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Click pic to view comments - Confirmed sighting: For Goodness Shakes! Confirmed sighting: For Goodness Shakes!
Posted: 12:38 Thu 11-Nov-2004. Price: 79p-99p. Location: Best One, Wandsworth SW18. Sub-flavours: Big (??!?) Banana, Great Choc Malt. Nutritional unusualness: Dean Macey, Decathlete, says on pack, "For Goodness Shakes! packs all the greatness of low fat milk and nutrimix 23 vitamins and minerals into one delicious milkshake." So there.
Another close-run double-sighting here, with "Tom Michaels" just getting in first with his report: Found For Goodness Shakes! in a convenience store in Wandsworth. Finally - a milkshake for adults! The chocolate is very scummy - I haven't tried the banana yet but it claims to have "real fruit" in it - isn't that a first? It appears to be produced by a company called MyGoodness - not one I'm familiar with. Bottle looks sporty.

...But it was down to "jeremy martin" to provide this all-action photograph (possibly from the very same Wandsworth store?), tersely confirming: Gorgeous chocolate shake. Bought it as a choc fix after work. Surprisingly low in fat for its really rich taste. Banana flavour not tried. Endorsed by Dean Macey. And that's about all we know about this, given that almost every online mention of it is people misspelling the phrase "for goodness sakes" instead. In other beverage bulletins: BevNet appears to have enjoyed the seasonal US variant of Holiday Spice Pepsi; while The Grocer reports that Pimm's are test launching Pimm's Winter No. 3 Cup ("based on brandy with suitable wintry additions such as orange zest, cinnamon and spices") exclusively in Waitrose, while Harrods may be the only place currently stocking h2olive, believed to be the world's "first drinkable olive-based beverage" (and even that may be up for debate, considering it consists of 88% mineral water and just 12% olive oil).


Posted: 13:08 Thu 11-Nov-2004 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: sorry, clicked around a bit more and found a better link for the H2olive mineral water - it's available in 4 appetising flavours, including a 4.8% alcohol sparkling "white wine twister", all of which are described on the flyer as "Surprising. Different", which I don't think anyone is really going to argue about: http://www.yourdrinks.biz/h2olive_mineral_water.php
Posted: 13:32 Thu 11-Nov-2004 by "Katie" # permalink comment
Comment: Hello! im having a baby a doghnut baby! a do hope its a ring doghnut and not a jam doghnut
Posted: 13:35 Thu 11-Nov-2004 by "Mocus" # permalink comment
Comment: I eat and eat and eat im 16 and weigh 17 stone haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa- aahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa- aaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa- aaaaaaaa
Posted: 13:35 Thu 11-Nov-2004 by "marcus" # permalink comment
Comment: do u mean dohnut baby cause if u aremy best friend had one and she had a very painful birth.
Posted: 13:41 Thu 11-Nov-2004 by "Katie" # permalink comment
Comment: don't to you mean 'are my' and DONT call me a baby
Posted: 18:42 Thu 11-Nov-2004 by "charl" # permalink comment
Comment: hey snackspot, do you think you could make the site look a bit more corporate so we could gain entry to this: http://www.allcandyexpo.com/
Posted: 15:18 Fri 12-Nov-2004 by "Richard Archer" # permalink comment
Comment: I caught up with this product in Leicester Square. Following a very intense rowing session this morning it was the ideal, and great tasting drink to aid my recovery and set me up for the rest of the day. What was great, compared to many of the other flavoured milks I've tried was For Goodness Shakes! tasted so fresh. I look forward to being able to buy this everywhere.
Posted: 15:33 Fri 12-Nov-2004 by "brian massey" # permalink comment
Comment: Finally a milkshake that tastes great - the chocolate version of For Goodness Shakes is the "Haagen Daas" of milkshakes in my view and still manages to be healthy and low fat! I can't wait to try the other flavours.
Posted: 15:38 Fri 12-Nov-2004 by "Kate" # permalink comment
Comment: This product is great! Taste's so much better than other milkshake drinks on the market - the chocolate flavour is perfect for when I need my mid afternoon chocolate fix plus it's low in fat - Love it!
Posted: 16:11 Fri 12-Nov-2004 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: hey "charl" it looks like the For Goodness Shakes! fans are making the site "a bit more corporate" all on their own.

that said, they do seem to be posting from different IP addresses + I must admit I haven't tried the product yet myself - maybe it really is this good *and* causes people to talk in semi-marketing speak too?

