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Click pic to view comments - Confirmed sighting: Kit Kat Editions Rich Golden Caramel Confirmed sighting: Kit Kat Editions Rich Golden Caramel
Posted: 10:57 Mon 06-Sep-2004. Location: Martins, Southampton. Sub-flavours: "Seville Orange" also available. Nutritional unusualness: No visible hydrogenation (unlike Friday's "Luscious Lime").
"choccieman" reports: As the new trite Sunny D advert says, kids can get too much sugar. Well one bite of this will certainly put them "over the limit" (perhaps a "THINK" campaign will come along to reduce the number of sugar overdose related injuries at school). Apart from being far too sweet, this bar, in the ever expanding Nestle quest for more "upmarket" choc, just fails to deliver on what you expect. Somehow the idea of KitKat + caramel is better than the result. There's nothing wrong with the caramel here (in fact it'd be nice to see a Cadbury Caramel-type product with the same caramel) and the wafer is the same as always. Perhaps the future Kit Kat endeavours will be more successful.

...You can almost taste "choccieman's" disappointment here - I agree that the product (including the chunky-style chocolate coating?) is frighteningly sweet (or "indulgent", as I believe the current marketing euphemism would have it), but this helped to give both the caramel and (almost Jaffa Cake-ish) Seville Orange one the "Quality Street" aura of "occasional treat" to which its packaging clearly aspires. Fascinatingly, The Grocer reports that Nestle's upcoming Blue Label bars will operate in what the company calls the "good" quality market sector, but since they consider Aero and Milkybar to be "better" and Double Cream to be "best", who knows what horrors may be contained therein?


Posted: 15:12 Mon 06-Sep-2004 by "Phillerena" # permalink comment
Comment: I would say that Milkybar is the 'best' Nestle chocolate bar, and indeed the best white chocolate bar (compared to Cadbury Dream anyway). I suppose where Nestle are concerned though Double Cream is about as good as they can possibly get.
Posted: 17:27 Mon 06-Sep-2004 by "Diarmuid Mallon" # permalink comment
Comment: Darn it. This was going to be my first partner-sponsored sighting, but choccieman beats me to the post. The said Kit-Kat was picked up for me at the weekend, and I had to say that I thought the wrapper was rather Thornton-esque in styling. Not sure about this bar, I didn't find it that sweet (especially after being dunked in green tea), but with a KK you expect a crunch, and instead you get a soft bite in to the caramel. Gave the illusion of a stale KK. On a unrelated note, a old school friend (hi John) looked me up (so to speak) after spotting me on this site. And as he still lives in Sheffield, so another link the snackspot/Sheffield connection.
Posted: 00:43 Tue 07-Sep-2004 by "not Bob - shop news" # permalink comment
Comment: Hi im bobs friend, i am making the site for him now that he in in the US. Please would you write below what products (candy) you would buy and how much you will pay for it! e.g. Marshmallow fluff £1.60
Posted: 01:36 Tue 07-Sep-2004 by "Matthew" # permalink comment
Comment: *sigh*
Posted: 06:55 Tue 07-Sep-2004 by "Adrian" # permalink comment
Comment: "notBob" fits right in like a comfortable pair of slippers...
Posted: 10:48 Tue 07-Sep-2004 by "Phillerena" # permalink comment
Comment: I will pay 12 pence for a pack of peanut butter M&M's (large).
Posted: 12:54 Tue 07-Sep-2004 by "Perry"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: Found the Caramel and Seville Orange in a Somerfield in Sighthill(not a nice place!) just outside Glasgow. They are incredibly sweet and therefore about right for the Scots pallete! As for me being a soft Southerner from Laaandon they do alright but best with a cup of strong coffee to 1) get your heart rate up to stop it calgging over with caramel and 2) counteract the sweetness!
Posted: 13:23 Tue 07-Sep-2004 by "charl" # permalink comment
Comment: if you start all that phillerena, the poor m&m farmers will end up genetically engineering the m&ms to get them large enough for public demand.

i would like to see a caramac kitkat. do nestle own caramac? (sorry if i posted that in another thread i'm having a mental meltdown).

