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Click pic to view comments - Confirmed sighting: Frijj The Simpsons Limited Edition Get Minted Mint Chocolate Flavour Confirmed sighting: Frijj The Simpsons Limited Edition Get Minted Mint Chocolate Flavour
Posted: 15:27 Wed 21-Jul-2004. Price: 85p. Location: Sainsbury's, London NW3. Nutritional unusualness: Usual bold "Less than 1% Fat" claim on the side, now a mere 11.9g of carbohydrate (ie, sugar?) per 100ml.
Snackspot reports: Frijj locate another dubious role-model in the form of Mr Burns for this latest outing (complete with "Doesn't contain real coins!" gag on the wrapper) - and, since you ask, it tastes almost exactly like the 1970s ice-cream Dalek Death Ray.

...Anyway, it's also just the excuse I need to run "Phillerena's" controversial sighting of the Frijj White Chocolate variant he maintains was marked "new" when he recently purchased it in a two-for-85p offer in Selby Safeway, commenting: White chocolate has slowly but surely started to break the mold and move on from its simple chocolate bar roots into cakes, ice cream, biscuits, and even hot chocolate (Options). Now milkshakes can be added to that list, thanks to this new Frijj White Chocolate variant. This nearly escaped my attention, as the packaging is all white and not very eye-catching. It was on a "BOGOF" offer, and the other "new" Frijj flavour I saw was Vanilla, which I didn't buy as it sounded boring. The milkshake tastes good - very thick, creamy, and insanely sweet. The white chocolate taste is unique, although inevitably doesn't taste the same as the real thing. It had a sort of dried milk powder-ish taste to it, which isn't surprising as that's exactly what it contains. Overall it's OK, but loses marks mainly because it tastes a little bit too sweet and sickly. A must for white chocolate fans.


Posted: 16:29 Wed 21-Jul-2004 by "Reg" # permalink comment
Comment: I've just tried the mint choc Frijj, it's a real repeater.
Posted: 16:43 Wed 21-Jul-2004 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: blimey, this is disturbing, I was just searching for Frijj + The Simpsons and found this explanation of how it was marketed to "lads": http://www.marketing-society.org.uk/downloads/awards/Frijj_Entry.pdf

(you need Adobe Acrobat to read it, or here's google's - HUGE! - cache of an html version: )

patronising marketing-speak highlights include:

Now we needed to go beyond TV advertising to persuade lads that it was socially acceptable to drink FRijj in public. To do this we reasoned that it would be best to try and associate FRijj with the thick glue that holds lads together when they're out and about, their conversation, banter, and two way dialogue. What topics would our target be interested in? Football was certainly one, but too expensive and too crowded. Music was another, but FRijj wasn't really the right sort of product for this, we had to be careful not to let our credibility slip. And so we turned to sex.

In 2000, The Face conducted a survey of youth in Britain. When our target audience were asked 'what's your ideal Saturday night?' Lads kept talking about one thing: "Shagging!" "Having sex and smoking lots of weed.""Loads of drinks, a kebab and a woman." The Face, 2000 We wanted to be part of the talk around relationships and sex. We wanted to share the jokes, chat and rubbish spouted by these lads as they analysed their own and everybody else's sex life. We used carefully selected TV sponsorships to get into the thick of these conversations.

Firstly, FRijj sponsored Elimadate, presented by the infamously well-endowed ex-Atomic Kitten Kerry Katona. Representing the modern world of dating, it was a great introduction into FRijj's blokey and irreverent attitude to sex, demonstrating that this was a brand up for a laugh:

Secondly, in 2003, we tied in with the UK's favorite reality TV show - Big Brother. FRijj was the first FMCG brand to sponsor Big Brother anywhere in the world. Lads over-indexed as Big Brother viewers, eager for a bit of sex or scandal. Associating ourselves with this gave us a real opportunity to talk to them in their language about the elements or events we knew they were interested in. We set out to make FRijj a spokesman on the events in the show, passing comment as the lads themselves would.