Posted: 16:38 Fri 12-Nov-2004 by "Ali" # permalink comment
Comment: A great drink for those hectic mornings when you have no time for breakfast! Delicious and brilliant as a light meal replacement! 10/10
Posted: 18:33 Fri 12-Nov-2004 by "Julie"
(apparently posting from host81-133-204-63.in-addr.btopenworld.com) # permalink comment
Comment: All I have to say is yummmmeeeeeeeey! Thanks to Goodness shakes for giving me a low-fat healthy chocolate drink :-) Shall be promoting it everywhere I go.
Posted: 19:04 Fri 12-Nov-2004 by "charl" # permalink comment
Comment: this thread does seem to have slipped into some kind of parallel universe... it's quite terrifying.

i have long suspected that advertising companies are the last bastion of dial up. either that or they're doing it from home. the freaks.

Posted: 19:45 Fri 12-Nov-2004 by "Joseph" # permalink comment
Comment: Tried the chocolate "For Goodness Shake" and It tasted really cheap and nasty. Nothing can beat a Haagen Dazs milkshake (don't forget the crushed ice).
Posted: 15:06 Sun 14-Nov-2004 by "Nick Morrell" # permalink comment
Comment: I've been drinking the choc and banana shakes from FGS as a sports recovery drink for the last few weeks - taste pretty good, and are really low fat which is vital for me.
Posted: 21:07 Sun 14-Nov-2004 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: ok, if these really are as "low fat", maybe someone could actually post the nutritional info (bearing in mind, of course, that whole milk is only 5% fat, and skimmed milk way less than that)

oh and post the sugar content as well while you're at it - as far as milk shakes go, I bet it's got at least 10g sugar per 100g (ie the same as orange juice or Coca-Cola), and possibly as much as 14 or 15?

Posted: 22:11 Sun 14-Nov-2004 by "Chocolateladypenelope" # permalink comment
Comment: A really dreamy chocolate milkshake that's thick silky smooth and really filling - it stops me craving choccy bars and other sweet naughties - at long last something low fat that's really yum
Posted: 09:49 Mon 15-Nov-2004 by "Dan W" # permalink comment
Comment: At last - a decent flavoured sports milk shake. Good for recovery + low fat + chocolate!!
Posted: 13:34 Mon 15-Nov-2004 by "Ant" # permalink comment
Comment: Very impressed - good chocolate fix and yummy post-training snack. Makes a change from Jelly Babies!
Posted: 13:45 Mon 15-Nov-2004 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: oh for heaven's sake this is getting beyond a joke - i'll give a small reward (in sweets) to the first person to post the demented attempt at grass-roots marketing that encouraged them to stick their Goodness Shakes "praise" here in the first place

(+ feel free to get in touch via http://www.snackspot.org.uk/submit.php to preserve your anonymity...)

Posted: 13:48 Mon 15-Nov-2004 by "quin" # permalink comment
Comment: Hmmmm. Not convinced.

For Goodness Shakes operate out of the same office block in Wandsworth that I work in. I saw them doing a launch Powerpoint presentation late at night as I was leaving. It looked a bit marketing-y.

Should I creep into their offices and see if they're putting Snackspot comments up?

Posted: 14:13 Mon 15-Nov-2004 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: haha cheers "quin" though I don't think we need to resort to Watergate-style shenanigans - just yet...

also, they're all coming from different IP addresses, which means I think they (or their marketing company?) have sent out a memo to all staff saying "please post positive For Goodness Shakes comments at this address: http://www.snackspot.org.uk/thread.php?story=0411111238daa using your dialup home internet access - and don't forget to emphasise its low fat properties..."

it does seem like slightly bizarre lengths to go to, but the fact that this email memo might exist raises the exciting possibility that someone might also be persuaded to forward it on to me...

Posted: 15:42 Mon 15-Nov-2004 by "Nebbish" # permalink comment
Comment: No Snackspot, it isn't marketing - GoodnessShakes really are that good! They're low fat too! The fact that I seem to be typing in strange, punctuation mark pocked Granny-speak should go under the "Nutritional Unusualness" heading, though to be honest I'm no longer concerned! JOIN US!
Posted: 23:41 Tue 16-Nov-2004 by "abs" # permalink comment
Comment: i came across this health shake one afternoon in a little corner shop in Leicester. As I'd missed lunch I thought I'd try it, well for 99p You can't grumble. I've tried the chocolate one which I thought was extremely tasty and suprisingly filling. When I'm in that area again I think I might try the Banana Flavour too.
Posted: 11:52 Wed 17-Nov-2004 by "Phillerena" # permalink comment
Comment: I have never seen or heard of these before now. I think I will stick to my "Yazoo" for now thankyou very much. The vanilla flavour is particularly good.
Posted: 12:35 Wed 17-Nov-2004 by "Sleepyboy" # permalink comment
Comment: Taste good, but have a slight wheatyness, good breakfast fodder

Banana one tastes pretty real The choccy one tastes a little synthetic but good none the less

Banana contains - Skimmed milk, sugar, banana puree 2%, three E number stabilisers, flavorings, minerals and vitamins and a colour - non artificial

per 500g bottle it has 248 calories, 16.4g protien 45.9 carbs - all but 0.3g is sugar 1.5g fat

the choccy one has the same ingredients but with cocoa instead of the banana puree 353 calories 59.1 carbs 8.2 fat