Posted: 14:09 Tue 07-Sep-2004 by "Tom" # permalink comment
Comment: Just had a Seville Orange one. Not quite sure what to make; I found the sweetness OK, but similar sweetness in caramel would be killer. What it really needs is dark chocolate - the combination of tangy orange with sweet milk chocolate is just a bit much really. Ah well. Another thing not to buy again.
Posted: 18:49 Tue 07-Sep-2004 by "Phillerena" # permalink comment
Comment: Went in Superdrug today and they had sold out of both caramel and orange ones...must be popular then.
Posted: 15:57 Wed 08-Sep-2004 by "pocketdynamo" # permalink comment
Comment: luckily large amounts of "second class" "large" and "abnormally" shaped m&m's are produced every year. They seem to be sold in bulk to Aldi who repackage as their own "version". Therefore the produce is already their to satisfy the public demand for super m&m's.
Posted: 18:07 Wed 08-Sep-2004 by "Phillerena" # permalink comment
Comment: Tried both KK Editions today...was unimpressed. The orange one tasted marmalade-ish and the caramel one was just, well, wafer with a bit of caramel above it. Nothing special. Perhaps they should consider a dark chocolate variant with black cherry filling...mmm sounds better than this rubbish.
Posted: 19:31 Wed 08-Sep-2004 by "charl" # permalink comment
Comment: a black forest kitkat sounds good. i think nestle should have learnt from mcvities caramel chocolate digestives that caramel isn't right for adding to existing biscuits.

and pocketdynamo - i thought aldi got the misshapen and undersize ones, not the big ones? why are there no convenient aldis in sheffield for me to find out myself? netto is becoming too homogenous and predictable *sigh*

Posted: 23:29 Wed 08-Sep-2004 by "James" # permalink comment
Comment: Is everyone here from Sheffield? I join that club. Anyroad, I am a bit of a kit-kat-o-holic because they are almost always on offer in the Sainsbury's in Cambridge, (must be a student thing) but someone told me that the Kit-Kat line was 'in trouble'. I'm not ashamed to add it made me a bit panicky. I can't tell if innovation is the sign of a successful or dying product - what's the word on the quality street?


Posted: 01:01 Thu 09-Sep-2004 by "not Bob - shop news" # permalink comment
Comment: forget it, you will not be reciving 50% off vouchers
Posted: 10:54 Thu 09-Sep-2004 by "charl" # permalink comment
Comment: there was some news earlier in the year that kit kat wasn't selling as many units as it had been, but it's still the biggest seller in the u.k. isn't it? slightly slipping sales shouldn't mean the end of it, but the rampant diversification does look a bit panicky...
Posted: 11:26 Thu 09-Sep-2004 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: I think they're currently trying to fight off the threat of Dairy Milk Wafer, while Cadbury (in their turn) are trying to pick them off while they're displaying weakness...

and hmm no "50% off vouchers" eh? that's OK, i was planning on saying I'd only pay half as much for them as I actually would ;)

