'm afraid of.
Posted: 16:01 Tue 18-Nov-2008 by "Moviebuff" # permalink comment
Comment: They're not too bad, Zeddy. Be thankful they haven't introduced a ginger. Though I would like to see a dark choc selection. Hmmmmm....chocolate!!
Posted: 21:20 Tue 18-Nov-2008 by Zeddy # permalink comment
Comment: I would take a dark ginger over coffee any day! Actually, a dark choc one filled with runny caramel does it for me.
Posted: 21:21 Tue 16-Dec-2008 by "coffee4meeeee" # permalink comment
Comment: i agree i'd eat the coffee ones on their own, mmmmmmmm, as a 2nd choice though i think they should add a 'toffee treet' sweet that were around in the 70's like the toffee one thats in the packet already but with a minstrel shell.....mmmm
Posted: 19:23 Tue 23-Dec-2008 by "meg118 (at!) tiscali.co.uk"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: i love the new revel but i hate the rasin one,i think coffee should stay and i would love a mint cream and maybe even coconut,what about it mars,bring it on
Posted: 19:51 Tue 23-Dec-2008 by Zeddy # permalink comment
Comment: "i would love a mint cream." Try Poppets otherwise everything will taste minty in the packet. The people have voted and coffee was least popular. Those are the facts.
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