Posted: 13:05 Thu 18-Nov-2004 by "Steve Mc" # permalink comment
Comment: Had a Banana one the other day and my wife had a chocolate one. I prefer the Banana one and she always goes for the chocolate anyway. The fact that she examined the label drank it must mean that she liked it AND it was not toe fatty etc. Personally, I enjoyed the flavour and freshness of the Banana one.
Posted: 12:00 Thu 02-Dec-2004 by "Mitra" # permalink comment
Comment: I tried the chocolate flavour for the first time yesterday, I'll definitely get it again - it's low in fat but still tastes rich, I recommend it!
Posted: 13:32 Thu 02-Dec-2004 by "charl" # permalink comment
Comment: 353 calories!!!! even though it's 'low in fat' that's the calorific equivalent of nearly two chocolate bars.
Posted: 14:24 Thu 09-Dec-2004 by "neilaherne" # permalink comment
Comment: Saw the new for goodness shakes milkshake in my local convienience store.Tried it,and am now totally hooked on the big banana,with choc malt flavour v nice too. I compete in the sport of rowing at a national level,and find that recovery time especially after a heavy traing session is dramatically reduced,after downing a bottle of for goodness shakes!! At last a proper adult milkshake that delivers!!
Posted: 23:20 Thu 09-Dec-2004 by "MikeEmup" # permalink comment
Comment: Walked into the local corner store that sells cheap snacks & fags. Decided I needed to line my stomach before my daily intake of alcohol. Damn this stuff tastes awful, enough to put you off drinking. It tastes as though It was made with rancid goats milk, though I will concede that It made me think about giving up drinking If I had to take this vile attempt at a drink again. Happily the disgusting though only lasted a few seconds before I was back on my merry way to the pub.

P.S. Don't you just hate It when a barman tell you how wonderful a new drink Is when In reality It tastes like sick, I'm sure they are paid by the makers.

Posted: 06:31 Thu 06-Jan-2005 by "deepika" # permalink comment
Comment: Could someone please suggest the shelf life of this shake (For Goodness Shakes)? Thanks
Posted: 11:46 Fri 07-Jan-2005 by "Rafe " # permalink comment
Comment: Tried this product the other day- having been reviled by its flavour, I felt it appropriate to mention this online. Apologies to the online marketing boys....
Posted: 15:18 Tue 03-May-2005 by "Kim Gregory" # permalink comment
Comment: Tasted it, liked it, felt good about it being a healthy shake (no guilt!). Didn't buy it personally and didn't think to take a photo (of the very grown up looking packaging)!
Posted: 16:47 Tue 03-May-2005 by "bob" # permalink comment
Comment: does any one know where there are cheep wholesalers in the northants area that sell confectionary cheep? like where markets but cheep sweets from. Thanking you all in advance Bob.j
Posted: 11:36 Tue 04-Jul-2006 by "P***s" # permalink comment
Comment: Download 7 p***s en*****ment videos. User ratings & reviews of 55 p***s p*lls.
Posted: 11:48 Tue 04-Jul-2006 by "Neil" # permalink comment
Comment: Sadly, all 55 will remain unconfirmed sightings until you submit pictures, "P***s".
Posted: 18:35 Fri 10-Nov-2006 by "Jack Malvern" # permalink comment
Comment: Whatever its claims to be 500g of greatness, For Goodness Shakes! is an uninspiring drink with the kind of aftertaste usually associated with fizzy vitamin pills. The nasty metallic tang persists as I type, half an hour after finishing it. It is also worth examining the weasel words used by Dean Macey, the athlete paid to endorse the drink. "For Goodness Shakes! packs all the greatness of low fat milk and Nutrimix's 23 vitamins and minerals into one delicious milkshake. It's the winning snack that hits the spot - at breakfast, midday or after sport." First: what is the "greatness" of low-fat milk, exactly? Nothing, that's what. High-fat milk is great. Low-fat milk is just water and caesin. Second: Although it contains 1.5g of fat, it makes up for it with an impressive 45.6g of sugar, or about 9 per cent. This is slightly better than most milkshakes, but not by much. Third: I think Dean Macey ought to be forced to drink this at breakfast time, midday and after sport. If that metallic flavour doesn't spur him to further Olympic success (ie coming fourth a third time) then surely nothing will. 65891 7 35
Posted: 13:51 Fri 18-May-2007 by "Rumpelstiltskin" # permalink comment
Comment: I found this site by Googling For Goodness Shakes! as I was so disturbed by its extraordinary vileness.

As said above,its taste lingers. Very, very strange indeed.

Posted: 11:49 Thu 26-Jun-2008 by "Marc" # permalink comment
Comment: Superberry one is quite fit! Tastes like the Doughnut Frjj Simpsons milkshake.
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