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Click pic to view comments - Confirmed sighting: Batchelors Super Noodles To Go Confirmed sighting: Batchelors Super Noodles To Go
Posted: 20:29 Tue 24-Aug-2004. Price: 79p/ 85g (dry weight). Location: Tesco, Finchley. Sub-flavours: Roast Chicken (tested), Chicken Chow Mein, Sweet and Sour, Curry. Nutritional unusualness: 1.8g sodium per serving.
Snackspot reports: In accordance with Snackspot prophecy, this is the "just add hot water" version of Batchelors Super Noodles (and, intriguingly, comes just months after "Stuart Campbell's" comments on what a pain the traditional versions are). Certainly the habitual Pot Noodle user will find little to surprise them here, except perhaps that the tub itself is made of (environmentally friendly?) cardboard rather than Unilever's preference for plastic, though this doesn't seem to (hugely) affect the flavour. You'll also be pleased to hear that the "Roast Chicken" one (with red pepper, sweetcorn, peas and a sachet of soy sauce) remains "Suitable for vegetarians", and that the high sodium content informs any left over "soup" with the delicious tang of warm seawater.

...In other poultry pioneering: the left-hand column now features a link to the Fried Chicken Gallery of the UK's many tribute restaurants "inspired" by KFC; Maxim US has named the "Fat Darrell" (containing chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks and french fries) as its "sandwich of the year"; and The Grocer reports that curry specialist Minara is on the point of launching microwaveable Micro Meals in a jar (2.75 each, in two varieties of chicken and one vegetable biriani).


Posted: 21:10 Tue 24-Aug-2004 by "Phillerena" # permalink comment
Comment: Cadbury Snaps are now out, saw some in Woolies but they were almost £2 for a Pringle-size tube! Also Nestle Baci are out...don't think they will be around for long though with a yuk name like that.

Hmm I'm turning into Alex!

