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Click pic to view comments - Confirmed sighting: Diet Coke with Lime (UK) Confirmed sighting: Diet Coke with Lime (UK)
Posted: 21:10 Mon 31-Jan-2005. Price: 85-95p. Location: Sainsbury's, Fareham, Hants; BP Filling Station, Argyle Street, Glasgow. Nutritional unusualness: "Low calorie soft drink *with* Vegetable Extracts *with* Lime Flavour *with* Sweeteners".
"s wallen" gets in first with this hotly anticipated variant of the citrus-tainted low-cal soda, succinctly reporting: This is great - much better than the lemon one, also have seen Pepsi Max with Lemon and Lime in Asda but have not tried it yet.

...But "Stephen Craig" provides much greater detail, elaborating: Finally making an appearance on the shelves, presumably as a riposte to the recent launch of the similarly flavoured Pepsi Max, Diet Coke with Lime is, er, slightly underwhelming. Placed next to its lemon brethren, this citrus variant initally seems much more subtle - and not quite as insidiously artificial. However the repulsive sweeteners which (for me, anyway) ruin Diet Coke generally, soon come to the forefront again, leaving a Harpic-tastic aftertaste reminiscent of the pine disinfectant they use to clean public toilets in railway stations and the like. In spite of this though, it's still oddly drinkable, and as such, clearly 1000 times better than any of the other Diet Coke variants they've thrown out recently.


Posted: 22:24 Mon 31-Jan-2005 by "Tom Lythe" # permalink comment
Comment: Here where i now live in the US they have normal COKE with Lime comming out, i wonder how long before it will come out in the UK. Check out the image here > http://www2.coca-cola.com/ [URL display truncated]
Posted: 23:49 Mon 31-Jan-2005 by "mike" # permalink comment
Comment: I live in the US and have never seen a lime coke before
Posted: 04:11 Tue 01-Feb-2005 by "Tom Lythe" # permalink comment
Comment: its out 100% soon, they are doing free trials nationwide at the moment, was at Dallas Convention center and tried some
Posted: 09:41 Tue 01-Feb-2005 by "Rob" # permalink comment
Comment: Add a little nip of rum to it: Cuba Libre! Also, add bourbon to regular coke: bourbon and coke!
Posted: 11:51 Tue 01-Feb-2005 by "Phillerena" # permalink comment
Comment: Bourbon and vanilla coke is yummy. Also Dr Pepper with vodka is very nice.
Posted: 13:58 Tue 01-Feb-2005 by "Gooner Girl" # permalink comment
Comment: Yuck yuck and thrice yuck! Even more 'fairy liquid' than the lemon variety which was bad enough.

I'll stick to the vanilla.......

Posted: 14:02 Tue 01-Feb-2005 by "Al" # permalink comment
Comment: Ooo - been ages since I've had a Vodka Pepper. Although the hard drink/soft drink combo of champions is Tia Maria and Fresh Orange (bizarrely, this is now available as a Special Edition flavour of Tia Maria). Hm. Maybe we could have a new poll for the best alcohol and mixer, Snackspot?
Posted: 15:54 Tue 01-Feb-2005 by "Alex" # permalink comment
Comment: But not everyone is old enough to drink legally;)

Posted: 21:20 Tue 01-Feb-2005 by "Anna" # permalink comment
Comment: The king of mixed drinks is Vimto Vodka. No contest.

I tried the Lime Diet Coke the other day and thought it was surprisingly nice, unless you let it go flat when it turns into the foulest drink in existence.

Posted: 22:34 Tue 01-Feb-2005 by "Daniel" # permalink comment
Comment: It tasted to me exactly like Muller Light Lime yogurt, which seemed a bit odd. A bit creamy in a way. And the folk in the work canteen keep mixing the cans in with the rows of Diet Coke proper, so I can never find it.

I do like it.

Posted: 23:24 Tue 01-Feb-2005 by "Phillerena" # permalink comment
Comment: Has anyone ever tried a Lucozade Vodka? I've always fancied it but never gotten round to it..
Posted: 10:33 Wed 02-Feb-2005 by "Al" # permalink comment
Comment: I tried Jack Daniels and Lucozade once. The foulest concoction known to man.
Posted: 10:49 Wed 02-Feb-2005 by "orangey" # permalink comment
Comment: just to add my voice to Al's about Tia Maria and fresh orange being a truly top class drink. Sadly, I no longer order it in bars as I got fed up of the funny looks I got and also the frequent occurrence of the bar staff taking the order as being one for two separate drinks and presenting me with a glass of Tia Maria and a glass of orange juice...grrrr.
Posted: 10:54 Wed 02-Feb-2005 by "orangey" # permalink comment
Comment: oh yeah and also to mention that in Ireland, people sometimes drink Southern Comfort with red lemonade - you can't get red lemonade over here in England so you should go to Ireland and try it. I have heard that the EU are trying to ban it or something but it may be a myth.
Posted: 12:11 Wed 02-Feb-2005 by "Phillerena" # permalink comment
Comment: Is red lemonade just lemonade coloured red?
Posted: 12:22 Wed 02-Feb-2005 by "Rob" # permalink comment
Comment: Orangey, I asked for a Bacardi and Coke once and got a straight bacardi and a separate coke. It's sometimes the case that bar staff are not too bright when it comes to the crazy idea of mixing drinks.

Isn't Tizer red lemonade?

