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Click pic to view comments - Confirmed sighting: Polo Liquid Orbs Confirmed sighting: Polo Liquid Orbs
Posted: 17:39 Mon 21-Feb-2005. Price: 75p. Location: Jacksons, Fulford, York. Nutritional unusualness: A mighty 77.6% fat. Also contains Sucralose, e-numbers and wax.
"Whomper" reports: The things I do for my art. Although I'm a staunch critic of this dilution of the Polo brand, I was on a cake-acquisition mission for the girlfriend and caved in and made a purchase. 75p gets you a blister pack on cardboard backing, holding a small plastic container not unlike those used to dispense dental floss. 75p I could have given to charity. Inside the plastic pot are the absurdly small mints, probably about twentyish, each less than 1cm in radius and looking awfully like bath pearls. The packet boasts their sugar-free credentials, and a gander at the ingredients reveals that they are essentially balls of wax containing mint flavoured vegetable oil, with sweetners and dyes thrown in for good measure. As for the tasting, they belong to that unique group of foods which are horrible while you're eating them, but which leave a nice aftertaste and a strange lingering for more, even after discovering that they're basically minty chip fat. I may throw them away for safety's sake.

...And welcome back to "Whomper", with this sighting of Nestle's previously rumoured breath-freshening spinoff to the popular "mint with a hole". No more news of their household cleaner-soundalike Polo + Vivazol so far, however, nor the Sticky Toffee, Irish Cream (both 1.29/ 150g) and "bite-size balls of peppermint" Aero Bubbles (43p/ 42g) expected to debut by April 4.


Posted: 22:00 Mon 21-Feb-2005 by "Phillerena" # permalink comment
Comment: Ive been thinking, they should do a Rolo with a hole. Make it minty and you could call it "Rolo Polo". Those Orbs sound vile but I will still test them.
Posted: 00:53 Tue 22-Feb-2005 by "Cloud dog" # permalink comment
Comment: Hang on.. "balls of wax containing mint flavoured vegetable oil, with sweetners and dyes thrown in for good measure" I take medication called Colpermin that is basically just that!! Gross, can't imagine eating it for fun!
Posted: 07:38 Tue 22-Feb-2005 by "Diarmuid Mallon" # permalink comment
Comment: Whilst I was last in the states, 'ball' mints versions of lots of gum/breath-fresheners were everywhere. One, the name escapes me, came in a medical looking package, and the balls looked like tiny-weenie persil capsules. There worked quite well, but every time I flew somewhere I was convinced they would be found and the security people would think some chemical attack was underway
Posted: 17:19 Sun 27-Feb-2005 by "Salsa" # permalink comment
Comment: These are the most mingin things I have ever tasted in my life. I would prefer to swallow bleach. They are a waste of time, and a waste of money. The only thing I can compare the taste to is tramps vomit.
Posted: 14:46 Mon 28-Feb-2005 by "Cuz" # permalink comment
Comment: I agree, I just bought some in London as there was no extra strong mints available. And they are disgusting! Rest of packet to be binned. And they were more than 75p. The Polo manufacturers are there shouting "SUCKER!"
Posted: 14:40 Tue 01-Mar-2005 by "Lee Maguire" # permalink comment
Comment: If you ever need to reenact the movie "The Rock" using Lego minifigs, then I've found these Polo orbs make ideal versions of the VX orbs.
Posted: 21:06 Tue 01-Mar-2005 by "Mike Gray" # permalink comment
Comment: I and my fellow office taste testers have to agree. These are pretty rancid. Momentarily nice when the mint bit kicks in, horrendous thereafter.
Posted: 12:35 Thu 10-Mar-2005 by "Symon" # permalink comment
Comment: I must object! These are much nicer than thin strips and the taste is the same flavour as polo's. If you need an instant freshness these orbs are great. I have already managed to secure several women through their success! The ball is made from gelatine and dissolves quite quickly leaving you with a fresh polo flavour. My only problem is trying to get hold of them. They have been very successful in the States where they have several flavours to choose from including connamon. I for one will be consuming many more or these in the future!
Posted: 16:37 Fri 11-Mar-2005 by "pdrg" # permalink comment
Comment: Symon, do you work for Nestle by any chance - these weakly flavoured greasy balls will be dropped from the novelty confectionery POS's in weeks, I am certain. Not unlike a slightly less fishy cod liver oil suppliment, these have no reason to be. Maybe if they were strongly flavoured they'd serve some purpose, but what a disappointment
Posted: 17:14 Fri 11-Mar-2005 by Snackspot # permalink comment
Comment: it's the "securing several women" comment i'm worried about - let's hope it's not at the bottom of a well in his house, like "Silence Of The Lambs" :)
Posted: 22:01 Fri 11-Mar-2005 by "Phillerena" # permalink comment
Comment: Maybe he parades them around on leashes. Mind boggles. It's strange to think that people from Nestlé would read Snackspot reports.
Posted: 12:08 Sat 12-Mar-2005 by "charl" # permalink comment
Comment: i'm worried about 'connamon' too. it sounds like something that michael mckean's character in friends would make (anyone for 'mockolate'?).
Posted: 17:22 Sat 12-Mar-2005 by "? ? ?" # permalink comment
Comment: DRUM ROLE PLEASE...............- ...

...............- ... ...............- ...... ...