Posted: 11:36 Thu 09-Sep-2004 by "Phillerena" # permalink comment
Comment: I don't think CDM Wafer is much of a threat in itself...although the CDM range as a whole is probably the biggest chocolate brand around. In every shop I go in they almost always have nearly the whole range, whereas a lot of Nestle products are only found scattered around different shops. Generally the only KK I see in most shops is the 4 bar one and the chunky one.
Posted: 17:16 Thu 09-Sep-2004 by "Kitty Kat" # permalink comment
Comment: Totally agree with 'Tom' on the dark chocolate thing. Certain fillings, such as orange and mint (why can't they bring out a mint cream version of kit kat? - heaven) only taste right with dark chocolate as milk chocolate too sweet. Think Cadbury have made that mistake with the mint crisp bars. Plain choc at a push will do. Can start a Yorkshire club instead of Sheffield club - I'll be Leeds representative
Posted: 18:29 Thu 09-Sep-2004 by "Stuart Campbell" # permalink comment
Comment: Cobblers. Mint milk chocolate is lovely. Though the best is when they blend milk and plain, admittedly.
Posted: 23:59 Thu 09-Sep-2004 by "elmsyrup" # permalink comment
Comment: I love notBob.
Posted: 15:42 Fri 10-Sep-2004 by "Willow" # permalink comment
Comment: I bought a kitkat caramel and a seville orange 'editions'. ummm, editions to what? Still prefer an ordinary kitkat chunky (King size preferable) And I also bought 2, yes 2 Cadbury wafers. Still prefer the kitkat chunky. A white Cadbury wafer might be nice. Hint hint Mr. Cadbury
Posted: 17:31 Fri 10-Sep-2004 by "Sandy" # permalink comment
Comment: Ugh, the seville orange one is awful! It is much too bitter, worse than marmalade, just like liquid orange peel on the top of a kit kat chunky. Would be much better if it was more like the orange taste of jaffa cakes.

By the way, who else would like to see milk choc jaffa cakes?

Posted: 18:08 Fri 10-Sep-2004 by "Phillerena" # permalink comment
Comment: Jaffa Cakes are already milk choc aren't they? Or do you mean white choc?
Posted: 18:35 Fri 10-Sep-2004 by "Sandy" # permalink comment
Comment: No, jaffa cakes have dark choc but I think they would be even nicer with milk choc!
Posted: 12:48 Tue 14-Sep-2004 by "andrew pack" # permalink comment
Comment: The orange one was surprisingly liquid, giving me that dreadful hit of 'oh god, I'm drowning' feel that you get from liqeuers (only you know that is coming). The caramel, I thought was okay. I would eat that again. But it isn't really a Kit-Kat, since it doesn't come in fingers and the biscuit portion seemed negligible.

How long can it be before the humble Finger of Fudge gets a variant? Or the Curly-Wurly? Every other classic bar has now had umpteen varieties. I just wish the Dark-and-White Mars bar would come back permanently, the only variant that outlasted its novelty value to actually improve on the original. Mars Delight I find insipid and worthless.

Posted: 21:16 Tue 14-Sep-2004 by "Anna" # permalink comment
Comment: Charl - Isnt Aldi next to the Archer Road Sainsburys in Sheffield?

And why are half the people on this site from Sheffield? Do we all have some sort of sweet/snack obsession that doesn't affect the rest of the population? Maybe it's something they put in the water...

And if anyone messes with the Finger of Fudge I shall break their fingers (real ones, not the fudge variety).

Posted: 14:34 Thu 16-Sep-2004 by "Helen" # permalink comment
Comment: My B.F picked me up a Seville Orange kit-kat..I got all excited, thinking it was a caramel one..but nooooo. Ewwww. How disgusting?? Slimy, liquid orange in a kit-kat? These people are sick! I am not amused!
Posted: 17:00 Tue 21-Sep-2004 by "Bob (no relation to notBob the knobjockey)" # permalink comment
Comment: I just bit into a KitKat editions Caramel (it was my second or third - i'm becoming quite fond of them!!). Anyway, imagine my surprise when having broken through the caramel capsule at the top, my teeth did not encounter crispy waferiness as expected, but solid chocolate all the way through! I continued eating the bar and wafer appeared about halfway along. But it was the first waferless half that was really interesting - rather like a caramel yorkie if you can imagine such a thing!
Posted: 18:07 Tue 21-Sep-2004 by "Phillerena" # permalink comment
Comment: Sounds good :) I think Nestle do the 'solid chocolate where there should be wafer' thing on purpose, because people have said how they think it's a nice surprise when that happens. Also I was eating some Milkybar Munchies recently and quite a few of them were just solid white chocolate with no biscuit centre. I'm not complaining though, they were yum yum.
Posted: 21:53 Tue 21-Sep-2004 by "charl" # permalink comment
Comment: hm, you may be right anna, but i am a non driver and tesco's online shopper so i've never been. once i pass my driving test, i'm there!
Posted: 08:02 Mon 27-Sep-2004 by "Mike" # permalink comment
Comment: the caramel one was good - even though it tasted just like a caramello. The Seville orange was the grossest candy I've ever eaten, even worse than the regular orange kit kat
Posted: 09:58 Mon 27-Sep-2004 by "wtf is ur major malfunction" # permalink comment
Comment: well mike im about to make some assumtions about you....