Posted: 17:57 Wed 21-Jul-2004 by "charl" # permalink comment
Comment: how vile. i'm surprised they didn't market frijj bukkake videos in 2004...
Posted: 18:13 Wed 21-Jul-2004 by "Phillerena" # permalink comment
Comment: Controversial, lol. All I can say is that it said new on the label, and also Somerfield magazine had an advert for Friji saying that Vanilla and White chocolate were the two new Friji flavours.
Posted: 00:46 Thu 22-Jul-2004 by "elmsyrup" # permalink comment
Comment: What is FMCG?
Posted: 06:58 Thu 22-Jul-2004 by "charl" # permalink comment
Comment: fast moving consumer goods: http://www.acronymfinder.com/ [URL display truncated]
Posted: 12:07 Thu 22-Jul-2004 by "MrDavid" # permalink comment
Comment: Bugger, I was about to submit my picture of this after buying two bottles.

What a mistake that was... I really liked the previous Simpsons flavours (mmmm, donuts), but this one is just horrible. Too much mint, not enough chocolate - like a cheap mouthwash with a teaspoon of cocoa powder added.

On a related note, Frijj Extreme White Chocolate (very nice, 99p) was replaced by Frijj White Chocolate (watery slop, 83p), hence the "new" label.

Posted: 09:32 Sun 25-Jul-2004 by "Diarmuid Mallon" # permalink comment
Comment: Picked up a bottle of the new Frijj Minted milkshake to help fuel my journey to Croydon to the twin Meccas of Ikea and CGEUK. Boy it is awful. The mint is so fake, and totally over-powers the drink. One to avoid.
Posted: 20:55 Sun 25-Jul-2004 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: doh I was thinking of going to the CGEUK this weekend but was - frankly - scared that there wouldn't be anyone I knew there. Was it any good?

(oh and it was a big "classic gaming expo", non-retro game fans: http://www.cgexpo-uk.com/ )

Posted: 21:56 Sun 25-Jul-2004 by "Chester Copperpot" # permalink comment
Comment: I noticed the cgexpo site is showing that there is still over a day until It starts on the home page when It finished today? The only part that would have interested me would have been to look which cabinets they had - you can't beat having an arcade machine at home.
Posted: 22:20 Sun 25-Jul-2004 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: i know this isn't really relevant to Snackspot, though I have just got an email from someone complaining that they accidentally attended http://www.gamefair.co.uk/ ("an umbrella to many major shows each of which stand alone as the most comprehensive in their field - shooting, fishing, gundogs, gamekeepers/estate management and falconry") instead
Posted: 11:41 Mon 26-Jul-2004 by "Diarmuid Mallon" # permalink comment
Comment: CGEUK was a good 'first' show, I would say. Slightly disorganised, as the opening speech was 20 minutes late, and their was no timetable/notices re the promised workshops or talks. What was there, was lots of re-sellers of classic games/consoles and a number of exhibits of classic computers (running classic games) and 80s arcade machines from Betchley Park and RetroKade. There were also some impressive MAME cabinets. I managed to not spend too much - couldn't justify buying a Jaguar to just play Tempest 2000 or the Nintendo Virtual Boy. I did by a Honey Bee NTSC converter for my aging SNES - but just like every other converter I've tried, I still can't get Mario RPG to play on my UK SNES.
Posted: 11:18 Tue 27-Jul-2004 by "Nebbish" # permalink comment
Comment: Did you have hot dogs at Ikea? They're ace, and the only reason for going as far as I can tell.
Posted: 12:19 Tue 27-Jul-2004 by "Diarmuid Mallon" # permalink comment
Comment: I didn't this time, and I even avoided the self-server ice-cream machines. Instead I went for the upstairs coffee bar. My Wifi finder key ring lead me to believe there was a hotspot there. Disappointingly there wasn't. However the rather excellent raspberry and white chocolate muffin made up for this.
Posted: 13:41 Sat 31-Jul-2004 by "Deej"
(apparently posting from cache2-mant.server.ntli.net) # permalink comment
Comment: I think there was a bad batch of Get Minted favlours, as the first bottle I had was stupidly minty, to the point it rotted my teeth overnight. The last one I had was much more balanced.

