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Click pic to view comments - Confirmed sighting: Nestle Little Notions Confirmed sighting: Nestle Little Notions
Posted: 13:11 Tue 25-Jan-2005. Price: 69p, 2 for 1. Location: Jacksons, Fulford, York. Sub-flavours: Lovely Lemon Cheesecake Finger, Tempting Raspberry Yoghurt Swirls, some kind of Coconut Wafer Bite thing. Nutritional unusualness: A mighty 35% fat, 21% of which saturates, with Vegetable Oil as the leading ingredient.
"Whomper" reports: While looking for a treat for my girlfriend, spotted these, and thought I'd combine brownie point acquisition with Snackspot "Fieldwork". A new range from Nestle, and it looks like a big launch. Branding emphasises the idea that these sweets help you steal enjoyment from your busy life. I'd expect heavy TV advertising. Example - the Raspberry jobs have someone saying "I'll go to the gym tomorrow!" on the front. Given the artery clanging [clogging? - Snackspot] saturated fat content of these, you'd hope they would. The lemon cheesecake model was actually pretty good - the base was authentic, and the cheese was tasty, if bizzare. Imagine a cheesecake made with the cheese they put in cheese footballs, and you've pretty much got this. The raspberry yoghurt things were also nice, eventually, the one sweet I tried passing through many stages on my palate, at least a few of which were grim, but the end result was happy. If anyone's tried the coconut ones, please comment below.

...First-time spotter "Whomper" recovers from a recent domestic scorning to deliver this epic sighting of a completely unexpected Nestle innovation, just getting in before the mighty "Stuart Campbell" who paid 64p for his in St James' News, Bath - please View comments for further analysis.


Posted: 13:22 Tue 25-Jan-2005 by "Stuart Campbell" # permalink comment
Comment: This year I've resolved to get more in touch with my feminine side, so I was immediately attracted by these clearly lady-orientated treats in silver foil packaging with cute little Purple Ronnie-style cartoons on the front when I saw them in a two-for-£1 box on the counter.

There are three variants: raspberry yoghurt swirls in white chocolate - just six in the bag, a bit bland and sickly, but nice if you let them melt slowly in your mouth; coconut wafers, also in white chocolate - eight pieces this time, and very gorgeous, the crispy wafer balancing the sweetness of the chocolate excellently; and a lemon cheesecake bar - about the size of a two-finger KitKat but 50 times lovelier than any of the many KK special editions, right down to the properly crumbly biscuit base and the firm, creamy topping. If you had to wear a dress to be allowed to buy these, I'd definitely consider it.

Posted: 15:11 Tue 25-Jan-2005 by "Phillerena" # permalink comment
Comment: What are you all talking about, the cheesecake bar is horrible, if you're going to eat cheescake then eat cheescake not a disgusting cheescake bar. Not meaning to offend but the cheescake bar makes me want to vomit just thinking about it.
Posted: 15:40 Tue 25-Jan-2005 by "scotchy" # permalink comment
Comment: I think that Whomper mentions his girlfriend a little too frequently - I bet she doesn't really exist!

On a snack-note, I don't like the sound of these at all and yet am still tempted to try them for some reason....

Posted: 16:12 Tue 25-Jan-2005 by "Whomper" # permalink comment
Comment: Twice is hardly too frequently; think of her as the Vanessa of my `Winner's Dinners'. For the record, she didn't like her Raspberry thingies, and we ended up chucking them. (on a tangent - has Vanessa of Winner fame ever liked anything? She always finds X/Y/Z dry and extremely unsatisfactory).

Something I didn't realise until after I filed the review was quite how filling these things are. Quite how Stuart managed to consume three batches of these in one day is a wonder.

Artery clanging, damn it.