[personal comments deleted]

Posted: 18:27 Mon 27-Sep-2004 by "KittyFairie" # permalink comment
Comment: The seville orange is WEIRD. Now granted I couldn't possibly give an accurate view on a layered chocolate bar like this but I didnt even THINK of biting into this one whole. I knew the orange slimeyness would taste sickening if eaten in a 'proper' bite with the wafer and chocolate, it is a mess of a chocolate bar. The orange part tastes exactly like the stuff in the Cadburys Roses orange chocolates or whatever. Nice when Cadburys does it. Not nice when you abuse it in SUCH an unnecessary manner.

Nestle has LOST the PLOT.

Posted: 20:37 Mon 27-Sep-2004 by "Anna" # permalink comment
Comment: The seville orange one is odd (and by 'odd' I mean horrible). I think it would have been a damn site nicer if the orange bit was like the jaffa from a Jaffa Cake - the orange bit was way too runny and way too bitter for my liking.
Posted: 17:10 Tue 28-Sep-2004 by "James" # permalink comment
Comment: I got sent a picture of the new Chirstmas Pudding Kit Kats this morning. The press lady said also that there's yet another variant too - a Low Carb Kit Kat - coming out before the year's end.

I also cut and paste this mildly amusing quote:

13.5 metre fridge trailers leave Nestlé Rowntree's Scunthorpe depot bound for Saudi Arabia and the Arabian Gulf. Other specialist vehicles with snow chains and diesel heaters, for instance, are used to ship to Russia and the other cold regions during the winter.

So there you are, Scunthorpe Will Get Those Kit Kats Through.


Posted: 19:11 Tue 28-Sep-2004 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: cheers for the update "James" - the other one sounds a bit like the Low Carb Kit Kat that's already in the shops http://www.snackspot.org.uk/thread.php?story=0407252029sbc

- or do you think it might be a special "low carb christmas pudding" variety?

Posted: 19:50 Tue 28-Sep-2004 by "Phillerena" # permalink comment
Comment: Let's hope so for the sake of the Atkins dieters, they need to eat something other than turkey for Xmas.
Posted: 08:37 Wed 29-Sep-2004 by "elmsyrup" # permalink comment
Comment: They can also have chipolatas wrapped in bacon, to be fair.
Posted: 17:56 Wed 29-Sep-2004 by "James" # permalink comment
Comment: Hah, no, I doubt it is another new one. Maybe she just meant they're being more widely distributed or something. Oh well, sorry for redundant info.
Posted: 21:48 Fri 08-Oct-2004 by "RastNim" # permalink comment
Comment: The Seville Orange is devine, not too sweet but just right. The Caramel is to die for I am in love with these they are gorgeous!
Posted: 13:01 Sun 10-Oct-2004 by "davidgent;e" # permalink comment
Comment: The Caramel version just has too much chocolate and not enough biscuit causing timing problems in the bite (i.e. you bite hard enough at the beginning but have to time it so that you're not biting too hard when you get to the wafer) a clear design flaw. It also features the "mucky" nestle caramel. Not a hit with me. 74657 5 92
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