I say bring back Extreme White Chocolate, it was like sex, only much better and with less sweat involved.

Posted: 13:50 Sat 31-Jul-2004 by "Deej"
(apparently posting from cache2-mant.server.ntli.net) # permalink comment
Comment: P.S.

Frijj Extreme White Chocolate was absolutely hideous when mixed with vodka unlike sex, which works quite well with vodka to my experience.

Posted: 23:19 Wed 25-Aug-2004 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: and following the above comments, we learn that, bafflingly, "FHM in the UK has signed a sponsorship deal worth £1m with milkshake brand Frijj to back its High Street Honeys competition" http://www.fipp.com/1324

...in accordance with the previous posting on the subject of (shudder) "FRijj's blokey and irreverent attitude to sex" http://www.snackspot.org.uk/thread.php?story=0407211527daa#20040721164300

Posted: 15:05 Thu 02-Sep-2004 by "JJM" # permalink comment
Posted: 18:09 Thu 02-Sep-2004 by "Phillerena" # permalink comment
Comment: I don't agree, it tastes like protein powder milkshake, as does the strawberry one (I should know since I used to have that quite regularly).
Posted: 16:22 Thu 04-Nov-2004 by "Steve" # permalink comment
Comment: the mint one was awful! yuck! i like most of the new flavours, but ive noticed no1 has mentioned the bannoffie one that had Krusty the Clowns face on it. I thought that one rocked. anyone else???
Posted: 22:35 Thu 04-Nov-2004 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: we had it when it came out in Feb, "Steve" http://www.snackspot.org.uk/thread.php?story=0402051330daa

now i don't normally like bananas - and this... well, didn't do much to change my opinion

Posted: 19:54 Sun 28-Nov-2004 by "Packaging guy" # permalink comment
Comment: appreciate your comments guys. the link to gray marketing was I lifesaver for my assignment. I used to be the packaging guy who worked on frijj for 3 years and did the redesign, homer, krusty and BB. lot of effort and a heck of a lot of fun working on it. Sadly I left DC before the FHM honey competition! I'll pass on your comments to the product manager who is trying to come up with the next flavour. Barneys duff beer was one we didn';t hink we could get away with! south park was looked at, and a flavour was developed for chef's chocolate salty balls flavour, but after that the ideas dry up a bit quick! side note: the does not contain real donuts was a legal requirement, and not intentional! anyone want to know anything else about FRijj - drop a note. T
Posted: 20:13 Sun 28-Nov-2004 by "Phillerena" # permalink comment
Comment: Why does the vanilla one taste like a more liquid custard? It's just as bad as vanilla Nesquik. The only good vanilla milk drink I've had is Yazoo.
Posted: 21:25 Sat 05-Feb-2005 by "Hatticys" # permalink comment
Comment: Oh my god, did someone jsut say that friji was better than sex? Too far man too far. You can't be having very good sex. Really, i suggest some kind of vibrating animal toy. And does anyone know any good friji alcoholic cocktails please?
Posted: 22:13 Wed 09-Mar-2005 by "mandy"
(apparently posting from cdif-cache-1.server.ntli.net) # permalink comment
Comment: please please bring this back permanently i love it so much
Posted: 17:39 Tue 04-Jul-2006 by "Darth Vader" # permalink comment
Comment: The white chocolate is so good! i can't find it anywhere though! i tried it over a year ago and have been on the hunt ever since! come on tesco, get your act together : (at!) 59330 5
Posted: 17:42 Wed 04-Apr-2007 by "josh de'ath"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: please bring back the white chocolate frijj milkshake.im dieing without it man.
Posted: 19:25 Tue 19-Feb-2008 by "Andrea" # permalink comment
Comment: I loved the mint Frijj!
Posted: 17:36 Thu 29-May-2008 by "Robert" # permalink comment
Comment: The Mint one is back from limited edition, yay stock up your fridge quick before they remove the nicest falvour milkshake that no where sells in the UK again.
Posted: 22:29 Tue 09-Sep-2008 by "Gennaro" # permalink comment
Comment: keep the vanillaaaaaarghh. please!!!
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