...............- .. ...............- ......... .............. ...............- ..... ...............- ...............- .. ...............- ...............- .. ...............- ...............- ..

...............- ...............- .. ...............- ...............- ...............- ...............- ...............- ...............- ...............- ...............- ...............- ....... ..... ............. .......... ...............- .. .............. ...............- ............. BOB IS BACK (the real bob) (snackspoting in 2003) Im back, did you all miss me?!

Posted: 15:43 Mon 14-Mar-2005 by "Alex" # permalink comment
Comment: I'm not convinced....the sentences are too legitimate;)
Posted: 23:23 Sun 03-Apr-2005 by "james" # permalink comment
Comment: i found the ORBS tday in my garage, LOVIN them , refreshin , and not powdery as the strips are! well done nestle!
Posted: 11:36 Thu 07-Apr-2005 by "Re" # permalink comment
Comment: These orbs are not very nice the first ten or so you eat... sadly they are very addictive... Only one left!!!!!
Posted: 16:42 Thu 07-Apr-2005 by "Daisy and Elspeth" # permalink comment
Comment: In theory these are amazing balls of minty freshness if only due to their extreme tinyness which is always appealing! In practise these are fairly nice but the rubbery coating is a bit wierd!
Posted: 23:23 Thu 22-Sep-2005 by "Willow" # permalink comment
Comment: We got some being sold off cheap from a cash & carry and took them to some festivals over the summer.

We found that they were fantastic for starting a conversation (e.g. "try one of these they're really wierd" ... "I don't know... Oh go on then, I could try one ... Hmmm, you're right that is weird... but nice... Oh my God that's so mad, where did you get them from?") Endless hours of jolly conversation ensued, with multiple former complete strangers. They definitely brightened up our weekends.

However, we obviously ate more than just one each and are now all more addicted that Miss Moss, but we cannot find them anywhere in Liverpool! Until I found this site, we'd started to think we actually imagined the whole thing. How are you all coping? Help!!*!*

Posted: 19:26 Tue 04-Oct-2005 by "Hedgehawg" # permalink comment
Comment: I need some help, does anyone know where I can buy those big plastic polos with minimints in them, because I need some for my kids halloween party. If anyone has seen the comedy series `the mighty boosh` then you will know why I need them.......I cant seem to find them anywhere.
Posted: 20:23 Fri 07-Oct-2005 by "sq" # permalink comment
Comment: hi, if theres anyone out there who would like to purchase a pack of polo liquid orbs, i have a whole box of 10 seperate packets, please email me at somehq (at!) yahoo.co.uk and i will send one out to you at a charge of 60p per pack. i dont like them personally and would rather send them to a good home:)
Posted: 17:16 Thu 13-Oct-2005 by "Doug" # permalink comment
Comment: ...75p...75p! what do you expect for 75p!... a little more than you get with polos liquid orbs!!!
Posted: 13:32 Sat 15-Oct-2005 by "concerned citizen (with one eye)" # permalink comment
Comment: they are a complete safety hazard, upon squeezing one in my eye partial blindness occured for ten minutes, i had to go to hospital and now i only have one eye heed my warning these should be banned!
Posted: 13:37 Sat 15-Oct-2005 by "concerned citizen (with one eye)" # permalink comment
Comment: i was walking down the street 2 months after (see comment above) my eye incident and i bought 10 packets for 7.50 and kept squeezing them in peoples eyes its so fun try it!! p.s now i have an asbo
Posted: 21:09 Sat 15-Oct-2005 by "Ruby" # permalink comment
Comment: Haven`t actually tried these yet however i have had several popped in my face during a lengthy and very irritating coach trip. I assume that they are not very nice as the lad that owned the packet of orbs didnt actually eat any of them but found it much more entertaining squirting their contents in our faces.... Nice.
Posted: 16:10 Sun 16-Oct-2005 by "bob" # permalink comment
Comment: On my local market they are selling a box of 12 packs for 1.20 Bargin! bit stong thoe
Posted: 18:32 Tue 25-Oct-2005 by "Rich" # permalink comment
Comment: Anyone any idea how these are made? I can't see any seam on them...
Posted: 21:58 Tue 25-Oct-2005 by "Talkshowhost" # permalink comment
Comment: I think they are filled whilst they are still 'wet' and then they become solid to contain the liquid stuff inside. This is how they fill coconuts in the jungle!
Posted: 12:40 Thu 03-Nov-2005 by "chay"
(apparently posting from ) # permalink comment
Comment: a thick lad in my school has just squirted a polo liquid orb in my right eye and he has now been arrested for assault it neally blinded me
Posted: 13:43 Thu 03-Nov-2005 by "Karrie-anne" # permalink comment
Comment: those polo orbs are vile n gut renching i thing they was the biggest mistake ever in the history of polos
Posted: 23:49 Thu 16-Feb-2006 by "doug" # permalink comment
Comment: dudes... those who want to eat them... eat them... those who dont... dont... easy
Posted: 19:12 Wed 22-Feb-2006 by "Vivazol Virgin"
(apparently posting from host86-131-53-212.range86-131.btcentralplus.com) # permalink comment
Comment: These are really handy, as makeshift firelighters. :) I know it says 'vegetable oil' on the side, but whatever they did to them made it somewhat more flammable, and, being a firebug at times, tries to light one, WOOF, it went up and quick, burned for a good 2 mins. :) 21373 53
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