Posted: 21:17 Tue 28-Sep-2004 by "Dobbie" # permalink comment
Comment: I saw these in my local Tesco and thought I'd take a look. Is anyone aware that this small pot contains nearly five hundred calores!!!!!!!! That's almost as much as most frozen ready meals!!!!!!!!
Posted: 20:35 Thu 30-Sep-2004 by "sarah roberts"
(apparently posting from 82-40-51-144.cable.ubr07.uddi.blueyonder.co.uk) # permalink comment
Comment: I have recently tried your snackpot and I was very disapointed.I think the noodles should be a bit thicker.It was edable,but I dont think I will buy them again.I much prefer the packet noodles which I will continue to buy.
Posted: 23:50 Sun 03-Oct-2004 by "Steve michell" # permalink comment
Comment: I purchased some batchelors super noodles to go, but thought it was disgusted that they put veg in them as i eat super noodle rather than pot noodles coz i don't like veg, they could at least have the veg in a seperate sachet.
Posted: 12:44 Thu 04-Nov-2004 by "Sanj" # permalink comment
Comment: I have a pot on the go now the veg is chewy and flavourless. The noodles are ok but nothing like the packet super noodles think it's back to the drawing board on this one Batchelors !
Posted: 15:37 Sun 28-Nov-2004 by "david" # permalink comment
Comment: dont be silly, they ROCK
Posted: 16:20 Thu 09-Dec-2004 by "Carol" # permalink comment
Comment: They dont even taste of super noodles! Nice one batchelors!
Posted: 16:24 Thu 09-Dec-2004 by "Angus" # permalink comment
Comment: I am disapointed, I have heard they they taste like crap from a good friend but still wish to try them. If anyone knows of somewhere to get them in the North London area, let me know
Posted: 16:48 Mon 14-Mar-2005 by "KittyFairie" # permalink comment
Comment: I tried these today and realised why I haven't eaten super noodles or pot noodles or any the wannabe ones for years! They taste so horrible after a few bites and feel TOTALLY unhealthy. It has AMMONIA as a good colourant for goodness sake. The added sweetcorn and peas are funny, if someone was trying to be healthy they wouldn't go near supernoodles why attempt to add veg (which is totally overprocessed and nutritionless). I just can't understand how some people can eat this every day!
Posted: 15:12 Mon 13-Jun-2005 by "Catherine Pugh" # permalink comment
Comment: At this very moment I am eating a roast chicken super noodles pot to go and like most other comments, I have to say that the packets are much tastier. I feel it could do with more flavour as it tastes very mild. I'm not saying spice it up, oh no, just that the flavour is very weak.
Posted: 12:36 Thu 28-Jul-2005 by "ellie jones"
(apparently posting from dsl-80-41-132-206.access.as9105.com) # permalink comment
Comment: I love batchelors noodles but i'm a vegetarian and my favourite flavour is beef , It says it has beef flavour init . Are they suitable for vegetarians?
Posted: 13:33 Tue 02-Aug-2005 by "Pamela Anderson" # permalink comment
Comment: I was utterly horrified to find that the new "to go" super noodles have now got veg in them. What a huge dissapointment. No points for this one Batchelors.
Posted: 16:17 Thu 15-Dec-2005 by "katie" # permalink comment
Comment: beef supernoodles are vegetarian i rung the carline and checked. its freephone so you can double check too .
Posted: 09:52 Sat 17-Dec-2005 by "Max" # permalink comment
Comment: Warning! Hydrogenated! Click on my name to find out more or click on 'Ban Trans Fats (Hydrogenated Vegetable Oils)' on the left hand side of this page.
Posted: 11:45 Thu 13-Apr-2006 by "ka" # permalink comment
Comment: Yeh i didnt like the fact they have veg in either but you know what i did, before i added water took the noodles out and threw all the veg in the bin! then i just had the noodles veg free, yummy. have really craving for noodles, may just have to get some for my lunch...
Posted: 21:54 Sun 01-Oct-2006 by "parkinson" # permalink comment
Comment: so what made you want to become a noodle filmstar and how did you cope with the fame that came with being a noodle?
Posted: 20:35 Tue 07-Nov-2006 by "steven ounsworth"
(apparently posting from 5ac01204.bb.sky.com) # permalink comment
Comment: forget the snackpots for a minute,theres too many e numbers in the super noodles...14 in the chicken ones,no wonder is fun for the family,with the kidz bouncing off the walls allnight.
Posted: 10:47 Wed 04-Apr-2007 by "OoglyBoog" # permalink comment
Comment: These things taste like plastic
Posted: 18:24 Tue 24-Jul-2007 by "M. Theed" # permalink comment
Comment: What have they done to Batchelors barbecue supernoodles? They used to be very tasty and you could taste the beef flavour, now you would have a job to tell what flavour you were eating as they are almost tasteless apart from the sweet taste which we personally do not like the added sugar in savory food. The flavouring in the packet comes out light brown now instead of dark brown like it used to when added to the noodles. Has anyone else noticed these changes in the barbecue super noodles? We are not buying them anymore!!!!!!
Posted: 23:29 Sun 26-Aug-2007 by "Mamsoth" # permalink comment
Comment: i did a poo poo
Posted: 13:07 Mon 27-Aug-2007 by "davlette" # permalink comment
Comment: well, iv just tried the curry super noodlest to go and i think they are really tasty, but i must say that i was reaaaaly dissapointed when not even a babys thumb nail size of mango chutney came out of the packet! there was more packet than chutney....and i love mango chutney, had to add my own from my jar...so come on batchelors...add a decent amount of sauce in the packet or just dont bother!
Posted: 13:56 Thu 29-Nov-2007 by "raaarr" # permalink comment
Comment: I was always sure chicken super-noodles (my favourite) were vegetarian until recently. I noticed "chicken fat" on the ingredients list!? All my friends still insist they are veggie though. How can this be?
Posted: 10:58 Tue 29-Jan-2008 by "lmao" # permalink comment
Comment: how can you get a chiken pot noodle without chiken thin about it .........
Posted: 22:42 Thu 27-Mar-2008 by "laura" # permalink comment
Comment: chicken super noodles used to be vegi friendly, but they are not anymore :(! but the new chicken and herb ones are, aparently they bought these out for vegi's? why'd they change it in the first place?
Posted: 16:58 Fri 02-May-2008 by "Neet Neet"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: The Chicken Super Noodles contain Chicken Fat. The Barbecue Beef ones do not say they contain Beef Fat but there is no mention on that packet that they are suitable for vegetarians?
Posted: 12:02 Tue 13-May-2008 by "Ian" # permalink comment
Comment: I think the super noodles to go packaging is rubbish compared to pot noodle, its flimsy, the heat from the water burns your hand and its not practical to carry like pot noodle
Posted: 21:49 Sun 17-Aug-2008 by "Dave" # permalink comment
Comment: LOL (at!) all the people complaining about veggies in the new supernoodles..how old are you lot? 5? most adults like veg dont they?! especially harmless inoffensive ones like sweetcorn and peas which come in these supernoodles!so i really dont get the big deal about the veg... anyway, i may be a minority but i love these new supernoodles! and i love pot noodles too..im just addicted to noodles basiclly
Posted: 21:57 Sun 17-Aug-2008 by "Dave" # permalink comment
Comment: laura, toanswer your question my guess is that they wanted to make the chicken pot noodles tastier so included some real chicken fat or whatevr, therefore making them tastier and more appealing to the non vegetarian masses even though that also making them unsuitable for the vegetarian minority ;)
Posted: 22:42 Tue 09-Dec-2008 by "sireon reid" # permalink comment
Comment: hi im not happy the other day i tried on for the first time and found a hair in it i wasn't mine cuz mine is short what can i do....HELP!!
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