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Click pic to view comments - Confirmed sighting: Pepsi Max Lemon and Lime Twist Confirmed sighting: Pepsi Max Lemon and Lime Twist
Posted: 20:51 Sat 22-Jan-2005. Price: 1.28 for 2 litres. Location: Morrisons, Pontefract. Sub-flavours: Pepsi Twist Lemon, Pepsi Max, Diet Pepsi, Normal Pepsi. Nutritional unusualness: Maximum Taste, No Sugar, Flavourings (including Natural Lemon and Lime Flavourings and Caffeine).
"Alex" reports: As we're still without Pepsi Blue, this will have to do. I think it would've suited better if it wasn't Pepsi Max, as the Lemon and Lime isn't that overpowering. Maybe it just needs cooling, but I couldn't taste the flavours that much. Actually, it had a Melon aftertaste. It's smooth tasting, and I'd try it just for trying's sake but like most Pepsi flavours... you can't really taste it. Now, where's that Diet Coke with Lime?

..."Alex" here alludes to the long-rumoured UK launch of a sister product to the "toned down" Diet Coke with Lemon, while "Stu" paid 1.39 for his "Maximum" lemon and lime taste in Iceland, Northallerton, North Yorkshire, describing the experience as: Pretty exciting to see such an intriguing Pepsi Max (the king of super sweet colas) variation. Pepsi Max? With Lemon?? And Lime??? It's a shame it just tastes like someone spilt chip shop vinegar in the bottle. It's still quite nice, though, with the aftertaste actually tasting more authentic than the "in mouth" flavour, but it completely jettisons the mega-sweetness inherent in "original formula" Pepsi Max - which is surely the whole point of the drink in the first place?!


Posted: 23:27 Sat 22-Jan-2005 by "Saramond" # permalink comment
Comment: Spotted cans of Pepsi blue in a sweet shop in Lakeside shopping centre
Posted: 10:26 Sun 23-Jan-2005 by "Alex" # permalink comment
Comment: When was this? And where are bob and JT?! We need their mass of unconfirmed sightings !
Posted: 18:13 Sun 23-Jan-2005 by "Saramond" # permalink comment
Comment: 4th January (Went there to jan sales) They had loads of American candy too, got myself some almond m&ms and some peanut butter m&ms. They also had sprite remix if I remember correctly
Posted: 18:20 Sun 23-Jan-2005 by "Saramond" # permalink comment
Comment: Just checked Lakesides website, and shops name is 'Sweets From Heaven'
Posted: 11:02 Mon 24-Jan-2005 by "consumer" # permalink comment
Comment: I did a consumer survey recently which asked about many different types of Pepsi Max potential new products - one was "cool summer berries" (or possibly just "cool berry") which was described as being extra cold so presumably some cooling effect á la Ribena oooooh or something. There were others too but I can't remember them all - by and large they sounded revolting to me so I am glad they have released the relatively tame lemon and lime first!
Posted: 08:08 Fri 28-Jan-2005 by "paulyw" # permalink comment
Comment: I wasn't expecting much from this and I wasn't dissapointed. In summary: bloody disgusting, and that's coming from someone who was addicted to Pepsi Max. Picked up a small bottle (they also have six packs of cans) in Morrisons, Letchworth. The taste is simply wrong, Pepsi Max is a taste in it's own right and the addition of lemon & lime makes the drink taste strange and far too sweet. It really doesn't work.

On the plus side I've found 500ml bottles of Diet Coke with Lime in Sainsburys, Stevenage and they are much, much nicer.