All this reminds me, when I was a kid I used to like buying cans of Lager and Lime - remember those? 0.5% alcohol or something. I used to get p1ssed up doing my paper round.

Posted: 13:28 Wed 02-Feb-2005 by "orangey" # permalink comment
Comment: mm, I don't know if I've had Tizer but I guess it is pretty similar to red lemonade (which is actually an orangey colour) but it's not called red lemonade which is an important distinction for me! It does taste different to white lemonade but I believe the colourings may be part of this EU wanting to ban it...if it's not a myth! When I first came to England, I asked for a vodka and white lemonade and they looked at me funny for specifying the colour. The most well-known red lemonade brand is TK but there used to be others too...not sure if there still are, must have a look next time I'm back there!
Posted: 15:56 Wed 02-Feb-2005 by "Jon Rug"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: BHS on oxford street has a good stock of the lime tinted beverage. Its a bit to limey on its own but lovely with a shot or two of vodka
Posted: 16:00 Wed 02-Feb-2005 by "Phillerena" # permalink comment
Comment: I would say it has more of a lime 'aftertaste'. Nothing special. Would have been nice had it been limeier.
Posted: 17:39 Wed 02-Feb-2005 by "charl" # permalink comment
Comment: i've done taste testing on warm and cold diet coke with lime now, and it's definitely better (and subtler) very cold. so phillerena, you might like it warm.
Posted: 22:25 Wed 02-Feb-2005 by "Peter" # permalink comment
Comment: Tried some at work and it took me two sips before I could taste the lime. Like has been mentioned, it would have been much better if the lime taste was stronger. As it stands it's just a minor variation of lemon coke.
Posted: 23:28 Wed 02-Feb-2005 by "Phillerena" # permalink comment
Comment: Can't imagine owt worse than warm coke. Well...I suppose flat coke. Still I shall try it.
Posted: 14:09 Thu 03-Feb-2005 by "Rob" # permalink comment
Comment: Our local shop got some dite pokey with lime and I tried it this lunchtime. Preferable to the lemon, but not as nice as vanilla. I liked the lemon at first but went off it quite quickly. Unfortunately the local shop is rubbish at keeping the vanilla in stock because it's not available in Slovakia, or wherever they buy their stuff.
Posted: 12:53 Fri 04-Feb-2005 by "Gooner Girl" # permalink comment
Comment: Safeway sells TK red lemonade in their little Irish bit. Along with, Kimberleys, Mikados, Tayto crisps, Old Irish marmalade etc.

Fantastic for when you need an Irish top up!

Posted: 09:53 Mon 07-Feb-2005 by "orangey" # permalink comment
Comment: Gooner girl..what "little Irish bit"?! How fantastic that they stock Tayto crisps..and kimberleys and mikados (also known as shpring shprong biscuits but I am not sure if that was unique to my family!) I was in the soft drinks aisle of a Dublin supermarket yesterday and can confirm that TK red lemonade was on sale as was Country Spring red lemonade - they do 3 litre bottles.
Posted: 12:55 Mon 07-Feb-2005 by "Gooner Girl" # permalink comment
Comment: Orangey, some Safeways have about 4 shelves on the end of an aisle that they have given over to Irish 'favourites'! About once a month I go and stock up and leave little food parcel's outside my mother and brother's houses! The checkout staff must think I'm barking, buying their entire stock of biscuits, chef sauce and marmalade!
Posted: 14:10 Mon 07-Feb-2005 by "orangey" # permalink comment
Comment: Thank you for that information - I must check that out. There is a Safeway near where I live and it has traditionally been quite an Irish area of London so I reckon I am in with a good chance!
Posted: 09:52 Mon 14-Feb-2005 by "orangey" # permalink comment
Comment: Ok, I guess this thread is more or less deserted now but I was at Union Burger in Covent Garden at the weekend and one of the beverage choices was "Irish Red Lemonade" so I felt I had to post. The brand, judging by their display of bottles, was Finches. This is a brand I associate more with fizzy lemon and fizzy orange but that may just be down to my purchasing choices. The red lemonade was nice, but my boyfriend agreed that it didn't seem quite as good as TK.
Posted: 15:43 Tue 15-Feb-2005 by "cokeco" # permalink comment
Comment: Yeah I have had that red lemonade from hamburger union too. The redness added nothing. Now still lemonade that is pink well thats a different matter.
Posted: 13:50 Fri 18-Feb-2005 by "Al" # permalink comment
Comment: Woolies are doing 2 for £1.25 on all varieties of Coke (500ml bottles) including Diet Coke With Lime. I like this one - it has a sweeter flavour than the lemon variety but tastes more or less the same as Pepsi Max Twist.
Posted: 04:19 Mon 15-Aug-2005 by "Adrian" # permalink comment
Comment: Lime Coke (not the diet variety) is on-sale in Oz now - I tried it over the weekend. It didn't taste very much like lime.
Posted: 22:21 Wed 15-Feb-2006 by "Stubbs" # permalink comment
Comment: Diet Coke With Lime is a war crime. Do not waste your money on it
Posted: 21:09 Wed 26-Apr-2006 by "Tess" # permalink comment
Comment: it tastes like poo dont buy it - its like cilit bang.
Posted: 07:29 Thu 27-Apr-2006 by "polarbear" # permalink comment
Comment: these last few answers are very funny^ 59047 8 03
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