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Click pic to view comments - International sighting: Masterfoods Pods (with Mars) International sighting: Masterfoods Pods (with Mars)
Posted: 11:26 Mon 01-Nov-2004. Price: $3.19 for 170g box. Location: Franklins, Sydney, Australia. Sub-flavours: with Twix, Snickers, or Bounty. Nutritional unusualness: Baked in revolutionary Wakrone oven!.
"Mark" reports: Are they a confectionery? Are they a biscuit? The shop seemed to have no idea either, placing separate displays in both confectionery and biscuit aisles but, to be honest, stick em in a bowl of milk and you could have a breakfast cereal too. What I can tell you is that "Pods" are small (1.5cm square) up-turned igloos of crunchy sweet nothingness filled with something that is slightly reminiscent of a Mars bar (a chocolate top layer and about 1ml of caramel underneath, but without the true Mars fluffy stuff) resulting in a moreish treat that I quite enjoyed, actually. Not sure how the Bounty variant would scrub up, but I managed to polish off half a box of the Mars version in double quick time. The main problem is the price - $3.20 at a supermarket for 170g is pretty steep and I probably won't be buying them again soon unless my kids get jobs and leave home, although being 8, 5 and 3 mths this may not happen soon.

...Cheers "Mark" - these sound a lot nicer than those cardboard-like Bisc& biscuits that have hung around for nearly two years now (though I'm personally still convinced that they're doomed). In other Martian chronicles: "Keir Hardie" misses the exotic import Mars Almond he used to get for 5 for a pound at a "99p shop or Farmfoods, Inverness", recalling: This was available for a while [last year] and didn't actually have a name in English but it was clearly Almond in another language. And it was like a normal Mars wrapper but brown instead on black. I can't remember which of the two shops I got it in. I was disappointed when they stopped, they were lovely.


Posted: 12:46 Mon 01-Nov-2004 by "Nebbish" # permalink comment
Comment: Marc Almond should be part of the Mars ALmond advertising campaign. When he's better of course.

Tainted Mars Bars / Ooh-ooh / Tainted Mars Bars / Don't go near / If you have a nut allergy

Or something. Hey don't ask me I'm not a songwriter.

Posted: 13:58 Mon 01-Nov-2004 by "pocketdynamo" # permalink comment
Comment: Is he unwell? Must be his soft cells.
Posted: 15:15 Mon 01-Nov-2004 by "Nebbish" # permalink comment
Comment: He was in a motorbike crash. I quite like him and breathed a sigh of relief when they said he was going to be OK.

Then John Peel died.

Posted: 02:33 Wed 22-Dec-2004 by "James Walker" # permalink comment
Comment: I have seen, printed on the back of a box of Twixs "Pods" that the Pods had been baked in a so called "wakrone oven". I have attempted to seek out what a wakrone over actually is, but have not been able to source any such description or definition of a wakrone oven. Could anyone please help me to learn just what a wakrone oven actually is, and what makes it different from any other oven that can be used to bake these Pods? Thank you James Walker endorfun86 (at!) optusnet.com.au
Posted: 06:30 Thu 09-Jun-2005 by "Kitten" # permalink comment
Comment: Hi I have had the bounty variants and yet to try the mars type. The bounty tates nothing like a bounty bar but is crunchy coconut chocolate. Also very morish and easy to finish a box without realising it. VERY YUMMY. Have just bought a box of the Twix type and Snickers Type. According to my friend they are the best out of the lot, but for me it will be hard to beat the Bounty type.
Posted: 14:49 Sat 11-Jun-2005 by "John" # permalink comment
Comment: Love those Pods. Mars and Snickers are the best, but Bounty is not too bad either. Buiscuit like, but with a soft centre with all the favourites.
Posted: 09:39 Fri 15-Jul-2005 by "Wendy " # permalink comment
Comment: These are so great I could eat the entire box to myself I have tried every variety so far
Posted: 06:29 Thu 28-Jul-2005 by "Jerry Garcia" # permalink comment
Comment: I think im in love <3
Posted: 07:21 Mon 08-Aug-2005 by "JHP" # permalink comment
Comment: I'm not sure why I typed pods into google, but this was the result. I'll just say now that I think Pods(c) with Twix(c) are the best biscuits/sweets out there. But Bounty? Maybe when I'm not quite thinking strait...
Posted: 01:37 Thu 11-Aug-2005 by "Debilito" # permalink comment
Comment: Pods will definately be my undoing.
Posted: 04:12 Mon 15-Aug-2005 by "the mystery guy" # permalink comment
Comment: well u people who do not like pods are [DELETED] heads
Posted: 01:26 Thu 18-Aug-2005 by "jai" # permalink comment
Comment: I love these mars pods. They are awsome.
Posted: 05:36 Mon 22-Aug-2005 by "Jessica" # permalink comment
Comment: I love Pods. My favourite are the Mars Pods. They go down so well with a nice hot coffee. Pity they're so dear...
Posted: 09:10 Fri 09-Sep-2005 by "sabu" # permalink comment
Comment: PODS are the best invention on earth. why isnt there a website devoted to pods - there should be. im going on a pods-only diet a hint guys if u want the best pod put them in the microwave but make sure the chocolate is facing up so they dont melt all over the plate
Posted: 04:16 Mon 19-Sep-2005 by "Kara" # permalink comment
Comment: I loved Pods to death! I recommend them for anyone with a craving for chocolate!
Posted: 03:15 Mon 10-Oct-2005 by "BC" # permalink comment
Comment: Yea what is a wakrone Oven? i cant find it anywhere and theres no pics of it when u search it in google images..
Posted: 00:02 Sun 23-Oct-2005 by "CHOCOAHOLICS" # permalink comment
Comment: we loved them they were sooooooo nice. They were gone in at least 10 mins. One word sums them up-SCRUMPCIOUS!!!!!!
Posted: 07:55 Sat 05-Nov-2005 by "nula" # permalink comment
Comment: Wakrone Oven is an invention of their marketing team. I have been eating Pods as a breakfast cereal since May 2005 and have stacked on a whopping 13kg! I mix combinations of packets in a tupperware cereal dispenser.
Posted: 08:03 Sat 05-Nov-2005 by "fatty arbuckle" # permalink comment
Comment: you're not fat you're just large.
Posted: 11:02 Sat 05-Nov-2005 by "quavers" # permalink comment
Comment: they're quite nice actually...i do like to some sum around for munchin' on..
Posted: 03:37 Wed 23-Nov-2005 by "Teffa" # permalink comment
Comment: I love pods. Pods pods pods.. Get in my belly!