Posted: 10:29 Thu 27-Jan-2005 by "mikes" # permalink comment
Comment: sounds gross
Posted: 21:22 Thu 03-Feb-2005 by "Felicity"
(apparently posting from dsl-80-44-209-192.access.as9105.com) # permalink comment
Comment: they're the best thing ever!! its sooooooooo niiice! i agree, it does sound kind of revolting but it was a present frm someone(?) and its all soft and lemony and cakey. basically its a squished cheesecake, as weird as tht sounds, you should still try it.
Posted: 13:18 Wed 09-Feb-2005 by "hooger_booger" # permalink comment
Comment: I just tried the coconut things and they are a bit rubbish. You only get about 6 puffs of vaguely coconuty wafer covered very lightly in white chocolate. I will try the lemon one.
Posted: 20:03 Fri 11-Feb-2005 by "chocoholic" # permalink comment
Comment: What a rip off. What a waste of money. What a poor excuse for chocolate. Nestle have totally lost the plot give me Cadbury and Mars products any day. I used to like KitKat but now I have had flavour overdose.
Posted: 17:17 Tue 01-Mar-2005 by "Ruby" # permalink comment
Comment: I have never been so disappointed by food ever! I tried the lemon cheesecake finger today and was revolted. At 64p I at least expected to be able to taste the lemon. It was dry, unsweet and had a texture similar to compressed sawdust!
Posted: 17:26 Tue 01-Mar-2005 by "Phillerena" # permalink comment
Comment: Here here Ruby. I finally tried the rasberry swirls the other day, well what another glorious waste of money. They were just too sickly and the yoghurty coating (not white chocolate as Stuart said) smellt of vomit.
Posted: 17:48 Tue 01-Mar-2005 by "Ruby" # permalink comment
Comment: Thanks for that Phillerena I was considering trying the rasberry swirls but if they're just as disappointing I dont think I'll bother. I know it sounds sad but I just e-mailed nestle about how awful they are so I am now awaiting a reply.
Posted: 20:39 Tue 01-Mar-2005 by "Phillerena" # permalink comment
Comment: Let us know of the results! I've emailed them before and they are only helpful if you praise them or ask about when their new products will be coming out etc.
Posted: 15:38 Thu 03-Mar-2005 by "Fiona" # permalink comment
Comment: Just tried the Raspberry Yoghurt swirls and they are OK. Bit sweet and left my mouth a bit dry but ok. Only get 5 in a pack, so a bit of a rip off!
Posted: 11:53 Tue 08-Mar-2005 by "Sas" # permalink comment
Comment: I too was tempted by yoghurty tastiness and the fact they weren't 'healthy' snacks - fed up with those - BUT OMG HOW disappointing??!!!! The Raspberry things are mildly tasty - better if suck than bite, and the lemon cheesecake fingers - nice texture and firmly stay together - but where's the lemon? Absolutely NO taste of lemon in there at all! Even a piece of jellied peel on top would aid with a taste of lemon! So so disappointed and well overpriced - no i will not be buying these again or trying the coconut version.
Posted: 16:59 Wed 09-Mar-2005 by "hotforaxl" # permalink comment
Comment: Looking at the packaging I assumed these would be 'goodies for the healthconcious' i.e. a little lower in fat or something - but bloody hell have you seen the calorie/fat content of the Lemon Cheesecake bar! My arteries just clogged up when I bit into it - probably the only chocolate bar I have even thrown away half eaten ;-)
Posted: 16:51 Tue 22-Mar-2005 by "Girl" # permalink comment
Comment: I had the rasberry swilrs yesterday and they were disgusting! Way too sweet and just too sickly I mean who would eat white chocolate with bloody yogurt anyway? I also tried the coconut waffers and I loved them! Tasted soo good, would buys those again!
Posted: 08:51 Wed 23-Mar-2005 by "Whomper" # permalink comment
Comment: The TV advertising has kicked off, pushing a whimsical, Amelie style image for these silver clad beasties. Indeed, one of the actresses appears to be a cut-rate Audrey Tatou, another a Minnie Driver clone. Up to two adverts per break during Monday's ER, so we can only assume that viewers of said Medical drama haven't learnt about the dangers of saturated fat.
Posted: 17:38 Wed 23-Mar-2005 by "Diarmuid Mallon" # permalink comment
Comment: The cheesecake bar was just like eating a stick of lurpak - only worse.
Posted: 12:12 Fri 25-Mar-2005 by "Sara" # permalink comment
Comment: The coconut wafer thingys are dangerous! I am addicted to these little pieces of heaven! only complaint is that the bag is too small and too expensive..my habit is now almost as expensive as my 10/day fag habit..hehehe
Posted: 14:55 Fri 25-Mar-2005 by "Rob W " # permalink comment
Comment: I tried the cheesecake bar and it is DISCUSTING! Even friends thought so. It is tasteless and what little taste it has is reminiscent of eating lard or plastic clay.


Posted: 01:22 Sat 02-Apr-2005 by "Dink" # permalink comment
Comment: I just got really excited about trying the lemon cheesecake thingy.... blergh! what a waste of money and my health lol.

The fatty taste and texture is still in my mouth now!!

Posted: 08:43 Sat 02-Apr-2005 by "Phillerena" # permalink comment
Comment: See this is what I was saying, they are VILE. I noticed they had a large disaply for them in Morrisons and now they have almost all gone.
Posted: 11:16 Sat 02-Apr-2005 by "Rob W " # permalink comment
Comment: Yeah and Tesco had them at 2 for £1. Even at that price they're discusting!
Posted: 00:28 Mon 11-Jul-2005 by "Dave S" # permalink comment
Comment: The Raspberry Yoghurt Swirls are very tasty, as are the Coconut Wafer Bites, but I agree with some here who say that the Lemon Chessecake Finger is not all that nice. The biggest problem is the PRICE! 64 pence is SUCH a rip-off for the amount that you get. I've bought a load of them recently, but only because Home Bargains and Quality Save stores have been selling them for 10 pence a pack/bar! Obviously the vast-overpricing has resulted in a shortage of sales, and someone has been offloading them cheaply to the stores just I mentioned.
Posted: 15:41 Sat 25-Feb-2006 by "Jonny B" # permalink comment
Comment: Only tried the coconut ones and they are absolutely gorgeous. 64 pence is a bit of a rip off but I just bought a box of 24 of the things for 50p. About a month out of date and they taste no different. I'm very tempted to go back to the store tomorrow and get two quids worth.
Posted: 17:46 Sat 25-Feb-2006 by "Phillerena" # permalink comment
Comment: They have now been discontinued.
Posted: 00:49 Fri 03-Mar-2006 by "2Hannah"" # permalink comment
Comment: I bought 4 boxes for a £1 n their delicious :D:D:D:D:D worth a quid :)
Posted: 19:15 Fri 03-Mar-2006 by "Sandy" # permalink comment
Comment: Where are all these bargains sold? I want raspberry swirls, mmm.... 72071 2
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