Posted: 20:11 Sat 29-Jan-2005 by "Magnetic Ham Sandwich" # permalink comment
Comment: They were giving away free plastic cups of this stuff at Morrisons in Plymouth today. I had some on the way in and some more on the way out. Tasted just like normal Pepsi to me, with only a minute hint of citrus if you closed your eyes and thought about giant lemons.
Posted: 03:25 Sun 30-Jan-2005 by "mike" # permalink comment
Comment: magnetic ham sandwich? what an interesting name
Posted: 22:34 Mon 31-Jan-2005 by "Tom Lythe" # permalink comment
Comment: The pepsi blue that people are buying from those stores (sweets from heaven, cyber candy) are very old!! lol, they are imports from Canada manly and well someone was clever and got hold of alot right before they stopped making it. I personally wont buy any again untill its fresh, back home in the UK i have a 12pk in the attic for memories! Its 100% not out over here in the US anymore lol. You should look for imports of "PEPSI SPICE" that was very nice, was around for the holidays though.
Posted: 11:19 Thu 03-Feb-2005 by "s wallen" # permalink comment
Comment: I really like the pepsi lemon and lime drink but i was wondering if anybody else remembers about 15 yrs ago pepsi introduced 2 drinks in small cans one was strawberry pepsi the other tropical pepsi ,both were horrid
Posted: 07:16 Fri 04-Feb-2005 by "Tom Lythe" # permalink comment
Comment: Yeah i remember them i didnt think the tropical was too bad, but the worse one that they ever made has gotto be "PEPSI KONA" if anyone remembers that?? well it was Coffie Flavoured Pepsi...eww eww
Posted: 07:29 Fri 04-Feb-2005 by "paulyw" # permalink comment
Comment: At the risk of taking this thread off topic, does anyone remember Corona's Fizzy Chocolatade in the mid '80s? It really did exist but I've yet to find anyone that doesn't think I'm mad when I mention it. And yes, it was as disgusting as it sounds. Basically a brown fizzy liquid (same consistency as other fizzy drinks) with a really really, really cheap sub-dog chocolate taste.
Posted: 13:33 Fri 04-Feb-2005 by "Phillerena" # permalink comment
Comment: There was a chocolate flavoured fizzy water drink a few years back now...I forget the brand name but it was a well-known one. Tasted weird.
Posted: 22:54 Fri 04-Feb-2005 by "Stevie Nicks" # permalink comment
Comment: Sigh. I always say there aren't enough novelty beverages around. I remember rushing out to buy Morrison's Banoffeeade because I couldn't believe somebody would DO that. Since then, well it's all been a bit disappointing. While I wait for Pepsi Blue I hope something like chocolatade appears somewhere. Or something equally revolting sounding. If I had a soda stream you KNOW I'd be making them myself (I want to try making fizzy tea)

Lime?! Pah, is that the best they can do? It doesn't even taste much like lime.

So I'm still waiting for the elusive novelty carbonated beverage to lighten up my student life. Beats Chaucer.

Posted: 23:04 Fri 04-Feb-2005 by "Phillerena" # permalink comment
Comment: I still live in hope that I will see Liquoriceade in my lifetime.

Banoffeade is still being sold in Morrisons. Perhaps no one buys it hence it will stay on the shelves until it goes off.

Posted: 12:46 Sat 05-Feb-2005 by "Alex" # permalink comment
Comment: Didn't Ribena once make a Chocolate flavour?
Posted: 12:55 Mon 07-Feb-2005 by "Diarmuid Mallon" # permalink comment
Comment: Yurgghhh!! Foul, really foul. Acidic and nasty. But, drinking it warm and slightly flat was much a better experience.
Posted: 03:30 Tue 08-Feb-2005 by "MrDavid" # permalink comment
Comment: I've tried it. I like it. But... I can taste the lemon, I can taste the lime, I can taste the unique taste of caffeine, but I can't for the life of me spot any cola-ness to it at all...
Posted: 11:19 Wed 08-Jun-2005 by "Helen" # permalink comment
Comment: I love this stuff - I'm addicted! It's like pepsi Max with Lime cordial in...LUSH!
Posted: 18:28 Tue 05-Jul-2005 by "Magnetic Ham Sandwich" # permalink comment
Comment: Was in Morrisons today buying the Vimto Jammie Dodgers and saw they were selling the 2 litre bottles of Pepsi Max Lemon and Lime Twist off for just 29p each. They were short dated [July 05 infact] but still a bargain. Pity I could only carry 2 bottles or I would have bought more.
Posted: 12:46 Sat 30-Jul-2005 by "Harry" # permalink comment
Comment: You're all quite sad really aren't you?
Posted: 18:46 Mon 15-Aug-2005 by "Marc " # permalink comment
Comment: Which drink contains more of which fruit? I thought it was PEPSI that contained the more lemoney taste and coke that contained the more orangey taste. Try drinking warm Coke and you can taste the orange! 8
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