Posted: 15:03 Fri 13-Jan-2006 by "John Martin" # permalink comment
Comment: Hi there my friends and I are huge fans of pods. We loved them so much when we were on holiday in New Zealand especially the mars & snickers flavours. So after months of trying to get food websites to add them to their site and do international deliveries one has agreed to deliver to the UK. If your interested do a goggle search.
Posted: 03:14 Tue 31-Jan-2006 by "Bob Wagner" # permalink comment
Comment: Don't know where I found an empty box of Pods with Mars but I did and they look delicious. Does anyone know if they are available in the U.S. or by mail from Australia?
Posted: 00:40 Wed 01-Feb-2006 by "John Martin" # permalink comment
Comment: For mail order pods go to http://www.greataussiefood.com.au/
Posted: 03:01 Wed 01-Feb-2006 by "Bob Wagner" # permalink comment
Comment: Thanks for the info on the pods by mail.
Posted: 15:47 Fri 03-Feb-2006 by "Magnetic Ham Sandwich" # permalink comment
Comment: Never mind Pods - I see Duos have landed now in the local shops. That's either Mars Bars or Snickers bars split into two smaller bars inside the same wrapper [2 x 42.5g] - like a Bounty is, or those new Terry's Caramel Bites.

The wrapper helpfully points out that "Duo=Big One" for those who are missing their fix of over-long chocolate bars, and yes the combined weight of chocolate inside IS identical. Eat one part now, eat the other part 10 minutes later seems to be the most popular method of consumption amongst those i've asked so far.

Posted: 15:35 Wed 01-Nov-2006 by "Lis"
(apparently posting from nat-resnet3.uwa.net.au) # permalink comment
Comment: Yum. The packaging was littered with LAME comments though. Not that this should matter but i love reading about what i'm eating while eating it (it usually makes me appreciate it more and makes it all the yummier..clever advertising people!) but this packaging had comments like "what it looks like without glasses" LAME and annoying!!! 49958 7
Posted: 14:29 Sat 03-Nov-2007 by "Bobonack" # permalink comment
Comment: Yeah that Wakrone oven sounds like a load of crap made up by a bunch of hyperactive, pod eating marketing people. Same goes for those comments. I had exactly the same feelings when I read those 'try hard' cool and wanna-be funny remarks.
Posted: 02:07 Sun 20-Jul-2008 by "superfeisty1" # permalink comment
Comment: The Wakrone oven is an invention primarily to enhance efficiency in manufacture. Pods are now being marketed as a breakfast cereal aimed at children, using a very 'Jamie Oliver-esque' voice-over; presumably as a tactic to harness his health food push and give the impression that this 'food' has his endorsement and actually is healthy. I find this insidious. These people are giving us diabetes, and turning our livers into pate, so they can drive Porsches.
Posted: 22:56 Wed 19-Nov-2008 by "Corey" # permalink comment
Comment: I live in the United States, but was in Australia for a few months several years ago and because obsessed with Pods. When I came home, they were nowhere to be found. Does anyone know where I can order some?
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